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If you're looking for more information on Denton, Texas, you've come to the right place. Here you can find information about the North Texas Fair & Rodeo, the North Texas Music Festival, Arts & culture, and Downtown Denton. You can even learn about what's happening in the city at the moment.

Downtown Denton

A visit to Denton, Texas, will give you a glimpse into the culture and history of the area. Stop by the Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum to learn about the city's history, and the Bayless-Selby House Museum, which is housed in a grand Queen Anne home. While you're there, take some time to explore the campus of the University of North Texas. Outdoor sculptures can be found all over the campus, and you can go fishing at the nearby Lewisville Lake, which contains bass and catfish.

The city is also home to the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, which houses a 5,000-square-foot art gallery and dance rehearsal hall. The arts council's other headquarters is the Campus Theatre, which holds more than 100 performances each year. The music scene in Denton is also thriving.

The downtown area is also home to dozens of grocery stores, and dozens of cafes and restaurants. Soon, more shopping and dining options will open up in the area. If you're looking for a new place to live, there are a number of options in the area. You can find a new home community or rent a home for $1,100 per month.

Downtown Denton is also home to the Original Denton District, which is an eclectic mix of art, culture and music. In fact, the Texas Commission on the Arts has designated the area as a cultural district. This designation allows it to promote artistic activities, cultural tourism, and economic development. The district is also home to the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, which is a residential program for gifted students.

The Denton County courthouse is another historical attraction. The courthouse is a 19th-century landmark. There is a museum of Denton history here that can be toured. The courthouse-on-the-Square Museum contains artifacts from the area, including Native American pottery, farming artifacts, and weaponry. The courthouse was constructed in 1896 and is made from Denton limestone and tan sandstone from Mineral Wells, Texas.

North Texas Fair & Rodeo

The North Texas Fair & Rodeo has big dreams and plans for expansion. Currently, the event takes place on a 33-acre site behind Kroger on University Drive in Denton, Texas. The expansion would give the event more space for events such as RV and boat expositions and home and garden shows.

The event is held annually from August 19 to August 27 in Denton, Texas. During these nine-day events, you can enjoy live concerts and arena action. There are also events for children and adults alike, including rodeo competitions and horse shows. This annual event is a great family event, with something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to rodeo competitions, the fair also features a premier midway. During the rodeo, you can enjoy the best of Texas Country music with free concerts included with admission. Featured acts in 2008 included Stoney Larue, Johnny Cooper, Randy Rogers Band, Reckless Kelly, and Restless Heart. Other performers in recent years have included Charlie Robison, Jason Boland, and Cross Canadian Ragweed.

Music festivals

The Denton, Texas music festival is a four-day event devoted to the arts. This event is produced by the Denton Festival Foundation, and draws a diverse group of professional and amateur artists to the area. Proceeds from the concession booths support local arts organizations. The town is also a Certified Music Friendly Community.

In addition to music festivals, Denton is home to many live music venues. Every genre is represented here, and Denton is known for its independent spirit and diverse music scene. You can catch a local band performing in a pub or at a concert venue. In addition, you can catch open mic nights at local venues. Andy's Bar, for example, has live music several nights a week.

Another great music event in the Denton area is the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, a three-day festival featuring professional jazz and cross-cultural music. Over two thousand artists perform across seven stages during this free event. The festival also features fine arts, crafts, and food. The three-day event is held in April.

The Denton music festival is an award-winning event. The event takes place in downtown Denton and features a diverse lineup of artists. Its lineup features new artists as well as legendary performers. Local DFW bands and national touring acts perform at the festival each year. The festival is held a week before SXSW in Austin, Texas.

This event has become a staple of Denton's music scene. It is organized by David Baker and Madison Mercer. This event is free and family-friendly. The festival also features dozens of vendors.

Arts & culture

Denton, Texas has a rich history of supporting the arts. The first art classes in the city were taught in 1894 and at Texas Woman's University in 1901. These programs have made a significant impact on the community, and today, Denton is home to hundreds of professional artists. These programs are important for Denton's visual heritage and foster collaboration between artists and the community.

The Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, for instance, is a center for artists and art lovers in Denton. It houses three on-site art galleries and is the home of the Greater Denton Arts Council. The original steam power plant building was converted into a cultural center in the 1980s, and the building has been extensively refurbished in recent years. It is open to the public and is home to an annual comic art expo.

Denton is an artsy city that has a vibrant arts scene and a thriving music industry. Its two major universities also contribute to the city's innovative business environment. The town is proud of its uniqueness and values originality. Artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs flock to Denton because it is a place where ideas are nurtured and celebrated.

Transit authority

The Denton County Transportation Authority operates in Denton County, Texas. It provides public transportation services throughout three cities in the county, including the A-train commuter rail line to Carrollton. It also operates the Denton County bus system, which serves the county's largest city, Denton.

The Denton County Transportation Authority provides on-demand service throughout Denton and Highland Village, paratransit, and regional commuter bus service. The authority also operates GoZone, a ride-sharing program in Lewisville and Highland Village. It costs 75 cents per ride, and is available to residents in Denton County.

Denton County Transportation Authority operates bus service within the city limits and connects with the cities of Highland Village and Lewisville. The DCTA provides a variety of transportation options, including buses, taxis, and shuttles. Several routes run within Denton, while three routes operate in Lewisville and Highland Village. In addition, the DCTA offers shuttle service to NCTC campuses.

The Denton County Transportation Authority is seeking input from local residents on transit needs. It will hold a public meeting on Sept. 8, 2022, at 6:30 PM. The meeting will take place at the Downtown Denton Transit Center, 604 E. Hickory Street, Denton, TX.

The Denton County Transportation Authority coordinates the county's public transportation services. It serves Denton, Highland Village, Lewisville, and Tarrant County. It also operates the A-Train rail service, which connects with the Dallas County rail transit system. In addition to these services, Denton County has a number of ride-sharing options.

Departments in Denton TX

There are many Departments in Denton TX, and it is important to know what these departments do for the city. The Administration and Operations Department serves the city as a whole, encouraging growth and enhancing quality of life for the citizens. Other departments include the Denton Fire Department, Denton Police Department, and Denton Emergency Services. There is also a Development and Growth Department. These departments all work together to provide the best service to the citizens of Denton.

Medical City Denton

Medical City Denton, also known as Denton Regional, is operated by Hospital Corporation of America and is located 3535 South Interstate 35 southeast of Denton, Texas. It has 208 beds and more than 850 employees, including more than 300 physicians. Its mission is to offer high-quality, personalized care to local residents and visitors.

The hospital features a trauma center. Its trauma experts provide specialized care to people who have suffered life-threatening injuries due to motor vehicle accidents or falls. The services offered by the trauma center supplement traditional hospital care and enhance the quality of care provided in the community. Those seeking trauma care can contact the trauma center for free consultation.

The medical center's trauma center is the only Level II trauma center in Denton County. Its designation was granted by the Texas Department of State Health Services, recognizing the hospital's commitment to providing resources and meeting health care needs for all patients. Its resources include 24-hour emergency coverage by general surgeons, staff injury prevention programs, and a comprehensive quality-assessment program.

University of North Texas

The University of North Texas Departments offer programs in a variety of fields. The College of Health and Public Service offers a wide range of graduate programs and hands-on experience in communities. The College of Information focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to harnessing information. Programs include medical librarianship, school library media, and library and information studies.

The University of North Texas has undergraduate enrollment of 32,694 students (fall 2020) and a gender ratio of 47% male to 53% female. There are about 85% off-campus residences and 15% college-owned housing. The University is a member of NCAA Division I. Over half of full-time undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. The average award is $9,427.

The College of Science offers courses in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The College is home to nearly 4,000 science majors. It is a leader in cutting-edge research in physical and natural sciences. The College also has one of the nation's best visual arts programs, with nationally-ranked master's and doctoral programs.

UNT's Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to innovative and outstanding programs. Its professors integrate traditional engineering principles with modern applications to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. The department offers research opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in the field. The department offers a range of programs, from non-remedial tutoring to a placement service.

City government

Denton, TX has a mayor and city council that are elected every two years. The mayor, Chris Watts, is the chief executive officer of the city. He directs the city's operations and provides expert advice to the city council. He also oversees budget planning, public relations, and capital improvement plans. The mayor is also the city's ambassador, and is a key player in local affairs.

A council called the Denton Utility Commission oversees the city's water, sewer, and road systems. The commission makes recommendations to the Town Council and makes sure any proposed changes will have minimal impact on citizens and customers. The director of public works is an ex-officio member. He also serves as the liaison between the town council and the utility companies.

The city also partnered with the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University and Results for America to create a performance management program. These initiatives help the city use data and evidence to make informed decisions and improve service delivery. They also provide insight to spur innovation and increase government efficiency. In February 2016, Denton announced an open data initiative, which now includes a web portal with 99 datasets. In addition, Denton prioritizes active engagement with its residents and local academic community.

The city is home to the Denton County Transportation Authority, which runs local bus and on-demand GoZone services. Additionally, the DCTA operates regional rail service between Denton and Lewisville, Carrollton, and Dallas. The DCTA's A-train has five stations, including Trinity Mills Station. A regional pass is available.

Arts & culture

Arts and culture are an important part of Denton's community. The city has a long history of promoting the arts. The first art course was taught at Texas Woman's University in 1901, and in the years since, art programs have had a large impact on the city. Today, there are hundreds of professional artists based in the city. The arts programs help to shape the visual culture of the city and encourage collaboration among local artists and the community.

Denton is home to the Greater Denton Arts Council. This organization puts on an annual exhibition and contest featuring contemporary crafts. The event, initiated by local artist Georgia Leach Gough, highlights the diverse field of contemporary craft and the inventiveness of its artists. The exhibition is expected to run from February 3, 2023, and will feature works by international and local artists.

Denton is the county seat of Denton County and has a population of 139,869 as of 2020. It is the 197th largest city in the United States and the 12th largest city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It is also home to Texas Woman's University of North Texas.

There are numerous local and regional public transportation options. The Denton County Transportation Authority operates local buses and GoZone on demand services, and the city also has regional rail service to Dallas, Carrollton, and Lewisville. The city's A-train operates five stations and connects to the Green Line of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System at Trinity Mills Station. The DCTA also offers passes that provide local and regional rail access.

The Denton Record Chronicle was founded by two Denton residents. The newspaper was named after Robert Edwards, and it was published on a daily basis in 1903. This newspaper was later changed to daily operations and changed its name to the Denton Record-Chronicle. The paper's first edition was released on August 3, 1903. In 1907, Robert Edwards was hired as its editor and part owner.


Denton, Texas, is home to the Department of Transportation, a government agency that oversees the city's transportation network. It develops plans and implements those plans to make the city more accessible to residents and visitors. Information on commute times, weather, traffic, and events can be found on the department's Web site.

The Denton County Transit Authority is an agency of the Denton County government that provides bus service. The City of Denton contributes a half-cent sales tax to DCTA to fund capital projects. The agency also receives funds from two other cities. The Denton County Transportation Authority is located at 604 E. Hickory Street in downtown Denton.

Denton County Transportation Authority operates fixed-route and on-demand bus services in Denton and Highland Village. There is also regional commuter bus and train service. In addition to these, the county also offers paratransit service. In addition to these services, the area is also home to two ride-sharing services, GoZone and Lyft.

The Transportation Division also runs a commuter rail line, the A-train, which connects Denton with Carrollton. The A-train service operates on a parallel track to Interstate 35E and connects with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Green Line at Trinity Mills Station in Carrollton.

Denton County TX Official Website

Denton County TX  Official Website

Whether you need to check on General Elections, the Fire Marshal's Office, or pay your property taxes, the Denton County TX Official Website has the information you need. You can also find out about the Fire Department, Health Department, and more. Keeping up with your local government is easy with this website, and there's more information on the site than you'd ever want to know.

General Elections

General Elections are held every two years in Denton County, Texas. In November, voters elect county officials and district court judges. There are several other races that take place in the county, such as for commissioners court judge, district attorney, and justice of the peace. There are currently two candidates running for the position of Denton County Clerk. Angela Brewer, a Democrat, has advanced from the Democratic primary.

Denton County Elections Department provides information and services to help citizens vote. Its mission is to provide convenient and accurate elections. For more information, visit the Denton County Elections website. You can also find detailed information about election procedures and voting rules. To cast your vote, be sure to check your voter registration and eligibility requirements.

Denton County is responsible for determining the location of voting precincts. You can find information about precincts and precinct locations by visiting the Elections page of the county's Official Website. If you are planning to participate in a county election, you may register to vote in advance.

The Elections Department oversees the entire electoral process. It conducts federal, state, and local elections, as well as certain elections for municipalities, independent school districts, and other political subdivisions. It is also responsible for providing advisory services to participating authorities and the press. However, you should not release results before contacting the Elections Administrator.

The Elections Administrator is in charge of election administration and provides voting equipment testing notices. The Elections Administrator must also ensure that all elections are conducted correctly.

Health Department

The Health Department of Denton County TX is an organization that works to improve the health of the community. Their mission is to achieve a sustainable, healthy community by providing quality service and compassionate care. Their offices are located at 5 S. Loop 288 in Denton, Texas.

The office provides a variety of services and information. The Denton County Veterans Service Office is one of the many resources available to help veterans file VA benefit claims. WIC, or Women, Infants, and Children program, is a free nutrition program that focuses on helping pregnant women eat a balanced diet and raise healthy children.

Fire Marshal's Office

Brad Sebastian joined Denton County Emergency Services in 2015 and has worked his way up to fire marshal. He inherited the position after Roland Asebedo died of COVID-19 complications, which left a hole in the emergency management hierarchy. Sebastian was raised in Gainesville, Texas, and began his career at the aerospace company Boeing. He later developed a friendship with the volunteer fire chief in Krum.

The Denton County Fire Marshal's Office has many duties. For example, it conducts inspections of fire departments in unincorporated areas and oversees several land-use programs in the county. It also investigates crimes, identifies hazards, and implements mitigation strategies. It also performs fire protection inspections on commercial businesses and high-hazard operations. In addition, the office can conduct inspections of private property with the permission of the property owner.

The Denton County Fire Marshal's Office employs both paid and volunteer firefighter and paramedic personnel who are certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. Sixteen of the twenty-four volunteer staff are certified as EMT-B or higher by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The Denton County Fire Marshal's Office investigates all types of fires and burns. It also investigates arson incidents. The office's website lists burn bans for the county. You can find out if there is a burning ban in your neighborhood.

Property Taxes

Denton County is a county in Texas in the U.S., and its official website contains information on property taxes. You can view property tax collection numbers, totals, and annual totals, as well as property values in the county. The county's official website also contains detailed demographic data on the county.

Denton County's property taxes are 1.90% higher than the national average. This is partly due to the fact that Texas does not collect income taxes. The average property tax bill in Denton County is around $3,600 per year. You can review and pay your property tax bill on the official website.

You can also file protests if you do not agree with the assessed value of your property. There is a 30-day protest period from the date that you receive your tax notice. If you are unsure of when to file a protest, you can contact the DCAD.

In addition to property taxes, Denton County also has several other tax rates. The general countywide property tax rate is 0.391%, while school districts typically have higher rates. However, the overall rate is lower than Harris County, which is 1.37% higher. The average property tax rate in Denton County is $3,124, which is higher than the national average. Nearly half of this amount goes to local school districts.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program

The Women, Infants, and Children (Wic) program is a government program for low-income mothers and children. This program provides nutritional food and nutrition counseling to low-income families. It is offered through the Denton County Health Department. During an initial appointment, you can learn more about WIC services and determine if you qualify for assistance. You must bring the appropriate documents to the appointment, including proof of residency and income.

The WIC program in Denton County is open to pregnant women and new mothers. The program offers education and resources about healthy eating and nutrition, as well as inspiration to expectant mothers. It also helps mothers breastfeed. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for a baby, and it also has many other benefits. The Denton County WIC clinic can also provide assistance with breastfeeding supplies.

The Denton County WIC office is located at 535 S Loop 288 in Denton, Texas. You can call or visit the office for an appointment. Make sure to bring the required documents, as the WIC staff can adjust your program as needed.

The WIC program is a federal nutrition program that provides nutritional assistance to pregnant women, new mothers, and young children. The program offers education, counseling, and supplemental WIC foods for low-income families. In addition to providing nutritional assistance, the program also offers breastfeeding support, access to health care, and other services.

Using the Women, Infants, and Children (Wic) program is easy and convenient. Using the WIC card at the WIC store allows you to purchase foods and snacks that are healthy for you and your child. WIC stores also accept EBT cards.

Why Did Judy Jay Quit Being a DJ?

The decision by Judy Jay to stop DJing has left fans, promoters, and colleagues shocked. In an interview, Judy Jay said that she is grateful to fans and friends, but also expressed sadness about her decision. As the youngest House/Deep House DJ in the country, she has won several awards and was well respected.

Judy Jay's decision to quit as a DJ has left fans, colleagues and promoters shocked

The news that Judy Jay has stepped down from her role as a DJ has shocked fans and colleagues alike. The star made the decision to end her career in a letter to fans. It comes as a shock to fans as Judy had recently reached the height of her career and many believed that she would continue to work for years to come.

She is now working as a resident DJ at Lesedi FM

The deep house queen has been making waves in the music industry with her selection and curation. She has just released her latest mixtape, "Lesedi FM Mix (02-2021)", which she recorded during her last session at Diaroropa Lockdown Show. The show was hosted by a group of DJ lovers who adored Judy Jay's work.

She is stepping down from her role as a Diesel Denim Friday representative

After being named the winner of the Diesel Denim Friday competition last year, young DJ Judy Jay will step down from her role as a representative of the brand. She has been working in the music industry for two years, and has amassed an impressive following of 42 thousand followers on Instagram. In addition to being a DJ, Judy also co-produces a song with SUPERHERO DJ Shimza.

The music label aims to reach as many people as possible with the DDF initiative, and has already enlisted the help of emerging DJs. With the help of these DJs, the brand hopes to cement its connection with local music culture and empower emerging music talent. The initiative will run from October 2020 to May 2021.

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