ZenMate VPN - WiFi Security - Apps on Google Play Review

ZenMate VPN - WiFi Security - Apps on Google Play Review


ZenMate VPN - WiFi Security - Apps on Google Play Review

ZenMate VPN  WiFi Security  Apps on Google Play

When searching for a VPN app for your smartphone, you may find several different choices. ZenMate VPN is one of these choices. The app is free to download from Google Play and comes with a variety of powerful features. The app also has a rudimentary web browser that enables you to enter a direct download URL.

ZenMate VPN

If you're looking for a simple to use VPN app, ZenMate is the answer. This app connects your Android device to a server and offers you the best protection available. Depending on your device, it can also offer a number of advanced features.

ZenMate VPN is compatible with all Android versions and connection types. However, you need to make sure that you are installing the app from the Google Play store and not from third-party sources. Third-party sources are not verified by Google, and downloading apps from these sources may damage your device or install viruses. Also, these apps will not automatically update.

The app comes with two versions: a free and premium version. If you're a heavy user, you may want to purchase the premium version, which has no traffic limits. The free version offers 500MB of data transfer per month. If you plan to use ZenMate VPN for multiple devices, it is advisable to purchase a subscription plan.

This VPN service has several servers around the world. However, the majority of them are located in Europe and North America. Although ZenMate claims to own all its servers, this doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't have geo-blocking problems. For this reason, you should be aware of your local censorship laws before installing the VPN app.

For a simple yet effective VPN, ZenMate VPN is an excellent choice. It lets you watch US Netflix, works across multiple devices, and protects your privacy online. The company offers a seven-day trial for free, and offers a monthly or yearly subscription option.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN - WiFi security apps for Android is a good choice for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use VPN. It has a variety of features to keep your online activities private, including unblocking popular streaming sites. It also has one of the best money-back guarantees, offering up to 45 days. Most other VPNs only offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost also offers a help center with detailed tutorials to set up the app. Its FAQ section answers many common questions, including how to connect and disconnect from a VPN. It also includes information on privacy, server locations, and P2P. Although the app is generally easy to install and use, some users may experience issues at times. If you run into such a problem, don't worry; CyberGhost's support is excellent.

CyberGhost's security suite also includes an antivirus, password manager, and privacy guard. Each of these apps also includes a security updater. The security suite costs $2.00 a month, and supports up to seven simultaneous connections. Users can cancel the subscription if they find it isn't right for them. The company promises a no-logs policy, which is a big plus.

Users can also control the behavior of their VPN client when connecting to new networks. They can have the client automatically connect if the network is secure or encrypted, or have it ask them what to do. Additionally, the app also has built-in app rules, which allow users to automatically connect to a particular VPN location when they open an app. For example, CyberGhost can automatically connect to the US Netflix location when they launch Netflix, or to a torrent-friendly location when they start a P2P application.

Another feature of CyberGhost is that it forces connections to HTTPS-enabled websites, which protects users from malicious attacks on unsecured web pages. HTTPS websites are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which protects sensitive information from hackers.

CyberGhost VPN vs ZenMate VPN

When it comes to choosing a VPN service, there are many options. You can choose a free trial or sign up for a subscription. Both options offer feature-rich services and include a money-back guarantee. Both VPNs offer high speeds and easy-to-use custom clients. Both use the latest encryption protocols and provide great speeds no matter how much traffic you're sending or receiving. Both VPNs also offer malware block and Smart Locations for added security.

While ZenMate offers a few features we prefer over CyberGhost, its features are inconsistent between devices. While it has a slick Windows app, it lacks some features, such as DNS leak protection and WireGuard protocol. It also has no browser extensions for Safari and does not support IPv6.

Both companies offer a free trial but the terms of the trial vary. While the monthly subscription has a 14-day money-back guarantee, longer subscriptions come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. The free trial also has a support center that can answer any questions you might have.

CyberGhost offers a dedicated IP address that is accessible by a special token. The software also has a good support system and offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. However, it has some major limitations, including being difficult to use in countries with strict censorship.

One of the main differences between these two VPN services is the way they operate. CyberGhost allows you to use its mobile app and works with unsecured and trusted Wi-Fi networks. In addition to its iOS and Android apps, CyberGhost supports split tunneling. The Android and Mac apps are both secure, though not as robust as the Windows client. It also offers automatic HTTPS redirection.

ExpressVPN VPN vs ZenMate VPN

ExpressVPN VPN uses military-grade encryption and advanced security features, which can't be cracked by hackers. It also boasts a proven no-logs policy, which has been confirmed in court and by a leading auditing firm. In addition, the app supports all major operating systems, including Mac and iOS. Although it lacks certain features on Android, ExpressVPN is a great choice for anyone looking for an app to protect their online activity.

ExpressVPN VPN offers a free 7-day trial. However, if you order the app through the Apple store, you won't be able to claim your money back because Apple won't honour a 30-day money-back guarantee. Alternatively, you can sign up directly from the ExpressVPN website and sign in after installing the app. If you refer a friend, you'll receive a free 30 days of service.

Both ExpressVPN and ZenMate VPN offer good support. The customer support team is available 24/7 via email or live chat, and they respond quickly to any questions or concerns. The two VPNs also offer comprehensive documentation and "how-to" articles.

While ZenMate VPN is cheaper than ExpressVPN VPN, it also has some downsides. While ZenMate VPN has no logs, it supports P2P traffic on its 50+ servers. Despite this, ZenMate also has a kill switch, which lets you uninstall the app if you don't like it. However, ZenMate does have a strict no-logs policy, which helps prevent the app from leaking your personal information to the authorities.

ExpressVPN is an excellent option if you use a Chromebook for business purposes. It can unblock Facebook, Google, and Netflix in countries where internet censorship is rampant. ExpressVPN also has many servers around the world, which makes it easy to access geo-restricted content or access blocked sites.

ZenMate VPN vs ZenMate VPN for torrenting

When it comes to torrenting, ZenMate VPN is a great option for many reasons. First, it's inexpensive, and it works with Netflix and other devices. Second, it offers military-grade encryption. Lastly, unlike many other VPNs, it doesn't log your activity, which is an important consideration if you're using a torrent client.

Another major benefit to using ZenMate VPN is its massive server network, with over 3,500 servers in 74 countries. Its servers cover nearly every continent, including the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, it supports both OpenVPN and P2P networks.

The first step in setting up ZenMate VPN is to create an account. Once you've done that, you can either pay a one-time fee or subscribe for a longer period of time. In addition, you can test the service for seven days for free before making a purchase.

ZenMate VPN has a lot to offer in terms of performance, and its free plan allows you to protect as many devices as you want with one subscription. It also offers excellent security features like kill switches, leak blocking, and ad blockers. ZenMate also offers a zero-log policy, which means it won't record your browsing activity and is not a risk to privacy. In addition, ZenMate offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

While Zenmate is a free VPN service, it does offer a premium plan with access to premium features. Many users of Zenmate ask whether it works for torrenting. Luckily, both services allow p2p file sharing and support several of the most popular P2P apps.

ZenMate VPN Review - The Best Security and Privacy App

ZenMate VPN The Best Security and Privacy App

If you're looking for a security and privacy app, ZenMate VPN may be right for you. This app keeps ads off your trail, includes a kill switch, is easy to use, and offers decent customer support. We tested this app and found that it's one of the best.

ZenMate VPN keeps advertisers off your trail

ZenMate is a free VPN service that keeps advertisers off your trail. This VPN service offers an unlimited number of connections and is compatible with most devices. Moreover, it comes with free browser extensions for Windows, macOS, and iOS. Besides, ZenMate supports split-tunneling, malware blocking, and more.

Unlike other free VPN services, ZenMate does not keep logs. All data is encrypted to ensure your privacy. The software also offers unlimited bandwidth. You can connect up to five devices at the same time. In addition, the software is easy to use and provides an unlimited number of server locations. Its price is also affordable and reasonable. However, the quality of service and security may vary. You should consider this VPN service only if you are a beginner looking for a simple VPN service.

ZenMate VPN has a free trial and money-back guarantee. This means you can try it for 30 days without paying a single cent. If you are not satisfied with its services, you can request a refund within that time frame. This is one of the best free VPN services to use.

The company also offers a no-logging policy. This means that advertisers cannot track your online activity. As an added bonus, this VPN doesn't store your IP address and other personal data. Additionally, it automatically disconnects from the internet if you drop the connection. The VPN also supports multiple security protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, and WireGuard. However, WireGuard is only available on the Android app, while most competitors offer it on all their apps.

The ZenMate VPN app works on most devices and is free to download. Moreover, you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time. This is one of the few VPNs that supports multi-device usage. It also has a high download speed. Despite its free version, it is still worth a look if you're looking for a VPN that protects your privacy.

It offers a kill switch

A kill switch protects your online activity in case the VPN connection is lost or compromised. This function ensures that no one can access your data, including your ISP, government, shady advertisers, or cybercriminals. It works by disabling your device's internet connection while you are not connected to the internet. In addition, the kill switch prevents any data leaks.

The kill switch feature is enabled by default, which is a good thing as it protects your online security and privacy. If the VPN connection fails unexpectedly, the kill switch will automatically stop all traffic. This feature also prevents authorities from determining what content you're watching. Other features include the instant connection option, which allows you to connect within seconds. The VPN client also supports various languages and has server locations in 30+ countries.

ZenMate VPN has several servers located around the world, including Europe, North America, and Australia. The company says it owns all of its servers and doesn't rent any. However, this means that you can't choose specific servers based on your location. Additionally, if you live in a country with tight censorship, it won't be possible to access any websites with ZenMate VPN.

This VPN service also offers strong encryption. It uses AES-256 bit encryption, ensuring your private activity data is untraceable. Additionally, it supports multiple security protocols, including L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. This VPN also utilizes Perfect Forward Secrecy technology, which means encryption keys are regularly changed. Additionally, this VPN will mask your IP address with the location of its server. This will ensure your online activity is completely anonymous.

In addition, ZenMate VPN offers a money back guarantee and seven-day free trial. It is a good idea to try ZenMate VPN before committing to a subscription. It is a risk-free way to try out the service, and customers have thirty days to cancel within that period. The company also offers a detailed zero-logs policy. It claims that it doesn't log any activity data, including your IP address. The company also warns against illegal use of the VPN.

Another good feature that every VPN should have is a kill switch. The kill switch prevents your device from revealing its real IP address when the VPN connection is interrupted. This feature ensures that your private internet connection is the only one being accessed. Moreover, a kill switch prevents your internet connection from becoming weak or disappearing.

It is easy to use

ZenMate is an easy-to-use VPN with a user-friendly interface. It offers a good variety of servers across various locations. Its network is large enough to avoid congestion and deliver speedy connections. However, it lacks some key features, including ad blocking, split tunneling, and an independent audit. While ZenMate offers good Android and Windows apps, it doesn't have the most robust iOS app selection. However, it does offer a free browser extension and a money-back guarantee.

ZenMate VPN supports OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. Its IKEv2 protocol works on Windows, macOS, and iOS. The company says that IKEv2 is faster and better for mobile devices. In contrast, OpenVPN only works on Android and Windows. It works with the OpenSSL library and provides up to 256-bit encryption.

Users may notice some issues with ZenMate's kill switch. The kill switch feature is not always turned on by default. However, the kill switch can be disabled in the settings. The kill switch is important because it ensures privacy and security. Without it, the user is at risk of a DNS leak. Furthermore, the kill switch option does not notify the user when the connection drops. However, ZenMate does quickly reconnect after the drop.

ZenMate VPN is good for streaming, but it's not ideal for torrenting. Most streaming websites use firewalls and strong VPN blocking technology, making it difficult for VPN apps to unblock them. Still, it does offer a decent selection of servers and is relatively fast. It can access the US Netflix library and UK Netflix library, but was unable to access iPlayer and Prime Video.

While ZenMate offers a free browser extension, it lacks OpenVPN support and only supports IKEv2 encryption. Its iOS app offers fewer options, but it does offer domain fronting and a kill switch feature. Premium plans also offer malware blockers and tracking protection.

ZenMate also does not keep logs of users' activities, which helps ensure that the internet service provider or advertisers can't track your online activities. It also provides an excellent level of privacy by ensuring your identity remains anonymous.

It offers decent customer support

Customers can contact ZenMate customer support through email or live chat. Customer support agents usually respond within a few hours. While ZenMate has good customer support, the website isn't updated frequently, and the guides can be contradictory. It's better to contact customer support via live chat or email, because customer support agents can be incredibly helpful and can answer any questions you have within a few hours.

Another bonus of ZenMate is that it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more. The company offers support for the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. You can also choose the servers that are optimized for streaming. And the company is headquartered in Germany. It's worth noting that Germany is part of the 14 Eyes Alliance, a group that seeks to provide a legal framework for internet surveillance.

If you're looking for a low-cost VPN service, ZenMate is worth considering. It offers three different packages and the monthly cost is significantly reduced if you sign up for a three-year subscription. Paying monthly is more expensive than signing up for a three-year contract, but the service does offer a money-back guarantee if you're not happy.

ZenMate also claims to have a strict no-logs policy, and it removes sensitive data from its servers. This is good news for privacy-conscious users, but it's worth mentioning that there's some ambiguity regarding the type of data collected while using the VPN. While ZenMate does store your IP address, it doesn't include other information such as your name, address, or other personal data.

One of the biggest issues with ZenMate is that its features don't work well across devices. While the Windows app has the most features, it's still missing some features on Mac and iOS. For instance, it doesn't support DNS leak protection or the WireGuard protocol. Users will also be without Safari browser extensions.

ZenMate Reviews and Pricing 2022 - SourceForge

Before we discuss the pros and cons of ZenMate, let's take a look at what the program can do. Here, we'll discuss the speed and privacy of the software, as well as the price. We'll also go over how it can help us save time.

Disadvantages of ZenMate VPN

There are several advantages of using ZenMate VPN, but there are also some disadvantages. First, the service is based in Germany, so it must comply with the laws of that country. Additionally, it's located in the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, which increases the risk of being tracked by government agencies. Furthermore, you can't download or stream torrents using ZenMate, which makes it less convenient for torrenting. However, the good news is that you can use ZenMate to keep your private data private, and the service is free to download.

Although ZenMate comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, it's only available to new users. The service also offers high-level security and privacy features, including AES-256 encryption and kill switches. It also lets you unblock geo-restricted websites, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer. It also has many locations worldwide, which makes it useful for travelers.

Another disadvantage of ZenMate VPN is its lack of customer support. Although the company's website provides comprehensive troubleshooting guides, the information is outdated and not always updated. In addition, ZenMate's customer support is also far behind that of other VPN services, and can't solve complex technical problems.

While the service has good server coverage, there are several countries where it doesn't have servers. Some of these locations are in countries with strict censorship, such as China, Saudi Arabia, and Europe. In addition, it doesn't offer server coverage in Pakistan and other countries where censorship is an issue. It is possible that this is why the service's speed is limited in countries like India.

ZenMate VPN has two plans: Pro and Ultimate. The former is free for personal use, while the latter is designed for businesses. The latter is a bit expensive, but it offers a lot of extra features. If you need a VPN service for a long time, you can opt for the Ultimate plan.

ZenMate offers a browser add-on with a shield-like icon, and it allows you to choose a server that is closest to your current location. The desktop client also features a server list that can be filtered by specialized functions. Additionally, you can choose which language to use and search for servers. Additionally, ZenMate offers a kill switch feature.


While it lacks features such as split tunneling and split NAT, ZenMate has been steadily improving its customer support. It is reasonably priced, though it has recently changed its plans and pricing. It also no longer accepts Bitcoin, which is a shame. Speed is also a little inconsistent, and the connection times may not be as precise as those of other German VPNs. Nonetheless, the speed test scores give ZenMate a solid 5.5 overall.

Streaming videos with ZenMate is fast and the VPN is robust enough to handle data-intensive tasks. However, its speeds are below the average for VPN services. For example, I had more success streaming videos in Japan than in Brazil. Even with a high ping, videos were loaded at full 1080p and 60fps.

Fortunately, ZenMate offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can return the product if you are not completely satisfied with it. Its customer support team is responsive and helpful. They provide support through email or live chat. Users can submit a ticket and receive a reply within hours.

The company's privacy policy isn't too intrusive. Though the company uses standard trackers on its website, these are only used to improve the site. However, you should know that ZenMate uses Germany-based servers, which doesn't have the best privacy laws. As a result, ZenMate may not be the best option for you if you're concerned about privacy issues.

ZenMate provides a reliable VPN service and good server coverage. It also offers a kill switch and a variety of other specialties, like P2P support and specialty streaming servers. However, the downside of ZenMate is its upload speeds, which can be very slow. Nevertheless, it's a reliable VPN service and worth the try if you're concerned about security.

ZenMate offers two subscription plans. One is free, the other is paid. The price varies depending on how much you use the software and how often. One tier offers more advanced security, while the other tier doesn't.


ZenMate is a virtual private network (VPN) service based in Germany. It caters to non-English speaking users and is fully customizable. The website and software are available in several languages. This helps users to access sites in their own language. However, it has some drawbacks.

First, ZenMate doesn't guarantee a fast connection. Speed is dependent on your connection speed and distance to the VPN server. This means that your connection will take longer to complete when connecting to a VPN server. Additionally, the encryption process slows the connection.

Another concern is privacy. ZenMate boasts of having a "no-logging" policy, which is good on the surface, but can be troubling if your privacy is important to you. While it's important to protect your personal data, ZenMate may be tracking your activities and sharing this information with other companies. Despite this, ZenMate does offer an option to disable this logging.

ZenMate is based in Germany. Its headquarters are located in Carlstrabe 50, 52531 Ubach Palenberb, Germany. They offer a variety of contact options, but live chat seems to be the best way to get help. The company acquired ZenMate in 2018.

While ZenMate is free to use, it does have some limitations. It doesn't protect your streaming services, and doesn't work in China. But it's a great choice for Windows users. It's also an excellent VPN for torrenting. It has a good network size and is user-friendly. However, its shortcomings are its lack of advanced security features and no support for Chinese users. Nonetheless, it still needs improvement in order to be able to compete with the top VPNs.

ZenMate offers free and paid plans with good encryption protocols. However, unlike the other major VPN services, ZenMate offers only one encryption protocol - the OpenVPN tunneling protocol. In addition, it only supports 128-bit encryption, which is less than the level offered by most large competitors. Furthermore, ZenMate is based in Germany, a country that is a member of the 14 Eyes Government Surveillance Network.

While ZenMate doesn't share user data with third parties, it does reserve the right to disclose it in certain circumstances. The company uses DNS-authorized servers to filter undesired traffic and block websites with harmful content.


The ZenMate 2022 is available for $39.99 on Amazon. The device's interface is rather bland, with an overly familiar look. The interface is divided into two pages, and all of the options are clearly labeled and have brief descriptions. This is standard for VPNs. Although ZenMate lacks some of the advanced features of other VPNs, it still offers a high level of security.

There are two plans, one for personal use, and one for businesses. The free version offers servers in four countries, but speeds are slower than with the paid version. It also does not support P2P sharing. Luckily, ZenMate offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and its customer service is surprisingly good. There is, however, no live chat, so you'll need to make do with a manual.

As an added bonus, the VPN has servers for several popular streaming services. ZenMate lists servers for Netflix France and Germany, but didn't work for our other libraries. Thankfully, this has been fixed. The company has also improved the software's streaming features. If you're in a foreign country and want to watch Netflix in HD, ZenMate is an excellent choice.

The ZenMate app is compatible with many devices. It can be installed on your router so that all of your connected devices can use it. There are also free and paid extensions for most browsers. The only downside is that there are no custom apps for Linux and Amazon Fire TV, but the website provides guides for setup. The ZenMate Pro plan gives you access to 4700+ servers in 80 countries and unlimited bandwidth.

Despite the high price, ZenMate has a strict no-logs policy. This means that you do not have to worry about your browsing history, download history, or location being tracked by third parties. However, ZenMate does collect your email address for optional marketing emails. It is possible that you can experience some DNS leaks, though. However, we did not reproduce this issue in our tests.

ZenMate is an excellent VPN for the price. It has a variety of useful features and is very user-friendly. Its network size is decent and it works well for torrenting and unblocking streaming services. The only downside is that it doesn't work in China. It's not a perfect VPN, but it's worth checking out.

ZenMate VPN Review 2022 - Pros and Cons

ZenMate VPN Review 2022  Pros  Cons  AlwaysVPN

If you're looking for a VPN that will protect you online from prying eyes, then you should definitely check out ZenMate VPN. This German-based service offers a seven-day money-back guarantee and features like a kill switch and an anonymous logging policy. But, there are a few cons that you should keep in mind before signing up for ZenMate.

ZenMate VPN is a German based VPN

ZenMate VPN is a German vpn service that offers top-notch encryption and an unlimited amount of bandwidth. Users can access websites in over 74 countries without worrying about their IP address being banned. It is an affordable VPN solution that has over 42 million users and has a good reputation for privacy protection.

ZenMate adheres to a strict no-logs policy and eliminates sensitive data from their servers. However, the privacy policy does not discuss the data collected by the VPN itself. Instead, it talks about the information logged when a user visits a website or registers for an account. This leads to a misconception regarding the privacy of personal data. The company only collects IP addresses, not personal information like passwords and browsing history.

ZenMate VPN has received favorable reviews from users and has a Trustpilot score of 4.7. It also has an excellent rating on Google Play and the App Store. It is compatible with MacOS and Windows 10 and works well with several popular web browsers.

ZenMate VPN is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. This VPN is based in Germany, which is an important factor when choosing a VPN service. The country is a member of the "14 Eyes" alliance, which is a group of nations dedicated to monitoring the internet.

This VPN service features unlimited simultaneous device connections. It is also possible to share the account with multiple users. This is great for families or groups. ZenMate also has a wide network of servers in almost every part of the world, which means users will be able to bypass geo-blocking technologies and access all sites they want.

The service offers a range of paid subscription options, and a full team of engineers behind it. As with all VPNs, it is important to read the company's logging policy before choosing a VPN. Although it is not the most reliable VPN available, it is a solid option for anyone looking for a cheap VPN service. The software is reliable and easy to use, and it doesn't slow down your internet speed drastically.

It offers a seven-day money-back guarantee

When buying a VPN, a few things should be considered before you commit. The first thing you should look at is the number of servers. Generally speaking, you want a VPN with a large network of servers, so that you won't have to worry about congestion. However, you should also look at the servers' locations. ZenMate only has servers in the United States, UK, Germany, and Spain. The rest of the world is served by virtual servers. You won't find any servers in Russia, so you'll have to use virtual ones.

Another important thing to look at is the speed of the servers. ZenMate has 60 optimized servers, which means it is faster and smoother to download. You can find the optimized servers in the left panel of the desktop app interface under the "For Downloading" tab. It's important to choose a secure VPN when torrenting because it hides your geographic location and IP address. It also has a kill switch, so you won't have to worry about anyone finding your IP address.

If you're not satisfied with ZenMate VPN's performance, you can contact customer support by email or live chat. The customer support team usually responds to your questions within a few hours. However, be aware that the help section of the website is outdated and often contains contradictory information. For this reason, it is easier to contact the company through email or live chat. ZenMate uses Zendesk for customer support, so you need to keep in mind the privacy policies of Zendesk.

Another major benefit of ZenMate is its seven-day money-back guarantee. This means that you don't have to pay up front or provide payment information via the desktop app. Plus, it offers a free trial. Additionally, you can use your one account on as many devices as you want. You can also cancel your payments if you're not satisfied with the service.

The kill switch is also a key feature to consider. When the VPN stops working, ZenMate will automatically turn off your internet connection. This feature ensures that your data is not leaked. This feature is enabled by default in ZenMate. However, you can toggle it off in the Windows client. Otherwise, the client will pop up a warning if you disable it. Furthermore, ZenMate VPN offers DNS leak protection.

It has a logging policy that isn't audited

While ZenMate VPN has a good no-logs policy, there are some serious questions about how it logs users' traffic. Its logging policy isn't audited by an independent third party. The company's website also fails to specify what data it logs, which raises privacy concerns. Regardless of how well the VPN performs on a test, the logging policy is a major concern.

In addition to its logging policy, ZenMate doesn't provide a warrant canary, which is a requirement for most VPNs. However, it does state that it will not log any traffic if it receives a gag order. This is a good sign for privacy advocates, but it isn't perfect. ZenMate is still a good option for those who want a VPN without excessive fees, but want a no-logs policy. Its customer support should be ready to help users should they encounter issues or need assistance. Customers don't always have the technical skills to operate a VPN. Therefore, ZenMate's customer support should be able to assist users with any problems.

ZenMate is a good VPN service for torrenting. It unblocks the majority of popular torrent sites. Although it wasn't well-known as a torrent-friendly VPN when it had a free plan, it has now joined other popular VPNs for torrenting. It provides instructions on how to access torrenting websites.

ZenMate is a German-based VPN that offers great value. It's cheap for a one-year subscription, and offers great security features like a kill switch and ad blockers. It also has a zero-log policy, which means it doesn't track you and doesn't record any information about your activities. It has a server network of 3.600 locations and supports unlimited simultaneous connections.

Another drawback is the lack of a log-audited policy. This policy makes it difficult to determine how much of your data the company stores. Although it isn't completely transparent, it is a good option for users who want to unblock geo-restricted sites. Moreover, ZenMate is available for both free and premium versions, with the latter offering more security features and military-grade encryption protocols. However, the free version only allows you to unblock Netflix and Disney+ on one device, so it's not a perfect solution.

It offers a kill switch

The kill switch feature in ZenMate VPN protects users from unauthorized data gathering. The feature disables internet access when unexpectedly disconnected, so that no one can read what you're doing online. It also protects against DNS leaks, which can reveal personal information. This is essential for maintaining online privacy. Another useful feature is automatic reconnection, which re-connects ZenMate for you without you having to do anything. Additionally, this VPN supports multiple languages, and has servers located in more than 30 countries and continents.

Kill switches are often activated in an app's settings. They are usually activated automatically, but some apps allow users to control whether or not they want them enabled. Some VPNs even let users configure the kill switches. With some VPNs, the kill switch feature is enabled automatically, while others are set to be active only if they're being used.

Other features that kill switches protect against include: DNS leak protection and DNS leak prevention. While there are no guarantees about their effectiveness, both features protect users against unwanted data leaks. When the VPN is not in use, the kill switch prevents data processing and prevents data from being exposed. DNS servers are the servers that translate domain names into IP addresses. If you don't use the kill switch, your IP address will be visible to your ISP, your government, or shady advertisers. The kill switch feature in ZenMate can prevent these risks.

Many VPN services log users' activities, but ZenMate has a no-log policy. Using this service to protect yourself is the best way to protect your privacy. However, it may be a challenge to connect to your favorite sites while using a VPN service. This may interfere with other apps or prevent other VPNs from running in the background. Additionally, ZenMate is located in Germany, which has a strict stance against copyright infringement. Its owners have also been accused of sending malware through their software.

Another key feature of ZenMate is that it has servers around the world. Users can select the fastest server location based on their location. This prevents users from getting stuck in a server that is slower than their current speed. Additionally, ZenMate also has a kill switch built in and has 24/7 live chat on its website and a help desk in its app.

ZenMate Review - Cheap VPN For Mac and US Netflix

ZENMATE REVIEW Cheap VPN for Mac and US Netflix

ZenMate has a competitive pricing scheme depending on the length of the subscription period. One-month plans are costly, while three-year plans are cheap. Compared to other VPN providers, ZenMate tries to attract users with long-term plans, which are better value for money. There are a few payment methods available, including credit card, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. The company also offers coupons and discounts, which help customers save money.


ZenMate VPN for Mac is free to use. It uses three protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. OpenVPN is the most secure and popular protocol, and IKEv2 is relatively fast. ZenMate also uses private DNS servers. Other VPNs use public DNS servers, which are easily discovered by third parties like Google.

ZenMate has an online help system, but it's rather limited. While it has FAQs that answer many basic questions, it's difficult to find answers to more complex ones. You can also send ZenMate a message via live chat or email.

ZenMate works on Mac and iOS devices. Unlike most Mac VPNs, it connects to servers within 10 seconds. However, it's important to remember that you can't connect to US Netflix through ZenMate. However, if you're trying to watch US Netflix on Mac, you should use a VPN that works with US Netflix.

ZenMate has an extensive network of servers around the world. This allows it to bypass geo-restrictions and streaming platform bans. It also offers a money-back guarantee and offers a seven-day free trial. It supports most operating systems and includes extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

ZenMate's Windows and Android clients support OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. The Mac version supports WireGuard but does not support IKEv2. You can also set the VPN protocol yourself. ZenMate also offers a kill-switch feature. This protects your privacy if the VPN server goes down.


ZenMate is free and easy to use, although you will have to accept the terms of service before you can download the software. Unlike other free VPNs, you can try out the software for seven days without paying for it. Once installed, the software will automatically download the necessary files and set up on your network. The software also has a kill-switch feature that protects your privacy in the event that the VPN server goes down.

ZenMate also comes with dedicated servers for streaming and downloading, allowing you to stream content on US Netflix and other US-based services. This makes the service the best option for anyone who loves to stream videos. You can also access UK-based content, such as BBC iPlayer, Comedy Central, and Globo. If you prefer English-language content, ZenMate also has English-language servers for the BBC iPlayer and Channel 4.

ZenMate uses 256-bit encryption for your privacy. It also includes DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and doesn't log your online activity. ZenMate has a good support team and a money-back guarantee for those who don't like the service.

ZenMate VPN has a large network of servers. The service is great for streaming, especially if you want to watch Netflix in HD. You can choose from a desktop client, mobile app, or browser extension. Just be sure to sign up for a ZenMate account before you download the software. Once you've registered, you'll be able to choose a server that suits your streaming needs.


If you're a fan of US Netflix and the Mac, you might want to consider a VPN. While the free version of ZenMate isn't ideal for streaming, it's fast and has strong encryption. Plus, it supports up to five simultaneous connections. One downside is that ZenMate lacks dedicated apps for Linux or Amazon Fire TV. Users must manually set up the VPN on their devices, but the instructions are easy to follow. In addition, ZenMate offers optimised servers for streaming services, including US, UK, and German Netflix.

Although ZenMate is a solid VPN, the software is inconsistent on different platforms. While its Windows application has the most features, it lacks IPv6, WireGuard, or DNS leak protection. Another drawback is the lack of browser extensions for Safari. Users with Windows systems should opt for the Pro plan instead, as it comes with 4700+ servers in 80+ countries and unlimited bandwidth.

ZenMate has upgraded its hardware infrastructure and improved the user interface. It is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows, and offers good encryption, but it's not as advanced as some other VPNs. The price is low, but ZenMate's apps could do with some improvement. Regardless of the drawbacks, ZenMate is an affordable VPN, and it can unblock US Netflix and other popular streaming services. You may want to try it out for a week to test its performance.

Unlike some other VPN services, ZenMate does not keep logs of user activity. Instead, its traffic is encrypted with AES-256 cipher and authenticated with SHA-265. ZenMate also supports multiple cipher suites with PFS, although its protocols depend on the device. The downside to ZenMate is that its online support is less comprehensive than other VPN services. Moreover, its customer support does not cover complex technical problems.

DNS leak protection

If you're looking for a VPN for Mac that provides reliable DNS leak protection, ZenMate is one of the best options. This VPN offers a variety of countries and features, including P2P technology. While its main disadvantage is that it doesn't encrypt DNS queries, this issue only impacts downloading torrent content.

The app has malware blocking and browser anti-tracking features, but only works with Firefox and Chrome. While not the best VPN for online gamers, ZenMate is a great choice if you want to access US Netflix and other US content. It was designed for torrenting and bypassing streaming platform geo-restrictions, and it does a pretty good job. However, if you want a VPN with a lot more features and better protection, you'll have to upgrade to the ZenMate Pro plan. This plan includes access to over 4700 servers in 80 countries and unlimited bandwidth.

The company also maintains a strict no-logs policy. It does not log browsing history, location, or email addresses. While ZenMate does collect non-identifiable data for analytical purposes, it does not store personal data, so your privacy is guaranteed. Users can opt to receive emails from ZenMate with optional marketing materials.

ZenMate also has a desktop app that works with Mac computers and Windows computers. The app is simple to use, though it does not have as many features as the browser extensions. It has a simple interface with checkboxes for features like malware blocking and tracking protection, but it doesn't have Smart Location, which enables you to attribute a specific server to a specific website. You can download the app for free or upgrade to the more complete 'Pro' version.

Speed limit

The ZenMate Android VPN app features a similar stripped-down interface as the desktop app. It features a small menu icon, a location indicator, and an On/Off button. The app is simple to use, with one click bringing up the Connect and Disconnect menu options. It also includes specialist streaming locations and a Favorites system.

ZenMate's speed limit can become an issue if you want to access far-away servers. When I tried connecting to its German servers, I experienced a 9 percent loss of internet speed. This could be due to server load issues. This is a major downside when you are trying to watch high-definition content from other countries.

ZenMate has a number of server locations that allow users to access US Netflix. It also offers a speed limit of 2Mbps, which is adequate for 4K video streaming. One major drawback is that it does not allow you to choose a specific server location, which means you cannot access the same server on different days.

ZenMate offers three plans: the free one, with limitations. The Pro plan, on the other hand, offers no limitations. The free plan is a great option if you don't want to pay anything.

Customer support

ZenMate's website offers a customer support page that provides links to helpful information and links to FAQs. The webpage also contains information about the company and its privacy policies. Contact information is also available. In addition to live chat, ZenMate offers email support. However, email support is slower than live chat and does not cover the same range of problems.

ZenMate has a reasonable price tag, but its software needs improvement. It is not able to compete with the top VPN services, such as CyberGhost VPN, which has a faster and more secure connection. However, the company does have specialized servers that are designed for streaming services, which may improve the streaming experience.

In addition, ZenMate offers multiple connections to different countries, which makes it easy to change your Netflix library. Moreover, it has unlimited bandwidth and allows users to connect to any country server. So, if you want to watch US Netflix on your Mac, ZenMate can be the solution.

ZenMate is also compatible with iOS and Android. The app itself looks like a standard Mac application, but there are some differences. For instance, users can choose between the two apps for torrenting and streaming. However, ZenMate users cannot change their connection protocol, which means they'll have to choose one server for torrenting and another for streaming.

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