Windjammer Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Windjammer Travel Trailer Floor Plans


windjammer travel trailer floor plans

Forest River's Windjammer 3008W travel trailer boasts a distinctive V-nose design to maximize space efficiency. Plus, it's fully equipped for four season camping fun!

If you're new to RVing or simply want to enjoy it with your family, the Windjammer 3008W is an ideal choice. It can accommodate five beds and is an affordable solution for both those just starting out or those on a budget.


A bedroom is essential in any travel trailer. The room must be large enough for two people to sleep comfortably and feature a door that can be closed and window. Furthermore, it must meet certain temperature regulations as well as having its own closet.

Temperature Regulation: In many states, bedrooms must have an indoor source of heating or cooling to remain comfortable during cold weather. Space heaters or fans do not meet this requirement.

The legal definition of a bedroom may vary from state to state and city to city, but generally speaking it's an area with a door that can be closed, window, and closet. Although not always necessary for use as a bedroom, having extra storage and organization space helps create the desired atmosphere.

When designing a bedroom, size, location and design are some of the most important factors to consider. A common feature that many bedrooms possess is a closet; this makes storing items like clothing, shoes, linens easier.

When designing the bedroom, bed size should be taken into account. Not only does this dictate how the space looks and feels, but it also determines how much floor space there is for storing other items.

Windjammer travel trailer floor plans often boast spacious bedrooms. For instance, the Rockwood Windjammer 2618V provides one such example; it has a rear private bedroom with queen bed slide out, nightstands on either side, wardrobe space and overhead cabinets.

This model also features a walk-through bathroom on the opposite wall with double vanity sinks, medicine cabinet and linen closet. This bathroom takes up most of the width of the trailer - which is definitely beneficial.

The front kitchen, situated within the v-nose area, features a refrigerator with shelf above, large bowl sink at the point, three burner stove top and plenty of counter space. A circular countertop area also includes two bar stools and overhead cabinets for extra seating. There's an exterior awning to shield you from harsh sun rays.

Living Area

Windjammer travel trailers typically feature a large and airy living area. This space is perfect for entertaining guests or spending quality time with family and friends. Plus, it provides additional storage for your belongings while you're on the go.

Many windjammer travel trailer floor plans feature a slide out to maximize living room space. You may opt to add theater seating or recliners for additional comfort in this area.

When purchasing a windjammer trailer, you have the option to add a fireplace to the living area. This will provide additional warmth during colder weather.

This trailer also features a slide out that contains two chairs or optional theater seating or recliners. There are end tables along the back wall and a booth dinette on the opposite side, plus overhead cabinets in the living area.

Entering the v-nose kitchen, you'll find a refrigerator with shelves above, a large bowl sink at its point, three burner stove top and plenty of counter space. There's also an extended countertop area around the nose which includes two bar stools plus overhead cabinets.

The kitchen is a spacious area that provides all the necessities to make yourself comfortable while away. It also boasts an entertainment center, three burner range, microwave, double sink on an L-shaped countertop with counter extension - and more!

This V-nose bathroom offers plenty of counter space, double vanity sink with medicine cabinet, linen storage and a garden shower. Plus, there's a private entrance/exit door from within the bathroom to the outside world.

This V-nose travel trailer's front bunk house includes four 32" x 72" bunk beds, a wardrobe and an integrated TV on the v-nose wall. Plus it boasts double entry doors and dual slides - making it the ideal camping trailer for anyone wanting to get away from it all!


Windjammer travel trailer floor plans provide plenty of room and convenience for your family's bathroom needs. Located within the v-nose area, this bathroom includes a toilet, double vanity sinks with medicine cabinets, ample counter space, linen storage compartment and garden shower for ultimate luxury.

This windjammer travel trailer floor plan is one of the most sought-after models. It boasts a front kitchen with plenty of amenities and an expansive rear bedroom. The living area also includes a hide-a-bed sofa and dinette seating for extra guests, plus you can opt for an optional fireplace and entertainment center.

In the bedroom, there is a queen bed slide and nightstands on either side. On the wall opposite the bed, there is both a wardrobe and vanity.

For the chef in your family, the Wind Jammer 3008W v-nose travel trailer provides plenty of kitchen space. This unit includes a refrigerator with shelves above, large bowl sink at its center point, three burner stove top and plenty of counter space. Plus there's another huge countertop area that wraps around with two bar stools plus overhead cabinets for additional storage.

The interior of the trailer is accented with wood to add warmth and texture. There are solid wood doors and drawers as well as raised panel ones. To keep things warm, walls and ceiling are insulated with multiple heat-saving layers; water storage tanks also get heated using high-density block foam insulation to regulate their temperature and prevent freezing.

This model offers a walk-thru bathroom with a toilet, double vanity sinks with medicine cabinets, plenty of counter space and an outdoor shower. Additionally, it is equipped with a linen closet and wardrobe.

This stunning windjammer travel trailer boasts double slide outs that open the interior even further. At the front there's a bunk room with 67" hide-a-bed sofa and 44" dinette that can be converted to an additional bed when necessary for extra sleeping space.


The kitchen is an essential aspect of any travel trailer, and should be thoughtfully designed with all the amenities needed for cooking meals as well as providing comfortable seating to spend time in.

If you're in search of an RV with a superb kitchen, Forest River offers numerous windjammer travel trailer floor plans. These models come equipped with multiple slide outs, leather couches and warm-colored wood accents for added luxury.

Some of these floor plans even feature triple slides, giving the interior an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience. Other features that may be found in these types of travel trailers include heated underbelly floors and a 42K-BTU furnace.

Another excellent feature in these types of travel trailers is the rear kitchen. Situated at the back, this area provides plenty of room to prepare meals and store food items as well as gear.

This layout is ideal for campers who enjoy entertaining or bringing large groups of people on their RV adventures. You'll have plenty of space to cook delicious meals for everyone in your group.

Windjammer travel trailers feature all the standard kitchen amenities, like a refrigerator with shelf above, large bowl sink at the point, three burner stove top and plenty of counter space. Plus there are two bar stools plus overhead cabinets around the nose of the trailer for additional storage.

fake grass backyard ideas

Fake Grass Backyard Ideas

Are you searching for ways to freshen up your backyard? Artificial grass is a great option. It can be utilized in numerous landscaping ideas and requires minimal upkeep.

Create a unique path with fake grass around landscaping rocks, trees or shrubs! This trending landscaping idea adds depth and dimension to any space!

1. Rock Landscaping

Rocks add visual interest to a landscape and can be utilized as part of an intricate large-scale project or small accent pieces. They also make great low maintenance landscaping materials.

Another excellent use for rocks is as a way to create an eye-catching water feature that fits any theme. These delicate stones look stunning against dark-hued pots and vibrant green foliage for a minimal yet contemporary design.

Shishi-odoshi - a bamboo water feature - can be added to your garden plan for an eye-catching aesthetic. Its reed-like shape and soothing sounds will allow you to unwind in complete tranquility.

Lava rocks are a popular choice for backyard accents and fire pits, especially in the backyard. They come in an array of colors and can be shaped to your preference. Red lava rocks pair nicely with Sempervivum tectorum (hen-and-chicks plant), while white flowers look stunning against black lava rocks.

Border rocks can help keep flowering vines and shrubs from overtaking your lawn. They come in various sizes, such as a bowling ball or baseball.

Pea gravel is a widely-used landscaping rock that comes in various colors. It makes an excellent edging material for pathways and around ponds.

Most home and garden stores sell small bags of bull rock for $5 to $30, though this can be more costly if purchased by the ton. You may also find boulders available through stone dealers.

Artificial grass is an ideal option for creating fake grass backyard ideas. Not only is it low maintenance, but it will protect your real grass from children playing on it as well as eliminating pet odors.

2. Putting Greens

Many golfers are discovering that installing a backyard putting green is an excellent way to practice their short game. Whether you are an avid player or simply enjoy watching others play, installing a putting green is both cost-effective and practical for improving your short game.

Backyard putting greens are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of set up and low maintenance requirements. Not only that, but these entertaining spaces make for great additions to any yard for families, friends, and guests alike!

No matter your style or budget, NexGen Lawns offers the perfect backyard putting green to fit your home and lifestyle. No matter the size or shape, their experts will help design the ideal green for your enjoyment!

The initial step in setting up your new putting green is to map out an area and use a sod cutter to remove any existing grass. After spraying with long-term weed killer, lay down landscape fabric as protection from regrowth of weeds.

Once your putting green turf is installed, select a color that complements both your home and landscaping style. NexGen Lawns offers an extensive selection of colors and textures so that you can easily achieve the aesthetic desired.

Another option is natural turf, which resembles real grass and looks and feels more authentic. Tiger Woods utilizes this type of turf at his Florida residence and it proved instrumental in his recent comeback success.

Before installing your putting green, be sure to research the best installation techniques. Selecting a company with experienced installers is critical for the success of your project; ask to see samples of their work and select someone with an impressive reputation for quality craftsmanship and professionalism.

3. Stone Walkways

If you're looking to add some natural charm to your backyard without using real grass, stone walkways are a great choice. Not only are they durable and easy to maintain, but their timeless appearance will last for years.

Stone pathways are an increasingly popular way to connect your outdoor spaces, but they can also serve as an eye-catching focal point for your home. They can be utilized in many different landscape areas and tailored to fit any space perfectly.

Converting your backyard into an idyllic oasis for relaxation and entertaining guests with a stone pathway. There are many ways to achieve this look, from traditional pavers to more creative options like decorative rock or brick.

You can opt for ground cover plants instead of gravel as a base for your stone path, saving yourself the laborious digging and hauling of gravel. Plus, this keeps the path stable as more people use it.

Another way to make your DIY stone path less messy is by underlaying it with porous landscaping fabric. This keeps the path free from weeds and mud, while also allowing water to pass through so it doesn't become too wet or slippery for bare feet.

Stone paths can be made to look more like concrete by adding a stone border edge around them. You can choose either brick or stone for this treatment, or try concrete edging that appears like tumbled pieces of random stone; these options are less expensive and take less time to install than their more costly counterparts.

4. Pebble Art

Pebble art is an ideal way to add a unique touch to your garden. Plus, it's a fun craft that can be done by kids, adults and even seniors!

Pebbles are an incredibly versatile natural material, capable of creating mosaics, sculptures and more. They're an affordable yet charming way to add a personal touch to your decor.

Pebbles can be used to create an array of beautiful designs and patterns, such as bird shapes and floral arrangements. This type of art is becoming increasingly popular, so why not give it a try?

Before you start crafting your pebble art masterpiece, it is wise to have a plan for how the pieces will be organized. If unsure, lay your twigs and pebbles out on paper as an experiment before committing them to stone art.

Once you have an idea of the style you wish for your pebble art, begin adhering the pieces. Don protective gloves and use super glue if available if desired;

When using craft glue to adhere pebbles to paper, be sure to hold them in place for 10 seconds in order to guarantee their secure placement. Doing this will help avoid them falling off and ruining your project.

You can choose to frame your pebble art for added visual interest and protection from dust and dirt. Doing this will enable you to proudly showcase your piece for years to come!

5. Backyard Dog Playground

Dogs adore playing, and backyards provide the ideal playground for them to get exercise and have some fun. Unfortunately, not all homeowners have enough yard to dedicate to a backyard dog playground.

Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable DIY dog playground ideas you can build to give your pup the backyard space they deserve. Popular options include sandboxes, PVC pipe jumps, tire jumps, weave poles, tunnels and teeter boards.

Many of these obstacles can be used for training your dog and are suitable for any age or breed. Not only will these challenges provide your pup with hours of entertainment, but they'll also develop their strength, agility and balance as they learn how to negotiate these challenges.

You must ensure the playground you create is secure and free from potential injuries. This includes avoiding anything that could cause harm, like a fence or tree that could be hit by a falling branch.

When creating a dog playground, your pet's comfort is the most important factor to take into account. Make sure they have somewhere comfortable to sit, roll around on and play on.

Furthermore, choose a surface that is durable and won't tear easily when your dog runs or plays. Doing this will help maintain the aesthetic of your playground for years to come.

Artificial grass is an ideal choice for many backyards due to its pest-resistance and lack of attraction to fleas, ticks or other insects. Plus, it's easy to maintain, making it ideal for smaller yards.

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