Vishal Gupta, Managing Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners

Vishal Gupta, Managing Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners


Vishal Gupta, Managing Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners

vishal gupta bessemer

Vishal Gupta is a Managing Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. He graduated from IIM Calcutta in 2002 and has worked with firms such as HCL and Reliance Capital Private Equity before joining the firm in 2006. Bessemer Venture Partners currently has a number of portfolio companies including Swiggy and Bigbasket. He speaks about the importance of building strong distribution channels and how healthcare is ripe for new investments.

Nithin Kaimal joins from VixCap

Nithin Kaimal is the new COO of Bessemer's Bangalore office. He has over 20 years of experience, and previously founded investment management firm VixCap. The move comes as Bessemer looks to grow its investment team in India. Kaimal will lead Bessemer's India fund.

Nithin Kaimal will be responsible for overseeing the India arm of the firm's global venture fund. The fund will focus on early stage consumer internet, cloud software, market places, digital health, and social commerce companies in India. The fund will have a $220 million target.

The India-dedicated fund, which closed last month, is led by Bessemer Venture Partners, a US venture capital firm. The fund will invest in consumer internet startups, aiming to participate in their seed to Series A round. Kaimal will also oversee fund governance.

Vishal Gupta joins from Bessemer Venture Partners

Vishal Gupta has joined Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) India as a director. Prior to that, he worked at Reliance Group as treasurer. He also worked for SBI Mutual Funds, DSL Software, and a joint venture with Deutsche Bank. Gupta has experience from several other venture capital firms, including Ind-Barath Power, NetAmbit, and Shriram EPC.

Before joining Bessemer, Vishal served as a senior manager at Reliance Group, where he helped launch a private equity fund and a joint venture with HCL Tech. He also served as an executive assistant to the CEO of the joint venture. He holds an M.B.A from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta and a B.A. in commerce from GS College. He is also a member of Mensa.

Bessemer Venture Partners is expanding its top team in India. The firm has launched a $220 million India-dedicated fund and appointed Nithin Kaimal as its Chief Operating Officer in the country. Kaimal brings over 20 years of experience to Bessemer. Previously, he was senior director at India Resurgence Fund and co-founded VixCap Investment Management.

Bessemer has been active in India over the last year, picking up a 2.41% stake in IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd. It also invested $100 million in power generation company Ind-Barath Power Infra Ltd. Globally, Bessemer has over $2 billion under management, and has offices in New York, Boston, and Herzlia, Israel.

Fund will focus on social commerce, vertical and global Software-as-a-Service

Bessemer Venture Partners has recently closed a $220 million early stage fund focused on India. Nithin Kaimal has been appointed as the new chief operating officer of the fund's Bengaluru office. He will oversee operations, portfolio services, and fund governance. The fund will invest in consumer internet companies, and will participate in seed and series A rounds in the country.

The fund was established by an Indian industrialist, Gaurav Dalmia, and American venture capitalist Jonathan Schulhof. The partners have also brought in other investors including Mitsui Corporation and former Citi CEO Vikram Pandit. The fund's focus will be on social commerce, vertical software, and cloud software.

The fund's strategy will be to focus on companies that can grow their user base and monetize it. Gupshup, a messaging platform for social commerce, is one such company. The company aims to reach a population of 45 million people and provide them with the benefits of ecommerce. The company claims to have 100K registered suppliers, 26K postal codes, and 4,800 cities. It has raised over $150 million in funding, including Series E funding.

Gupta also noted that the market downturn has impacted his portfolio companies' performance. Several companies in his portfolio have experienced major cost-cutting, including rationalizing non-core business expansions and reducing employee costs. The fund is targeting social commerce and vertical software-as-a-service companies with scalable, global growth potential.

GVHF will invest in several companies that are transforming their industries. Among these startups are the online insurance policy provider ACKO Insurance, which claims to have the largest market share in embedded insurance products. The startup has partnerships with Swiggy and Zomato. After raising $450 million in six rounds, the firm has attracted the backing of top venture capital firms like Accel Ventures, Elevation Partners, and Munich Re Ventures.

The fund has also invested in Bangalore-based Acku Insurance, which recently raised a $255 Mn Series D funding round led by General Atlantic. It also included existing investors like Lightspeed, Intact Ventures, and Munich Re Ventures. The investment values the startup at $1.1 billion.

Portfolio companies

Vishal Gupta, Managing Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, has been involved in the startup industry for over a decade. He graduated with an MBA in 2002 from IIM Calcutta and has worked with companies including HCL and Reliance Capital Private Equity. He joined Bessemer in 2006 and now works with companies such as Swiggy and Bigbasket. In this interview, Vishal discusses the importance of strong distribution channels and the potential in the healthcare industry.

Bessemer is one of the region's oldest early stage investors. The firm started investing in India about 15 years ago. The new economy in India has spurred an unprecedented influx of capital, which has led to the evolution of Bessemer's strategy in the country. The firm plans to invest primarily in companies in the early stages. However, it will also invest in companies that are more established in the country.

The firm has also closed a dedicated USD220 million fund in India. This fund will target early-stage investments in consumer internet companies and will stick with them throughout their growth cycle. The fund will deploy its capital across five roadmaps, focusing on consumer internet, cloud software, digital health, social commerce, and vertical SaaS. It will also look at the complexities of each of these sectors.

In India, the firm has expanded its team. It has recently appointed Nithin Kaimal as chief operating officer. He has 20 years of experience in the field of investment management, including founding the investment management company VixCap and serving as a senior director at India Resurgence Fund. His early career was spent at the McKinsey Company.

Accel Club Ventures Announces New Venture Capital Funding

accel club

Accel Club is a company that invests in and acquires fast-growing, profitable, and successful sellers on Amazon. These businesses typically have great brands and can boost their sales through a combination of marketing and ecommerce expertise. The company also operates these companies in order to grow their brand presence and product sales.

Max Firsov

Accel Club is an e-commerce shop consolidation company with offices in the US, Europe, and China. Although it focuses on the US market, it also has plans to expand into Asia and other continents. Its founders are Nick Tuzenko and Max Firsov, both serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in management consulting. Although the company is headquartered in Amsterdam, its team works across the globe, from offices in the US to offices in China.

The company was founded by a former co-founder of Foodfox, a Russian food delivery startup. The company was later acquired by Yandex and Firsov stayed on to lead the company's food tech services. Nick Tuzenko previously served as the MD at Busfor, a startup that was acquired by BlaBlaCar in 2019. Both founders are now involved with Thrasio, which is rumored to go public with a $10 billion valuation.

The startup's mission is to build an ecosystem for independent online merchants to promote their businesses through a centralized platform. It works with Amazon third-party sellers and has raised $170 million in venture funding, which will help the company expand its operations and its reach. It plans to expand its presence globally by 2022.

The Accel Club business model works by buying and developing Amazon brands, and then developing them using the platform. Its approach includes deep analytics, a collaboration with influencers, and optimizing supply chains and marketing costs. It also buys brands with a proven track record of making a million dollars in the last 12 months. Its focus is on brands with high ratings and a large following on Amazon.

Nick Tuzenko

The funding will help the startup grow its brand. Its team consists of data scientists, supply chain specialists, and analysts. They are enthusiastic about making an impact in the ecommerce space. The company plans to expand its offerings to more markets and to more countries in the coming years. Nick Tuzenko, Accel Club, and the Accel Club team plan to use the new funding to expand its brand globally.

Nick Tuzenko, Accel Club's co-founder, is a serial entrepreneur and management consultant who has a background in operations, e-commerce, and marketing. Prior to founding Accel Club, he worked as a managing director at Busfor, which was acquired by Blablacar. Now, he has a team of e-commerce experts committed to helping sellers grow their brands.

Accel Club focuses on helping brands with the sourcing, evaluation, and launch of products on Amazon. They utilize the latest trending technologies and APIs to help brands become profitable online. This helps them establish a presence in the e-commerce industry and create valuable partnerships. With a history of launching and growing successful businesses, Nick Tuzenko and the Accel Club team are well-positioned to help brands scale.

The startup has raised more than $170 million in equity and venture debt from Redseed, Flyer One Ventures, North Wall Capital, and others. Using the proceeds, Accel Club plans to expand its e-commerce brands to new markets. This funding will also help the company automate its process.


Accel Club is an aggregator that helps independent sellers on Amazon sell products faster and easier. The company provides a professional team, business skills, and personalized care to help sellers sell their businesses. Its strategy has been to follow a structured roadmap and keep the team a mix of e-commerce and non-e-commerce experts. It is backed by North Wall Capital and Flyer One Ventures. The startup will use the funding to improve its product, automate processes, and hire more people.

Accel Club is currently operating in the US, Europe, and China, selling more than 1,000 products. While it has mostly focused on the US market, it is planning to expand into China and Europe through fresh capital. The company has plans to grow existing brands and increase Amazon sales. Sellers are retained as advisors and receive two earn-out payments over two years. Accel Club also plans to absorb teams from individual sellers who join the program. Initially, these teams will be trialed for three to six months.

Accel Club has raised a total of $170 million in venture debt and equity financing. It has offices in the US, Europe, and China, where it plans to continue expanding its strategy. The company has already acquired RentoMojo, a Bangalore-based e-commerce company, and raised an additional USD 170 million in November 2021 with Redseed and North Wall Capital. Accel Club will focus on the US market in the near future and plans to expand into Europe and Asia.

Case studies

The Accel Club is a new venture capital firm with offices in the US, China and Europe. It targets companies with $1 million to $5 million in sales, a 20-30% annual growth rate and an EBITDA margin of fifteen to twenty-five percent. Its current focus is on the US market but has ambitions to expand into other markets, including Europe and Asia. The firm is backed by Redseed Capital and North Wall Capital.

Accel is a venture capital firm that invests in up-and-coming companies at the early stage. The firm seeks out teams that are innovative, have a solid business plan and disruptive ideas. It takes minority stakes in its portfolio companies. Most of its investments have a minimum $5 million sales value.


Accel Club aims to build a new generation of consumer goods companies using the latest technology. The team consists of highly skilled individuals including data scientists, supply chain specialists, and analysts. The members of the team are excited about making a difference in the ecommerce space. The company is also backed by Flyer One Ventures.

The accelerator club has offices in China, the US, and Europe. It operates ecommerce businesses and helps entrepreneurs build them into global brands. It also helps accelerate their growth and product sales. The firm also helps them integrate acquired companies into their own operations. While their initial focus is on the US market, they plan to expand into European and Asian platforms in the future.

The company has raised $170 million in venture debt and equity funding. The investment will support the company's expansion into new territories. Accel Club will use the new funds to acquire brands from Amazon and grow them. The startup will also continue to focus on growing existing brands. It plans to acquire sellers of e-commerce products in the European, American, and Chinese markets.

The founders of Accel Club are Max Firsov and Nick Tuzenko, both serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in management consulting. They are based in Amsterdam but have offices in Europe, the US, and China. They are actively recruiting startup executives in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Antilia Bedroom Collection

antilia bedroom

If you are looking for a luxurious bedroom, Antilia is the right place for you. This collection is made from premium quality fabrics and comes in an array of color choices. You can choose from more than 50 different colors to create your dream bedroom. This collection has many luxurious features, such as Crystal Diamond Buttons and matching fabric buttons. Its elegant design and durable construction will keep your bedroom in top condition for years.

Vaastu defects in antilia's bedroom

According to a Vastu expert, Antilia does not conform to Vastu principles. For example, there are no eastern windows. The building also lacks openings for morning light. The vastly wealthy Ambani has enough money to add those windows. Still, he is unhappy with the controversy surrounding his ostentatious home in a poor neighbourhood.

The Ambanis have denied any involvement of Vastu in the Antilia delay. They have since conducted the 10-day Griha Pravesh puja, which is supposed to clear Vastu doshas. The Puja was led by Ramesh Ojha, a Vastu expert.

The Ambani residence Antilia underwent intense development in 2004. It took seven years to complete, and the family moved in late 2011. The Ambanis hired the architectural firm Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates to design the house. A spokesman declined to comment on the allegations, but it is widely believed that Antilia is not Vastu-compliant.

The placement of the bedroom is important, as it affects the quality of sleep. A south-east-facing bedroom can be bad for sleep. It can cause conflicts and illness in the home. The presence of lavender or sea salt is believed to counter the negative effects of Vastu defects in bedrooms. In addition, the placement of pictures of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi in the bedroom is said to combat the negative energy.

The placement of the bathroom is critical as well. The bathroom should be in the southwest or south-west part of the house. Avoid placing it on the north side because this violates Vastu rules. If the bedroom is located under a beam, you can also install a false ceiling.

Location of antilia's meeting area

The Antilia hotel has several floors and features a charming meeting area. The interior of this building has a theme that revolves around exotic materials and the lifestyle of the family. The building has been the subject of controversy, with some critics considering it an important landmark and others viewing it as an overstated display of power. Regardless of its controversial status, the swanky home still turns heads when you enter its gates. The walls are lined with intricately woven rugs and the rooms are warmly lit with moody paintings.

The building is home to several private residences and corporate meeting spaces. It has an on-site gym and a fitness center that features several classes. The Antilia also features a yoga and dance studio and a jacuzzi. The building also has two floors dedicated to recreation.

The Ambani family moved into the building in late 2011 after starting construction in 2004. The project was designed by Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. The Ambanis are believed to be worth about $21 billion. The building has been the subject of rumors since earlier this year. Some reports claimed that the building would have 60 stories and the Ambani family would occupy the entire building.

The Antilia mansion's design is based on the sun and lotus, and displays features that emphasize these two elements. Its top six floors are residential. The top floors include a private theater and ice cream parlor. Its interior features a lot of silver and gold decor.

The building is about 400,000 square feet and was designed by American architects Perkins and Will. It has 27 floors with extra-high ceilings. This makes it a sturdy building, which has the added benefit of being earthquake resistant. In 2014, the building was valued at $2 billion.

Interior design of antilia's bedroom

The design of Antilia is inspired by traditional Indian philosophies, such as the practice of Vaastu. This ancient Indian system focuses on orienting buildings so they flow with the flow of energy. Like Feng Shui, it's all about placement. The bedroom at Antilia is situated in the center, where the energies of the room are balanced.

The design of Antilia's bedrooms is centered on the sun and lotus, and the mansion boasts of features that emphasise these two symbols. The top six floors of Antilia are dedicated to residential spaces, including guest suites and an ice cream parlor. The mansion also boasts of a spa and several pools and has a dance and yoga studio.

The Antilia home is a luxurious, contemporary home with elements from Indian culture. The Gingko-leaf sinks have stems that guide water into a bowl. It also boasts a winding staircase with glass paneling. Plush couches in terracotta tones and moody paintings are also prominent in the room.

The Antilia building is 27 stories high and 400,000 square feet. The Ambani family moved into the building in late 2011 after finishing construction. It was designed by Chicago-based architectural firm Perkins & Will. The construction company Leighton Holdings carried out the work. The building has extra-high ceilings. It was also designed to withstand earthquakes.

The Antilia house was designed to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.0. It is also said to be the world's tallest single-family home. The Ambani family celebrates many festivals at the house. The Antilia house also features a unique Snow Room where artificial ice is created.

Cost of antilia's bedroom

The Antilia apartment complex is situated in Mumbai, India. Its construction cost more than $2 billion and was finished in just two years. The building has 27 floors and a six-story parking garage. It also includes its own spa and temple. It has 600 staff members and three helipads.

This luxurious property offers 3 swimming pools, a yoga studio, an ice room, a spa, a ballroom, terrace gardens, and a mini-theatre. Its spacious interiors also have three balconies and a terrace garden. The building also features a gym and separate dance and yoga studios. The rooms are located on the upper floors, above the W-shaped beams. Energy-efficient hanging gardens are used to keep the home cooler in the summer. The Antilia also has multiple swimming pools, an indoor and outdoor spa, and a Mega-Temple for the family to celebrate weddings.

Construction of Antilia began in 2004 and lasted nearly seven years. The Ambanis moved into the home in late 2011, but initially did not live in it. The family wanted to avoid bad luck and were concerned about relocating to an unlucky house. According to Vastu, an ancient Indian knowledge that guides the architecture of a house, it is important to build a home with the rising sun in mind. While the Ambanis did not live in Antilia right away, they did host several parties and events there.

The Antilia was designed by prominent architects Perkins and Will. The Ambanis' residence is the landmark of Mumbai and a landmark in India. They were able to afford to build a spectacular home for themselves and their families. The palatial home is now the home of the Ambanis', and the house is filled with luxury and lavish interiors.

Antilia is one of the most expensive private residences in the world, valued at nearly $2 billion. It is owned by Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited. It is 27 stories high, and is equipped with all the bells and whistles of ultra-luxury homes. The building is also built with extra-high ceilings and is able to withstand a quake.

Mukesh Ambani's Home Address in Mumbai

ambani home address

Mukesh Ambani's home address is a 27-storey luxury mansion that has an unobstructed view of the Arabian Sea. It was constructed by an Australian company. The Ambanis have two children: son Prithvi Akash Amabai and daughter Shloka Mehta.

Mukesh Ambani's house is a 27-storey luxury mansion

The Ambani house is a stunning example of the opulence that a billionaire can afford. It spans 27 stories, and is known for its luxurious interiors and architectural attributes. It also has three rooftop helipads and six floors dedicated to parking. It is also the world's most expensive private residence.

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia mansion is a 27-story luxury mansion that is reminiscent of a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. The interiors are adorned with sun and lotus shapes and are made of marble and mother-of-pearl. Mukesh Ambani and his family live on the top six floors of this palatial mansion. The building has double-height ceilings and more than 400,00 square feet of floor space. It also has a gym and a theatre and is designed to withstand earthquakes.

There are nine elevators within the house. A separate elevator is used for family members and guests. The residence also has three swimming pools, a private movie theatre, and dance studios. Six of the floors are devoted to parking and can accommodate 168 vehicles. The residence also has three helipads on its roof.

It is located on Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill in Mumbai

The Antilia building on Altamount Road, Cumballa hill in Mumbai is an impressive 400,000 square feet in area. It is owned by Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, a multinational conglomerate. He is worth an estimated $30 billion (U.S.). The building was designed by Chicago-based Perkins and Will and constructed by Australian-based Leighton Holdings. The building has 27 floors and extra-high ceilings. It is also seismically safe and can withstand an earthquake.

Mukesh Ambani's home address is the most expensive private residential property in Mumbai. It is located on Altamount Road in Cumballa Hill, a posh residential area south of the city. This mansion is also the second-most-expensive residential property in Mumbai, second only to Buckingham Palace. The building also has a 600-strong staff to look after its residents.

The Ambani family uses nine elevators to travel from one floor to the next. There are separate elevators for family members, guests, and staff. The building also has six floors for parking, with room for 168 cars. Among the cars that are parked on these floors are a Maybach 62, an Aston Martin Rapide, and a Mercedes SL500.

It was built by an Australian company

The 22-storey tower that serves as Mukesh Ambani's home address was constructed by an Australian company. The company worked with architects from around the world to build the residence. It was designed to withstand a level 8 Richter earthquake. The structure was constructed by the Australian company Leighton Holdings, in collaboration with architects Hirsch Bedner and Perkins and Will.

It is a private residence, and the building is not accessible to the public. About 600 employees are employed to take care of the residence. The building was designed by Perkins and Will and built by Leighton Holdings. It is located on Altamount Road in Cumballa Hill.

The building is among the world's most expensive residential spaces. It has a capacity for 168 luxury vehicles and is designed to withstand an earthquake of an eight-richter scale. The Ambani family lives on the top six floors of the building. It also features a helipad.

The Ambani residence also includes nine elevators, including separate elevators for family members and guests. There is also a private car service station on the seventh floor. The building has a ballroom, three Olympic-sized swimming pools, and six floors of parking.

It has an unobstructed view of the Arabian Sea

Aside from an unobstructed view of the Arabia N Sea, the Ambani home address has other benefits too. It includes a gym, home theater, and a swimming pool. It also has a view of the city. This property is the most expensive private home address in the world.

It was built for USD 4.4 million

The Ambani family is known for their luxurious lifestyles. The Mukesh Ambani home address is no exception. The 550-foot high building boasts 4,00,000 square feet of interior space. The billionaire, who is a resident of India and the chairman of Reliance Industries, was named the fifth richest man in the world last March. Ambani's family business was started in a humble way, with his father Dhirubhai Ambani, and has grown into one of the world's biggest producers of polyester fibres. The company has become responsible for a fifth of India's exports.

The Ambani family's Antilia home is a prime example of luxurious living. The soaring glass tower makes the house seem much higher than its surrounding buildings. The Ambanis' home is situated in the prestigious billionaire's lane of Mumbai. The property's name is derived from the name of the fabled archipelago, Antillia. Despite the price of the residence, Ambani moved in to the property in 2012.

The Ambani family also owns Reliance Group, a company with interests in oil, biotechnology, retail, and other industries. The billionaire recently spent $100 million on his daughter's wedding in Mumbai. The event was attended by Hillary Clinton and Beyonce. The Ambani home also boasts an elevated garden, underground parking for 168 cars, and spectacular views of the city.

It is the second most expensive billionaire home in the world

Mukesh Ambani's skyscraper residence in Mumbai, India, has topped the list of world's most expensive billionaire homes. The 27-storey property is named 'Antilia', after a mythical island in the Atlantic. Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries and is currently India's richest man. The property is estimated to be worth more than $1bn. The home is more than twice the size of seven World Trade Center, which is north of Ground Zero and has over 1.7 million square feet of office space.

Mukesh Ambani is one of the world's richest men, and he recently moved into a new $1 billion mansion in Mumbai. The home is located on an elevated plot of land and features underground parking for 168 cars. The house offers breathtaking views of the city of Mumbai.

The Antilia house in Mumbai, India, is owned by Mukesh Ambani, the 11th richest person in the world. The property was built using Vastu Shastra principles and features a grand garden and lounge. Mukesh Ambani's home is so impressive that it requires around 600 employees to maintain it.

It is owned by Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani's home is located in Antillia, Mumbai. He is a multi-billionaire and the chairman of Reliance Industries. He is married to Nita Ambani and they have three children, including Akash, Isha, and Ananta. The Ambanis live in a high-rise building.

His house is designed by some of the most renowned architects in the world. In fact, he hired Perkins and Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates to create his home. The family also hired Leighton Contractors, a construction company based in Australia. It is important to note that the Ambani's home address may have changed from the one listed below.

Mukesh Ambani's house is located in a prime piece of land in Mumbai. It is one of the most expensive properties in the city, second only to Buckingham Palace. It is situated on Cumballa Hill in the southern part of the city. It is an exquisite home that is adorned with a temple. The house has multiple suites, a spa, and three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Mukesh Ambani is the elder son of Dhirubhai Ambani. He is also the biggest shareholder in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the second most valuable company in India. He studied chemical engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, and went on to earn an MBA from Stanford University. He is married to Nita Ambani, and they have three children together.

Antilia House Ambani in Mumbai

antilia house ambani

The Antilia House is one of the most lavish homes in Mumbai. The commercial business entity owned by Mukesh Ambani, Antilia Commercial Private Limited, bought a 4,00,000 square feet plot in July 2002 for a whopping 215 million rupees, or about $3 million USD. The architect firm Perkins & Will of Chicago and the interior design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates of California worked together to create the house. Leighton Contractors was outsourced for the construction of the building, and B.E. Billimoria & Company Limited finished the building.

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia house is located in the heart of south Mumbai. It is located on Cumballa Hill, one of the most expensive areas in the city. It is a lavish property with inside décor that is comparable to a 7-star hotel. It has a land area of 400,000 square feet. Ambani has named the property after the mythical island Antilia in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mukesh Ambani's house has 27 floors, three rooftop helipads, six floors for parking, a private movie theater, and three floors for hanging gardens. It also features a temple and ice cream parlor. The exterior of the house is designed with a Hindu-themed motif, and its interior features motifs of the sun and lotus. There are also nine elevators.

Mukesh Ambani is a well-known business mogul. He is the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, one of the world's largest conglomerates. Although he is no longer the richest person in the country, he is ranked eleventh in the world. His business empire is worth more than $16 billion, and he owns many lavish properties abroad. In addition to the Antilia house, he also owns a beachfront villa on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

The Antilia house is a stunning place. It offers a panoramic view of the sea and is one of Mukesh Ambani's favourite spots. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light. Moreover, the white marble floors are visually appealing. Another interesting feature of the Antilia House is its 168-car garage.

The Antilla building has three rooftop helipads and a six-story parking space that can hold up to 168 cars. In addition, the building has a 50-seat movie theatre and three floors of Babylon-inspired hanging gardens. The building also has nine elevators and a spa. The building can withstand an earthquake of magnitude eight.

The Antilia building is a symbol of Ambani's wealth and power. His net worth is estimated at 2.2 billion USD, making him one of the richest men in Asia. Located in the South Mumbai area, the Antilia house is a landmark in the city. The exterior of the building is equally impressive. The exterior has beautiful wood work and features a huge crystal chandelier. The interiors also have yellow LED lights and a stunning accent wall.

An unidentified caller threatened to "blow up" the Ambani family residence. A police team subsequently arrested the suspect and transported him to Mumbai. The team had previously gathered the suspect from Bihar and was bringing him to the city. The Antilia House was built around 900 years ago, and the property was once owned by John Penn. The property was later converted to a country club by Nick Lane Jackson.

Architecture firms

The Antilia building in Mumbai was designed by two US-based architecture firms: Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. The developers did not comment on the details of the project due to confidentiality agreements. However, the controversial project was criticized even before its construction began. Ambani acquired the plot for the building in 2002, from a Muslim charitable trust that operated an orphanage.

Construction of the Antilia house began in 2004 and lasted seven years. The Ambani family moved into the house in late 2011. The architecture firms Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates were commissioned to design the building. They were given strict guidelines regarding the design. The architects had to design an environmentally-friendly home that was sustainable and would not cause negative effects on the local environment.

The Antilia home is 27 stories tall, with high ceilings. The design is based on the sun and lotus and displays features that accent these elements. There are also three swimming pools and a spa. The Antilia mansion is also home to a theatre that seats 50 people. The Ambani family also celebrates a variety of festivals in this beautiful residence.

The Antilia building is a 400,000 square foot structure located on Altamount Road in South Mumbai. Its design was by Chicago-based Perkins and Will. Construction was carried out by Australian company Leighton Holdings. It has 27 floors and extra-high ceilings, making it extremely earthquake-resistant.

The Antilia building also features six floors devoted to parking. The building has space for up to 168 cars. In addition, the building has nine high-speed elevators. The interior of the Antilia building is complemented by several sculptures. Its private collection of luxury cars includes the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, the Bentley Bentayga, and the Bugatti Veyron.

The Antilia building is 27 stories high, and has three helipads on top. The interiors of the Antilia building are adorned with silver and gold. The building's interiors reflect natural lighting and make the interior space look visually appealing. Several amenities, including a private cinema, a grand ballroom, and a swimming pool, are available to residents.

The Ambani family's new Dubai home is a lavish affair, and the building features a number of high-tech features. A private theatre, entertainment hall, and ice room are all located within the building, and an elevator with mirror work details provides a dramatic backdrop for photographs. The interiors also feature state-of-the-art equipment and furnishings. The floor plan features intricate detailing and inlay work, and the staircase features lotus motifs.

The Antilia house is one of the most expensive private residences in the world, and is owned by Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. It is 27 stories high and has a 37,000 square foot interior. It also features three helipads and a 168-car garage.

Price tag

A Chicago-based architecture firm designed Antilia House Ambani, the second most expensive home in the world. The building boasts 27 floors, 3 helipads and an underground parking facility. The price tag is close to $2 billion. The property was built in 2002 and is owned by Mukesh Ambani.

Its design is inspired by a phantom island in the Atlantic Ocean. The 27-storey building has six levels of underground parking, three helicopter pads, and a spa and health center. There are also nine high-speed elevators and terrace gardens. The house also includes a snow room, with real snow blowing out of the walls.

Antilia is 27 stories high, and has massive high ceilings. It is also designed to withstand earthquakes of 8.0 magnitude. The house has 600 staff members. A typical house may have only a few dozen people. Antilia has over 4,000 square feet of outdoor space, but this space is enough to accommodate more than a few people.

The house is a beautiful space, and the Ambani family celebrates many festivals here. The interiors of the Antilia house have many handcrafted details and unique themes. Each room is decorated with different themes. The interiors feature beautiful materials and elegant chandeliers. The house also offers several pools and is an ideal location for family gatherings.

Antilia is a stunning building in Mumbai, and it is home to the world's most expensive home. The 400,000 square meter structure has 27 floors and is owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. It is estimated to be worth between $1 billion and $2 billion. The property also features a ballroom, spa, and a temple.

The Antilia building stands in stark contrast to the slums of Mumbai. While the building is stunning, its aesthetics are not necessarily sentimental. Ratan Tata once said that it's "irrelevant on a humanitarian level." However, the architecture is abstract, and is open to multiple perspectives.

The Antilla hotel has three rooftop swimming pools, a 50-seat movie theatre, hanging gardens, and a spa. There are also nine elevators and accommodations for 600 staff members. The Ambani family has even created a snow room for its staff, which resembles the icy Antarctica.

Antilia House Ambani is built for withstand earthquakes of up to eight units on the Richter scale. In addition to its modern amenities, the family has also built a helipad on top of the property. Three helipads are located on top of the property and serve as piers to view the city.

Aston Martin Rapide, Maybach 62, and Mercedes SL500 are just some of the cars the Ambani family keeps in the parking garage. There are also 168 parking spaces on six levels of the Antilia House.

The Mukesh and Anil Ambani House Price in Mumbai

dhirubhai ambani house price

When you think of Mukesh Ambani and his billion-dollar estate, you might not think of his ancestral home. However, Mukesh and Anil Ambani are no strangers to luxury real estate. We previously looked at their $1 billion property Antilia and Ans Ambani's luxury car collection. Now, you can learn more about their extravagant house in Mumbai, India.

Anil Ambani's ancestral home

When it comes to real estate, the Ambanis are no exception. Their ancestral home in Mumbai is a huge property. Initially, the family planned to build it as high as 150 metres. However, the construction authorities allowed only up to 66 metres. The plot the property sits on was once owned by the chairman of Bombay Suburban Electricity Supply, which Reliance bought in early 2000. It was around the same time that the construction of this building began.

The Ambanis' ancestral home is located on seventeen floors. Each floor is dedicated to a different family member. The house is connected to nature and animals in its design, and Tina Ambani often posts pictures of the office in her social media pages. The home is estimated to be worth INR 5,000 crore.

The family's ancestral home is located in Pali Hill, Mumbai. It is over 16,000 square feet and is 70 metres tall. The house is a lavish residence and features luxurious amenities that would make any 7-star hotel envious. It is currently owned by the Ambanis' youngest son, Anil.

The house is located on a prime piece of land in Mumbai. It is one of the most expensive properties in the city, second only to Buckingham Palace. The home is on Altmount Road on Cumballa Hill, which is the southern part of Mumbai.

The Ambani family spent their earlier years in Chorwad, Gujarat. They also spent time in Yemen. The family will continue to support the development of the home in which their founder lived.

Mukesh Ambani's $1 billion property

Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India and he has just bought a $1 billion property in Mumbai. The property has the name of Antilla, after a mythical island. The house is anything but normal, though. Mukesh Ambani has an estimated net worth of $22 billion, and he is the 5th richest person in the world. His father founded Reliance Industries, which is the largest firm in India by market capitalization.

The mansion was built on a plot of 400,000 square feet and is home to multiple swimming pools. It also has a 50-seat theatre, ballroom, dancing studio, three helipads, six-story car park and a four-story hanging garden.

The house is located on Altmount Road in Cumballa Hill. The Ambani family named it after the mythical island near Spain and Portugal. Its neighbours include Kumar Mangalam Birla, a scion of the Birla family. The house is 4,00,000 square feet, which is surprisingly large for Mumbai's notorious space shortage.

The building was designed by US architecture firms and took seven years to complete. It's also built to withstand earthquakes and bomb explosions. Mukesh Ambani's $1 billion property is a spectacular display of wealth. His personal wealth is now $27 billion, and he's predicted to be the richest man in the world by 2014.

Despite the fact that Mukesh Ambani and his family are one of the wealthiest people in India, the Antilia building remains an enigma. The 27-storey structure dominates the Mumbai skyline, but neither the owners have moved in yet.


Mukesh Ambani is one of the wealthiest people in India and has one of the most expensive homes in the world. His private residence, Antilia, in Mumbai's Altamount Road, costs almost $2 billion. The building has 27 floors and features extra-high ceilings. Its architectural design is inspired by the sun and lotus. It also features three helipads and a 168-car garage.

One of the most popular features of the Antilia building is the spectacular sea view. The building looks like a series of terraces, each of which offers a magnificent view of the city. The architect behind the building wanted to capture the attention of Bombay's residents and achieved his objective.

Antilia also features three rooftop helipads, a six-floor car park that can house 168 cars at one time, a 50-seat movie theatre, a spa and a temple. The home also accommodates up to 600 staff members.

The home is also reportedly the second most expensive billionaire's home in the world. According to property surveyors, Antilia is worth nearly USD 2.2 billion. Its maintenance costs are estimated at 2.5 crore dollars per month. This works out to over Rs 15,000 crores. Located in the heart of South Mumbai, Antilia is a landmark of the city.

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia is a stunning home, situated in Cumballa Hill, Mumbai. Its size is over four hundred thousand square feet, with 27 floors, three rooftop helipads, six parking floors, a snow room, a temple, and a three-floor hanging garden.

Ans Ambani's collection of luxury cars

Ans Ambani and his family are the proud owners of an impressive array of luxury cars. The collection consists of over 168 models, including fully armored vehicles and sports cars. The collection also includes Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Mercedes-AMG G63. In addition, the Ambani family also owns a Porsche Cayenne.

Mukesh Ambani is the second richest man in Asia and his sons, Akash and Anant, are also members of the Ambani family. Mukesh Ambani's fleet of luxury vehicles includes Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and Bentley Bentaygas. Recently, the Ambani family added a Maserati Levante and a Bentley Bentayga to their collection. Anant Ambani has also added a Tesla to his collection.

Another car in Ans Ambani's collection is a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which has the same V12 engine as the Drophead Coupe. It has a maximum power output of 800 PS and 700 Nm. An Aston Martin is a four-door super sedan with practicality and comfort.

Mukesh Ambani's collection of luxury cars is a testament to his wealth. His collection of cars spans four decades, from the 1950s to the present. His most recent collection includes a Bentley Bentayga to a Mercedes Maybach 660 Guard. The collection also includes an Aston Martin DB11 coupe. It is a rare sight on Indian roads, and the Ambani family is a proud owner of a black one. Mukesh Ambani drives it around Mumbai in a YouTube video.

The Maybach 62 is an impressive car. It can reach 249 km/h and has a top speed of 155mph. It also features wireless headphones and 18-way power rear seats. Another vehicle in the collection is the BMW 5-Series. The four-door sedan is available in four-cylinder petrol and six-cylinder diesel engines.

Ans Ambani's lack of empathy for poor

In a recent interview, Ans Ambani revealed that he has no empathy for the poor, in spite of being the richest person in India. The billionaire has said that his 27-storey Mumbai mansion does not reflect the typical lifestyle of Indian rich. He has also criticised the government for the lack of care shown to the poor and deprived.

The Mythical Island of Antilia

antilia size

The mythical island of Antilia sits off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an earthquake-proof getaway, this fictional island can accommodate you. In addition to the glitzy ballroom, Antilia has all of the amenities you'd find in a five-star hotel.

Antilia is a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean

In medieval times, there was a landmass known as Antilia in the Atlantic Ocean. Its size varies, but it was centered somewhere between the Canaries and the Azores. In 1474, Paulo Toscanelli produced a map of the island, which included the mythical St. Brendan's Isle. Later, in 1367, Francesco and Domenico Pizigano wrote of the island, but their name is not clear. Whether it was Antilia or a fictitious island is unclear, but it is clearly related to the other islands of the Antilles.

Some scholars believe that the island of Antilia is a myth. It is also known as the Isle of the Seven Cities. Its origin is unclear, but the earliest suggested etymology links it with the Platonic Atlantis. Later writers have attempted to derivate the name from Latin anterior, which is the first word of "anterior," or from the Arabic name Jezirat al-Tennyn, which means "seven cities." The island's location was noted on a 1424 anonymous map that is preserved in the grand-ducal library in Weimar.

Despite many legends and stories, there is no proof that Antillia exists in the Atlantic Ocean. However, many medieval maps and manuscripts depict the island as a red island. The name "Antillia" is also associated with the Spanish Antilles. Christopher Columbus, in fact, planned to make a stop at the island in 1492, but unfortunately, he was unable to locate it.

It has all the amenities of a 5-star hotel

This stunning 400,000-square-foot home is 27 stories high, with double-ceilings and nine elevators. Named after the mythical Atlantic island of Antillia, it features a fitness center, Jacuzzi, several pools, a dance studio, and a yoga studio. The Antilia home also has its own mega-temple, ice cream parlor, and salon.

The Antilia is also an energy-saving building. Its W-shaped hanging gardens absorb sunlight, keeping the interiors cool. In addition to this, it has three helipads and a helicopter control centre. The Antilia's staff members number over 600. Guests are treated to massages upon request.

Its architectural design is based on the lotus and sun. It's also earthquake-proof and will survive a magnitude 8 earthquake. This building is also the most expensive private residence in the world, costing between $1 billion and $2 billion to build. It's home to the billionaire Mukesh Ambani, who lives here with his wife Nita Ambani. The Ambani family also has a son, Prithvi Akash Amabai.

It can survive an earthquake of 8 on the Richter scale

The Antilia building is a US$2 billion private residence in South Mumbai. It stands 570 feet tall and contains 400,000 square feet of interior space. Designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will, Antilia is a world-class residential property. It is earthquake resistant, and every floor is the same height as a two-storey building. The building is rated for an earthquake intensity of eight on the Richter scale, which makes it one of the most secure private residences in the world.

The Antilia building is able to survive an earthquake of eight on the Richter scale because of its design. Not only is it large enough to withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake, but its design also means it will survive a high-grade military explosion.

It has a glam ballroom

The Antilia size has a glam-ballroom and nine high-speed lifts for a comfortable stay. Its cosy meeting space was used for a Vogue India shoot in 2017. The terracotta-toned rugs and dark wooden floors are accented by warm lighting. There are also multiple powder rooms and dual stairways leading to the ballroom.

The Antilia building in Mumbai is a stunning structure. Mukesh Ambani's opulent mansion stretches across four hundred thousand square feet. Its estimated cost is between 6,000 and 12,000 crore rupees. The glam ballroom is the main attraction of the massive structure.

It has six floors of garages

Antilia size has six floors of garages, a car service station on the seventh floor, and nine high-speed elevators. Those who own luxury cars will appreciate the building's spaciousness, which can accommodate up to 168 vehicles. The building also features a fully set-up glam ballroom, which is perfect for lavish parties and special occasions.

The Antilia mansion was built in just two years, and features a 50-seat movie theater, grand ballroom, four-story open garden, and an atrium. It also includes an ice-cream parlour, temple, and recreation center. This building was designed to resemble a Greek temple.

Antilia is the home of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. It is located in the exclusive neighbourhood of Altamount Road, often referred to as Billionaires' Row, which is home to some of the world's most expensive residences. The building's name, which is derived from the Greek word antilia, refers to the mythical island that lies in the Atlantic Ocean.

Antilia is designed to withstand natural disasters. It is designed with earthquake-resilient construction techniques and can withstand an earthquake of a magnitude eight. The cost of construction is estimated at between $1 billion and $2 billion, making it the most expensive private residence in the world.

It has three helipads

The Antilia size has three helipads on its roof. It also has a 50-seat movie theatre, hanging gardens, nine elevators, and accommodation for 600 staff. In the winter, the Ambanis can enjoy a chilly snow room that mimics the conditions in Antarctica.

The Antilia building is also built to withstand earthquakes of up to 8 units on the Richter scale. Its nine super-speed elevators can move the family around the building. There are separate elevators for guests, staff, and the Ambani family. There are three helipads on the megastructure, but the permits from various ministries haven't been approved yet.

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, is the owner of the Antilia. The property is 27 stories high, and has all the bells and whistles of ultra-luxury homes. It is located on billionaires' row in Mumbai. It features three helipads and a 168-car garage.

The Antilia building boasts 400,000 square feet of living space, six floors of parking, a health club, a spa, a temple, and three helipads on its roof. The building also has an army of 600 staff, and is designed to withstand earthquakes up to eight on the Richter scale. The building is also equipped with terrace gardens, a spa, and a swimming pool. On the top floors of the building, the Ambani family lives.

Dhirubhai Ambani Home

dhirubhai ambani home

Dhirubhai Ambani's ancestral home is one of the most luxurious houses in the world. The Ambani family lives on the top six floors of the mansion. The property is a fusion of classical and modern architecture. The mansion also features a gym and tennis court.

Anil Ambani's abode

Dhirubhai Ambani and Anil Ambani have a lavish property in Mumbai, India. It is estimated to be worth around Rs 5,000 crore. The family shares several pictures of the property on social media. The house has an elegant interior design, complete with glass wardrobes and white walls.

Anil Ambani is an extremely active person. He reportedly runs every day at five in the morning and participates in the Mumbai marathon on a regular basis. He also often asks for autographs, and is so particular about giving autographs that he refused to sign Dhanraj Pillay's autograph in return. Anil is also very punctual, leaving his office at 9:30 sharp after a twelve-hour workday.

The lavish residence boasts many high-end facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, helipad, and a garage for his extensive collection of cars. Unlike his brothers' houses, Anil Ambani's house is not as famous as Mukesh Ambani's Antilia. However, his wife Tina Ambani shares photos of Anil Ambani's house on her Instagram account.

A sprawling 16,000-square-foot home, Anil Ambani's Abode in Dhirubhai Ammani's home is one of the most expensive homes in the world. He lives there with his wife Tina Munim Ambani and mother Kokila Ben Ambani. They have two sons, Jai Anmol Ambani and Jai Anshul Ambani. They also have a daughter-in-law, Krisha Shah.

Mukesh and Anil Ambani's Antilia is estimated to be worth over Rs 15,000 crore and is expected to be worth more than two billion US dollars by 2020. In fact, Anil Ambani's home is one of the most expensive properties in Mumbai. The building is 17 stories high and visible from the Mumbai skyline.

Anil Ambani's Abode in Dhirubhai Ammani's ancestral home in Mumbai is one of the most expensive homes in the world. He lives with his wife, Tina Ambani, and their two children. They own two other homes and own two more. They live in one of the Sea Wind buildings in Cuffe Parade.

As a result, Anil Ambani's net worth has decreased steadily, falling to around $8 billion by 2011. This is largely due to his many dubious 2G transactions. In fact, his investments in the Reliance Group are now worth $89 million and his assets are worth an estimated $1 billion.

Dhirubhai Ambani's ancestral home

Visit the Dhirubhai Ambani Memorial House, the ancestral home of the late businessman. He revolutionized the Indian textile industry and founded the Reliance Group. The Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation manages the estate. The site's landscape design was led by Amitabh Teaotia Designs, while building restoration was conducted by Abhikram.

Dhirubhai Ambani spent his earlier years in Chorwad, a coastal town near Junagadh and Somnath. The area has been developing for many years, and Reliance Industries has supported its development in the area.

Upon visiting Dhirubhai Ambani memorial, visitors will see his ancestral home and see some of his most prized possessions. He personally monitored the renovation process, and has been visiting it regularly for the past month. A walkway is now being built through the orchard, which is planted with coconut palms and other shade trees. A watering facility has also been installed for the trees.

The Ambani family is a huge devotee of Ganesha. A big white Ganesh idol is present in the house. Tina Ambani has shared photos of their visits to the temple. The home is also decorated with a red flower garland.

The two brothers have been feuding for years, but they recently worked together for the 75th anniversary of his mother. Despite their differences, the family still continues to work together. The aforementioned plans are expected to benefit multiple sectors of the Indian economy, markets, and political alignment.

The house has numerous high-end facilities including a swimming pool, gym, helipad, parking space, and a lounge area that displays Ambani's car collections. His cars include Rolls XUVs and Porsches. The Ambani home is situated in the Pali Hill and Cuffe Parade neighborhoods of Mumbai.

In addition to the gardens, a garden named after Dhirubhai Hirachand Ambani was created in Chorwad on November 23, 2013. The garden was dedicated to the residents of Chorwad, and is an extension of his ancestral home. It spreads over an acre.

Mukesh Ambani's abode

The Antilia property in Mumbai is one of the most expensive billionaire residences in the world. Forbes, Cosmopolitan India, and India Today have cited several articles about the Ambani abode. However, these publications have also questioned the legality of the sale of the orphanage property to Mukesh Ambani. A report in India Today also suggests that the State of Rajasthan may refer the deal to the CBI.

The Ambanis' controversial deal violated numerous rules. Among them, the charitable foundation that donated the land must have been consulted. The Maharashtra government also tried to block the project, but Ambani and the charitable foundation managed to reach a deal.

Earlier, Dhirubhai Ambani lived in the Sea Wind building in Mumbai. This building has 14 floors and a helipad. The building is located on the southern tip of Mumbai and is among the most expensive properties in the city. The late Dhirubhai Ambani had lived in the same building.

While living in the Sea Wind building, Mukesh and Anil Ambani were a part of the Ambani family. They shared the same house with their mother Kokilaben Ambani and grew up under the same roof. The Sea Wind building was designed by an international team. The Ambani family has a fleet of luxury vehicles, including the Maybach 62, which costs $1 million, an Aston Martin Rapide, and a Mercedes SL500. In addition to Anil and Mukesh, Akash Ambani also lives in Antilia House with his wife Shloka Mehta.

Mukesh Ambani and his brother Anil have a history of rivalry. Both brothers have fought for control of the Dhirubhai Ambani group. Their father, Dhirubhai Ambani, started the family business in 1958. He left his two sons a massive conglomerate with a turnover of 15 billion euros.

Antilia, the home of Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani, is the second most expensive private property in the world after Buckingham Palace. It is estimated to cost between USD 1 and 2 billion. Its 27-story skyscraper Antilia has 400,000 square feet of interior space, three rooftop helipads, parking for several vehicles, and an ice cream shop. It is also strong enough to withstand an earthquake.

Anil Ambani's house, which is valued at Rs 5,000 crore, is also worth a look. The Ambani family is one of the richest families in Asia, and their homes are often the centre of attention in business news.

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