The State of Florida's Tourism Department

The State of Florida's Tourism Department

The State of Florida's Tourism Department

state of florida tourism department

The State of Florida's tourism department offers many different programs for small businesses. It administers many small grant programs and partners with 13,757 tourism businesses. Visit Florida is one such agency. Small businesses can apply for a small grant for up to $50,000 to help expand their business. The VISIT FLORIDA website offers more information on small grant programs.

Visit Florida

The State of Florida's tourism department has been a part of the Florida economy for nearly four decades. Established by the Florida Legislature in 1996, the tourism department works with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to create an environment that promotes economic diversification. Many of the State's tourism and economic development initiatives are implemented in partnership with the private sector.

The tourism industry in Florida employs more than 1.2 million people and contributes over $96.5 billion to the state's economy each year. In 2016, the State of Florida welcomed a record number of 122 million tourists, a 54 percent increase over the previous year. In 2019, Florida's tourism industry supported 1.6 million jobs and contributed $96.5 billion to the state's economy. According to the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research, every dollar invested in the tourism industry generates $3.27 of state tax revenue.

Division of Tourism

The Division of Tourism, State of Florida Tourism Department has a broad mission to promote Florida as a vacation destination to a diverse global audience. It facilitates participation in tourism industry trade shows and media missions, works with tour operators, meeting and event planners, and travel agents to promote Florida as a destination. It also manages five Florida Welcome Centers. Its staff includes 136 full-time employees and an international team of contract employees. The division is headquartered at 2540 W. Executive Center Circle, Orlando, FL 32807, and has five regional offices throughout Florida.

The Division of Tourism, State of Florida Tourism Department also helps Florida travelers make decisions regarding their vacation plans. It provides valuable information on events and attractions in the state, as well as lodging and food. The website also features videos and articles to promote Florida tourism. Tourism is the key to Florida's economy, and Florida's state agency is responsible for attracting more tourists.

The Division of Tourism, State of Florida Tourism Department coordinates tourism marketing, management, and research for the Tallahassee area. It also serves as the county staff liaison for the Leon County Tourist Development Council, which is a nine-member advisory board that advises the Leon County Board of County Commissioners on matters related to tourism and economic development.

Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development

The Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development is located in the Executive Office of the Governor and is responsible for a number of strategic initiatives. These initiatives aim to create a business-friendly environment and promote diversification in Florida's economy. The department's economic development programs are implemented through public-private partnerships.

The department works with the Governor and other state agencies to promote economic development and attract new businesses. It also helps recruit businesses from around the world and promotes expansion of existing businesses. The office also works with the Florida Commission on Tourism to prepare an annual report to the Legislature.

The department works with local governments and communities to promote sustainable economic development and job creation. It also provides grants and technical assistance for community development. These programs promote the long-term economic development of the state and promote coordinated implementation of State goals and policies. The Department also works with private partners to promote economic growth and community development.

Small grant programs

The State of Florida tourism department offers small grant programs for statewide tourism marketing and promotion. These grants are given to nonprofit organizations and local governments to help them raise awareness of Florida's tourism attractions. A variety of projects are funded through these grants. These include developing cooperative advertising campaigns, creating an international digital marketing campaign, and enhancing the perception of Florida as a food-tourism destination.

To apply for these programs, you must be a registered nonprofit organization in the State of Florida. Your organization must also be in full compliance with the terms of your grant agreement, including timely submission of reports. In addition, you cannot use grant funds for your own salary. You must provide goods and services in exchange for your funding.

These programs are awarded on a competitive basis. The total funding allocated to each organization cannot exceed $40,000 per year. The funds awarded to each organization must be matched by non-state dollars. These grants are given to nonprofit organizations and local governments in small counties and municipalities. The funds awarded are not necessarily available every year, so you need to apply early to get the most out of them.

Florida's tourism industry is a growing industry. Each year, more than 13 million tourists visit Florida, resulting in a $24 billion economy. And it supports nearly two million jobs. That's a big boost for the state. The state's tourism industry will generate $96.5 billion in revenue by 2021, up 54 percent from 2020.

Partnerships with industry

As Florida's official tourism marketing corporation, VISIT FLORIDA serves as the official source of information for travelers planning their trips to the Sunshine State. The agency also works to recruit tourism industry partners and participate in travel shows. In addition, VISIT Florida maintains four Official Welcome Centers throughout the state. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is a proud partner of VISIT Florida.

Partnership fees currently bring in about $1.2 million per year. Under the new partnership structure, those fees will rise by 20 percent. Smaller businesses will see a hike of up to $20 per year. Partnership fees with seaports and airports will also increase, as will the rates for lodging establishments. Ultimately, these increases are expected to boost revenue for the tourism department.

In addition to providing information and educational materials to visitors, the office also develops marketing strategies and promotes tourism assets in communities. These efforts include conducting market research, communicating with the media, and monitoring the tourism budget. In addition, the team works to promote the economic value of tourism in the community through educational efforts and effective partnerships.

Florida's arts and culture are a key component of the state's tourism industry. It supports the state's economy, creates jobs for residents, and has an impact across the entire state. In 2016, the Sunshine State welcomed a record number of out-of-state visitors. This influx of visitors supported nearly 1.4 million jobs and a $112 billion economy. According to the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research, every dollar invested in VISIT FLORIDA generates $2.15 in state and local taxes.

Florida Tourism Websites

florida tourism website

The Florida tourism website is the strategic backbone for the state's marketing campaigns. It provides information about the state's attractions and allows visitors to check the status of their favorite beaches. VISIT FLORIDA's website is simple and easy to use. VISIT FLORIDA's website is strategically designed to make it easy to navigate and use the information you find.

VISIT FLORIDA's website is the strategic foundation for VISIT FLORIDA's marketing programs

The state of Florida's official tourism marketing corporation, VISIT FLORIDA, was formed by the Florida Legislature in 1996 as a public-private partnership. The agency's mission is to promote tourism throughout the state, including to out-of-state tourists. According to the agency, in 2021, Florida is expected to welcome more than 122 million visitors, an increase of 54 percent over the previous year. The state tourism industry supports 1.6 million jobs and contributes $96.5 billion to Florida's economy. VISIT FLORIDA's marketing efforts generate more than $3.27 in state tax revenue for every dollar invested in Florida tourism marketing.

VISIT FLORIDA's marketing plans are designed to drive tourism to disaster-impacted areas. The website is a key component of the state's marketing strategy, as it provides information about Florida visitors and potential visitors. The information on the site is also helpful to marketing partners. Partners can access additional information about Florida visitors through the Partner Tools section of the website.

It contains information about the state's attractions

Florida is a state filled with attractions that will delight visitors of all ages. Walt Disney World opened in 1971, increasing tourism to the state. However, many of the state's old attractions ceased to operate when the tourist population dwindled. Some of these attractions were converted into state parks. For example, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm became a zoo focused on toothy reptiles, while the Everglades Wonders Gardens were turned into bird refuges.

A variety of tourism resources are available through Florida's official tourism website. This website offers information about the state's many theme parks, hotel reservations, and more. The site also provides news about major Florida tourism events. It also contains links to reputable tourism history books. Using these resources will help you plan your trip to Florida and make the most of your stay.

The state's tourism industry is one of Florida's biggest contributors to the economy. This industry supports over 1.4 million jobs and provides over $11.3 billion in local and state taxes. If this industry were eliminated, each household in the state would have to pay an additional $1,535 in taxes.

Florida is home to multiple world-renowned attractions, making it an ideal destination for both business and leisure travelers. As a result, the state has experienced an increase in business activity and visitor arrivals over the past decade. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, was a big hit to the tourism industry in Florida, with lockdown measures forcing many businesses to close temporarily.

Aside from the beaches, the state offers plenty of natural beauty, culture, and educational attractions for visitors. The state's warm, sunny climate makes it a great destination all year round. You can enjoy activities like fishing, golfing, hiking, and scuba diving.

It allows visitors to check the status of their favorite beach

The official tourism website for Florida, Visit Florida, is a great resource for visitors to the state. It offers a wealth of information for travelers, including links to family-friendly activities and information about state beaches. The tourism website also highlights small businesses and provides economic impact reports.

It is easy to navigate

VISIT FLORIDA is the official website for the state of Florida, and its mission is to promote tourism in the state. This state-run tourism organization has 76 full-time employees and more than 500 contracted staff working around the world to market Florida tourism. These dedicated professionals work year-round to promote Florida to travelers. Their teams oversee integrated consumer-focused marketing campaigns, public relations, content, social media, accounting, and payroll.

VISIT FLORIDA - The State Agency That Promotes Tourism

Visit Florida is the official tourism marketing corporation of the state of Florida. Its mission is to increase the number of tourists visiting the state of Florida. The organization works to promote tourism across the state and to bring attention to small communities and counties that may not otherwise get it. It also works to achieve the state's objective of $100 billion in visitor spending by 2020.

VISIT FLORIDA is Florida's official tourism marketing corporation

VISIT FLORIDA is the state's official tourism marketing corporation and serves as the state's official source for travel planning. The nonprofit corporation was created by the Florida Legislature as a public-private partnership to promote tourism in the state. It has worked to promote Florida's state brand to both national and international travelers.

The corporation's new leadership will focus on bringing more visitors to Florida. The organization is restructuring its board and introducing work groups to leverage collective knowledge to promote tourism in the state. These work groups will be organized around specific projects, issues, and market needs.

VISIT FLORIDA has had a significant impact on the growth and number of inbound tourists to Florida. Though visitors have declined in recent years, the budget of VISIT FLORIDA has increased in the past six years. In 2015, it was estimated that Florida welcomed over 100 million visitors.

Florida's tourism industry is a major economic generator for the state. It generated $112 billion in revenue last year, supporting 1.4 million Florida jobs and generating $11.3 billion in state and local taxes. According to the Office of Economic and Demographic Research, every dollar spent on VISIT FLORIDA generates $2.15 in tax revenue.

Employees at VISIT FLORIDA are paid an average of $49,449 per year and stay on average 4.7 years. The organization has executive-level positions that range from HR leaders to brand managers. If you'd like to learn more about working for the corporation, contact VISIT FLORIDA. The process is simple and free.

It promotes tourism in the state

The state agency that promotes tourism in Florida has an important role to play in boosting the number of visitors to Florida. For the past 30 years, Florida's inbound tourism numbers have declined. But the budget of VISIT FLORIDA has been increasing for the past six years, and this year the agency surpassed the 100 million visitor milestone. In addition, this agency is working to provide more attention to Florida's small businesses and unique local destinations.

The state's tourism industry is the largest contributor to Florida's economy. Local tax revenue from tourists supports essential services, public safety, and infrastructure. This money also benefits small businesses that would otherwise not have the resources to market themselves. Without these dollars, they could easily go out of business. Therefore, promoting tourism in Florida is a win-win situation for both the state and local governments.

VISIT FLORIDA is a public-private partnership that serves more than 13,000 tourism businesses. These businesses include Disney Destinations, Hertz Corporation, Hilton, LEGOLAND Florida Resort, Simon Shopping Destinations, and Universal Orlando Resort. The agency also has major strategic partnerships with the state's major hotels and attractions.

While the government agency Visit Florida is funded by the state, its spending has come under fire from key legislators. According to a study by the Economic Development Research Group, every dollar that Visit Florida spends on tourism promotion generates $3.27 in tax revenue for the state. This makes it worth the state's money, especially when considering that Florida is among the eight states with no state income tax.

Despite these setbacks, Florida is still on track to hit its $16 million tourism tax revenue target for the current budget year. The office is actively working to fill the four in-house positions that remain vacant due to resignations and retirements.

It helps small cities and counties get recognition

The state's tourism marketing arm, Visit Florida, has received a massive amount of funding. In recent years, the program has boosted the popularity of small cities and counties. In fact, an 11 percent increase in rural visits has been reported. The program is also focusing on accessible travel for people with physical disabilities, who are expected to increase as the world's population ages. In its latest campaign, the state is telling the story of how people with physical challenges are finding thriving communities in Florida.

The award ceremony was held on August 31 at the VISIT FLORIDA annual Governor's Conference in Boca Raton. Franklin County Tourism Development Council director John Solomon and vendor Tana Kendrick were presented with awards. Solomon was also appointed to the VISIT FLORIDA Board of Directors. His county has won six Flagler awards in the past three years.

It helps generate $100 billion in annual visitor spending by 2020

While Governor Rick Scott has praised the success of Visit Florida in generating $100 billion in visitor spending by 2020, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran wants to put the agency on a tighter leash. He cites its ability to attract tourists and create jobs, but questions whether its programs will generate a return on investment. Corcoran is concerned about the upcoming legislative session, and the state's tight budget, which means every dollar must be justified.

In 2015, Florida welcomed 105 million visitors, a record high and the fifth consecutive year of record-breaking visits. That number was up from 98.5 million visitors the year before. In addition, Florida saw an increase in the number of jobs related to travel and tourism. According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, one in six Floridians was employed by a tourism industry.

Out-of-state visitor spending reached a record $112 billion in 2016, up 2.7 percent from the previous year. That money supports the state's economy and creates jobs. Moreover, the tourism industry generates high tax revenue. In 2016, $11.6 billion in state and local taxes were generated from out-of-state visitor spending.

Tourism is a major economic driver for Florida. According to Corcoran, more funding for Visit Florida doesn't necessarily mean more tourists. In fact, tourism experts say that the number of visitors to a state is not as important as the amount of money they spend or the length of their stay.

To promote tourism, Visit Florida works with a variety of groups and agencies. These organizations include tourism businesses, resorts, and state governments.

It works with travel agents

VISIT FLORIDA works with travel agents to promote Florida as a vacation destination. As the state's official tourism marketing organization, VISIT FLORIDA serves as a primary resource for travelers from around the world. It conducts media missions and travel shows, and collaborates with travel agents and tour operators. It also operates four official welcome centers.

Travel agents can learn about Florida tourism by enrolling in the Travel Agent Academy. The academy offers online training, sales tools, and webinars for travel agents. Graduates earn certification and may also earn additional education credits. The academy also offers a mobile app for travel agents. Agents who complete the program can become Certified Orlando Experts, which helps them sell Florida vacations to their clients.

A Florida travel agent can help travelers plan a memorable trip by offering tips and information about the state's attractions and accommodations. Using a travel agent can save you time, money, and effort. They can negotiate with vendors on your behalf and find great deals. These agents also often have special perks, such as lower prices, and they receive bulk discounts.

Tourism in Florida

tourism in florida

Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state and is known for its beautiful beaches. Miami has a Latin American influence and is also known for its vibrant arts scene. Upscale South Beach is a popular nightlife spot. Orlando is well known for its theme parks, including Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a world-famous entertainment and recreation center that covers 40 square miles and includes four theme parks and two water parks. The resort also has 24 hotels, two full-service spas, and 81 holes of golf on five courses. There are also two shopping districts, Disney Springs and Disney's Boardwalk. The resort also offers activities like golf, tennis, and boating, and has a number of character restaurants.

For many American families, Walt Disney World represents a sacred pilgrimage. The typical Disney World visit involves landing at the Orlando International Airport, busing to a Disney-owned hotel, and spending about a week on the Disney property. The resort is now synonymous with Walt Disney, and the magic and joy that it can bring to families is unmatched.

Orlando is home to a population of more than two million people. According to the Orlando Business Journal, the tourism industry contributed $73 billion to the local economy in 2019. Despite the expansion of other attractions in the area, Walt Disney World remains the leading tourist attraction in Florida. The theme parks have grown significantly since 1971, when the resort first opened, and the total area now spans 100 square kilometers.

The climate in Walt Disney World is subtropical and humid. Summers can be hot, while the winter months are mild and dry. Visitors from higher latitudes are often surprised by the intensity of the summer sun. The sun can rise within a few degrees of straight overhead in June, while late afternoon thunderstorms are common from June to September. While the weather can be challenging for Disney World visitors, there are ways to deal with it.

Art Deco Historic District

If you're visiting Miami, you might want to add an Art Deco tour to your itinerary. The Historic District is free to visit, so it's a great option for those on a tight budget. Be aware, however, that parking isn't free in the district. Parking in South Beach is expensive and limited, so make sure to plan your itinerary accordingly.

There are several hotels in the Art Deco district that are available for visitors. The Delano South Beach and the National Hotel Miami Beach are luxurious hotels, but if you're looking for a moderately priced hotel, you should consider the Hotel Breakwater South Beach. Many of these buildings still function as hotels, and they all have their own distinct character.

Another notable Art Deco hotel is the Colony Hotel, which opened in 1939. It's easy to spot at night, with its neon blue marquee. You can also stay at the Clevelander, a boutique hotel designed by Albert Anis in 1938. A recent multimillion-dollar renovation has given it a new lease on life.

Miami is home to one of the largest Art Deco historic districts in the country. It contains more than 800 historic buildings, including many Miami hotels. The Art Deco Historic District is home to a wide variety of architectural styles. You can take a walking tour of the Art Deco Historic District by contacting the Miami Design Preservation League. There are free sample tours available, as well as a formal tour. Getting around the Art Deco Historic District is easy, but you may have trouble finding parking in the area.

Miami's Art Deco Historic District is located in South Beach. The Art Deco design was popular during the 1920s, and is characterized by geometric shapes, bold colors, and over-the-top ornamentation. Several of the city's boutique hotels were designed in the Art Deco style. There's even a Miami Trolley that stops on Collins Avenue.

Sea World

If you are planning a trip to Orlando, Florida, make sure to visit SeaWorld. SeaWorld is a marine zoological park and theme park. It is operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and has three separate parks and many hotels. Visiting the park is an unforgettable experience, and is the perfect way to spend your day or your weekend.

If you are planning a visit to SeaWorld, it is best to schedule your trip to coincide with the park's operating hours. Generally, the park is open from 9:00 a.m. to six p.m., although it can stay open much later during the summer months. If you are traveling with kids, plan to arrive early and avoid the peak times. During the day, you can also take advantage of SeaWorld's app to plan your visit.

It is important to consider the weather before you plan your trip to SeaWorld. Florida can get very hot and humid, so you'll want to plan accordingly. Even though the state is known as the "Sunshine State," you should be prepared for the high temperatures, humidity, and thunderstorms that can affect your vacation. Plan accordingly to avoid heat stroke or sunburn.

Attendance at SeaWorld Florida is up in the last five years. Last year, the park welcomed 1.6 million visitors, which was the highest total since the first quarter of 2013. The theme park's attendance increased by 3.4 percent in the first quarter of 2019. The park's cash balance is expected to continue growing as the summer months approach.

The park offers a daytime resort called Discovery Cove, where guests can swim with dolphins, snorkel with thousands of tropical fish, and hand-feed exotic birds. Reservations are required. Adventure Island is another popular water park that is operated by SeaWorld. It is about an hour from Orlando.

St. Petersburg

This coastal city is located between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. It is relatively small but has plenty to do. There are art galleries and protected areas to explore. You can also see wildlife. The city's James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art is located downtown. It features artwork from the grand American west.

The city's golden sand is a great spot for sunbathing and swimming. You can also go jet skiing or fish from shore. The town also has many resorts. You can also enjoy the history of the city by visiting Fort De Soto Park, which is located near the beach.

If you want to learn about the local ecology, go on an eco-vessel boat tour. You'll learn more about the ecology of the area while having fun at the same time. There are also many museums to visit in St. Petersburg. The Dali Museum houses over 1,000 sculptures and paintings by Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The museum is one of 31 museums in the city.

The Museum of Fine Arts is another excellent choice for an art museum. The museum has more than 20,000 works of art and spans hundreds of years of history. It also features prehistoric art as well as artwork from ancient Greece and Rome. The museum also has pieces by Rodin and other well-known artists.

The city's attractions include a pier and sandy beaches. The city's waterfront features a playground and splash pad for children, a nature discovery center, spa beach, and tons of dining options. The pier has been a popular destination for sunseekers for over a century. Its newer version, which is scheduled to open in 2020, has already been named one of the top new attractions in the country.

Tampa Bay

Whether you want to take in some of Florida's stunning sights or just relax in a tropical climate, Tampa Bay is a place you don't want to miss. The Bay area is full of culture and history, and visitors will find attractions and activities for all ages. It's no surprise that tourism in Tampa Bay is growing at an unprecedented rate.

The area is a great place to go shopping, eat, and take in the sun. Its many historical buildings have been renovated and now house a variety of retail and restaurant options. The city's urban renewal efforts have attracted innovators who are bringing new attractions to the city. The city is also home to one of the best food scenes in Florida.

History buffs will appreciate the Tampa Bay History Center. Its exhibits cover over 10,000 years of Tampa history, from early European voyages to the Spanish conquistadors. The museum also provides educational opportunities for all ages. In addition, there are a variety of beaches and parks where you can enjoy the scenery.

If you're traveling with children, consider visiting the Tampa Zoo. It is home to more than 2,000 animals. Its zoo features a large number of rare and endangered species. The Tampa Zoo also features a boardwalk and picnic areas. It's a great place for families to spend a day.

Tampa's historic downtown district has a wide variety of attractions. The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay is an upscale property located near the airport. The property has 35 acres of waterfront land and is pet-friendly. The hotel offers west-facing rooms and is close to both St. Pete and Tampa beaches. Nearby is the Tampa Theatre, a landmark. On Sundays, two mimosas are included in the price of any entree purchased.

VISIT FLORIDA Redesigns Its Website

visit florida website

VISIT FLORIDA has redesigned its website to better serve its 90 million visitors. The new design is easy to navigate and is designed with the needs of visitors in mind. It offers a one-stop-shop for travel-related information. For example, it features a section devoted to ecotourism. You can even volunteer with local youth leagues.

VISIT FLORIDA is the official marketing corporation for tourism in the state of Florida

The official marketing corporation for tourism in the state of the Florida is called Visit Florida. It is not a government agency, but a not-for-profit corporation that serves as a one-stop shop for travelers planning their visit to Florida. Created in 1996 by the Florida Legislature, VISIT FLORIDA is funded with a combination of public and private funds.

Visit Florida offers numerous services to help its partners promote their destinations. It has a comprehensive PR program that includes domestic and international media missions, editorial leads, press release distribution, influencer program, and social media exposure. It also conducts surveys and compiles official air visitor numbers.

The state budget for the state of Florida contains $50 million for Visit Florida to promote the state's tourism industry. This money will go toward marketing initiatives that encourage visitors to return to Florida. This money will also go toward in-state marketing. Florida will have 63.5 million visitors in the second half of the year, an increase of 0.3 percent from the first half of the year.

VISIT FLORIDA's corporate offices are located in Tallahassee, Florida. It employs 135 full-time employees and a staff of contracted professionals from across the world. The corporation has five Florida Welcome Centers to provide visitors with information about the state.

It is a one-stop shop for information

The Florida Department of Health launched the Healthier You initiative, a one-stop shop for health information and resources. The initiative is aimed at helping Floridians of all ages improve their general health. The site features information on staying active, boosting nutritional intake, learning new recipes, and more.

It focuses on ecotourism

In the state of Florida, the concept of ecotourism is becoming increasingly important for tourism. This type of tourism creates jobs and preserves Florida's pristine natural areas. At the same time, ecotourism is an excellent way to bring tourism revenue and exposure to public land management agencies. However, the benefits of ecotourism can only be realized through careful planning and implementation. By bringing together public land management agencies, local communities, and visitors, Florida can reap the rewards of ecotourism in many ways.

One example of ecotourism in Florida is the Sanibel Island Wildlife Refuge, a national treasure in southwest Florida. This park offers trails and opportunities to observe wildlife. Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, located about a three-hour drive from Fort Myers, is another place to see wildlife.

The concept of ecotourism is all about enjoying nature and respecting local communities. The main goal of ecotourism is to protect natural resources and preserve ecosystems while promoting sustainable tourism practices. It also helps local people make a living and preserve their culture and traditions. This is a growing trend in Florida, and there are many opportunities to get involved.

One of the best examples of ecotourism in Florida involves the construction of bike trails. These trails will increase economic activity in these areas and allow people to explore local towns in a sustainable manner. Ecotourism is a great way to preserve natural areas and educate tourists about conservation efforts. If you're looking for a new way to experience Florida, consider using the Coast-to-Coast Trail to explore the various towns along the way.

Another example of ecotourism in Florida is ecotourism in the Florida Keys. The Okeechobee Ecosystem is a prime example of this kind of tourism. The ecotourism agencies in this region are dedicated to preserving this unique ecosystem. This type of tourism helps preserve the ecosystem of the Florida Keys, and educate tourists on the importance of conservation. This is an essential aspect of ecotourism, and one that should not be overlooked.

It offers volunteer opportunities for youth leagues in Tampa

Volunteer opportunities for youth leagues in Tampa are a fantastic way to give back to the community. Volunteers help coach sports teams, raise money, plan events, and perform dozens of other tasks. Volunteers at the YMCA are screened for criminal background checks, receive Child Abuse Prevention Training, and more.

Florida Tourism Guide and Map

Florida is one of the USA's most popular vacation destinations. Many people come here to escape the harsh winters of north America. The state is a great choice for families and couples alike. With so many attractions and activities to explore, Florida has something for everyone. Here's a look at some of the state's top destinations.

Traveling along the south Gulf Coast

Traveling along the south Gulf Coast in Florida can be a rewarding experience for a road trip enthusiast. From Pensacola, Florida, to Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, this scenic route skirts the gulf and dips into lush marshes and quaint storybook towns. You can feed alligators and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. It's one of the most underrated coastal road trips in the United States.

If you love the beach, traveling along the Gulf Coast is the perfect way to spend the weekend. This coastal strip is home to hundreds of miles of gorgeous, pristine beaches, fascinating cities and world-class shopping. You can participate in a number of water sports, enjoy good fishing, visit top art museums and cultural attractions, or simply enjoy the scenery. In addition to relaxing and enjoying the sun, you can also observe manatees in their natural habitat.

Several beaches on the south Gulf Coast are hidden gems. These beaches are just a few minutes away, so you can enjoy the beauty of nature. And if you enjoy the beach, you can swim in the crystal-clear waters and soak up the rays of the sun.

Miami Beach

If you are looking for a beach vacation, then Miami Beach in Florida is the place to go. This city is home to many beautiful beaches and a beautiful climate. It is a hardiness zone 11a. Temperatures in the area are usually mild, with the average minimum temperature being about 6 degC. Miami Beach has never been recorded to drop below zero degrees in the winter.

There are several distinct districts of Miami Beach, each with its own charm. The north shore, along Collins Avenue, has a more tranquil coast with beautiful parks and green spaces. The Surfside area is quieter and has fewer partygoers than other parts of Miami Beach. In addition, accommodations in this area are more affordable. The Bal Harbour neighborhood is home to many gated communities. In addition, it has an upscale open-air shopping mall.

The city was originally a peninsula, but was incorporated into an island in April 1925. During the 1926 Florida boom, the Haulover Cut was built connecting the bay to the ocean. Miami Beach's prosperity was curtailed by a hurricane in 1926, but the city continued to attract tourists and business people. By the 1930s, the area was still a popular tourist destination. During that time, investors started building small-scale stucco hotels and rooming houses for seasonal rentals. This is the era of Miami Beach's Art Deco architecture.

Fort Lauderdale

For those traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you'll need a good map. The city's east side is criss-crossed by canals, making it difficult to navigate without a map. Whether you're riding a bicycle, driving a car, or walking, having a map will help you avoid backtracking. The 'Dolphus Waterway Map' is the best map for the east side of Fort Lauderdale.

There are many attractions in Fort Lauderdale, including the famous beaches. The roads in Fort Lauderdale are divided into east-west and north-south directions. You can also explore the downtown area by car. You'll find all the major national chain stores and upscale boutiques here. The Fort Lauderdale CBD is about two miles west of the beach and is divided by bridges and canals.

Another fun way to experience Fort Lauderdale is on a boat. The city's canal system is more than 300 miles long, and is a great place for exploring. If you're interested in wildlife, you can visit the Everglades National Park. The Everglades National Park is one of Florida's largest parks and is home to a variety of wildlife including alligators and tropical birds. The city also has a thriving art and culture scene and plenty of shopping.

Key West

Key West, Florida, is a charming town located on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the southernmost city in the contiguous United States. It is connected to the Florida Keys and the mainland by the Overseas Highway. It is known for its scenic beauty and interesting historical tourist attractions. The city is closer to Cuba than Miami and exhibits a diverse cultural mix. It offers a number of museums and water sports, and it is also home to nature reserves.

The best time to visit Key West is between March and May. During this time, the crowds will begin to thin out and hotel rates will drop. The weather will be similar to winter, with temperatures in the 70s. Winter, however, is the most crowded season in Key West. Hotel rates will be higher in the summer, but there will be fewer tourists and a higher chance of finding affordable accommodations. Avoid June through November, when hurricane season is in full swing. Rates will be higher during special events.

When visiting Key West, you may want to take time to tour the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Hemingway lived in Key West for under a decade and wrote some of his best novels here.

St. Augustine

If you're planning a vacation to St. Augustine, Florida, you're probably wondering how to find parking in the historic downtown area. The downtown area is a busy one, so parking is a real challenge. However, there are trolleys and trains that will get you around the city. If you're traveling with a car, the best place to park is the Historic Downtown Parking Facility, which is open seven days a week from 7am until 9pm. Parking here is $15 per day. You can also download the ParkStAug app to find paid parking options in the city.

The city's rich history has prompted many to believe that the city is haunted. Many of the top attractions are said to be haunted by the Spanish settlers or the original inhabitants. For this reason, many of the top attractions offer ghost tours at night.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a great place to go for a vacation or to host an event. The town has everything you could possibly need to make your trip an enjoyable one. The island is located within the city limits of Fernandina Beach, Florida, which has excellent recreation and education amenities.

The island enjoys warm weather all year round. Temperatures can reach the 90s during July and August, and drop to the 70s at night. In spring and fall, temperatures remain comfortable, averaging in the 70s. The weather cools in the winter, with average temperatures of the 60s and 40s.

Amelia Island is a 13-mile-long island off the coast of Northeast Florida. It is part of the Cumberland Island chain, and is bounded by the state's Atlantic coastline. Fernandina Beach is the island's largest city.


Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida and its charming city center is dotted with oak-canopied streets and plantation houses. The town is also home to Florida State University and Florida A&M University, as well as the Florida Legislature. The New Capitol building rises in the center of the city next to the Old Capitol and offers sweeping views of Tallahassee and the surrounding area. You can also explore the city's charming historic district, which contains a zoo and historic inn.

Tallahassee offers plenty of activities for kids, with tons of inexpensive, family-friendly attractions. There are also plenty of historic museums and parks to explore. Whether you're traveling with the family or a group of friends, there's something to entertain the entire family.

Whether you're looking for a day trip or a weekend stay in Tallahassee, there's something for everyone. You'll love the city's diverse cultural heritage. It is home to some of Florida's best blues performers, including Mississippi Heat, Brandon Santini Band, and Delta Moon. The city also hosts Outdoor Summer Concerts, monthly Bluegrass Sundays, and Mardi Gras celebrations. Explore historic sites like the Lewis Spring House, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built by Clifton Lewis and George Lewis. They were prominent citizens of Tallahassee and were active in the civil rights movement and arts community.


The Everglades National Park is one of the most popular and iconic national parks in the United States. Located in South Florida, it is easily accessible from Tampa and Miami. Despite its subtropical climate, the Everglades are surprisingly accessible and friendly. You can find parking and paved roads all throughout the park, and you can take different routes to experience the different ecosystems.

Everglades National Park is open year-round, but you will want to visit during cooler months. The best time to visit is between December and April. The park is 95 miles long and can be accessed from all three entrances. It is also worth noting that you can reach the park via one of seven regional airports, although some may take a longer drive. Nearby attractions include Orlando and Tampa, which have theme parks, museums, and fine dining. The area is also home to Fort Myers and Key West, which offer a rich history and endless margaritas.

You can also find manatees in the Everglades. These aquatic mammals are native to the area, but are best spotted from November to April when they are most active. In the summer months, manatees migrate to cooler waters. You can often see them on slow-moving rivers in the Everglades, where they spend hours feeding on aquatic plants.

Florida Visitor Guide Book Recommendations

If you are traveling to Florida, you might want to pick up a Florida visitor guide book, which is available in many different languages. You can also download an official park guide app to your smartphone. Buying a Florida visitor guide book is an excellent way to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

South Beach

South Beach, Florida is one of the most popular places to visit in Florida. The area is family-friendly during the day and an energetic nightlife destination at night. The area features many high-end stores and luxurious hotels. You can also take a tour to learn about the history of the area and its famous art deco architecture.

It is possible to visit South Beach in any month of the year. However, some months will be less humid than others. This area is particularly appealing for people from colder climates. While most people associate South Beach with younger people, it is also a great place to visit with family and couples.

Visitors to South Beach can enjoy many restaurants and activities, including the famous Joe's Stone Crab. The restaurant was originally a lunch counter in 1913 and grew to become one of the city's best-known restaurants. While it is famous for its stone crab, the restaurant also serves oysters and barbecue ribs.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is a small oceanfront city that is a favorite with locals. It offers a lively arts and cultural scene and endless dining options. Here are some recommendations to help you get the most out of your visit. This Florida city is situated between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

Delray Beach is home to a beautiful white sandy beach, as well as a tennis center that hosts international tournaments. The town's two miles of beachfront have been praised as some of the best in the country. The beach is also close to downtown Delray and the Delray Beach Tennis Center. You can easily get to downtown Delray from Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach by car.

Delray was once home to a small Japanese farming community and an artists' retreat, but it has evolved into a sophisticated beach town that retains a very organic feel. It's also completely walkable. In the old days, Atlantic Avenue was a dingy main drag, but now it's a wide mile-long stretch of palm-lined sidewalks.

Key West

Key West in Florida is a popular vacation destination. Visiting this island city is great fun for the whole family, and there are many ways to make it affordable, too. The city offers free historic sites, public beaches, and walking tours. You can visit Key West even on a budget during off-season, when the weather is cool and not as humid.

One of the best ways to spend your vacation in Key West is to check out a visitor guide book. These guides are packed with local information and concierge advice. Local experts are featured in these guides to share their knowledge and advice about the city's attractions and activities. A visitor guide can help you plan your trip to the island's unique charms and attractions.

Key West is one of the best places to dive in the world, and there's a glass conservatory on the island that houses some 50 species of butterflies and more than twenty species of exotic birds. You can also snorkel in the Marine Park in Key West, or climb to the top of the island. Another historic spot in Key West is the Harry S. Truman Little White House, the former residence of the 33rd president.

St. Augustine

There are a number of things to do in St. Augustine, Florida, from catching a Dolphin's game to taking in the local history at the Old Jail Museum. This National Register of Historic Places building offers a wealth of information on the area's past, including stories about its most infamous prisoners.

If you're traveling with children, there are a number of places to take them. In addition to museums, St. Augustine offers trolley tours. These are a great way to see the city and its attractions from a unique perspective. The tours feature a variety of attractions, including the Old Jail, the Bridge of Lions, and the Medieval Torture Museum.

You can also learn more about its history by visiting the Colonial Quarter, an 18th-century living history museum. You can see a 16th-century caravel, which was used by Juan Ponce de Leon during his exploration of the Caribbean and the Orient. The town's Spanish-fortified streets also display life during the 17th century, with blacksmith shops and hourly musket drills. You can also explore the 18th-century garrison town, which contains a typical Spanish soldier's home, leatherwork shops, and more.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a beautiful sea island, located in northeast Florida. It is home to more than 200 acres of protected beachfront wilderness. The area is also a popular destination for wildlife. There are many protected species of birds and dolphins here, as well as manatees and stingrays.

Amelia Island offers tons of outdoor activities, including horseback riding and surfing. There are also several surf shops on the island, so you can rent equipment and catch a wave. Guests can also relax on the beach, enjoy local cuisine, and build sandcastles. There are so many activities to enjoy in Amelia Island that a week's visit is more than enough.

For those who want to stay in luxury, there are many top-notch hotels in the area. The Ritz Carlton, The Villas of Amelia Island, and Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort are all excellent choices. Alternatively, you can rent a private vacation home or condominium.

Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach, Florida, has been one of Florida's oldest tourist destinations since the late 1800s. The town is famous for its sandy beaches, charming 50-block historic district, great dining, and unique shops. It is also the birthplace of the modern shrimping industry, and its annual Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival attracts over 100,000 people each year.

Located just north of the state's border with Georgia, Fernandina Beach is about an hour's drive from Jacksonville and 90 minutes south of St. Augustine. The area's climate isn't as warm as Miami, but it's not too cold. The coldest month is January, when high temperatures hover around 65 degrees and the air is crisp. It's best to dress warmly and bring a sweater to enjoy the mild weather.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of Florida's history, Fernandina Beach is an excellent choice. This city is home to the Amelia Island Museum of History, which displays 4,000 years of Florida's history. Besides museums, the city offers several fine dining and shopping options. You can even take a walk on the 300-acre Fernandina Beach Recreation Area, a popular walking spot for families with children.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a popular destination in the United States. It offers a rare combination of city life with an underlying hint of ocean adventure. The area has over 300 miles of navigable waterways, amazing beaches, a thriving art scene, and many nearby day trips. A Fort Lauderdale visitor guide book can help you discover the city's many attractions and activities.

The city's downtown is a cultural and entertainment center, and you'll be spoilt for choice. From the many high-end shopping malls to the local boutiques, there's no shortage of things to do. One of the city's best streets for shopping is Las Olas Boulevard. This pedestrian-friendly boulevard offers chic restaurants, international art galleries, and over 60 boutiques.

Fort Lauderdale has a long and storied history. The area was first settled by aboriginal natives, and was later incorporated by the United States and Spain. The city was named for Major William Lauderdale, a United States Army officer, in 1838. Its development was accelerated in the 1920s, and it is now one of the major gateways for cruise vacations.

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