The Best Way to Do Marketing on Social Media- Futurestarr

The Best Way to Do Marketing on Social Media- Futurestarr

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The Best Way to Do Marketing on Social Media

There are many different methods you can use to promote your Business on social media. But one thing is certain - social media requires constant monitoring! You need to respond to customer feedback immediately if you want to keep their loyalty. Responding quickly to customer feedback is an excellent way to build brand recognition and boost customer loyalty.


Facebook is a great platform to do marketing, particularly because it offers a wide variety of metrics for measuring success. It allows you to track actions that users take on Facebook before they leave it, as well as actions that occur off-Facebook. It also uses its own pixel to automatically optimize your ads and campaigns based on those metrics.

Facebook also offers audience targeting capabilities. You can choose to target certain audiences based on age, gender, and location. Facebook also offers the option to target users based on their interests or previous visits to a business page. This allows for more targeted Marketing. It also offers a variety of ad formats that you can use to reach specific groups of users.

Facebook has a large audience that you can reach. You can easily segment your audience by income, educational level, relationship status, occupation, and other factors that may influence the buying decision. Additionally, you can target your audience based on behavior, intent, and device usage. By using Facebook, you can tailor your message to the people who are most likely to make a purchase.

One of the greatest benefits of Facebook marketing is its ability to build a relationship with your target audience. Through Facebook, you can talk directly with your target audience and build trust with them. This helps increase brand awareness, and helps tell your story. The best way to market on Facebook is by engaging with your target audience and delivering helpful content.

Facebook is an excellent tool to run contests and giveaways. However, it's vital to have a good strategy before you launch any campaign. Think about what your audience wants, and then create the competition accordingly. Facebook has a feature called Business Manager that makes it easy to manage both paid and organic posts. This feature also helps you keep track of your team's efforts and keeps everyone on the same page.


In the world of social media marketing, Instagram is the hottest new platform. With over one billion monthly active users and four times as many interactions as Facebook, many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. The challenge is getting it right. Here are some tips for marketing your business on Instagram: 1. Know Your Audience and Establish a Marketing Goal. This will help you determine the content formats and mechanics of your Advertisements. Popular goals include building a community and accelerating sales.

Another great way to engage your audience is through Instagram's Story feature. Stories allow you to highlight new products and services to attract followers and increase sales. Highlights in stories can direct users to your website or product page. It's also important to promote your Instagram account on other channels. Use social sharing buttons on your website, or partner with another company to share your content across the web.

Instagram's community features make it easy to research your competitors' accounts and determine who their audience is. The platform also offers a search function that lets you find similar accounts to yours. Using this feature will help you find the most relevant accounts to follow. Using hashtags is also a great way to increase your exposure.

If you are just starting out, Instagram can be a daunting place. But once you've established yourself, you can begin creating your marketing strategy. The strategy will help you decide what content to post and how often.


The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to understand the best time to post each Tweet. You can do this by using a scheduling tool such as Sprout to visualize optimal time to post. This can help you plan and schedule your posts so that you're consistent and avoid missing a single tweet.

Twitter provides a number of benefits, from the ability to reach out to your followers and potential customers to the ability to build brand credibility. You can use Twitter to find out what your audience is searching for. You can even use the advanced search feature to set priorities and search terms. Once you've set your priorities, click on the search button. The results will include both text and images, which can increase engagement.

Branded videos are another great way to engage with your audience. Videos are six times more likely to be viewed and shared than text alone. You can also add polls to engage your followers. People love answering polls, so you'll generate more engagement through this method.

Hashtags are another way to engage your audience. By using the appropriate hashtags, you'll be able to engage with your audience and build credibility in the process. Make sure to use hashtags that have high popularity and relevance, as well as those that are relevant to your niche.

Twitter allows you to talk directly to your audience, which is extremely important in building brand identity and creating brand awareness. 85% of users of the social network report that Businesses need to provide some form of customer support on Twitter. Twitter also allows you to interact with your audience by sharing tweets and addressing their concerns. Ultimately, Twitter can boost conversions and build lasting relationships with your followers.


One of the best ways to engage with a younger audience is to use Snapchat. Millennials and Generation Z use social media more than any other generation, and brands can use this platform to reach out to them. Use relevant hashtags to connect with your Audience and spread word of mouth.

Snapchat offers a self-serve advertising platform that makes it easy to create and launch campaigns. The platform also allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaign and improve it. The platform offers a wide range of ad options and lets you reach the Snapchat Generation with very little effort. For example, you can advertise for as little as $5 a day and test the results of your campaign.

Another way to reach people using Snapchat is to use sponsored stories. Stories are full-screen ads that appear in the Discover section. They can contain anywhere from three to 20 images. Most stories also have an attachment that a user can view. These ads can be effective for increasing brand awareness and engagement.

When using Snapchat, you must make sure that you understand the platform. A complex plan could turn off Snapchat users. To make the platform more effective, you should create a content calendar that outlines your publishing schedule. This will motivate your team to create creative Snaps and make your audience look for your content at a set time. The calendar can also be used to track company events and editorial mix. You can also assign responsibility for each calendar slot to individual members in your company.

While Snapchat is an incredibly popular app, it's not suitable for every company. It requires a dedicated strategy and a commitment to unique content. Unlike other social media sites, Snapchat users prefer personalized messaging, real-time video, and emojis. Brand messaging can be boring and jargon-ridden in the app, so creating content that is unique to your business will be essential.

Connecting with your audience

When doing Social media marketing, one of the most important steps to take is identifying your target audience. This will help you decide what type of content to post and what kind of social channels to use to reach your audience. Knowing your audience will help you create content they will enjoy. After determining your target audience, make sure to post regularly and tailor your content to their preferences.

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is to share personal stories. These stories can be about your business, a CSR initiative, or a personal anecdote. These stories help build a relationship between you and your audience, and they will be more likely to come back again.

When doing social media marketing, you should monitor relevant discussions and post your responses. You should also use social listening tools to keep track of relevant conversations and understand your audience's needs. This knowledge will help you generate more business. For example, you can create a poll or post a question to gauge your audience's opinions on a certain topic.

Asking your audience for feedback is a great way to establish trust with them. It shows them that you care about their opinions and value their input. This could be as simple as asking them to take a short survey, or as personal as asking them in person. People like to share their opinions, so asking for feedback is a great way to improve your business.

When doing social media marketing, connecting with your audience can be the key to Success. The top brands have mastered the art of engaging their audiences and creating loyal consumer relationships.

Where Can I Buy Backlinks?

Where can I buy backlinks

If you want to generate backlinks for your website, you may be wondering where you can buy them. There are several ways to get these links. For example, you can use a backlink checker to look at backlinks that are pointed to similar websites. Alternatively, you can try to build a backlink by outreaching to similar websites. If you do not have the time or the patience to do outreach, you may want to consider buying backlinks.


Cheap backlinks are great for promoting your website, especially in low-competition niches. However, it's important to choose these links carefully and only after conducting a thorough analysis of your niche and competitors' link-building strategies. The main purpose of link building is to increase the number of referring pages and donor sites to your website. Although cheap links can increase your link mass, they are not as valuable as reputable backlinks.

Cheap backlinks are not reliable and are not produced by legitimate websites. Since they don't originate from an authentic and high-quality website, they won't help your site achieve higher ranking in Google. Instead, they will lead your users elsewhere. It's best to avoid these links and stick to high-quality backlinks.

Boosting your links at different tiers is a great way to get high-quality links that will improve your ranking. However, it requires time and additional costs. If you have a small budget, you may need to find some cheaper backlinks. For example, posting a link on a Web 2.0 resource can provide you with a good number of cheap backlinks. Ensure that you choose a high-quality project that exchanges links on a regular basis. The main goal is to build a natural profile of links to your website.

Buying backlinks is not a black hat SEO technique. It's a practice that has little impact on the industry, and it doesn't guarantee you an immediate ranking boost. Backlinks bought from directories may have little impact on the ranking of your website. Besides, Google recognizes these links and automatically blocks them.

Building backlinks is a valuable way to drive more traffic to your website and establish credibility. You can build these links manually or buy them from a website. Either way, it's important to be aware of link abuse and make sure they come from reputable sources. Cheap backlinks can be an excellent way to boost your site's ranking.


Buying backlinks is a powerful marketing strategy that not only increases your search engine rankings, but also boosts your business directly. The good news is that there are plenty of options available, so you can select a method that best suits your company size, niche, and target audience. While the process of buying backlinks can be a little intimidating, it is vital to avoid using fake and low-quality backlinks, known as "PBNs." PBNs are highly detectable by Google, and can put your website at risk. The best way to avoid this is to stick to reputable websites that have integrity and a proven track record.

First, look at the website that you wish to buy backlinks from. Make sure that the website has high-quality original content, and has a transparent ownership structure. Ensure that the audience of the site is engaged and the website has a high amount of traffic. These factors are all factors in determining the price of buying backlinks.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the links. Cheap links from fever sites tend to have a low DR, so it will only boost your spam score and hurt your ranking. It is also important to note that Google is able to spot public networks with outbound links that are irrelevant to the site. Besides, a high-quality backlink takes a lot of time, effort, and expertise to build. It is worth the extra money to get quality backlinks.

High-quality backlinks will increase your site's ranking on Google. You should aim to get backlinks from authoritative websites with a high volume of traffic. This will give you a solid foundation to build your business on. Avoid links from unrelated websites or comment sections. The first choice should always be high-traffic websites.

The cost of backlinks varies from website to site. Before buying backlinks, make sure to research the agency. Some websites buy them from brokers, PBNs, or webmaster forums, so be wary of these agencies. It is also best to use manual outreach instead of automated outreach services to avoid scams.


If you are looking for a fast and easy way to build backlinks to your website, buying links from other sites is a good option. While it will take some time to negotiate the placement of these links, the good news is that these links will be on high quality websites. In addition, buying links from other sites can reveal opportunities that you may not have known existed otherwise.

The first step in the process is to identify the backlinks you want to buy. To do this, use your browser's search function and type "whois" to see who owns the IP address and domain name. Once you have identified these websites, type in the domain name that you want to buy backlinks from and hit Enter.

Another option is to use news releases, which have a proven track record of creating links. But while news releases are a great way to build links, you should also try to submit your own unique content for free. Although paying sites can be more effective for quick links, it is also possible to write emails to relevant websites and ask them for a link.

Another way to purchase backlinks is to use a content production company. Some of these companies specialize in content marketing for big brands. They create and pitch content assets to journalists and other media outlets. Using a team of experts, they write long-form articles on your behalf that can be published on a variety of websites.

If you want to buy backlinks from other websites, you should be careful about the quality of the links that you buy. A poorly done backlink is harmful to your rankings. If you are planning to use cheap links, avoid low-quality sites. Some of these sites are a scam. You should only buy links from legitimate companies that offer quality content and a reputation for being trustworthy.

Getting backlinks from other websites is a good way to increase web traffic to your website. To do this, you should understand the basics of SEO and metrics. This way, you can increase your website's SEO score and make it easier to get to the first page of search engines.


Purchasing backlinks from high-quality websites can help you increase your search engine rankings for targeted keywords. It can also help you increase your domain authority and increase conversions from organic traffic to qualified leads and sales. In addition, buying high-quality links from other websites can be an excellent way to increase your visibility over competitors. However, it requires some effort on your part.

Before you purchase backlinks from a third party, be sure to research the quality of the links from the sites you choose. Make sure that the directories you choose have high domain authority and in-depth content. Also, you should avoid links from directories with a high Spam Score. Additionally, make sure that the links are relevant to your site, and avoid having your keywords force-inserted into the anchor text.

Before buying links, you should always negotiate the price, number of links, and anchor text. Purchasing backlinks is a risky business, so make sure you stick to reputable sources. The more relevant the links are to your website, the better your website will rank. It is also important to check out the amount of money the agency will charge you for the links.

Online buying of backlinks has become a very popular way to promote a website. There are many different types of paid backlinks. The earliest form of link buying was through paid directory submissions. Many directories charged up to $400 to list a website, and many of these directories didn't accept all submissions. In the mid-2000s, the paid link industry began to grow. Text Link Ads were another popular way to buy links.

The costs of buying backlinks are lower than the costs of creating them yourself. Some services even include content creation. You can save a lot of time by outsourcing this process to someone else. They'll also help you get the best backlinks. These services also save you time by eliminating the need to manually reach out to hundreds of high-quality sites.

While online buying of backlinks is widely considered to be black hat SEO, there are instances where buying links can be an acceptable strategy for increasing the overall authority of your website. However, remember that the search engines will decide whether or not these backlinks will benefit your website. The best practice is to buy from reputable websites. You should also make sure that the links you purchase are placed on high-quality content pages.

Pros and Cons of Buying Backlinks

Is buying backlinks legal

Buying backlinks can be a beneficial way to improve your website's ranking, but there are pros and cons to the practice. Before buying links, you should know the source of them and how to avoid companies that sell links. There are also many free methods available, such as commenting on other websites.


Pros of buying backlinks include a boost in rankings for targeted keywords. Adding high-quality links to your website can boost domain authority, improve conversions from organic traffic to qualified leads, and even increase sales. It also takes less time to add backlinks than building them organically. Using backlinks can also give you an edge over your competitors.

Some experts suggest that buying links is a good way to boost traffic and rank in Google. Though it might seem like cheating the system, buying links can boost your rankings and increase referral traffic. Buying links from high-authority websites is considered a white-hat link building technique. This method uses only relevant and high-quality links, which means that you don't have to worry about breaking Google's terms of service.

A downside of buying links is that you have to pay someone else to get a link from your website. Moreover, the paid sites may take time to process your order. However, paid sites are more motivated to complete your order quickly. Although there are some risks involved with buying backlinks, they can still help you rank high in Google. They can also help you get better SEO. But it's important to remember that backlinks from paid websites are against Google's Webmaster Guidelines. And if you get caught, you could lose your rankings.

Another advantage of buying backlinks is that you can set a drip date for the new links that are added to your website. This way, your links will be refreshed at intervals. You can even choose to have the links from different sources, and you'll have a consistent supply of high-quality links for your website. Buying links is not only effective for SEO, but it's also a good way to ensure that your backlinks are high-quality. Poor-quality links can hurt your website more than they help it.

Backlinks are an important part of any SEO strategy. New websites need them to tell Google that they are worth recommending. Ideally, the links should come from sites within the same industry or niche.

Sources of links

Having diverse backlinks is important to boost your domain authority. This means getting links from different types of websites. These can include competitors or non-profits, as long as they have a good reputation. Nevertheless, you should avoid links from sites that have bad reputations. For example, backlinks from websites that have committed human rights violations are not a good choice.

Backlinks are an important factor in Google's ranking system. They are an indicator of how relevant your site is to searchers. They are also a powerful tool for increasing your search visibility. But getting these links manually is a difficult task. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available that automate the process.

For information-based businesses, one way to gain backlinks is to work with authority bloggers. These bloggers often write about topics related to your business's niche. They may even have an interest in your products. If so, you can send them a free product for review purposes and ask them to include the brand name in their articles.

Another way to find quality backlinks is to check the source code of a website. You can do this by using Google Chrome's "view page source" function. In the HTML source, search for the URL of the link. Check whether it contains nofollow tags or not. If it does, that's a good sign.

Guest posts are another great way to obtain backlinks. They can help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry and send referral traffic your way. Make sure that the content you post is unique and relevant to your audience. For example, if your competitors have links from the same source, it's more likely that they'll link to you.

Articles and content that has gone viral can be great content for link building. In addition, you can use content that has already received backlinks from other sources, including local directories and guest blogs. The most powerful backlinks will come from high-quality content that provides valuable information to readers. However, this process can be time-consuming, so you may want to seek out the help of a backlink building service.

Avoiding link selling companies

The link buying industry has been around for years, ranging from paid directory submissions to link farms. Some of the more popular websites have sold their links. However, there are some things you should look out for when buying links from these companies. The first is the quality of the links.

The price of links will vary depending on the site. High-quality sites will usually charge more than low-quality sites because they need to spend more time and energy interacting with the website owner. The type of website that you purchase your link from is also important. Most people who own high-quality sites want links from high-traffic sites, which means you'll have to pay more for them.

Backlinks from low-quality websites are not good for your website. Google penalises websites that buy links from low-quality sources. The penalty can last up to six months, and some websites may never recover. You should also avoid buying backlinks from guest post farms or sites that mark their posts as sponsored posts. Such sites can contain do-follow links that won't help your site's ranking in search results.

Avoiding link selling companies when buying backlink-quality services is essential if you want your backlinks to be of high quality. It may seem tempting to buy cheap links from companies that promise to produce quality backlinks, but you should be aware of the risks involved. Most companies that sell cheap links are not worth the trouble. They may use low-quality links to link to unrelated websites or dodgy industries. Such practices are easy for Google to notice.

Aside from having the links you want, you should also look for testimonials and case studies. These will tell you whether the company has a good track record of delivering results. A good link selling service will provide you with testimonials, as long as they include specific details and not a generic case study.

A link selling company's primary goal is to increase the ranking of your own website, but they can have other objectives as well. The weight of your website's backlinks determines your ranking in search engines, and more relevant links mean higher page rankings and more visitors.

Buying from reputable sources

Buying backlinks is a valid way to build relevant links for your website, but be careful when you buy them. While the process is legal, you may be subject to a Google penalty if you purchase links from low-quality sources. Instead, use reputable sources to build a diverse collection of links. This way, you'll avoid spamming Google and sacrificing your website's ranking.

There are several methods for buying backlinks. A popular method is to buy a link package from an SEO agency or reputable source. This will ensure that you get only quality backlinks. Avoid buying cheap links from spammy websites because these links will not help your website's rankings at all. Using a package from an SEO agency or tool that offers high-quality links can help your website get the kind of link popularity it deserves.

If you're looking for a backlink partner, you need to find out how to pitch the site to get the links you need. If you have a strong online presence, you'll be more likely to get a quick response. But if you're a new website, it will take longer to find offers. You also need to be careful with your choice of domains - quality domains will cost more.

PR is another effective strategy for generating backlinks. You can reach out to journalists and publishers in your niche, pitch them on a guest post, and ask for links. If you're successful, you'll also get links from the editors, which will result in additional backlinks. Another great way to get backlinks is to become a thought leader in your niche and turn your unique information into reports, case studies, and useful infographics. These will be indexed by Google and picked up by bloggers and other sources.

Backlinks are an invaluable tool in achieving top rankings. However, their value is only as good as their quality. A high-quality backlink from an authoritative website will bring your website more bang for your buck, while a low-quality one will degrade your overall SERP ranking.

Buy Backlinks The Right Way In 2022 Guide

It is crucial to understand that backlinks of high-authority are more expensive and in higher demand. Generally speaking, the higher the Domain Authority, the more expensive the link is. However, backlink prices vary by industry and niche. It is best to check the Domain Authority and price of backlinks before you decide to buy one. The right backlinks can help your website rank well in search engines.


In this guide, you will learn 42 no-BS links building techniques to get white hat backlinks that will increase your website's PageRank and traffic. Unlike traditional link building, which involves spamming backlinks to gain high PageRank, evergreen backlinks will build meaningful connections with prospects. The most important thing to remember is to be helpful, but not too helpful. You should strive to establish a relationship and respect with your prospects and customers.

The first thing you should do is find out how to get a backlink. You should try to get the link from a relevant website or blog that has good authority. Try using a link service that specializes in link building for high authority sites. You can also try blogger outreach to ensure your links come from high quality websites. Another useful strategy is influencer outreach to get your brand in front of influential people. If you can't find the time to do this yourself, hire someone to handle your marketing campaigns for you. This way, you can focus on creating quality content instead of creating and maintaining links.

Another helpful tip is to use a white label link building service. This service should have a well-tested link building process and reporting systems. They should also offer a money back guarantee if the service is not meeting your expectations. It is important to choose the right service, so be sure to ask questions and request case studies.

Help a Reporter

One of the easiest ways to generate editorial links is to become a source for journalists. As an expert, you can share your thoughts on a specific topic and help journalists with their stories. Often, these journalists will write about your expertise and will include a source link to your site. It's a free way to gain high-authority backlinks.

The key to getting high-quality links is to make sure you have a good story to pitch to reporters. You'll need to be credible, as journalists are looking for authoritative sources for their stories. But even if you're unable to write a book, you can submit articles and other relevant content to news sites.

Building quality backlinks is vital for ranking on the first page of Google. But it isn't as complicated as you think. You can leverage the power of social media to get exposure for your content. Help a Reporter Out is like Tinder for public relations, connecting you with sources and exposure for your website. It's one of the most effective ways to generate high-quality backlinks on a large scale.

Another way to earn valuable backlinks is to interview a journalist on a topic related to your business. You can even get a link from a respected news website. This is known as the Holy Grail of link building.

Niche edits

Niche edits are a link building technique that helps you to promote your website. It involves paying a webmaster to submit your link to their website. While this method can be effective for increasing website traffic and SEO rankings, it should be done with caution. It is better to choose an established and knowledgeable agency to handle this process.

Using a professional backlink service will eliminate these risks and costs and give you high-quality backlinks. Niche edits are especially helpful for building domain authority and diversifying your SEO strategy. However, they require a lot of time and effort. However, the results are worth it.

Niche edits are links that point to your website from another website within the same niche as your own. These links are incredibly valuable to search engines because they are contextual. Search engines place more trust on contextual backlinks because they prove that the link originates from a reliable source. Because of this, these backlinks will boost your rankings. Niche edits can also help you generate backlinks to pages that don't typically receive backlinks.

The advantages of using niche edits over other link building strategies are numerous. However, these link building tactics are not recommended for all websites. While they can be an excellent traffic generator, they are not a long-term strategy. Moreover, niche edits may lose their relevance due to retired webmasters or foreclosed sites. Therefore, it is important to follow Google's guidelines and avoid spammy link building techniques.

Editorial mentions

Backlinks have become important to ranking higher in Google. They help your site gain E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust), which is a fundamental building block of SEO. Moreover, search engines reward sites that are authoritative and trustworthy, which makes them more attractive to consumers. To make your backlinks more powerful, you must pair them with other SEO-building strategies.

It's important to keep in mind that the cost of backlinks varies from site to site. You also need to be careful about the agency you hire. If you use a service from a third-party, you can end up getting a substandard backlink. Some agencies buy backlinks from PBNs, webmasters, and forums, which may not be beneficial for your website. Therefore, it's better to buy your links from trusted sources, such as website owners, rather than using a link broker.

If you're looking to buy editorial backlinks for your website, don't be afraid to do some research. Research the topics of relevant websites and publish original content about them. This will help you get a better link profile and higher rankings. Make sure to choose relevant content that's relevant to your business.

Purchasing editorial links will bring you similar benefits to paid links. However, if you're interested in earning editorial links, you'll have to actively promote your content to journalists and authority websites. This may take years and require patience.

Link Roundups

Link roundups are collections of links compiled daily, weekly, or monthly by an individual or group of content creators. These curated lists of content are a great way to get exposure for your site while building relationships with other website owners. By following these best practices, you can create effective link roundups and secure quality backlinks for your website.

First, research the content of websites you'd like to pitch. For example, if you sell bicycles, you should visit their website to see if they have a page where you can buy their products. This way, you can craft an effective email pitch. If possible, avoid using contact forms - you could end up pitching the wrong department or person.

Second, make sure you know the difference between a link roundup and a curated list. A link roundup is a compilation of articles that cover a wide range of topics. In terms of a curated list, you'll want to make sure you know the difference between a list that has just been published and one that has been updated a couple of times.

Lastly, consider the content of blogs. You'll want to focus on blogs with recent posts, since these are more likely to respond to link requests. If possible, look for blogs that offer value-added services and content. You'll want to find those that regularly update their pages, and you can start by contacting the owners of these sites. You can also conduct a Google search for related blogs.

Editorial mentions with Wikipedia

Buying editorial mentions from Wikipedia is a good way to get your website more exposure and boost your page ranking. But you have to be careful. Wikipedia editors are very meticulous in checking new submissions and may delete links made for backlinks. Also, if you have too many links to your page, Wikipedia may block your account.

Wikipedia used to allow you to buy follow links, but this caused spammers and black hat SEOs to flock the site. Wikipedia wants to avoid spammers and maintain its authority. Therefore, you need to make sure that your URL is relevant to the Wikipedia article and that your URL is a credible source.

In addition, Wikipedia has many broken links, which you can't fix in real time. Therefore, the opportunity to build links with Wikipedia comes from providing content. Unfortunately, this takes time and often yields little return. You can use a tool called Ahrefs to check broken links on Wikipedia. The Ahrefs tool can help you find broken links on other sites. You can then contact the webmaster to get content added to the page.

Wikipedia is an important source for backlinks and is one of the oldest and most authoritative sites on the internet. Wikipedia backlinks have a high possibility of being permanent, as they are regularly checked for spam and inconsistency. Furthermore, they are highly relevant and exact matches.

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