Tahiti Tourisme - Moorea and the Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme - Moorea and the Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme - Moorea and the Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme Bora Bora Tahiti  Moorea  Tahitian Islands Of Tahiti

There are many reasons to visit Tahiti and the Islands of Tahiti. These islands are known for their beautiful beaches, multi-hued lagoons, and charming Tahitian-style hotels. The lagoons are rich in marine life and offer great opportunities for water sports. Inland, the interior of Moorea features eight high peaks, perfect for hiking, ATVing, horseback riding, or just plain relaxing.

Tahiti tourisme Bora Bora

The Papeete atoll is a popular place to stay in Tahiti. There are several other atolls in the Tahitian Islands, including the Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Tikehau atolls. However, due to flight schedules, visiting these atolls isn't easy. You should plan a longer trip to enjoy these islands.

If you're looking for more affordable accommodations in Tahiti, consider staying in a resort. Tahiti is an enormous island, and taxis can be costly. Instead, you may want to rent a car to get around. While you're in Tahiti, consider taking excursions to make the most of your stay.

There are many things to do in Tahiti, including scuba diving, surfing lessons, and hiking to waterfalls. And, if you'd rather be active, you can even try ATVing through the volcanic terrain of Moorea. The Polynesian people are friendly and the culture is fascinating.

Tahiti tourisme offers free maps of the islands. You can also find artistic maps at Tahiti Beach Press. In Papeete, there's also a large bookstore called Librairie Vaima.

Tahiti tourisme Tahiti Moorea

Moorea is a popular island vacation destination in Tahiti. This small island is home to white sand beaches, multi-hued lagoons, and traditional Tahitian-style hotels. Its turquoise lagoon is surrounded by coral reefs and welcomes visitors to explore its waters by water sports. There are also several hiking trails and horseback riding trails that you can take on.

Tahiti and its islands lie in the southern Pacific Ocean and cover an area of nearly 4 million square miles. These islands are made up of five separate archipelagos: the Marquesas, the Society Islands, Tuamotu, and Huahine, which are in the north, south, and southeast. Tahiti and its surrounding islands offer a diversity of opportunities that will provide you with a memorable holiday.

Public transportation is also available on Tahiti and its neighboring islands. Public buses, called Le Truck, run in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction from the main town of Papeete, or from the ferry port to the island of Moorea. These buses will have a sign with the route number and the final destination. They will stop at bus stops as well as remote areas.

Tahiti is known for its abundance of fish. The island's fresh catch is served up in most of its restaurants. If you're on a budget, stay at a pension or guesthouse. These are typically family-owned businesses that are more affordable than hotels.

If you're planning to travel to Tahiti from the United States, check for entry requirements. There are special entry protocols that take effect as of May 1st, 2021. If you're a US citizen, you'll have to be in the country for 30 days prior to your departure. Moreover, if you're planning to get vaccinated, make sure to wait two weeks before leaving.

There are many unique opportunities to enjoy the Polynesian culture. One of the best opportunities for this is visiting the Heiva festival. Every year, song and dance troupes arrive in Tahiti for this festival. These performers practice several times a week to prepare for the event. The festival has also been the venue for ancient athletics and traditional sports. In addition to the music and dance, tourists can also enjoy traditional crafts made by local artisans.

For tourists planning a trip to the South Pacific, there is a unique opportunity to experience these islands. Known for crystal clear water, serene beaches, and overwater bungalows, these islands are ideal for romantic getaways. In addition to their beautiful views, the islands of Tahiti offer pristine beaches and stunning sunsets. Unfortunately, most Americans don't have enough time to disconnect during their vacations. So, before you head out, be sure to take a few minutes to prepare for your trip.

One of Tahiti's main attractions is its abundance of fresh seafood. The island's climate is perfect for catching fish and growing vegetables. The local cuisine focuses on fresh fish. The national dish is called poisson cru, and it's a type of ceviche. The islands also grow coconuts, pineapples, and bananas. Local cuisine also includes Roulottes, food trucks, and street food.

Tahiti tourisme Tahiti Tahiti

The Tahiti tourisme office can be found on the 1st and 2nd floors. This office has a great view of Moorea and the islands. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

You can easily get around the islands on public transport, which is very convenient. Public buses (known as Le Truck) run around the islands clockwise and counterclockwise. On Tahiti, there is a central bus station in the city center, and on Moorea, there is one near the ferry port. The buses have a route number and a destination, and you can board them at any bus stop. You can also get off at remote locations. The most convenient route is the one connecting Faa'a International Airport to Papeete.

Moorea is the sister island of Tahiti and is only 17km away. The island is separated into two parts by an isthmus called the Isthmus of Taravao. It is home to some beautiful white sand beaches and is known as the Sister Island of Tahiti. There are many hotels on Moorea and you can easily travel between the two islands.

Traveling to Tahiti can be expensive, but it is worth it. Most travelers agree that it is worth the price. You will want to consider your budget when choosing a tour. You should also take into account the amount of time you'll need to explore the islands. A cruise can be a great option if you're on a tight budget.

Tahiti is a beautiful, lush tropical island. With pristine waters, white sand beaches, and waterfalls, it is a great place to go for a relaxing vacation. Whether you're looking for an idyllic beach vacation, an adventure, or a romantic getaway, Tahiti has everything to offer.

Tahiti tourisme Moorea & Islands Of Tahiti is a great source of information about French Polynesia. It includes information about the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Nuku Hiva, and Hiva Oa.

Moorea & Tahitian Islands of Tahiti is the ideal destination for an overwater bungalow vacation. Founded in 1967 by the Bali Hai Boys, Tahiti has become the ultimate overwater bungalow destination. Many resorts are celebrating their 50th anniversary by offering special packages.

Tahiti is an ideal place for harvesting seafood and producing fresh produce. Most of the island's cuisine is made from fresh seafood. Poisson cru, a raw tuna marinated in coconut milk, is the local speciality. Tahiti also grows pineapples, bananas, and coconuts. There are also food trucks in Tahiti that serve roulottes and other fast food.

The islands of Tahiti are easily accessible by air. The national airline, Air Tahiti Nui, flies twice a day from Los Angeles.

Tahiti Tourisme - Things to Do and See in Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme  Bora Bora  Tahiti  Moorea  Tahitian tahititourismec

Getting to Tahiti is easy, with an eight-hour flight from Los Angeles. You can also combine your flight with another stop like Santiago du Chili or Auckland in New Zealand. The island's airport is in Papeete, and there are plenty of things to see and do while you're here.

Air Tahiti operates loops between islands within an archipelago

If you're looking for a fast way to get from one island to another, Air Tahiti has a convenient solution for you. With a fleet of 14 planes, this carrier covers most of the archipelago. The service is also offered in both directions and can be booked online.

Air Tahiti flights operate regularly between Tahiti and the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. The airline also operates a seven-minute shuttle service between the two islands, making it ideal for families with small children. In addition, passengers are allowed 50 pounds of luggage on class Y and 101 pounds for class Z flights. Dive gear is also allowed for free, and passengers who are taking a vacation to Tahiti are allowed an extra 11 pounds (5 kg) of luggage.

Taxis and buses are available in Tahiti

You can get around Tahiti by car, bus, or taxi. There are many car rental providers that cater to tourists in Tahiti. By renting a car, you can explore the island at your own pace. The only thing you'll need to know is that the island has very few traffic lights, which makes it easy to maneuver a vehicle.

Long-distance buses are painted orange and white and can be spotted by their lone poles at the entrance of the Tahiti Manava visitor bureau. These buses run on the hour between 6am and noon. They do not run after 5pm, so you'll need to rent a taxi to reach your hotel in the late afternoon or evening.

While driving in Tahiti, it's best to have an unlimited kilometer rental rate. This rate is very helpful if you're planning to drive around the island. The round-island road is 114 km long, excluding Tahiti Iti. However, keep in mind that information about car rental companies is subject to change without prior notice, so check out rental terms before you rent a car.

If you're not comfortable driving, you can take a taxi to Pape'ete and other islands. There are also buses and tour busses available for hire that will take you to the ferry dock. For more information on getting around the island, check out the Tahiti tourism board.

You can also take a bus or a taxi. Both options are safe and convenient. In Tahiti, the majority of attractions are within walking distance. If you're looking for a taxi, ask the concierge of your hotel for a reliable one. Alternatively, you can take a bus or a taxi to a nearby attraction.

If you want to explore the interior of larger islands, you can arrange a jeep tour. Mountain biking is another popular activity. There are also circle island tours that allow you to get a glimpse of the local way of life. In the evening, you can take a sunset cruise.

Night shows are popular in Tahiti

There are a few night shows that are popular in Tahiti. These include a traditional Tahitian dance performance. The show usually takes place at the island's top resorts and is preceded by a fancy buffet dinner. It starts around 7 pm and goes until 10 pm.

The night show on the Tahitian Islands is called Tahitian Legends. The setting is authentic and a yukelele welcomes guests to the stage. The evening show includes traditional Tahitian fine food, a pareo show, and a traditional Tahitian dance known as Vahine.

Tahiti's night shows are popular and are well worth the trip to the islands. They're performed by local artists and are free for guests. There are also a number of cruise ships, such as the Heiva. It's worth noting that tickets for these shows go on sale several months before the festival. Adult tickets start at $30 and sell out fast. You'll want to book your tickets early if you plan on attending night shows.

You can enjoy a night show while dining over the lagoon. Open-latch roof bungalows offer breathtaking views of the lagoon and delectable fare. If you're looking for a more sophisticated evening, you can also enjoy dinner and a show, which features a seafood buffet and a dance performance.

If you're looking for a lively nightlife, Tahiti's capital Papeete is an ideal place to visit. This is where most of the Heiva action takes place. Many visitors choose to stay in the waterfront resorts north or south of the city, which are quieter and more secluded. While Papeete can be noisy, it also offers a charming colonial vibe.

A popular nightlife activity in Tahiti is watching dance performances at night. Visitors can enjoy dance performances in Tahiti at resorts and restaurants. Most of the shows are accompanied by Tahitian food. Papeete also has a vibrant market where tourists can buy hand-carved Tiki statues and souvenirs.

Duty-free shopping is available in Tahiti

Duty-free shopping is an excellent way to save money on purchases while travelling. Purchasing goods from a duty-free store saves the traveller money, especially when buying alcoholic beverages or tobacco. Duty-free stores also carry luxury goods. In many countries, these items were previously subject to special taxes and are now available at reduced prices. Duty-free shops also offer a discount on value-added tax.

Electrical appliances and phones are widely available, though you may need to bring an adapter if you bring them from home. Tahiti is also very well connected to the rest of the world via telegram and telex services. The post office is the center of international communications. Tahiti also has excellent medical services. There is a government hospital and many private clinics. The island also has a cosmetic center.

The Tahiti International Airport is located on the island. The airport has many shops, including souvenir shops, a duty-free shop, and food and beverage concessions. Duty-free shopping is also available in the arrivals hall and international departures areas. Duty-free stores also sell alcohol, tobacco, and snacks.

When planning a vacation to Tahiti, be sure to bring sufficient funds. Currency exchange services are plentiful. Most stores accept major credit cards and ATMs. Most Tahiti resorts also provide currency exchange services. Be aware that there are no formal tips on the islands, but it is customary to tip for exemplary service. The climate in Tahiti is tropical, with summer lasting from October to April and winter from May to September. The winter months tend to be cooler and dryer than the summer months.

Besides duty-free shopping, Tahiti has many shops and boutiques, where you can find many items. Some of the most popular items are black pearls, coconut soaps, vanilla beans, and shell leis. Other souvenirs include wood carvings and pareu fabric.

Tahiti Cruises - 75% Off 2022 Tahiti Cruises on Sale

There are many benefits to purchasing a Cruise + Air + Hotel Package. For example, you get a free round-trip flight from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui and a night pre-cruise at the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort in Papeete. This package also includes airport and ship transfers, as well as gratuities. Also, you'll be able to upgrade your cruise to an All-Inclusive voyage. That way, you'll have unlimited Wi-Fi, unlimited beer, and gratuities included.

Extend Your Trip program

During the spring and summer of 2022, there are some great deals on Tahiti cruises. If you haven't been to Tahiti, this is a great opportunity to make your vacation dreams come true. You'll have the chance to experience the island's natural beauty and enjoy the best of the island life, without having to spend a fortune. Tahiti is just an eight-hour flight from the U.S., and many flights are operated by Air Tahiti Nui. You'll have Wi-Fi on board and complimentary alcohol and gratuities.

Tahiti is famous for its lagoons and beaches, but it's also home to waterfalls and dense rainforest. You'll have the opportunity to view the islands' lush tropical plants and flowers, including frangipani and gardenia.

There's an incredible opportunity to experience the island's natural beauty and the rich culture and history. It's also worth considering the fact that only 10% to 12% of Air Tahiti Nui passengers are on cruises. This means that there's still a lot of space on board and fewer people to deal with.

Windstar Cruises is celebrating 35 years in Tahiti, and that means special programming for all their guests. The company rented an island that is home to Tahitian fire dancers, so that passengers can get the authentic experience. In addition, the company is also celebrating its first commercial cruise in New Zealand and Australia this year.

Phare de la Pointe Venus lighthouse

Phare de la Pointe Venus lighthouse stands on the island of Tahiti. It was built about 100 years ago and is the island's only lighthouse. It is located near Pointe Venus Beach, which has black sand and is popular for picnics. The beach also features a souvenir shop and snack bar. Point Venus is located in the northernmost part of Tahiti and is more than 8 miles away from the cruise port.

If you'd like to explore more of this French Polynesia island, there are several cruises that stop in Tahiti. While you're on board, you can explore Papeete and the surrounding islands. If you have more time, consider extending your stay and explore more of the island. The island is a great place to learn more about Polynesian culture.

All-inclusive package

Tahiti cruises are a great value for your money and offer a stress-free vacation experience. With pristine white-sand beaches and crystal-clear lagoons, the Tahiti Islands are among the world's most desirable vacation destinations. In addition, you can stay in romantic over-water bungalows, which are often included in all-inclusive vacation packages.

All-inclusive packages from Windstar Cruises start at $5,099 per person and include unlimited Wi-Fi, unlimited wine and beer, and onboard gratuities. These packages also include airfare on Air Tahiti Nui and round-trip transportation to the Tahiti islands.

If you wish to spend your honeymoon on one of the islands, you may want to consider booking an all-inclusive Tahiti cruise package. This package includes round-trip international air and inter-island air, three nights in a lagoon-view bungalow, daily breakfast for two, and an optional visit to the Shark and Ray Lagoon. You'll also enjoy a guided snorkeling tour, a 4x4 tour, and a motu picnic.

Tahiti is a great year-round destination, but you may want to go during the dry season to enjoy the warm weather and less humidity. To get there, you can take a ferry from Moorea. It costs $28 round-trip, or 3,000 French Polynesian francs. Once on the island, you can take a taxi or a bus.

Tahiti has many activities to offer travelers. In addition to its picturesque lagoons and beaches, Tahiti has a dazzling underwater world. You can snorkel and dive in the warm, clear water. You can also enjoy horseback riding or golf on the west coast. There are many other activities to participate in onboard, and you can easily include them in your Tahiti cruise package.

Windstar's cancellation of 2022 Tahiti cruises

Windstar has cancelled four Tahiti cruises. Those booked on those sailings will receive a Future Cruise Credit, equal to 125 percent of the booking price, or can request a refund. Guests will have 24 months to use the credit to book another cruise. The company has said that it appreciates guests' patience and understanding.

The company has said that it is implementing enhanced embarkation and disembarkation procedures. This includes staggered arrival and disembarkation times. It will also implement social distancing rules and conduct health questionnaires. This will help ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable during their cruise.

The company has a replacement cruise ship, Wind Surf, that will operate its winter season itineraries. It will sail to the Mediterranean in April 2021. Wind Star will return to the Pacific in December 2021. The company also announced that it will offer its first-ever commercial cruises in Australia and New Zealand.

The cancellation of 2022 Tahiti cruises follows the company's cancellation of several cruises in Asia. It will add an Alaskan Splendors itinerary to the Star Breeze and add five sailings in French Polynesia. It will also celebrate its 35th year of cruising to Tahiti. Air Tahiti Nui will also take part in the anniversary celebrations.

Hotels in Tahiti

A trip to Tahiti will take you to the islands of the South Pacific, where you can experience the dazzling underwater world and lush tropical landscape. The beautiful island of Tahiti also features ancient sacred sites and pristine beaches. If you are looking to visit Tahiti for the first time, you may want to consider a cruise and stay in an overwater bungalow.

There are several airlines that fly from the U.S. to Tahiti, including Hawaiian Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui. From these locations, you can board the Windstar cruises, which offer amenities such as Wi-Fi, alcohol, and gratuities. The flight is eight hours long and will take you to the islands.

Many of the hotels in Tahiti are located near the cruise port. You can book a pre or post-cruise hotel through some online travel portals. However, most of them don't offer shuttle services. To get around in Tahiti, you can rent scooters or use the taxi service.

Travelers planning a stopover in Tahiti may want to book a hotel near Papeete, where you can learn about Polynesian culture. You may also want to extend your stay in Tahiti after your cruise.

If you want to stay on the islands, consider the InterContinental Tahiti Resort. This resort is just six miles from the cruise port and features a restaurant called Le Lotus, which specializes in Polynesian and French cuisine. The restaurant features a romantic atmosphere, live piano music, and stunning sunset views.

The Te Moana Tahiti Resort is a luxurious resort located in Punaauia. The hotel features an infinity pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center. The resort also features a restaurant, the Vaitohi, which serves an array of local dishes.

Tahiti French Polynesia - Top 10 Hotels Best Value

Tahiti French Polynesia  Top 10 Hotels Best Value

Tahiti French Polynesia is a wonderful destination for a luxury resort holiday. While luxury resorts are the most famous and well-known properties, French Polynesia is home to a variety of other types of accommodation, including local family guesthouses and pensions. There are also many small boutique hotels and other options for those with more modest budgets. Whatever your budget, you'll find something to suit you in this beautiful tropical paradise.

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti offers spacious rooms with modern amenities. Its facilities include a free Wi-Fi internet connection, a gym and spa services. The resort also offers car rental services and airport transfers. Guests can use the on-site laundry facilities.

The resort's Garden Studios offer a picturesque view of the tropical gardens. These rooms also have kitchenettes and a private terrace. The Polynesian-styled resort also offers cultural activities. It hosts Polynesian-style nights on Saturdays.

The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti Punaauia is a luxury resort that provides the ultimate French Polynesian experience. The hotel boasts a private black sand beach and a waterfall that will help couples bond. It also offers gourmet dining with an extensive French wine list. The resort's rooms feature flat-screen televisions and hardwood floors. There are also overwater bungalows that offer direct access to the lagoon.

The resort offers a gym and fitness center. It also offers watersports equipment rentals for its guests. There's also a library and shops for souvenirs. The pool is the main attraction here, but there are plenty of other activities to keep guests happy.

The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti French Polynésia is a luxury resort with a great value price. The resort has a variety of amenities, including a live evening show. In addition, guests will enjoy the hotel's spa, sauna, and steam room. Guests can also take advantage of the hotel's car rental and laundry services. It is located near the city center and is accessible by car and public transport, except on Sundays.

The hotel has contemporary decor and a swimming pool overlooking a turquoise lagoon. Rooms include kitchenettes and complimentary Wi-Fi. In addition, rooms have flat-screen TVs and coffee makers.

Hotel Kaveka

The Hotel Kaveka in Tahiti French polynesia is one of the best value options on the island. Located in a peaceful bay, this boutique hotel has a secluded beach. The hotel has a restaurant with a bay view and a reception area. The hotel also provides a complimentary shuttle service to restaurants, banks, and shopping. In addition, the hotel offers car hire and tours.

Hotel Kaveka is located on the beach in the picturesque Cooks Bay. The bungalows are decorated with Polynesian accents, and some have multiple beds. The hotel has an onsite restaurant and a small beach for sun worshippers. The hotel offers a breakfast buffet that skews French and local fare. Rooms are air-conditioned and have mini-fridges. Guests can choose between full and half-board options.

The Hotel Kaveka is a family-owned property. It offers amazing value for discerning travelers. It is a great choice for honeymooners and families who want to be near the beach. The hotel is located just minutes from Moorea Ferry Terminal and Moorea Airport.

The hotel is surrounded by restaurants and bars, and is within three miles of Polynesian Culture Night. There are 30 rooms here, and a private beach is just steps away. There are also spa services and a fitness center on-site.

Although the island is a great choice for adventure seekers, it is not the cheapest place to stay. There are several great options on Moorea, depending on your budget and traveling style. For example, you can stay on the northeastern side of the island, close to Cook's Bay and the Gulf of Moorea. The area is also home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cute souvenir shops.

Pension Au Phil du Temps

The Pension Au Phil du Temps offers high-quality, functional accommodation on Taha'a island. The property is located near a small beach, and its owners own a dock that extends into the ocean. The guests are encouraged to enjoy the water, and there are picnic tables and lounge chairs provided. The property also offers free bicycles and kayaks for guests to rent. The property's free WiFi connection makes it easy to stay connected while exploring the island.

The Pension Au Phil du Temps has three rooms: one bungalow and two single rooms. The bungalows are a bit more rustic than the independent rooms, but they can accommodate more guests. Each bungalow has two queen-size beds and a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. There's also a manual hot-water heater. The décor is authentic Polynesian.

The Pension Au Phil du Temps is a bed and breakfast that offers a peaceful environment with a view of Mount Otemanu. The property also has a charming garden full of tiare flowers. There are also many other bed and breakfasts in Tahiti that offer excellent amenities.

The owners of the Pension Au Phil du Temps are local experts who are dedicated to making guests feel comfortable and relaxed. They are passionate about their cuisine and can prepare delicious meals with a Polynesian flair. The property offers a full continental or American breakfast in the morning and a delicious dinner in the evening. Half-board meal plans are also available.

Hotel Sarah Nui

The Hotel Sarah Nui in Papeete, French Polynesia, offers a comfortable stay for travelers with low budgets. It is close to interesting attractions and dining options. It also provides an airport shuttle, concierge service, and free parking. The hotel offers rooms with modern amenities, such as a refrigerator and hair dryer. There's also an on-site restaurant with a menu that features Italian dishes.

Guestrooms at the Hotel Sarah Nui are individually decorated and feature cable TV. Some rooms also have kitchenettes, espresso makers, and private balconies. The hotel also offers complimentary wired and wireless Internet access. In addition, select rooms come with mini bars, hair dryers, and toiletries.

Located near the airport and ferry terminal, Hotel Sarah Nui is a great value for money. It offers free Wi-Fi, a breakfast room, and a lounge area. The bright, colorful rooms are decorated in an upbeat, modern style. There are also mini-refrigerators and rainfall showers, and you can brew your own coffee or tea.

The nearby city of Papeete is bustling and full of cafes, shops, and takeaways. It has a waterfront path that runs from the ferry terminal. There are shady gardens and parks to admire as well. The surrounding coastline features boats and a bandstand.

French Polynesia - Top 10 Hotels Best Value For Money

Tahiti French Polynesia  Top 10 Hotels Best Value

If you're planning a family vacation, or if you're looking for a romantic getaway, there are many great choices available. Read on to find out which hotels offer the best value for money, and which are the best choices for your trip. There are many things to do in Tahiti, including the capital city, Papeete. Other popular tourist attractions include the sea parks and beautiful beaches.

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti is an excellent choice for a Tahiti vacation. The resort is located on the sunny west coast of Tahiti. It's only a five-minute drive from the Faa'a International Airport, French Polynesia's main hub. The hotel's amenities include a full-service spa, a sauna, and a poolside bar. It also offers free internet and car rental services.

One of the best things about the resort is the location, which is a convenient one-night stop for travelers before their flight. The Manava Suite Tahiti is within walking distance of the airport and the famous Tahiti food trucks, which makes it a great place to relax before boarding your flight.

The Manava Resort also offers free Wi-Fi throughout the resort and is available on the beach viewing platforms. The resort is located near the beautiful Matavai Bay beach, and offers a variety of accommodation options. Some rooms have private balconies or patio decks with a panoramic view of the island. Guests will enjoy two restaurants, and the on-site bar serves a range of tropical cocktails and international cuisine.

This high-class hotel offers luxurious accommodations for honeymooners. Rooms feature a flat-screen television, a work desk, and a private bathroom. The resort also has an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant with views of the bay.

La Meridien Tahiti

The Le Meridien is a contemporary island retreat designed with couples in mind. The rooms feature rain showers and deep soaking tubs. They also feature complimentary toiletries and Nespresso machines. Other amenities include flat screen televisions and a minibar with unlimited bottles of water. The hotel's restaurant serves Polynesian and international cuisine.

The hotel has 24 hour room service and daily housekeeping. You can find souvenirs and a game room on-site. Some rooms are equipped with extra beds. There are also spa facilities and a fitness center. The hotel also offers a restaurant with a top chef, Franck Bezy.

Le Nuka Hiva by Pearl Resorts

The Le Nuka Hiva by Pearl Resorts in Tahiti is located in the hills of Nuku Hiva and offers sweeping views of the bay and the village of Taiohae. It is an easy drive from Tahiti's international airport and is convenient to the island's main attractions. The hotel also has a swimming pool and a restaurant serving authentic local cuisine.

Located ten minutes away from Papeete, this beachfront resort offers sweeping views of Matavai Bay. With outstanding on-site amenities, this is the ideal place to start your French Polynesia trip.

Premium Bay View Bungalows offer spectacular views of the bay and surrounding mountains. The spacious and comfortable rooms feature king beds or two twin beds and a private bathroom. Each room also includes air conditioning, a minibar, and a mosquito net and repellent.

Le Nuka Hiva by Pearl Resorts offers a world of its own. Set on a private islet, the property has 58 villas and suites inspired by traditional Polynesian architecture. The resort is the first Relais & Chateaux member in Tahiti and embraces the philosophy of the group. It's not just a hotel, but a place to relax and recharge.

Place Vaiete

Place Vaiete is a small, romantic hotel located on the beachfront of Tahiti. The hotel offers excellent service and great value for money. The Tahitian island is famous for its Polynesian culture, as well as for its beautiful nature. The island is also home to the mysterious tiare flower, which only grows on Mount Temehani in Raiatea.

French Polynesia has a tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from 71 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This tropical climate also makes the water temperatures warm year-round. Tahiti is surrounded by the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and is the best place to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling tours.

In Papeete, Place Vaiete is an excellent choice. It offers free parking, free luggage storage, and spacious rooms with views of the nearby mountains. It is also located three miles from the cruise port. The location is good for a family holiday and the hotel's free parking is an added bonus.

Place Vaiete is also a great place for locals to dine. The area is home to numerous roulottes, which serve big portions of local fare. For dessert, try the French crepes. After dinner, relax with a cocktail at the many Papeete bars. Depending on the time of year, you might even catch a Polynesian dance performance at one of the resorts.

After sunset, Place Vai'ete transforms into an excellent culinary destination. Local food vans serve French crepes and other cuisine, and you can also enjoy live music performances.

Suites at Tahiti Village - No Resort Fees

Stay at Tahiti Village  No Resort Fees

If you're planning a trip to Tahiti, you may be interested in the free stay offered by the Tahiti Village Resort and Spa. To book a free stay, all you need to do is visit the website of the resort and fill in certain information. For instance, your name and zip code will be required, as well as your age and marital status. You'll also be asked to answer questions about your income and household size.

Suites at Tahiti Village Resort and Spa-No Resort Fee

The Suites at Tahiti Village Resort and spa-No Resort Fee is located in Las Vegas and offers 300 units. Each unit comes with free WiFi, a dining area, and balcony. Some also feature a spa bath. Rooms also have free toiletries and laundry facilities.

This hotel is located near McCarran International Airport. Guests can walk to many other attractions. Nearby attractions include the Luxor Las Vegas Casino, Caesars Palace, and Town Square. The property also provides free shuttle service to nearby attractions. In addition, the hotel is located just five minutes' walk from Las Vegas Premium Outlets.

In addition to its heated outdoor pool, this hotel also has a state-of-the-art fitness center. Other amenities at this hotel include a sauna and hot tub/jacuzzi. Guests can also play games in the games room. Live entertainment is also available for guests.

Each suite at the Suites at Tahiti Village Resort and spa-No Resort Fee offers a living room, a bathroom, and a sofa bed. Rooms come with a telephone and TV. Some units also have internet access. Guests can even find a hair dryer in their rooms.

Cost of room and room tax

The Tahiti Village Resort & Spa is located on Las Vegas Boulevard and offers affordable room rates and tropical-themed accommodations. The hotel sits on more than 20 acres and features spacious rooms, a fitness center, and a spa. The resort also provides 24-hour front desk service.

The Tahiti Village resort offers multiple free activities daily. The activities range from yoga and movie nights to morning walks and seasonal crafts. These activities are available seven days a week and are offered at different times of the day. Other amenities include a spa, a fitness center, and an arcade.

Tahiti Village offers a spa, sauna, and hot tub. The property also offers on-site dining. Free shuttle services are available to guests. The property is close to Las Vegas Premium Outlets and the McCarran International Airport. It is also 2.3 miles from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

The Tahiti Village Resort & Spa has 850 accommodations. Rooms are equipped with a microwave and a coffee maker. Some rooms even have a balcony. The resort also offers complimentary wireless Internet. The rooms are equipped with TVs with cable channels. The rooms have blackout drapes.

Safety and sanitation measures

Tahiti Village Resort & Spa offers many amenities that appeal to travelers, such as an extensive list of activities, excursions, and special packages. You can also find facilities for children and adults at the resort, and you can also bring your pets. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before booking your reservation, though you may have to pay a small pet fee.

Suites at Tahiti Village - No resort fee come with fully equipped kitchens, free Wi-Fi, and balconies. There are also two outdoor pools, a lazy river, and a spa. Guests can enjoy the on-site dining options and take advantage of the free shuttle service. The resort is also within walking distance of many area attractions, including Las Vegas Premium Outlets, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and McCarran International Airport.

Suites at Tahiti Village - No resort fee offer a pool for hotel guests. Pool access is subject to opening and closing hours, but there are no resort fees. The resort is near the Fountains of Bellagio and South of The Strip.

Guests can also enjoy a free shuttle to and from the airport. While they are not required to cover their faces, guests can request face coverings. The shuttle service runs around the clock. The hotel also provides free parking. The Tahiti Village - No resort fees attracts visitors from all over the world.


Located in Las Vegas, Suites at Tahiti Village - No Resort Fee features free WiFi and dining areas. Some rooms feature a balcony, spa bath, and flat-screen satellite TV. They also feature free toiletries. The property also has laundry facilities. The property offers free shuttle service to nearby attractions. The property is 5 minutes' walk from the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center is 3.8 km away. McCarran International Airport is located 6.4 km away.

The resort offers several dining options for all tastes. The main dining area serves meals and drinks with a tropical flair. A full bar is also available. The resort also has a game room and offers complimentary golf equipment. The staff will also make arrangements to have food and drinks delivered to your room.

The resort is well-maintained and features a lazy river and pool. The staff is very friendly and helpful. You will need a room key to enter the pool area, but non-guests may use the area when accompanied by paying guests. The resort has a shuttle service available to and from other destinations.

Tahiti Luxury Cruises With Windstar Cruises

Tahiti Luxury Cruises  Windstar Cruises

For those seeking a luxury cruise to Tahiti, Windstar has a variety of options. The company is popular with those who want an intimate setting without the hassle of crowds. For these travelers, a small-ship strategy is the best choice. Windstar will soon swap Tahiti for a newer vessel, the Wind Surf, which has majestic sails and can carry nearly 200 passengers per voyage. The switch is anticipated to take place before the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024.

Star Breeze

Windstar Cruises is bringing its all-suite Star Breeze to Tahiti this month. The new ship, which will carry 312-guests, will significantly increase Windstar's capacity in the French Polynesia region. It will also host the exclusive Dreams of Tahiti President's Cruise starting Oct. 9 and will include events with local tourism partners and government officials.

A recent renovation of the Star Breeze's public areas and staterooms has resulted in a fresh look for the ship. Soft muted colors have been used throughout the ship. There are also new carpeting, drapes, curtains, and mattresses. In addition to a refurbished interior, Star Breeze has updated its cabins and the crew quarters. It also features a new, elevated swimming pool and whirlpool.

The windstar fleet is made up of six luxury yachts that carry between 148 and 310 passengers. These luxurious ships visit exotic destinations and offer a unique experience to travelers. Each stateroom is elegantly furnished and includes amenities such as granite vanities, Bose speakers, and oceanview windows.

The Star Breeze is a luxury yacht that can accommodate 312 guests. It is a relatively small vessel, but this means that it has the flexibility to tuck into small ports and narrow waterways. Its newest renovation was part of Windstar's Star Plus Initiative.

In addition to its luxury yacht fleet, Windstar also offers an all-inclusive package. For $79 per person, this package includes unlimited Wi-Fi, alcohol, and gratuities. The all-inclusive option is available throughout the year and includes all aspects of a luxury cruise.

In addition to its many amenities, Windstar also offers shore excursions that provide travelers with the chance to truly experience the destination. You can choose a cruise with Windstar's Essentials collection, which caters to the first-time cruiser, or choose the Concierge collection, which involves smaller groups and special services. You can also choose from the Beyond Ordinary collection, which focuses on extraordinary experiences.

Guests can also enjoy live entertainment in Windstar's Compass Rose lounge, where they can enjoy their evening meals. There, they can dance to popular hits while enjoying the view.

Compass Rose Lounge

The Compass Rose Lounge on Tahiti luxury Cruises with Windstar Cruises is a great place to hang out with fellow passengers and enjoy the music. This lounge is indoor/outdoor, featuring bar service and a live musical duo. The ship also offers several onboard activities, including port talks and two shows a day. In the afternoon, the ship hosts a casual afternoon tea or afternoon snack.

The new Compass Rose Lounge is one of several new dining venues on the new ship. The area will feature an espresso bar and a selection of sandwiches and pastries. The area will also be equipped with free wifi. Deck 6 will feature an updated Compass Rose Lounge, which will have more space and contemporary furnishings. Nightly entertainment will include live music.

Onboard the Star Breeze, Windstar's new, smaller ship, guests can enjoy a popular Star Bar and plenty of lounges. The ship also features a forward-facing whirlpool on deck five, and a thermal suite in the ship's spa. The decks of the Star Breeze are also home to a coffee shop and top deck views.

Windstar recently invested $250 million in renovating its Star Plus class ships. The new length and width allows for more spacious cabins, dining rooms, and deck spaces. A relaxed atmosphere and attentive crew ensure an enjoyable cruise. And, as a bonus, these luxury cruises with Windstar are more affordable than you think.

Windstar's Compass Rose Lounge serves an international brunch each morning and afternoon. The staff works hard to serve guests, including beverage servers, waiters, and stateroom stewards. Children aren't allowed on board, but they are welcome as third-party passengers. Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian older than 21.

Destination Discovery events

Windstar Cruises offers its guests a wealth of complimentary Destination Discovery Events. On a cruise to the Greek Isles, for instance, guests can take part in an Evening in Ephesus, a candlelit dinner in an ancient library. The experience is an authentic taste of the destination, and the evening also includes a tour of the ancient Celsus Library, a white-linen catered dinner, and an orchestra performing in the ruins.

Windstar also provides complimentary activities and lectures to ensure guests have a hands-on experience in each destination. Some of these activities include cooking demonstrations powered by the James Beard Foundation, lectures about local culture, and even game nights. Additionally, guests can participate in a variety of watersports activities at the Watersports Platform.

Windstar also offers shore excursions on all its voyages, making it easier for guests to see and experience a destination on their own. A private canal cruise through the heart of Copenhagen will reveal an entirely different side of the city, as well as the nightlife. Afterwards, guests can visit the National Museum to get an overview of the history of the city.

Windstar's staff is dedicated to providing guests with excellent service. The crew is warm and attentive, and knows each guest by name. As a result, they are genuinely gracious hosts and ambassadors, offering the best experiences possible. And because they have a staff-to-guest ratio of one to one-and-a-half, guests are treated with the personal attention they deserve.

Swimming with whales

One of the highlights of a luxury cruise in Tahiti is the opportunity to swim with whales. The warm water in Tahiti is a perfect place for swimming with whales. French Polynesia is a breeding ground for whales. The ocean is a safe place to swim with whales and even see them in the birthing process. You can also swim with dolphins and reef sharks on luxury cruises to Tahiti.

If you are traveling with children, make sure they are dressed for the ocean. If possible, tell them to wear a life vest. If they are young, explain to them that the wildlife can be unpredictable. Also, make sure to give them a GoPro camera to take pictures of the whales. The GoPro camera should be attached to a strap so that it can't get lost.

The whales can be seen from land, too. The Cook Islands are one of the first landmasses that whales reach. You can also observe them slapping the water's surface. However, you must be very careful not to get injured by the whales. To make sure you don't hurt the whales, make sure to get the advice of an expert guide. The whale watching activity takes place daily, except on Mondays. You can take part in whale watching tours for adults and children aged three to eleven years old.

The islands are dotted with stunning islands and azure blue lagoons. The coral reefs are alive with fish and rays. The lagoons are protected by a string of islets. The waters are also home to sea turtles, dolphins, orange-and-white clownfish, and other sea creatures. You can even take catamaran tours and get right into the water.

If you're interested in diving, Tahiti's UNESCO-designated Fakarava lagoon is a dive paradise. This lagoon is only 400 metres wide at its widest point, but it has 72 motus and a rich diversity of marine life. Divers can also enjoy shark-watching and whale-watching tours, while scuba divers will love the colorful coral and fish.

Tahiti Tourisme Bora Bora Tahitian Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme Bora Bora  Tahiti  Moorea Tahitian Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia

Known for its stunning landscape, Tahiti is one of the largest islands in French Polynesia. In 1774, the French explorer, Captain James Cook, arrived on the island, estimating its population to be about 200,000. Later, another estimate placed it at 121,500. After Cook's arrival, European ships began to land on Tahiti. In 1789, the crew of the HMS Bounty mutinied on the island. This brought many changes to the traditional way of life, including the introduction of prostitution and venereal diseases. This led the island's population to decrease from approximately 200,000 to around 6,000 people.

While most people in French Polynesia are Polynesian, many are of European and Asian descent. One-eighth of the population is of European descent, while one-fifth is of Chinese descent. Most are Christian. Two-fifths belong to the Maohi Protestant Church, while one-third is Roman Catholic.

Tahiti is a popular vacation spot for tourists. It is the largest of the Society Islands and is split into two parts, Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti. The interior is characterized by deep valleys, high waterfalls, and pristine green vegetation. There is an abundance of flora and fauna, and most of the island's population lives on the island's interior.

Tahiti is the largest island in French polynesia. The island is divided into Tahiti Nui, which is located in the eastern part of the island, and Tahiti Iti, which is on the eastern peninsula. The island was the setting for the 1962 film, Mutiny on the Bounty. Moorea is often referred to as Tahiti's little sister. It has eight mountain peaks that rise from the lagoon, and it is roughly heart-shaped.

The island's beaches are lined with corals that block the waves from the open ocean. This means that there are few beaches where you can swim. While some of these beaches are beautiful, you need to keep in mind that there are also some dangerous surf spots. You should wear water sandals or shoes for your safety.

It is home to cultured pearls

Tahitian pearls are one of the most sought-after souvenirs from French Polynesia. They are produced by giant black-lipped oysters that are mostly found in the lagoons of the Tuamotus islands. The first pearl farm opened in Hikueru in 1963, and now there are hundreds of cooperative and private pearl farms operating across the 26 atolls.

The islands of Tahiti have stunning white sand beaches, multi-hued lagoons, and quaint Tahitian-style hotels. The lagoons are richly adorned with diverse coral reefs, and water sports are abound here. Inland, Moorea is home to eight soaring summits and hiking trails.

While visiting Tahiti, make time to experience the island's cultured pearls, museums, and waterfalls. A variety of museums, including those dedicated to seashells, Paul Gauguin, and the Pearl, are also worth visiting.

If you're traveling on a budget, Tahiti is an excellent choice. Many local stores and restaurants offer local crafts, including hand-blocked pareos, handmade wood carvings, and original gold jewelery. Many of the islands also have tattoo parlors where you can have a traditional Polynesian tattoo.

Public transportation is available throughout Tahiti. The island's Le Truck public buses run clockwise and counterclockwise, with central stations in Papeete, Tahiti, and Moorea. The buses display route numbers and destinations so you can easily get around. The most convenient route in Tahiti is the one that connects the Faa'a International Airport with Papeete.

Tahia Pearl boutiques are located in the Four Seasons, the Intercontinental Le Moana, and Hauru. The boutiques are also accessible for passengers of the Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship.

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