Online Courses - How to Find Free, Paid Courses OpenLearning

Online Courses - How to Find Free, Paid Courses OpenLearning


Online Courses - How to Find Free and Paid Courses on OpenLearning

Online courses  access to free and private courses on OpenLearning

Open courses are courses that allow anyone to learn online without the cost of a classroom. These classes provide learning materials and assessment of learning achievement. Some offer certificates of mastery or completion. Others may require a fee. Regardless of the type of course, there are a wide variety of ways to gain knowledge. These courses are a great way to improve your skills and develop new ones.


If you're looking for private and free online courses, Udemy is an excellent resource. This open source platform lets ordinary experts and educators create classes that anyone can access. You can even earn digital badges and statements of participation for completing a course. Courses on Udemy are generally categorized by topic, with courses ranging from IT and software to business and lifestyle. Some Udemy courses are free to access, while others require a small fee.

Another good alternative to Udemy is Khan Academy, which offers more than 500000 courses. Courses are available in various formats, including audio, video, and mixed media. You can also add notes to your course materials or save your work for future reference. The platform allows you to find courses on topics that interest you and even connects you with experts or professionals.

While the Free-ed site is not as well organized as other sites, it is still very easy to search for courses on any subject or category. You can also search for classes by name. The site also allows you to connect with other people on Facebook and other social networking sites, which can be very useful if you're looking for a group on a particular subject.

Another great option is Udemy, which offers private courses and free courses on a variety of topics. If you're a working professional, you can use the free courses to stay up-to-date with industry trends. In addition, they can be helpful if you want to qualify for a new role in the workplace.

You can also find free online courses on MIT's opencourseware website. The site provides various courses that are available in several languages. These courses also feature high-quality teaching materials. You can find notes from lectures and videos online, and you can even complete exams online. Most courses are available for free, but some have a registration fee.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an open-course portal with over 3,600 video lectures on academic subjects. Its curriculum focuses on elementary and high school students, but it also offers courses in a variety of other subjects. It also provides free teacher tools, parent resources, and exam prep. Its mission is to make education more affordable and accessible to everyone. Currently, it has over 61 million registered users. Students can choose from subjects like English, history, and math, and access free or private courses.

Coursera partners with universities and organizations around the world to provide a wide variety of online courses on a variety of topics. Its database includes courses from top universities, trusts, and museums. It also offers free courses on many different topics, including the arts. Its comprehensive course catalog is a great resource for students and educators.


Udacity online courses are a great way to learn more about the computer world. They combine short video lectures with quizzes to help you understand the concepts. This website is free to use, but you can pay $199 per month to access more courses. Udacity also features a forum where you can discuss your courses with fellow students and a proctored exam for credit at participating universities. You can even hand over your resume to partner companies if you are looking to get a job.

Udacity is also home to a number of nanodegree programs. These programs are a combination of traditional classes and MOOCs. There are also fee-based courses and multi-course series available, and you can customize your learning to suit your needs. Udacity has even launched a program with MIT that combines MOOCs and traditional classes. This program, which is part of a larger master's program, gives students a credential that is essentially a hybrid of both.


Kadenze is a popular online education platform that gives students of all levels the opportunity to take courses at their own pace. It offers a wide variety of creative courses, as well as the opportunity to create your own. The platform also offers certificates and degrees. Another popular online course resource is Domestika, which offers a wide variety of free educational resources.

The site offers a variety of courses from free to premium content. In addition to free MOOCs, Kadenze offers curated programs, premium content, and curated courses. Its organizational mission is based on the belief that education is a basic human right. Its courses are complemented with practice exercises and instructional videos to help students improve their skills. Its courses are primarily intended for K-12 students.

Academic Earth

The Academic Earth website has a comprehensive collection of online college courses from a variety of colleges and universities. It offers a variety of free and private courses, playlists, and video groups. You can browse courses by subject and school to find the right course for you. Other great options for free online education include edX, which brings together courses from a variety of universities.

The Academic Earth site is designed to help you find an online course that suits your needs. It includes free lectures and a degree search engine that will match you with the right program. It also contains a list of virtual resources and textbook exchanges. This helps you save time and money while studying for your class.

Access to Free and Private Courses on OpenLearning

access to free and private courses on OpenLearning

OpenLearning is a resource for learners seeking free and affordable online courses. The site offers over one thousand free courses and dozens of specially commissioned Badged Open Courses. Users can filter courses by subject or skills for life or study. Most of the users choose free courses, and after completing one they will receive a free statement of participation. In addition, Badged Open Courses are stand-alone learning experiences. The Lunchtime Learning Courses are three hours long or less.

MOOC Providers

MOOCs are free online courses that are offered by MOOC Providers, often universities and other educational institutions. Some require a fee to enroll in the course, but many of them are free. Paid courses will typically offer a certificate or other recognition upon completion. Some of the major MOOC providers are Coursera and Udacity. These organizations have partnered with several academic institutions, including the University of Illinois to offer an online MBA program.

MOOC Providers also offer free and private courses on OpenLearning. Coursera, for example, has dozens of classes offered at the same time. The courses are comprised of written materials and exercises. Students do not need to create an account to enroll in such courses; they simply need to complete the instructions sent via e-mail.

MOOCs allow for convenient self-paced learning. Students can benefit from these courses in many ways, from extra help on class projects, self-tutoring materials for difficult subjects, and even graduate degree course credit. And most MOOCs are free! Whether you need additional training to get a promotion or a higher-level position, MOOCs can help you achieve your goals.

While the cost-revenue cycle for MOOCs is complex, the majority of content providers cross-finance their spending, and some even receive external funding for their operations. This rapid growth of the MOOC industry has also brought in new stakeholders and challenges. In addition to traditional higher education institutions, corporations have also started using MOOCs for professional development. These new players can potentially challenge the open education paradigm.


Open content and resources provide faculty with substantial, innovative professional development. Openness also allows faculty to build personal learning communities around a common interest. In addition, numerous resource repositories offer direct access to brilliant minds and successful teachers. This new model has enormous potential for education and for higher education.

The Khan Academy is an online learning platform that offers over two thousand free courses covering a variety of subjects. Courses are searchable by subject, language, and timeline. Users can read course content, view course materials, and even access graded assignments and certification. Students can earn a degree through the Khan Academy's certification program.

The Khan Academy provides free courses in a wide range of subjects, including English, math, science, and computer programming. Its free courses are curated from the web, providing impressive depth on different subjects. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. Teachers often integrate Khan Academy courses into their classroom teaching. These free online courses are designed to mimic the in-person classroom experience with guided examples.


If you're interested in learning C++ or other programming languages, Udacity has a free 3-week course available. The course is designed for people with some programming experience and who want to take it to the next level. Udacity's courses are created in partnership with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon and are taught by top professionals with extensive experience in the field. The courses focus on technology, such as Internet of Things devices, autonomous vehicles, and smartwatches.

Udacity's focus is on technology skill-building and career advancement. Its curriculum is based on hands-on projects, and it covers topics such as autonomous systems, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence. The courses span from pre-K to high school, and the site offers resources for teachers and parents. It also offers courses from big-name universities. These courses are self-paced and offer no instruction, grading, feedback, or credit, but they offer a wide variety of topics and can provide the self-motivated learner with a wide variety of skills.

While some MOOCs are free, others require a fee to access them. Paid courses offer a formal credential, whereas free courses do not. Some of the largest MOOC providers include Coursera and Udacity. Both websites also partner with a variety of educational institutions. For example, Coursera is partnered with the University of Illinois to offer an online MBA degree, while Udacity has partnerships with Georgia Tech.

Open University

Open universities are becoming more common in the world. Usually, these universities offer degrees that are not directly accredited by a campus-based university. However, some of them are part of a consortium of universities known as OERu. These courses allow learners to build up credits and build towards a full degree without the need to pay a tuition fee.

OpenLearn offers dozens of free courses for all levels, from one hour to several hundred hours of study. Participants can earn digital badges and Statements of Participation for their course completion. These certificates are useful for proving continuous development to employers, friends, or family. Additionally, OpenLearn courses are designed by experts, so that learners can build confidence and study skills.

There are many different types of open courses, and students should compare various options to find one that best suits their needs. Some are self-paced, while others have deadlines. There is also the option of paying for a particular course. Some of these courses require fees and are designed for beginners, while others are for more advanced learners.

Some students may have difficulty accessing free courses. Some may not even have an OL account yet. The good news is that students can create an account and join the course once they have the right code. They can even share their codes with others. OpenLearning offers a variety of other features for delivering courses, including automatic certificate generation and badges.


The edX platform is a website where you can take a variety of free and paid online courses from universities and organizations around the world. You can take these courses for free, or you can pay a fee to receive a certificate after completing the course. Depending on your goals, you can choose to take courses from degree-granting institutions or those offered by smaller institutions.

The website isn't as user-friendly as some other open courseware websites, but it's easy to navigate and browse courses by subject. You can also look up specific courses and class names by using search filters. Once you've found a course you're interested in, you can join a community to ask questions and learn from other participants.

When logged in to a course, you'll see a navigation bar at the top of the course page. There, you'll see an icon for each unit. This icon contains the name of the unit, as well as a bookmark flag. You can add additional content or modify existing material.

Coursera offers more than 2,600 courses; edX offers more than 600. Both sites have a fee structure and are often better suited for people looking to earn professional training through online education. There are a number of different courses available through both sites, including courses for business and the humanities. You can also enroll in a paid course series for advanced degrees from one of the cooperating partner institutions.

Free Online Course Platforms

What is the best free online course platform

If you are looking for free online courses, there are many options. These include Khan Academy, Skillshare, and edX. The main goal is to provide the best educational experience possible, and to help you get the most value from your time and effort. These platforms are not only free, but also highly effective.

Udemy is a great platform for online course creators. There are over 40 million registered users, who are all potential students, and you can market your courses easily. You can even offer enrollment incentives and opt into global marketing promotions. You can also use paid search marketing to increase your courses' visibility and attract more students.

The features of the site are extensive. Instructors have the option to set the price of their courses. They also get 100% of the tuition fee from new students and 50% of the fee from existing users. Other benefits include marketing promotions, 24/7 support, and a library of useful articles.

Courses are available for any subject and can be customized for the student. For example, there are free online courses for teaching languages and other subjects. Many of the courses have video tutorials, suggested readings, and exams. Some of these courses also offer certification. Some of these courses are also available for a fee. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to learn a new language, you can visit Memrise.

Another great option for beginners is Podia. Podia allows you to sell digital products through affiliates, and you can run webinars and events as well. Podia also has great built-in marketing tools that allow you to grow your online community and sell your courses. Podia also provides 24/7 support and a free website builder.


If you're looking for free online courses, edX is the right place to start. It offers thousands of classes for various subjects, and its instructors are from top institutions around the world. The courses range from persuasive speaking to game development, and are designed to appeal to all kinds of students. There are over 3,600 courses on edX, all sourced from renowned institutions and universities. You can take multiple related courses, or complete a program leading to a full online master's degree.

When you sign up for an account on edX, you can choose a self-paced course or enroll in an instructor-paced course. The latter gives you unlimited access to course material, and many edX courses offer downloadable videos and transcripts. You can even view the videos offline. Depending on the course, edX also provides verified certificates.

The edX certificate you receive upon completion of an online course is your proof of completion. It includes your name, institution, course title, and name of the professor. Students can verify their identity to make sure they're not a scam. With over 34 million registered learners and over 140 prestigious institutions around the world, edX is an impressive resource for anyone looking to improve their skills.

You can find courses from the top universities in the world on edX. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, offers online courses in 33 different fields. You can also find courses from the University of Queensland, which has a famous professor who was awarded the edX Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Online Teaching and Learning in 2018.


If you're looking for free online courses, you've come to the right place. Skillshare's mobile app features a "Discover" feature that gives you personalized recommendations based on your preferences. In addition, you can check out the Project Gallery to see what other Skillshare users have already completed. You can even filter the results by trending projects, top-voted projects, and similar categories.

Although Skillshare's free membership has limited access to all courses, if you're interested in paying for premium access to more courses, you can do so. Premium membership costs $32 a month or $168 a year, and you can access unlimited courses. You can also sign up for a team membership and save a few dollars each month.

Another free course platform is Linkedin Learning. It's a great way to actively use your free time by learning something new or joining a project with your favorite content creators. While Skillshare has a free version, you can subscribe to a premium account for more classes and higher-quality videos. To make it worthwhile, however, you'll need to use the site frequently. Otherwise, you're better off looking at free learning platforms such as YouTube.

If you want to learn something new, Skillshare is the best place to find it. You'll find hundreds of courses from more than 8,000 experienced instructors. There's something for everyone and you can build your own classes too!

Khan Academy is a free online course platform that includes many learning exercises and videos. It is available on the web and in an app, and has content in many different languages. Its videos are hosted on YouTube. MIT OpenCourseWare is another free online course platform that includes many different courses. The courses are free to access and include notes from lectures and videos. It also allows students to take exams to test their progress.

The platform is gaining popularity with the availability of more than 16,000 courses. It adds 50 new courses every week, and has real-world instructors teaching courses in business and technical fields. The courses are designed to help students learn from real-life professionals who can answer tough questions about their professions. It is also designed to give users the opportunity to receive personalized recommendations based on their interests. In addition, it has better user support than Khan Academy.

In addition to the math courses, Khan Academy offers courses in science and engineering. It includes physics, cosmology, astrology, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, and more. It also offers computer science, computer programming, and animation. Various tests are included in the content, and Khan Academy has a test prep section.

Khan Academy offers a wide range of courses, including courses on career preparation and financial management. Students can explore different careers such as healthcare, technology, education, hospitality, and even criminal justice. It also includes general advice on how to become a savvy professional, including decision making and negotiation skills.


LearnWorlds is a free online course platform with a powerful feature set. This platform features a multi-purpose form builder, which allows you to create custom forms for quizzes, surveys, and more. It also offers customizable templates that match your branding and website. As a beginner, you can take advantage of the free trial to test out the platform.

If you want to make money from your online courses, you can upgrade to one of the three paid tiers. The free plan comes with a built-in community and unlimited courses, but it has a limited number of payment gateways. In addition, the platform takes a small percentage of each course sale.

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one platform for creating and hosting online courses. It has a team of experts to help you achieve your goals. It has features such as a social community, automated certificates, and advanced analytics. You can also sell supplementary content using digital downloads.

As an instructor, you can create a course with ease and customize it for different needs. Some of the features that you should consider when choosing an online course platform include video content, live integration, digital downloads, student discussion, and website building features.

Digital Course Hive

Digital Course Hive is a powerful platform with lots of features, but its user interface is not very intuitive. For example, it lacks a clear menu for creating courses. Instead, you will have to navigate the back-end menu to find the features you need. It also lacks video hosting, native integrations with 3rd party email marketing tools, and funnel building. Furthermore, the service is still in its infancy and support is minimal.

Teachable is another popular online course platform. It is a popular tool for creating online courses and has various subscription plans starting at $25 a month. The cheapest plan offers unlimited courses, while the most expensive plan costs $199 per month. It offers a wide variety of course content formats.

Digital Course Hive for Big Data is one such course. The course consists of 15.5 hours of lectures and 137 downloadable study materials. Students will learn about the Hive data warehousing solution, how to build analytical queries, and how to use Hive to process large data sets. The course also covers the fundamentals of data transformation, data bucketing, and data management.

For a low-budget online course creator, the best options are platforms that offer a range of pricing options. Once your course business has grown, you can upgrade to a more expensive plan. Additionally, WordPress is a great platform to create your course website. However, you must have some technical knowledge to set up your course website and manage it. You should also consider an online course marketplace, which will host your courses, help you promote them, and collect payments.

What Courses Can I Learn Online Free?

What courses can I learn online free

There are many great options available online for learning new skills. Some of these include the Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseWare, Skillshare, and Udemy. Regardless of which course you choose, you should be open to new ideas and try to embrace change. There will definitely be some bumps in the road, but that's to be expected when learning something new.

Khan Academy is a free online learning resource that teaches you how to do everything from budgeting to buying a car. It offers courses for all ages, including adults. You can learn how to decide how much life insurance you need and even how to choose the right car for your family. Most courses are broken up into units and lessons. Some include video lectures while others are made up of short readings and interactive quizzes.

Khan Academy courses are available in English and math and follow the formal curriculum of schools and universities across the United States. They cover everything from science to computer science and from math to economics. You can also learn about test prep, economics, and English language arts. In addition to the general curriculum, Khan Academy offers specialized courses within a topic, such as LSAT prep. There are no limits to how many Khan Academy courses you can take, and you can choose which ones are best for your goals.

Khan Academy also has free introductory courses in biology and ecology. These courses are ideal for those who are just getting started in biology or are curious about what goes on in our planet. These courses can spark an interest in the subject that can lead to exciting future opportunities. Not only are Khan Academy courses free, but you can track your progress and see how much you've learned.

MIT OpenCourseWare

The MIT OpenCourseWare project provides the public with free access to nearly 1,800 different courses. All course materials are available online, including class syllabi, lecture notes, and problem sets. You can access these materials in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, and other languages. There are currently over 215 countries that have made use of MIT OpenCourseWare.

In May 2018, over 2,400 courses were available online. Some of these courses consisted of reading lists or discussion topics, but most provided lecture notes, homework problems, and exams. A few courses even included interactive web demonstrations in Java or streaming video lectures from professors at MIT.

The MIT OpenCourseWare courses are designed to help individuals learn about a variety of fields. The resources were developed by the university's leading professors and researchers. Some of the materials are free, while others require a fee. The resources are also designed to be easy to navigate and to use for anyone interested in the subject.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is an elite university with a 7.3% acceptance rate. Despite this low acceptance rate, MIT has made a point of opening up its classes to everyone. For example, they have created a website called Highlights for High School. This site helps students learn about STEM subjects at the secondary level.

Whether you're looking to advance your career or personal development, Udemy courses can be a great way to improve your skills. You can even earn a certificate at the end of your course to showcase your achievements. Keep in mind, however, that Udemy is not an accredited institution, and you won't be able to use your certificate as formal accreditation.

The good news is that many courses can be downloaded for free or heavily discounted. Depending on your budget, you can take as many courses as you like and pay less than you'd pay at a traditional college or university. Udemy is an on-demand platform, meaning that you can learn at your own pace and without having to meet a deadline.

Udemy's courses are updated frequently. The last update date is indicated on each course. This is especially helpful when learning software applications. Moreover, Udemy allows you to preview courses before you purchase them. Taking a free course is an excellent way to get a feel for what the course teaches.


Skillshare offers a variety of free online courses that are easily accessible. Most of the classes are under an hour in length. Some have optional projects, but not all. The classes are taught by Gary V, Seth Godin, and others, and are presented in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Skillshare also offers a community of creators, where members can connect with one another and share their learning experiences. Premium members also get unlimited access to the platform's extensive course catalog. In addition to learning new skills, members can also collaborate on projects, share them with the community, and learn from the strategies and styles of others.

If you're interested in learning more about various skills, Skillshare is worth a try. You can start with a free trial before you purchase a subscription. You can view as many courses as you like, but you'll have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to continue.

Once you've discovered a few free classes you like, you can upgrade to a premium membership. Premium membership costs $168 a year or $32 a month, but you'll get unlimited access to courses, access to the community, and feedback from teachers and other users. You'll also be able to download downloadable courses from the site.


The FutureLearn platform offers free courses for people who want to improve their personal or professional skills. FutureLearn courses are designed to enhance work-related skills and are aligned with current market demands. The platform has more than 100,000 students and is owned privately by The Open University and job-seeking giant The Seek Group.

You can sign up for a free account to learn online for free or upgrade to a premium account. FutureLearn courses can be taken online for free for up to 14 days. However, the free courses do not come with course assessments or certificates. In addition, these courses are sponsored by organizations and partners.

In addition to free courses, FutureLearn also offers upgrade plans for people who want to improve their skills or become more competitive. Upgrade plans include unlimited access to short courses and tests, as well as access to additional features. FutureLearn also offers paid courses, such as online degrees and micro-credential programs.

Most FutureLearn courses involve project-based learning. In this way, students gain practical experience while learning a new subject. Furthermore, some FutureLearn programs offer credit towards a full-size Master's degree.


Simplilearn has a variety of free online courses to choose from, ranging from computer programming to project management. You can choose to learn at your own pace or get help from certified trainers. Simplilearn courses are available for both adults and children. Courses can range from one day to one year. Simplilearn also has an open enrollment policy that allows people who do not have a college degree to take advantage of their free online courses.

Another great feature of Simplilearn courses is the applied projects feature, which helps bring theory to life, ensuring you gain mastery of the subject matter. In addition, the social forum environment helps you to stay engaged with your learning. You won't feel like you're on your own as you discuss your new skills in a safe and engaging environment.

The courses at Simplilearn are free and include certificates of completion. They are designed by leading companies and universities and give you the skills needed for a successful career. These free online courses are available for everyone, from beginners to professionals. Many of the courses include certification so you'll be able to demonstrate that you have acquired the knowledge and skills you need to land a job.


Wishpond offers a comprehensive set of tools to create and sell online courses. This includes a landing page builder, online forms, lead database, and payment tools. It makes it easy to create and sell courses that range in price from $5 to $2000. It also includes tools for managing lead generation, creating and sending personalized email campaigns, and integrating with Shopify. To learn more, visit the Wishpond Academy website.

Wishpond has a library of educational content, as well as a dedicated marketing executive who helps guide you through the entire campaign creation and campaign management process. This individual will also assist with the onboarding process, importing leads, and setting up pages. If you're new to email marketing, Wishpond also has email marketing integrations and will help you set up your email marketing campaigns.

Wishpond also offers an email marketing masterclass. In this course, you will learn about email marketing strategy and goals, as well as how to measure your success. This course includes step-by-step instructions, free workbooks, and an instructor's contact. The course can also be accessed through YouTube.

Which App is Best For Free Courses With Certificate?

Which app is best for free courses with certificate

If you want free college courses, there are several free courses available on the internet. One of these is Khan Academy. It features excellent visual content and frequent quizzes. It also emphasizes helping students pass exams. Some of its courses are specifically tailored to passing exams, and you can earn Mastery Points by completing them.


If you're looking for free courses with a certificate, OpenLearn is a good choice. Its catalog of open educational resources includes articles, podcasts, videos, and more than 800 free online courses. Although you don't have to register to view the materials, you can create an account to save your progress and get free certificates of completion. The site offers a wide variety of courses, all under the Creative Commons license.

OpenLearn is run by the Open University, the largest academic institution in the UK and a leader in flexible distance learning. There are more than 165,000 enrolled students, and you can complete your course at your own pace. Most courses are available online with no start or end date, so you can begin as soon as you're ready and work your way through at your own pace. Many courses are offered on OpenLearn with videos, quizzes, and other interactive elements.

OpenLearn's courses can be difficult to complete, but the rewards are well worth it. It's possible to complete courses in a day or even a week, and many of these courses have a certificate attached. Some of these courses offer discussion forums, articles, and videos that help you get started.

EdX is another good option. It offers free courses from top universities. Search by subject to find the course you want. You can also filter courses by start date and duration. Most of the courses are free, though some require a fee for certificates. These sites are also useful for gaining professional credentials.

The UK Open University also offers free online courses. The university is one of the largest in the UK and offers a variety of programs and courses.


If you are looking for a free course that provides a certificate, Coursera is a great place to start. This online platform has partnered with many large universities and businesses to provide a wide variety of programs for people from all walks of life. Many of their programs are accredited by prestigious institutions and businesses, allowing you to include your certificate on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Coursera also offers flexible hours and offers lower tuition fees than traditional universities.

Coursera also has a number of courses related to web development. Whether you are just beginning to develop web pages, or are looking to upgrade your skills, this free course can get you on the right path. It is a great option for beginners because it teaches you fundamental concepts in web development, including the structure and function of the world wide web. Moreover, the course will teach you how to design and publish dynamic web pages.

Coursera also offers scholarships and financial aid for those who qualify. To apply, you must fill out an application form, which includes your educational background, financial status, and career goals. The site also provides a pricing guide, which includes information about the cost of individual courses. It is important to know what you can and cannot afford before applying for scholarships or financial aid.

Coursera's Professional Certificates are designed to get you job-ready in no time. These courses typically take between four and six months to complete. Each month, you'll need to spend around four hours a week to complete the program. These courses can cost as much as $234 per month, but there are discounts available if you subscribe to the program for three or more months.

Khan Academy is free to join and offers a large variety of courses. Courses are structured around video lectures, short readings, and interactive quizzes. The courses are usually presented in a sequential order, with each lesson having a combination of readings and videos. After completing a course, students can request a certificate of completion.

Khan Academy offers courses for all levels, from elementary school to college prep, as well as test prep for standardized tests. It also offers resources for homeschoolers and teachers. It is an excellent resource for those who are interested in free education, and you should consider giving it a try.

Khan Academy is a four-year-old non-profit educational organization that was founded by Salman Khan. The site offers a wide variety of free courses with supplementary practice exercises and a learning dashboard. Khan Academy focuses on a different age group than edX, but both websites provide excellent learning tools.

Khan Academy is also a great resource for homeschooling parents, especially for subjects like math. Although they are not accredited, many parents use their courses to supplement their existing curriculum. Some parents even use Khan Academy as their entire math curriculum. If you're not sure if Khan Academy is right for you, check out this list of resources for homeschoolers.

Both Khan Academy and edX have different refund policies. The latter is more generous when it comes to refunds, especially for verified courses and the micro masters program.


eDX is an online platform that allows you to create and host free courses. There are numerous benefits of using eDX, including a 14-day money back guarantee. In addition, edX certificates are recognized worldwide, which is a major plus for anyone who wants to prove their knowledge.

eDX offers hundreds of free courses in various fields. The most popular courses are in the business and programming fields. They are taught using video lectures and supported by peer discussion groups and virtual labs. These courses are created by top universities and experts who specialize in different fields. Upon completion, eDX will issue a certificate. However, in order to get the certificate, you must choose the Verified Certificate option.

eDX is one of the most popular online elearning platforms. It offers interactive courses from top universities, colleges, and organizations around the world. You can choose from a wide range of subjects, including business, computer science, and engineering. There are free courses, as well as paid courses. The best ones also include verified certificates and graded assignments. You can use your eDX certificate to prove your credentials to employers and other organizations.

eDX courses are offered in a variety of languages. While most courses are taught in English, some are taught in Spanish, French, or Italian. English subtitles are available for the latter, making eDX courses more accessible to non-English speakers. In addition, many edX courses come with a community where you can ask questions and share information.


If you're looking for a free course with a certificate, HackerRank is a great option. You can choose from 21 free Skills Certification Tests and get a free certificate. You can then use your certificate to promote your skills. All courses and tests are offered online.

HackerRank is an excellent option for developers and software engineers seeking to improve their skills. The website offers free technical skill certification tests that are based on the skills and competencies that employers value in a developer. Once you pass the test, you can add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile to show prospective employers how skilled you are. These industry-recognized certificates can be a great way to stand out to recruiters.

HackerRank also has a discussion board and leaderboard for each challenge. For the most part, each challenge has an editorial explaining the challenge, so if you're not sure how to solve it, you can read other people's solutions first. The downside to this is that you won't get any points for solving a problem if you read the editorial.

HackerRank offers a number of challenges in computer science and other fields. They range from easy to difficult, and have introductory videos and discussions. The website also offers various languages and skills that will improve your coding skills. In addition to the challenges, HackerRank also has a number of contests and competitions for its users to win.

HackerRank is an excellent choice for free coding courses with certificate. The courses are available in various languages and you can compete against others to earn a place on the leaderboard. HackerRank also has extensive articles on their blog and certifications.

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