Northrop & Johnson Superyachts Mega Yachts For Sale

Northrop & Johnson Superyachts Mega Yachts For Sale

Northrop & Johnson Superyachts Mega Yachts For Sale

Superyachts Mega Yachts for Sale Northrop Johnson

A Northrop & Johnson broker will handle all the negotiation and offer process. The buyer and seller will negotiate a sale and purchase contract, also called a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). The broker will also arrange the buyer's sea trial and condition survey, if required.

Motoryacht A

Northrop & Johnson is a world-renowned yacht boat charter company. The company has been providing first-class service for more than 50 years. It offers yacht charters to both clients and owners. Whether you are planning a family holiday or corporate adventure, a luxury yacht charter will be an unforgettable experience.

The company offers a wide range of yachts, from 20m to 100m. These yachts are great for coastal cruising or island hopping. The range includes motor yachts, sailing yachts, and semi-displacement motor yachts. The company also offers custom yachts to meet your specific needs.

Northrop & Johnson offers a range of services to ensure that your yachting experience is seamless and stress-free. They help with everything from sales and charter to marketing and management. Whether you are looking for a luxury motor yacht or a luxury yacht charter, the company will provide the right service to make your dream a reality.

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Since 1949, Northrop & Johnson has brought an added level of sophistication to the yachting lifestyle. They have built a successful reputation based on their dedication to their clients and total service approach to yachting. With a growing charter fleet and global expansion, Northrop & Johnson continues to expand the company's presence in the luxury yachting market.

As a full-service yacht brokerage, Northrop & Johnson handles all aspects of yacht sales. They ensure their clients get the best possible price for their vessel, in the shortest amount of time. This is why the company is among the top sales performers in the yachting industry. In fact, the brokerage firm has sold more than 80-foot yachts in the past two years, a record that is unmatched in the yachting industry.

Northrop & Johnson's offices are located in Newport Beach, California. The firm also has offices in France, Hong Kong, and Australia. Its website lists a number of yachts for sale. For example, the 280-foot Sunrays is listed for $142 million. This is far from cheap, but if you're looking to buy a luxury yacht without breaking the bank, it might be worth considering a purchase.

Northrop & Johnson offers an extensive range of motor yachts for a variety of needs, from pleasure cruisers to sportfishing vessels. Its fleet includes both sloop and ketch-rigged sailing vessels. In addition to this extensive range, the company also offers custom-built yachts to match any size or budget.

Motoryacht F

For more than five decades, Northrop & Johnson has brought a new level of sophistication to the yachting lifestyle. Their commitment to client service has led to decades of success and a growing charter fleet. They have also expanded their international presence to provide clients with the very best in yachting.

Whether you're looking to buy a brand-new yacht or charter one, Northrop & Johnson can help you find the perfect yacht. They can assist with yacht sales, management and marketing. And if you're in the market to sell a motoryacht, Northrop & Johnson can help you with that, too.

Northrop & Johnson is an experienced yacht charter company with offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Its team of experts is dedicated to helping you fulfill your yachting dreams. The company has been around since 1949, and has built its reputation by consistently providing a high-quality level of service.

Healthy Exercise With TRX Suspension Weight Training

What is TRX Suspension Weight Training Healthy  Exercise

TRX Suspension Weight Training is a good form of resistance training that focuses on multiple muscle groups at once. It can improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. What's more, it improves cardiovascular fitness and positively modifies major CVD risk factors.

TRX Suspension Weight Training is a form of resistance training

TRX Suspension Weight Training is an effective form of resistance training for healthy exercise. It is a bodyweight exercise that forces the exerciser to engage multiple muscle groups at once. It also improves cardiovascular health and body composition. This form of exercise was originally developed by a Navy Seal.

TRX workouts are great for developing strength and eradicating muscle imbalances. Because they involve minimal impact on the body, TRX workouts are safe for everyone, from beginners to the elderly and people with injuries and joint problems. The flexibility of the TRX system makes it easy to incorporate into your workout.

TRX Suspension Training helps the body burn calories and improve core strength. It also focuses on functional strength. It involves side-to-side movement, twisting, pushing and pulling, and hinging. All of these exercises can help you burn fat and get in better shape.

TRX workouts can be done at home or in the gym. These workouts target the entire body and promote muscle growth. You can select your own pace and intensity with TRX. It can be mounted on walls, ceilings, doors, poles, and railings.

Suspension workouts can increase muscle mass and strength while strengthening cardiovascular endurance. You can adjust the speed of the workout to give your heart and lungs an extra workout. TRX suspension training is effective for beginners, as well as for seasoned athletes. Beginners should seek guidance from a qualified personal trainer to develop proper technique.

It improves balance

TRX Suspension Weight Training is an excellent way to build strength, balance, and agility. It works the entire core, back muscles, and glutes while also improving flexibility and balance. It also helps develop coordination, and helps prevent injuries. Suspension training is a great choice for people who want a low-impact workout that is also effective.

When starting a TRX workout, you should set up the handles so that the foot cradles line up with the middle of your calves. Place the right foot in the foot cradles and then lower your knee. While keeping your spine straight, try to engage your core as you lower yourself into the lunge position. Once you have completed one set, repeat the exercise by doing 8-10 reps on each leg.

One TRX Suspension Weight Training program aimed at older adults is TRX-OldAge. It focuses on developing strength, balance, and functional mobility in older adults. The program can also be adapted for people who are prone to falls.

According to research, TRX Suspension Training is effective for people of all ages. It has been used by elite basketball players and has been proven to improve agility, jump, and flexibility. It has also been used by older adults and has been used for over 10 years.

It improves coordination

TRX Suspension Weight Training is an exercise genre that benefits people of all ages and fitness levels. This type of exercise is especially effective for seniors as it helps them move freely without the fear of falling. It is widely used by physical therapists and chiropractors as part of rehabilitation programs. It also has a wide range of applications in the field of sport medicine.

Suspension weight training is an effective way to improve balance, coordination, and strength. The TRX Suspension Trainer consists of two straps that are suspended from an anchor point. The length of these straps can be varied to suit individual needs. It also requires coordination and stability of the body as it calls upon the core to maintain body balance.

Using TRX exercise equipment helps minimize the time spent training. This type of exercise also requires minimal space, so the user can easily switch from one exercise to the next. It engages your entire core, which includes your pelvis, abs, glutes, back, and chest muscles.

In addition to building core strength, suspension weight training improves coordination, balance, and power. This equipment focuses on functional strength because the users must always engage their core while working out. Core work is especially important in suspension training since the unstable platform forces the core to be engaged continuously. If the core is not engaged throughout the exercise, this will affect the exercise and affect the results.

It improves flexibility

TRX Suspension Weight Training is an exercise program designed specifically for older adults. This program focuses on strengthening, flexibility, and balance. It can help older adults overcome the limitations of aging and physical disability. The program includes a variety of exercises, and the benefits of TRX can be seen in as little as one month.

The TRX Suspension Weight Training focuses on core strength and improves flexibility by exposing muscles to instability. This helps improve mobility in the ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder. The workout requires users to engage the core with side-to-side movements, pushing, pulling, and hinging.

TRX exercises improve flexibility by targeting different muscles and stabilizing the joints of the body. A few of these include the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, and hamstrings. The TRX exercise also increases a person's balance, which improves their overall health and wellness.

A 12-week program of TRX Suspension Weight Training can lead to better muscle strength and flexibility. It has been shown to improve hip flexion, jump, strength, and agility in elite basketball players. Suspension training is also beneficial for older adults, who can gain new flexibility and strength.

Unlike traditional exercise machines, TRX Suspension Weight Training uses the weight of the user to adjust the level of difficulty. It also allows users to walk closer or farther away from the anchor point. This makes the workout challenging while reducing the time wasted switching between weights.

It improves core stability

TRX Suspension Weight Training improve core stability and posture by strengthening the muscles and ligaments around the spine. This type of training has proven to be beneficial for athletes and older adults alike. The researchers found that older adults who completed a 12-week program showed improved hip flexion, jump, strength, and agility.

Suspension training is a unique training technique that challenges your body in unstable conditions, forcing you to engage your core. In addition to strengthening your core and building overall strength, TRX Suspension Weight Training improve your balance, core stability, and flexibility. The TRX Suspension Trainer uses your bodyweight as resistance and creates instability, forcing your body to use its core to maintain balance and posture.

Suspension training activates more muscle groups than regular exercises such as planks and crunches. These exercises also require greater heart rate, thereby improving cardiovascular fitness and core stability. Furthermore, it improves overall strength and endurance. This training also helps reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke by positively modifying several major risk factors associated with CVD.

In order to achieve the maximum results from the TRX Suspension Weight Training, you must master the proper techniques. The most important aspect of this type of training is the fact that the workout uses your body weight to exercise. The exercise can be performed by almost anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

It improves neuromuscular coordination

Suspension training is a popular way to improve neuromuscular coordination and core strength. Many gyms are now offering classes based on suspension trainers. These workouts are effective at improving neuromuscular coordination, muscle activation, core strength, and lower back strength. The TRX Suspension Trainer is one type of suspension trainer that is ideal for this purpose.

A common suspension training ad touts the benefits of core training, which involves developing and strengthening muscles in the region below the chest to the base of the pelvis. While many people associate core training with 6 pack abs, it also promotes bulletproof low back health and prevents pain.

To do TRX suspension exercises, you should align the handles with your knees and arms at chest level with your palms facing down. Begin by stepping forward with your right foot and then lower your left leg while keeping your left knee at a 90-degree angle. Repeat for 8 to 10 reps and then do the same on the other leg.

Another benefit of TRX suspension training is that you can adjust the bands to suit your level of fitness. You can start at a lower level and gradually advance to more advanced exercises. The exercises will increase core strength and stability, as well as balance, but be sure to always exercise with caution.

What is TRX Suspension Training?

TRX Suspension Training  Suspension Weight Training

Suspension training is a great way to build strength, core stability, flexibility, and coordination. Its ease of use and adaptability make it a great choice for busy people. And because it is a bodyweight workout, you can adapt the exercises to your personal needs.

Suspension training is a form of leveraged bodyweight training

TRX suspension training is a form of bodyweight training that uses gravity to train the body. It uses a suspension system that combines the user's bodyweight with an adjustable nylon-type strap. Using this system, users can improve their lower body strength, core stability, flexibility, and balance.

TRX suspension training is designed to develop strength in a variety of functional and dynamic positions. Most daily activities require movement in several planes. Isolated exercises tend to contradict the design of the human body and promote one-dimensional movement patterns that can reduce range of motion and cause injury.

TRX training can be done by almost anyone. It is lightweight and portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be used to train different muscle groups simultaneously, allowing you to do different exercises at a time. TRX training is also useful for improving cardiovascular health, as it helps the heart to pump blood efficiently and effectively.

TRX suspension training utilizes body weight as resistance and develops flexibility, strength, balance, and core stability. With a TRX Suspension Trainer, you can perform hundreds of exercises without the use of equipment, which minimizes the risk of pre-existing injuries. TRX training is also low impact, so users can practice any fitness level at any time. The TRX suspension trainer is suitable for beginners and experts alike. It can also be used for youth fitness training.

TRX suspension training is an innovative form of bodyweight exercise. It allows you to perform hundreds of exercises without causing yourself injuries, while building strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. Moreover, the suspension trainer system is safe and prevents the risk of overtraining, which is detrimental for the program's efficacy. It also gives you control over the level of intensity, so you can choose what workout is best suited for your fitness level.

The benefits of TRX suspension training are well documented. It can help you develop core body strength, joint stability, and muscular strength. Furthermore, TRX allows you to perform calisthenic exercises outside of suspension training. This is especially useful if you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast.

It helps build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability

TRX suspension training uses the body's natural tension to build strength and core stability. It also helps maintain proper alignment. The exercise targets the arms, shoulders, chest and core. The exercise requires holding handles at a rib cage position and bending elbows to 90 degrees.

To start TRX exercises, stand with your feet wider than your hips. The foot cradles should align with the middle of your calves. Extend your arms and legs, keeping your core engaged. Next, lower your right foot into a lunge. While doing so, make sure to keep your left knee at a 90-degree angle. Repeat this movement for eight to ten reps.

Suspension training helps develop the core body's strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. It also reduces the risk of injury. The training is easy to use and can be performed anywhere. Suspension trainers are great for those who have a hard time getting the right exercise equipment. They are cost-effective, too.

One of the benefits of TRX is that it can be adjusted to fit any body size and ability. With a variety of length and angle settings, the TRX can accommodate every muscle in the body. Users can also vary the speed of the exercises and perform different movements. According to the UK Chief Medical Officers Guidelines, adults should be active for 150 minutes a week. Two of those hours should be dedicated to strength training.

TRX suspension training has become an increasingly popular form of exercise. It is a great way to improve your core strength and develop coordination. It also increases your flexibility. The workout uses the body's weight against gravity to challenge every muscle group. As a result, you will build lean muscle and tone the whole body. It's also a good choice for anyone who wants a total body workout without stressing the joints.

The TRX suspension training program was designed specifically for older adults. The research evaluated the safety of the device and the effectiveness of the program in older adults. Its design and effectiveness was evaluated in healthy older adults.

It is a great choice for people strapped for time

The TRX suspension trainer comes with a variety of anchoring options, including a door anchor. You attach the TRX to a sturdy structure in your home, such as a railing, a weight rack, or exposed beam. Whatever the anchoring location, it must be stable enough to support the body weight of the user.

The TRX suspension trainer has an advanced workout program that can help you get the results you are looking for in less time. The exercises are made to challenge your core stability and strength, while improving cardiovascular fitness and overall body composition. You can start with the basic exercise routine and gradually work your way up to more difficult exercises.

Suspension training works your whole core and many muscle groups in your back and glutes. This type of workout is also great for developing flexibility and balance. It also works aerobic muscles. It's an excellent choice for people who don't have much time or don't want to spend a lot of money on fitness equipment.

There are many benefits of using the TRX suspension trainer. First, you'll have a stronger core, which translates into increased power transfer during athletic maneuvers. As a former weightlifting coach told me, "You can't shoot a cannon from a canoe." Furthermore, ST has been used by professional athletes to boost athletic abilities and train safely.

For people who don't have the time to attend a fitness class, the TRX suspension trainer is a perfect solution. It's easy to set up, and there are no special equipment requirements. All you need is a workout space six feet by eight feet in size. Moreover, the TRX suspension trainer gives you a complete range of exercises.

It is easy to modify

Modifications can be made to TRX exercises to make them more effective. For example, in order to create an abdominal workout, you can use a TRX that has a hip-lift attachment. By using this type of suspension training, you can develop a strong back and shoulders. TRX training can also be used to strengthen muscles in the legs and arms.

TRX suspension training uses a simplified approach to exercise, based on seven basic movements. Using body weight and movement to change body position, TRX is effective at improving cardiovascular fitness. This is because it engages several muscle groups, such as the abdominals and hamstrings.

Suspension training also helps improve core strength and functional strength. The suspension platform forces users to engage their core muscles throughout every movement. The exercise involves side-to-side movements, twisting, pushing, pulling, and hinging. The results are noticeable immediately. This type of training can also be used to develop core strength and balance.

Adding weights to a TRX suspension training workout allows you to add more resistance and work out more muscle groups. Suspension training is also safe for women who are pregnant. As long as you work with a professional trainer, it's completely safe for you to continue your workouts after childbirth.

TRX suspension training is easy to modify to suit your needs. As with any exercise, modifications can improve your body's alignment, core stability, and balance. By adjusting your body position and weight, TRX training will help you find and correct any imbalances in your body. The benefits of TRX suspension training can be felt all over your body, from your arms to your butt.

While a suspension trainer can help you achieve a wide range of movement, you must make sure to get 100% of the resistance in order to get the best results. If there is too much slack in the ropes or straps, it will affect your intensity and quality of workout.

While TRX suspension training is ideal for athletes, older adults can also benefit from it. It has been found to be effective in improving BMI, gait, speed, and handgrip strength in older adults. These improvements can lead to a better quality of life.

Burgess Yachts - Luxury Mega Yachts for Sale & Charter

Burgess is one of the world's leading luxury yacht companies. Their services include superyacht sales and construction. They also provide charter services. Whether you are interested in buying a new superyacht or chartering an existing one, Burgess can help you find the perfect yacht for your needs.


Burgess Yachts is a company that specializes in the sale, charter and management of luxury mega yachts. The company was founded in 1975 and currently has 13 offices around the world. It has a reputation for high quality service and professionalism. Their employees have vast seagoing experience and are able to handle any aspect of yacht management.

Burgess Yachts has its headquarters in Dallas and offices in Houston. In the second quarter of 2014, Burgess sold one large yacht a day. In the first half of 2014, the company sold 23 yachts. One of these large yachts was the 282.2-foot Feadship Ecstasea. In another transaction, the company represented the seller and buyer for the 281-foot Derecktor mega yacht, Cakewalk.

Another luxury yacht from Feadship is the Venus, a 78-metre aluminum vessel. Designed by De Voogt Naval Architects, the yacht was refitted in 2015. It features high-tech amenities and an innovative glass exterior. Although the yacht was never photographed inside, new photos from the refit revealed its interior and its lavish layout.

The name Feadship is derived from the first export association of Dutch shipyards, which was formed to promote Dutch yachts in the American market after World War II. The brand currently features three shipyards in the Netherlands, which employ around 800 craftsmen.

Besides the Burgess Mega Yachts, Burgess also offers the 163.3-foot Home and the 180.5-foot Laurentia. Both were built by leading Dutch shipyard Heesen. Unlike the smaller yachts, these vessels have larger capacities and APAs. The yachts are also able to accommodate more guests.

A major factor in choosing a yacht is the location of the yacht. Some yachts are permanently based in one place and go there throughout the year, while others cruise all over the world. The Lady E, for example, has a new beach club in the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, the GECO is a summer cruiser in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Fraser Yachts

Fraser Yachts has partnered with Burgess to develop the company's Asia office, which has completed 20 transactions in 2017. This new operation includes more than 20 people working in five offices across the region, including a dedicated Asia desk based in Monaco. With its global presence and deep expertise in the yachting industry, Burgess Asia is ideally placed to assist clients in the Asian market.

The Tatoosh is a luxury yacht built by the German shipyard Nobiskrug. She features eleven cabins for up to 19 guests and is equipped with bulletproof triple-laminated glass windows. Other features include a cinema and beauty salon. The name of the yacht is derived from an area near Mount Rainier, southwest of Seattle.

Northern Star is one of the top-quality yachts available. Her cruising history is outstanding, and last year, she took guests to the remote areas of Greenland, where they could observe the world's famous whales. Another Burgess yacht broker, Dominic Millman, has valuable experience in buying and selling larger yachts. He advises buyers to compare each project very carefully.

In addition to the Luminosity, Burgess is currently selling two 100-metre mega yachts. The first, Luminosity, was designed by the Italian shipyard Benetti. It was sold to a wealthy owner who plans to live aboard. It is now based in Barcelona.

The second superyacht that Fraser Yachts has listed for sale is the ACE. This luxury mega yacht is a replica of the legendary Westward. Its owner, Alex Krykanyuk, is selling the yacht. The owners have spent millions of dollars on her interior decor.

As a result, Burgess is seeing a huge spike in pre-owned superyacht sales. The firm's annual sales have now surpassed US$2.27 billion, an increase of 27 percent on last year. This is the largest amount Burgess has ever seen.

Octopus was previously owned by Paul Allen. He listed it for $325 million when it was last on the market. The Burgess brokerage has partnered with Fraser Yachts to sell it. The new owner plans to make it available for hire next year.


Burgess yachts is one of the leading superyacht brokerages in the world. With 13 offices across the globe, they specialize in luxury mega yachts and can help you find the perfect yacht to suit your needs. Burgess offers exceptional advice and after-sales service and is a great partner for luxury yacht enthusiasts. Founded in 1975, Burgess has been involved in the sale of some of the world's most significant yachts.

A Feadship Arrow is an example of an ultra-luxury super yacht with sensational interior spaces. Designed by H2 and featuring curved sofas, this vessel is the epitome of open space and sophistication. Her sundeck boasts a Jacuzzi, pizza oven, barbeque, and a bar for entertaining guests. Perhaps her most unique feature is the beach club, which transforms into an evening entertainment lounge when the crew is not using the yacht.

Feadship yachts are famous for their prestigious reputation and exemplary performance. Founded by two Dutch families, Feadship has deep roots in the yachting community. Their reputation has been forged with a focus on quality and total reliability. Today, Feadship produces over 250 luxury mega yachts worldwide.

When selecting a yacht, location is an important consideration. Some yachts have permanent ports while others cruise the Mediterranean and the Caribbean throughout the year. For example, Lady E has a brand-new beach club in the Indian Ocean, while GECO cruises the Eastern Mediterranean in the summer.

Delta Superyacht Albatross for Sale

Delta superyacht Albatross for sale SuperYacht Times

If you're looking for a superyacht with a range of 7,400 miles, the Delta superyacht Albatross may be the perfect choice. This vessel also features a helipad and a full-beam tender garage. There's also a fully-equipped beach club with a bar, and a raised eight-person Jacuzzi.


KK SUPERYACHTS offers a range of PEDIGREE SUPERYACHTS, including the popular Wally 130. This high-performance sailing yacht is perfect for cruising the North Atlantic. The exterior features stylish carbon fibre detailing.

YATCO Professional Members adhere to strict code of ethics

YATCO Professional Members adhere to a strict code of ethics when selling Delta superyaches, such as Albatross, as well as other high-end yachts. This code of ethics was designed to protect yacht owners and ensure the highest standards of professionalism are maintained by members. They must be honest, knowledgeable, and respectful of all other yachting professionals. They must also use the knowledge they gain during their profession to help others pursue their career goals. They should also uphold the integrity of the 1901 not-for-profit status of the association and disclose any yachting-related commercial interests to the Executive.

Albatross was built to withstand harsh conditions, such as hurricanes and cyclones. It has a range of seven thousand nautical miles and has all the necessary equipment to perform emergency repairs. The vessel also has a helicopter landing pad on the aft bridge deck. This deck also serves as the boat deck during passage. It is equipped with cranes to launch and recover tenders, as well as an eight-person Jacuzzi.

Feadships' New Superyacht Concept Slice Has a Striking Glass Exterior

Feadships New Superyacht Concept Slice Has a Striking Glass

The 70m2 atrium of the new Slice superyacht is a unique feature on the concept yacht. It has no staircase and is unbroken throughout, which allows for a variety of art installations and lighting effects. It also features a 10-metre pool. Its striking glass design and ultra-high modulus material are inspired by research done in Formula One.


The exterior of the new Feadship concept yacht Slice is striking. The vessel features a long glass panel spanning the entire length of the yacht, from bow to stern. This glass panel will allow natural light to filter in and out of the interior.

The interior of this new yacht also features striking glass. A 70-square-metre atrium, circular balconies and a 10-metre multi-level pool are among the highlights of the new yacht concept. The ship is powered by environmentally friendly engines. Feadship's engineers call it a fuel agnostic yacht, and mention the use of methanol and non-fossil diesel in its propulsion system.

The owner of the new Feadship concept yacht was an avid collector of modern art. The 3D logo of the Feadship name on the funnel was influenced by a 1967 work by renowned American artist Ed Ruscha. The artwork was titled 'juice on top'. The 71-metre superyacht concept also features four lavish guest suites on the main deck, a gym on the sun deck, and a large beach club.

The propulsion system for Slice uses four dual-fuel generators that use methanol or non-fossil diesel. In addition, it uses two Azimuthing pods. Moreover, it is equipped with fuel cells for silent cruising and for fuel saving. The ship has a range of about 5,000 nautical miles.

Project 3249

The new 85m superyacht concept Slice has a striking glass exterior and interior. Designed by Studio de Voogt, it features a long strip of glazing from bow to stern. This glass is shaped like an 'S' and allows natural light to filter through multiple decks. The design is similar to Feadship's acclaimed Pure concept that was unveiled last year at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The new yacht concept features an atrium that spans 70 square metres. This creates a relaxing area that extends up to 50cm above the deck. It also includes an open-air cabana. The yacht was designed to be environmentally friendly, and the engineers say it will run on renewable energy sources. The new concept will also feature rooftop solar panels and an advanced hybrid propulsion system.

The exterior of the new concept is a beautiful reflection of the owner's taste. The owners worked with RWD to ensure that the yacht had an exceptional appearance and to meet the owner's demands. The owner wanted to be able to have a luxury yacht for the entire family to enjoy.

Apex 850

The striking glass on the exterior of Feadships' new concept slice superyacht is just one of the many features on board the vessel. The ship's main deck boasts a monumental atrium, complete with cascading circular balconies. The overall effect is reminiscent of a futuristic version of the Guggenheim. The ship is equipped with a watertight forward entrance.

Despite her striking glass exterior, Feadship's newest concept superyacht, the Slice, has a surprisingly small footprint. The 87-metre yacht was created in collaboration with renowned Dutch designer Marco van Ham. The interior features a neutral palette and a mixture of materials such as marble, shagreen, and straw marquetry. The spacious layout is able to accommodate up to 20 guests and features a private terrace with a small pool.

The yacht's designers were also challenged by traditional yacht layouts. They explored new ideas for natural lighting, vertical spaces, and the linear transition from mountain to sea. The designers also explored the use of art installations and lighting installations to make the corridors comfortable and inspiring.


Feadship's new superyacht concept Slice has a striking glass front. Its low furniture helps avoid obstructing views. The aft deck features a 33-foot pool. Designers were meticulous about where they could place it and built in hidden dampers to keep the water from sloshing around. There's also a sky lounge with a Jacuzzi and open-air lounges.

The striking glass front and back design of the Slice set a dramatic tone for the modern living spaces on board. The yacht is a performance-oriented vessel, with 16 knots top speed. It also cruises at eleven knots.

The design team challenged traditional yacht layouts by exploring natural light, vertical spaces, and the seamless transition from mountain to sea. They also experimented with lighting and art installations, which transformed corridors into a comfortable living space. A glass atrium surrounded by circular balconies and terraces provides views of the sea.

Feadship commissioned Dutch designer Marco van Ham to create the interior of the yacht. Instead of teak, the Dutch designer chose to use other materials like backlit marbles, liquid metals, silver leaf, shagreen, and straw marquetry. In addition to the glass, the interior features a neutral color scheme with organic shapes throughout. The yacht's interiors can accommodate up to twenty guests. Its Owner's suite features a private terrace and a private swimming pool.


Feadship's new superyacht concept Slice has a striking glass facade and impressive features. The main deck features a dramatic atrium with cascading circular balconies. The design team explored many ways to incorporate natural light into the overall layout. The result is an atrium that evokes the Guggenheim. The interior has several lounges and decks including a sky lounge and jacuzzi.

The design team at Feadship wanted to create a superyacht that would have private sundecks as well as an open aft pool. The Slice can also moor bow-in and feature a fully engineered passerelle. The forward entrance is watertight and serves as a welcoming space for guests.

The use of glass has become increasingly popular in superyachts. Many shipyards have invested in R&D in order to find new ways to use flexible glass. The 60m Abeking & Rasmussen superyacht Excellence, for example, has vertical glass panels that reach five metres high. Fitting glass panels this high into a superyacht's interior was a major challenge. Superyacht designers are also exploring the possibilities of using Corning's Gorilla Glass, which is scratch resistant and lightweight.

In addition to a striking glass façade, the new Juice superyacht concept is also distinguished by a striking stern. It is being built in a Chinese yard and features a slipper stern and rounded aft decks. The overall design combines classic and contemporary design elements. It also has two 24.5m tenders and fast propulsion. The concept was launched at the Monaco Yacht Show.


If you're considering buying a superyacht, you may want to take a look at the new concept from Feadship. It features a 33-foot multi-level swimming pool on the aft deck. The designers took careful measurements to ensure that the pool's location is optimal. The design also includes a concealed damper system that prevents water from sloshing. Other highlights of the new superyacht concept include a sky lounge and a Jacuzzi.

The interiors are visually striking, with a mixture of textures and materials. The overall style is distinctly contemporary, but it's hard to pin down a particular design trend. The layout includes items that are both modern and classic, including reclaimed furniture from flea markets and design elements from Gherardi's design firm.

The propulsion system is another innovative feature of the new superyacht concept. The design incorporates a hybrid system that offers high levels of flexibility and redundancy. The propulsion system can also be configured so that a smaller main engine can be installed, thus reducing fuel consumption.

High Chaparral

The striking glass is not only beautiful but functional as well, thanks to Feadship's designers, who used a CAD model to slice the yacht down the centre. This then allows for a strip of glass to span the width of the vessel from bow to stern, allowing natural light to filter in. The design also reinvents the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

The Slice concept yacht features an open aft pool and separate sundecks for the owner and guests. The designers studied the best location for a pool, and they also installed hidden dampers to prevent water sloshing. Other features of the Slice include a spacious beach club, a Jacuzzi, and two open-air lounges.

The concept yacht is available for immediate construction. It could be delivered as early as 2027. It shares the same sculptural philosophy as Pure, which was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show last year. While it may not be the next biggest superyacht, it's a step in the right direction.

This striking glass superyacht concept is a stunning example of Feadship's new design philosophy. The owners wanted a yacht that was completely their own and that they could call their own. The Feadship designers were able to meet his strict requirements. The result is a superyacht with an impressive interior and exterior.

SuperYacht Yacht Owners Private Jet

SUPERYACHTFAN SuperYacht Yacht Owners Private Jet

If you're a yachting fan, you may be curious about the private jets of wealthy individuals. While private jets may not be as flashy as a megayacht, they are a constant source of fascination for the online yachting community.

Viktor Vekselberg's superyacht Tango

Viktor Vekselberg's yacht Tango has been seized by FBI officials. The superyacht has been the subject of a long-running investigation into allegations of money laundering and bank fraud. Despite the allegations, Vekselberg remains uncharged. He is believed to have used shell companies to avoid bank oversight. His net worth is estimated at $9 billion.

The Russian entrepreneur is one of the most prominent Russians and the owner of a Russian conglomerate called Renova Group, which owns interests in energy, aluminum, and telecom. Vekselberg has also faced sanctions by the U.S. and the EU in the wake of his involvement in the Ukrainian war.

The superyacht's hull is white and the superstructure is blue. She was designed by Harrison Eidsgaard and boasts a speed of 21.0 knots. She is equipped with seven staterooms and a crew of 22.

In March, the FBI conducted a major operation involving Viktor Vekselberg's megayacht Tango. It is the first time the FBI has conducted a major raid on a yacht. It was requested by the U.S. government's Homeland Security Investigations, as well as the Spanish government's Civil Guard. Among the accusations against Vekselberg were accusations of money laundering, counterfeiting, and bank fraud.

The Tango is a 254-foot luxury yacht owned by a Russian billionaire, which the U.S. government estimates at $90 million. The superyacht is owned by Viktor Vekselberg, who is a member of the Russian President Vladimir Putin's inner circle. The government seized the yacht after a lawsuit was filed by the U.S. Department of Justice. The case has led to the freezing of dozens of Russian yachts.

Although the Russian government is not a member of the European Union, the Russian oligarchy was the target of sanctions. On 4 Kwietnia, Wekselberg's yacht was seized in Balearow. The FBI and the HSI, an American federal agency, conducted the operation.

Vekselberg is the chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, a high-tech business district in Moscow. He is also a business partner of Oleg Deripaska, the owner of the superyacht Clio. He has also made many controversial investments, including in the United States' nuclear weapons program and in the Russian government's defense budget.

Rashid Sardarov's superyacht Stella Maris

The 237-foot Stella Maris was recently spotted in Nice, France. It is thought to be owned by Russian billionaire oil and gas magnate Rashid Sardarov. The yacht's evolution can be traced back to the collapse of the Soviet Union, when state oil and metals industries were sold to politically connected Russian businessmen in exchange for loans and shares.

Superyachts are usually expensive, and the prices of these luxury yachts can run into the billions. Rashid Sardarov is a Russian billionaire and owner of many companies, including South Ural Industrial Group. He has business interests in Africa as well as the Middle East. He has also become well-known for his extravagant lifestyle, which includes spending $9 million on his daughter's wedding. The couple had Robbie Williams perform at the ceremony.

The Russian president has an interest in the yacht. Its interior features a gym, spa and library. The yacht also features an indoor pool, which doubles as a dance floor. The yacht is flagged in the Cayman Islands and registered to a holding company in Malta. The Cayman Islands and Malta are well-known for their secrecy, and the yacht's owner, Rashid Sardarov, is not publicly identified.

The Stella Maris is a 237-foot superyacht built by the Italian shipyard VSY. The yacht has won eight prestigious awards and has been named one of the world's best yachts by the International Yacht & Aviation. The yacht's exterior and interior design was created to maximize space and comfort for guests.

Andrey Melnichenko's superyacht Valerie

The owner of the world's largest sailing yacht, Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, has been arrested in Trieste, Italy. The yacht is believed to be the Sailing Yacht A. It is a 237-foot luxury vessel that can accommodate 14 guests. It is estimated to be worth over $500 million. The boat was designed by Philippe Starck and was built by Nobiskrug in Germany. The billionaire owns several companies, including the coal and fertiliser producer EuroChem Group.

According to the owner's statement, Melnichenko owns majority shares in the largest coal and chemical companies in Russia. His wife is a Serbian model and former pop star with the girl group Models. The yacht is currently docked in Barcelona, Spain. It features eight decks, multiple elevators, an observatory area for underwater life, and one of the tallest masts in the world.

While most superyacht seizures have taken place in Italy, Spain has also been involved in a few cases. This latest incident occurred in Spain, where the yacht was seized by Spanish authorities. Spain's Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, announced the seizure on his Spanish television station.

It is unclear if Andrey Melnichenko will be prosecuted for his actions. However, he has two other superyachts: Solaris and Eclipse. Both of these are worth more than PS700m. In addition, Andrey Melnichenko's superyacht Valerie, valued at PS672m, was impounded by the Dutch government earlier this month.

It is unclear how much of the yacht is still owned by Melnichenko. However, he has previously made public statements regarding his intentions. The Russian oligarch is worth close to US$10 billion and has several properties in the UK and the US.

The 156-metre Valerie was detained on March 15 and was in the process of receiving repairs. Her owner has denied any wrongdoing, insisting that he is not involved in the Russian military attack on Ukraine. He was subsequently added to the UK government's sanctions list.

The unnamed owner of the yacht is a Russian billionaire, and his son was a regular passenger on the boat. His wife, Valeria, is a fashion designer who has studied in London and attended the London College of Fashion. She once said on Instagram that she was "too pretty to work"

Superyachts - The Entire Fleet SuperYacht Times

Yachts Superyachts The Entire Fleet SuperYacht Times

This article focuses on the Stately Eclipse, the Crescent, and El Mahrousa. It also mentions the 82-foot swimming pool on the Stately Eclipse. Read the full article to learn about these amazing yachts. In addition, you will get to know a little bit about the crew of these superyachts.

El Mahrousa

The Egyptian presidential yacht El Mahrousa was built in the 1860s by Samuda Brothers, and for a century it was the largest yacht in the world. It was originally built for Khedive Ismail, the Ottoman governor of Egypt, and was used to host dignitaries during the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. Over the years, the El Mahrousa underwent many reconstructions, and in 1905 it was lengthened by 12.1 metres. It was again refitted in 1950, and in 2004 was restored for the Christopher Columbus Fleet Review.

In 1863 the viceroy of Egypt ordered a massive steel vessel, which he christened El Mahrousa. El Mahrousa was the longest yacht in the world for 19 years, until it was surpassed by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. During that time the Egyptian El Mahrousa was in operation, and was built by the Samuda Brothers shipyard in Isle of Dogs, east London.

While the El Mahrousa is the world's oldest active superyacht, it was also built by a London-based company. It serves as the presidential yacht for the Egyptian government and is maintained by the Egyptian Navy. Its construction process took a decade and the yacht is now owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

In November, Scheherazade underwent sea trials. She has a seven-foot beam, two helipads, and a large beach club at the aft. However, few details have been released about this luxury yacht. The Lurssen shipyard is a world-renowned builder, but there are few details on the yacht.

The A+ superyacht launched in 2012 was designed by millionaire designer Tim Heywood. It is notable for its sleek exterior design, with an eye-catching circular staircase crafted from glass. It also has a swimming pool on the lower aft deck. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the UAE's deputy prime minister, commissioned the construction of this luxurious superyacht.

Stately Eclipse

The Eclipse is one of the world's most luxurious yachts. With bulletproof glass, anti-ballistic missile defence, and specialized security systems, this yacht offers top-tier comfort for its owners and guests. Other features include a private six-foot home cinema screen, Jacuzzis, spas, and more. Additionally, it has an anti-paparazzi system to prevent unauthorized use of digital cameras. Additionally, it features a rising floor that doubles as a dance floor.

Designed by Terence Disdale Design, the Eclipse's interior and exterior designs are both unique to this luxury superyacht. A team of 70 employees is responsible for keeping this luxury yacht in top condition. The ship also includes a swimming pool that can be converted into a dance floor. Other amenities include an atrium, fully equipped gym, spa, cinema, hair salon, restaurant, and internal lifts. The yacht can also accommodate two helicopters and a three-person submarine.

The Eclipse has a displacement steel hull with an aluminium superstructure. The decks are teak wood. The yacht's stabilization system is ultra-modern, reducing the roll-motion effect. It also has at anchor stabilisers for added safety. The interior of the Eclipse yacht features soft metallic fabrics and Art Deco interior design.

The Eclipse is powered by four MTU 20V 1163 TB93 marine diesel engines. They are connected to an Azipod drive. This system allows her to reach a top speed of 25 knots and cruise at 22 knots. Her fuel tanks provide enough fuel for 6,000 nautical miles of travel at 21 knots.

The Eclipse is Abramovich's second superyacht. She is 500ft long and has been dubbed the world's longest private yacht. It was recently refurbished and is said to be worth between PS600 million and PS1.5 billion.

Stately Eclipse's 82-foot swimming pool

Stately Eclipse is a 533.1-foot super yacht built by the German shipyard Blohm+Voss. It features a full complement of luxury amenities and has accommodations for up to 85 guests. The yacht's interior features seventeen staterooms and a large, tiered owner's deck. It also boasts the largest swimming pool in the world, with a floor that can be converted to a dance floor.

In addition to the traditional swimming pool, Stately Eclipse's Sky Pool features an 82-foot swimming pool suspended between two residential buildings 100 feet apart. It has a unique design - its curved shape makes it seem to float and provides swimmers with a breathtaking view of the London skyline.


Crescent Yachts is building the largest recreational boat in Canada. It's 164' long and was designed by Gregory C. Marshall, a naval architect based in Victoria, British Columbia. The boat is named Dansante Bay, after Loreto, Mexico. The company has been building boats for over 30 years and also owns Tactical Custom Boats and Platinum Marine. They also offer full service boat repair and wrap finishing.

The Crescent Yard in Richmond, British Columbia is home to the Muchos Mas, a luxury motor yacht that debuted in 2016. The 42-metre vessel boasts an owner's suite on the main deck and four additional cabins below. She can accommodate up to nine guests. She is powered by twin MTU 16V4000 engines, with a combined output of 5,470hp.

As one of the largest shipyards in Canada, Crescent's history dates back to 1985. In the early 2000s, the shipyard was sold to a group of investors. However, these new owners failed to build a single boat and the company would have collapsed. However, the company was saved thanks to its former CEO, Tim Charles. Afterward, he started a new company, Platinum Marine, and hired many of the Crescent shipyard's employees. He then began offering boat maintenance and repair services.

The Crescent Lady is the eighth largest yacht in the world. She is currently for sale by Denison Yachting. It features an exterior design by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd. She has accommodations for up to 10 guests and five crew members, including a captain. The boat has a grp hull and superstructure and is powered by two MTU engines with a cruising speed of 24.0 kn. She can carry 19,306 liters of fuel and 2,650 liters of water.


The Sydney Harbour Yacht Race, scheduled to start on Boxing Day at 13:00 local time, has been hit by a rash of opportunistic infections. While it is unclear how widespread the problem is, it is clear that some of the yachts in the race may be infected. Organisers have ordered the crews to undergo a series of tests 72 hours before the race. The crews will then be re-tested upon arrival in Hobart.

While it is true that the superyacht industry is growing, its size and costs are also rising. This trend has meant that the need for docking facilities has become more important than ever. While many dock their superyachts at sea, not all are designed for long-term use.

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