My Anime List - Keep Track of Your Favorite Anime

My Anime List - Keep Track of Your Favorite Anime


My Anime List - Keep Track of Your Favorite Anime

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If you love watching anime, MyAnimeList is a great app to use to keep track of your favorite shows. Not only is it free, it's also easy to use. It has a community of fans who share your interests, making it a great option for anime fans. Keep up with the latest trends and find new series to watch by signing up for notifications.

MyAnimeList is a good app to keep track of anime

If you are an anime fan and want to be able to track your favorite series anywhere, MyAnimeList is an excellent app. This application is designed for the Android platform and is available in the Google Playstore. The app has good reviews and ratings and has more than 1 million downloads. Its average user aggregate rating is 3.6 stars. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and is easy to install.

MyAnimeList has a vibrant community of anime fans and a large number of customizable design options. It's like a social network for anime fans, with user forums, news, and reviews. You can also create your own lists and participate in discussion forums.

MyAnimeList can also help you keep track of your favorite series and manga. You can add new anime to your list, rate them, and bookmark your favorites. However, the app does not have a separate section for writing reviews of anime shows or manga series.

Another excellent app to keep track of anime is ManGo. This anime and manga tracker lets you add notes and rewatch them, so you'll always know what you've seen. Another feature is the ability to view your anime and manga on your Apple Watch. Both apps keep your information up to date and secure.

It's free

MyAnimeList is an app that helps you keep track of your favorite anime on the go. Its name is a play on the name of one of the major websites for anime lovers. It features an intuitive interface that makes browsing and creating lists of your favorite anime easy. It also allows you to keep track of the time you've spent watching each anime series, as well as the number of episodes you've watched. While the app does not offer an official Android app, it does work on a computer, making it easy to use.

The app is free to download and uses Google Play to operate. The application is lightweight and does not have ads. It also offers offline viewing, community interaction, and character ranking. You can also create a custom list of your favorite anime series, and view the lists of top shows. It also displays the Meta description of each video, making it easy to find the show you're looking for.

If you like classic anime, you'll love this app. It offers tons of popular anime shows and many more that are not quite as well-known yet. You can watch any of the episodes in the free version, or you can subscribe to the premium version for $7.99 a month.

It's easy to use

My anime list is a simple, yet effective tool for those who are into anime. It allows you to easily browse through the latest episodes and trending anime. It also shows you how your friends are doing and what milestones they've reached. It even lets you easily update your watch list to include new episodes as they air.

It has a community

MyAnimeList is one of the most popular anime websites. It lets you create lists, add and rate anime, and keep track of your favorite series. You can also see how many episodes you have watched so far and the amount of time you've spent watching them. Although the app doesn't have a community like Bluestacks, it can be used to play games.

It has a database

My Anime List, or MAL, is one of the leading websites for anime fans. It lets users create lists of their favorite shows, and then track how many episodes they have watched. While there is no official Android app, the site does have a database of anime titles.

It has a quiz game about Anime Music

For those of you who love anime and are passionate about music, you might like My Anime List, an app that features a quiz game about Anime Music. The quiz game is a free game that lets you guess songs from different anime shows. This app features many popular and obscure anime and offers several different game modes. There is a classic mode where you'll try to get the highest score in a set number of songs. You can also try the survival mode, which will allow you to guess as many songs as you can in a row.

There is also a quiz game called Guess the NRTO Anime Character with Music, which focuses on all of the anime themes and music. It starts off easy and increases in difficulty. Currently, there are 3 different levels of difficulty, each with a different musical excerpt from different anime shows.

MyAnimeList - The Best Anime Database in the World

myanimelist from the new world

Myanimelist is a database of anime series. It is the largest anime database in the world. It allows you to search and download episodes. Among its features are ratings, categories, and cast information. It is also free to use, making it an ideal resource for anime fans.


MyAnimeList is a website dedicated to rating anime. This website will only include anime titles that have at least a few episodes. This will make it easy for you to find the right anime to read next. The ratings are very accurate and can help you choose the best anime to watch.

Isekai manga

The Isekai manga is a fantasy series that has many different aspects. These include the political drama, the isekai magic, and the romance story. In the main plot, the protagonist, Yamai Zenjirou, is dragged to another world by a powerful queen. In this series, his journey to the other world is an epic one that involves many twists and turns.

The Isekai manga genre is a popular genre of manga in Japan. These manga are popular because of their realistic portrayals of isekai, as well as the fact that they can be easily adapted into anime. While this genre has been around for a few decades, it has recently grown in popularity. One of the reasons why this genre has gained such popularity is because of its theme: a protagonist is transported into another world and must make his way back.

The Isekai manga by myanimalist from the new world is a fun read, and if you enjoy the fantasy genre, you will most likely enjoy the story. The plot is filled with action, and it's also filled with hilarious moments.

In the second part of the story, Ichigo Kurosaki has to face new enemies in Karakura. In addition, the Soul Society is getting reports of missing people and the destruction of the Hollow. The Wandenreich, a group that aims to destroy the Seireitei, is threatening the Seireitei and the people living there. Ichigo Kurosaki must fight them in the final battle.

The first part of the manga is set in modern-day Japan, where a former demon king is now a shogun. Among the characters in this manga are Sadao Maou, the former demon king who now has the power of a shogun, and Shiro Ashiya, a devil from Ente Isla.

Shinsekai Yori

The anime Shinsekai Yori follows the story of a girl named Saki, as she matures from a young teen into an adult. While growing up, Saki experiences various hardships in her society, and ultimately, she strives to change the world.

This anime is known for its dark plot and suspenseful atmosphere. It depicts a dystopian world in which humankind is struggling to survive. In this world, the surviving humans have the psychic ability of telekinesis, which is considered both a curse and a gift from the gods. Shinichi Izumi, the protagonist of the anime, is an average teenager, until he is attacked by a strange "parasite". As he continues to investigate the mystery of the mysterious deaths around Tokyo, he learns that he is not the only one with this psychic power.

Shinsekai Yori is a very similar anime to Made in Abyss, but it has a more dark undertone. Shinsekai Yori also features a cast of young characters. As the anime progresses, the children learn about their powers and the secrets of the world. As the series progresses, they develop psychic powers, learn to pilot robots, and learn the truth behind the conspiracy.

Ssy is set in a future world a thousand years in the future, where humankind has evolved unlimited psychic abilities, which has led to war, terrorism, and apocalyptic situations. Eventually, however, the new world is settled into a utopian society.

Shinsekai Yori, MyAnimelist from the new world is the latest anime in the series Shinsekai Yori. The title has a storyline that takes place in a futuristic world, and the characters are a mixture of fantasy and reality. This anime series was adapted into a live-action film.

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is one of the most anticipated anime of the winter season. The promotional material shows beautiful animation, but the story and characters are incredibly basic and lack any interesting elements. The visual presentation is also very weak. Considering that the plot revolves around a superpowered golem girl with robotic arms, the lackluster presentation should come as no surprise.

The plot of Violet Evergarden is very similar to that of Naruto. The characters share a tragic past and a cold personality. Through their interactions, Violet and Kino learn about various people and their motives. They also have different stories. As they grow closer to one another, they begin to form a bond that can only be achieved by working together.

Violet did not fully understand other people's emotions. This caused her to act in ways that came off as odd. She also did not show any signs of despising loneliness. She is inexperienced in human emotions, but she tries her hardest to grow in this area. She is also blunt and tries to correct people when they make a mistake.

Violet has a high stamina level and moves quickly. She can also dodge attacks while attacking others, and does not react strongly to pain. She is also much stronger than Gilbert, even though Gilbert was trained in weaponry and battle techniques. Violet is also a powerful fighter, and she can easily defeat several adults in a short period of time.

Myanimelist Kaguya Sama Season 2

myanimelist kaguya sama season 2

The Ultra Romantic season of Kaguya-sama is out now, the third season in the overall series. This season raises the romantic stakes and the comedic hijinks. The characters and storyline are wildly entertaining, and this season showcases Kaguya's struggle against her wealthy family and the burgeoning romance between the supporting characters.

Review of myanimelist kaguya sama season 2

Kaguya-sama season 1 was a huge hit, and the second season is no different. This anime has an interesting premise and great production values. The voice acting is excellent, and there are several hilarious clips that could easily become memes. The catchy OP and Kaguya dance are also highlights. The character arc of Ishigami is great, and the story progresses logically. However, the other characters are somewhat bland.

Kaguya-sama's relationship with Ishigami is my favorite. Their personalities are so different, but they grow closer. Their relationship has a more realistic and mature tone than most anime. It's a very sweet show that explores different types of relationships.

Kaguya-sama has remained one of the best anime of the past half decade. It combines a heartwarming romance with a riot of perfectly timed visual gags. The show is one of the pillars of the Slice of Life genre. In the last season, Kaguya-sama has moved to the pinnacle of the genre.

Kaguya-sama is the perfect rom-com for fans of the genre. It combines a touching story of love and a touching relationship between a man and a woman and is a perfect blend of comedy and romance. Its art is perfect for this story and the soundtrack fits the moments perfectly.

Kaguya-sama has always been centred around the idea of love and loss. The series tries to depict the importance of love in our lives, and the dangers that come with it. For this reason, it isn't a typical rom-com.

Comparison to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and its manga counterpart start out in much the same way, with a relatively similar plot and character arc. However, the anime diverges in several ways. The first half of the anime follows the manga closely, but after that the writers went their own ways. The second half of the anime focuses more on the characters, and some of the manga characters never appear in the anime.

The comparison between Fullmetal and Brotherhood is fairly easy to make since the two series are based on the same manga series. Both have similar storylines, but diverge a bit after Maes Hughes' death. The first two are faithful adaptations of the manga's events until the death of Hughes.

The second series differs primarily in its plot. The anime focuses on a different cast, but they share the same basic setting. The main characters of the series are Edward and Alphonse Elric. However, both series focus on the same main antagonist, the Father. The Brotherhood film also features the Father, a man who is the progenitor of other homunculi. In addition, Brotherhood also introduces a government conspiracy, the fate of the Amestris, and the Gate of Truth.

While the original series focuses on Edward's relationship with Alphonse, the Brotherhood series places more emphasis on the other main characters. The storyline and characters in the Brotherhood anime are more serious, and the characters are less cartoon-like. The series also features more complex characters and a darker tone than the original. It is also a more intense, more mature anime, which adds to the appeal of the series.

In terms of storytelling, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood shines in every aspect. The storyline is based on the original manga by Hiromu Arakawa, and it stays engaging throughout the 64 episodes of the anime. In addition to this, the series is rich in characters, with plenty of humor to keep the story light. Furthermore, there are many great battle scenes in the anime.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The anime series is set in the fictional country of Amestris, where alchemy is the most practiced science. State alchemists, who work for the government, are given the status of majors in the military. Alchemists can create almost anything through the use of patterns called transmutation circles. However, they must give equal value in exchange.

Visual noise

Myanimelist Kaguya Sama is a show that defies expectations. In the romantic comedy genre, there are few titles that can match the whirlwind of visual gags that fill this series. The art is beautiful, the story is intriguing, and the soundtrack fits the mood of the series to a T.

The ED was the best part of the episode, but overall, it isn't as strong as the first episode. Innuendo was a nice touch in the sci-fi setting, and Kaguya wasn't always as pure as she seems. It was interesting to see him go off-script and use the mask of a fellow soldier to shield Kaguya. The VAs are great, too.

Ultra Romantic theme

If you haven't watched Kaguya-sama yet, you're missing out on one of the best anime series of the past half-decade. Not only is it visually innovative, it's also intensely engaging and passionately driven. The series is one of the pillars of the Slice of Life genre and has gone beyond simple hilarity to a high level of drama.

Kaguya-Sama is one of the best romcoms ever. It contains every element that makes a great romcom, especially when it comes to the comedy. Its story is unlike any other romance manga or anime, and it's beautifully illustrated. Plus, the soundtrack is perfect for every moment.

My Anime List Fruits Basket

my anime list fruits basket

My Anime List merchandise features original designs by independent artists. These designs are printed on quality products in a socially responsible manner, and every purchase puts money into the artists' pocket. This means that you'll be supporting artists who make great art while supporting anime. Each design is a great way to support independent artists and show your support for the genre. So, if you love anime, check out My Anime List!


If you're an anime fan, you may have heard of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, a sci-fi action anime from Wit Studio. In a sci-fi setting, this anime follows an AI singing idol and a group of humans as they try to stop a project that will create a war between human beings and artificial intelligence. It has a strong sci-fi plot, great music, and beautiful fight sequences. The series is also about personal growth and defying fate.

If you want to see some truly original and beautiful anime, Vivy is a must-watch. The character development is amazing, and the animation is beautiful. However, the series is not perfect. Vivy is far from being "An Anime of the Season," as the first season is only 12 episodes, and 86 will end mid-season. Nevertheless, the show has an excellent cast and a lot to offer anime fans looking for a bit more drama and character development.

Both Vivy and Matsumoto are important characters in the series, and they have very different approaches to human relationships. Vivy's goal is to make people happy through music, while Matsumoto wants to use her abilities to fight against a terrorist organization. This conflict causes a rift between the two main characters, and they must decide which is more important.

Vivy season 2

Vivy is on my anime list for season two, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's been a consistent hit for me and deserves all the points it's earned. This season is more than just an improvement on the first season, it has a lot to offer for anime fans. In a few short episodes, we've seen a lot of action, a lot of singing, and a lot of cuteness.

Despite being a relatively short anime, Vivy is a fantastic sci-fi drama with an incredible soundtrack and beautiful fight sequences. This series highlights the cruel passage of time and the importance of personal growth and defying fate. The first season has already garnered over 280,000 views.

Vivy season 1

This anime has great art and animation. However, the story doesn't necessarily follow the expected formula of an anime. At times, Vivy doesn't seem to see the bigger picture. Nevertheless, if you are into action, Vivy may just be the right anime for you. The fight scenes are spectacular and the choreography is great. It's also an enjoyable show for anyone who likes character growth.

The story revolves around two main characters: Vivy and Matsumoto. Vivy's main mission is to make people happy through music, while Matsumoto tries to get her to fight against a terrorist organization. The two clash over Matsumoto's motives.

Vivy is an anime series produced by Wit Studio. It is one of the most enjoyable anime series of the spring 2021 season. It follows an AI singer who wants to make theme park visitors happy. The anime has many similarities to Miku, a popular idol from YouTube.

This series was my favorite anime of 2017. I re-watched the first season several times. I loved the story and the characters and would recommend it to everyone. The anime is a fast-paced and engaging watch. It's a fantastic family show with great animation and amazing characters. It is worth watching if you enjoy fantasy anime.

Takane No Hana Naru Hana Myanimelist

takane no hana nara ochitekoi myanimelist

troll/bait/harassment/abuse other users for liking or disliking the series/characters

Online trolling is a common issue on social media platforms. According to a survey, over 40% of U.S. adults have been the target of online harassment and nearly half (55%) think that it is a growing problem. Furthermore, 75 percent of those targeted by online abuse say they experienced it on social media.

A prime example is the case of Dawn Brancheau. She was a Sea World trainer and was killed by Tillikum, a 12,000-pound killer whale, in front of stadium crowds. After Brancheau's death, trolls took to /b/ and started posting macros of the killer whale and variations of Rule 34.

Trolls also tend to post images of the dead. These images often include baby bodies in meat grinders and anally-imprisoned corpses. In addition, some trolls have even posted pictures of the World Trade Center and Justin Bieber. Such trolls often use the images and the words to highlight their hate and anger.

As a result of the Internet's success, it has developed a subculture of users who seek to undermine the values of a society. Although malice on the Internet is typically intramural, in some cases it can cause real harm to strangers.

Trolls may use the victims' friends and families as collateral. They are rarely friendly, and they may even work together to create a raid. However, they don't usually form lasting relationships with users, and they don't typically have a persistent online identity.

Trolling is considered an Internet subculture and has its own language and rituals. Some individuals have even developed specialized spaces for trolling. The appeal of this behavior stems from the sheer thrill of the ruse. This online behavior is not as offensive or as prevalent as offline bullying, but it is no less offensive.

Ikemen abilities

Takane no Hana nara ochitekoi myanimelist features the Ikemen as well as the main female character. Shiraishi is the 'prince' of the school and uses his 'Ikemen' abilities to attract and manipulate people. He is also obsessed with love and gets tons of love letters and chocolate on Valentine's Day. However, after he meets Kurokawa, his personality starts to change. He becomes a bit less "Ikemen" and intimidated by Kurokawa.

Sakurai's "Ikemen" abilities

The "Ikemen" abilities of the Sakurai in Takane no Hana naru hana myanimelist are the powers of the main character. These powers allow the Sakurai to possess various powers and do incredible things. His eyes are yellow and his hair is green and light brown. His looks are very similar to the other Ikemen in the series.

Shiraishi's "Ikemen" abilities

Shiraishi, the "prince" of school, uses his "Ikemen" abilities to attract people and make them want to be close to him. As a result, he is constantly bombarded with love letters and receives way too much chocolate on Valentine's Day. After meeting Kurokawa, however, Shiraishi's personality starts to change. He becomes more timid and intimidated by Kurokawa and begins using his "Ikemen" abilities less.

Sakurai's takane no hana nara ochitekoi

Sakurai has always been considered a princess of the school, but when he meets Kurokawa, his life is turned upside down. The boy, who has a lot of "Ikemen" abilities, attracts people to the point where they're obsessed with him. His love letters pile up, and he gets way too much Valentine's Day chocolate. But after meeting Kurokawa, the character begins to change, and he becomes less Ikemen. Now, he's not only dependable and perceptive, he's also a romantic character.

Crunchyroll Adds Takane No Hana Nara Ochitekoi!!

takane no hana nara ochitekoi myanimelist

Crunchyroll is continuing its stealth approach to the manga market and has added Takane no Hana Nara Ochitekoi!! (Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!!) to its collection of Japanese anime. It's a fun and sweet story that follows a girl's search for love.

troll/bait/harass/abuse other users for liking or disliking the series/characters

Do not troll/bait/harass other myanimelist users based on their liking of a certain series or character. This is against the site's Anime Discussion Rules. You can't talk about future events or theories about a series/character, and you cannot ask others to watch or download an episode. In addition, you can't harass or troll other users, and you can't share links to copyrighted material.

troll/bait/harass/abuse other users for posting spoilers

You can discuss the latest episode of Takane no Hana nara otokoi in a thread, but don't post spoilers about future events. It is also forbidden to ask where to read a manga or post links to copyrighted materials. Also, please refrain from trolling other users. Always follow the site and forum rules.

troll/bait/harass/harass other users for posting spoilers

Do not troll/bait/harass other Takane no Hana nara otekoi Myanimelist users by discussing future events or asking for links to copyrighted manga. Do not troll or harass other users by using inappropriate language. Also, follow site and forum guidelines.

Fumetsu No Anata E

fumetsu no anata e myanimelist

Fumetsu no Anata e is an anime about an immortal who is created by someone else. This being has no self-awareness, conscience, or thoughts, and can take on the form of those around him. It is subtitled, "To Your Eternity."


Fumetsu no Anata e is a supernatural manga and anime series that follows the life of an immortal. The title translates to "To Your Eternity." The story centers around a magical being who is immortal, has no self-awareness, has no conscience, and no thoughts, but instead can take on the form of a human, stone, or even a copy of itself. Throughout his life, he encounters all sorts of people, and as he meets more people, he starts to change and grow.

Both mangas feature a wanderer with supernatural abilities who is traveling the world. The two series share similar elements, but one is lighter than the other. In addition, both mangas have similar time frames and elements. However, Fumetsu no Anata e has a more romantic element.

Fushi's power is inconsistent and confusing. Although she has the ability to shapeshift into any form, this power doesn't make much sense. Fushi never really learns from her mistakes. This makes the story less satisfying, and the arc drags a bit.


The anime series Fumetsu no Anata is based on the manga series of the same name by Yoshitoki Ooima. It premiered in Japan on April 12 and is now simulcasting on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

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