Moovit - Find Out the Phone Number For the Nearest AutoZone

Moovit - Find Out the Phone Number For the Nearest AutoZone

Moovit - Find Out the Phone Number For the Nearest AutoZone

phone number for the nearest autozone

Moovit makes it easy to find the best route to your nearest AutoZone store. To find the closest store, enter your city, state, or zip code. Then, click the search button. This will take you to a list of stores in your area. You can also find out a store's phone number and address.

Moovit helps you find the best way to get to AutoZone

Moovit is a free transit app that helps you find the best way to get to any destination. The app combines crowdsourced data and official transit agency information to find the fastest route for any trip. It also includes mobile ticketing and a multimodal journey planning engine.

Moovit makes it easy to find the best way to get to AutoZzone (AutoZone Auto Parts) in New York - New Jersey, United States by providing directions and maps. It will also show you the closest stop and travel time in real-time.

The app features live arrival information, step-by-step instructions, and service alerts. It also empowers people with disabilities by providing accessibility features such as screen reading and TalkBack/VoiceOver capabilities. The app can also calculate step-free and wheelchair-accessible routes. It also has a user-friendly menu.

AutoZone price match only in-store products

AutoZone price matches prices on products in its stores. To get a price match, visit the nearest store and bring a valid receipt. You can also check if the competitors' prices are the same online. However, make sure to check the details of their policy before visiting the store. Some products are not eligible for price matching.

Usually, AutoZone price matches prices on products that are in stock and from a company in the same area. The prices should be similar. However, if you find a lower price online, you should bring the proof. This way, AutoZone will be able to determine if they're able to match the price or not.

Although AutoZone does price match prices in-store, the company doesn't price match prices online. However, some store managers may be willing to match RockAuto or other competitors' prices. While you may not be able to get the same product online, AutoZone is a great place to find a bargain on an item.

Prices may differ in different regions of the country. However, AutoZone will match prices for products in their stores if they're sold at a lower price elsewhere. While price matching may be a great option if you're looking to save money, it is important to understand the restrictions and details of the program before trying to take advantage of this service.

AutoZone prides itself on high-quality auto parts and customer service. As part of its efforts to become a leading automotive parts retailer, the company will offer price matching on certain products. However, this service is limited to local competitors, and customers will have to show proof of a lower price before they can get a price match.

AutoZone will price match a product from another store in their local area as long as the products are similar and the warranty is the same. Other stores that may offer lower prices include Walmart, O'Reilly Auto Parts, and Advance Auto Parts.

AutoZone rewards members can track their purchases

AutoZone rewards members can use their membership cards to make purchases and get rewards. These rewards are typically coupons that can be used for merchandise. Once a member, they receive a plastic, digital, or printed membership card. They earn points by making qualifying purchases, and when they have five points, they'll be rewarded with a $20 reward.

AutoZone also allows you to shop online and pick up your purchase in-store. They also have a mobile app that can help you track your purchases. Once you're registered, you can view your purchases and track your points. You can also return items purchased online. After making your purchases, you can track your purchases through the online portal or by mailing them.

The AutoZone rewards program is simple and effective. The program is easy to navigate and offers members a wealth of benefits, such as 20% off the cost of purchases. Members receive emails, printed mailouts, and personalized offers. AutoZone rewards members can also track their purchases using their membership cards.

The AutoZone app allows members to track their purchases, order parts, or accessories, and track their AutoZone Rewards balance. It also tracks the availability of stores in their area and links to rebates and coupons. The app also keeps track of your service history, so you can see if you need to bring your car in for service.

The AutoZone rewards program requires members to make at least five purchases per year. In order to qualify for the reward, members must spend at least $20 per purchase. Hughes and Shenkman purposely purchased items that cost more than $20. This allowed them to earn the $20 reward several times during several years.

AutoZone also offers Next Day Delivery to certain zip codes. When an item qualifies for Next Day Delivery, a message will appear on the product page indicating that it is available. However, the next day delivery date may change based on the actual shipping address. This feature is also available to AutoZone members living outside the U.S.

Whether a customer is a new or existing Elite member, members can track their purchases. They can also earn bonus points for the purchase of popular products. This way, they can earn up to $20 worth of rewards every time they make a purchase.

AutoZone offers a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty

The warranty from AutoZone covers most of the parts in your new vehicle, including batteries, tires, and more. It covers both official manufacturer and aftermarket parts. You can apply for the warranty at any AutoZone store or fulfillment center. And it's free!

If you have an issue with your warranty, you can call customer service. The number can be found on your receipt. You can also find the warranty information on the AutoZone website. The warranty covers parts that fail due to normal use. However, it does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, or incorrect installation.

In case you run into any problems with your vehicle, you can visit the store for free and get a free repair estimate. The parts will be delivered to your home or office at no cost. You can also pick up your order at the store. AutoZone also offers a price match policy.

AutoZone offers free same-day pick-up and delivery in over 6100 stores. In addition to this, you can use the online shopping cart to make a purchase. The online ordering also lets you see what is in stock and where you can pick up your order. You can also pay for your parts online.

Autozone Near Me

autozone near me auto parts store near me

If you are in the market for auto parts, you might be looking for an Autozone near me. AutoZone is an auto parts store that offers low prices and warranties for their products. If you are not satisfied with their prices, you can visit other auto parts stores and find cheaper ones. If you do not have time to go to an Autozone, you can shop around for a cheaper auto parts store in your area.

AutoZone is a retailer

AutoZone is one of the leading automotive replacement parts retailers in the US. With over 5,914 locations across the country, AutoZone is a well-known name in the industry. These stores sell a variety of automotive hard parts, maintenance items, and accessories. Some stores carry both new and refurbished products.

AutoZone specializes in selling parts for most types of cars. Their vast catalog of products makes it easy to find the right auto part for your car. They also offer free ground shipping on orders over $120. Their prices are affordable and fast, and they have great customer service. Most products cost about $69 or less.

The company grew rapidly in the 1990s, expanding to more states. By 1992, AutoZone had 678 stores and a distribution center in Wisconsin. It was able to surpass $1 billion in sales for the first time. By the end of the 1990s, the company began to expand internationally. It opened its first store outside of the U.S., in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. It also opened distribution centers in Illinois and Tennessee.

AutoZone was originally known as Auto Shack and was founded in 1979 in Arkansas. It started selling car and light truck parts. The company now operates more than 4,600 stores throughout the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. It also distributes auto parts online through its website. Several stores have a "Pick Up In Store" option, which allows customers to pick up their orders from a store instead of having to drive to a delivery location.

AutoZone auto parts stores are open seven days a week, and most locations offer free next-day pickup and next-day delivery. The hours of individual stores vary, so it is best to call ahead and check the hours in your area. Some stores open on Sundays.

AutoZone offers a warranty

Warranty coverage is a big benefit when you purchase a battery at AutoZone. Their policy allows you to return a defective battery within 90 days. Make sure that you have a valid ID with you when returning your battery. In addition, you can ask the store manager or employees for help if you have questions about your warranty.

AutoZone offers warranties for a number of their products, which vary in length and coverage. Some are short-lived (just 30 days) while others are lifetime. Most warranties cover defects and replacement of a single part, but some require you to purchase several components for your vehicle. These details are often listed in the product's warranty information.

The warranty will cover the part for a set period of time and will cover it if it breaks or malfunctions. However, this warranty will not cover parts that have been installed incorrectly, or those that have been misused. If your vehicle breaks down under the warranty, you can return it to the store for a refund. Purchasing a warranty for your car from AutoZone will limit the risk of damage or breakdowns.

To make a warranty claim, visit your local AutoZone store. Make sure to bring along an acceptable government-issued identification. Driver's licenses, military IDs, and passports are accepted. If you do not have an acceptable ID, you may not be able to get the warranty service that you need. However, AutoZone reserves the right to deny your claim. If this happens, you should consider using a different battery in the meantime.

In addition to the warranty coverage, AutoZone is not responsible for consequential, incidental, or punitive damages. While AutoZone will try to keep the information updated and accurate, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of its information. However, it does reserve the right to correct errors or omissions in its Web Sites.

If you're having problems with your battery, you can ask an AutoZone employee to check the battery in their database. The store will also help you if you lost the receipt.

AutoZone is a repair facility

AutoZone is a chain of automotive repair facilities that sells a range of automotive parts. The store's website shows hours of operation and pricing, and its app can help you find the right part for your car. If you don't live near an AutoZone, you can get your parts shipped to you. You can track your service history online, and use the store's VIN scanner to find the correct parts for your vehicle.

AutoZone is a leading automotive parts retailer in the US. The company has a vast product line that includes parts for all makes and models, as well as accessories. Each location also offers comprehensive auto repair information and offers a full range of car care services. Many AutoZone centers offer re-builds of engines and transmissions. However, most of these stores focus on general maintenance and repair.

AutoZone's parts department is backed by a strong customer service culture. The team is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality parts and services at the lowest price possible. In addition, they offer online ordering and same-day pickup. They also match the prices of other retailers, so you can shop with confidence.

AutoZone Open Now Near Me

autozone open now near me

If you live in a certain city, you can use your Zip Code or City and State to find the nearest AutoZone store. You can also use this search tool to find a part-time job at an AutoZone store. You can also learn more about AutoZone's career opportunities by reading this article.

Find an AutoZone store by entering a city and state or zip code in the search box

If you need an auto part, you can find an AutoZone store near you by using the online search tool. Enter the city and state or zip code into the search box and see if there are any stores within driving distance. If there are, you can select the option of Next Day Delivery to have the part shipped to your home the next day. If the part is not in stock, you can return it in-store. Just make sure to bring the original packaging and receipt.

AutoZone is the largest auto repair chain in the United States. It has 459 locations in sixteen states. The company was founded in 1987 and started operations in Enid, Oklahoma. The company later introduced the WITT-JR electronic catalog, which allows customers to find and buy auto parts. In 1989, the company started using a computerized store management system. The company also launched a new battery line, Duralast, with three distinct types: Desert, Sub-Zero, and Long Life.

AutoZone also offers a variety of discount coupons. These coupons can be redeemed in-store or online. You can also use your AutoZone Rewards to redeem the rewards. If you have earned five credits, you can redeem them for a $20 reward.

Contact AutoZone

AutoZone, Inc. is a leading American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts. It was founded in 1979 and currently operates over 6,400 retail stores throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The company is known for its low prices, quality products, and extensive service department.

Whether you're a first-time customer or an established customer, AutoZone can help you find the right product for your vehicle. The company has a large product selection, including remanufactured automotive hard parts, maintenance items, and accessories. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return it in 90 days. You can also receive free shipping on orders over $75.

The company's website offers a variety of products, including car parts, accessories, and tools. Additionally, you can purchase fluids and chemicals, as well as car care products. You can also buy a gift card from the website and return it to any AutoZone location. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact the AutoZone customer service department and let them know.

AutoZone has over 5,500 locations across the United States. Their website and mobile app make it easy to find a store near you. You can also check store hours and prices. The app also has features that will let you manage your car. You can track your AutoZone Rewards balance and keep track of your vehicle's parts.

AutoZone's customer service department is very helpful and knowledgeable. If you have a question or concern, you can contact the customer service department by phone or email. Additionally, the company also has a FAQ section where you can find answers to common queries. You can also find a qualified repair shop near your location using their online store locator.

AutoZone values the health and safety of its workers. The company works with vendors to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. It also expects vendors to comply with applicable environmental and health laws. If your car or vehicle vendor violates these laws, they can be subject to legal action. The company also requires their vendors to follow a Vendor Code of Conduct.

AutoZone has over 400 locations throughout the United States, with more than a quarter million customers. In addition to their brick and mortar locations, the company operates online and has social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. They also offer free shipping and buy-online, return-anywhere convenience. The company competes with Amazon and eBay online, while maintaining normal business hours of 9am to 5pm EST.

AutoZone accepts returned products in their original packaging, if they are not damaged or defective. When returned, the core must be emptied of all fluids. You can also use the shipping box to return the core. The store will credit your credit card with the refund.

Find a part-time job at AutoZone

If you're looking for a part-time job in the auto parts industry, look no further than the AutoZone chain of stores. These retail stores are open from Monday to Sunday, often for up to 14 hours each day. To apply for a part-time job at an AutoZone store, you should know a few important facts about the company.

In order to work for the company, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver's license. Moreover, you must be willing to work weekends and holidays. Also, you should know that some jobs at AutoZone require overtime, but the company will compensate you accordingly.

Besides, working at AutoZone is a great way to expand your career prospects. Many employees move up the corporate ladder and become store managers in just two to five years. Other opportunities include working in the distribution center, as a parts delivery driver, or as a warehouse associate.

The AutoZone interview process is relatively simple and straightforward. The questions are similar to each other, so you'll have little trouble preparing for it in advance. Nevertheless, it's essential to show your enthusiasm for cars and to meet company safety and dress standards. If you have a passion for cars and are willing to work hard, you'll have no problem landing a part-time job at AutoZone.

As a store manager, you'll be paid between $30,000 and $60,000 per year. This figure can increase with experience and responsibility. Additionally, you'll be entitled to bonuses and commissions. To apply for a part-time job at AutoZONE, you can complete an online application form. Make sure to provide truthful information about your educational background and experience. After filling out the online form, you can check the status of your application. Once your application has been approved, you can contact the store you'd like to work at.

AutoZone sales positions require people to be on their feet for most of the day. It's important to talk to customers and address them. You must also be attentive to customers' questions and meet company safety standards. And of course, be courteous. All of these aspects will help you succeed as a salesperson.

How to Find an Autozone Near Me

a autozone near me

You can find a location by typing your state, city, or zip code in the search box of an AutoZone store's website. Alternatively, you can use a mobile app to locate an AutoZone store near you. Then, use a coupon code to receive a discount on your purchase.

Find a store by entering a city and state or zip code in the search box

When it comes to car parts, AutoZone is the best place to go. Not only do they offer high-quality products, but they also provide excellent customer service and competitive prices. Searching for an AutoZone store in your area is easy. Simply use Google Maps to find one in your area. Then, you can click on the location you want to visit.

AutoZone stores are located across the United States. Enter your city and state or zip code to find the nearest location. By doing so, you can see all the locations in your city or ZIP code. From there, you can enter a zip code to get more information about the store.

AutoZone offers Same-Day Pickup at participating stores. The company also offers Next Day Delivery on some parts. This option is available to customers who live within seven miles of a participating AutoZone location. The auto parts will arrive at your home within a few hours, as long as the item is in stock and ready to ship. To return an item, make sure you bring the original packaging and receipt to the store.

Enter a coupon code to get a discount on your purchase

You can enter a coupon code to get a discount when buying car parts from an autozone near me online. Once you've added your items to the shopping cart, click "checkout," and then type in your code. After you paste or type in the code, click "apply," and you should see a discount applied to your purchase. In addition, you can find local store ads by clicking on the "store savings" link on the store's home page. Listed in these ads are the most recent deals that can be used for a purchase.

If you're looking for car parts, AutoZone has the right product for you. They sell high-quality automotive parts from trusted manufacturers. They also honor online prices from Amazon and other online retailers, and will match the price for you. You can also search for parts by commonly ordered parts, shop-by-job pre-populated parts lists, and even create a custom part for your vehicle. The company's culture and philosophy is geared towards WOWing their customers with exceptional service and products.

AutoZone is a great place to purchase car parts, including tools and accessories. The store sells a wide variety of parts from trusted brands, including AutoZone exclusive brands. You can also save money on tools and supplies at AutoZone with a coupon code.

AutoZone also offers a discount for military members. You can ask the cashier for the discount when you check out. The discount can range from five to fifteen percent. But you should note that you can't use coupons that aren't applicable for specific items or brands.

Another way to save money on auto parts at AutoZone is by signing up for their rewards program. For every $50 you spend at an AutoZone, you can receive a $10 reward, and you can receive next day delivery on up to 100,000 items. You can even connect your account to the company's email list to receive special deals and updates.

When you buy a new car or a tire online, you can use a coupon code to get a discount at the checkout page. If you have a valid coupon, the discount will automatically be applied to your total purchase. You can even combine your coupon with cashback incentives to earn more money.

Find an AutoZone store by using a mobile app

The AutoZone app is a great way to find an AutoZone store near you and make your visit easier. The app includes tools for ordering auto parts, checking your AutoZone Rewards balance, and more. You can also get information about your local store and set store hours to pick up your order. It also allows you to see the pricing of different products.

The AutoZone app is free to download from the Android Marketplace. It makes the shopping process easier for Android users by providing access to AutoZone's entire catalog. This app has powerful features, including a VIN scanner, shopping lists, and more. You can also manage your AutoZone Rewards account and view store hours.

Find an AutoZone location by entering a city and state or zip code in the search box

To find an AutoZone location in your area, simply type in your city and state or zip code into the search box. This will give you a list of locations in that area. You can also view the hours of each store by searching for it on the website.

AutoZone's web site contains information about its locations nationwide. It is designed for consumers who need auto services. Its products are designed to be affordable and reliable. Its products are backed by a commitment to quality and customer service. The site is updated regularly to keep you informed of new products and services. To keep your information secure, AutoZone utilizes Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology to protect your privacy.

Once you have located the location, you can post your review or rating. Remember, though, that you will be leaving the AutoZone web site. This does not mean that AutoZone will remove or edit the comment or post. It is the opinion of the poster and cannot be guaranteed. You should also be aware that AutoZone does not endorse third-party services or websites.

The content you post on the site may be protected under Intellectual Property. This includes photos, graphics, and videos. The site may not reflect accurate pricing or account invoices. Therefore, you should be sure that your content is not offensive or infringing on the rights of others.

If you wish to return a product, you can contact the store directly or contact the AutoZone Customer Care Center by phone to arrange a return. The company will reimburse you for shipping and handling costs. If you've purchased a customized item, AutoZone will cover the shipping costs. To request a return, please fill out a form stating the reasons for your return. Once you have filled in this form, contact the AutoZone Customer Care Center.

AutoZone is the leader in automotive parts sales and is present in every state. To find an AutoZone store near you, enter a city and state or zip code into the search box. You will be provided with a list of nearby locations. The location of your chosen store will be displayed on the map. You can also view the contact details of each store.

How to Find the Number to Autozone Near Me

the number to autozone near me

If you are looking for an AutoZone store, you can find it by entering your zip code or city and state. This will bring up the location of the store closest to you. Alternatively, you can contact the AutoZone store nearest you. You can also look for a store near your home by searching online. Just enter your zip code or city and state in the search bar and hit search. After you find the store that is closest to you, call them up to schedule an appointment or to ask questions.

Find an AutoZone by entering your city and state or zip code in the search box

If you are trying to find an AutoZone store, simply enter your city and state or zip code into the search box. The website will then return results that match your location. You can also use Google Maps to find a store near you.

When searching for an AutoZone store, you can also use a third party search engine to find a store near you. Please note that AutoZone does not endorse these services or third party websites. Use caution when navigating these third-party sites and services.

In addition to having a convenient location for your needs, AutoZone locations also provide free shipping on most orders over $35 and free pick-up in-store. If you're looking for a specific part or want to save money, you can use the coupon code "autozone15" to get $15 off.

After you've located an AutoZone store, use the store locator to get directions. AutoZone has more than 3,000 locations in the United States. There are also franchised locations worldwide. Simply enter your zip code or city and state to find a location near you.

You can also post content about your local AutoZone location on its website. However, the content on the website is protected by intellectual property rights. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date. You may have to provide a name before posting a content.

To save money on auto parts, find an AutoZone near you by entering your zip code or city and state in the search box. They have the best prices and same-day pickup at their local locations. You can also take advantage of AutoZone promo codes that change frequently. You can use these codes at the store or online to save money on parts and accessories for your vehicle.

If you want to return an item, you can contact the store in your city. The store will refund your money if you're not happy with your purchase. The only exception is if you bought a custom item or received it in error. If you're unsure whether or not your purchase qualifies for a return, contact the Customer Care Center immediately.

To save more, consider joining the AutoZone rewards program. You can also earn extra rewards by referring your friends and family. AutoZone rewards are a great way to earn cash back and get discounts on auto parts. Just remember to present your AutoZone rewards ID when you make a purchase.

AutoZone has a social responsibility program. All vendors who work for AutoZone must follow local labor laws. The company also prohibits the use of forced labor. This includes all forms of slavery, bonded labor, involuntary labor resulting from trafficking, or any form of arbitrary abuse of workers. The company also requires vendors to sign a Vendor Agreement. If a vendor breaks any of these rules, AutoZone will compensate the vendor for damages.

Contact AutoZone

Whether you need to repair your car, replace a part, or replace a transmission, you can find the AutoZone near you with the help of Google Maps. This service allows you to find the nearest store and find out its opening and closing times. AutoZone associates are committed to providing a WOW! experience, which is the best way to describe the level of customer service and quality at the store.

AutoZone is an equal opportunity employer. If you're looking to work with a diverse team, contact an AutoZone near you and make a career at the auto parts and service company. They're the leading automotive parts and replacement parts retailer in the US, with over 5,000 locations nationwide. They're also a proud sponsor of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl Football Classic, the most patriotic bowl game in the country, featuring the SEC and the Big 12. Whether you need auto parts or an entire engine, AutoZone has the right place for you.

AutoZone locations nationwide are available via Google Maps. Using Google Maps, you can find an AutoZone near you and book an appointment online. If you're shopping online, make sure to select the store nearest to you so that you're closer to the service center. If you can't make it to the store on the day of your appointment, you can return the part to an AutoZone location. Just be sure to bring the original packaging and receipt when returning your order.

If you're in need of automotive parts, contact an AutoZone near you for a quote. You'll find great prices and excellent service at AutoZone. The AutoZone name is synonymous with quality, so you can't go wrong when purchasing your car parts. Moreover, AutoZone is committed to giving you the best possible customer service. The company has over 6,000 locations in the US. The website features a handy Loan-A-Tool program and the AutoZone Fix Finder(sm) Service. With its comprehensive warning light report and an extensive database of technician solutions, you can find the right automotive parts for your vehicle.

If you decide to return your purchased product, you should follow the return policy of the store. Most AutoZone stores accept returns as long as the parts are in good condition and have the original packaging and receipt. You must remember to drain all liquids from the parts before you return them. If the product is defective, you must return it within the warranty period. Otherwise, you may not receive a refund.

In addition to offering high-quality auto parts, AutoZone provides auto repair tips and DIY repair tips on their website. The company has over 6,000 locations throughout the United States, Brazil, and Mexico.

Find a store near you

AutoZone is the largest automotive retailer in the US. If you are unsure of the location of an Autozone store in your area, you can easily find it using Google Maps. To find the closest store in your area, you can enter its address and name in the search bar.

The company has more than 5,000 locations nationwide. Its Liberty Bowl Football Classic is known as the most patriotic bowl game in the US. Featuring the SEC and Big 12 Conferences, the game is an annual celebration of America. AutoZone offers the highest quality auto parts and service at the lowest price.

If you're searching for a local AutoZone store, simply enter your state, city, or zip code to find the closest one to you. You can also browse store hours and see what services they offer. Whether you need a tire or a wig, the associates at AutoZone will provide exceptional service and a WOW! experience.

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