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Live Web Testing Tools


Live Web Testing Tools

Live web testing is an integral part of web development. The process is facilitated by the use of a variety of tools that simulate users using a range of platforms. These tools, such as Comparium, enable developers to test on a variety of resolutions, operating systems, and browsers. Live web testing is a necessity in the IT industry because a vast majority of websites work differently across different platforms. This may result in disruptions in functionality and layout.

Copado Robotic Testing

Copado Robotic Testing provides a cloud-based and on-premises testing environment. Its comprehensive capabilities allow automated testing of any web application or operating system. It supports the AUTOSAR standards and provides low-code automation libraries, which allow for quick and easy creation of automation tasks.

Copado Robotic Testing is easy to deploy and scale, which helps you meet aggressive release timelines. Its automation capabilities help you ensure a seamless end-to-end business process. It also enables you to create and manage multiple projects with ease. Its collaborative capabilities make it easy to work with different teams in parallel, as well as to share test results with each other.

Unlike traditional testing methods, Copado Robotic Testing utilizes robotics in the cloud to execute automated end-to-end software testing. Because the robots are able to simulate real-world situations, they detect bugs that human testers might miss. Additionally, Copado's software is flexible enough to integrate with any branch of code. It also allows you to schedule test runs ahead of time.

Copado Robotic Testing is available for both cloud and on-premises deployment. The service delivers a uniform user experience across both platforms. It also features an intuitive platform for visualizing test results and providing meaningful insights. Furthermore, it can plug into CI/CD pipelines for triggering automated test cases.

In the past few years, the company has focused on developing low-code applications for Salesforce and other SaaS platforms. Now, it's expanding its DevOps reach to other platforms. It has also acquired Qentinel, a low-code testing platform that helps build applications in real time.

Copado Robotic Testing uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which means it can read web pages, documents, and screens, and use the keyboard and mouse like a human does. The software defines test scripts by observing and following user actions, expressing those actions in English-like steps. It then executes these scripts as a scripted command server, or CI/CD engine.


With LambdaTest, you can test your website across three thousand browsers. This free testing tool includes support for over 3000 browsers, operating systems, and devices. It even allows you to test on old iPhones. It also features automated testing, and the ability to generate full-page screenshots.

LambdaTest provides users with access to the latest versions of browsers and operating systems. That way, they can see how their applications perform in different environments. In addition, they can test their apps on a variety of resolutions, without having to start a new browser session. Moreover, the browsers will resize automatically when the resolution changes.

Another great feature of LambdaTest is its ability to test across various browsers in real time. It supports browsers from the latest to the oldest versions. LambdaTest also offers tools to simplify complex processes and deploy projects. As a result, it is an ideal testing solution for creative agencies and digital marketing agencies alike. Aside from providing comprehensive reporting and analysis, LambdaTest allows you to design and execute test cases for your websites and applications on multiple operating systems and screen resolutions.

When you sign up with LambdaTest, you'll receive detailed test logs, screenshots, and error details. It also includes integration with developer tools, such as Firebug. LambdaTest also has an automated screenshot API feature that allows you to capture headless screenshots. It also allows you to run visual cross-browser compatibility tests.

LambdaTest has many features, including the ability to run Selenium automation tests from Katalon Studio. Additionally, LambdaTest provides comprehensive test logs, including a time stamp, metadata, network logs, Selenium logs, and command logs. You can also upload test scripts to LambdaTest using Google Drive or any other data storage cloud. Once the files are uploaded, you can open them in your LambdaTest VM to run the test.

LambdaTest offers support for Jenkins and CI/CD tools. This means you can run more tests in parallel and speed up the delivery of your product. Additionally, LambdaTest includes a one-click bug logging feature, so you can quickly log bugs.


CrossBrowserTest is a website testing tool that allows you to run tests on a website on multiple browsers. To begin, you simply enter the URL of the website you want to test into the tool. Once you've done that, you can select the configuration you want to run and then click the "run" button. This tool can test both published and unpublished websites.

Using cross browser testing will ensure your users receive a consistent experience across different devices and browsers. For example, say you have a website that features a bongo cat meme. When you visit that site in Safari, you'll see text and buttons. If you're using a different browser, you'll see that you don't see any of these things.

CrossBrowserTesting is a web testing service that offers live and automated testing across thousands of browsers and operating systems. Live testing is a unique experience that allows you to interact with your website on your own systems and to see how your website looks on different devices.

CrossBrowserTest offers both manual and automated testing, as well as a cloud-based platform for automated testing. It also supports recording videos and screenshots. The service also integrates with Slack and offers multiple plans with unlimited testing. You can select from different plans to suit your needs and budget.

CrossBrowserTest is the perfect tool to automate your web testing process and is the easiest way to get started. It provides access to real browsers and operating systems for users, which makes your web testing easier and more effective. The tool also makes switching between different browsers and environments a breeze. It is one of the most popular cross-browser testing tools in the market today.


TestingBot is a web testing tool that lets you automate and live-test your web site without having to use an actual computer. The application provides a user-friendly interface for testing your web site, including a live web camera and a debugging toolbox. It also supports multiple screen resolutions and can run tests in both the browser and on mobile devices.

This web testing platform provides automated testing across a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It also supports several automation frameworks, including Selenium. TestingBot also allows you to use screenshot comparisons across different browsers to ensure that your designs look consistent across all devices. It also has codeless automation testing capabilities, which means less technical people can set up their own test instances.

Fixing Cross Browser No Sign In Errors

cross browser no sign in

If you receive a cross browser no sign in error message, the possible solutions are listed below. You should try each solution. Sometimes, the error message is fixed by turning on cookies. Sometimes, the issue may be caused by problems with JavaScript client libraries. In such cases, you can try scripting cross browser tests.

Possible solutions to cross browser no sign in error

A common cause of cross browser no sign in error is javascript that is not recognized by the browser. If you want to avoid this problem, you must remove the javascript from the browser. You can do this by using a tool called Modernizer. This tool offers a variety of super-fast tests to determine if the browser supports javascript.

Differences in browsers

There are differences between browsers when it comes to no sign in. Specifically, you can have a different experience using Microsoft Edge than you would if you were using Apple Safari on MacOS. This is because browser compatibility varies from platform to platform and even between different versions of the same browser.

It is also important to test your application on multiple browsers. This will help make sure that the users are able to access the content on different platforms. Additionally, it will ensure that the users can complete CTAs properly. Different browsers may have different features, so you will want to ensure that your application works on all of them.

Scripting automates cross browser testing

Cross browser testing is an essential part of the development process. It ensures that a website works in the same way on a wide range of platforms. It is particularly useful for customer-facing applications. Typically, this testing is done on devices that have different browser-operating systems and screen sizes. It can also be used to ensure that the site is accessible to different groups of users, such as those with disabilities.

Although manual testing can be an excellent method for simple websites, most organizations require automation of this process for scalability and reproducibility. With automated testing, errors in frontend functionality are exposed before they affect real users. As a result, cross browser testing is more relevant than ever for many organizations.

Another benefit of automated cross browser testing is that it saves time. Manual testing can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Scripts can help you automate several steps in your testing process. This means that you can run a number of tests with the same code in less time. Moreover, automated tests can be run simultaneously and without human error.

In addition to automating cross browser testing, you can also make use of a task runner such as Selenium or Grunt. Both of these tools can help you write test scripts in a simple way. They provide various features and can be automated according to the requirements of your project. They also help you increase the performance of your entire application. Moreover, they can increase the quality of the code after compiling.

Cross-browser testing is vital for testing your website and web applications on different browser versions. Browsers are constantly evolving, and older versions may not be compatible with your application. Therefore, it is best to integrate cross browser testing into your regression testing methodology. However, you should be sure to test your application on pre-release browsers.

Automated cross browser testing is a great way to increase your business agility. In today's world, businesses need to be flexible enough to meet the challenges of an ever-changing digital environment. By automating cross browser tests, you can increase your chances of success and decrease the costs associated with manual testing.

Problems with JavaScript client library for Sign In With Google and Google One Tap

When developing applications that use the Sign In With Google One Tap API, you should be aware of some problems. For instance, some of the Google One Tap APIs don't work correctly due to a bug. This bug prevents the application from falling back to using the native credential manager.

When using Google One Tap, make sure that users have signed into their Google account and that they've given consent to share their account profile. You can also enable One Tap to display if cookies are present. This is done with the data-skip-prompt-cookie attribute. You can either use a cookie name to skip the prompt or leave it blank.

Another problem with the One Tap library occurs when the user tries to dismiss the prompt. By default, the One Tap library adds a cookie to the domain called g_state, which is not cleared if the user clicks the X button.

In order to access the Google APIs, you must have access to a Google Cloud console account. To obtain this key, simply go to the Google Cloud console and select "Add key" or "Create new key". This will download the JSON key file and provide the authentication credentials to the application code. Once the application has the API key, you can use the environment variable "service-account_key" to set the service account key in your application's code.

One Tap is compatible with parent and subdomain domains. When used in parent domains, One Tap will run in intermediate iframe mode. By default, the login credentials are posted to the current page. This is a great solution for web developers who don't want to implement an awkward sign-in process.

Browserling - Live Interactive Cross-Browser Testing

Browserling  live interactive crossbrowser testing

Browserling is a cross-browser testing tool

Browserling is a web browser testing tool that focuses on simplicity. Its browser extensions make it easy to start a cross-browser test from the browser bar. Browserling also offers bookmarklets that allow you to bookmark the most commonly used browsers. Then, all you have to do is click on the bookmark and you're ready to begin testing.

Browserling is a free cross-browser testing tool that provides real-time access to popular browsers and operating systems. With the help of the tool, you can easily access over 200 browser versions and see how well your site performs across all of them. It also supports 640px and 1600px screen resolutions, JavaScript, and Flash. The live interface of Browserling makes it easy to test websites across different browsers and helps you identify errors before they can affect your users.

Browserling is a free and cloud-based cross-browser testing tool that enables developers to test web applications across different browsers and devices. The tool supports browsers from the latest beta versions of Internet Explorer to the latest developer releases of Chrome and Safari. It also has browser extensions for the most popular browsers.

Cross-browser testing is an important part of the development process. Browsers use different rendering engines, which render HTML and JavaScript differently. This can cause your website to be rendered in a different way than you intended, leading to bugs and cross-browser compatibility issues.

It allows you to test your website on multiple browsers

Browserling is a cross-browser testing tool that will save you time and effort. It offers a number of features, such as screen resolution changes, bookmarks, and support for a variety of new browsers. Another great feature is the ability to save screenshots to your account. These can then be shared or saved for future reference.

Browserling also has a bug-hunting feature, which will allow you to find and report bugs in screenshots. This feature is particularly useful for websites that may not display properly in all browsers. You can send the screenshots to other users so they can view and report the issues.

The tool is free for noncommercial use, but you can choose to pay a one-time fee if you are planning on utilizing its comprehensive testing options. Browserling will also help you view screenshots from your website in high resolution. You can even test your website behind authentication.

Browserling supports multiple browsers and operating systems and is very lightweight. You can start a new session within five seconds. Browserling also has extensions for popular browsers. You can also use the API to incorporate Browserling into your applications. Browserling also has a free trial available. The developer version, however, costs $20 per month and offers unlimited sessions.

Browserling is ideal for testing your website on multiple browsers. It includes an SSH tunnel system, which allows users to create secure connections with Browserling's server. This is useful for users who want to use developer tools without exposing sensitive data. It also provides a support system, which can help if your website is causing problems.

It is easy to use

Browserling is an online platform that enables live interactive testing. Instead of using emulators, it provides real devices. This allows you to capture screenshots and report bugs, and even change screen resolutions and browser sizes to test responsiveness. Additionally, you can run your tests locally using reverse proxy or SSH tunnel.

Browserling enables users to view and capture web pages in all of the major browsers. They can also annotate screenshots and send bug reports. All connections are SSL-secured to protect the privacy of browser users. Another useful feature of Browserling is its ability to test unpublished web pages. With this tool, you can test unpublished websites and apps on a local system, avoiding the risk of affecting other people's computers. Browserling has other features as well, including an online browser extension and debugging tools.

Browserling supports all major operating systems including Windows and Android. In the future, it plans to extend its services to other platforms including iOS and Mac OSX. Unfortunately, the software does not yet support Linux. Browserling can be used to test websites without any technical skills.

Browserling is a great free way to run interactive cross-browser testing. You can enter the web URL, choose the browser version, and operating system, and begin testing. The only limitation to the free version of Browserling is a time limit of five minutes. However, if you want to run extensive tests across multiple browsers, you can purchase the developer version for $20 per month. Browserling also has an API that can be used in other applications.

Browserling offers different plans for developers, ranging from free to pro. Each plan is unique and provides different functionality. The free plan allows you to run a maximum of 3 sessions, has limited functionality, and does not require any installation on the user's computer. Additionally, the company offers customer support and guides that can help you use the tool efficiently.

It is enterprise-ready

Browserling provides a live, interactive cross-browser testing solution. This unique tool allows you to simulate a browser installation and the actions a user would take on a website. This results in a more accurate testing process. Browserling also helps you test mobile and tablet sites as well, allowing you to see how they would appear on these platforms and whether they're responsive.

Browserling has several different plans, each with different features. The developer plan is ideal for a single developer, whose needs are typically more limited. The developer plan gives you unlimited sessions, access to all browsers, and offers premium support. The developer plan costs $19 per month.

Browserling also offers a secure SSH tunnel system. This allows you to build a secure connection with their server and interact with unpublished websites, as well as use developer tools. Browserling respects the privacy of its users and encrypts all connections.

Browserling also includes virtual machines that run multiple browsers and operating systems. This gives users a quick, convenient way to test their web applications on various browsers. Moreover, the tool offers an extension for each browser, which allows developers to run tests locally.

It is free

Browserling is a web testing platform that allows you to capture screenshots of web pages and elaborate on them. It also offers advanced features such as bug hunting, responsive testing, and screen sharing. As a bonus, you don't have to install anything on your end and your sessions are secure. Browserling runs on HTML5 and JavaScript, and you can also embed it in your application.

The service also offers a Live API that lets developers embed other browsers without redirecting users. This allows testers to emulate users' behaviors and interactions, which makes testing more effective. The service also includes a screenshot factory that allows you to edit screenshots with annotations, shapes, and comments. Once you're finished, you can share or download the screenshots for later.

Browserling offers a complete cross-browser testing solution for a low monthly fee. There are a variety of plans available, and you can get help to determine which plan is right for your needs. The platform allows you to run live interactive cross-browser tests in as little as five seconds, and it lets you take screenshots of the results. Furthermore, it runs real desktop browsers in virtual machines, so you can avoid using fake browsers. Furthermore, it installs the latest browsers automatically, making it easy to test your website on different devices.

Browserling is an excellent online platform for testing web applications. It is easy to use, and it uses JavaScript and HTML5 for testing. The app is currently in beta, but it will be expanded to support more browsers in the future. It supports Windows, Android, and various versions of Internet Explorer. It also offers a free trial version, which is worth checking out. It is also worth noting that free versions of Browserling have a time limit of just five minutes, so you might need to purchase a subscription if you want to test longer.

Browserling Review - Live Interactive Cross-Browser Testing

Browserling  Live interactive crossbrowser testing 16914

In this Browserling review, we take a look at the Headless Live API and the multi-user capabilities of the service. We also discuss the free plan and its features. We also highlight how easy it is to use, and how valuable it is for web developers.

Browserling's Headless Live API

The Headless Live API from Browserling allows developers to embed a live interactive browser without having to create and run a GUI browser application. This type of testing enables developers to offer cross-browser solutions, such as live interactive cross-browser testing, without having to install a separate browser and relying on third-party tools or software. The live API works like Selenium's Headless testing but does not rely on a GUI browser application. This type of live API enables developers to accomplish end goals without the need to run a separate browser, such as conversion of a PDF document, or automated submission of a form.

Browserling's Live API is easy to use and setup - it requires less than eight lines of JavaScript code. Once you've set up the browser on your machine, you can generate your own API token using the Live API. It also requires Postman, a software package for interacting with web applications.

As part of the Browserling Live API, developers can automate keyboard and mouse clicks, send bug reports and share screen recordings. It also allows developers to create their own customized versions of Browserling and sell these to clients. Browserling provides free cross-browser testing for web applications. The software takes screenshots of web pages, and processes hundreds or thousands of screenshots at a time. It can test all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Developers can choose between free and paid plans. The free plan has a three minute limit, while the paid plans have unlimited sessions and premium support. The paid plans start at $19 per month for a single developer, while the Team Plan costs $29 per month. Browserling offers a number of other premium features, including local testing.

Browserling also offers an on-screen keyboard. This is particularly useful for international users, as the "@" symbol on a German keyboard is not in the same place. By using this keyboard, testers can interact with the keyboard in their preferred language without the hassle of switching language settings.

Its multi-user capability

Browserling is an excellent solution for live interactive cross-browser testing. It allows you to test a website on a variety of browsers simultaneously. This tool is easy to install and use. It also supports SSH tunnels, and offers access to the latest versions of popular browsers. Users are not required to download any plugins or use any other special software.

Browserling is an online cross-browser testing solution launched in 2011. It claims to be the first web application testing solution with an HTML5 multi-user capability. It includes a number of open-source libraries and tools that allow developers to test web applications across a wide range of browsers and OS combinations. It also lets you access the browser's logs and provides real-time screenshots for each browser. Browserling is a cloud-based service that supports more than 2,000 browsers. Browserling has a free trial, which allows you to try out the platform's many features.

Browserling offers a quick and easy way to test websites on multiple browsers and operating systems. Browserling's multi-user capability for cross-browser testing helps you find errors in your web application faster, which means less money and time spent on fixing bugs.

Browserling offers live interactive cross-browser testing and is an easy-to-use service. All you need to do is enter a web URL, choose the operating system, browser, and version you want to test on. Browserling does not require Java or any other specific software. Browserling has support for Android, Windows, and various versions of Internet Explorer. Browserling's desktop application, IETester, is an excellent tool for testing web applications.

Its features

Browserling is a cross-browser testing tool that offers a range of features. For example, it supports browser screenshots and a bug hunter that can pinpoint bugs in screenshots. Moreover, it allows you to test on different devices and resize browsers for responsiveness. It also offers secure and local web testing through SSH tunnels. Moreover, experienced programmers can embed Browserling in their applications, allowing testers to test on a wider range of browsers.

Cross browser testing is essential to ensuring an optimal user experience across devices and browsers. It allows developers to identify errors and notify users of unsupported browsers. By leveraging the capabilities of multiple browsers, browserling enables developers to create a uniform website experience for all users.

Browserling is a free web testing tool that lets you test your site across browsers. It also offers an API that lets you capture multiple screenshots on different browsers. It is lightweight and easy to use. You can run tests on a local computer or behind authentication to ensure that your site looks as expected on all of your users' devices.

Browserling is an all-in-one cross-browser testing tool that lets you run tests on real devices and emulators and record and replay them. The app includes record and replay, result reporting, and built-in integration with Jira and TestRail. Browserling also offers screenshot capabilities across all popular browsers and operating systems. Browserling offers free trial time of up to 3 minutes, but if you need to run longer tests, it is worth paying the $20 monthly fee to upgrade to the developer version.

Browserling is the most popular tool for cross-browser testing. The main purpose of cross-browser testing is to make sure your website works on all major platforms and browsers. It is an essential part of the development process and can help you pinpoint problems and fix them on the spot. However, the choice of browser compatibility testing tool is just as important as choosing the right platform for your needs.

Browserling - Live Interactive Cross-Browser Testing

Browserling  live interactive crossbrowser testing

Browserling is a great way to get a quick idea of what different browsers look like. It has a screenshot factory, which automatically captures screenshots of the browsers that are currently visible. From there, you can edit them with features like drawing shapes, highlighting, or writing comments. Screenshots can also be shared with others and saved in your account. You can share screenshots directly from Browserling, which eliminates the need to download them. You also get your own storage space.


Browserling is a tool that allows you to test your website across multiple browsers in a few clicks. It works in a sandbox environment that runs browsers on your computer without affecting the local system. This prevents the injection of viruses and malware. Browserling also allows you to take screenshots of any website you want.

Browserling has many useful features to test websites and can also be used to test developing websites locally. This lets you identify discrepancies and fix them before they are released to the public. Browserling makes this possible by establishing SSH tunnels between your local website and the Browserling servers. This allows you to test changes locally without having to upload them to a central server.

Browserling offers access to a wide variety of browsers and operating systems. You can choose which browsers to test and how many. The amount of time it takes depends on your testing methodology and timeline. By running tests on multiple browsers, you can increase your testing efforts and identify problems early, which will reduce the cost of fixing bugs.

Browserling can also capture screenshots of web pages to test across different browsers. You can also send bug reports. Another great feature is its ability to run tests anonymously. This means that you can test your site without worrying about virus or trojans on your browser. Browserling also offers browser extensions for popular browsers.

Browserling also allows you to use a remote server to test websites. If you have a website that is hosted behind a firewall, this feature allows you to test that website on all computers using different operating systems and browsers. In addition, it works on websites hosted on staging environments. Its interface is intuitive for beginners.


With Sauce Labs Browserling, you can perform live tests of web applications on mobile devices. The service supports browsers for iOS and Android. It can also be used to test web apps on virtual mobile devices. However, you must be aware that you may need to use a proxy server if your app is meant to run on a restricted network.

Sauce Labs offers a comprehensive cross-browser testing service with multiple products that help you test websites, apps, and desktop experiences across thousands of browsers. The service includes extensive test coverage and advanced reporting tools. You can also integrate the service with your existing CI/CD pipeline.

The software supports a variety of browsers, including old versions. It also supports testing sites that are hosted behind firewalls or in staging environments. There is no need to install software or create an account. It also supports keyboard shortcuts, media streaming, and developer tools.

The SauceLabs Browserling service is affordable. You can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription plan based on the number of devices you plan to test your website on. The price ranges from $29 per month to $149 per month. The software also supports multiple operating systems, including iOS and Android.

SauceLabs Browserling is a popular service for cross-browser testing. It provides access to over 200 browser versions. One notable disadvantage is that it does not support Internet Explorer. It supports browsers with resolutions ranging from 640 pixels to 1600 pixels. Users can also test their browser anonymously and safely without worrying about viruses or trojans. Browserling is powered by HTML5 and JavaScript.

Browserling is an easy-to-use, affordable tool for web developers. It supports HTML5 and JavaScript and is a great choice for cross-browser testing. It also supports Android, Windows, and mobile browsers. The free version allows you to test for up to three minutes for free. The developer version, however, costs $20 per month and includes unlimited usage.

Ranorex Studio

Browserling is a cross-browser testing solution that allows you to use multiple browsers simultaneously. The browser runs in a sandbox environment so there is no risk of malware or viruses infecting your system. This feature also gives you the ability to interact with any website and ensure that it looks and works as it should.

The software includes built-in Selenium WebDriver and a number of other features for web testing. It supports cross-domain iframes, shadow DOM, hybrid desktop applications, keyword-driven testing, and video reporting. It also supports more than 260 browsers.

The software also integrates with Jenkins, Chrome Dev Tools, and REST API. In addition, it enables access to the entire app from a command line. It provides a single, all-in-one testing solution for a number of web technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, and Flex. With these capabilities, it makes it possible for developers to automate more complex interfaces.

The best way to ensure a high-quality cross-browser testing experience is to perform as much testing as possible. Cross-browser testing is an essential part of the development process, and in-depth testing allows for more accurate debugging on the fly. The choice of cross-browser testing tools is just as important.

BrowserStack Live is a powerful cross-browser testing tool that allows you to test your website using more than 2000 browsers. It also supports real-time debugging and supports firewalls and proxies. BrowserStack Live is cloud-based and does not require installation. With only a few minutes, you can start live interactive cross-browser testing with thousands of real browsers.

Spoon Browser Sandbox

For developers who need to run a program quickly in a web browser, Spoon is a lifesaver. It allows you to run programs in a virtual browser with basic features that can be loaded with development tools. This helps you ensure that your web application will work on a wide variety of browsers, including those that aren't compatible with your current operating system.

The Spoon Browser Sandbox lets you open various browser windows to test your web pages. It is free to use and is an excellent choice for testing quality control elements on websites. Alternatively, Browsershots is a great option for testing the appearance of a site across major browsers. It is also available for free, allowing you to use most desktop browsers without having to shell out any money.

Cross browser testing tools are vital for conversion rate optimisation. They allow you to deliver the desired experience across all of the major browsers and devices. Investing in cross-browser testing tools will pay for themselves over time through increased conversion rates. It can be a great time saver to make sure that your web site is compatible on every browser.

BrowserEmAll is another great option for live interactive cross browser testing. It is easy to use and runs on the local machine. It allows you to run up to four browsers side-by-side and provides instant feedback. It is also great for testing websites that are protected by firewalls.

When developing a web application, you need to be sure that it is compatible across different browsers. This is because certain browsers render web application components differently. In addition, different browsers display different help text.

Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector with Browserling - live interactive browser testing can be a fantastic testing solution. For a low monthly fee, you can use this tool to capture screenshots and interact with real desktop browsers in five seconds. Instead of using fake browsers, Browserling runs real desktop browsers on VMs, allowing you to test on a wide range of browsers. You can even install the latest browsers instantly.

The software allows you to create and schedule tests ahead of time, which is a great feature if you need to run your tests at specific times. However, the free version is only available for 14 days, while paid plans start at $89/month billed annually. Browserling checks every page of your site, including pages behind login screens and inconsistencies in layout. It is also a cloud solution, so you don't have to install virtual machines on your local machine to run tests.

Ghost Inspector makes it easy to start browser testing, and its codeless editor makes it simple to manage every test. The app also supports CSS backup and XPath selectors, so it's easy to handle complex situations. There are also mobile emulators for Chrome and Firefox.

Browserling is a free online tool that tests websites on all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. To use the tool, you simply select the desired version of the browser, and enter the website's URL. It instantly displays the rendered version of the page that is under test, and you can check if everything is functioning as expected. Another Firefox add-on, "IE NetRenderer", allows you to view the current web page and check for cross-browser layout and script errors.

Browserling and LambdaTest

Browserling Live interactive crossbrowser testing from your


Browserling is a cloud-based tool for cross-browser testing that helps web developers catch errors before they hit customers. It includes screenshot testing, debugging features, and sharing methods. It has a free plan and browser extensions to help developers test web applications.

Its live API feature lets developers embed Browserling in their applications without having to install it. All they need to do is use the API to call the browser and start testing. This enables developers to build applications without ever having to visit the Browserling site. The result is a more effective test process.

Browserling has a screenshot factory, allowing users to take screenshots of the current browser in question. From there, they can edit screenshots to highlight certain elements, draw shapes, and add comments. These screenshots can then be shared or stored in their account. This eliminates the need for screenshot downloads and gives users their own storage space for screenshots.

Browserling offers a free version, which allows you to test a website on all major browsers. This is a great way to test cross-browser compatibility and to point out any bugs that may exist. Furthermore, it also lets you share your findings with others.

Browserling is an online tool that enables web developers to perform cross-browser testing on multiple browsers from a single interface. With this tool, developers can quickly access a variety of browsers and operating systems without having to install an external application. It also lets you record and replay tests, and has built-in integration with Jira and TestRail. Browserling also allows you to take screenshots in all major browsers.

With this powerful tool, web developers can easily test the website on different devices with just a few clicks. This tool is highly secure and stable, which means it won't break your website. You can easily migrate from Selenium to this tool and enjoy the benefits of live testing on the go.


LambdaTest is a web application that creates a virtual machine and allows you to test a web application or website live. While testing, you can take screenshots, mark bugs, record video, and even change your settings.

With LambdaTest, you can run tests on any number of web browsers and operating systems. This makes it easy to test the compatibility of your website with many browsers, including IE8, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It also allows you to test localized websites, too. For each browser, you can run as many as 25 configurations.

LambdaTest also supports mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. You can run responsive testing on these devices to ensure that the website is responsive and easy to use. To test on multiple devices, just enter the URL of your site. The tool will generate screenshots on the devices you select. Once you've completed the tests, you can export the results to the test gallery and share them with your colleagues.

LambdaTest is free, cloud-based, and supports more than 2000 real browsers and various operating systems. It allows you to test on more than 3000 browser-OS combinations and provides the flexibility to scale your testing easily and affordably.

LambdaTest is an automated, cross-browser testing platform with a simple UI. You can test your website live on your browser or run automated tests on a dedicated server. Because it is cloud-based, you don't have to worry about setting up or maintaining a server. The tool will capture bugs for you and help you fix them in your web application.

Cross browser testing is critical before releasing a product. This check will determine if all components are rendered correctly in the various browsers, and will ensure that your end users will have a smooth experience. It also offers a free trial.


Sauce Labs provides automated testing capabilities that help software development organizations realize the benefits of DevOps and deliver bug-free apps. The platform integrates with continuous integration platforms, allowing users to perform tests as quickly as they develop. Furthermore, Sauce Labs lets users share test results through HipChat.

If you are looking for a tool to automate your cross-browser testing, Sauce Labs is a great choice. This service automates the process with Python and Selenium, ensuring that your web application will work across browsers and provide a consistent user experience.

To get started, sign up for a free trial license at Sauce Labs and enter your website URL. Choose the browser version, screen resolution, and OS version you wish to test on. Once you've done this, you can begin testing your web application or website.


There are several different tools that allow you to test your website on different browsers. Some of these tools are free and others cost money. If you use a free tool, you should be able to test your website on a range of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Selenium Webdriver is a cross browser testing tool that lets you test on several different browsers at once. It offers automated and manual testing and allows you to quickly compare browsers. This tool is easy to use, with all the tools you need at your fingertips. And, with continuous updates, this tool is continually improving to provide the best testing experience possible. It also supports a wide range of browsers, including the latest browsers.

It supports more than one hundred browser combinations and has an extensive list of features. Cross-browser testing is essential for ensuring your website works across different devices. You can test your website across different browsers and platforms, obtain screenshots, and test elements in real-time.

Once you've made your selection of browsers, it's time to build a test plan. This way, you can be sure to cover all aspects of your browser testing. First, identify which browsers your target audience uses. This can be done by conducting a traffic analysis and identifying which browsers are most common. You can then use your plan to select browsers that meet those criteria.

You can also embed a browser into your application and automate testing through an API. Both of these tools are free and offer a trial period. Both are available for professional and personal use. The software includes tools to test websites on different platforms, including Android and Windows. Another great option is BrowserStack Live, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Both of these tools are available on the web and do not require any special set-up.


Browserling is a cross-browser testing solution that allows you to test the latest versions of various browsers and even legacy ones. Browserling also offers live interactive testing, which means that you can simulate a variety of user interactions. This results in a more effective testing process. Its developer plan is available for $19 per month.

Browserling supports a variety of platforms, including Windows and Android. The tool also offers automated testing and a built-in video recorder. It also has a number of useful features, including screenshots and responsive designs. Browserling also supports Windows and Mac OSX, but hasn't announced any plans for Linux.

Browserling supports local and remote testing, SSH tunnels, and browser screenshots. It offers access to the latest browsers and is lightweight and easy to use. In addition, it supports screen sharing, bookmarks, and local web testing. It also offers browser extensions, so developers can test their sites on multiple platforms.

Another great feature of Browserling is that it runs real browsers on real machines. With this feature, you can test your website in dozens of different browsers and operating systems, with no additional hardware. This allows developers to fix any errors before your customers do. Browserling supports hundreds of browsers, and it lets you test your web projects with a single click. It also has a free plan, which is an excellent option for developers who need to test a variety of browsers.

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