A fast car is highly desirable because it has the ability to accelerate quickly and is convenient to transport.

Fast & Furious (also known as The Fast and the Furious) is a media franchise centered on a series of action films that are largely concerned with illegal street racing, heists, spies and family. The franchise also includes short films, a television series, live shows, video games and theme park attractions. It is distributed by Universal Pictures. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


What if time could be your friend? If you’ve ever seen the film Shutter Island and the beautiful chase scene involving Teddy chasing a runaway Turtle. It is amazing to see the flexibility of length due to its use of cinematography. We may have length advantage over others, but if you have the right software and can learn it, you can control your time and always have it on your side.

The first film was released in 2001, which began the original tetralogy of films focused on illegal street racing and culminated in the film Fast & Furious (2009). The series transitioned towards heists and spying with Fast Five (2011) and was followed by four sequels, with the most recent, F9, released in 2021. A tenth and eleventh film are planned, and the main films are collectively known as The Fast Saga. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Fast food is a subset of all the food sold in a fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurants typically sell hamburgers, French fries, and other various types of foods that are prepared and served quickly. The term originated from the food's affordability, preparation speed and indeed speed of consumption.

There are many reasons why people fast, including the month of Ramadan, Lent, and more. Where does the word "fast" come from and how does it relate to being quick? (Source: www.thesaurus.com)


Many people move in and out of problematic eating, ranging from fasting and yoga to more extreme methods like starvation, bingeing, and uncontrolled binge eating (Herman and Polivy, 2015). In theory, such practices are a quick fix for unhealthy patterns and the often-used catchphrase is, “fast and understand”.

Live your lexical life in the fast lane! Understand all about the different ways to use "fast" and the synonyms you can use instead. (Source: www.thesaurus.com)

Fast Tech

What is Fast?

FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) is derived from the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), and is one of the library domains most widely used subject terminology schemas. The development of FAST has been a collaboration of OCLC Research and the Library of Congress. Work on FAST began in late 1998. (Source: www.oclc.org)





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