Easter Seals Autism ASD Services

Easter Seals Autism ASD Services

Easter Seals Autism ASD Services

Easterseals Michigan  Autism ASD Services

Easter Seals Michigan provides a wide range of interventions and services to individuals with disabilities and their families. The organization focuses on early diagnosis and intervention, family and community resources, and free adult services. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from Autism, asperger's syndrome, or another developmental disability, Easter Seals can help.

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome for a child with autism spectrum disorder. Because autism is a lifelong disability, early diagnosis and intervention are key to a child's development. It's important to recognize the signs of autism early on and seek help immediately. Intervention, education, and speech therapy are essential in improving a child's chances of a positive outcome. The resources at Easterseals Michigan are available to help you and your child.

Locally, Easterseals is dedicated to offering early diagnosis services, providing free screening tools, and educating parents on the best practices in the field. The organization also works with families to help them determine which resources are right for their child and their family. The early diagnosis of autism is crucial because it's often misdiagnosed or left untreated until it's too late.

Easterseals Michigan offers an array of services to help children and adults with autism spectrum disorder live a better life. Services include therapy, social skills development, and school-to-work transition programs. As an organization with a century of experience, Easterseals Michigan is committed to helping individuals of all abilities live full and happy lives.

The guide includes comprehensive information on AAECs and their programs. It also includes the names of providers and their qualifications. It helps agencies and families collaborate effectively, improve services, and reduce duplication. With this guide, you can also access a qualified health professional and receive a comprehensive assessment of your child's autism spectrum disorder.

Individuals with ASD may have difficulty understanding spoken language and rely on nonverbal cues to communicate. This means they may have difficulties understanding facial expressions or body language. They may also have difficulty understanding social cues. Often, they may have a high need for the sameness and order in the environment.

Early intervention

Easterseals Michigan offers an array of services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Early intervention services focus on developing skills in children with autism and other developmental disabilities, including social-emotional challenges. These services may include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, or sensory integration.

Because the autism spectrum disorder affects every individual differently and to different degrees, early intervention is essential. The right treatment and education can help your child achieve the skills he or she needs to succeed. If your child is showing symptoms of autism or has any other developmental delays, it's best to see a pediatrician as soon as possible. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a referral service online to help parents find a pediatrician who can offer the appropriate services.

Early intervention is vital to the development of your child, and there are many children waiting for services. Fortunately, this type of early intervention can make a dramatic difference in your child's life. Easterseals Michigan Autism ASD Services offers an early intervention program called the PLAY Project. Parents can participate in the program, which is designed to engage young children in fun play experiences. The program can be implemented in a home, making it efficient and effective for large groups of families.

Family and community resources

Easterseals Michigan offers comprehensive, innovative services for individuals with autism and their families. Services include training, education and support. The nonprofit organization is a leader in autism treatment, providing life-changing solutions for individuals and families. Check out their website to learn more about their programs and services.

The organization offers intensive services aimed at building the skills of children with autism and other disabilities. Its team of experts uses evidence-based interventions to teach children complex skills and develop basic skills. These services are tailored to individual needs. Family involvement is key in the success of these services.

Easterseals also offers comprehensive adult services. These services assist individuals with autism in achieving meaningful employment. Easterseals also offers resources for employers to facilitate autism-specific workforce development. The services also offer respite to the families of adults with autism.

Easterseals Michigan offers a host of resources for families and professionals. Their state profiles feature special education demographics, Medicaid services, educational programs, and state task forces. The organization is also a member of the NACDD, the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities. The nonprofit receives federal funding for its programs.

Some people with autism will remain in their parents' homes into adulthood. This is a common scenario for individuals with ASD. If this is the case, respite services are available so that parents can pursue their own interests. Often, these services involve a case manager or a support worker.

Free adult services

Easterseals is a nonprofit organization that provides services for people with disabilities and special needs. They specialize in behavioral health, education, and support for families. They offer comprehensive services to children from birth through adulthood. Some of their programs are free and others are available at a low cost.

In Michigan, there are several agencies that provide support for individuals with autism. There are state and federal funded programs, university and medical center programs, and local service providers. These services are often not well known to families, and many lack the financial resources to pay for them. Some providers do not specialize in autism, and others do not have the necessary training.

Easterseals Michigan Autism ASD Services offers various services, including therapy, substance use services, and utility and rent assistance. They also offer social activities and training in self-care and self-direction. They offer 15 hours of programming per week. They work with school personnel to help individuals with autism function in the community.

The Michigan Department of Human Services has a plan to improve services for people with autism. The organization works with schools, families, and professionals to provide an array of supports and services to individuals with autism. By improving these services, they hope to make the lives of more people with autism and related disabilities better.

The organization also provides resources, referrals, and advocacy for people with autism. They also offer family support groups, social activities, and sibling workshops. Regardless of where a person has autism, the organization can help them find the right resources. They can also refer them to other services, including social services.

The organization also provides free autism screenings and counseling services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. In addition to offering free services, they provide support groups and help individuals develop independent living skills. Additionally, they help with housing needs, youth programs, and legal services. In addition, they offer support groups for individuals who are struggling to cope with their condition.

Easterseals Southwest Florida

Home  Easterseals Southwest Florida

Easterseals Southwest Florida offers respite care for caregivers, parent education classes, support groups, and equine assisted psychotherapy. The program also offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Easterseals also operates a Special Olympics equestrian team.

Respite Caregiver

Respite services allow caregivers to take a break and recharge their batteries. Programs may include sleepaway camps, support groups, and overnight stays. They also offer respite to families facing the financial burden of providing care for a loved one with memory disorders. Contact your local office to see if you qualify for a respite service.

Easter Seals Southwest Florida has been serving the community for nearly seven decades. With the help of donors, volunteers, and professionals, the organization provides a range of programs to support families with children with physical or mental limitations. While Easter Seals recipients no longer live in hospitals, their programs continue to meet the needs of families with chronically ill children.

Parent support

For those concerned about the future of their child's health, Easterseals Southwest Florida offers a variety of ways to show your support. You can make a donation in any amount year-round, and you can also make a capital campaign gift that will support the growing structural needs of the campus and life-changing services. Additionally, you can leave a legacy to benefit the children and families who depend on the organization.

Services offered by Easterseals Southwest Florida include respite care for caregivers, parent education classes, and support groups. There are also therapies for children and adults with disabilities, including therapeutic riding and equine assisted learning and psychotherapy. The center also offers occupational, speech, and physical therapy. It is also home to the Special Olympics Equestrian Team.

Volunteer opportunities are limited at Easterseals Southwest Florida, but you can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. The organization provides a wide range of services for children, teens, and adults with disabilities and their families. Their programs empower these individuals and ensure that everyone has equal opportunity in the community.

Respite Care for children with disabilities

Easterseals Southwest Florida is an organization dedicated to maximizing the development of children with disabilities. It offers many programs including preschool, after-school, summer, and transitional care. In addition, it offers respite care workers and supports for caregivers. The nonprofit also hosts fundraisers, including Walk with Me and the Meadows Cup Pro-Am Golf Tournament, which has raised over $700,000 for local programs. The organization recently launched DesignMatters2, an open call for architects, artists, and designers to help raise funds for the organization.

Easterseals Southwest Florida recently received a $7,000 grant from the Rotary Club of Lakewood Ranch. The grant will support the organization's in-house respite care program, Project Rainbow. The respite program helps families with children with disabilities or chronic health issues find relief from caregiving duties. Respite care workers will provide supervision to the children, allowing caregivers to spend a few hours on themselves.

Easterseals Southwest Florida is a non-profit organization that helps children and adults with disabilities. Their mission is to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families through advocacy, education, and outreach. The organization helps individuals with physical, mental, emotional, and social challenges, and also offers job training and physical rehabilitation.

The agency oversees the development of early intervention, therapeutic, and long-term care for children with disabilities. They also provide referrals to community services. They also offer sensory-friendly activities for children. The nonprofit also offers vocational rehabilitation and transition services. Its mission is to provide resources that empower clients to make independent decisions for themselves and their children.

Respite Caregiver for adults with disabilities

Respite Caregiver programs offer temporary relief to caregivers so that they can take a break and recharge. These programs are led by trained AmeriCorps members who are trained to provide companionship, comfort, and social interaction.

Easter Seals Southwest Florida provides exceptional services to ensure equal opportunities for people with special needs and disabilities. The organization's programs include Adult Day Care, Respite Care, and Senior Services. The organization also offers recreational services, child care, and medical rehabilitation.

Easterseals - Camping and Recreation for People With Disabilities

Easterseals  Camping and Recreation for People with Disabilities

Easterseals has a number of locations in the US where its participants can experience a day camp or residential camp. These programs provide a wide range of educational and recreational activities that help participants develop personal habits and increase personal satisfaction. These types of experiences help participants make the transition to new environments easier and create healthy lifestyles.

Camp Horizons on Lake Probus in South Windham, Connecticut

Camp Horizons on Lake Probus is a great option for children with special needs. Its program is designed to teach them vocational training and life skills. It also incorporates academic instruction, music, and social skills into its daily routine. The program also offers speech therapy and therapeutic arts for children with mild to moderate disabilities.

Camp LeeMar in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania

Camp Lee Mar is a residential summer program for children and teenagers with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Since its founding in 1953, it has innovated camping for children with disabilities. The camp provides a structured environment where children receive personalized attention, guidance, and therapeutic activities. Activities include therapeutic horseback riding, zip lines, and overnight trips. Children can also enjoy arts, sports, and other activities.

The camp staff is comprised of college students and professionals from across the United States and abroad. Each member of staff is carefully selected based on their skill sets and commitment to the campers. They undergo a week-long pre-camp training before starting their role.

Camp Huntington in New York

Camp Huntington is an overnight residential program that serves children and young adults with special needs. The camp offers adaptive therapeutic recreation in combination with academic instruction based on each camper's Individual Education Plan. The program integrates behavioral diversity to foster harmonious group living, motivating activity schedules, and skills development.

The camp is ACA-accredited and operated by Easterseals. It has a staff-to-camper ratio of 3:1 and 14 heated cabins. It also has a putting green and a swimming pool for campers to use. Academic instruction and recreation are offered, and local activities and attractions are also available.

Camp Wapiyapi in Colorado

Easterseals Camp Wapiyapi is a free summer camp in Colorado for children with cancer and their siblings. Founded in the early 1990s by medical students at the University of Colorado, this program helps families cope with the tragedy of childhood cancer by providing respite from their everyday life. It also creates another circle of healing for the children, allowing them to experience the joy of just being kids.

The organization offers day camps and overnight camps for children with disabilities. Siblings between seven and 14 years old are welcome to join each camper. Some of the camps offer round-the-clock support. They also offer special programs for children with autism and mild to moderate disabilities. In Colorado, Easterseals has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to offer an inclusive experience at Hidden Valley Reservation in Gilmanton Iron Works. There, children and young adults with disabilities participate in traditional camp activities alongside Boy Scouts.

Camp Huntington in Wisconsin

Easter Seals Camp Huntington in Wisconsin provides camping opportunities for kids with disabilities. The camp offers an inclusive, barrier-free environment, with a 1:1 counselor to camper ratio. Kids ages 7 to 21 are welcome to attend this camp. Children can enjoy a week of outdoor activities, as well as an overnight stay.

Easter Seals Wisconsin works to create community awareness about its services and programs. The organization offers printed literature and educational materials, and a car seat loan program for children with disabilities. In addition, the organization's Respite programs give caregivers the opportunity to take time off and spend time with friends and family.

Easterseals - Services For Seniors

Easterseals Services for Seniors provides medical and wellness care through physical, occupational and speech therapies to meet the needs of older adults. With these services, older adults can pursue their educational, work and community goals. The organization also offers community mobility options, adult day services, and programs for family caregivers. Their family of services continues to grow to meet the growing needs of older Americans.

Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America offers nutritious meals to older adults through their home delivery services, and nutrition counseling. The programs are designed to improve the nutritional intake of seniors and provide one-third of the recommended daily nutritional requirements. The programs also provide an opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships.

Whether you're a retired veteran or a newly disabled adult, you can make a real difference through Easterseals Oregon's services. This organization specializes in providing exceptional services to people with disabilities, older adults, veterans, and their families. The organization also offers a wide range of fun activities for both adults and children.

The organization is an excellent place to learn more about how to work with older adults and apply for volunteer opportunities. Easterseals has been selected by the U.S. Department of Labor as a top organization for people with disabilities. In addition to job placement services, Easterseals offers job training to help people with disabilities find a fulfilling career.

The organization has a national office in Chicago, where it assists affiliates with management training, implementation of best practices, and fundraising. Each location provides services for people with disabilities and special needs in their communities. The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The organization's mission is to improve the lives of older and disabled people in communities across the country.

Office for the Aging

Easterseals' Office for the Aging works with local employers to match older workers with positions in the community. The employees receive training and gain marketable work experience. The program also gives participants a supportive network. The program is the largest federally-funded program that helps older adults find jobs.

Services are provided through a variety of settings, including in-home care. The organization's goal is to keep people from becoming institutionalized. This goal is achieved by providing services that promote self-care and preserve a person's self-esteem. In addition, the services provided by Easterseals will help older adults maintain their independence.

Easterseals also offers a long-term care ombudsman, who helps older people resolve disputes with service providers. The ombudsman can also help individuals understand their rights and access benefits. In central Ohio, Easterseals has a regional long-term care ombudsperson, who can help older residents get the services they need.

Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC)

The eligibility requirements for EPIC are relatively simple, and you can apply anytime during the year. To qualify, you must be at least 65 years old and a resident of New York State. You must also be receiving Medicare Part D benefits and have a household income between $35,000 and $50,000. If you are a married couple, you will also need to report joint income in order to apply. The co-pay for EPIC membership is $3-$20 depending on the drug.

The program offers secondary coverage of prescription drugs that are not covered by Medicare Part D. This means that EPIC is not a substitute for Part D, but can be used as a supplement. In order to qualify for EPIC, you must purchase your prescriptions from a participating pharmacy in New York State. Most community pharmacies and mail order pharmacies participate in the program. If you aren't sure where to purchase your prescriptions, you can call the toll-free help line Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:45pm.

Depending on the income of the participant, the deductible for EPIC can range from $530 to $3,215 per year. As an added benefit, this insurance plan works with your existing Part D plan and is secondary coverage. It will pay for drugs covered by your Part D plan, but you must pay the deductible first before EPIC will pay for them.

Joining EPIC is easy. The program accepts applications and verifies information with the Social Security Administration and New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. It is important to understand that the program follows New York State Elder Law. You can learn more about New York's Elder Law by visiting the Laws of New York State web site.

Services For Seniors

Easterseals  Services for Seniors

There are a variety of services available to help seniors age in place. Seniors and adults of all ages can benefit from services like home health care and community-based programs. Seniors can also make use of EISEP, Volunteers of America, and the Hanover County public school system.

Easterseals is a nonprofit organization that helps older people with disabilities live a meaningful life. The organization provides home-delivered meals and nutrition counseling in addition to other services. It aims to help seniors improve their diets by providing one-third of the daily recommended dietary allowance. Seniors who participate in the program also benefit from social interactions with their peers and are able to make new friendships.

The Volunteers of America Easterseals Services provide a number of activities that assist those with disabilities live a fulfilling life. These activities include rehabilitation, educational, employment, and recreational activities. The organization serves residents in Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount, and St. Clair counties. The organization provides services to people of all races, religions, national origin, citizenship status, and disabilities.

This organization provides employment opportunities for senior citizens, including job placement services. It also helps older adults with disabilities find jobs. It was selected by the U.S. Department of Labor to serve as one of their "VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA-sponsored nonprofits."


For older adults in need of care, Easterseals provides a wide range of services, including in-home and community-based services that make it easier for them to stay in their homes. These services range from personal care to transportation and health care. In addition, these providers have the experience to help the elderly stay safe and independent in their homes.

Programs include medical care and therapy. Qualified staff administer medications and monitor a variety of medical conditions. Many programs also offer personal care and bathing services. Although the medical services are the focus of most Easterseals services, many programs also offer socialization and community involvement. Assisted living services are also available, along with programs for family caregivers.

A new office in Hoboken provides services for people with disabilities. The organization helps match them with employers. Through these services, participants can gain valuable work experience and build supportive networks. The programs are also free. Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or an experienced professional, Easterseals can help.

While the Easterseals Online Network contains links to third-party websites, these websites are independent of Easterseals. You can visit these websites without providing sensitive information, as long as you provide Easterseals with the email address of the individual you wish to unsubscribe from receiving future communications from Easterseals. If you do not want to receive emails from the organization, you can always update your user profile. The unsubscribe request will be processed immediately.

As a nonprofit organization, Easterseals provides specialized services and supports to people with disabilities and their families. Programs include early intervention, inclusive child care, and medical rehabilitation. Additionally, the organization offers vocational and community-based services. The organization employs 1,400 people and serves over 26,000 individuals with disabilities in New Hampshire.

Providing a variety of in-home care options for older adults is an important component of the Easterseals Office for the Aging. The goal of this service is to prevent premature institutionalization. The program's services are designed to help older adults maintain their independence and self-esteem.

Easterseals also provides support services to mature workers. This includes job placement and training. In addition, they offer advocacy and educational opportunities. A regional long-term care ombudsman serves central Ohio. This independent third party provides information and advice on services and benefits for older adults.

The SCSEP program is the largest federally funded employment assistance program for older adults. This program matches older workers with employers in need of their services. Participants complete a community service assignment while gaining valuable work experience. The program also provides an opportunity to develop supportive networks. The goal of this program is to provide opportunities that will help older adults stay in their communities and remain employed.

Hanover County public school system

Currently, Hanover County Public Schools has implemented an initiative to provide free admission to senior citizens in the county's public schools. The program provides a Gold Card that grants free admission to local schools, including Hanover High School. The initiative is also awaiting guidance from the Virginia Department of Health. In the meantime, the school system is coordinating officer visitation to isolated seniors to provide personal connections, safety checks, and connect them with local resources and services.

HCPS officials have issued an apology for the logo on the shirt. The logo was created to represent a community coming together, but many people have said that the design resembles a Nazi symbol. The Hanover NAACP has called out the school district for using the symbol, saying that it is offensive.

Easterseals Autism Services

Easterseals  Autism Services

Easterseals provides therapy services in inclusive classroom settings at local schools and in specially designed classrooms. They also offer a range of therapeutic activities after school and at day and overnight camps. In addition, they help local families by providing support groups and social activities. For more information, please visit their website.

Group homes

Easterseals Autism Services is an organization that provides exceptional care, services and advocacy for individuals with disabilities. Its programs help individuals with autism learn to live independently and manage their finances, as well as participate in their community. The organization provides a range of services, including group homes, autism daycare centers, and community-based programs.

Easterseals works with individuals from early childhood to adulthood, providing a variety of therapies and services. It also helps children and adults transition into the workforce through its School-to-Work Program. In addition, Easterseals provides respite for parents and families caring for adult individuals with autism.

Easterseals is a leading nonprofit organization in the United States in meeting the challenges faced by American families with autism. Its mission is to help these children lead productive and rewarding lives. Today, one out of every 59 children in the country has autism. As more families struggle to afford treatment, Easterseals is meeting this need by partnering with health organizations, leading technology companies, and businesses.

Many adults with disabilities live at home or with their families. These individuals would prefer to receive services in the home setting where they are most comfortable. Luckily, Easterseals has a solution. They have developed in-home services that help them stay in their community and continue to live independently. In these programs, people with autism receive specialized care from professional staff that helps them with everyday tasks and social activities.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is a type of behavior therapy that has been around for many years. Today, it has become more common because of the increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism. Not long ago, this disorder was rarely discussed and even celebrities with autistic children would try to avoid questions. Furthermore, most families with autistic children had little to no resources and did not have a concrete diagnosis for their child.

ABA uses established principles of learning and behavioral strategies to help a child develop skills in a systematic manner. The goal is to promote independence and improve behavior. The methods used are designed to help children learn social, academic, and daily living skills. The methods are also designed to improve children's communication and social skills.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a proven method for treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With the proper training and tools, children with Autism can learn how to communicate, share, and interact with others. This type of therapy helps develop communication skills, problem-solving skills, and self-esteem. Children with Autism require a professional who understands their motivation and can break down complex behaviors. Through a comprehensive approach, they can learn to use ABA therapy to improve their social skills, academic abilities, and language.

Students enrolled in the program complete five undergraduate psychology courses and a field experience class at an agency called Easterseals. The nonprofit organization has been in existence for nearly 100 years and provides advocacy, education, and social services. Currently, about twenty Cal State LA students are employed at Easterseals as behavior interventionists.

Easterseals is one of the nation's leading early intervention service providers. The organization offers services in child development centers and in the homes of families throughout the United States. Their website also has information about the services available for children with autism. The organization also provides information and resources for families who are in need of such services.

Early intervention services reduce the need for special education and other related services. They have been shown to benefit academic achievement, behavior, educational progress, and even delinquency and crime. The benefits of early intervention programs have been shown time and again by researchers and professionals. Easterseals offers early intervention services in every state. For more information, please visit Easterseals.org or call the organization's regional office.

Autism Services can help you find the right early intervention program for your child. A specialist can assess your child and discuss your concerns and the best option for treatment. After they have analyzed your child, they will formulate a therapy plan to address your child's needs. The specialists will also help you determine whether the child needs to be referred to other experts.

Early intervention services are offered free of charge to families of children with disabilities or developmental delays. They can be performed in the child's home, in a daycare or preschool, or in an Elwyn site. They are funded through the Office for Child Development and Early Learning. Families must meet certain criteria to be eligible for services.

Early intervention services can help children develop independence and improve social skills. They can also be used to help parents cope with the stress of raising a child with autism.

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati  Home

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati is a national organization with 40 years of experience in breaking down barriers to employment and independence. Their services are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, and they work with them to design programs that help them gain the skills they need to live a full and productive life.


The mission of Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati is to break down the barriers that keep people from finding meaningful employment. With 40 years of experience, this nonprofit organization designs programs that are customized to meet individual needs. This allows each person served by the organization to find a path to independence and employment that is uniquely their own.

Pam Koch holds a BA in English from Transylvania University. She and her husband have two daughters. She joined the organization in February 2016. Her background spans not-for-profit fundraising and marketing. In particular, she is known for aligning marketing with fundraising efforts. She has a passion for helping children and adults who need the most help.

The mission of Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati is to help individuals become self-sufficient through employment. The organization strives to do this by addressing individual needs and developing sustainable outcomes. This helps reduce unemployment, break the cycle of poverty, create a more diverse workforce, and build a stronger community.

YouthBuild provides an opportunity for at-risk students to complete schooling and build professional experience. The program also helps these students obtain industry certifications. It is a unique opportunity for at-risk youth to pursue a higher education. At a recent Kick-Off event, one such young person, Deborah Robb, hammered a nail into a sawhorse.

With more than 7,000 people served annually, Easterseals has an important role to play in the Cincinnati community. The organization empowers people with disabilities and disadvantages to reach their fullest potential. It also helps build a stronger community and workforce by supporting the disabled and those facing economic disadvantages.


Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati has over 40 years of experience in helping individuals with disabilities overcome the challenges of employment and independent living. Their highly-specialized programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual and develop a path to employment or independence. The organization has a diverse network of local chapter locations and also has a national presence.

With a variety of employment and education programs, Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati's mission is to empower individuals to gain economic independence through work. Their employment services include training for the workforce and job placement. Additionally, their arts and cultural programs promote self-expression. By supporting these programs, Easterseals is helping to create an inclusive workforce in Cincinnati.

Throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, Easterseals serves nearly 7,000 individuals each year with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Their clients range from veterans to those facing economic disadvantage. Nearly 85% of their clients are at or below the poverty line. While they may have limited skills, they are passionate about employment and dream big about becoming self-sufficient. To be successful, these individuals need a strong network of people who believe in them. Easterseals helps them find the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Building Value LLC

Building Value LLC, a national organization that assists individuals with physical and developmental disabilities find employment, has been serving the Cincinnati area for over 40 years. The organization customizes its programs for each individual to help them reach their employment and independence goals. Through their innovative employment solutions, individuals with disabilities are able to get the employment opportunities they need to become self-sufficient.

By transforming construction and demolition waste into salvageable building materials, Building Value enables the organization to divert thousands of tons of building materials from landfills. The materials are resold at its retail outlet on the Northside, where proceeds fund its employment programs. As a result of the nonprofit's efforts, hundreds of individuals have received job training, and many of them have since gone on to thriving careers in local construction companies.

The company's deconstruction services have been recognized as finalists in the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations' Nonprofit Excellence Awards. This award recognizes outstanding achievement and creativity. Building Value was nominated by the Easterseals Work Resource Center, an organization that helps disabled individuals find employment.

The organization's success is due to the generosity of its community partners. Without this support, it would be impossible to provide real-world work experiences for Easterseals clients. Without these experiences, clients would not be as ready for the workplace. Businesses and organizations throughout Greater Cincinnati make these opportunities possible.

The Easterseals Production and Fulfillment Center has been in operation for over 25 years, and provides employment in the local community. The company does not receive government subsidies; rather, it generates revenue by building and shipping clinical testing kits.

Nathan's experience with Easterseals

Nathan's experience with Easterseals has given him a new lease on life. When he was a child, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. As a result, he was not developing at the same rate as his peers and was not considered an appropriate fit for school. His parents sought help from Easterseals to help them overcome their child's challenges and provide for his future. They turned to the organization's employment services and Project SEARCH programs. After completing the program, Nathan was able to land a job at the Tennant Packaging Corporation.

Nathan's story is not unique. More than 7,000 people in the region receive services from Easterseals. They include veterans, people with disabilities, and those with economic challenges. In fact, nearly 85% of clients live below the poverty line. Many of these individuals are very motivated to secure employment. But to be successful in the workforce, they need a network of people who believe in them. The organization serves those individuals and helps them build a network.

Nathan's passion for building the leadership capacity of people with disabilities is evident in his volunteer work. He regularly gives presentations on issues like safe interactions with police officers, financial literacy, the effects of receiving public benefits while working, and the advantages of community employment. He is also a member of Advocates for Basic Legal Equality and the Ohio Statewide Independent Living Council. Nathan also enjoys sharing information about low-cost technologies that enable individuals with disabilities to connect with their communities and lead more self-determined lives.

Changing lives every day

For more than 40 years, Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati has been breaking down barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities. Their innovative programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Through close collaboration with clients, they create individualized paths to independence and employment. Whether you are looking for a part-time job or a full-time position, they can help. Their goal is to enable the individuals to reach their full potential, whether that is through work, education, or other means.

Employment is crucial to creating a brighter future. Not only does employment provide a paycheck and a sense of connection, but it can also give people the freedom to dream bigger. Last year, Easterseals connected nearly 500 people with employment. Employers, donors, and other supporters were instrumental in this success. Today, Easterseals is on its way to helping nearly $9 million in their first year of employment.

A recent video about Easterseals' programs highlights the work that they do in the community. The YouthBuild program, for example, provides hands-on learning opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It has helped more than 40 people each month find employment. The program also helps individuals overcome obstacles and build the foundations for success.

Easterseals' Veterans Employment Programs are aimed at helping returning service members make a successful transition to civilian life. Through partnerships with the Dixon Center, the organization offers employment opportunities and education resources for veterans. In addition to supporting the transition of veterans, Easterseals helps adults with developmental disabilities build meaningful connections within the community. Each participant is paired with a coach who helps them reach their goals.

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati's Fundraising Coordinator creates innovative strategies to build the organization's annual fund and build a donor pipeline. This individual also develops creative materials to promote the organization's programs and cultivates existing donors.

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