Dentons Pensions - Independent SIPP SSAA Provider

Dentons Pensions - Independent SIPP SSAA Provider


Dentons Pensions is a leading independent SIPP and SSAS provider. Based in Godalming, Surry, the company was founded in 1979 and has been delivering specialist SIPP and SSAS administration services for over 40 years. With a reputation for delivering outstanding service and value for money, Dentons is one of the UK's leading specialists in self-invested pension administration.


The Dentons Pensions Independent SIPP SSAA Provider is a highly rated SIPP provider with a five-star Defaqto rating. This rating is provided by the independent financial research company to give advisers an indication of the quality of benefits offered by a pensions provider. This helps advisers make informed decisions based on features and price. The company's extensive range of features means that advisers can have confidence in the investment and service offered by Dentons.

When you set up a SIPP, you can invest in assets you choose. This allows you to invest your money in assets other than your employer's pension. For example, you can choose unlisted shares, stock market indices and commercial property. You can even invest in collective funds or bank/building society deposit accounts.

The firm's pensions team has an extensive client list across the UK. The team is headed by Claire Petheram, who specialises in buy-in/buy-outs, longevity swaps, and bespoke funding arrangements. Other lawyers in the firm include John Sheppard, who focuses on insurance and SIPP arrangements. In addition, Mark Blyth heads the firm's disputes team, which provides assistance to SIPP providers.

A SIPP is a type of personal pension that offers tax relief on qualified investments. These savings accounts can be managed by a SIPP provider, who acts as the Trustee. Both low-cost and full SIPPs providers offer this service. Specialist SIPP firms will assist you in determining the type of SIPP that best meets your needs. Typically, full SIPPs charge higher fees than low-cost SIPPs providers.

SIPPs were previously available only to those with large pension pots. For those with smaller pension pots, the fees were prohibitive. A set-up fee of several hundred pounds is required and there may be annual fees to maintain your account. You may also need to pay a fund management fee for any investments held in unit trusts.


With a Dentons SIPP, you can choose from a range of investments, including stocks and unlisted shares. It also allows you to make one-off or regular contributions, depending on your circumstances and earnings. You can benefit from tax relief on permitted personal contributions at your highest marginal rate of income tax.

Listed in Godalming, Surrey, Dentons Pensions has been providing self-invested pension administrative services for more than 40 years. In this time, they have built a strong reputation as one of the UK's leading specialists in this sector. Whether you are looking for a SIPP, SSAS or SEP, you'll find the expertise and service you need from Dentons.

Using a SIPP is an excellent way to consolidate your pensions and grow them. However, it's important to choose the right SIPP to match your preferences. You may find that the cheapest option offers limited flexibility, or you may need more flexibility in your investment options.

If you're on a final salary scheme, it's a good idea to talk to a financial adviser before making any decisions. The FCA is currently investigating the role of SIPPs in the British Steel scandal. While your financial adviser may be able to advise you on the best option for your situation, the most important thing is to be informed.

A recent survey by Money Marketing found that Sipp providers are reducing their exposure to unregulated investments. However, there are still some concerns, and many providers have been forced to address these concerns by limiting their exposure to unregulated assets.

Low Cost SIPP

If you want to get the most from your pension, you should compare SIPP providers before investing. A good independent SIPP provider will have a range of options that can suit your individual needs. It should be noted that you should not invest in an SIPP that charges a set up fee or a minimum transfer value. Furthermore, it is important to consider investment performance, which can vary significantly over time.

The SIPP and SSAS providers are not the same and you should check out the features of each one to make sure that you're making the right choice. In addition, a SIPP can be a good option for combining your pensions and allowing them to grow. The price you pay for the SIPP is also a factor, but it shouldn't be the only factor.

Dentons Pensions is a specialist SIPP SSAS provider based in Godalming, Surry, UK. It was established in 1979 and has provided independent SIPP administrative services for over four decades. During this time, it has established itself as one of the UK's leading specialist SIPP and SSAS providers.

Dentons Pensions Independent SIPP SSAAS Provider offers flexible investments and helps clients take control of their investment strategy. They offer a range of benefits to businesses, including tax advantages. Unlike personal pensions, a SIPP allows clients to direct investment into a wide range of assets. It allows for direct investment in stocks, bonds, commercial property, unlisted shares, collective funds, and bank/building society deposit accounts.

Dentons Pensions Independent SIPP SSAAS Provider offers a clear administration charging structure. Their charges range from PS612 a year to PS444.


Vanguard is a popular SIPP SSAS provider for those who want to invest in the stock market. They provide advice on investments and help people plan for their retirement. This company is a popular choice for investors both new and experienced. However, the minimum investment amount may be prohibitive to some consumers, forcing them to look elsewhere for their pension savings.

Vanguard's SIPP charges a 0.15% annual account fee, but this is capped at PS375. There are no exit or setup fees. Unlike other providers, Vanguard charges only a small account fee and transaction costs. Their fee structure is also competitive, especially when compared to other low-cost options available from other providers.

A SIPP provider will invest money in a variety of assets, including quoted UK and overseas stocks, unlisted shares, collective investments, investment trusts, property and land insurance bonds, and commercial property. A SIPP has much greater investment powers than a personal pension or a group scheme.

AMPS, which represents SIPP and SSAS providers, has recently named Martin Tilley as its interim chair. He previously held the position. AMPS is a trade body that represents SSAS providers and operators. AMPS members include Vanguard and Standard Life. The organisation also has an online service for managing your SIPP. It is possible to manage your account online and stop payments whenever you want.

When looking for a SIPP provider, make sure to compare their fees. Some providers charge a flat fee or a percentage of the investment amount. In addition to this, full SIPP providers often have a minimum monthly contribution requirement. However, some providers do not charge fees at all. A good insurance advisor will be able to identify whether a SIPP provider charges due diligence fees and recommend which one is best for your retirement.


As one of the oldest robo-advisers in the UK, Nutmeg specialises in building risk-based portfolios using low-cost exchange-traded funds. The service also offers online account management and investment monitoring. Initially, Nutmeg focused on ISAs and other general investment accounts, before moving into the self-invested personal pension sector. Though it doesn't offer full control over the assets, users can benefit from tax relief for contributions made to the pension.

Nutmeg's portfolios are managed using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) - which are cheaper than active funds and offer more transparency. You can choose from a range of ETFs, including ones that track the FTSE 100 or hold corporate bonds. These funds are then invested on behalf of your pension by Nutmeg, which manages and administers your account.

The Nutmeg service is easy to use. Investors can view their portfolios and see how they compare to their retirement target. They can also easily change the risks and contributions. And unlike many robo-advisers, Nutmeg also offers real human advisors.

Nutmeg offers a number of different SIPP products for all types of customers. It also offers a solo SIPP, which is suitable for those with non-standard assets. It allows single, monthly and annual payments and offers online account management. Users can also stop and start payments whenever they want.

Choosing a SIPP provider is important, as the cheapest is not necessarily the best. Some may prefer the flexibility of a SIPP over a traditional pension. However, price should always be a consideration. A professional SIPP calculator can help you decide which is best for you.

Meet TPG Capital - A Leading Global Alternative Asset Manager

Meet TPG  A Leading Global Alternative Asset Manager

Meet TPG: This global alternative asset manager has offices in multiple countries. Founded in 1992, TPG Capital has invested in various asset classes worldwide. Previously known as the Texas Pacific Group, TPG was founded in Fort Worth, Texas. The company is a member of the 1 Expert Collection and has offices in several countries.

TPG Capital

Meet TPG Capital: A Leading Global Alternative Asset ManagerFounded in 1992, TPG is one of the leading alternative asset managers in the world. Their investment teams are located in 12 offices worldwide and invest across five multi-product platforms. Their collaborative approach helps them build value for fund investors.

TPG Capital's investment platform is focused on growth equity and middle market investments. The firm has more than $14.7 billion in assets under management and targets investments across diverse industries and geographies. Its team has deep industry and sector expertise, operational resources, and global experience to execute its strategies.

Meet TPG Capital | A Leading Global Alternative Investment Manager With a Multi-Asset Model for Private Equity Investments and Alternative Strategies Funds. TPG is backed by an extensive network of financial professionals. Its management team is comprised of seasoned investors who have extensive experience in the alternative asset management sector.

TPG's newest initiative, TPG Rise Climate, is dedicated to climate investing and will invest a portion of its capital into climate solutions. This platform leverages the capabilities of TPG's public benefit LLC, Y Analytics, which focuses on understanding and managing the environmental and social impact of investments. TPG Rise Climate will invest in renewable energy and clean energy companies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

25 team members

TPG is a leading global alternative asset manager, founded in 1992 in San Francisco, California. The firm currently manages over $120 billion in assets across five multi-product platforms. The company is known for its unique approach to alternative investments, affinity for disruption, and open culture.

TPG is an investment company specializing in leveraged buyouts and growth capital, which includes public equity, venture capital, and debt investments. Its investment portfolio includes companies in consumer/retail, technology, media, and travel and leisure. It is funded largely by private equity funds and committed capital from endowments, pension funds, and high-net-worth individuals.

202 investments

TPG is a leading global alternative asset manager with assets of over $120 billion. The firm is based in San Francisco, California and has investment teams in 12 offices worldwide. It invests in a variety of asset classes across five multi-product platforms. Its unique strategy is driven by collaboration. TPG's teams combine broad capabilities with product experience to create investment products that add value for fund investors.

TPG has partnered with Blum Capital and ACON Investments to create Newbridge Capital, which focuses on emerging markets in Asia and Latin America. At its peak, Newbridge managed US$3.2 billion. It was headquartered in San Francisco and Fort Worth and also had investment offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo.

136 portfolio exits

TPG Capital, a leading global alternative asset manager, has a stellar track record of portfolio exits. Since its founding in 1985, the firm has completed more than 136 transactions. The firm has made investments of varying sizes, ranging from 50 million dollars to over a billion dollars. Its portfolio includes 84 funds and 10 strategic partners.

The firm has a global impact investing platform, TPG Rise. This fund is dedicated to climate solutions. It recently backed Nextracker, a leading solar tracking company. It has also created North America's leading environmental credit marketer, and formed an innovative partnership with Tata Motors to advance electrified passenger mobility in India.

Strategic partners

TPG has a long track record of partnering with management teams and delivering outstanding service across the healthcare ecosystem. Its past strategic partners include Morgan Stanley, Evercore, and Kelsey-Seybold. Its current investments include a portfolio of single-tenant office assets with average lease terms of 3.6 years.

TPG is also an experienced travel and leisure investor. Its investments include companies like Viking Cruises and Life Time Fitness. It also has experience in business services and has partnered with industry leaders in these vertical markets. Moreover, TPG is a private equity firm and has experience investing with public companies and private equity funds.


TPG is a leading global alternative asset manager that has invested in Musixmatch, a leading music data platform. The company enables users to discover and share music with others. It also provides tools, services, and enriched metadata. The company has 120 employees across Europe.

The company has over $22 billion in assets under management. Its core philosophy is to marry rigorous fundamental research and tactical trading to identify complex investment opportunities. Its expertise is in credit investing, which is a key component of its strategy. The firm focuses on sourcing complex investment opportunities, and identifying opportunities that are often misunderstood or undervalued.

TPG is a global alternative asset manager with offices in many countries. Its investments include credit, real estate, private equity, and hedge fund strategies. Founded in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1992, the company has invested in a variety of asset classes. It is a member of the 1 Expert Collection.

TPG Capital has five core sectors: healthcare, software, enterprise technology, digital media, communications, and consumer and business services. It also invests in critical service providers across industries. Its portfolio includes companies such as Transplace and CCC Information Services. TPG is also a leader in the consumer, media, and technology industries.

Inside James Denton's Home

Inside James Denton s home  People

James Denton grew up in Tennessee

James Denton was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He was raised by a family of Southern Baptists in Goodlettsville. His father was a dentist. His mother passed away from breast cancer in 2002. Denton went to Goodlettsville High School and then attended the University of Tennessee. There, he was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

He has two children with his wife, Erin O'Brien. His wife is an award-winning screenwriter and a personal trainer at Life Time Fitness. She has also been credited in many movies and TV shows. In fact, she has been a personal trainer to several Hollywood celebrities.

While working on his acting career, Denton continued to perform on stage during his time in Los Angeles. He has acted in many independent films and plays written by Mike Petty. In addition to theater, Denton has appeared in several films, including That Old Feeling (1997) and Face/Off (2000).

While studying at the University of Tennessee, Denton played basketball in junior college and was also a part of the Nashville bicentennial production of Our Town. In addition to acting, Denton played basketball in junior college and graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He later moved to Chicago, Illinois to pursue his acting career.

Denton is a lifelong baseball fan. He once dated country music star Deana Carter during his high school years. He has a tattoo of his father's initials on his left bicep. In 2005, he won the Oprah Winfrey "Your Wildest Dream" award and visited the spring training facility of the Boston Red Sox. He also received the key to the city of Fort Myers.

He played a plumber on "Desperate Housewives"

James Denton is one of the most likable guys on TV. He's a regular on the Hallmark Channel and has been appearing on TV shows for years. He's best known for his role as plumber Mike Delfino on the ABC hit "Desperate Housewives." Denton is originally from Nashville, Tennessee.

During the first season of "Housewives," Denton's picture was featured in the People's Sexiest Man Alive issue. As the show continued, his picture got smaller. In 2009, his picture was no longer on the magazine. However, Denton is still active in the entertainment industry, having recently shot a film with Kevin Pollak. He plans on continuing to make movies, aiming to make at least one per year.

Denton grew up in Tennessee and attended the University of Tennessee, where he earned a degree in advertising. Initially, he worked in ad sales in Nashville. After graduating from college, Denton performed in local theaters in Nashville. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

Apart from "Desperate Housewives," Denton has appeared in other TV shows as well. He has starred in Dark Skies, Reba, Threat Matrix, and Devious Maids. While he is best known as a TV actor, he has also made a few films. Most popularly, he starred in Hallmark TV series The Good Witch, which ran from 2015 to 2021.

He moved to Chanhassen after his sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer

James Denton, who starred on "Desperate Housewives," sold his home in Los Angeles and moved to rural Minnesota to help his sister-in-law battle breast cancer. He had a personal connection with the area, having lost his mother to the disease more than ten years ago. He and his family have made their home in a new town near Minneapolis.

Denton was first cast in the television series Desperate Housewives, and has since gone on to star in numerous direct-to-DVD movies and made-for-TV movies. He has also performed in several music videos, including the "Bobbi with an I" by country star Phil Vassar. He also plays the guitar in a charity band called Band from TV, along with Hugh Laurie. He was also cast in the Hallmark TV series "The Good Witch" and co-starred with Catherine Bell.

Denton was raised in Tennessee and attended the University of Tennessee. He graduated with a degree in advertising and worked in ad sales. During his time in Nashville, he began performing in community theaters. After he finished college, he moved to Los Angeles and decided to pursue acting full-time. He also acted in films including "Face/Off" (1998) and "Primary Colors."

Denton's wife, Nancy Vaa, died March 31, 2019. The couple has two children, Donald Vaa, and Larry Grade, both of whom live in McIntosh. They have seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She also has several nieces and nephews.

He is a former host of the American Human Hero Dog Awards

James Denton is a former host of a televised television awards show. He co-hosted the third annual HERO DOG AWARDS in September 2015. The awards show was taped at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and aired one month later on the Hallmark Channel. The show also featured a musical performance by Katharine McPhee. The event was televised on Hallmark Channel and was simulcast on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards honor the nation's most outstanding working dogs. The program is sponsored by Zoetis and the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation. Stars in the show include James Denton, Beth Stern, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Danielle Fishel. The Hallmark Channel has also partnered with the American Humane Society for the awards.

The awards ceremony was held in Beverly Hills on September 29. The ceremony honoured five extraordinary dogs who had performed acts of heroism for humans. The event featured presenters including James Denton, Beth Stern, and bestselling author Beth Stern. Other notable presenters included Kristin Chenoweth, Alison Sweeney, and Deborah Matenopoulos.

Denton has been an active performer on stage and on television for many years. He has appeared in numerous plays and independent movies, including "Locked Up Down Shorty's" and "In Walked Monk." During a break from the television series, he continued to act in other projects.

He has appeared in plays and independent movies

Actor James Denton has an extensive background in theater, having performed in many plays and independent films. Before entering the film industry, Denton sold advertising and worked in radio before moving to Los Angeles and pursuing his dream of acting full time. In addition to acting in independent films, Denton has written music and composed scores for plays and TV shows.

In his early career, Denton appeared in two films with John Travolta, Face/Off and Primary Colors. His television guest appearances were plentiful, but he had yet to receive widespread recognition. It wasn't until he got cast in "Desperate Housewives" that he began to receive mainstream attention. Denton's role as Mike Delfino piqued the interest of local ladies and led to a successful run on the soap opera. His success on the show freed him to pursue other personal projects, which allowed him to establish himself as an attractive, desirable everyman.

James Denton has also been active in the music industry, appearing in several music videos. His appearances have been featured on the covers of Entertainment Weekly and in photo spreads. His work has landed him many commercials. Most recently, he played the lead role in Phil Vassar's "Bobbi with an I."

The actor has two children with his wife Erin O'Brien. His children are named Sheppard and Malin. In addition to acting, Denton also owns a sports team called the Orange County Flyers, which plays at Cal State Fullerton. He has a home in the Minneapolis area.

James Denton and Teri Hatcher reunite in the Hallmark Channel's "A Kiss Before Christmas." The two former "Desperate Housewives" actors will star in this romantic comedy. The movie will be the first time the two "Desperate Housewives" cast members have worked together since the series ended in 2012.

Dentons Strategy Is to Go Big

At Global Law Firm Dentons  Strategy Is to Go Big  WSJ

The strategy of global law firm Dentons is to go big. It has made splashy acquisitions and is trying to improve name recognition. This strategy has its critics, however. Some industry watchers question whether such fast growth will benefit the firm's partners. The company is also struggling with integrating far-flung partnerships and different compensation systems. It has also had to convince clients that the lawyers it hires in Dubai are competent.

Dentons' expansion strategy is to go big

In recent years, Dentons has aggressively pursued its expansion strategy, making the firm's name one of the most recognizable and easy to pronounce in the business world. The firm has built relationships in other continents, recently forming a partnership with a Vietnamese firm, and has opened offices in other nations. Dentons has done so while maintaining its distinctive "polycentric" philosophy, which enables incoming firms to feel respected and strong within local and regional markets.

Although the firm is already one of the largest law firms in the world, Dentons is aiming to expand even further into Latin America. The firm is acquiring two more Latin American law firms - Colombia's Cardenas & Cardenas and Mexico's Lopez Velarde Heftye y Soria - that will add 90 lawyers to its roster. The merger marks Dentons' entry into a new market segment and burnishes its global brand. The firm's recent merger with OPF Partners is another major step in expanding globally.

To achieve its expansion strategy, Dentons has been acquiring smaller firms that have an ideal fit with its own services. Last year, it was appointed to 81% of global panels compared to 13% before the strategy was introduced. In addition, it has announced a merger with two regional American firms, Dentons Bingham Greenebaum in Indianapolis and Dentons Cohen & Grigsby in Pittsburgh. The plan has been called "Project Golden Spike" and it is likely that other law firms will join the firm as it grows.

In addition to its global expansion strategy, Dentons has also announced mergers with other law firms and non-legal businesses. Currently, Dentons has 11,000 lawyers in 188 locations in 76 countries. Its merger plans involve merging with other law firms, non-legal businesses, and international organizations. It has already announced mergers in Argentina, New Zealand, South Korea, and Uruguay. It has also launched an in-house consultancy called Dentons Nextlaw to help clients modernize their law departments.

The expansion strategy for Dentons is an unusual approach. Rather than relying on a conventional merger, the firm will merge with firms that will retain their own brand and culture. As a result, Dentons will measure its success in terms of profits per partner. The strategy is a smart one, but the potential for conflict arises when it comes to compensation levels and client relationships.

It's a buyers' market

Dentons is transforming itself into the world's largest law firm, with more than 6,600 lawyers. The firm's strategy has drawn some industry skepticism, but it aims to become a one-stop shop for big corporations and small businesses.

The firm's recent mergers have expanded its international reach. In 2013, it advised Molex on its $7.2 billion acquisition by Koch Industries Inc. and its lawyers staffed 17 offices in the U.S. and Europe. It also has six global offices. Last year, it generated more than $1.275 billion in revenue, but that doesn't include the $400 million it received in 2014 from a joint venture with Chinese firm Dacheng.

The global expansion of Dentons has also affected the firm's culture. The culture is similar to that of Wall Street firms, with associates doing similar work as their Wall Street counterparts. Dentons has made this shift because they have realized that their clients want to do business with global companies.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on May 22, 2017 that addressed the taboo surrounding mental health in the legal profession. As a profession, attorneys have a higher rate of serious psychological disorders than most other occupations. Oftentimes, mental health problems are not discussed in law firms, but some are making an effort to address this issue.

Dentons is the largest global law firm in terms of lawyers. China is the second largest economy in the world, and the exponential growth of the economy has increased the need for corporate legal services. This massive market is growing globally, and China's private legal profession is emerging as a major player.

It's trying to disprove the belief that conflicts of interest are inevitable

A recent court case from Ohio relates to a client who sued Dentons for failure to disclose a major conflict of interest. The jury awarded the client $32 million in compensatory damages. Although the law firm appealed the verdict, an appeals court upheld the decision. Now the law firm has asked the Ohio Supreme Court to consider the case. However, the docket information for the case indicates that the court has not yet decided whether to hear the appeal.

The underlying conflict was revealed when the firm represented a client in a lawsuit against a former client. The firm defended its actions by claiming that the client was a long-term client of Dentons. However, the firm did not disclose the conflict and did not request a waiver of its conflict of interest policy.

It's hiring non-lawyers to assist clients

The law firm is making use of the skills of non-lawyers to better serve its clients. Non-lawyers, who don't have a background in the law, are now working under the supervision of lawyers at Dentons. This program provides legal services for nonprofit organizations in the New York City area. For example, Dentons lawyers recently helped the Canadian Centre for Equality and Human Rights (CCEHT) to create a national hotline to help victims of human trafficking report incidents.

Non-lawyers can apply for Quali-FLY to support Dentons' virtual Legal Delivery Centre, which currently houses 60 paralegals. They can also apply if they already have six months' experience at Dentons. These non-lawyers may also be considered for other legal positions, such as paralegals. This new approach is part of the Firm's new law offering, called Dentons Helix, which redefines the relationship between clients and legal service providers.

As a global law firm, Dentons is expanding its reach. It now employs about 20,000 lawyers across 200 offices and 80 countries. The firm's lawyers provide legal advice to multinational companies and businesses of all sizes. They are also known for their creative counseling skills and collaborative practice.

The firm's Chicago office is committed to ensuring that its workforce is diverse. In 2005, Dentons helped to create the Legacy Charter School, which educates 500 scholars in a low-income, inner-city neighborhood. The students are 99 percent minority and African-American. Additionally, Dentons provides operational support for the school.

Dentons Shuts Two Offices in Home-Working Drive

Dentons shuts two offices in homeworking drive  News

Dentons has announced the closure of two offices in the UK, one in Aberdeen and one in Watford. The firm does not plan to close any other offices in the UK. However, its lease in London will expire in 2025. The Aberdeen team consists of two partners, one counsel, three associates, two trainees and four business services professionals.

Dentons' 'atmosphere' is positive

The 'atmosphere' at Dentons appears to be positive. The firm has recently announced that it is expanding its presence in the U.S. and expanding its New York office. However, former partners doubt that clients would need its lawyers in the major markets, as they would likely turn to bigger firms. Dentons executives, however, have said that the company will continue to pursue its Golden Spike strategy.

The firm is committed to diversity and inclusion. It has a national director for inclusion and has local inclusion and diversity committees in each office. Its flat corporate structure also makes it safer for employees to ask for help if they need it. A variety of programs are available to help employees thrive in their roles and advance their careers.

A few of the steps taken by Dentons to address this controversy include appointing new board members. CEO Andrew McNamara has defended his firm's culture, and has a history of increasing partner earnings. Moreover, he has offered board positions to high-performing partners and asked them to vote for his nominees. Moreover, he has created a cadre of lawyers in management roles.

It has embraced full-time remote work

Dentons, one of the world's largest law firms, has embraced full-time remote work as a way to improve the efficiency of its operations. The firm closed several UK offices in the summer to make the move easier for staff members. The firm was able to avoid the financial and logistical costs of moving staff back to the office and was able to use a video-conferencing platform to keep its staff connected.

The move comes as part of a wider push to improve the use of technology and agility in work resourcing. The firm is not closing any other offices, although it is reviewing the situation when its London lease expires in 2025. It has set up a project team to review the use of technology and its real estate footprint.

The shift to flexible working practices has been welcomed by many employers. It can improve employee retention, wellbeing, and performance. Many employees report having a better balance between work and life. As a result, the use of video conferencing has become the norm for meetings, and companies have invested in systems to support long-term hybrid working.

Cloud technology and a growing number of affordable collaboration tools are enabling a new way to work. Some examples of companies embracing full-time remote work include Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, Shopify, and Zillow. A recent COVID-19 study revealed that almost ninety percent of businesses support remote work.

In the United Kingdom, the percentage of employees working remotely is increasing. According to the Office of National Statistics, nearly half of the workforce will be working remotely at least 50% of the time. This is a dramatic increase over the previous decade when only 22% of the workforce was working from home. By 2025, the percentage will grow to almost fifty percent.

It has clarified expectations with employees

As a large global law firm, Dentons has become a leader in flexible working, ensuring its partners and senior managers come into the office at least two days a week. The firm also offers flexible working, where lawyers can work from home as often as they want. Since last year, the firm has implemented a trial of hybrid working, which allows lawyers to combine working from home with time spent in the office.

During the trial, Dentons has been monitoring feedback and adjusting its working practices accordingly. While the feedback has been generally positive, many respondents highlighted the need for clearer boundaries between work and personal life. To this end, Dentons has issued guidance to its employees that spells out the expectations for both parties. This includes defining what activities benefit from physical proximity, and how these activities can be handled online.

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