DEKRA, Inc. - Information Security and Cybersecurity Risk Management

DEKRA, Inc. - Information Security and Cybersecurity Risk Management


DEKRA, Inc. - Information Security and Cybersecurity Risk Management

Information Security  DEKRA

Information Security is an important aspect of cybersecurity risk management. It is the process of ensuring that data is always available, in a secure state, and confidential. Information owners must determine their needs and establish how they will protect data. The goals of this process are different for different data types. For instance, medical data will focus on data integrity and confidentiality, while financial data will focus on data availability.

Information security is a growing and evolving field

Information security is a discipline that focuses on protecting organizations' digital and analog information against external threats. It involves tools, processes, and policy settings to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and use. Its goals are to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of company information. It also involves infrastructure and network security, as well as encryption and data protection.

Information security is important for organizations because of the potential for privacy breaches, theft of private information, or data deletion. These attacks can disrupt work processes and damage a company's reputation. Therefore, organizations should allocate funds to address security issues and should be prepared to detect, prevent, and respond to attacks. To do this, organizations must use basic principles of information security. The first tenet is to protect the integrity of data.

In addition to ensuring the integrity of data, information security must be implemented in the correct way. By using best practices and technology, businesses can protect themselves from breaches and protect their business interests. With more organisations relying on cloud services, the cyber security field has evolved to meet the needs of businesses.

Modern organizations are implementing security practices that use encryption algorithms to secure data and prevent information loss. By using encryption, users can access information only with secret keys. This prevents data loss or corruption in the event of equipment or systems being stolen or hacked. Organizations are implementing security measures in many ways, depending on the size and nature of the information they handle.

As the field continues to grow, the need for cybersecurity professionals is increasing. This means that there are more available positions than there are people with the necessary skills. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security analyst jobs are expected to grow 33 percent from now through 2030. That's twice as fast as the average computer-related job in the United States. It's estimated that there are 2.72 million cybersecurity professionals needed globally.

It is a part of cybersecurity risk management

As the world becomes increasingly digital, maintaining people's safety while using technology has never been more important. With almost everything connected to the internet and local networks, securing devices has become vital for the protection of consumers and critical infrastructures. As a result, cybersecurity risk management is becoming an integral part of safety and connectivity testing. DEKRA's cybersecurity suite of services helps customers address these challenges and protect intellectual property and corporate data.

DEKRA is expecting growth of five percent in the current fiscal year and to add 1,000 new employees by 2020. The company has also made strategic investments in Asia-Pacific and is on track to hit the high double-digit million mark in 2022. With its strong growth and commitment to cybersecurity risk management, DEKRA is well positioned to grow at a significant rate. The following are some key metrics to consider when considering DEKRA's business prospects.

DEKRA has a wide-ranging portfolio of accreditations and certifications. The company works with companies in many countries to close security gaps and provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. It also participates in technical committees to develop new standards for data protection. Its goal is to be an essential partner for cybersecurity risk management.

DEKRA works with many leading automotive manufacturers to secure the cybersecurity of their vehicles. This service is important for vehicle manufacturers because cyber attacks are becoming a larger and more widespread threat. The company has worked with Lenovo to verify its carbon footprint for 2021 and has won further carbon footprint projects.

It deals with data integrity

Data integrity is a concept that deals with the accuracy and reliability of data. It is important for organizations to make sure that their data is not altered or tampered with, and it is an important part of the overall quality of their business. There are many factors that can affect data integrity, and it is important to understand the factors that can negatively impact it.

Data integrity is a critical issue for all industries. Even the smallest mistakes in data can lead to serious business problems. This is why it is critical to implement the right processes to maintain data quality. This will help prevent any misclassifications, errors, or other problems with data. Data integrity is also a necessary part of proving safety, efficacy, and quality, and it's a critical issue for the safety and efficacy of medicines.

DEKRA's process also includes compliance due diligence. Compliance due diligence includes the review of industry-specific standards, as well as legal requirements. When evaluating a company's compliance risks, compliance due diligence is an important step. Once this is complete, the results will be used to inform integration cost, time, and culture.

Data integrity is often a top concern for companies and IT departments. Companies that are not aware of the risks associated with data integrity should make sure that they have appropriate procedures in place to protect themselves from such issues. As the IIoT industry grows rapidly, data integrity must be taken seriously. ei3 is among the first companies in the industry to achieve compliance with ISO 27001.

DEKRA's Cyber Security service unit offers information security solutions, as part of its comprehensive range of services. It also provides information security training based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. Its services can be tailored to meet specific company needs.

It deals with data availability

DEKRA's information security deals with the availability and integrity of data and information assets. Its technologies address various issues, from fault-tolerance mechanisms to access control software. In addition, it offers services in environmental protection and internet security. Its products and services serve customers globally. The company has been serving the world's leading media companies for over 30 years. Its flagship product, MediaPulse, provides an end-to-end solution for the entire content lifecycle, including scheduling, asset management, billing, and cost recovery. It also acquired ScheduALL, a content management software provider, in April 2021.

Data availability is an important concept for organizations. Without reliable access to vital data, an organization cannot function effectively. This means that it must quickly restore lost data and hardware, maintain backups, and protect its data from damage. Another term, data durability, emphasizes long-term security. Data durability refers to the ability of data to persist and be accessible to authorized users.

IoT-connected devices need to be secure, and this includes ensuring the data is available and safe. DEKRA provides information security certification services for IoT devices and cloud-based devices. Its diverse portfolio includes cybersecurity certification services and testing services. For example, DEKRA can help certify IoT devices to comply with the ETSI EN 303 645 standard.

It deals with privacy

DEKRA is a privacy and information security firm that makes use of cookies. A cookie is a text file that a web page server places on a user's hard drive. Cookies cannot run programs or deliver viruses to a computer, but they are essential for a web site to work. They tell the web server when a user is returning to a website, so information can be retrieved and customized features retained.

DEKRA's work on privacy and information security extends to a variety of sectors, including the automotive industry. Its work on vehicle electronics and software architecture has spanned more than three decades. Thomas Thurner works in the company's Cyber Security Hub, where he coordinates information security across the company's various units.

Cyber security is an essential component of every business today. DEKRA provides comprehensive cyber security solutions tailored to specific business needs and circumstances. In today's digitalized world, companies need the right cyber security methods to protect their intellectual property, protect their process integrity, and protect corporate data. And DEKRA is a global partner to help clients close security gaps and achieve their IT security goals.

DEKRA Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services  DEKRA

If you have a health condition, it's important to know where to turn for testing. For routine tests, turnaround time is same-day. Specialized testing, however, may require an appointment. Find out more about our locations, prices, and services. We also offer a free consultation to discuss your health care needs.


The process of laboratory accreditation has several benefits for both laboratories and the health systems that use them. The process helps laboratories identify areas for improvement, and provides incentives for meeting high performance standards. Furthermore, it allows laboratories to focus their resources on other priorities. In addition, it reduces the burden of oversight on laboratory staff.

Accreditation is important to increase the quality of laboratory services and to provide more reliable results for patients. It helps reduce errors during analytical and pre-analytical processes. In addition, it promotes accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. It also encourages continuous improvement. Accreditation also provides a level of confidence to customers.

Accreditation of laboratory services can help laboratories improve their processes and improve the performance of their staff. Regular assessments help improve staff discipline and professionalism and boost their commitment to a quality management system. Accreditation also helps laboratories gain credibility by validating their place in the traceability chain. Accredited laboratories also improve the quality of their services, which helps educate clients and support product certification decisions.

In order to achieve accreditation, laboratories must comply with certain international standards. These standards can be established by a single or multiple bodies. The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation is one of the leading accreditation bodies in the world. It was founded in 1978 as a nonprofit, non-partisan organization. It accredits testing and calibration laboratories, biobanking facilities, product certification bodies, and proficiency testing providers. Currently, over 4,000 labs are accredited with the association.


DEKRA Laboratory Services is a global company with more than 65 locations worldwide. Its main business is product safety testing and certification. The company has over 46,000 employees and is headquartered in Linkou, Taiwan. It offers a range of services to the manufacturing industry, including EMC testing, IoT wireless communication compatibility testing, automotive EMC testing, and more.

The company offers both laboratory and field testing services for the development of electric vehicles. Besides performing safety testing, it provides certification services for charging infrastructures. DEKRA offers comprehensive testing services for these systems, including electromagnetic compatibility and secure communication between electric vehicle and charging station. It also offers regulatory certification services.

DEKRA has been listed as an MFi Authorized Test Laboratory by Apple for wireless communication certification. It provides comprehensive testing services, including pre-testing and advisory services for Apple's MFi program licensees. It also provides pre-testing and certification services for a variety of products, including wireless technologies and third-party hardware accessories. Depending on the nature of the product, DEKRA offers a variety of laboratory services across multiple locations.

DEKRA has been in business since 1925. The company was founded in Berlin as the Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Uberwachungs-Verein e.V., and has grown into a global company with over 44,000 employees and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries. Its mission is to help create a sustainable world. It has a platinum rating from EcoVadis, and is ranked among the most sustainable companies worldwide.

Hematology and Coagulation Laboratory

The Hematology and Coagulation Laboratory performs comprehensive testing and provides consultative services for physicians involved in the diagnosis and management of thrombotic and bleeding disorders. The laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to perform an extensive battery of tests. Additionally, its faculty conduct federally-funded research and oversee a NIH-approved training program for MDs. They also perform diagnostic studies and provide support for clinical trials.

The Hematology and Coagulation Laboratory at West Virginia University is designed to train trainees in the practice of hematology. During the rotation, residents will be exposed to diverse testing modalities and learn to interpret results for physicians. Residents will have the opportunity to become familiar with the newest diagnostic tools available and will gain hands-on experience in the field.

The Hematology and Coagulation Laboratory tests multiple parameters in order to determine whether a patient is anemic. The results are reported as a CBC, 5-part differential, and platelet count. Aside from determining anemia, the CBC includes a variety of other tests. Tests used in hematology include hemoglobin, reticulocyte count, sedimentation rate, platelet count, and hematocrit.

Clinical Virology Laboratory

A quality management system (QMS) is a vital component of a clinical virology laboratory. The QMS covers the laboratory's diagnostic testing service, operational environment, essential supplies, and staff qualifications. It is also a vital tool for ensuring accurate and reliable results. A QMS should also consider the health and safety of patients and staff and prevent contamination.

The laboratory's personnel have the necessary training to ensure that clinical specimens are handled safely and securely. They use specially designed containers for biohazardous specimens. When the laboratory receives samples from other locations, it uses an approved specialist courier service. The transport of clinical specimens by road must comply with specific regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods. The regulations state specific packaging conditions depending on the viral pathogen.

A clinical virology laboratory will have a laboratory director who will oversee all aspects of its operations. In addition, technical section leaders will lead specific lab sections. These technical staff will be responsible for performing various testing procedures, processing specimens, and maintaining and calibrating equipment. Additionally, general non-laboratory clerical support staff will perform administrative tasks.

Microbiology Laboratory

DEKRA is an international expert organization that has expanded its laboratory in Sterling, VA. The new laboratory features 20,000 square feet of space, doubling its previous size. This expansion will allow DEKRA to meet an increased demand for safety and connectivity testing. This position requires a minimum of two years of experience in microbiology.

The DEKRA Microbiology Laboratory was established in 1997 and serves as a national diagnostic laboratory for the country. It is equipped with temperature chambers and incubators and maintains stocks of past epidemics of Ebola, Marburg, rhabdoviruses, and polioviruses. It also has the necessary personnel to train collaborators in the safe handling of infectious agents.

The CIRMF BSL-4 laboratory has been designated a WHO Collaborative Centre for the diagnosis of hemorrhagic fevers from 2016 to 2020. The laboratory has followed all WHO guidelines to the letter, and is currently working with the DTRA BTRP to further expand its services. Additionally, the CIRMF is undergoing a biosafety assessment and is aiming to be ISO:35001 certified in the near future.

As a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), DEKRA Microbiology Laboratory is an internationally accredited facility with the capability to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests. This capability has facilitated the early detection of cases of COVID-19, which was an important factor in containing the outbreak and delaying the transmission of the disease within the community. Moreover, DEKRA is an authorized NRTL that provides hazardous location product certifications.

Quality Auditor Training - DEKRA Training

Quality  Auditor Training  DEKRA Training

If you're in the market for Quality Auditor Training - DEKRA training, you've come to the right place. Here you can find out more about the training program, the cancellation policy, and the cost of the DEKRA training. In addition to this, DEKRA AQS is an Exemplar Global certified provider.

Quality Auditor Training - DEKRA Training

If you're considering becoming a quality auditor, DEKRA offers a variety of training courses. In three-day classes, participants will acquire knowledge and skills to perform quality audits and assess processes. The training is interactive and fun, and attendees rate it highly. To learn more, check out the program description below.

The course is geared toward managers, executives, and other decision-makers. It includes information on ISO 9001:2015 requirements and includes hands-on workshops. Students will also learn how to manage the audit process and complete the audit report. Participants will also get familiar with the differences between the 2008 and 2015 versions of the standard, and the importance of risk-based thinking.


DEKRA offers certification programs for quality auditors. These courses are offered by experienced professionals who specialize in safety. These courses will teach you how to audit the safety performance of your company and its processes. They will also teach you how to prepare for an audit and how to conduct it effectively. The course is offered in convenient half-day sessions and is designed to meet the requirements of individual auditor certification.

AAR also offers an advanced training seminar. This course is ideal for those who want to obtain a deeper understanding of M-1003. It requires that the participants have completed the basic auditor training seminar and have conducted at least one audit. It includes a comprehensive quality assurance manual review, various role-playing activities, and a hands-on compliance audit.

The course covers all requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and includes a practical workshop. Participants will learn how to perform real-life audits and complete the reports. This three-day course includes written tests on the competencies that are covered in the course. The cost of quality auditor training with DEKRA varies depending on the course chosen. You can also save money by choosing a customized course that matches your specific requirements.

DEKRA Process Safety North America Acquires Chilworth Global

DEKRA Process Safety North America

Mike Snyder, managing director at DEKRA Process Safety North America, cautions that medical supply companies and food and beverage producers need to be aware of safety hazards. These include improper ventilation and unintentional fires. While food and beverage companies want to do their part to protect their customers, they must also take precautions to avoid unintentional safety risks.


The global expert organization DEKRA has acquired the US-based company Chilworth Global, which specializes in process safety and explosion protection services. The acquisition will create a new business unit in Dekra's Product Testing and Certification business line. The combined entity will work closely with Dekra's Arnhem and Bochum branch offices to serve the process industries. Founded in 1983, Chilworth employs approximately 160 people. With its headquarters in the United States and Europe, the company provides consulting and material testing services to the process industries. It is focused on the chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas industries.

The company's new services will help process manufacturing companies comply with the new NFPA 652 standard, which is due to be released in 2015. They will also help process manufacturers address OSHA's new hazard communications rule. In addition, the company's services will help process manufacturers meet the requirements set forth by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board's final report and recommendations.

DEKRA is committed to improving the safety of the world's processes. It has years of experience in partnering with organizations and provides comprehensive testing solutions and an experienced, global workforce. The new company is expected to help companies reduce risk and improve human reliability through a culture of safety and integrity.

The UK division of the company has grown steadily since it was established in 1986. Its informal approach to management has given way to more formal, documented processes that ensure consistent results and continued customer satisfaction. In 2013, the company appointed a Quality Officer and issued a formal ISO 9001 certification.

The global company is benefiting from the growing demand for safety and risk management solutions. Its consolidated revenues are expected to grow by more than 7% to EUR 2.7 billion in 2015, according to an announcement made on Thursday to journalists in Stuttgart. The company is also increasing its workforce. It now has more than 15,000 employees, up from 8,000 just five years ago.

Its product testing and certification service unit has grown organically and through acquisitions. Through the DEKRA iST Reliability Services joint venture and the AT4 wireless acquisition, the company's product testing and certification services unit now employs nearly 1,600 people, with 85% of its workforce located outside Germany.


The process safety and reliability consulting company, DEKRA, will merge with its sister company DEKRA Organisational Reliability to provide practical solutions across both human reliability and process safety. The new firm will combine decades of experience to ensure the safety and reliability of manufacturing environments. Its workforce spans the globe and can provide a single point of contact for any client's needs.

The two companies have acquired a 100 percent stake in the privately held company, which was founded in 1986. The company will continue to operate under the direction of Bert Zoetbrood, who was previously the CEO of DEKRA Certification Group in Arnhem, Netherlands. In the meantime, Dr. Paul Cartwright will be the new president and CEO.

As part of the acquisition, DEKRA has also established its first test laboratory in China. This lab, operated by DEKRA Company Chilworth Technology, will provide testing services for process industries in China. It will conduct tests to determine the combustibility, thermal stability, electrostatic properties, and flammability of materials. These tests will help customers assess the flash fire risks of process equipment. Through this acquisition, DEKRA will become a leading global provider of process safety information and services.

DEKRA is one of the world's leading expert organizations that provides innovative professional services, including industrial product testing, management system certifications, and vehicle inspection. With over 36,000 employees in 50 countries, DEKRA is dedicated to making the world safer. They are also dedicated to helping businesses meet regulatory requirements.


As a global leader in process safety, Chilworth provides consulting, testing, and training services to companies that need to improve their process safety performance. Its process safety services include process safety management, material testing, and fire and explosion hazard assessments. Its services are focused on the chemical, metals, and pharmaceutical industries. Its offices are located in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The combination of the three organizations has already led to considerable interest in their services. They combine decades of experience and a global workforce to provide comprehensive testing solutions. Their focus is on providing practical solutions to ensure that processes and human reliability are conducted in a safe and reliable manner.

The UK division of the company has been growing steadily since its founding in 1986. In 2013, the company's UK branch was granted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification. This standard ensures consistent results and continued customer satisfaction. The UK subsidiary was recently named a member of the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), which aims to prevent accidents in the transport industry.

The DEKRA Safety In Action Conference has been a premier event for safety professionals since its launch in 1985. The conference brings together people passionate about exposure reduction technology, team engagement, and safety improvement. Taking place in Antwerp, Belgium, the conference is an experience not to be missed. For more information, check out the DEKRA Safety In Action conference's website. Its agenda includes 40 interactive sessions and 25 leading industry experts.

DEKRA - Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are and What We Do  DEKRA

DEKRA is a world-renowned player in the TIC (Transportation Industry Control) industry that has been dedicated to safety for nearly 100 years. Our services extend from product testing and inspection to certification. We also provide comprehensive training for all our employees. Read on to learn more about our core competencies.

TIC industry

The TIC industry is growing at a rapid rate and is estimated to exceed USD 200 billion by 2021. Rising quality expectations and compliance with various regulatory mandates are driving the market. In addition to this, enterprises worldwide are outsourcing TIC services to reduce operational costs and focus on their core competencies. This allows them to maximize their technological resources.

The TIC industry covers a wide range of end-use sectors and offers significant opportunities. The report also includes information on historical trends and future outlook, the value chain, trading, and competitors. It also concludes with a SWOT analysis of the TIC industry, which identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that companies face.

The automotive TIC industry is segmented into Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, and Rest of Europe. Many major TIC companies have European headquarters and generate a large proportion of their revenues from APAC. In addition, the European automotive sector is one of the biggest hubs for the TIC industry.

The TIC industry is dominated by DEKRA, which was founded in 1925 in Berlin. It is the world's largest non-listed TIC company and has a reputation for excellence and innovation. It is a dynamic and fast-growing company that has grown into a leading position in the automotive sector.


DEKRA Testing and Certification (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a leading global testing, inspection and certification organization. The company recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Seoul, South Korea. The agreement was signed by Mike Walsh, EVP of the DEKRA Group and Carsten Lienemann, Country Head of DEKRA South Korea. The company's leadership includes Se-jong Kim, President, and Jung-won Park, Vice President.

DEKRA Testing specializes in the testing of automotive materials and components. It also offers a variety of other testing services. Its laboratories provide a full range of services, ranging from chemical and material identification to safety testing, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability testing. In addition, DEKRA provides fault analysis.

DEKRA is a national organization with more than 40 testing stations. The company also offers a roadworthy test, which is accredited by NATIS. The test takes around an hour and reveals if a car is roadworthy. The results are detailed in a one-page document. Dealers and other car sellers use this document to check if a car is roadworthy.

DEKRA was founded in 1925 and now boasts over four thousand members. It is one of the largest non-listed expert organizations in the world and operates in over 20 countries. It employs over 48,000 people and generates annual revenues of over EUR3.5 billion.


Inspection at DEKRA is a very important process for the safety of vehicles. The inspection facility is located in Hedemora, Sweden. This company has been involved in the industry since 1923 and has more than 47,000 employees worldwide. In addition to vehicle inspection, DEKRA also conducts certification and consulting services.

DEKRA is one of the world's leading expert organisations in vehicle and technical systems. It provides testing and certification services for automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. The company has been headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, since 1946 and is owned by the DEKRA e. V. DEKRA's vision is to be a global partner in building a sustainable world by the year 2025. The company has earned a Platinum EcoVadis certification and is ranked in the top one percent of sustainable companies.

There are two types of vehicle inspections offered by DEKRA: a DEKRA Multi-Point Check (which provides a less thorough inspection) and a DEKRA Technical Inspection (DTI). The DEKRA Technical Inspection covers all aspects of the vehicle, including engine components and electronic systems. By ensuring these are in top condition, this type of vehicle inspection can help avoid unexpected breakdowns by providing proactive maintenance.

In addition to the regular inspection of vehicles, DEKRA also performs emissions testing. It uses state-of-the-art opacimeters and gas analyzers to check exhaust emissions. These instruments help identify and correct any deviations in exhaust systems to reduce emissions and pollution.


DEKRA certification is a sign of quality and security, and can help companies win new business. It can also help them demonstrate their environmental commitment. By applying this certification, companies can optimize their processes and reduce costs. This is a great way to sustainably increase their market success. DEKRA certification is available from DEKRA Certification, Inc., an independent third-party certification body.

DEKRA is an independent, non-listed, expert organisation that specializes in testing and inspection of commercial vehicles and other vehicles. It was founded in 1925 and has offices in more than 20 countries. The company has more than four thousand employees and over EUR3.5 billion in revenue. It is one of the world's leading inspection companies.

DEKRA certification is recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. This means that DEKRA can now grant the DEKRA certification mark to products for the U.S. market. Earlier, DEKRA had been accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a certification body for the Canadian market. As such, manufacturers of products for the North American market can now contact DEKRA and ask them to perform tests and certifications.


Internationalization is an important focus for DEKRA. The company is investing over 140 million euros in the next five years to grow internationally. In particular, the company is investing in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has set the foundations for further growth around the digitalization of processes. The company expects to increase its revenues by 8% this year.

DEKRA is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year and is planning to use the next three years to continue its growth and international expansion. The company has geared its strategy towards the global demand for safety and has targeted growth markets in the Asia-Pacific region and North America. It sees enormous potential in providing more safety in private households and leisure.

DEKRA works to improve the quality and safety of everyday technology relationships. This commitment is reflected in the company's four business units: Automotive, Industrial, and Personnel. The Automotive business unit provides vehicle testing and other services. The Industrial division offers certification and environmental and building monitoring. It also provides staffing and temporary work services.

The company's expansion in the global market is accelerating with a series of new services. For example, the rapid battery test, validated by the RWTH Aachen University and vehicle manufacturers, records the state of traction batteries quickly and easily. It answers key questions regarding the residual value of NEVs and the lifecycle of used electric vehicles. The new service is targeted at leasing companies and car dealership chains.


DEKRA has a clear and consistent sustainability strategy that it implements across all aspects of its business. The company strives to continually improve its performance in four strategic areas: environment & climate, employees & society, management & governance, and supply & value chain. The goal is to reduce negative impacts and reinforce positive impacts.

The sustainability strategy sets a goal for DEKRA to halve its carbon footprint by the year 2025. DEKRA has set targets for itself to reach those goals by making tangible progress in key areas such as renewable energies, employee training and occupational safety, social involvement, and supply chain sustainability. In addition, it plans to take its business to the next level with sustainable solutions.

DEKRA's sustainability efforts are openly communicated to its stakeholders. It makes annual reports that meet the standards of the German Sustainability Code, publishes a sustainability magazine, and holds dialogs with all of its stakeholders. This includes employees, customers, political stakeholders, and NGOs. DEKRA is committed to ensuring that its business is sustainable in every way, and is committed to achieving this goal as soon as possible.

DEKRA has been active in the safety and security industry for more than ninety years. It was established in Berlin in 1925 as the Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein e.V. and today has a global business with preliminary sales of 3.2 billion euros by 2020. DEKRA has more than 230 subsidiaries in more than fifty countries. The company employs over 43,000 people around the world and offers expert services in the field of vehicle safety and environmental issues.

DEKRA - Who We Are and What We Do

About DEKRA  Who We Are and What We Do  DEKRA

DEKRA has a clear vision of the future and is a well-known employer, with a comprehensive service portfolio including training courses and temporary work. Our mission is to improve the lives of people worldwide by advancing cyber security and training.


The Vision of DEKRA is to be a partner for a safe and sustainable world. DEKRA is a global company that focuses on testing, inspection, and certification services. Its headquarters are in Stuttgart, Germany. The company has approximately 44,000 members, mostly transport companies with fleets of commercial vehicles. In addition, DEKRA provides training to employees of these companies. The company has more than 230 subsidiaries and is present in more than 50 countries.

DEKRA is a world leader in vehicle inspections, averaging 27 million inspections per year. As a member of the European Transport Safety Council, DEKRA also contributes its expertise to a variety of committees. This means that DEKRA is an integral part of the European transport safety system.

The vision of DEKRA is to make the world a safer place to live, work, and play. With more than four thousand employees in over 60 countries, DEKRA is committed to ensuring the safety of the people around us. The company's mission statement states that "safe, reliable, and sustainable interaction with technology is essential to society". To accomplish this, the company focuses on two main goals: ensuring that we protect our environment and our people, and ensuring that we create a safer environment.

Increasing awareness of safety in the world is a vitally important endeavor, as millions of people die each year in traffic accidents and eight million are injured at work. More than ten thousand people die every year in the German-speaking world alone. Through its products and services, DEKRA has helped make our world a safer place.


Internationalization is a process of designing products for multiple countries. This requires creating products that are easily translated, while preserving the visual layout and aesthetics. For example, a Spanish word may have many more characters than an English word, and therefore may take up more space on the page. By internationalizing a product, the company can maximize sales and profits in more than one country.

The process of internationalization must be initiated with a clear intention. The goal must be to enhance quality. Internationalization should be targeted towards improving student and faculty experiences, as well as affecting the campus' partnerships and networks. Further, the process should also benefit society as a whole. By defining internationalization goals and objectives, institutions can better implement a strategic approach to internationalization.

The company plans to invest an additional 140 million euros in internationalization in the next few years. This investment will continue to support the company's plans for growth in this sector. The company expects revenue to reach high double-digit million euros by 2025. Furthermore, it plans to expand its services globally and expand its operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

DEKRA's 100th anniversary is approaching soon and the company is actively preparing to celebrate this milestone by continuing to grow its global presence. The company has aimed to reposition itself in the fastest-growing markets, including North America and the Asia-Pacific region. By 2025, the company plans to be a global partner in the product testing business.

Investment in cyber security

DEKRA is an expert organization that invests in cyber security solutions. Its main goal is to make customers stronger and more resilient against cyber attacks. Its focus is on three main areas: industrial, consumer and cyber infrastructure. The company recently received an order worth millions of euros from one of the world's largest chemical companies to help them improve cybersecurity.

DEKRA expects its revenue to increase by five percent in its current fiscal year. It also expects to add 1,000 employees by 2020. By 2021, the company expects to increase its revenues by 10.9 percent to over 3.5 billion euros. The company is also focusing on cyber security and cybersecurity solutions to further strengthen its business.

Cyber security is an essential element of any company. DEKRA is committed to developing solutions that are tailored to each company's specific situation and needs. Increasingly digitalized services, production platforms and new business models require effective cyber security methods to protect corporate data, intellectual property and processes. DEKRA's solutions are designed to address these challenges and help companies protect their brands and reputations.

DEKRA also offers a range of sustainable services for the energy transition, circular economy, and ESG standards. It also provides services to help companies reduce their carbon footprint. For example, DEKRA has verified Lenovo's carbon footprint and won several projects for further carbon footprint verification. The market for sustainability audits and sustainability management systems is broad and growing.

Rapid battery test

DEKRA has launched a new rapid battery test for electric vehicles (EVs) to help car dealerships determine the quality of used batteries. Validated by RWTH Aachen University and vehicle manufacturers, the new test is designed to provide a quick assessment of the state of traction batteries. The system records key data about the state of battery chemistry during a short acceleration test. The data is then compared to new battery values to determine if a battery needs replacement.

The rapid battery test can be completed in fifteen minutes or less. This test can also be integrated into the normal roadworthiness test for your vehicle. A GC-MS test also allows DEKRA to identify the chemical species present in the battery gas and provides the ability to produce samples for flammability tests.

DEKRA has been working in the safety field for almost 100 years. It was founded in Berlin as the Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Uberwachungs-Verein e.V., which now operates as DEKRA SE. The company generates sales of around EUR 3.5 billion a year and has almost 48,000 employees across 60 countries. DEKRA has the right expertise and the facilities to meet the needs of its customers.

The company sees a strong market opportunity in this area and has already begun investments that will bring in 140 million euros by 2021. The company is also laying the foundation for further growth around digitalization. The company also sees a growing need for services to address the issues of sustainability. The company plans to invest in the Asia-Pacific region in this area.

Sustainability strategy

DEKRA's sustainability strategy is aimed at continuously improving its sustainability performance. By 2025, the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint by half and to increase its social and employee engagement. The plan includes a number of measures, including investments in renewable energy sources, employee training, occupational safety, and sustainability within the supply chain. It also includes a number of steps to increase business efficiency and profitability through sustainability-related solutions.

DEKRA's sustainability strategy is based on a holistic approach to sustainability, which takes into account economic, social, and environmental aspects. The company has also launched a sustainability magazine, which gives a clear overview of its activities, progress, and goals. The company aims to become a leader in sustainable technology and to reduce its environmental impact.

According to its current projections, DEKRA is on track for a growth of five percent in its fiscal year, and its number of employees is expected to increase by over 1,000 by 2020. In addition, the company expects to achieve revenue of EUR3.5 billion in 2021, a level exceeding its pre-coronavirus record year in 2017. DEKRA's permanent workforce grew by 900 last year and will add 2,500 more by 2021.

Another challenge facing the industry is ergonomic risks. Two-thirds of employees report health problems related to the way they work. According to DEKRA's Head of Global Business Line HSE & Sustainability, "Ergonomics is a major challenge for industry."

DEKRA North America

Welcome to DEKRA North America

DEKRA is the leading organization in Germany that conducts vehicle inspections and provides expert opinions. It has a strong position in the German market and has established a successful presence in North America. Here we'll provide a quick overview of what the company has to offer. In addition, you can find out about our history and mission.

DEKRA is a leading expert organization

DEKRA is an international expert organization with more than 90 years of experience. Its parent company, DEKRA SE, has 37,000 employees in 50 countries. In the United States, DEKRA North America is led by Eric A. Labe, who will serve as President and Chief Regional Officer. He will also be a member of DEKRA's global executive committee and serve on its Board of Directors.

DEKRA is the world's leading expert organization, with over 28,000 employees. They work in nearly 50 countries and are committed to quality, safety, and environmental protection. Their Business Units provide innovative and professional services to clients across a variety of industries, including automotive, transportation, energy, and more. With an annual sales volume of more than two billion euros, DEKRA has the expertise to support companies of all sizes.

With the help of the Industrial Safety Group, DEKRA has established a world-class network of experts in industrial safety. The DEKRA Technology Center in Lausitzring is currently undergoing an expansion by eight-digit figures. By the end of the year, the facility will be equipped with additional state-of-the-art emissions roller dynamometers. These new tools will double DEKRA's capacity.

It has a strong market position in Germany

DEKRA is a global company specializing in testing, inspection and certification services. Its headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany. The company's vision for its centennial in 2025 is to be a global partner in creating a sustainable world. DEKRA has achieved a platinum EcoVadis rating and is among the world's 100 most sustainable companies.

Founded in the early days of motorization, DEKRA has a mission to improve safety and mobility for everyone. The company developed the LiKoS lift inspection system to monitor the capacity of lift cages and to identify weak points. The company also works closely with the German Federal Railways Authority on risk assessment of new-generation rail vehicles. The company has also expanded its laboratory capacity to meet the increasing demands of the automotive industry.

DEKRA continues to expand its global presence by acquiring and opening inspection stations in key target markets. It has established its own inspection stations in Sweden and acquired others in the United States. Today, the company operates more than 50 stations across the US, including California, Georgia, North Carolina, Utah, and Illinois.

It expands into other European countries

With a global presence, DEKRA has expanded into other European countries, including Austria, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. The company's mission is to provide a high-quality service to the transportation industry, helping to improve overall safety. In addition to its mobility services, DEKRA provides fleet management and maintenance. Future plans include adding other services, including training and safety monitoring.

In addition to its operations in the United States, DEKRA has recently expanded into Sweden. It acquired five testing facilities from Applus Bilprovning, a company that conducts exhaust emission tests and other vehicle inspections. This acquisition means that DEKRA will now have a presence in Sweden, where it has accredited centres for small vans and motorcycles.

The company has made strategic acquisitions in recent years to strengthen its position in the market. Those acquisitions have bolstered the company's position and helped it grow its revenues. DEKRA's recent growth has been driven by a strong economic climate. The company expects revenues in the region to rise by eight percent to over EUR 700 million this year.

In the past few years, DEKRA has expanded into other European countries through strategic acquisitions and targeted expansion of its expertise. In the Netherlands, the company acquired the Industrial Safety Group, which specializes in fire safety, health, and prevention. In China, it opened a laboratory for testing the safety of chemical processes. With this international expansion, DEKRA has reached a global presence with an unparalleled level of expertise.

It demands new security standards for internet-enabled products

DEKRA North America demands that manufacturers comply with new security standards for internet-enabled devices. Cyber-attacks are a growing concern among connected devices and the development of a new standard will help protect consumers from such attacks. The new ETSI EN 303 645 standard aims to establish security best practices for connected devices, leading to a more secure IoT ecosystem.

The company has partnered with a consulting firm in Germany called Magility to develop digital products, processes, and business models for its customers. DEKRA has also formed its own digital subsidiary, DEKRA Digital GmbH, in January 2018. This new division will promote the development of digital technologies and products.

The company expects to grow at a compound annual rate of five percent in the current fiscal year. It has accelerated internationalization and plans to invest in the Asia-Pacific region. It will see revenue in the double-digit million range in 2020.

DEKRA has also expanded its cybersecurity services portfolio by adopting the ETSI EN 303 645 standard for consumer IoT products. This standard establishes common cybersecurity and privacy best practices for consumer IoT devices. DEKRA combines solid cybersecurity expertise with innovative processes to assist manufacturers demonstrate that their products are secure.

It has hosted Bob O'Gorman

DEKRA North America has elected new board members for 2017. Bob O'Gorman is returning to serve another term on the ALI Board of Directors. He joins returning board members Buck Gasner of DEKRA North America, Brian Spikes of Challenger Lifts, Allan Pavlick of Stertil-Koni, Gary DiAngelo of Total Automotive Lifting Solutions, and Stet Schanze of Gray Manufacturing Company.

DEKRA is an automotive testing, inspection, and certification company. Bob O'Gorman, president of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), recently visited the company's headquarters in Klettwitz, Germany. He met with company executives Clemens Klinke, Ivo Rauh, and Hans-Werner Aufrecht, chairman of the DTM. The group discussed future projects and challenges in the automotive industry.

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