Apply For Columbus Foundation Grants Online

Apply For Columbus Foundation Grants Online


Apply For Columbus Foundation Grants Online

the columbus foundation grants online

Whether you're an individual looking to give to a cause you believe in or an organization interested in exploring philanthropy, the Columbus Foundation is an ideal place to make an impact. The Columbus Foundation's website makes it easy to apply for a grant online and gives you a personalized dashboard and customized content. The Giving Store is also loaded with dedicated zones that draw attention to Better Together Projects. These zones display a countdown or real-time progress bar. The Columbus Foundation also offers donors the option to make a credit card gift or a grant from existing funds.

Exploring philanthropy

The Columbus Foundation is a nonprofit organization that engages with nonprofit organizations by providing grants, marketing tools, and more. In 2016, it awarded more than $160 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, representing a 64 percent increase over the previous year. It also launched a crowdsourcing platform, Better Together, to help nonprofits raise money for philanthropic projects. Through this platform, nonprofits can apply for grants and build endowments.

The Columbus Foundation recognizes philanthropic leadership in central Ohio by presenting the Harrison M. Sayre Award. This award is named for the founding director of The Columbus Foundation and honors his 25-year service to the community. The Crane Family has a longstanding relationship with The Columbus Foundation. It has invested in 15 active funds and five planned gifts to support a variety of local organizations.

The Columbus Foundation's website is an easy way to search and apply for grants. You can browse grants by interest area and view grant award details online. The Columbus Foundation also offers technical assistance to help organizations apply for funds. The online process requires only a few minutes.

Giving online to the Columbus Foundation

The Columbus Foundation is a top ten community foundation in the United States and has launched a giving event called the Big Give. The purpose of this campaign is to help nonprofit organizations in central Ohio. Through the Big Give, you can support local nonprofits and earn rewards. The Columbus Foundation is also providing a $1 million Bonus Pool to help boost donations to participating nonprofits. To make the process even easier, the foundation is covering all credit card fees. This ensures that 100% of donations will go directly to the nonprofit organizations.

The Columbus Foundation will kick off its 26-hour giving rally on Oct. 10 at 10 a.m. Donors can make online donations to more than 900 nonprofits through its Giving Store. A minimum credit card gift of $20 will qualify as a contribution to one of these organizations. In addition to this, the Giving Store allows donors to suggest grants of $100 or more through the Foundation's Donor Advised Fund and Supporting Foundation.

Online giving has helped the foundation's mission to help local nonprofit organizations flourish. Since the Foundation's first online giving day in 2008, it has seen a tremendous growth in the number of online donations. The growth of community giving days and global giving days has also been impressive. Last year, during the Big Give, more than $64 million was raised for central Ohio nonprofits.

The Columbus Foundation also has a Facebook page. Its presence on social media made it a prime candidate for the beta program. This allows donors to donate easily and conveniently, and allows users to see their donation history and keep updated on the nonprofit community.

Criteria for applying for a grant

To apply for one of the Columbus Foundation grants, you must be a full-time student at an accredited college. You must have a minimum 2.5 grade point average and have completed at least one semester of college before the deadline. Additionally, you must be a member of a minority, a student in an Ohio college, or a resident of the greater Columbus area. This includes the cities of Gahanna, Hilliard, Westerville, Marsh Run, and Scholar House.

To apply for a grant, go to the Columbus Foundation website. They offer complete application guidelines and examples of past grant recipients. You may speak with Foundation staff members, but you are not required to do so. You must carefully review the application criteria and ensure that your proposed project fits within the foundation's focus.

The foundation's grantmaking priorities include improving the lives of community members and improving public health. Programs supported through its grants focus on education, arts, and mental health. It also supports conservation and environmental protection. It also supports social services agencies and supports programs that promote a more inclusive society.

The Foundation is a nonprofit that provides basic human services, housing, and social justice. It also supports environmental improvement and programs that benefit the general public. While it does not give grants for individual purposes, it does provide grants to groups that aim to improve the environment and human health.

Benefits of listing in the Giving Store

The Columbus Foundation offers a variety of resources for nonprofit organizations. These include grants, a Better Together crowdfunding platform, marketing tools, and an endowment fund. These services and resources are designed to help nonprofit organizations flourish and achieve greater success. By listing in the Giving Store, nonprofit organizations can take advantage of these opportunities.

The Giving Store provides visitors with a dynamic marketplace that lists nonprofits, funds, and Better Together projects. Visitors can search for nonprofits by area, keyword, or other criteria. Nonprofits can join by requesting a Directory Listing, which includes an organization's logo, mission statement, and contact information. The listing also provides links to the organization's website and social media accounts.

Impact of grants

The Columbus Foundation provides grant opportunities for nonprofit organizations through its Better Together crowdfunding platform. These grants support nonprofits by providing marketing tools and capacity building. Additionally, the Columbus Foundation provides endowment fund-creating services. Throughout the year, the foundation also hosts Grants Information Sessions to educate the public about the grant application process.

During the 2016 grant year, the foundation made $205 million in grants to more than 3,300 nonprofit organizations. In addition to grants, the foundation made $314.7 million in gifts to nonprofit organizations, marking the seventh consecutive year of gifts over $100 million. The foundation maintains an extensive portfolio of assets, including 2,440 unique named funds and 28 Supporting Foundations. Total assets topped $2 billion as of December 31, 2016.

The Columbus Foundation is among the largest community foundations in the United States. The Columbus Foundation serves nearly 3,000 donors and is regarded as a trusted philanthropist. To access grant opportunities, simply visit the Columbus Foundation's website. You can apply online for free and view grant documents in any language.

The Foundation has announced unprecedented investments in four strategic areas. These investments will span 18 months, and will allow the Foundation to increase its reach beyond its normal allocations. The Foundation will be tapping into its reserves to make these investments. The Foundation's new grants will benefit 4,534 organizations. The impact of these grants will be felt in the community for years to come.

The Columbus Foundation Makes a Difference

the columbus foundation big give

The Big Give is a 25-hour fundraising campaign for nonprofits that makes a difference in Central Ohio. Non-profits in this region are stretched thinner than ever before, but the Big Give offers a way to make a difference for them. The campaign offers more than 1,100 eligible nonprofits across Central Ohio a chance to participate. Search the list to find a nonprofit that you can help. In years past, the event has raised more than $52 million for Central Ohio organizations.

Project Mentor

Project Mentor is a program centered on empowering youth by pairing them with mentors in the community in a 2:1 ratio. Mentors provide students with guidance, discuss career goals, and encourage positive change in their lives. Volunteers are needed to help with the program. Volunteers should be at least four years old and must be supervised by an adult.

This online giving event was created by The Columbus Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the nation. Its goal is to give nonprofit organizations a major economic boost. To do this, The Columbus Foundation has provided a Bonus Pool of $1 million that will boost donations pro rata. Additionally, The Foundation is covering all credit card fees, so that all funds donated go directly to the nonprofits participating in The Big Give.

Many Voices: Diverse Classroom Book Project

The Many Voices project, which started a year ago, aims to provide books for K-12 classrooms. Partners in the community, such as the Westerville Public Library, Westerville Partners for Education, and educators in the Westerville City Schools, make this program possible. The project also receives support from Alliance Data, a local data company that has contributed $10,000 to help meet rising funding needs.

Diverse Classroom Book Project: The Columbus Foundation Big Give is a great way to support an organization that helps kids learn about diversity. Its goal is to provide children with books that represent contemporary families, cultures, and histories. These books promote empathy and understanding among students. The project defines a diverse collection as one that includes books from underrepresented groups, such as women, minorities, and LGBTQIA+ people.

Gifts of Kindness Fund

The Columbus Foundation's Gifts of Kindness Fund provides one-time grants to individuals who need help overcoming obstacles in their lives. The fund was created in fall 2014 and is meant to encourage acts of kindness and provide a boost to those in need. In a letter to the city, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman called upon all citizens to show kindness toward one another.

The fund provides rental assistance to families in need. One of its recipients was a single mother on unpaid maternity leave with a six-year-old son. Another recipient was a cancer patient who had been out of work during treatment. His savings were dwindling, and he was unable to pay his mortgage. While he was waiting for SSDI benefits, he applied for the Gifts of Kindness grant to fill the gap in his income.

The Gifts of Kindness Fund is made possible by the generosity of anonymous donors and community members. To date, $3,777,578 has been distributed to organizations in Franklin County. The Columbus Foundation partners with local nonprofits to determine which groups are eligible for the fund. The grants are given in one-time amounts, and most of them go toward stabilizing the housing situation of people facing tough challenges. This fund also provides funding for emergency services, safety nets to keep people in their homes, and life-saving medical supplies.

The Columbus Foundation is offering incentives during Giving Tuesday to encourage donors to make a one-time contribution. One such incentive is a $20 charitable gift card. More than 600 organizations in Columbus are currently eligible for the fund. This is the perfect opportunity to double your impact! If you want to make a difference in the lives of local people, you can make a difference by making a donation to the Columbus Foundation's Gifts of Kindness Fund today.

The Columbus Foundation partners with 30 local nonprofit agencies to provide assistance for those in need. This fund's grants support programs that help local nonprofit organizations meet the basic needs of low-income individuals and families. The funds provided go toward expenses related to housing, transportation, and utilities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, requests for help with housing have increased significantly. Once the federal eviction moratorium ends, the need for assistance is expected to continue.

Harrison M. Sayre Award

The Columbus Foundation is celebrating the Harrison M. Sayre Award, given to individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the community. The award, named for its founder and 25-year volunteer director, honors people who are dedicated to making central Ohio a better place. In 2018, the Foundation presented the award to David and Mo Meuse, a husband and wife team. The couple has been married for 48 years and have lived in Columbus for more than 40 years.

In honor of the Harrison M. Sayre Award, the Foundation honored two dedicated volunteer directors who have provided leadership in the community for 25 years. The Chlapatys have been active in the community, serving on boards for nonprofits for decades. Nancy was a long-time volunteer at Columbus City Schools, and Tom has served in leadership positions with leading national organizations.

The Columbus Foundation is an award-winning nonprofit that gives grants to organizations that enhance the quality of life in Central Ohio. For 70 years, it has supported community initiatives that range from emergency response to preservation projects. It is one of the largest community foundations in the country. The organization recently announced the 2022 honorees for the Harrison M. Sayre Award. The award celebrates exceptional philanthropists and outstanding nonprofits in central Ohio.

The Columbus Foundation is 75 years old, and has a mission to help the community thrive. Their programs are aimed at closing the wealth gap, closing the digital divide, and supporting COVID-19. The organization also helps preserve the arts. The organization relies on recurring donors and offers donors a convenient one-stop charitable giving experience.

AEP has a history of being active in the community and has committed more than $20 million over the last decade. They have also created a fund for the Columbus Foundation and awarded more than 50 grants to local organizations. Those organizations are City Year Columbus, Mount Carmel Health System, and the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio.

Donna McLaughlin is a Co-Founder of The Center for Healthy Families, a nonprofit that helps pregnant and parenting teens. She also serves on the Board of OhioHealth, as Co-Executive Director of the African American Leadership Academy, and as a committee member of the Columbus Foundation's King-Lincolum District Scholarship Fund. She is active in the Columbus community and is a proud recipient of the Harrison M. Sayre Award.

Columbus Citizens Scholarship Program

Home columbuscitizensorg

Scholarship Program

The Columbus Citizens Scholarship Program is a foundation that awards scholarships to Italian-American students. The purpose of the program is to help students overcome obstacles to further their education and realize their full scholastic potential. The program also aims to help students become positive members of their community. In addition to awarding scholarships, the foundation also offers various grant programs to benefit students.

The program provides four-year scholarships to Italian-American students who are pursuing higher education. This program awards up to $40,000 to Italian-American high school seniors and is funded by the Columbus Citizens Foundation. The program's website also includes information about how students can apply for scholarships. To apply, complete the Columbus Citizens Scholarship Program's application form. Describe your extracurricular and community service activities. Also include information about your financial situation.

The Columbus Citizens Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for students who are of Italian descent or are at least 25 percent Italian. The program provides scholarships for four years of college and will cover tuition fees. The Foundation has a long history of supporting Italian-American culture and education. This is why they've established a robust scholarship program to help the next generation of Italian Americans further their education.


If you want to become a member of the Columbus Citizen's Foundation, you have two main options. You can either sponsor someone who is already a member, or you can submit an application and pay the initiation fee. In either case, membership will give you access to a wealth of information about the organization. The Columbus Citizen's Foundation has an educational and networking program for adults, and is a great resource for local community members who are looking to make a difference.

The Columbus Citizens Foundation has more than 570 members and a number of charitable programs. Scholarships for Italian-American students are one of the foundation's main initiatives. The Columbus Citizens Foundation also runs an Adopt-A-Scholar program that awards scholarships to local high school students. The foundation also holds events for members and the community. In addition, the foundation offers various membership packages, scholarship packages, and online donation options.

The Columbus Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization based in New York City. Its mission is to celebrate Italian-American culture by fostering appreciation of Italian heritage and providing advancement opportunities for Italian-American students. It also organizes the annual Columbus Celebration and Columbus Day Parade, which has celebrated the Italian-American heritage along Fifth Avenue since 1929. The Columbus Citizens Foundation was founded by Judge S. Samuel Di Falco and Generoso Pope, and was incorporated in 1944.

Columbus Citizen's Aquarium offers different membership levels, and depending on your needs, you can choose between a Wilds Family Membership and a Wilds Individual Plus Membership. Both memberships include a 15% discount, and both admit a named adult and one child or grandchild. A Wilds Family Membership will also admit two primary named adults from the same household to the Columbus Zoo.


You can find a list of events in Columbus, Ohio, at the Greater Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau's website. From fairs and festivals to health and wellness events, the city of Columbus offers something for everyone. Here are some upcoming events: A Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue features a variety of marching groups, vehicles, and marching bands.

The Columbus Day Parade is held annually in New York City on October 11. This annual parade honors the explorer and the holiday. The parade includes spectacular floats and musical performances. In addition to recognizing the holiday and Columbus, the parade also celebrates the bonds between Italian-Americans and their city. New Yorkers of all backgrounds flock to the parade.

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The Columbus Citizens Foundation (CCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in New York City dedicated to fostering an appreciation of Italian-American heritage and providing opportunities for advancement for deserving students. The foundation also organizes the Columbus Celebration, a traditional parade celebrating Italian-American heritage that has taken place on Fifth Avenue since 1929.

This year's Columbus Day Parade will be held in New York City on Monday, October 11. The parade is the largest celebration of Italian-American heritage in the world. It will feature Grand Marshal Michael Pascucci, Chairman of Duck Pond Associates. The parade will begin at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Fifth Avenue and will feature dozens of marching groups.

Cause IQ - The Columbus Foundation

The Columbus Foundation  Columbus  OH  Cause IQ

The Columbus Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been awarding grants since 1944. In fact, it has awarded more than $3 billion in grants. In addition to providing grants, the foundation provides a nonprofit organization directory and does not endorse any particular nonprofit organization. It is a charitable foundation, and its goal is to help nonprofit organizations in our community thrive.

The Columbus Foundation was founded in 1943

The Columbus Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for people throughout central Ohio. Founded in 1943, the foundation has grown to include more than $1 billion in charitable contributions. Its investments are spread across more than two thousand component funds.

The Columbus Foundation's mission has evolved over the years. Initially, it was founded to help established nonprofits. Now, it has expanded its work to include social entrepreneurship. In 2009, the foundation launched the Better Together Project, a program that focuses on reducing childhood obesity. It also supported renovations of English House, a historic building in downtown Columbus.

During its first decade, the Columbus Foundation supported several important initiatives. In 1979, the organization opened its doors to the public and launched a summer enrichment program called OWJL, a partnership with Ohio Wesleyan University. In 1982, it helped establish the Center for New Directions, a program to assist displaced homemakers. The organization also funded the Women and Widowhood program, which targeted nearly 24,000 women in the region.

It has awarded $3.15 billion in grants since 1944

The Columbus Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping donors make a difference in their community and help others in need. Founded in 1943, the foundation is a national organization that has awarded more than $3.15 billion in grants since it was created. The foundation was founded by Harrison M. Sayre, a man who envisioned a way to improve life in central Ohio.

The Foundation honors outstanding philanthropy in central Ohio with the Harrison M. Sayre Award. This award honors a volunteer director for 25 years who has made a lasting impact in the community. Nancy and Tom Lurie are longtime supporters of the community and have served on numerous nonprofit boards. Nancy has volunteered in the Columbus City Schools for years, while Tom has held a number of leadership roles with leading national institutions.

The Columbus Foundation awarded more than $170 million in grants in 2018 alone. That makes the foundation the nation's seventh largest community foundation. The Foundation is committed to helping nonprofits in central Ohio. In 2018, it awarded grants to more than 4,018 nonprofit organizations. It also awarded $2.7 million in scholarships.

The Columbus Foundation has also rewarded several organizations with its Columbus Foundation Award. The Columbus Foundation recognizes organizations that improve the quality of life of communities. For example, the organization IMPACT Community Action in Columbus, Ohio, won the award for its efforts in fighting poverty. IMPACT works to improve the quality of life of people living in poor communities by improving their economic conditions.

Among its recent projects, the Columbus Foundation supported Weinland Park, a nonprofit initiative dedicated to bringing affordable housing to the city. Since 2008, the Weinland Park Collaborative has built or renovated 500 affordable housing units. As a result, the neighborhood is no longer a hot spot for infant mortality.

It does not endorse organizations listed in The Giving Store

The Giving Store is a one-stop-shop for donating to local nonprofits. It allows donors to track their giving and donate to more than 1,000 organizations in Columbus and surrounding areas. It also provides a unique platform to donate to the Columbus Foundation's Better Together Projects and Gifts of Kindness fund.

The Giving Store is free to use and allows donors to donate to participating nonprofits online. Donors can make a minimum credit card gift of $20. Donors can also recommend a grant for up to $100 through a Donor Advised Fund or Supporting Foundation.

The Giving Store allows you to search for nonprofits by keyword, areas of interest, or cause. Organizations that would like to join can request a Directory Listing. This listing will feature the organization's logo, mission statement, contact information, and website links. This process takes only a few minutes and provides a unique Gi ving Store link.

Columbus Foundation Grants

Columbus Foundation Grants  The Columbus Foundation

The Columbus Foundation helps donors help the community and others through the most effective means of philanthropy. It was founded in 1943 during the dark days of World War II. At the time, a group of passionate citizens led by Harrison M. Sayre had a vision for improving the quality of life for residents in central Ohio.

Gifts of Kindness Fund

The Columbus Foundation Gifts of Kindness Fund provides one-time grants for acts of kindness. This grant program aims to promote kindness and give people a boost during hard times. In 2014, the foundation received a donation of $500,000 to establish the fund. This money was used to help homeless and low-income people, as well as organizations that support children and families.

To date, the fund has distributed more than $2.3 million in grants to nonprofit organizations across Columbus. That's an increase over the previous year when the Foundation distributed $224.2 million in grants. A record 4,534 nonprofit organizations received at least one grant. The fund's most recent campaigns have raised $7 million for nonprofit groups that help people who are in need. A portion of this money went to health-related organizations. The organization also raised $32.4 million during the Big Give.

The Gifts of Kindness Fund is administered through a partnership with 38 nonprofits in Franklin County. This year, the fund has distributed over $3 million to help residents of Franklin County. This money helps nonprofit organizations provide safety nets that keep people in their homes and provide life-saving medical supplies.

This year, The Columbus Foundation is hosting a number of events and projects to raise money for the fund. In February, the fund will host a "Kindness Month" where prominent Columbus individuals, businesses, and organizations will work together to make the community a better place. One of the projects will be a clothing drive for Volunteers of America. The charity recently lost 225,000 pounds of clothing in a warehouse fire, and the proceeds will help with their efforts.

Larry Mann recently gained full custody of his three boys. Since then, he has been employed at Goodwill Columbus. With the help of the Gifts of Kindness Fund, Larry is able to work as a retail employee. He will soon be able to support himself and his three sons.

Capital Improvement Projects and Campaigns

The Columbus Foundation's Capital Improvement Funding Partnership was formed to support nonprofit organizations in Franklin County. The partnership recognizes the importance of collaboration and shared capital investments for nonprofits in the area. The Foundation has provided grants totaling over $1.07 million to projects and campaigns in Franklin County.

The Columbus Foundation has given $600,000 to the Landmark Columbus Foundation, a landmarks organization, for a new program. This program will help preserve historic buildings in the Columbus area through a loan program. The program will provide money for improvement and maintenance projects at qualifying properties. The Foundation will base its loan guidelines on best practices by leading preservation organizations.

Applications for the Capital Improvement Grant Program are currently being accepted. These funds can support capital projects and campaigns, which can be a critical component in building a nonprofit's capacity. These projects and campaigns can involve purchasing new buildings, upgrading spaces, or investing in new equipment. Grant funds can range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000, and recipients must demonstrate that they have made progress toward a fundraising goal. In addition, they must have a plan for how they will raise the rest of the funds required for the projects and campaigns.

The deadline for applying for a Capital Improvement Grant is the first Friday of June. Applicants should begin the application process early, about a month before the deadline. A list of open houses will be provided to applicants. The Columbus Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance to organizations in the Columbus area. It is committed to empowering communities by supporting civic groups, businesses, and nonprofits.

Grants for capital improvement projects and campaigns are available to nonprofit organizations and institutions in Ohio. These funds are intended to support programs in education, conservation, health, and arts. Nonprofits may apply for up to $25,000 for projects in these areas. The goal of these grants is to create a better community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grants

The Columbus Foundation's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEIA) Grants program funds a variety of initiatives designed to advance diversity and inclusion within the community. These initiatives include the development of a comprehensive workforce development strategy, diversity and equity training, and workforce development training for local businesses.

The Foundation's racial equity goals center on building a diverse community in which all residents can flourish. For example, a diverse community promotes small business development, and studies show that small business owners have higher net worths than people who do not own a small business.

Another important initiative is to support organizations that support people of color. Through the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grants, the Columbus Foundation is supporting the work of a community nonprofit committed to addressing social issues such as housing justice and economic mobility. The program also funds educational initiatives that promote racial and gender equity.

One of the Foundation's Racial Equity Grants program's primary goals is to improve community knowledge and empower local leaders to achieve the goals of racial equity. It also funds educational initiatives and trainings, and works with local community partners to eliminate disparities and build more equitable systems. The Foundation's approach to diversity and equity grants is informed by the intersection of race, class, gender, and climate change.

The diversity and equity of the community will benefit local businesses and nonprofits. It's also a priority for American Electric Power, which makes its grants and donations available to organizations that support diversity, inclusion, and equity. Moreover, the foundation's mission focuses on advancing social justice through its employees.

Michael Ross is the Director of Community Research at The Columbus Foundation. During his time there, he initiated and managed $9 million in competitive grant-making and helped to stabilize a mixed-income neighborhood near The Ohio State University. Prior to joining The Columbus Foundation, he worked at the United Way of Central Ohio as Director of Neighborhood Development. During that time, he led volunteer involvement in programs focused on community safety and housing.

Harrison M. Sayre Award

In recognizing the outstanding work of community leaders, the Columbus Foundation will award the Harrison M. Sayre Award to Tom and Nancy Lurie for their dedication to the community. The Luries have made a lasting impact on the community, from helping to raise children to serving on the boards of various nonprofit organizations. Both have also held leadership roles at leading national institutions.

This scholarship is merit-based and will help outstanding students to pursue a career in aviation. Applicants must be attending one of the 15 institutions that the Columbus Foundation supports and have a minimum 3.5 GPA. The Columbus Foundation is known for its philanthropic work, and has more than 100 scholarships and grants available.

The Columbus Foundation Grants program has supported organizations that work to improve the quality of life for people in the Columbus community. One such organization is the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County. The Chamber promotes and advocates for human services organizations in central Ohio. The grant recipients are helping to bring stability, healing, and resilience to the communities they serve.

The Columbus Foundation's AEP Ohio Fund, established by AEP Ohio, provides financial support to nonprofits in the Columbus service territory. The foundation has awarded more than $250,000 in grants to 50 nonprofit organizations. One of its recent recipients, City Year Columbus, recently received a $50,000 grant for its efforts.

The Harrison M. Sayre Award, Columbus Foundation Grants has been given to a number of individuals and organizations throughout the Columbus community. They have helped create a better community through their support of arts and culture. The award also acknowledges their leadership in other areas, including the arts.

The Crane family has donated more than $20 million to nonprofit organizations in central Ohio. In fact, they have pledged to give The Ohio State University a $13.5 million donation. This donation established the Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute, one of the premier sports medicine facilities in the country. The Crane family also established the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and the Loann Crane Advanced Language Institute.

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