Already Connected to Another User Error

Already Connected to Another User Error


Already Connected to Another User Error


If you attempt to login as a different user than usual, this error may occur. While this is normal behavior, to correct it you must disconnect and retry logining with that user before trying again.

Your company has already connected to this buyer company using a different account and Ariba Network ID (ANID).

1. You are already connected to another user.

Error message 'You Are Already Connected to Another User' indicates that you are trying to log in using a user other than those previously connected through Fluid. In such instances, please reach out to your company's Ariba account administrator and request they create you under ANID; once connected as such your connection should function normally. Alternatively, using 8i's Proxy User feature it may also be possible for you to perform activity on their database without knowing their password.

2. You are trying to connect to a different user.

If you are already signed in, the best way to switch user is by tapping or clicking the "switch user" button. This will display all the user accounts currently present on your system and allow you to choose one - then log in using their login information - quickly and effortlessly. Taking this approach saves both time and hassle when needing to impersonate another account on your system.

3. You are trying to connect to a different database.

Databases differ from spreadsheets by storing information in multiple categories that can be divided up further into different objects such as tables, views, indexes and sequences that can all be arranged into hierarchies to optimize access.

Relational databases are the most prevalent type, connecting objects (like tables) via keys to one another. Another popular choice is non-relational, which combines relational with more flexible object organizing options. Tableau can connect to any type of database imaginable - including non-relational ones - at the click of a button - all you need to provide some details about its contents for it to connect.

4. You are trying to connect to a different server.

If you're trying to connect to a different server on the network, there are a few key elements you should keep in mind. First and foremost, understand what kind of server you're trying to access as well as whether or not a password is required in order to connect. Doing this will allow you to find an effective way of solving the problem at hand.

A server is a computer that provides services to other computers on its network, including hosting HTML pages, files and email communications as well as storing and managing any necessary data for them. They can be classified by their workload management capabilities and form factor (tower or rack-mount servers, for instance). According to their type, servers can be divided into categories like web servers, mail servers, application servers, FTP servers, real-time communication servers and virtual servers. While some are public (mail and application servers), other require a username/password combination in order to gain entry and may have firewall protection as part of their setup. It is always advisable to first identify what kind of server you are trying to access before trying any alternative methods to remedy the situation.

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