Accel Limited - Key Personnel and Recent Financial Results

Accel Limited - Key Personnel and Recent Financial Results

Accel Limited - Key Personnel and Recent Financial Results

accel limited

Accel Limited is a computer company with its headquarters in Chennai, India. The company is focused on two major areas: software R&D and animation. Its revenue is currently around $220 million and it employs nearly 3,000 people. You can read about the company's key personnel and recent financial results in this article.

Market capitalization of accel limited

Accel Limited is a software development company headquartered in Chennai, India. Its main areas of focus are software R&D and animation. Its current market cap is approximately $1 billion. It has a number of divisions, including Accel Transmatic Limited, which is the parent company.

The company began as Transmatic Systems (TSL) in 1986. Initially, its goal was to manufacture and develop professional electronic products for the Indian market. It raised funding from TDICI, the venture capital arm of ICICI, and the OutPut Technology Corporation. Accel Transmatic has a significant presence in India, with offices in ten strategic locations.

Accel Ltd generates revenue from selling and servicing electronic products. It also offers warranty and post-sales support. It operates through various business segments, including IT Services, Animation, Engineering, Real Estate, and Academic Business. Its Information Technology Services division is the company's largest revenue-producing division. It offers IT infrastructure management, digital transformation, and computer and communication peripheral repair. It is headquartered in Chennai, India.

Accel's product range consists of custom-built hardware and application software that support its three primary business models. These products include solutions in the automation, value enhancement, and CRM sectors. The company has recently entered into a joint venture with Kahani World to co-produce animated movies. It also plans to expand its operations in Special Economic Zones in Kerala. It has various technology partnerships with global players.

In addition to the hardware and software divisions, Accel Limited has two other subsidiaries. Its Animation Division and Accel North America Inc. are complementary to each other. In addition to these, the company has a diverse range of software and services offerings. In 2010, Accel Academy was acquired by Accel Limited. Accel Transmatic and Accel Animation Studios are now part of the Accel group.


Accel Limited is a company headquartered in Chennai, India. The company focuses on R&D in software and animation. The company has a strong product portfolio and has been in business since 1992. There are three main focus areas: software, animation and R&D. Its revenue is approximately $80 million annually.

Accel Limited is a publicly traded company. Its revenue in Q1 2018 was $4.1 million, compared with $1M in the same period last year. In addition to its software and hardware businesses, Accel Limited also owns Accel IT Services and Accel Networks LLC. Its subsidiaries include Computer Factory (India) Private Limited, Accel OEM Appliances Limited, Accel Media Ventures Limited, and Cetonics Technologies Private Limited.

Revenue is the amount of money a company earns from its customers. Revenue is the top line item on the income statement and is subtracted from costs to arrive at net income. Accel Limited's revenue growth in the last three years is lower than its competitors', suggesting that the company's earnings growth is weaker than those of its competitors.

Accel's shares were diluted by approximately 4%, which the Assessing Officer ruled was in violation of the law. This decision came from a detailed investigation of the company's finances. The company's revenue is affected by its investments. Accel invests in equity shares, which represent its assets. The company also holds a stake in Accel Systems Group Inc., which is a BSE listed company.

Key management personnel

Accel Limited has a long history of successful acquisitions and a history of innovative service delivery. Its CEO has a unique combination of technical and business acumen and has been instrumental in the merger and acquisition of companies. She is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the technology sector and is based in New York. She has been with Accel for 4 years and holds a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA focused on strategy and marketing.

Accel Limited is a holding company that provides software and information technology transformation services. The company also provides warranty management services and payments collection to its customers. The company was founded in 1991 and has diversified into several industries. Its subsidiaries provide software, information technology transformation, warranty management services, and digital media.


Accel Limited is an investor in the Internet and telecommunications industry. It has invested in a variety of startups. It has also acquired other companies. One such company is Avito. The company operates a London-based fund focused on Series A and Series B investments. Some of its portfolio companies include BlaBlaCar, Deliveroo, HopIn, and Supercell.

Accel has given its investors massive returns. It once owned nearly 25% of Slack, a popular online messaging platform, at the time of its direct listing in 2001. However, in 2002, the company reduced the fund to just $950 million, after the tech market started to tank. Limited partners were frustrated and started a stink, which pushed the company to return the money to investors.

The company has operations in several countries. Its US fund is based in Palo Alto, California, and its Europe and India funds are based in London and Bangalore, respectively. Its investments span across a number of countries, including Israel, France, and Germany. It has also made investments in New Zealand, Australia, China, and Brazil.


N R Panicker, Founder of Accel Limited, is a visionary and highly awarded technocrat. He joined the IT industry as an electronics engineer with HCL and later went on to found the Accel Group of companies. Under his leadership, the company has evolved into a multi-national enterprise with presence in seven countries. He has led the company through successful IPOs and guided it through acquisitions, including British Telecom.

Accel Limited designs and manufactures electronic products. The company sources all of its components, including plastic and metal housing, print materials, and packaging materials, and provides turnkey manufacturing solutions. Its products are sold in over 60 countries, and its employees are highly experienced in developing custom solutions for its customers. This means that the company can provide you with a quality product at a very reasonable cost.

Earlier this year, the company launched a $4 billion global late-stage fund with 100 investors. The fund closed last week, with the company employing 200 people. The fund has been a huge success, and Accel's return to investors has surpassed expectations. This fund is an extension of its existing global investment strategy.

The company began as a multi-vendor IT service company in Chennai, but over the years, it has grown significantly and now has a diverse range of services. Its subsidiaries offer a range of solutions, including information technology transformation, software, payment collection, digital media, warranty management, and more. The company is listed on the Chennai, Mumbai, and Cochin Stock Exchanges.

The Ambani House in Mumbai

ambani house google maps

Antilia is a private residence in billionaires' row. It is named after the mythical island of Antillia, and is home to Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. He moved into the house in 2012. Read on for more information on the property. It is located at 2800 S. La Brea Avenue, Beverly Hills, CA.


Antilia, owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, is one of the most expensive private residences in the world. It's estimated to be worth nearly $2 billion and sits on Altamount Road in Cumballa Hill, South Mumbai. The building features 27 stories and extra-high ceilings.

The home was built in 2004 and is now home to the Ambani family. It has three rooftop helipads and six floors of car parking, which can accommodate 168 cars. It also features three floors of hanging gardens and a 50-seat movie theatre. It also has nine elevators and a spa. The house is also designed to withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude eight.


If you're looking for a luxurious residence in the heart of Mumbai, then it's worth taking a look at the Ambani House. The opulent residence has an extensive recreational area, including a two-story health spa, fitness gym, jacuzzi, and separate dance and yoga studios. Its top floors feature family quarters that are located above W-shaped beams. Several swimming pools dot the grounds, as well as the family's own Mega-Temple.

Construction on the Ambani residence started in 2004 and continued for seven years. In 2011, the Ambani family moved into the building. Two world-renowned US firms, Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates, worked on the design. The Ambani house was completed in late 2011.

The Ambani House is located in the Cumballa Hill area of Mumbai. It is named after a mythical island near Portugal or Spain. The Ambani residence is next to the house of Kumar Mangalam Birla, another member of the Birla family. The residence is spread over a huge 4,00,000-square-foot space. This is an impressive amount of space considering the fact that Mumbai is one of the world's most expensive housing markets.

The Antilia building is home to several guest suites, an ice-cream parlour, a 50-seat movie theatre, and an underground parking garage for 160 cars. There are nine elevators, a swimming pool, and a spa. It also has three helicopter pads.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a science that uses concepts like fire, water, earth and space to create a functional design. These principles can also be used to decorate a home. The positioning of windows and doors, as well as the use of plants, are all influenced by Vastu Shastra.

The Ambanis' delay in moving into Antilia may have been caused by the Vastu Shastra principles, as Nita Ambani is a big believer in Vastu Shastra. Nita Ambani denied that Vastu played a role in the delay, but she has said that she and her husband are adamant believers in the ancient Indian architectural doctrine. According to Vastu Shastra, a house should be built according to directional alignments in order to create spiritual harmony.

Using Vastu Shastra is considered a good way to create a healthy home. Vastu Pantits do rituals involving 50 pandits and a family priest. Each puja lasts ten days. The Ambani family lives in a home that is peaceful and prosperous.

Vastu Shastra has been used for centuries to create beautiful structures. Similar to the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, it is the art of placing objects in a home to achieve balance between positive and negative energies. The principles of Vastu Shastra can be applied to residential homes, commercial buildings, shops, and even lands.

Ambani's Antilia house underwent intense construction in 2004 and was completed in 2011. The family moved in to the house in late 2011. The construction of Antilia involved two world-renowned US design firms: Perkins & Will, a Chicago architectural firm, and Hirsch Bedner Associates, a Santa Monica interior design firm.

Open to public

The Mukesh Ambani family moved to Antilia in south Mumbai in 2011. Before that, the family had lived in a property in Sea Wind. This was the site of a number of parties and events hosted by the family. The Ambanis reportedly didn't like the Vastu problems associated with their previous residence. So, they decided to open it to the public to give everyone a better idea of the house.

There are nine elevators in the Ambani house, including those for staff, guests and the family. The house also has six levels for parking and can hold up to 168 cars at any given time. The Ambani family's cars include a Maybach 62, a Mercedes SL500 and an Aston Martin Rapide, all of which are worth a lot of money.

The Ambani residence was designed by two prominent architecture firms based in the US. The Chicago-based firm Perkins & Will was hired to design the building, and the Los Angeles-based Hirsch Bedner Associates was hired to make the interiors. Both firms were highly regarded in their field, and the Ambani family decided to hire them for the project.

The Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has made the home open to the public since 2011. It is one of the world's largest private homes, and is open to the public. The building, which was completed in 2014, is 27 stories tall, with many double or triple-height floors and even a swimming pool.

The Mukesh Ambani house is located on Altmount Road, in Cumballa Hill, Mumbai. It was valued at 1.2 billion dollars before construction, and at the time, it was considered the world's most expensive house. It was second only to the Buckingham Palace. The Ambani house is home to a variety of recreational amenities, including three helipads.

A Perkins + Will House Like Antilia

house like antilia

The Antilia house is an incredible feat of architecture and design. It combines exquisite decor with high-tech safety features. It is the pinnacle of luxury architecture. Many billionaire industrialists do not live in such beautiful palaces, and this one is sure to stay at the top of the most expensive private residences list for years to come.

JK House

If you're looking for a tall luxury apartment in Mumbai, then you should definitely consider JK House. This luxury high-rise is being built by Gautam Singhania, the Chairman of Raymonds Groups, and stands 145 metres tall. It is home to two private swimming pools, a spa, gym, recreational centre, helipad, and a museum. It is priced at Rs6,000 crores.

The building is located on Altamount Road in Mumbai. It has 27 floors and is the second-highest private building in India. It is designed by Chicago-based architectural firm Will and Perkins. It is equipped with 9 high-speed elevators, helipads, ice-cream parlor, 80-seat movie theatre, salon, fitness centre, multi-level car park and a swimming pool.

The building is divided into flats. In total, several family members live there. It has two swimming pools, a spa and gym, and a helipad. Each residential unit also has a terrace and private garden. The building has a 24-hour security system and a private concierge.

The Antilia is one of the most expensive buildings in the world. It was designed by Chicago-based architecture firm Perkins and Will, and was constructed by Australian firm Leighton Holdings. Antilia is 27 stories tall, with nine high-speed elevators. It also has an ice cream parlor, salon, gym, movie theatre, and multi-floor parking for a fleet of expensive cars.

Aside from Antilia, the Jatia House belongs to the km Birla Group. It has 20 bedrooms and is oriented towards the sea. It has a built-up area of about 28,000 square feet. Its interiors are filled with teak wood. There are separate spaces for luxurious amenities and a private helipad for landing a helicopter.


This opulent home was designed by Perkins and Will. Named after a mythical island in the Atlantic, Antilia is a $1 billion property that cost four years to complete. Its interiors feature pastel colors and opulent features. Moreover, the home features a Snow Room, which is decorated with mountainous motifs and artificial ice. This feature allows members of the family to experience a chilly sauna.

The Antilia is a 400,000-square-foot residence located on the Altamount Road in South Mumbai. It sells for up to Rs 85,000 per square foot. It was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will and built by an Australian construction firm. It has 27 floors and extra-high ceilings. It is also seismically resistant, so it can withstand 8.0 Richter-scale quakes.

The Antilia mansion is one of the most expensive houses in the world, and the second-most expensive in the world. It has an 80-seat movie theater, nine high-speed elevators, three helipads, a gym, and a swimming pool. It's the perfect place to enjoy life to its fullest.

Perkins + Will

A Perkins + Will house like Antilia is a tall, soaring structure in Mumbai. Designed to be both luxurious and green, it has living walls on all four sides, hanging gardens, and a green rooftop. The architects boast that the use of plants in this project will help create more green space and combat the urban heat island effect. However, the construction of Antilia was halted earlier this summer, due to a land dispute. There are many who feel that such a building is too extravagant for the city of Mumbai. A staggering 65 percent of the city's population lives in tenements.

The Antilia building, which is nearly 400,000 square feet in area, is one of the world's tallest buildings. It is located in South Mumbai and is thought to be the second most valuable residential property in the world. In 2014, it was valued at $2 billion. It has extra-high ceilings and is built to withstand earthquakes.

The Antilia building, named after a mythical island, has been the subject of speculation for some time. The building's owner, Anil Ambani, is the chairman of petro-giant Reliance Industries, with a net worth of $21 billion. The project has been criticized from its inception. There were rumors circulating earlier this year that the building would be 60 stories high and that the Ambani family would occupy the entire building.

Antilia was designed by Perkins + Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. It stands 173 meters tall and is an interesting mixture of closed and open spaces. It features numerous facilities, including swimming pools, private cinemas, grand ballrooms, and principal residences. The only downside is that the entire project remains a mystery - the architects have not publicly revealed the building's name.

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia house stands as a symbol of Ambani's power and wealth. The Indian businessman is among the richest men in Asia with a net worth of 2.2 billion USD. In addition to his huge mansion, Ambani also owns a fleet of luxury cars and a health spa.

The mansion was built on a plot bought by the businessman in 2002. The plot was purchased from a Muslim charitable trust which operated an orphanage in another part of Mumbai. The trust had put the land up for auction so that it could be used for the education of the Khoja community, which is part of the Shia minority. Many critics have claimed that Ambani bought the land for a pittance.

Antilia's architecture is centered on a lotus flower and sun motif. The building's soaring ceilings emphasize the theme, which is found throughout the house. The top six floors of the mansion are residential and feature guest suites, ice cream parlors, a private theatre for up to fifty guests, and a mega temple. The house was designed to be comfortable for Ambani and his family, while offering a luxurious lifestyle.

The mansion has 27 floors and is equipped with all the bells and whistles of a super-luxury house. The house is named Antilia, after the Greek island Antillia, and it is located on Mumbai's billionaires row. The home is said to have 3 helipads and a 168-car garage.

The Mukesh Ambani residence has nine elevators. Each elevator serves different levels, and there are separate ones for family members, guests, and staff. It also features a prominent temple and a dance studio. It also has six floors for parking cars. The six floors can accommodate as many as 168 cars. The home also houses three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The house was designed by the famous architecture firm Perkins and Will. It is reportedly worth around 20 million dollars. The design was controversial even before construction began. The building's plot was acquired from a Muslim charitable trust, which operated an orphanage.

Discover the Amenities of the Mini Antilia

mini antilia

Despite its petite size, the mini Antilia has all the amenities of the real Antilia. It has 27 floors, three helipads, and a ballroom. This is a must-visit destination for people who love luxury and want to experience the very best. Read on to discover the amenities of this luxurious building.

Antilia is a personification of luxury

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia is the world's most expensive billionaire's home, according to Forbes. The building's luxury has been the subject of numerous reports, including articles in Cosmopolitan India and Vanity Fair. However, recent reports question the legality of the sale of the property to Ambani by an orphanage. The state of Rajasthan is now considering referring the case to the CBI.

It has 27 floors

The Antilia building has 27 floors and an extra high ceiling. This makes it taller than most 60-story buildings. It also has several special features such as earthquake-resistant construction. It can withstand earthquakes of a magnitude eight or higher. Some floors are also cantilevered. The Antilia also has three helipads, a theatre, and terrace gardens.

The design of Antilia is not well appreciated by many. The building has been referred to as "ugly" by some. Some people say it looks like blocks piled on top of each other. The building has over 600 staff members. In 2010, the building hosted a housewarming party for one thousand guests.

The building also has beautiful hanging gardens inspired by the gardens in Babylon, which were once considered to be the wonders of the world. The plants in these gardens are grown using an advanced gardening technique called Hydroponics, which requires no soil. These plants can even be grown on the walls. One of the gardens also has a giant statue of the Hindu God Vishnu, made of gold and silver and studded with diamonds.

The Antilia building has 27 floors and a 4 lac square foot area. It will also have three helipads, a theater, and 600 staff members. It will be finished by next year. It is situated on a 4,532 square metre plot.

It boasts three helipads

One of the most striking features of Mini Antilia is its three helipads. These helipads are located on the roof of the building and have views of the Mumbai skyline. The building is also home to a heliport and a health club. The building was designed by American-based architects and took four years to construct.

The building itself is incredibly impressive. Not only does it have three rooftop helipads, it also features a 50-seat movie theatre, Babylon-themed hanging gardens, nine elevators, and a swimming pool. The building also accommodates up to 600 employees and is built to withstand earthquakes of a magnitude eight or higher.

This tower is worth more than $1 billion and is a home to Mukesh Ambani. The Ambanis have lived in Antilia since 2010 and it is one of the most luxurious homes in the world. It stands 150 meters high and towers over Mumbai's smog. In 2012, Nita Ambani invited the magazine Vanity Fair to tour the building. The home also includes three helipads, a spa, and a 50-seat theater.

Mini Antilia also has a ballroom for parties. The ballroom could easily accommodate a Disney princess party. However, there is no alcohol in the ballroom. The Ambanis are teetotalers and vegetarians. The living quarters of Mini Antilia are on the top floors. As such, the building is more popular amongst people who want to live in a luxury space than on the street.

It has a ballroom

The Antilia has an incredible ballroom complete with crystal chandeliers that span almost the entire ceiling. The Antilia ballroom also boasts a kitchen that is nearly the size of the ballroom. The ballroom also has a stage and retractable doors. It has an open floor plan that allows for a variety of seating arrangements.

The Antilia home also has a multi-level parking structure with 160 parking spaces. The customised skyscraper also boasts a fitness centre, a cinema, a mini-theatre, and multiple swimming pools. The Antilia building also has nine elevators.

The Mukesh Ambani family lives in the Antilia home, along with their three children. They used to live in an 18-story building in South Mumbai with his brother Anil Ambani. But now, the Ambanis are putting their family's safety and comfort first. Their new home also features a shrine replicating Antilia. Originally built by John Penn over 900 years ago, the property was converted into Britain's first country club by Nick Lane Jackson.

The Antilia residence is a beautiful place for a wedding. The Ambanis have redesigned the entrance of the Antilia residence for different events and occasions. They have used this entrance for the pre-wedding celebrations of Akash and Shloka Ambani and for the wedding of Isha Ambani.

It has a hot tub

This holiday home is located on a hill, a short distance from the sea. It is surrounded by a tropical garden. It is ideal for families with young children. The property comes with two outdoor pools and a hot tub. There is also a gym and a tennis court. The house is well-equipped for children, with a creche for children. The swimming pool is heated and there is a hot tub for adults. The hotel is also close to the Peligoni Club, which is a great option for those who enjoy water sports.

The Ambani family enjoys the home spa and has a mini Switzerland in their home. This property has a jacuzzi and a hot tub, so even if the weather isn't great outside, the family can soak in the tub and escape to a world of happiness. Interestingly, the Mini Antilia is among the world's top 15 most expensive buildings, which is the only privately-owned residence among them. The other fourteen are commercial structures.

The Antilia house was built in 2006. It took 4 years to complete. Mukesh Ambani and his family moved into the house in late 2011. The house is now one of Mumbai's landmarks. The phantom island of the Atlantic Ocean inspired its design. The home has many amenities, including an amenity center, an ice cream parlor, a dance studio, a fitness center, and multiple swimming pools. There is also a dedicated car service station.

It has a garden

Mini Antilia is home to many beautiful hanging gardens, which were inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon, which were once one of the seven wonders of the world. They are an advanced type of gardening that uses water instead of soil. This method is ideal for growing plants on walls. One of the gardens is also home to a giant statue of the Hindu god Vishnu, which is made of gold and silver and is adorned with diamonds.

The grounds are huge and include three swimming pools, a yoga studio, an ice room, and a mini theatre. There are also terrace gardens and three balconies. There are also snack bars and wine rooms. There have even been several film screenings here. The property's opulent decor has attracted people from around the world.

Mini Antilia is the perfect home for the Ambani family. The family can enjoy a spa in their home. They also have their very own miniature Switzerland. In the winter, their home is heated and cooled by an ice room. It's no wonder that this miniature Antilia is one of the world's most expensive buildings. It is the only privately owned building among the top 15 most expensive buildings in the world. The other fourteen are commercial buildings.

The mini Antilia has an extensive garden. They can even host events, if they wish. The house is also used as a wedding venue. The Ambanis hosted several parties and events there.

Mukesh Ambani Interior Design

mukesh ambani interior

The Mukesh Ambani interior design has lots of marbles and crystals, and the sun and lotus are prominent in the home. Each room has a different design and decoration, and no two rooms are alike. The entire house took seven years to build. It is one of the most luxurious homes in the world, and has numerous amenities, including a temple and a movie theater.

Antilia is a mukesh ambani house

The Antilia is a $1 billion mansion in the Indian suburb of Mumbai, and it was designed by some of the world's leading architecture firms. The project started in 2004 and was completed in 2011. In late 2011, the Ambanis moved into the new home. The interior and exterior design was carried out by two world-renowned companies: Perkins and Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates.

The house has an astonishing 400,000 square feet and is 27 stories high. Its exterior and interiors were inspired by the sun and the lotus. It is believed to be the second most expensive property in the world after Buckingham Palace. The property boasts of several lavish amenities, including a yoga center and a dance studio. There are also multiple pools and a mega temple for guests to enjoy.

Designed by Perkins and Will, Antilia is an iconic example of Mukesh Ambani's power and wealth. The multi-billionaire is one of the wealthiest men in Asia with an estimated net worth of 2.2 billion dollars. The house's interior design has been praised by the media, and the architecture has been called "stunning" and "incredible."

The Antilia is a multi-story mansion that features three rooftop helipads, a fitness center, a movie theatre, hanging gardens, and nine elevators. The Ambani family lives in the top floors, with their living quarters tucked up high above the W-shaped beams. The building also includes a spa and health centre. There is also a snow room, which is designed to evoke a feeling of a snow-covered polar landscape.

The Ambani family believes in the power of Vastu Shastra. They moved into Antilia in 2011 and underwent pujas to remove any defects. The 10-day Griha Pravesh puja, which involves several different rituals, was performed to clear away all defects.

It has a temple

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia building in Mumbai is a multi-million dollar skyscraper shaped like a lotus and a sun. It was designed by prominent architects Perkins and Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. The interior is made of crystals, marble, and mother-of-pearl.

The Ambani family recently visited the Sri Venkateshwara Temple in Andhra Pradesh. They were accompanied by their youngest son Anant Ambani's fiancee, Radhika Merchant. The Ambanis offered prayers at the hill temple and also offered bananas to the temple's elephants. They were welcomed by the chairman of the Guruvayur Devaswom Board, Professor PK Vijayan.

The temple in the Mukesh Ambani house is a prominent part of the interior. It is adorned with striking chandeliers and features a small pond that houses Lord Ganesha. The flooring is done in floral motifs. The Ambanis' home also has multiple suites.

The Ambani family is also deeply religious. They visit the temple on important occasions to seek the blessings of Lord Shrinathji. The family has everything they could want. The home is also home to several visitor suites and a personal cinema.

During construction of the Antilia residence, the Waqf Board gave no objection. Only after the board gave the green signal did construction begin. This time difference led to some speculation as to why the project was delayed. According to Nita Ambani, the delay was caused by a Vastu defect. Vastu is an ancient Indian architectural doctrine that establishes directional alignments and spiritual harmony.

The Ambani family is one of the wealthiest families in the world. Mukesh Ambani is the owner of Reliance Industries. His sons Anant and Akash Ambani have inherited their father's fortune.

It has a salon

The Mukesh Ambani interior has echoes of a salon. It features earthy colors and a hair washing station. There are also many silver photo frames and a large painting. There is even a private cinema for fifty people. The Ambani family lives on the top six floors of the mansion.

The Antilia building has several guest suites, a salon, ice-cream parlour, private movie theatre, and a gym. There are nine elevators throughout the building. It also has a spa, swimming pool, and health centre. The Antilia residence also features a large ballroom.

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia building is one of the largest private homes in the world. It is situated on a 400,000-square-foot plot in South Mumbai. The building was originally built as an orphanage on the same land in 1895.

It has a movie theatre

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia home has a movie theatre, wine room, snack bar and a snow room. The interior also features a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The mansion also has a gym, yoga and dance studios and a solarium with juice bar. The home can accommodate 600 people and is designed to survive a magnitude eight earthquake.

The house has six floors of parking, which can accommodate 168 vehicles. The garage also includes a private car service station. A prominent temple and dance studio are also located in the Mukesh Ambani interior. The family lives on the top six floors. The home includes multiple suites and three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Mukesh Ambani is one of the wealthiest men in the world. He is the second richest man in India and one of the top five richest men in Asia. His Antilia home is the second-most-expensive residence in the world. The owner of Reliance Industries, he owns many luxury properties in India. Apart from Antilia, Ambani has a beachfront villa on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah.

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia home is luxurious, with an elaborate interior featuring lots of beige and cream colors. It also has a huge crystal chandelier, a yellow LED light, a movie theatre and an accent wall. The interiors of Antilia are designed in such a way that they have the look of a seven-star hotel.

It has 168 luxury cars

Mukesh Ambani has an impressive collection of cars, with 168 in total. From a Lamborghini Urus to a Tesla Model S, he has an array of luxury vehicles. His collection also includes a Rolls-Royce Cullinan and a Mercedes-AMG G63. A few of his other vehicles are supercars, including the Bentley Bentayga and the Porsche Cayenne.

Mukesh Ambani is one of the wealthiest people in the world, and his collection of luxury cars is a testament to his wealth. At his multi-storey Mumbai residence, he has garages that house 168 luxury cars. These cars are custom-built, and some are factory versions. His car collection also includes a service station that allows him to keep up with his fleet.

While he hasn't made a public display of his car collection, Mukesh Ambani is still an avid car lover. In addition to owning several luxury vehicles, the entrepreneur also owns armored vehicles that he uses when leaving his Antilia real estate development. The entrepreneur is believed to own several Mercedes, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, and Lamborghinis.

Mukesh Ambani's collection includes a Lamborghini Urus that's the fastest production SUV in the world. It has a 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 petrol engine and costs over Rs. 3.15 crore. Ambani's collection also includes a Bentley Bentayga, one of the most luxurious SUVs on the market.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is another among Ambani's luxury cars. This ritzy vehicle is renowned for its luxurious interiors. Its 168-inch grill and LED projector headlights are impressive.

The Mukesh Ambani House on Google Maps

mukesh ambani house google map

Mukesh Ambani is the second richest man in India and the eleventh richest man in the world. His primary residence is called Antilia and is a multi-million dollar customised skyscraper. The property is surrounded by a large golf course and an oceanfront infinity pool. It is difficult to miss this landmark in the city of Mumbai. You can use Google Maps to view the property.


The Mukesh Ambani family moved into Antilia in south Mumbai in 2011. Before that, they had lived in Sea Wind. The family often hosted parties and events at Antilia. They are now living in the world's most expensive house. The construction of the new home began in 2004 and was completed by late 2011.

The 27-storey residence is home to 600 staff members including cooks, gardeners, plumbers, and electricians. Antilia is estimated to consume the same amount of electricity as 7000 households. The power bill for the house is estimated to be around Rs 70 lakh per month. The building is also home to six floors dedicated to parking cars. In all, the property can accommodate 168 cars.

The Ambani family also built a multi-level recreation centre and health spa. It also has a gym, a jacuzzi, and separate dance and yoga studios. The top floors of the building are residential and have guest suites. The house is surrounded by massive gardens that act as energy-saving devices. The massive property is also home to multiple swimming pools and an elaborate Mega-Temple.

The Mukesh Ambani Antilia house is truly magnificent. The interior design incorporates many themes and colors. Many of the rooms feature beige, cream, wood, and yellow LED lights. The house has many upscale features, including a large crystal chandelier. The colors are complemented by accent walls in beige and cream tones.

Mukesh Ambani's house is situated on a prime cut of land in Mumbai. It's the second most expensive property in India, second only to Buckingham Palace. It stands on Cumballa Hill in the Southern region of the city. The property is worth a billion dollars and is a landmark in South Mumbai.

Stoke Park estate

The former Prime Minister Mukesh Ambani has added to his growing empire by purchasing the Stoke Park estate in Buckinghamshire. Located on the outskirts of London, the estate is worth Rs 592 crore. The purchase of the estate marks Ambani's second major acquisition in the UK, after Hamleys.

The 300-acre estate has a 27-hole championship golf course, three restaurants, spa and fitness centre. It also features 13 tennis courts and a five-star hotel. The 900-year-old estate was previously used as a private home but has since been converted into a luxury hotel. The property has also been used for filming and is a popular spot for celebrities.

The Ambani family purchased the Stoke Park estate from the King family, who owned it through their family business. The family plans to extend the estate with additions, including a medical center and mini-hospital. They also plan to open a private hospital in the UK.

Located near the London Heathrow airport, Stoke Park features a 27-hole championship golf course and thirteen tennis courts. It also has 14 acres of private gardens. The estate also offers sport fishing and hunting. In addition, the Ambanis have built a Hindu temple on the estate and are planning to make it their second home.

Mukesh Ambani is an Indian billionaire and is one of the world's richest men. He has several properties in India and owns the Antilia mansion in Mumbai. Apart from the Antilia estate, he also owns the Stoke Park estate in London.


The latest news in Dubai real estate is the purchase of a $163 million beachside mansion by Reliance Industries Ltd chairman Mukesh Ambani. The tycoon purchased the property from the family of Kuwaiti tycoon Mohammed Alshaya. Alshaya owns local franchises of retail brands including Starbucks, H&M, and Victoria's Secret. His net worth is estimated to be $84 billion.

The construction of the home started in 2004 and was completed in late 2011. The Ambanis moved into the house in late 2011. The project involved two world-renowned US design firms: Perkins & Will, a Chicago-based architectural firm, and Hirsch Bedner Associates, a Santa Monica interior design firm.

After the purchase of Stoke Park, Ambani is now actively seeking properties in the United States. Aside from London, he also has an eye on New York. Last year, he spent $79 million on an iconic UK country club, and he is also looking into properties in New York.

Mukesh Ambani's primary residence is named Antilia. The building is more than 37,000 square feet and is home to Ambani, his wife, three children, and Ambani's mother. There are nearly 600 employees working at Antilia. The building has parking space for about 170 vehicles.

Mukesh Ambani's house is located on Altmount Road, Cumballa Hill. The house was named after a mythical island that lies near Spain and Portugal. Ambani shares the same street with Kumar Mangalam Birla, another scion of the Birla family. The house is a 4,00,000-square-foot mansion. This is a massive amount of space in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Palm Jumeirah villa

Recently, Mukesh Ambani bought a beachfront villa in Dubai. This property is one of the most expensive on the Palm Jumeirah. He paid around $80 million for it, setting a new residential real estate record for Dubai. The villa has eight bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, a movie theater, a bowling alley, a jacuzzi, and 15 car parking facilities in the basement.

Mukesh Ambani is India's second richest man, and the chairman of Reliance Industries. He bought the Palm Jumeirah mansion from the family of Kuwaiti tycoon Mohammed Alshaya, which is a billionaire. The Ambani's property is one of the most lavish real estate purchases in the country, and is a perfect vacation spot for the rich and famous.

The Mukesh Ambani House Palm Jummeirah villa is a luxury residence with a helipad on its rooftop. The villa also has six floors of car parking. The six floors accommodate up to 168 cars. The building also has nine elevators and a swimming pool. The villa is also equipped with a spa and a temple. There are about 600 staff members who work there. The property is also designed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude eight.

The Mukesh Ambani House Palm Jummeirah villa is located just next to his son Anant Ambani's villa. The property is situated on Palm Jumeirah, which is one of Dubai's most expensive and luxurious neighborhoods. It is also home to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and British footballer David Beckham.

The Mukesh Ambani House Palm Jummeirah villa has a temple. Lord Ganesha is worshipped here. The temple has striking chandeliers that add to its beauty. The flooring is decorated with floral motifs.

Mukesh Ambani's home

Mukesh Ambani's home is located in Mumbai, India. It was built specifically for him and has over 37,000 square meters of living space. He lives here with his wife, three children, and mother. The building has a staff of about 600. There are different floors for each resident, and parking space for around 170 vehicles.

The Ambani family moved to the property Antilia in 2011. Before that, the family lived in a house called Sea Wind, located in south Mumbai. They regularly hosted events and parties at Antilia. They also share the property with a neighbor from the Birla family, Kumar Mangalam Birla.

In recent years, Ambani has purchased a variety of properties abroad. His recent purchase of Stoke Park in the United Kingdom was his second biggest overseas real estate deal, and it was reportedly for his son. Mukesh Ambani also owns properties in New York and Dubai. He purchased a $80 million mansion for his son's family, as well as a pair of residential plots on the palm-shaped island of Dubai. The details about Ambani's properties are limited, but insiders have leaked the identity of the buyer.

Dhiru Ambani House

dhiru ambani house

The dhiru Ambani house in Mumbai is one of the most prestigious homes in India. It is a huge compound with several floors of gardens and a swimming pool. The house is designed in the traditional style, but has some modern features. It is surrounded by a lush green lawn and offers a view of the river. It is also well-connected to the nearest metro station.

Ans Ambani

Ans Ambani at Dhiru house is a luxury villa. It has a two-story recreation center, health spa, jacuzzi, separate yoga and dance studios, and multiple swimming pools. The family has employed an international decorator to decorate its interiors.

Born in Aden, Yemen, Mukesh Ambani is the younger son of the late entrepreneur Dhirubhai Ambani. The family settled in Bhuleshwar in 1958 and founded Reliance Commercial Corporation, which later grew into Reliance Industries.

The Ambani family has three children. His elder son, Akash, is the chairman of Reliance Jio, while his younger son, Anant, is involved in new energy and retail. The Ambanis are a close-knit family, which is the basis for their diversified empire.

The couple got married on February 20, 2022. Their wedding was a grand affair. They were married at the family home at the sea wind at Cuffe Parade in Mumbai. The wedding was attended by Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan. Later, the family celebrated the marriage with a lavish reception party at the home.

The property is worth more than Rs 5,000 crore. In fact, Mukesh Ambani's Antilia is valued between 6,000 crore and 12,000 crore rupees. It is also one of the most expensive properties in Mumbai.

Anil Ambani

There are plenty of details on Anil Ambani's lavish residence abode. The house is spread over seventeen floors, and every family member has a separate floor. The walls are painted with vibrant colours, while the furniture and decor is elegant and classy. The interiors and exteriors of the house have a lot of natural light, and the garden is beautifully manicured. Despite being one of the world's richest businessmen, Anil has a very peaceful and tranquil life. The house is estimated to be worth INR 5,000 crores.

Anil Ambani is the younger brother of Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire who founded Reliance. He is the owner of Reliance Power and Reliance Infrastructure. However, his portfolio has been hit hard by the 2G scandal. His investments are now worth $89 million, and he has reportedly sold off his personal jewellery to cover his expenses.

The house is located in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai. The area is known as Pali Hill and used to be the home of several Bollywood stars. In 2003, Anil Ambani bought the land and property from Reliance Energy. Before that, the house was owned by BSES. It is currently being developed into a highrise building. The construction of this house was started around the same time as the completion of Anitilia.

The Ambani house is decorated in an off-white color with golden accents. It features curtains with ethnic prints. It also features a palm tree and a big crystal chandelier. It also has a glass showcase and idols of different gods. The balcony offers great views of the sunrise and sunset.

Antilia house

The Ambani family has a second home in Buckinghamshire, England. The 'Antilia' house was built in 2004 and underwent seven years of intense development. When the Ambanis finally moved in, there were rumors of Vastu problems.

The Antilia house is a massive building that has 27 floors. It has an estimated height of about 568 feet. It is also said to have extra high ceilings, with some floors cantilevered. The property is also said to withstand an earthquake of 8.0. The house has a staff of over 600.

The Antilia mansion is one of the most extravagant homes in the world. The 27-storey building has a spa, three helipads, and a 50-seat movie theater. Ambani's family lives on the top six floors, while the bottom six floors are dedicated to the Ambani's car collection. It also features a dance studio, salon, theater, and ice cream parlour.

The Antilia building is a multi-million dollar investment. It houses 600 staff members and has a 160-car garage. In addition, there is a private movie theatre and swimming pool. The Ambani family's favourite food is Idli Sambhar. The family also loves eating out at the Mysore Cafe in Mumbai. The Ambani's latest venture is a mobile phone company. Its 4G smartphone was India's third best-selling smartphone last year. It was launched in September of last year.

Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest men in the world. The billionaire owns several companies under the RIL umbrella and has many properties in different locations. His Antilia house is a 27-storey tower in South Mumbai. The house has helipads, a swimming pool, and even a temple. The home is estimated to be worth a billion dollars.

Mukesh Ambani's net worth

Mukesh Ambani has an immense net worth. His father was a successful entrepreneur in Yemen who relocated to Mumbai in 1958. Mukesh's father started out with spices before moving into the textile industry. His father eventually built up his company into one of the largest conglomerates in India. Mukesh graduated from Hill Grange High School in Mumbai and attended the Institute of Chemical Technology. However, he dropped out of Stanford University. After graduating, he joined his father's company and started a polyester filament yarn manufacturing plant.

Mukesh Ambani's networth has increased over the years. His Reliance Industries company deals in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecom, and retail. He also holds several business interests in India. He also owns different educational institutions and health care institutions and donates a significant portion of his net worth to various sectors.

Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in Asia and is now worth $100.6 billion. His fortune has risen by over $7 billion in the last four weeks. This was largely attributed to a recent partnership between Reliance Industries and the US brand 7-Eleven. In June 2022, Mukesh Ambani will pass Gautam Adani for the title of richest man in India.

Ambani was previously the richest man in India, but has since climbed back to the top after a Facebook investment deal valued at 5.7 billion dollars. In addition to regaining his top spot on the Forbes India Rich List, Mukesh Ambani also handed over his telecom arm to his son Akash Ambani.

The Mukesh and Dhirubhai Ambani Residence

dhiru ambani house

The Mukesh and Dhirubhai Ambani residence is a multi-level compound. It has nine elevators, with separate elevators for family, staff, and guests. In addition, the house has six floors for parking. It can accommodate up to 168 cars at one time. Some of these cars include the Mercedes SL500, a Mercedes SL62, and a Maybach 62, each worth up to $1 million.

Anil Ambani

Anil Ambani's family is devout followers of Lord Ganesha. Their house has a big white Ganesh idol with red flower garland. The Ambanis are the descendants of Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Industries. He was alive when the business was started and lived at his ancestral property Sea Wind in Mumbai with his family.

The house is located in Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai. It is located in the Pali Hill area, which was once known as Mumbai's Beverly Hills. The area once attracted many Bollywood movie stars. Ambani acquired the land from Reliance Energy in 2003, and then turned it into a high-rise. His sister, Dhiru Ambani, still lives at home.

Mukesh Ambani and his brother Anil lived in the house in Mumbai thirteen years ago. The two were at loggerheads over their father's empire, which he owned without leaving a will. Mukesh Ambani is now the world's 10th richest man.

In 2010, the billionaire's problems started piling up. He made poor decisions on several projects and companies, including a failed merger between Reliance Home Finance and Aircel. He also failed to integrate the companies after 4G became popular. The result: Anil Ambani decided to leave the telecom sector and focus on other projects.

Reliance Power and Reliance Infrastructure are two of Anil Ambani's businesses. Both companies raised large sums of money in 2008, with ambitious plans for growth. They planned to complete 13 projects in the next two years, but lacked gas availability and reasonable rates. As a result, they had to sell major assets and Rs1.2 lakh crore of investment.

The Ambani family is rich and has a diverse array of interests and businesses. The first one is in the field of petrochemicals. Another venture is in the textiles industry. The second is in power and telecoms. The family's wealth has allowed it to flourish as one of India's leading businessmen.

The Ambani family owns a home in Mumbai. The two sons of Dhirubhai, Anil and Tina, live there. They own a lavish Pali Hill house. They also have a house in the Cuffe Parade area. The property is estimated to be worth INR 5,000 crore.

Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani, the man behind the Reliance Industries empire, has a beautiful house on the beach in Goa. He was born in 1932 and is now one of the richest men in India. His business acumen helped him create a fortune.

The interior design of the Mukesh Ambani house is inspired by the mythical Atlantic island, the Sun. The interiors are decorated with lots of marble and crystals. No two rooms in this mansion are the same. The construction of this magnificent house took seven years. It is considered to be one of the most expensive houses in the world.

The Ambani family has had a turbulent history. The family has been accused of several shady activities. Earlier, Reliance Industries didn't pay any income tax. It gave its shareholders bonuses and dividends. However, after the MAT Regime, it had to pay taxes. The Ambani family has been a target of public criticism throughout their life. They have been accused of excise and customs evasion, bribery, stock market rigging and Havala.

The home was Dhirubhai Ambani's ancestral home. Since then, the family has been using it as a memorial. The house has also been turned into a museum for the late businessman. The museum will feature a display of the family's history, as well as artifacts.

The Ambani family also has a large collection of private jets. Among them is the Airbus, which Shah Rukh Khan gifted to his wife on her 44th birthday. Moreover, they own a 27-storey house in South Mumbai that is the world's most expensive. The Ambani family employs over 600 people at their various businesses. In addition to their homes, they also own a vanity van worth over 25 Crores.

The Ambani family has nine elevators in their house, each dedicated to a different floor. The house also has separate elevators for employees and guests. In fact, the six-story house has enough parking space for 168 cars. The property also has three helipads, although their permits have not yet been obtained.

Dhirubhai Ambani's legacy

Dhirubhai Ambani's rags-to-riches tale is one of corporate India's most celebrated success stories. But his ambitious son has other plans: he wants to take over his father's business and become the country's most influential tycoon.

During his lifetime, Dhirubhai Ambani's interests were evident in the institutions he allowed to be set up. For example, he set up the Dhirubhai Foundation, which provides scholarships to brilliant students at the grass-roots level. Other organizations he supported included the Observer Foundation and Reliance Rural Development Trust.

Dhirubhai Ambani was born on December 28, 1932, in a poor village in Gujarat. He moved to Aden, a British colonial port in Yemen, in his late teens. He worked as a petrol forecourt attendant and an office clerk, learning to trade in the souks. He eventually moved back to Bombay after his marriage and birth of his first son. Upon his return to India, he established Reliance Industries, a successful textile business that is one of the world's biggest multinationals.

Dhirubhai Ambani was an entrepreneur who built Reliance Industries Limited from nothing. From this modest beginning, he built the company into a giant, becoming the first Indian private company to make the Fortune 500 list. His success helped propel the Indian capital markets and make Reliance one of the most powerful private sector companies in the world.

While Mukesh Ambani was building Reliance's super-fast network, he was also investing $20 billion in new plants. The company's energy operations contributed a tenth of India's exports. The Jio mobile service, with free super-fast internet, was a phenomenal success. Ambani made the acquisitions that turned Reliance into a global giant.

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