Will Dr Umar Johnson's School Be Open Soon?

Will Dr Umar Johnson's School Be Open Soon?


Will Dr Umars School Be Open Soon

Umar Johnson is currently hard at work building The Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey International Leadership Academy for Boys in Philadelphia, PA. This will be America's first residential academy for Black boys founded on Pan-Afrikanism and International Economics principles.

Construction on the school has been completed, yet it remains closed for classes due to some persistent issues. When will it be ready?

What's Going On?

If you've been following Dr. Umar's story, then you probably know he has been trying to open his school for years without success. He blames a lack of honest contractors on the building project as the reason why it has yet to open its doors.

He stated that his dream school would be completed if Black people donated the necessary funds. According to NewsOne, he recently told the Breakfast Club that if Black contractors had come forward, his school would open in three weeks.

The social media personality and certified school psychologist revealed to the show that he hopes to open his school soon, but is having difficulty finding reliable contractors to do the work. Furthermore, he does not make enough money for rent nor repairs on the building.

Thankfully, some fans have shown him support by donating their tax refunds to the school. He's also said to be searching for pro bono services from Black contractors in order to complete the project.

He's not the only social media star who has struggled with starting his dream school, but he certainly makes headlines for being vocal about it. In fact, he's even made several appearances on ESPN!

At first, Johnson declared his intentions to build a school for Black boys. He stated he was raising money to purchase Saint Paul's College in Lawrenceville, Virginia which had closed down in 2013 due to financial issues.

Unfortunately, he was unable to raise the necessary funds to complete the purchase. After restarting fundraising efforts for the project, he announced that he hoped to open the school by 2015.

After months of trying to secure funding for their project, Dr. Umar's School has finally confirmed that construction on Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy has been completed; however, classes have yet to commence.

What's the Status of the Building?

Dr. Umar Johnson made quite an impact on your favorite morning show a few weeks ago with his statement about why his school hadn't opened yet and the story behind that now iconic picture of him holding hands with a white woman. With so much information to process, there was plenty for us all to take in at once.

For some time now, The Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Boys has been in the making. This school will be America's first residential academy exclusively dedicated to Black boys, founded on pan-Afrikanism and international economics principles.

However, while the building is still under construction, there are still numerous issues to tackle before it can be fully utilized. The biggest difficulty lies in finding trustworthy contractors who will invest the necessary time and energy into getting everything working properly.

Johnson has yet to find the funds necessary to realize his ambition. While his website states that he has raised over $400,000, it appears this sum is just a drop in the bucket.

Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey RBG Academies in Delaware have been under construction for some time, yet they still lack opening dates. While it will take some time before this dream of having a school for Black boys is realized, let us hope Umar Johnson fulfills his promises and opens it soon!

What's the Status of the Funding?

According to social media sensation and school psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, The Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy - a school for Black boys in Delaware - has been planned for years but still hasn't opened its doors yet.

On The Breakfast Club, Johnson revealed that the school is complete but requires $300,000 in electrical and plumbing work. He appealed to hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy for Black people to donate their time towards making this project successful.

He asserted that Blacks need reparations as they continue to suffer the consequences of slavery and discrimination. He asked why it wasn't yet time for Blacks to be given financial opportunities, given they account for $2 trillion annually in spending.

However, he also acknowledged that he's taking some time away from his project. He has been on a four-city "Kwanzaa tour" and will take some time off to reflect on the future of his school and its progress.

Many were taken aback by the news, having invested their time and resources into supporting her cause. In recent months, her social media star has seen an uptick in donations - with a total of $700,000 raised so far.

But it's unclear how much of this money has actually made it to the school. Diverse Education reports that a substantial portion has been diverted for other projects, such as an educational website.

He not only has a website, but an Instagram account too that boasts 342,000 followers. On there he speaks on topics like special education, the black family and what's known as black uplift.

His remarks regarding reparations have drawn some criticism, with some interpreting them as anti-Black. During a recent interview, he maintained that Blacks aren't ready for them yet and said Blacks need financial opportunities before asking for reparations. Comparing it to giving someone with mental illness one million dollars might not reverse their illness but may give them an extra chance at recovery.

What's the Status of the Leadership?

Recently, Dr. Umar, a Philadelphia-based activist and educator known as Dr. Umar, was called before a state regulatory board in an effort to determine whether he is practicing psychology without an appropriate license. Dr. Umar has long been vocal in support of pan-Afrikanism and opposes interracial marriage.

Johnson, who boasts a Twitter account with 342,000 followers, had just finished a four-city "Kwanzaa tour" to Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, and Detroit when the state's Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs called him for questioning. Johnson took his disagreement with the bureau to social media where he asked followers to contribute to his GoFundMe campaign.

The Pennsylvania Board of Psychology is a division of the state Department of Education and responsible for licensing psychologists and psychologists-in-training throughout Pennsylvania. According to investigators, Johnson had been practicing psychology without an appropriate license.

He was found by the board to have violated multiple state statutes, such as those related to child custody and mental health. As a result, he could face fines and the potential revocation of his license to practice medicine.

Johnson, a certified school psychologist, has extensive experience assisting African-American children and their parents. He is an expert on learning disabilities and disruptive behavior disorders.

He is one of the world's most sought-after speakers, having spoken at embassies, stadiums, museums, universities, schools, correctional institutions and community centers across the nation. Additionally, he holds a nationally renowned authority position on learning disabilities and their impact on Black children as well as expertise on helping schools modify challenging behaviors that may lead to disorder diagnoses in Black boys.

His latest endeavor is a residential school for Black boys that he plans to open in Delaware. To achieve this goal, he has purchased two school buildings which will be renovated to house his vision.

He also plans to form the National Independent Black Ex-Offender Association (NIBEA) to advocate for the rights of Black men and women who have served time in prison. Furthermore, they aim to build an underground railroad that will assist Blacks in transitioning out of prison into jobs, homes, and communities.

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