Where is Oak Island, NC?

Where is Oak Island, NC?


Where is oak island

When you think of a classic family beach vacation, Oak Island comes to mind. That's because this coastal community has been drawing visitors for generations, creating timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

Many have been eager to uncover what may lie beneath the sandy shores of this Nova Scotia island. Theories range from a vast pirate treasure, the Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant, Shakespeare's original manuscripts and even Marie Antoinette's jewels.

It is located in North Carolina

Oak Island, situated near South Carolina's border in Brunswick County on the Atlantic Ocean, is a popular beach getaway for families looking to escape their urban lives and experience something truly special during their vacation. With its serene atmosphere and picturesque beaches, Oak Island provides plenty of activities for visitors to keep them occupied on their getaway.

Family beach vacations at Oak Island offer visitors a timeless experience that creates memories to last a lifetime. Those memories could include biking with bells and baskets, casting a line off an ocean pier, or enjoying an ice cream cone after playing mini-golf for hours on end. It is these kinds of moments that have made Oak Island such a beloved American seaside town that continues to draw visitors year after year.

Many families return to Oak Island year after year, making it a prime spot for either an afternoon getaway or long weekend escape. Whatever the occasion calls for, Oak Island has something special for everyone - perfect for either a quick escape or relaxing beach retreat!

Oak Island boasts 65 public beaches to explore, each offering something special for holiday-goers. Enjoy water activities like fishing and boating while dining at one of the many restaurants serving up fresh seafood treats.

For those interested in nature, Oak Island Nature Center is the perfect destination. Here, adults and kids alike can learn about local plants and animals while bird watchers can search for prized finds such as herons, ibises and snowy egrets.

Another popular attraction is the Environmental Overlook Trail. This path takes you through a natural swamp area.

Travel along this trail and you may even spot a stunning waterfall. If you're into nature, this must-visit destination is not to be missed!

For a relaxing body massage while visiting Oak Island, Beachin' Day Spa is your go-to spot. Their team of wellness professionals can help you reach your health and fitness objectives with weight loss programs, exclusive health coaching, detoxification treatments and Reiki treatments. Plus you can opt for either a body or face massage to help you unwind after an exhausting day of touring!

It is a beach community

Oak Island, NC is the perfect getaway for those who enjoy beach days or vacations by the sea. It boasts a spacious beach area, unique nature trails and boardwalks, as well as several excellent restaurants to keep everyone satiated.

Oak Island consists of several neighborhoods, such as Yaupon Dunes, Southern Shore Villas, Caswell Dunes and Kings Lynn. All offer direct beach access and are conveniently situated close to shopping and dining establishments.

Kings Lynn homes, situated on Oak Island's West end, boast stunning ocean views. Popular with fishermen, shell enthusiasts and kayakers alike, these picturesque properties are only a short walk away from St. James by the Sea and Oak Island Golf Course.

These tree-lined streets create a charming small-town atmosphere in this coastal neighborhood. It offers direct beach access, an on-site pool and playground; making it an ideal retirement spot due to its comfortable temperatures and friendly people.

If you're looking for a comfortable home while taking advantage of all Oak Island has to offer, then buying either a condominium or single family house is your best bet. These condos come in various sizes and prices, plus many amenities that will make them ideal for families or couples to enjoy.

Vacation rentals on the beach can be booked months in advance, ensuring you won't miss out on your ideal summer getaway. These homes are designed to make it easier for you to unwind and enjoy your time by the sea; they range in size from one to ten bedrooms.

Oak Island is renowned for its beaches and world-class seafood restaurants. The annual Oak Island King Mackerel Tournament draws both locals and visitors alike to this island paradise.

Oak Island is dedicated to safeguarding its soft sandy beachfront for generations to come. As North Carolina's only town that operates a greenhouse for growing sea oats and other native beach vegetation, and hosts The Oak Island Nature and Ocean Education centers, visitors can learn about the island's natural environment as well as that of surrounding areas.

It is a place to live

Oak Island, North Carolina, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and other amenities that make it a desirable place to live. Retirees particularly enjoy visiting Oak Island due to the mild temperatures throughout the year.

Oak Island residents enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, with easy access to the beach and plenty of activities for everyone in the family. Spend your day surfing, collecting shells or simply lazing by the shore while admiring the weather.

The town's population consists primarily of retirees and most own their homes. Most commute to work by car, with an average commute time of 25 minutes.

Housing options in the area range from low to high, with real estate prices varying widely. For those searching for an affordable home, condos may be more cost-effective than single-family homes.

If you're searching for a more luxurious home, you might want to consider purchasing a beach house. These properties tend to be larger than single-family houses and often include features like pools or patios.

Additionally, some properties feature private beach accesses. This makes it convenient to go swimming or take a dip in the ocean, or go for a boat ride along the ICW.

Southport, Maine, is close by and boasts a host of tourist attractions and events that draw in tourists. With its rich history and plenty of places to shop for local goods, Southport has become an attractive stopover destination for visitors who wish to view ship models and other historical artifacts at the Maritime Museum there.

Summer brings a bustling crowd to this seaside town, who come to enjoy its gorgeous beaches as well as all its amenities like shops and restaurants. Additionally, King Mackerel fishing tournaments take place annually in October for added excitement.

It is a place to visit

No matter if you're planning a family vacation or romantic getaway, Oak Island is an idyllic destination to create lasting memories. Enjoy classic family activities like riding bicycles, taking a dip in the ocean and enjoying ice cream at one of its many ice cream parlors - all staples in this North Carolina beach community.

One of the great things about visiting Oak Island is its abundance of restaurants offering mouthwatering fare with a touch of southern charm. From burgers and pizza to fresh seafood and barbecue, Oak Island has something to satisfy everyone's culinary desires.

The town is also renowned for its scenic helicopter tours, which give you a bird's-eye view of the area. Visitors should also check out Ingram Planetarium, featuring a full-dome theater and captivating exhibits.

For outdoor adventurers, this destination is ideal for a day of hiking or fishing. Plus, there's a nature center where visitors can learn more about local wildlife while having some fun in the sun.

Southport, a historic fishing village, offers you plenty of charming gift shops and antique stores to explore. Whether you're searching for souvenirs or gifts for friends, this quaint village should not be missed during your trip to Oak Island.

Nature enthusiasts on Oak Island can take advantage of the numerous hiking trails throughout the island. The Oak Island Nature Center, open April to September, provides kid-friendly activities such as a Talking Trees Walking Trail and fishing dock.

Oak Island's ideal season to visit is during spring and fall, when temperatures are warm enough for visitors to enjoy time at the beach or water's edge. However, visitors can look forward to enjoying many annual events throughout the year.

Before the filming of The Curse of Oak Island, few people knew about its alleged treasure-filled money pit on the island. Thankfully, however, the show opened people's eyes to this elusive spot and has since attracted amateur treasure hunters in search of their fortune. For those interested in folklore, history, and mysteries related to Oak Island mystery can join seasonal guided tours that visit its interpretive center as well as sites connected with it; tours are free but spaces fill up fast so be sure to book early.

Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival to Return in 2023 - With a Little Help From New Rising Sun

Seattle's beloved arts festival has a proud legacy. However, a lackluster attendance and rising ticket prices, combined with an unfortunate barricade collapse that injured four people, ultimately put an end to it in 2019.

At the start of this year, New Rising Sun -- comprised of Neumos co-owner Steven Severin, entrepreneur Greg Lundgren and McCaw Hall general manager Joe Paganelli -- took control of Bumbershoot Festival. Now they're eager to bring it back to its roots: celebrating and elevating local arts organizations.

Amazon Sponsors 2023 Bumbershoot

After three years and major changes to the production and curation of Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival, organizers have announced that it will return on Labor Day weekend on September 2-3 at 74-acre Seattle Center beneath the Space Needle.

Since 1971, Bumbershoot has been a celebration of art, music and the people living here. Produced by One Reel - a nonprofit organization which has been bringing this event to life for more than 30 years - for all these reasons, Bumbershoot continues to be one of the premier events in the US.

The company is led by a group of artists and professionals renowned for their work within the Pacific Northwest arts community. Additionally, they possess extensive expertise working with local non-profits, public schools and historically marginalized voices to achieve success.

Recently, festival attendance and ticket demand have skyrocketed. Unlike stadium concerts which can only feature a handful of big name headliners, major festivals offer an expansive roster of artists across many genres.

Due to rising ticket prices over the last decade, festival attendance has seen a dramatic spike. Some promoters have had to reduce costs or pare back their lineups in order to remain profitable. Despite these setbacks, plenty of renowned acts continue to perform at major festivals across America.

Bumbershoot 2019 promises a large number of headliners, but also showcases an array of new and emerging musicians. Headliners include Netherlands-based Zuco 103, which blends samba with jazz and funk; Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, a 14-member Brooklyn ensemble dedicated to keeping alive the music of late Nigerian star Fela Kuti.

The festival will also boast several creative zones on the grounds, such as a fashion district and nail-art dome. Audience members can lace up skates in Recess District and participate in other fun activities throughout the day.

As Bumbershoot celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023, they want to honor and enhance its roots while providing a safe space for audiences to express themselves creatively. This includes providing opportunities for free-ranging performance artists to connect with audience members across campus, while encouraging an overall participatory culture of art-making and artistic expression.

New Rising Sun Takes Over

New Rising Sun, a group of Seattle-based arts and entertainment leaders, was chosen as the new production partner for Bumbershoot. Together they plan to build an efficient infrastructure that preserves its original spirit, daringness and allure while driving the beloved festival forward into its fourth decade.

Last fall, Seattle Center began a months-long search for a producing partner to reimagine and reinvigorate the beloved three-day music and arts festival that had long been one of Seattle's cultural landmarks. When event promoter AEG declined to renew its contract in 2019, Seattle Center decided to reevaluate the festival's future and put out an RFP last autumn.

Seattle Center sought a producer for the first time, and New Rising Sun was among six applicants. Led by three local arts and entertainment industry titans - Neumos and Barboza co-owner Steven Severin, Museum of Museums founder Greg Lundgren, and McCaw Hall general manager Joe Paganelli - it will launch this spring.

At the selection process, Robinson highlighted their focus on youth programming, the significance of featuring local and regional artists, and a dedication to diversity in programming. "These individuals all have strong ties to the city and are all established members in the local arts community with impressive and proven histories of spectacular arts programming," says Robinson.

They've already begun planning a festival that will celebrate the arts, music, food, culture and technology of Seattle. Their immersive programming will reimagine the festival as an all-year brand with an aim of becoming "bigger than just a weekend music festival" while drawing inspiration from its offbeat eclecticism and accessibility.

Though the exact programming for 2023 has yet to be determined, fans can look forward to a large group exhibition in Fisher Pavilion, Bumbershoot 50th Anniversary Retrospective and Fashion District featuring Pacific Northwest designers in beauty, fashion and body art. Separate "creative zones" will also be present such as witch temple curated by Ylva Mara Radziszewski and Kiki Robinson from Living Altar; SOS Professional Wrestling in Recess District; Nail Art Dome; runway programs; Burleskaraoke; pole dancing program from AERO Space and Ascendance Studios; etc.

Bumbershoot’s 50th Anniversary

For 49 years, Bumbershoot at Seattle Center has been the site of record crowds and incredible music acts. However, 2019's event was marred by low attendance and rising ticket prices, forcing longtime production partner One Reel to retire in 2020.

After a new management team took over, the iconic festival was promised an invigorated version. That includes an eclectic list of performers, an exciting 50th anniversary retrospective and a realignment with Seattle's evolving growth trajectory and purpose.

Organizers have included a diverse group of local, independent artists, from high school students pursuing design to street talent such as Cyclecide Bike Rodeo and San Francisco-based AXIS Dance Company. Furthermore, they've reimagined the festival into more of a community-centric arts event with an aim towards supporting Seattle's growing art scene.

This year's festival will include large-scale group art exhibitions, a major 50th anniversary retrospective with public participation and creative zones such as a Fashion District featuring Pacific Northwest designers working in beauty, apparel and body art. Other highlights include a Nail Art Dome, Burleskaraoke and runway programs by regional fashion designers Fuchsia Lin and Janelle Abbott plus much more!

Other offerings include a witch temple created by Ylva Mara Radziszewski and Kiki Robinson of The Living Altar, pole dancing that breaks stereotypes, large-scale sculpture by Wolf Deluxe, and BEYOND: an art and technology program led by Sandy Cioffi and Gretchen Burger from Fearless.

Though a full lineup is yet to be revealed, fans can expect an extensive list of artists in the coming weeks. Early-bird tickets for single day admission will cost $50 and two-day passes are available for $85 respectively.

In addition to a renewed emphasis on community-centric arts programming, organizers have joined forces with Amazon for presale ticket pricing. This will include a discount on two-day passes to Bumbershoot which were previously priced at $100.

After three years, Seattle Center will welcome back their iconic summer festival on Labor Day Weekend 2023! This Labor Day Weekend event will take place September 2-3 on the waterfront.

What to Expect

Bumbershoot is an annual music festival held in Seattle, Washington that draws crowds with its eclectic style and provides a unique opportunity to experience the city's culture. In addition to music performances, there are other events throughout the festival like art shows, comedy sets and more.

Bumbershoot has become one of the nation's most beloved festivals since 1971, when it first started as a city-funded initiative. Over these decades, it has grown into one of America's biggest music and art events.

Originated as the Mayor's Arts Festival, this annual event offers an eclectic blend of art, music, comedy and other enjoyable activities to enjoy the summer and discover more of the city's culture. It's a great way to take advantage of summer in Montreal while getting acquainted with its vibrant arts scene.

The event offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to witness artists from around the globe. Furthermore, it serves as a great platform for networking and making friends.

Tickets to the festival tend to be quite costly, so it pays off to buy them in advance in order to save some cash. General admission tickets range from $150-$700, while VIP passes can also be acquired.

Although no music lineup has yet been announced, it is expected to feature some major names from the industry. This year will be especially special as Bumbershoot celebrates its 50th anniversary, making it one of the oldest recurring festivals in America.

At its inception, this event was intended to combat the economic depression sweeping through the country. Over time however, it has evolved into much more than just a music festival; now including film festival, literary arts and lecture series, theatre stage and more - making it one of the biggest cultural events in North America.

After a brief hiatus, the long-running festival is back with a new production partner and renewed dedication to supporting Seattle's arts scene year-round. It is set for return to Seattle Center on September 2-3, 2023.

The festival is expected to offer a range of artistic programs, such as large-scale group art exhibitions and an epic 50th Bumbershoot retrospective. Additionally, there will be creative zones dedicated to different forms of creativity - like Fashion District featuring Pacific Northwest designers in body positivity and fashion; Recess District offering dance & movement programming; etc.

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