The Ex-Husband of Dismembered Model Abby Choi Arrested at Pier in Hong Kong

The Ex-Husband of Dismembered Model Abby Choi Arrested at Pier in Hong Kong


Exhusband of dismembered model Abby Choi arrested at pier in Hong Kong

The ex-husband of dismembered model Abby Choi was arrested at a pier in Hong Kong. He allegedly attempted to board a speedboat for escape but was taken into custody.

Police discovered parts of her body in a refrigerator and human tissue in pots of soup at her rented home. It appears she may have been murdered over an unsolved property dispute worth millions, police reported.

Choi’s ex-husband arrested at pier

On Saturday morning in Hong Kong, police detained a 28-year-old man as he attempted to board a speedboat for flee the city in connection with the murder of model Abby Choi. Police reported that when arrested, he had approximately HK$500,000 in cash and several luxury watches worth approximately HK$4 million.

Last week, parts of Choi's body were discovered in a refrigerator at her former husband's residence in Lung Mei Village. This discovery has raised fears that she may have been dismembered as part of an unsolved financial dispute.

According to a BBC report, Choi's former husband Anthony Kwong served as her personal driver and had been married to her for more than ten years before their divorce. They have two children together and maintained an amicable relationship throughout the ordeal.

On Wednesday morning, Choi was last seen by her ex-husband's brother who served as her chauffeur. According to police, he was the only person who knew of her disappearance.

Investigators suspect Choi's former husband planned the murder as a means of seizing control of her assets. She had allegedly been trying to sell an apartment worth tens of millions of dollars, but her elder son wasn't satisfied with the deal.

He was reportedly involved in a legal dispute over the property, though it's unknown what transpired between him and Choi prior to her disappearance.

After Choi went missing, her family and friends began searching for her. As a popular social media influencer with almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, Choi had recently featured on the digital cover of L'Officiel Monaco fashion magazine as well as being photographed at an Elie Saab show in Paris.

She was a well-known socialite who had maintained an intimate connection with her ex-husband's family. She could often be spotted joining them for birthday celebrations and yacht parties.

Police are still actively investigating her death. So far, three arrests have been made - her ex-husband and parents. All three will face charges for murder.

Choi’s body parts found in refrigerator

Police in Hong Kong have arrested the ex-husband of dismembered model Abby Choi as she attempted to flee. He has been charged with murder and could face the death penalty if found guilty.

Choi's body was discovered in a refrigerator at her former father-in-law's village house in Tai Po, Hong Kong. It had been set up as a butchery site with equipment like meat grinders, mincers, and hammers; additionally it contained two soup pots containing human tissue. According to police investigations, Choi died while sleeping there.

Furthermore, the house had been left largely bare and meticulously set up, suggesting it had been designed with one purpose in mind: to murder Choi and dispose of her remains. The murder occurred over a financial dispute between Choi and her ex-husband's family and was believed to be connected to an alleged attempt by Choi to sell Kadoorie Hill property.

While investigating the case, police officers uncovered a wealth of false and misleading statements made by Choi's ex-husband's parents and brother. They had attempted to mislead investigators by falsely claiming their daughter was living with her boyfriend at the time she vanished, according to Superintendent Alan Chung.

After her body was discovered, police began searching for her missing remains in a cemetery and water catchment area near Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery. To search the property, police used drones; on Saturday a team of divers was sent out to search the catchwater area.

Sources told the Post that Choi's tragic death was believed to have been motivated by a disagreement over a property worth millions of dollars, according to reports. Choi was furious with her ex-husband's family for preventing her from selling Kadoorie Hill, which had been purchased under their names, sparking an intense argument between the couple and their families, according to one source.

Choi's former in-laws have also been arrested and will face murder charges, according to Chung. These individuals are expected in court on Monday for their appearance.

It is believed that her death was done to settle a financial dispute over the property in which she and her ex-husband lived. She had intended on moving her family elsewhere within the city, but her former husband and his family opposed the plan.

Choi’s former in-laws arrested

Choi's parents and brother have been arrested on murder charges after parts of her body were discovered in a refrigerator days after she disappeared. The 28-year-old model, who recently featured on L'Officiel Monaco magazine cover, had been missing since Tuesday in Hong Kong's rural Tai Po District.

On Friday morning, police discovered Choi's legs in a refrigerator and human tissue in pots of soup at her father-in-law's rental home, according to Superintendent Alan Chung. They also uncovered tools used for dismemberment as well as other items belonging to Choi, according to police reports.

He stated: "We believe the victim and her ex-husband's family had numerous financial disputes involving substantial sums. It appears that some individuals were dissatisfied with how she managed her assets."

It is believed that Choi's father-in-law began renting the property in Tai Po Lung Mei Village in July - one week before he disappeared. It is estimated the value of this asset at HK$100 million (US$19 million).

"We believe he had intended to kill the victim in order to dispose of her body," he said. "At this stage, we don't know why but we are conducting a thorough investigation and believe he will be charged with murder."

These arrests come after a city-wide manhunt was launched following reports that Choi hadn't been seen for over a week, prompting an online bounty of $500,000 for anyone who can help police locate her head, torso and hands.

On Saturday morning, authorities have not yet ruled out an underwater search for the model's remaining limbs.

On Saturday afternoon, Choi's family members, including his parents and older brother, were detained on suspicion of murder. They were later transferred to Kowloon West Police Station.

Choi’s murder investigation

One month after the dismembered murder of 28-year-old model Abby Choi, her former husband and parents have been arrested for their part in the crime. Authorities suspect that Choi's ex-husband, parents and older brother were involved because of a financial dispute worth millions of Hong Kong dollars.

Sources indicate the murder was part of a plot by Choi's ex-father-in-law, who served as police sergeant until 2005, to prevent her from selling a luxury property she bought in his name in Kadoorie Hill. Although the investment proved valuable, Choi's decision to sell had angered her father-in-law.

The investigation began when Choi's houseguest contacted police, who discovered bloodstains on her bed and through a glass sliding door leading into her apartment. Additionally, she reported seeing her ex-husband Kwong in the apartment.

On a police search of Choi's home, they discovered her missing body parts and the electric saw and meat grinder she used to cut up her flesh. She had been renting the flat in Lung Mei Village for around a year, leading police to suspect that the murder may have been planned before she moved out.

On Saturday afternoon, Kwong was arrested at a pier in Tai Po district as he attempted to flee with a speedboat from the city. Police intercepted him as he attempted to leave in an inflatable boat but were ultimately caught by authorities.

Kwong confessed to investigators after being arrested that he had killed Choi and disassembled her body parts for an unknown purpose. He claimed he had been planning this move for some time and feared she might reveal too many secrets.

Before her passing, Choi had been in disagreement with her former in-laws over the property she intended to sell. She wanted the family out of Kadoorie Hill so that they could live on a more comfortable income, but Kwong's father refused her plans due to anger at having acquired assets without his approval.

Media reports indicate the murder was premeditated and carefully planned. It was an attempt to prevent Choi from selling her property, thus guaranteeing her children would inherit it through Kwong.

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