Snezana Wood Spared No Expense For Her Daughter Eve's Year 12 Formal

Snezana Wood Spared No Expense For Her Daughter Eve's Year 12 Formal


Snezana Wood hired celebrity makeup artist for daughters Year 12 formal

Snezana Wood went all-out for her 17-year-old daughter Eve's Year 12 formal. The former Bachelor star hired celebrity makeup artist Tahlia Jayde for the special night and even gifted Eve with a $4,000 Prada clutch!

Snezana shared an array of photos on Instagram featuring her daughter wearing an exquisite silver halterneck dress.

Tahlia Jayde

Snezana Wood spared no expense for her 17-year-old daughter Eve's Year 12 formal last week. She hired a celebrity makeup artist and gave her a $4,000 Prada clutch to bring to the dance. Additionally, photos on Instagram showcased Eve getting ready with her mother and three sisters as she shared them online.

Eve, then nine years old when she appeared with her mom on The Bachelor in 2015, donned a sparkling longline dress and white strappy sandals for the dance. Before the big event, Eve posed in front of their living room mirror before taking a bow; later her proud mum shared an array of photos on Instagram.

Tahlia Jayde is an accomplished makeup artist with an eye for beauty and an artistic eye. She began her career at 16 and quickly rose to become one of Australia's sought-after professionals, working with renowned brands such as Victoria Secret, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Chanel and more to create gorgeous looks for clients.

She relocated to Melbourne in 2015 and specializes in beauty and bridal makeup. She offers onsite services as well as travels across Australia and internationally for bespoke events, fashion shows and bridal parties.

The makeup artist has always had a passion for creativity and has been an avid makeup enthusiast since she was young, always wanting to learn more. Her artistic ability has earned her many high achievement awards and earned her a devoted following due to the stunning results of her work.

Her studio allows her clients to purchase a range of products. She specializes in bridal makeup and has collaborated with some of Australia's renowned fashion labels, photographers, models and influencers.

Her work has been featured in multiple advertisements, at Perth Fashion Week and Channels 7 and 9. She's even been flown out for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival!

Snezana's second marriage to Sam Wood began in 2015, and since then the couple has expanded their family by welcoming daughters Willow (three), Charlie (two) and baby Harper into their lives.

Eve’s dress

Sam Wood fell in love with Snezana Markoski on The Bachelor in 2015, and since then the couple has made their romance a family affair. Together they have three children - Willow Wendy Wood (four); Charlie Lane (two); and baby Harper Jones (born one month premature) who spent her early weeks in hospital due to an infection.

In December 2018, Snezana revealed her choice for a custom lace gown from Australian designer Pallas Couture that cost around $10,000. Their celebration at Byron Bay was lavish, and the couple has big hopes for their future together.

Though Snezana and Sam's marriage hasn't always been smooth sailing, their dedication to work-family balance is truly inspiring. In fact, it was this very balance that inspired them to share pregnancy news with Eve (16), from Snezana's previous relationship, just two weeks before expecting baby number four!

In May, Snezana welcomed baby Harper into the world after complications during labor. She was then admitted to a hospital's special care unit for one month and also battled sepsis - an extremely life-threatening condition which can result in death.

Snezana has previously discussed her difficult past, and now she has revealed the one rule she has for Eve's new boyfriend when visiting their home: an open door policy and no overnight stays.

She further revealed her insistence that her daughter be honest with her about her dating history, in order to prevent any negative influences from the men in her life.

Last week, Snezana found time to pamper Eve for her Year 12 formal by hiring a celebrity makeup artist and gifting her with an expensive $4,000 Prada clutch to take with her.

Tahlia Jayde, an international makeup artist on her website, collaborated with Eve to create the ideal look for her dance party. After sharing photos from the event on Instagram, Eve looked stunning in her shimmering longline dress and white strappy sandals.

Eve’s shoes

Last week, Snezana Wood went all-out for her daughter Eve's Year 12 formal. She chose a celebrity makeup artist and gave her an extravagant $4,000 Prada clutch as part of the ensemble. On Tuesday afternoon, Wood shared on Instagram photos of herself getting ready alongside three sisters: Willow, Charlie and Harper.

Sezana and Sam's first child, Eve, was born when she was nine years old and has become an integral part of their family. Additionally, they share daughters Willow (three) and Charlie (two).

In 2022, the couple welcomed their third child, baby Harper, a month premature. She spent her initial three weeks of life in hospital but has now returned home for several months.

Snezana experienced a surge in emotion with the new arrival, staying in the hospital with her youngest child while tending to other children. "It's been an emotional roller coaster," she wrote in May as she described their daily struggle "to stay together".

She's the proud mother of four girls and can't get enough of her beloved little ones. On Father's Day, she delighted in sharing an Instagram caption featuring Sam's adorable Harper: "Happy first Father's day with this squishy little angel who will forever be my heart."

Snezana struggles to stay awake, so when she wants some much-needed shut-eye it can be hard for her to keep them open. With a newborn in the house, however, Snezana needs to find ways to relax and get some much-needed rest!

But she's made the most of her downtime to take some adorable pictures of her baby sister. She even snapped a cute shot while sleeping with a big smile on her face!

Eve’s clutch

Snezana Wood spared no expense when it came to her daughter Eve's Year 12 formal. She hired a celebrity makeup artist and gave her daughter Eve a $4,000 Prada clutch for the dance, plus picked out the best dress and eye-catching shoes.

She also got the kids involved with an exciting family day out. A collection of photos shows that everyone looked fantastic - with the teenager looking every bit as polished as ever.

At her parents' home in Sydney, the young lady looked stunning during a twilight ceremony. Not only were there plenty of admirers present but they were joined by their parents and extended family as well.

Snezana Wood and her family can be immensely proud of Eve's accomplishments. She's made it to the top by demonstrating an admirable level of maturity while remaining an inspiring force in the lives of her four daughters. Furthermore, Eve has demonstrated a remarkable philanthropic commitment; recent donations to homeless organizations and charities stand as testament to this fact.

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