Prayers For Former NFL Running Back Peyton Hillis

Prayers For Former NFL Running Back Peyton Hillis


what happened to peyton hillis

Prayers For Former NFL Running Back Peyton Hillis

Former NFL running back Peyton Hillis is in need of prayer after a recent accident. The former Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers player saved his two children from drowning at a beach in Florida last week but fears it may have cost him his life.

Celebrities and sports experts have expressed their support for the former player. Many have hailed him as a hero for his actions in saving his family.

What happened?

Last week, former NFL running back Peyton Hillis underwent hospitalization after saving his children from drowning. But one week later he was released and is expected to make a full recovery.

Hillis, who played his college ball at the University of Arkansas, was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2008 and went on to play for other NFL franchises such as Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants. In 2010 alone he ran for 1,600 yards with 13 touchdowns during a stellar season for the Browns.

He added 477 receiving yards and two touchdown receptions during his tenure with the team, earning him recognition as a cover athlete for EA Sports video game series Madden NFL 12 after winning fan voting.

Unfortunately, his NFL career never really took off - he finished with just 2,832 rushing yards and 26 touchdowns, far lower than those of his peers. Many fans began labeling him as a "Madden curse" player - meaning those selected for Madden games often perform poorly once selected.

Thankfully, his family and community have been overwhelmingly supportive. Even Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith visited him recently!

Angela Cole, Hillis' girlfriend, shared an encouraging update on Instagram today that the former football player has come off his ventilator and is on the road to recovery. Cole expressed gratitude to Hillis' family, friends and medical staff for their care as well as all of Hillis' fans for their love and support.

Why was he hospitalized?

Former Arkansas and NFL running back Peyton Hillis was hospitalized earlier this year after aiding in rescuing people during a water rescue in Florida. It is reported that he will make a full recovery.

On Tuesday, Hillis took to social media for the first time since his hospitalization to express gratitude to those who had helped him in his recovery process. He also thanked staff members at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Fla. He has been sedated since then and is expected to make a full recovery, per TMZ Sports.

On January 4th in Florida, Hillis and his family went to the beach with their two children. He jumped into the water in an effort to save his kids but ended up needing airlifted to the hospital due to kidney problems and other injuries.

He spent almost two weeks in critical condition and was eventually taken off a ventilator last week, Cole shared on Instagram. Now home with his girlfriend and children, Cole expressed joy upon receiving news via an Instagram post.

Cole expressed her pride and thanksgiving for all those who had prayed for him, noting that she hopes for the best and anticipates that he is on the road to recovery.

Last Thursday, Hillis' uncle Greg Hillis posted an update on Facebook to let people know his nephew is doing better. He stated that Hillis has shown signs of progress but still struggles with his lungs and kidneys.

On Friday, Angela Cole reported good news about Hillis' health condition. Her boyfriend has since come off the ventilator and is on his way to recovery, although she did not provide any further details about his condition. Nonetheless, she shared photos of the former Browns and Arkansas running back with his medical professionals at Baptist Hospital.

How did he get to the hospital?

Hillis, a former NFL running back, was airlifted to the hospital after helping rescue people during a swimming accident in Florida. He sustained injuries and needed a ventilator for breathing assistance during the ordeal; however, now out of the hospital after two weeks and making great strides has been reported.

On January 4, emergency personnel responded to a beach in Pensacola, Florida to pull four people - including Hillis - out of the water. He was accompanied by his girlfriend Angela Cole and her children.

After the incident, Hillis was taken to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit (ICU). His condition quickly worsened; he required a ventilator for breathing assistance. Thankfully, he was released from the hospital late January and is now on his way to recovery, according to his girlfriend.

Hillis was left with serious injuries to his lungs and kidneys from the incident, but he remains optimistic that he will make a full recovery. In a tweet, he expressed gratitude to family, friends and medical personnel for their care and for their support during this trying time.

Hillis, born January 21st 1986 in Conway, Arkansas, played for the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants. Additionally he boasts Scottish-Irish ancestry.

He retired from the NFL in 2015 at his doctor's request due to a history of concussions. In 2011, he served as cover athlete for EA Sports' Madden NFL 12 videogame.

On Saturday, he was released from the hospital after more than two weeks in critical care. He is now on his way to recovery and expresses gratitude for everyone who had helped him during this trying time.

What is his condition?

Hillis, a former University of Arkansas running back, is in critical condition after saving his children from drowning on a Florida beach last week. He was airlifted to a hospital but the situation hasn't improved since. WREG's Otis Kirk reports that the former NFL star is still recovering from his injuries and needs prayers for speedy healing.

He has spent parts of seven seasons in the NFL, including a breakthrough year with the Cleveland Browns in 2010 when he ran for 1,177 yards and 11 touchdowns while also catching 61 passes for 477 yards and two more scores. That season also earned him recognition as the cover athlete for Madden NFL 12 video game released that same year.

Following a short hiatus from the NFL, Hillis returned to play one more season with the New York Giants in 2015. He appeared in 81 games and amassed 2,832 rushing yards and 23 total touchdowns throughout his career.

Hillis had a storied NFL career, playing for the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants. As a breakout performer during his time with Cleveland in 2010, he gained 1,177 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns.

Hillis was an outstanding runner and receiver, compiling over 1,000 yards during his career and earning him a place in the Pro Bowl in 2007.

Hillis enjoyed a brief NFL career but quickly earned himself the reputation as "Buckeyes' King". Fans even voted him as the surprise cover athlete for Madden 12.

What happened next?

In a shocking turn of events, former NFL running back Peyton Hillis was hospitalized in late January after saving two of his children from drowning at a Florida beach. ESPN reported that Hillis was airlifted to a nearby hospital and admitted to an intensive care unit following the ordeal.

Hillis, a native of Arkansas, was selected by the Denver Broncos in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft and spent two years with them before being traded to Cleveland Browns. In 2010, he enjoyed an outstanding 1,177-yard rushing season and 11 total touchdowns while also catching 61 passes for 477 yards and two scores.

He went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants before retiring in 2015. In all, his career featured 2,832 rushing yards and 26 touchdowns.

Hillis earned his college diploma while starting four games as a fullback at Arkansas, compiling 1,500 yards on the year. Additionally, he recorded 22 kickoff returns and 257 punt return yards - which earned him the title of being on the cover of Electronic Arts' "Madden 12" video game after winning fan voting.

After an impressive NFL career, Hillis returned home to Arkansas in 2015 and joined Emmitt Smith and Marvin Harrison as assistant coaches at the University of Arkansas. On social media platforms, his former teammates such as Emmitt Smith and Marvin Harrison showed their support for him.

Last week, his uncle Greg Hillis posted to Facebook that Hillis was still receiving treatment at the hospital for his lungs and kidneys, but doctors have reported progress. His sister Hayley Davis followed suit on her Instagram account with the same statement.

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