Philadelphia Rapper SheedTs Shares Official Video For 'Rockin' and 'Rollin'

Philadelphia Rapper SheedTs Shares Official Video For 'Rockin' and 'Rollin'


Philadelphia rapper SheedTs shares official visual for Rockin

Philadelphia Rapper SheedTs Shares Official Video For 'Rockin' and 'Rollin'

Lyrics: 'Rockin' & 'Rollin'

SheedTs shares the official visual for his track 'Rockin' and 'Rollin' from his 5lve project. The song features elements of country rock, R&B, and more for a fun danceable vibe. Even its lyrics are playful - one line reading "Tweet tweet tweet like a robin" serves as an allusion to birds' tweeting skillsets.

Bobby Day recorded this iconic track back in 1958 and it quickly went on to become a classic. Michael Jackson gave it an update in 1972, leading to both versions becoming hits - making it one of the great classics! Perfect for summer parties, check out SheedTs' video below! Keep an eye out for more new music from him this year - you can follow him on Twitter where he promises lots more releases this year as well as being on tour with Lil Nas X this summer.

Jenny Slates openness is not a shtick

Jenny Slate's Openness is Not a Shtick

Jenny Slate is an award-winning comedy actress, author and writer renowned for her work. She's known for her appearances on shows such as Parks & Rec, Big Mouth and Saturday Night Live as well as her one-woman show.

She is best known for co-creating Marcel the Shell with her former husband Dean Fleischer Camp, which earned them an Oscar nomination. Their Oscar-nominated film, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, features both tender humor and poignant depictions of grief.

She's a mother

Jenny Slate is a comedienne and actress best known for her roles on Parks and Recreation and Saturday Night Live. Additionally, she co-created the hit YouTube shorts Marcel the Shell With Shoes On and wrote several bestselling children's book series which have been turned into films.

She's voiced a variety of characters in her films, such as Dawn Bellwether in Zootopia and Mrs. Wiggins in The Lorax; Gidget in The Secret Life of Pets and Valerie Da Vinci in Despicable Me 3. Additionally, she has appeared on television shows such as Bob's Burgers, House of Lies, Girls and Bored to Death.

Slate announced the birth of her first child with fiance Ben Shattuck earlier this year. They named the baby girl Ida Lupine, in honor of their favorite flower.

Slate's willingness to be candid has earned her a place of honor in both comedy and acting, with jokes about her pregnancy often featured in her standup routines. On Saturday Night Live, Slate even managed to slip an F-word reference!

Her comedy is often physical and absurdist, though it does contain moments of confessional humor. Additionally, she's a passionate feminist who doesn't shy away from discussing women's issues in her work.

Slate's most renowned role was Mona Lisa Saperstein on Parks and Recreation, a role which she played from 2009 to 2015 and earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy. On the show, Slate's character initially comes off as eccentric and irritating to those around her but eventually becomes an important character as it progresses through its seasons.

She's also starred in several comedies, such as Bored to Death and Gifted, both of which explore the various aspects of parenthood. In Gifted, she plays a teacher who helps Mary (McKenna Grace) navigate the school system.

Her other film credits include Everything Everywhere All at Once and the upcoming Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, both of which she co-created and voices. Additionally, she's an author having written numerous children's books as well as a novel. Her works have been nominated for multiple awards, while she herself has received numerous accolades.

She's a comedian

Slate is one of the most beloved comedians of our time and a beloved favorite among comedy fans nationwide. Whether working on a comedy or drama project, Slate effortlessly blends wit and truthfulness with poignancy and compassion. Her comedy shows consistently feature impressive ratings from viewers nationwide.

She began performing stand-up comedy and was cast on Saturday Night Live in 2009, where she made headlines after accidentally cursing on air (her contract wasn't renewed). After one season on the show, Slate decided not to continue with it and pursued stand-up on her own.

After leaving Saturday Night Live, she and then-boyfriend Dean Fleischer Camp were stuck in a hotel room with some friends while on holiday, and she began channeling her anxiety into an insecure voice she called Marcel. Fleischer Camp gave it a shell for a body and plastic doll shoes to match.

Slate and Fleischer Camp were so taken with that initial voice, Slate decided to turn it into an animated short film. The end result, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, quickly went viral online. Though no longer married, Slate and Fleischer Camp remain creative partners today.

Since then, Slate's voice has been featured in animated films like Zootopia and The Secret Life of Pets as well as being a recurring character on shows such as Parks and Recreation and Bob's Burgers. Additionally, she starred in the comedic film Obvious Child for which she earned both a Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Actress and Gotham Independent Film Award nominations.

Slate has always been honest about her struggles and thoughts on life and relationships. She even wrote a book about growing up in Milton, Massachusetts and released the stand-up special Stage Fright on Netflix as part of Netflix Originals.

Slate has acted in several films such as Obvious Child and Gifted. She also produced and directed two episodes of Bored to Death.

Slate's openness is no gimmick and has earned her much praise for her work. She has a wide range of interests and always seeks out new experiences to explore them. Slate's willingness to be vulnerable has allowed her to develop as an artist and build an enthusiastic following.

She's a writer

Slate's latest book, Little Weirds, contains a series of personal essays that are both candid and vulnerable. She employs a menu-like format to present her ideas in an organized yet poetic manner that will surely appeal to readers seeking an in-depth view into her mind and personality.

Jenny Slate has managed to maintain her unique brand of comedy in an increasingly blurred pop culture landscape. Her material is physical, absurdist and sometimes confessional; her charm stems from being an openly gay woman who has the freedom to say what they mean and strives for a life she wants for herself.

Slate was raised in Milton, Massachusetts and attended Milton Academy before going on to Columbia University where she developed an interest in improv and comedy. Upon graduation, Slate moved to New York City to pursue a career as a comedian, appearing on shows such as Saturday Night Live, Parks & Recreation and House of Lies.

She has also voiced several feature films, such as Obvious Child (2014) and Venom (for which she co-created the voice character Marcel). Additionally, her voice can be heard in animated films The Lorax and Zootopia as well as The Secret Life of Pets franchise.

One of Slate's best known roles was in the 2014 comedy-drama Obvious Child, for which she earned herself the Critics Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy. The film tackled controversial topics like abortion rights and gay marriage, giving Slate an outlet to express herself without much filter.

Slate credits the film's success with making the subject culturally pertinent, and she found that the press coverage to be both beneficial and inspiring. Working on the project made her realize she wanted to become an activist in some capacity.

Her writing has also given her a voice. She writes about motherhood, as well as the many ways she deals with depression, and much of what she shares is often very personal.

She's a woman

Slate's openness is not a facade, but rather the result of her upbringing in an affluent Ashkenazi Jewish family in the suburbs of Boston. She received a supportive and nurturing environment which helped develop her comedy skills at a young age. After graduating Columbia University, Slate became part of New York City's alternative comedy scene with fellow comedian Gabe Liedman; their stand-up show with Max Silvestri "Big Terrific" was named best new variety show by Time Out New York in 2008.

Slate's acting and improvising abilities aside, she is an accomplished voice actress. Her credits include Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2015), Zootopia (2016) and The Secret Life of Pets (2016); she has also appeared on television series Parks & Rec (2013-2015), Big Mouth (2015) and House of Lies (2017).

She is a sought-after guest speaker for corporate events, charity fundraisers and keynote speaking engagements. To find out more about booking the comedian, actor and author for your upcoming event, contact an All American Speakers Bureau representative today. Our knowledgeable agents will answer any queries about hiring Jenny Slate or any other top talent at your function. Whether you need celebrity, political or educational speakers - All American Speakers Bureau has someone perfect to fit within budget and audience requirements. All American Speakers Bureau truly provides one-stop shopping when searching for and booking top speakers for your event.

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