News About the Weather

News About the Weather


news about the weather

Weather plays an essential role in our lives, from keeping cars running to providing adequate water supplies. News media covers weather events through forecasts and stories about their effects, from flooding to tornadoes.

Encourage your students to craft news stories about a severe weather event from various perspectives. Encourage them to compare their work with one another and the articles they read for inspiration.


Weather is the sum total of all elements in Earth's atmosphere. Temperature, humidity and wind all play a role; but what matters most is how these conditions impact us day in and out and how they can be predicted or mitigated. A better grasp on weather patterns as well as an informed outlook will lead to a happier, healthier population that's more resilient in times of hardship.

Word enthusiasts will be delighted to know that there are an abundance of news and information sources available across various platforms, with more added daily. These include traditional newspapers, online and mobile sources. The best way to stay current with events is to subscribe to relevant media channels and read newsletters regularly. With this coverage you won't miss any hot products or services, celebrity gossip, comprehensive consumer reviews or great deals in the market - plus you can start for free with a trial period!


The weather is an intricate and ever-evolving aspect of Earth's system. Climate shifts affect us on a daily basis, as extreme temperatures and other weather events can disrupt food production, damage crops, flood homes and cause health issues. The climate system consists of atmosphere, oceans, ice sheets and glaciers as well as topography, vegetation cover and land use.

Over the years, thousands of scientists have strived to understand and forecast climate change. To do this, they use satellites and other instruments to track changes in Earth's climate over time. Furthermore, computer models are created that simulate and forecast scenarios for the future.

Countries are joining forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, with the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5C, which scientists believe is still achievable.

But it is essential to remember that even if we achieve our climate change targets, there will still be severe effects. Some are already here, such as rising sea levels; others could develop in the future with more frequent and intense weather events.

Many governments are working to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, which have been known to contribute to climate change. Furthermore, they aim to increase their reliance on renewable energies such as wind and solar power.

For instance, the European Union has implemented a tariff on industrial imports to incentivize companies to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This mechanism, known as the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), applies to products from 27 different countries.

One way to fight climate change is by donating your money to a worthwhile cause. Patagonia, an outdoor clothing and equipment brand that has pledged its profits away to charity, has been applauded by environmental groups for this move.

Furthermore, many have begun a campaign to stop short haul flights - often the quickest and most convenient way to travel between places - from becoming the fastest way possible. This is an important step towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Supporting climate activists is a wise idea to make the world a safer place for all. Climate activists are holding demonstrations around the globe to raise awareness about climate change and its devastating effects.

Deforestation can also be prevented through several campaigns. For instance, the Global Forest Alliance aims to reduce deforestation by 50% by 2030 and has launched a new group to hold other countries accountable for their commitments to end deforestation.

The United Nations is investing EUR3.1 billion to develop early warning systems that can prevent disasters and save lives. This could be a game-changer for those living in developing nations.

Even with the best efforts of scientists and policy makers, combatting climate change remains a complex and daunting challenge. Unfortunately, it's often misunderstood by the public; thus why it's essential for journalists to stay abreast of climate news in order to accurately report on it.

Nas Reveals HitBoys Youth Inspires Him

Nas Reveals Hit-Boy's Youth Inspires Him

Nas has been a major figure in hip hop since the 1990s, yet it wasn't until he linked with Hit-Boy late 2019 that his career started to take off. Since then they've released four projects together - one of which earned him his first Grammy award of any kind.

1. “Made You Look”

Nas is not just another hip-hop artist - he's one of the most iconic and influential figures in history. Additionally, Nas has crafted captivating stories through his songs which have been featured in Hollywood blockbusters like The Wire and Black Panther.

Nas has had an unparalleled career spanning almost 30 years, and his music has had a profound effect on so many lives. The lyricist has used his songs to explore some of life's most complex and emotional topics, from reflecting on his childhood in the dope game to paying homage to his mother.

Nas is known for his iconic album covers or captivating storytelling skills, always finding ways to get people thinking in new and insightful ways. The cover of his debut album, Illmatic, features a shot of him as 7-year-old against the backdrop of New York housing projects - an example of how much his music has impacted people's lives.

Even after facing obstacles with his comeback album Stillmatic, Nas found the strength to persevere. In "Made You Look," he took fans by surprise with an uptempo cinematic beat and an encouraging message: he was still in control no matter what.

Rap artists typically focus on their individual skillsets, but Nas is all about telling stories with his lyrics. On this track, he takes listeners through rap history - including his feud with Jay-Z and the Wu-Tang Clan.

Nas' track also showcases some of his soulful rapping. He calls upon his father, Olu Dara, for an incredible solo performance.

2. “Affirmative Action”

As Hit-Boy recently revealed in an interview, Nas is one of his all-time idols. They had been so obsessed with each other that the two had debated joining forces for years before finally taking the leap together.

Hit-Boy and Nas first collaborated in 2020 on the award-winning King's Disease album, executive produced by both of them. Since then, they've continued their collaboration with several top-debuting albums - including this year's Top 5 "King's Disease II").

Nas has continued to motivate Hit-Boy throughout this time. During their recent HNHH Presents: 12 Days Of Christmas interview, the two talked about their mutual influence on each other throughout their careers and how they have managed to achieve such success at such a young age.

Nas is not only an accomplished rapper, but he's also one of hip hop's iconic lyricists. His catalogue boasts classic hip hop songs from diss tracks to poignant depictions of street life.

However, his credibility among fans was severely damaged in the late 2000s due to his stylistic shifts. He began focusing on commercial success which some critics and hip hop purists felt compromised his artistic integrity. This eventually led to a decline in his popularity; however, Stillmatic's return to artistically ambitious projects restored some of his previous success and allowed him to regain some ground.

Nas has endured much criticism throughout the late 2000s, yet he remains one of the most influential and important rappers in music. His impressive career includes two Grammy Awards and a lifetime achievement award from the Recording Industry Association of America; it has seen its share of highs and lows but never stopped striving for perfection.

3. “Strong Will Continue”

Nas recently shared with The New York Times that Hit-Boy's youth inspires him to keep making music. "It's always beneficial to listen to rappers who are younger but still have that same kind of rap style," Nas said.

Nas' music, while most of it is excellent, contains some lesser-quality works. Despite this, he remains determined to improve himself with each project and push boundaries.

One of his projects is his collaboration with Damian Marley on Distant Relatives, an album which makes a powerful statement about international unity and the interconnectivity of people from diverse backgrounds. It's an incredible accomplishment for these two artists to be able to produce such an excellent album together in such a short amount of time, demonstrating just how much talent each has to offer.

The album's lyrical and thematic ambitions are matched by its musical innovation. It feels like a perfect marriage between the two artists, showing off their talent, hard work and good fortune in one cohesive effort.

Many people immediately think of "Strong Will Continue," a powerful and poignant track that speaks to our need for hope and resilience in the face of hardship. It serves as a poignant reminder that real change takes time; each victory brings us closer towards creating an improved world.

"Strong Will Continue" is an iconic example of rappers using their storytelling talents to bring a story to life. Boasting smooth production and an uplifting message, it's one of Nas' finest works ever.

4. “One Mic”

Nas is an accomplished rapper nearing fifty years old whose craft and vision have evolved with time, and who has finally found a collaborator who motivates and inspires him daily. While this doesn't make him sound like someone half his age, it does suggest an impressive longevity and talent which is evident throughout his oeuvre.

Many consider the MC's lyrics and production to be a cornerstone of hip hop for decades, making the recent news that he's working on a project with Hit-Boy especially exciting.

Recently, Nas revealed to The Breakfast Club how Hit-Boy's youth inspires him. The producer had been considering working with him for years, but when they heard "One Mic" in their studio together, it clicked and the process of creating a creative bond began between two artists who have long held an intense affection for one another began.

With a nod to the single-mic recording method used by rock bands, this track remains as fresh and timeless as when it was recorded in 2008 with engineer John Cuniberti. It serves as a reminder of what music should sound like without all the edits, overdubs, and other modern technology we've come to rely on today.

Nas' Queensbridge OG can flex over this groove as he remembers his days growing up in the hood. It's an unusual song from him, usually focused on stories of hustle and poverty.

It's also an ideal chance to showcase a young talent to the rapper's faithful followers. Although AZ, featured on the track, was only sixteen at the time of recording, his lyrical precision and devotion to his style make this one of his best works.

5. “Affirmative Action”

Nas has continued to achieve success in hip hop, yet he finds himself reflecting. His latest single "Surviving the Times" pays homage to those artists who helped him along the way; often overlooked by most fans of this genre of music but Nas believes these artists deserve recognition.

When asked which rap stars inspire him, Nas named Hit-Boy as his mentor. In 2020, they collaborated on several albums together, including King's Disease and King's Disease II.

Nas' career has spanned two decades, and he remains one of the most important voices in rap. His lyrics are both thoughtful and direct, with an unparalleled lyrical style.

Nas is a legend in the industry and doesn't shy away from difficult topics that others don't want to talk about. From his divorce with R&B singer Kelis to raising children, Nas has never shied away from sharing personal experiences.

He does this while showing his true colors and being honest about his shortcomings as a father, making the track highly relatable to any parent out there. Ultimately though, Nas is able to express his love for his daughters and how they've shaped his life.

Due to his determination and hard work, Nas has achieved success in the music industry despite being black and from a low-income neighborhood. This feat of determination is an uncommon occurrence within hip hop culture, earning him respect from many within the business.

New Zealand - A Paradise For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you're seeking adventure, New Zealand is an unbeatable destination. From bungee jumping to mountain biking, this country provides endless opportunities for outdoor explorers.

New Zealand's stunning topography, wildlife and people make it an amazing destination to explore. To help you make the most of your time here in this wonderful country, we've curated some of the best things to see and do.


New Zealand is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean with two main islands: North Island and South Island. It's home to Maori people, an ethnically distinct population who trace their lineage back to Polynesian waka hourua (navy ships) that arrived in this region around 800 AD.

Recent debate has been ignited by the Maori Party's call for Aotearoa to become New Zealand's official name and the restoration of all original Maori place names. If implemented, this change would mark an enormous step in acknowledging New Zealand's indigenous people who have been treated as second-class citizens under colonial rule.

The Maori word Aotearoa, meaning long white cloud, has been in use since at least the 1840s and appears 2,748 times in Te Reo Maori texts such as the Maori Legal Corpus - a digital collection of thousands of legal texts written in te reo Maori from 1829 to 2009.

Another interpretation of Aotearoa states that it refers to the clouds which guided early Polynesian navigators to this region. Maori oral history tells of Kupe, a Polynesian explorer who first saw land. He was welcomed by Hine te Aparangi who shouted out "He ao, he ao!" which translates as "a cloud! A cloud!" Over time, Aotearoa became synonymous with land and was often used to describe both country itself.

Aotearoa has also been used to refer to all of New Zealand, a practice that began in the 19th century due to colonial-era custom of using Maori terms for this purpose. Non-Maori have often encouraged this use of Aotearoa, believing it to be a more modernized version of their ancestral name.

The Maori name for the country

New Zealand is a South Pacific island with an extraordinary topography. Its long coastline boasts some of the world's richest marine resources and abundant flora and fauna.

The country's scenic beauty is one of the main reasons it appeals to tourists. The Southern Alps stretch 500 km across Nelson Lakes National Park in the north to Milford Sound near its entrance in the south; these mountains are mostly made up of greywacke sandstone in the east and schist in the west, with summits ranging from 1,500 metres up to almost 3,000 meters high.

South Pacific island nation, Tuvalu is relatively small - covering around the same area as Great Britain. As such, it's one of the least crowded countries worldwide, making it a haven for peace and relaxation.

Maori people were the original inhabitants of New Zealand, migrating from Polynesia over 1000 years ago. Now making up 16.5% of the population, they represent one of the country's most culturally diverse groups.

They speak their own language, Te Reo Maori, and many are engaged in their culture and heritage. Over the last decade, there has been an uptick of support from Australia's media for reclaiming Maori culture and language within their borders.

The New Zealand government is now reviewing a petition from the Maori Party that seeks to officially change the country's name to Aotearoa (pronounced "au-te-a-ro-uh"), after gathering 70,000 signatures. If successful, this would mark New Zealand's first official name change since becoming British colony in 1840.

The varied topography

New Zealand is a country of striking landscapes. It consists of two main islands, the North Island and South Island, as well as over 700 smaller isles. Situated in the Pacific Ocean in southern hemisphere, New Zealand is bordered by Tasman Sea and Cook Strait on all sides.

The Southern Alps, a towering mountain chain stretching almost the length of South Island, was created by an impact between Earth's crustal plates.

One notable feature of the land is its volcanoes and fault systems. These can often be observed in the terrain and can be visualized using lidar data.

Ten thousand years ago, tectonic movement created New Zealand when two plates collided. This lateral shift resulted in the North and South Islands of New Zealand being formed.

New Zealand is home to numerous volcanoes, ranging in altitude from several hundred feet up to more than ten thousand feet. The highest mountains in the country can be found within the Southern Alps range which covers much of South Island.

North Island boasts some impressive mountain peaks, such as Mount Ruapehu - an active cone volcano.

There are also vast tracts of grassy highlands and valley pastures that appeal to livestock-raising operations. These landscapes support millions of sheep and cattle herders.

New Zealand's climate is generally described as moderate to warm temperate, with temperatures rarely dropping below 0 deg C (32 deg F) and rising above 30 deg C (86 deg F). Seasonal patterns vary from wet and cold on the West Coast of South Island to dry and continental in Canterbury inland and nearly subtropical in Northland.

The animals

New Zealand, an island nation, is home to an abundance of native animals such as mammals, birds and insects. It is renowned for its distinctive flora and fauna which have developed due to millions of years of isolation from other countries.

Many species of plants and animals originated from Gondwana, an immense supercontinent spanning from Australia to Antarctica. Unfortunately, it broke apart around two hundred to five hundred million years ago, leaving New Zealand isolated for millennia.

New Zealand is unique in that many of its species are endemic, meaning they were found exclusively here before humans colonised the continent and cannot be found elsewhere. As a result, New Zealand boasts an impressive array of endemic wildlife.

Another remarkable success story is the tuatara, which has managed to remain unharmed for millions of years despite predators like rats and possums. This reptile stands as a unique reminder of its past, outliving all other members by 60 million years.

Tuataras are typically found on protected offshore islands, though you can also find them in several zoos across Australia. They can grow up to half a metre long with spikes on their backs that look similar to stegosaurus dinosaurs.

They are remarkably intelligent creatures, capable of giving themselves names through whistles. These calls help them organize large social gatherings like dolphin pods or whale migrations.

The kiwi is New Zealand's national animal, and has become so closely associated with its country that they are commonly referred to simply as "Kiwis." While their numbers have been threatened due to non-native predator mammals and urbanisation, efforts are underway to preserve them.

The government

New Zealand's Government consists of various departments and agencies, each responsible for a particular aspect of government. This collective team, known as the Cabinet, works together to implement policy decisions made at national level.

Over its history, the New Zealand Government has maintained a solid reputation for democratic governance. This is founded on the principle of "responsible government," which ensures that only with majority support in the House of Representatives can it remain in power.

Every three years, the Government is elected using a mixed member proportional (MMP) electoral system which combines voting in geographic districts with proportional representation. Voters have two votes: one for their local MP and another for a political party.

New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy with an extensive history of democratic transfers of power between rival parties. There are several major political parties in New Zealand, such as Labour Party and National Party.

Parliament is the legislative arm of government, responsible for passing laws and holding officials to account. Comprised of 120 members elected to three-year terms, Parliament provides legal oversight while holding government officials accountable.

The Government is led by the Prime Minister, who represents the party with majority in the House of Representatives. With assistance from his Cabinet, he makes decisions for the country's policies.

Legislation typically begins in the House of Representatives, but must pass Parliament with a majority vote to become law. Furthermore, any amendments to existing laws require Royal Assent before they can be implemented.

news about amazon

Top 5 Sources of News About Amazon

Amazon has recently made headlines for its foray into healthcare. The e-commerce giant recently completed the $3.9 billion purchase of One Medical, a provider of health care services.

At a time when Walmart (WMT) and CVS Health (CVS), both retail giants are expanding into health care, it appears that Amazon may follow suit.

1. Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a well-recognized news publisher that provides an expansive selection of content. Its articles range from politics and business to luxury living, science, and entertainment - plus it provides invaluable insight into the financial markets. As such, The Wall Street Journal should be considered essential reading for investors.

Its newsroom boasts over 14,000 reporters and editors dedicated to in-depth reporting. The paper has earned 37 Pulitzer Prizes, cementing its reputation for accuracy.

One of the world's most beloved newspapers, it has been in operation since 1889 and is owned by Dow Jones and Company.

You can read The Wall Street Journal's daily editions online or download its app to access a full-color digital version. With breaking news alerts and easy accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, The Wall Street Journal makes staying informed easy.

The Wall Street Journal is essential reading for all investors, both active and passive, who wish to stay abreast of financial markets. Since its content changes frequently, subscribers should subscribe in order to stay up-to-date with all pertinent updates.

Years ago, a report by The Wall Street Journal exposed Amazon's practice of using third-party sellers' data for product design without disclosing it. This practice violates Amazon's policies and was reportedly being investigated by Congress.

According to The Journal, Amazon has been actively targeting rivals on its Marketplace platform, where third-party sellers account for more than half of sales. Clone inventory and features, or even use data from sellers who don't list on Amazon's platform in order to create competing "white-label" products with proprietary branding.

Over the past year, Shopify has reportedly created an internal team with the purpose of replicating its success; which charges less for selling on its marketplace and has seen rapid growth during the coronavirus pandemic.

2. New York Times

The New York Times is a news organization with an unique perspective on the world. Its motto, "All the News That Fits," signifies its mission to provide readers with all types of information. This tradition dates back to the early 1800s when newspapers moved away from reporting hard facts to providing articles on comics, advice, puzzles, recipes and games - otherwise known as "soft" news."

Over the past few years, The Times has crossed a major threshold in media landscape when it began collecting more revenue from readers than advertisers. As a result, it is now reassembling its traditional newspaper "bundle," once filled with columns on chess, bridge, gardening, hunting and fishing, retirement planning, and health topics.

Bundling news products has some significant ramifications for The Times. First and foremost, it requires them to reevaluate what "news" looks like in the digital age and how its products are sold.

In particular, The Times has become increasingly interested in providing a balanced viewpoint and comprehensive overview of a story. As such, they have published numerous pieces on Amazon and other companies that have come under scrutiny for various reasons.

Amazon's labor practices and company response to the Covid-19 pandemic last year have been among the topics which were allegedly mishandled, leading to worker complaints.

One of the key findings in this article was Amazon's unusually high employee turnover rate. In fact, they lost approximately 3 percent of their hourly workers each week - almost double the average turnover rate among retailers in that industry.

The turnover rate of a company can present challenges to both management and employees. For instance, having to continually hire new personnel when existing ones become sick or injured is both time-consuming and costly.

Another issue is that warehouse workers face potential termination if they don't meet certain quotas. This has been a major source of dissatisfaction among these employees.

3. Business Insider

Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos, has been in the spotlight lately with its series of layoffs and reports that it has become less attractive for employees. To keep employees satisfied and stay ahead of competitors, Amazon is taking several steps.

Business Insider recently reported on Amazon's lack of transparency and employee trust. It found many employees were confused by the company's HR policies, feeling as if there weren't enough opportunities for advancement within their careers. As a result, Business Insider believes Amazon faces major issues in these areas.

According to the report, the business was having difficulty keeping up with demand for its devices and books. Furthermore, it had to cut a significant number of jobs from its Devices and Books unit.

As part of Amazon's initiative to keep employees contented, the company has implemented Earth's Best Employer (EBE). This program aims to be transparent and provide employees with insight into what it means to be an Amazonian as well as opportunities for career growth within the organization.

Amazonians often lament the departure of certain mechanisms, such as question-mark email and the "fear factor." Additionally, their commitment to moving people around can prevent them from forming meaningful interpersonal connections with colleagues.

Additionally, it doesn't do a lot of community building activities such as getting the entire company together to take part in activities or donate to causes that matter to them. This can create an atmosphere of isolation within large companies.

Another lingering issue for Amazon is its penny-pinching reputation, which some Amazonians refer to as frupidity. This concept began during the company's struggles as a startup and has evolved into an approach of thinking that's frugal by nature but may not always have been the most efficient approach when running a company, according to former employees.

In addition to the issues mentioned, Amazon is facing over-aggregation and an aggressive push for traffic. This poses a problem since it pulls ads away from the original sources of its stories, potentially making it harder for those stories to generate enough income to cover expenses on their own.

4. Forbes

Forbes is a well-known business magazine that covers numerous topics related to finance, industry, marketing and other commercial fields. It also reports on other subjects like science, technology, politics and law. Published eight times annually, its reach extends across the world.

For over 90 years, The Washington Post has been providing informed decision-making to its readers. It also strives to bring them data and analysis early so they can take advantage of business and financial opportunities before anyone else does.

To this end, the company has joined forces with Google News Initiative to implement machine learning techniques. This enables it to detect trending stories and match its authors' content accordingly.

The team examined articles that addressed social and economic topics. It concluded that the magazine had a Lean Left perspective on social matters and a Center-right outlook when it came to economic matters.

The team discovered a great deal of bias and word choice bias in the analysis stories they examined. There were articles that attacked conservative politicians and the economy, as well as questions about government involvement in healthcare and immigration policy.

Surprisingly, there were also articles that focused on environmentalism and animal rights. Many of these pieces were authored by authors from different parts of the world.

Finally, articles highlighted entrepreneurship and self-made women. There were also many articles that highlighted the founders of different companies.

These facts illustrated how the company had grown and evolved throughout its tenure. Furthermore, it demonstrated how it has successfully adjusted to the digital world's changing demands.

Integrated Whale Media Investments and the Forbes family own this company, which is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey and distributes its products worldwide.

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