Mother I Sober Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar

Mother I Sober Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar


kendrick lamar mother i sober lyrics

Kendrick Lamar has never shied away from sharing personal stories in his music, and that trend continues on his latest release Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers.

On "Mother I Sober," Lamar explores generational trauma - a topic rarely addressed in music but which has had profound effects on generations of Black people.

I'm sensitive

Kendrick Lamar's highly-praised album DAMN promised to stir the fires of political discourse, reinvigorating an industry that has become increasingly depressing and insular. With his words, Lamar promised us a stirring experience.

The penultimate track on the album, "Mother I Sober," was an especially significant addition as it rings with an unmistakable truth. It underscores how much damage rap music has done to Black people and emphasizes the need to move away from music that feeds misogyny that so pervades our society today.

Kendrick also highlights how sexual abuse has been an ongoing issue for Black communities since slavery. As he notes, during slavery Black slaves were made to watch as their masters sexually molested them and their family members; this type of assault can take both physical and mental toll.

Though this experience is common among Black communities, the toll it takes on those affected is especially painful. Therefore, the singer wants to ensure that his daughter does not experience the same tragedy.

To do that, he's had to learn how to let go of some of his most painful memories. In the song, he opens up about the sexual abuse his mother experienced as she was growing up.

It can be an incredibly traumatic experience for a child to endure, especially if their family member has been accused of sexual abuse. It's unfortunate that it took this long for the singer to address this matter.

It's easy to overlook that this kind of abuse still occurs today, even within our own Black communities. But it needs to be addressed because its consequences can be long-lasting.

The second verse of the song goes on to recount familial accusations that Lamar's cousin had sexually abused him, although he had nothing to do with it. Her mother forced the issue upon him and it took an immense psychological toll throughout Lamar's childhood.

I feel everything

Kendrick Lamar has earned a reputation for crafting captivating lyrics that are insightful and socially aware. Additionally, his music can be easily sung along to by an array of listeners around the world.

His songs are noted for their creative flow, thought-provoking lyrics and socially aware beat selection. This combination has allowed him to reach a wide audience and become one of the world's most beloved rappers.

On "Mother I Sober," Kendrick Lamar shares his traumatic childhood experiences and how they have affected him as an adult. At five years old, he witnessed his mother being physically and sexually abused by her boyfriend; this trauma forever altered him for life.

Though these memories may seem too painful to discuss in music, Kendrick is determined to open up about them. He uses these experiences as an opportunity to educate listeners on a subject often tabooed within the rap scene: domestic violence.

Lamar's first verse relates the horrifying experience he witnessed when his mother was physically and verbally abused by her former husband. At such a young age, Lamar was powerless to intervene and witness this abuse firsthand, leaving a lasting memory in his mind.

Kendrick also learns from this experience how to be more empathic towards those who have experienced abuse or violence in their lives, emphasizing how this type of trauma can repeat itself from generation to generation.

Lamar also mentions his close relationship with his mother and how he wishes he could have been there for her when she was being abused. Unfortunately, Kendrick was unable to shield her from physical and sexual mistreatment that she endured.

This song is an empowering and poignant testament to Lamar's vulnerability. It will resonate with those who have experienced abuse or loved someone who did. Furthermore, it can be applied to anyone dealing with addiction or mental health issues.

I feel everybody one man

No matter your opinion of Kendrick, his songs will make an impact on you - particularly those with emotional themes. Through his voice, Kendrick can show the world that being vulnerable is okay.

Kendrick recounts how as a child his mother was physically abused by another adult. In this song, Kendrick shares both the trauma and guilt associated with it, allowing people to see his vulnerability.

He speaks of how it affected him and vows never to forget the bruises that covered her face. Additionally, he wishes for his daughter never to go through such trauma, which is why he opened up about his experiences.

Kendrick Lamar has earned himself a place of legendry within the music industry. Not only did he use his talent to raise awareness about taboo topics that often go overlooked in hip-hop culture, but he also used it as an outlet to heal himself from his traumatic past.

His lyrics are filled with emotional depth and his writing skills are impeccable, which allows his albums to elicit a range of emotions.

In addition to his lyrics, the album features Eckhart Tolle's voice - a spiritual teacher renowned for his work in meditation and mindfulness. Together, these artists bring an unique perspective to the music that promises to encourage more listeners to express their emotions honestly.

The album's opening track, "Sherane," sets the scene for what will be an intense emotional journey. Kendrick can effectively tell a story like an author and make listeners feel like they're part of the movie experience.

Kendrick's album opener is one of a kind, boasting an infectious beat and captivating delivery - the ideal introduction to his incredible masterpiece.

Kendrick's track is packed with an infectious hook that will have you singing along from the first note. It's truly one of his finest hits and perfect for singing along to.

I'm sober

Mother i Sober lyrics by Kendrick Lamar may be the most poignant track of his career, hitting close to home. In it, the Compton rapper shares intimate details about his mother's abuse and infidelity as well as his own struggles with masculinity and sexuality.

The song serves as a rallying cry for anyone suffering from similar trauma. Especially within the Black community, assault can often lead to stigma and discrimination; it also hinders individuals' capacity to use healthy coping mechanisms, as he emphasizes.

His fiancee Whitney Alford encourages him to seek therapy and talk about his feelings, and Lamar confesses that he's been struggling with depression, writer's block, as well as PTSD.

Kendrick Lamar's storytelling ability is on full display in this song, taking listeners on an intimate journey through his past. His catchy verses and upbeat production add a special touch to make this one truly remarkable.

He displays his versatility with some of the most memorable flows this year, making him one of the most successful artists in hip hop history. It's no wonder why he's such a success!

"Hood Politics" is another Kendrick classic, featuring him rapping like a politician in his hometown, speaking out against all the issues that affect people within his community. His ability to tell a story and convey emotion are what make this track so compelling - it's impossible not to enjoy it!

On this track, he laments how drugs have severely impacted his generation. With The Alchemist's menacing beat and an insightful yet humorous lyric, this track stands as one of his signature works.

Kendrick Lamar's debut hit was a trap banger that made waves, serving as his platform to share his views on the drug crisis with the world. It remains popular today thanks to its memorable hook and energetic production.

For fans of hypnotic trap, this song is perfect for you. It boasts an addictive melody and fast-paced production that will have you clapping along to every word.

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