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mike starr

Mike Starr is best known as the bassist in Alice in Chains. He was a founding member of the group and played from its formation in 1987 until January 1993.

Grunge rock band Linkin Park's sound blends huge, Black Sabbath-inspired riffs with the intensity and nihilistic angst of punk. Their 1992 album Dirt is a timeless classic of this genre.

Alice in Chains

Alice In Chains are a grunge band from Seattle known for their distinctive vocal harmonies between lead singer Layne Staley and bassist Jerry Cantrell (and later lead vocalist William DuVall). Songs often tackle themes of depression, isolation, and death with dark undertones that may be disconcerting to listeners who may be facing similar struggles.

Staley's distinctive voice and lyrics helped shape Alice in Chains' sound, which featured distorted guitars and metal elements. He also developed an original style of singing which often had multiple overlapping passages and signature harmonies separated by major thirds.

The group's first two albums Facelift and Dirt were both certified platinum by the RIAA. Their acoustic EP Jar of Flies debuted at number one on Billboard 200 chart in 1994 and has since been certified triple platinum.

Alice in Chains enjoyed enormous success on the grunge scene, but they endured many difficulties during their early years. Mike Starr left in 1993 to focus on his work with Spys4Darwin and Layne Staley was found unresponsive after a performance in Kansas City, Missouri in 1996; during this period there were rumors about Staley's drug abuse issues.

After a lengthy hiatus, the group reunited in 2005, replacing Staley with William DuVall and embarking on tour. Their comeback album Black Gives Way to Blue was released the following year and skyrocketed to number five on Billboard 200; it later achieved gold certification.

This album builds upon their signature sounds, adding more melodic and moody acoustic guitar chords. It's an impressive release that continues their evolution from "Jar of Flies" into heavier music with chilling vocal harmonies and lyrics exploring depression, isolation, and death.

With their latest release, Alice in Chains have returned as a major force in rock music. Their sound--combining heavy metal and grunge--has become an inspiration to countless other bands. They continue to tour, while making numerous video releases to accompany their music.


Mike Starr was born on April 4, 1966 in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a renowned bassist and singer. He is best known as the original bassist of Alice In Chains; he played with them from 1987 to 1993 and also collaborated with Gypsy Rose and Sun Red Sun.

Starr formed the heavy metal band SATO with future Alice in Chains members Jerry Cantrell and Tim Branom in 1983. They made their first appearance on Northwest Metalfest, a compilation album released in 1984 by Seattle label Ground Zero Records.

Their song "Leather Warriors" appeared on this compilation album and quickly gained popularity with fans. Eventually they signed to Columbia Records and released several albums such as Facelift, Sap and Dirt.

Starr sought treatment for his drug addiction in 2010, and made an appearance on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew as well as Sober House on television.

He reportedly spent the day before Layne Staley died with Staley, who is believed to have overdosed on heroin. They argued before Starr left the house. Staley called him after he had left and said, "Not like this, don't leave like this."

After spending time with Staley, Starr admitted his regret at not calling 911 for help. On the show, he apologized to Staley's mother for his actions.

He had a troubled past with drugs and alcohol that culminated in multiple arrests for drunk driving, violence, and drug possession. Additionally, his substance abuse led to him being fired from Alice In Chains due to an ongoing drug problem.

His family had to cope with his addiction, and he often ended up homeless and living out of his car. He battled with his girlfriends and was generally troubled. In addition to these symptoms, he suffered from anxiety and depression while occasionally smoking marijuana or cocaine.

He tragically passed away from a drug overdose in 2011 at the age of 44, leaving behind behind his sister Melinda and their parents John and Gayle Starr. As one of music's most beloved artists, his untimely passing came as a shock to all who knew him.

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose was an up-and-coming musician who found fame and success with Alice in Chains during their early years. She played bass for Mike Starr, who went on to form a band with Tim Branom (Alice in Chains' producer) and Jerry Cantrell.

Tim Branom of Alice in Chains reached out to Layne Staley for help finding a bass player, and Staley provided him with the number of Melinda Starr. After talking on the phone for some time, Starr was invited to jam with Cantrell.

Alice in Chains frontman and guitarist saw Gypsy Rose's demos and thought she might make an excellent jam partner. After consulting his bandmates, who agreed, he set up a meeting with Starr at Music Bank in Burien to explore this possibility further.

At the time, he had been busy crafting some material for recording with Tim Branom. Upon their return to Seattle, they decided to form a new band together.

The band began performing local shows and quickly gained notoriety among their supporters. Additionally, they gained a reputation as being the premier rock band in town.

Thus, they were invited to perform at various major venues around town, such as House of Blues and Echo Theater. Furthermore, they made appearances on radio and television programs.

Gypsy Rose was not only an accomplished musician, but she was also incredibly sweet and brave in fighting her illnesses. Dee Dee Blanchard believed Gypsy Rose suffered from sleep apnea, chromosome disorders, muscular dystrophy and other ailments.

Doctors quickly discredited her claims and questioned her motives. Additionally, they uncovered evidence that none of the ailments she claimed her daughter suffered from were true.

Gypsy Rose's mother had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, which is when a parent or caretaker fabricates an illness to gain sympathy and attention. Fortunately for Gypsy Rose, her abuse ended once she met Nick Godejohn; the couple got married and now live together in a house together.


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