Married at First Sight - Who is Still Together After 8 Weeks?

Married at First Sight - Who is Still Together After 8 Weeks?


married at first sight season 13 who is still together

Couples on 'Married at First Sight' often go through a period of ups and downs in quick succession, leading some to decide to part ways after several episodes.

However, some couples managed to make it through the season and remain together today. Here are a few of them!

Danielle Dodd and Bobby Dodd

Danielle Dodd and Bobby Dodd are one of the few couples to remain together after marriage at first sight during Season 13 - an accomplishment in itself! After eight weeks together on the show, the duo has managed to maintain their relationship - an impressive feat for any couple!

Danielle and Bobby have remained faithful to one another throughout their difficult beginnings, remaining dedicated to each other and their family. In December 2020, the couple welcomed their second child - Robert Elvin Dodd IV - into the world, and Danielle is clearly loving every minute of motherhood.

Danielle recently shared a heartfelt family photo on her Instagram page featuring herself and her husband along with their two children, Olivia and Robert Dodd IV. It appears the Dodds are savoring parenthood as they take turns cuddling their infant son.

Danielle and Lilah share a special bond over their two dogs. According to Soap Dirt, Lilah is one of Danielle's favorite pets; she often posts photos of herself with the animal on social media platforms.

Danielle recently opened up about her pregnancy with her daughter, sharing that she suffered from HELLP syndrome during the first trimester which caused her to deliver prematurely and put her life in jeopardy. As a result, she is currently on bed rest while she awaits the arrival of her second child.

Dave and Amber

Married at first sight is one of the most captivating reality shows on TV. It involves experts pairing complete strangers together for marriage, and sometimes it works out perfectly - but sometimes it can lead to divorces as well.

Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana began their marriage with high hopes. But Amber's insecurities about her appearance, as well as whether or not she would make an ideal wife, caused many arguments between them early in their union.

Despite these obstacles, Amber and Dave managed to stay together throughout the entire season until decision day arrived. After considering all options, they ultimately chose to remain married while working through their issues.

Now that their season has concluded, fans are eager to know if Amber and Dave are still together. While they remain relatively private on social media platforms, it appears as if they're enjoying life's new chapter together.

Dave and Amber's marriage has had its ups and downs, suggesting it has struggled to stay intact. Now that it has been some time, we want to see if they are still together and in love with one another.

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller were one of the initial couples to click on Married at First Sight season 8. Since then, the couple has strengthened their connection even more, spending time together around the globe.

Despite facing challenges like stalled careers, lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to form a bond as a couple - something uncommon on this reality show. In their most recent Married at First Sight update, they revealed they're currently vacationing in Saint Lucia and having fun!

They share an affinity for travel and seek out new places, while sharing many common interests like passion about their careers and wanting to leave a legacy on the world.

The couple shares a close bond with their families. Both AJ and Stephanie were raised by loving, close-knit families that emphasize marriage as an important institution.

Stephanie has a passion for travel as well as experience working in finance for many years. As a consultant at Deloitte Consulting and certified financial project analyst, Stephanie possesses an in-depth knowledge of finance and is an effective communicator.

Jose San Miguel Jr. and Rachel Gordillo

Married at first sight season 13 saw most couples break up, but one couple remained together. Rachel and Jose endured a difficult start to their relationship yet managed to remain together even after Decision Day.

Their initial dispute began when Rachel mistakenly called Jose by Johnny's name, leading to a heated exchange. Later on, Jose yelled at Rachel and locked her out of their shared apartment.

After some weeks apart, Jose and Rachel reconciled. Unfortunately, arguments began to occur more frequently between them.

They attempted to take a break after that and it appeared they were doing better, but ultimately both decided to divorce.

Another couple from the season, Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago, was also unable to maintain their romance. Their issues included his potential control issues and her tendency for emotional outbursts.

In December 2022, the couple officially divorced.

As Rachel and Jose's relationship came to a close, many fans asked them whether they were still married. Although they didn't publicly respond yet, they did address two of their fans' comments privately.

Deonna and Gregory

Married at First Sight is one of the most beloved reality TV shows, yet some couples end up divorcing after their time on set. It's unclear why, but some romances appear to fizzle out quickly after filming concludes.

Deonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie were a fan favorite couple on season 13, yet their relationship struggled throughout the experiment. Although it was evident they had an innate connection from the start, it took some time for their connection to really blossom.

On Decision Day, they finally found their way back together - and it has been a joy for fans ever since! In February 2021, Declan Okotie joined his parents as a father for the first time.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner were a couple that faced some challenging times on the show, but ultimately prevailed. They also featured in their spin-off series Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One; now happily married, these two can happily ever after.

Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico had some rough patches after their honeymoon, but they always strive to work through problems together. Later on, they bought a house together and adopted a dog! Now raising two children together, the couple looks contented and in love as one unit.

Paige Smith and Chris Collette

Married at First Sight is one of the most beloved reality dating shows on television, but not every couple who enters the experiment finds true love.

Many couples featured on the show have divorced, yet some have remained together for years. Here is a list of married at first sight season 13 couples who are still together today and why they chose to remain together.

Paige and Chris formed an unlikely bond over the show's production team, becoming fast friends that may have made their relationship smoother than other couples'. Despite initial insecurities, Paige and Chris have remained true to each other ever since.

They were also filming during the Coronavirus pandemic in New Orleans, so they had to quarantine themselves for an extended period. Today, they are happily married and reside in New Orleans.

They were both honest about their fears, yet also shared a love for the experience of getting married at first sight and the responsibility of living together with other people. After their six-month check-in special ended, the couple chose to remain together and welcomed their first child, Westin Paul, into the world in November 2021.

Briana Myles and Vincent Morales

Lifetime's popular dating reality show 'Married At First Sight' offers viewers an intriguing social experiment as it gives viewers a peek into the lives of married couples who met on the show and got married without ever meeting before. Many fans have been eager to see if these couples have maintained their initial spark over time.

Vincent Morales and Briana Myles were one of the most promising couples in the season, their instant chemistry suggesting they could be together for good. Even though they were blind matched to each other, despite some minor issues, they quickly clicked.

They recently celebrated their one-year anniversary in November and have been seen together on multiple dates. Recently, they reunited with the cast during their reunion episode, showing that they remain madly in love.

This season of The Bachelorette is set in Houston, Texas and follows 10 new singles as they prepare to meet their spouses at the altar without ever having met before. This season is filled with high stakes drama and heated arguments; many couples including Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs, Haley Harris and Jacob Harder, as well as Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre ultimately ended up divorcing.

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