Is Drake Ready To Leave Hip Hop?

Is Drake Ready To Leave Hip Hop?


Is Drake Ready To Leave Hip Hop

Drake may have reached his peak as hip hop's most beloved star. But is he ready to retire from music production altogether?

Rap's Galactus, Drake has taken in everything from the flow and vocal intonation of his collaborators to their entire worldviews. He's taken too much and doesn't know how to stop.

1. He’s Getting Tired

Drake may never leave hip hop, but he could possibly be ready for a break. The Toronto-born artist has been in the spotlight for some time and has achieved many impressive achievements such as 10 No. 1 albums and breaking numerous records along the way. It's difficult to imagine Drake taking a break from music but he may just need some down time.

His latest album, "Certified Lover Boy," takes a more reflective approach and features several emotionally charged tracks.

For instance, the title track "Scorpion" inspired an internet phenomenon with its iconic "In My Feelings" challenge and addressed a long-running feud with Pusha T. It also made the album an iconic cultural landmark.

However, the album isn't perfect. The opening single, "Marvin's Room," was an old school rap diss track that came back into circulation when Drake called his former girlfriend to lament about their broken relationship.

Many fans felt that "Scorpion" didn't live up to expectations, though some were let down by the overall quality of the album. Despite this disappointment, they still enjoyed listening to the music nonetheless.

Despite its shortcomings, "Scorpion" remains one of Drake's finest projects. It not only cemented him as an icon but also marked a pivotal turning point in his career.

Drake's album showcases a range of styles, keeping his audience intrigued with his lyrics. On "Make Things Right," for instance, Drake raps over Boi-1da's soulful beats to emphasize that life isn't about material possessions or fame but rather what matters in the moment.

Another standout track on the album is "Hold On We're Going Home," which blends an uptempo feel with an excellent rap performance. Since its release, this song has become a huge success and continues to be one of Spotify's top trending songs.

Toronto-born rapper Drake has achieved a number of notable accomplishments outside the music industry, such as founding DreamCrew production company and executive producing HBO series Euphoria. Additionally, he serves as global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors and invests in an e-sports organization called 100 Thieves.

2. He’s Moving On

If you've ever experienced the ending of a relationship, you know it can be one of the most painful experiences in life. Whether it was an intense breakup, surprise split or just something you thought would last forever, no amount of sadness will bring comfort. But Drake offers us hope - listen to his music and use his lyrics as medicine for healing our hearts.

Drake has always been known for his honest emotions and ability to put them into words. Whether singing about a past relationship or dealing with bullying at school, Drake is an inspiring artist to listen to if you're going through some tough times.

Drake has achieved immense success over the last decade, scoring numerous hit after hit. But as he grows older and more tired, it may be time for him to move on.

He's still very popular and making money off his music, but there's no denying that his style of rapping is becoming increasingly stale. There's no denying the success of his career, but there's no denying it: there's no doubt it has become increasingly tiresome over time.

Though it's hard to pinpoint exactly why, Drake appears to be tired of being the lovelorn and vulnerable boy who grew up in the studio and has now finally been rewarded with a chance at greatness.

His latest album, Views, shows that Drake is beginning to feel the strain of all that attention. It's a dark record with some of Drake's most cynical and unsavory verses yet.

The song "Treacherous Twins," for instance, laments on a relationship that wasn't quite what it could have been. It also spotlights her lack of fashion sense and indolent falsetto vocals over an eerie tropical cha-cha beat. All these topics would seem fairly mundane if not for Drake's somnambulant falsetto and melancholic tropical beat.

In addition to his more cynical remarks, there are still some of his best and most poignant songs about being heartbroken. These are the tunes that will make you miss your ex, as well as helping you get through life's most trying moments.

3. He’s Getting Old

It can be easy to get caught up in a narrative of hip hop that emphasizes youthful exuberance, the idea that rap is for young men only. However, this is not necessarily the case; many artists such as Drake have achieved success within the industry only to decide they no longer wish to remain part of it.

One of the telltale signs that a rapper is getting old is when they start to lose their edge. This applies not only to rappers, but any artist striving to remain relevant.

Drake had long been known for his arrogant, braggadocious persona. However, on his 2011 album Take Care he managed to blend his signature rapping style with more melodic music that r&b fans loved.

He then began to lose his confidence and become more reserved, taking his music in a more serious and mature direction. Yet this wasn't entirely intentional on his part - it was simply how he was growing up.

Eventually, he returned to Canada and began work on a new album. To match, he also changed up his style; going from jeans and hoodie combinations to something more sophisticated which helped him feel at home in his new environment.

His music has evolved significantly as well, shifting away from the euphoric and incredulous sentiments of a young neophyte with the wind at their back to songs about growing up, feeling insecure, and making mistakes.

Drake's recent album, Views, serves as a stark reminder of this truth. It's darker than some of Drake's previous work but not less important; rather, it serves to demonstrate just how much understanding we must have about ourselves and our own insecurities before we can truly become the people that we aspire to become.

He's a very different rapper than the one behind Take Care, and that can be intimidating for anyone. It almost appears as if he's afraid of no longer being good enough; fear that he may no longer be able to create material he feels proud of or that his craft may have become dulled. It seems as if there is some unease within him about losing his touch.

4. He’s Getting Exposed

Drake made a name for himself as a hip hop star, becoming one of the genre's most influential figures. His success stems from his ability to combine strong hip hop elements with emotional soulful sounds that appealed to both underground and mainstream culture alike - making him one of hip hop's biggest stars.

He's managed to cultivate a reputation that keeps him out of the public spotlight, unlike some of his fellow rappers. This feat is particularly difficult in hip hop where there's often an air of disdain and filthiness associated with its culture.

Another aspect that has made him less of a threat to the hip hop community is his tendency to express emotions through music, something not common in rap at the time he made an impact and completely broke away from what people expected from a hip hop artist. This was definitely something new and different than what his peers had been doing prior to him entering the scene.

His lyrics can be both sensitive and brutal. On tracks like "Nice for What," Drake shares some tough truths; even on his latest album Nothing Was The Same he talks about haters and his insecurities as an aspiring rapper.

His lyrics don't just express his vulnerability; they also suggest that his mental state may not be as stable as before. Rumors swirl that he had an affair with Rihanna while they were in an on-again, off-again relationship and now finds himself needing to find emotional equilibrium.

It is essential to remember that his lyrics may still be perceived in a negative light by those who don't know the full story. He recently took aim at his former-girlfriend Megan Young by declaring her to be hypocritical and her story should be questioned due to the shooting which occurred to her.

It's worth noting that Drake remains a misogynist at heart. He denounces women who leave him, and refers to Serena Williams' husband as a groupie. Furthermore, Drake has shown himself to be an opportunist by taking advantage of other artists by copying their lyrics without permission.

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