Gacek the Cat That Becomes an Attraction in a Polish City

Gacek the Cat That Becomes an Attraction in a Polish City


Szczecin, Poland's northwestern region, is famous for its iconic tourist spots like Pomeranian Dukes' Castle and Kasprowicza Park.

However, it's not these sites that capture the most attention in the city - it's a fat cat named Gacek who has become the top-rated attraction. His near perfect five-star rating on Google Maps puts him ahead of even the medieval town's actual historical landmarks.

He lives in a box

Gacek, whose name translates as 'gats-ek' (long-eared bat in English), has become the star attraction in a Polish city and is drawing tourists from around the globe. Gacek's success has eclipsed other tourist hotspots such as Pomeranian Duke's Castle and Kasprowicza Park.

In 2020, local news website wSzczecinie posted a video of the cat which has since been viewed over 4.5 million times. It quickly went viral on social media platforms with viewers from Poland and even Germany queuing up to see him in person.

Gacek lives in a wooden box outside a shop on Kaszubska Street. The owners act as his caretakers, and there's a sign outside his house asking passersby to leave any snacks they have for him in sealed bags.

The tuxedo cat first gained notoriety through his appearance in a YouTube documentary and has since captured the hearts of people everywhere. According to Google Maps, he is now considered one of the top tourist attractions in his hometown.

He boasts more than 1,000 reviews on the site, with the majority giving him a five-star rating. Additionally, the adorable feline has won over admirers from around the globe; some even traveling to Poland just to meet him in person!

Though some of the one-star reviews are critical towards his caretaker or express worry about his weight, most give him high marks and say they feel blessed to have spent time with him. A few complaints about scratching someone's hand or stealing sausage seem to stir some visitors up most; Gacek's unruliness seems to be the only thing that seems to annoy some visitors.

Gacek has become a tourist magnet, often being photographed while sleeping. Unfortunately, his fame has come at the cost of some people worrying about his safety; an animal shelter has even requested that people not feed him themselves as Gacek has been known to grow too large due to all of the free snacks given out.

He’s a tuxedo cat

Tuxedo cats are one of the world's most beloved cat breeds, and it's no surprise why. These cuties stand out due to their distinctive bi-colored coats that resemble miniature tuxedos. They come in a range of colors from gray and silver to orange or tortoiseshell with patches of white.

These stunning felines have inspired many throughout history, such as William Shakespeare, Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton. They also make appearances in popular culture like Sylvester from Looney Tunes or Mr. Mistoffelees from Cats on Broadway.

Gacek, a black-and-white tuxedo cat living in Szczecin, has captured the hearts of visitors from all over. He's been featured on local news and boasts an impressive online tourism review score of nearly perfect 4.9/5.0 - making him one of Szczecin's best attractions.

He lives in a wooden box outside a shop on Kaszubska Street and spends his days socializing with tourists. Although not officially owned, the people running the shop act as his caretakers. They even posted a sign asking people not to feed him directly and instead leave any treats in an airtight container.

It's no wonder this cat has become such a sensation in Szczecin, Poland - a riverfront city with both an historic old town and bustling riverfront lined with shops and restaurants. He's been dubbed "King of Kaszubska Street," and in 2020 began drawing fans from all over Poland according to local media outlet wSzczecinie.

Since then, his fame has only grown. He is now considered to be the top tourist attraction in Szczecin, Poland - home to 395,000 inhabitants.

Gacek stands out among other tourist attractions by being completely open and welcoming visitors. He may not have a permanent owner, but the community has shown him a lot of love.

It's not unusual for him to have multiple visitors at once, and they always come to give him a huge hug and take pictures of him.

Gacek is an incredibly social cat and enjoys playing with other cats. If you're a feline fan, make sure to watch this adorable video of him bonding with other felines.

He’s a tourist attraction

Social media has made cat videos and pictures increasingly popular, so it's no wonder why people from around the world are drawn to them. Whether it be their furry features, curiosity about them, or simply their looks - cats have captured people's hearts.

Gacek the tuxedo feline has become a tourist magnet in a Polish city. He lives in a wooden box on Kaszubska Street in downtown Szczecin and has won the affection of locals who come to feed him snacks.

He has been a resident of the city for many years, but achieved international stardom in 2020 when his video went viral. Since then he has amassed an army of fans from all over who travel to see him live.

Gacek (pronounced "gats-ek"), who was first noticed by passers-by on Kaszubska Street about 10 years ago and has become one of Szczecin's most beloved attractions. He lives outside a shop and tourists often stop to pet him or give him treats, according to Kobieta Gazeta.

His fame has also spread on Instagram, where his photos are shared and retweeted at an astounding rate. He's become known as the "King of Kaszubska Street" and has attracted ailurophiles from all over Europe.

Gacek has even out-performed other tourist hotspots such as a Pomeranian Duke's Castle and Kasprowicza Park, according to Business Insider's report. Gacek is now the top-rated attraction in Szczecin with an impressive five-star rating on Google Maps.

Despite his substantial weight, many tourists still find him charming and friendly. Plus, he has plenty of attractive accessories like his stunning tuxedo coat and extensive wardrobe.

He's not always kind to people. Some have complained of him scratching their hands, while others have claimed he stole sausages.

Due to this issue, the city's animal shelter has issued a public alert that people should not give Gacek food directly. It also suggests that visitors leave snacks in sealed containers.

Gacek has become a favorite among tourists and locals, but not without controversy. Some have criticised his owners for letting him get too fat, while others worry that it is unsafe for him to roam freely.

He’s a hater

When it comes to tourist attractions, most people think of bridges, buildings, parks and other such landmarks. But one Polish city stands out from the rest with an unusual kind of attraction that stands out from the rest.

Gacek, the cat who lives in a box on Kaszubska Street in Szczecin, has become an increasingly popular attraction for travelers from around the globe. According to Business Insider, his near perfect five star rating on Google Maps speaks volumes.

Gacek, despite being a star, still has his detractors. On YouTube he's received several one-star reviews from people who complain about his caretaker or express concerns over his weight.

He continues to captivate travellers, who flock to this endearing feline. Some even make the journey specifically for a chance to pet him!

Since his debut on social media in 2020, Gacek has become a sensation. A video featuring him garnered over 4.5 million views, quickly making him the go-to spot for cat lovers worldwide.

Gacek's fans are huge; according to Notes from Poland, he has been dubbed "King of Kaszubska." He often walks the streets dressed in his stylish cat attire and receives treats from passers-by who leave treats sealed inside a container.

In fact, the owners of a nearby shop act as his caretakers and have even put up a sign asking visitors to leave their offerings in sealed containers so that nothing goes to waste. It's an adorable trick that seems to be working for the fluffy feline, who's become so popular that he's been banned from the local animal shelter.

Gacek's fame has even spread beyond Poland, with fans from as far away as Norway making the trip to Szczecin to admire this Garfield-esque cat in all his glory. But he's not the only plus-sized feline to become an international sensation; a plus-sized dog from Georgia was also immortalized as a Google Maps landmark.

Minaris  Nidome no Yuusha Wiki  Fandom 2023

Nidome No Yuusha Wiki - Minaris

Minaris is a mysterious girl that has the ability to kill the people that she loves. She has a great physical strength and mobility, as well as mental instability. Her main goal is to avenge the people that she has loved, and leave their dead bodies where they fell.

Physical strength and mobility

If you have ever watched Nidome no Yuusha, you might have heard of Minaris. She is a young, beautiful woman. Although she is a demi-human, she has enormous physical strength and mobility. When she was younger, she and her mother, Maryse, were taken as slaves. After her mother's death, Minaris was sold to a Merchant Slaver. This was a cruel and humiliating enslavement.

Eventually, she was freed. But not before she had become an insane murderer. Her victims were not only human, but also those who were animals under her control. They included a couple of her friends, Kirel and Lucia.

When Minaris was 10 years old, she was exiled to another village. She spent ten years as a slave. During this time, she became an aggressive misanthrope who hated her birth father.

When Kaito rescued her, she quickly accepted his offer of revenge. But Minaris began to feel like she was suffering from a psychological enslavement. She had been disowned by everyone. Eventually, she left the settlement and moved to Shiura.

In her new village, she swore revenge on her former friends. Her actions were attributed to evil spirits, but she showed them how hell feels. She set booby traps for people who would harass her.

Afterwards, she became a ruthless killer, slicing through her victims one by one. The victims died in agony. And after the slaughter, she and her companions left. Since then, no one has come to claim her.

In the end, her mother, Maryse, died. And although she was not the last of her victims, she was the last to die. Hopefully, she will now rest in peace. Until then, her spirit will continue to serve Kaito.

Mental instability

Nidome no Yuusha is a manga series that is currently being translated into English. The story revolves around a young adventurer named Ukei Kaito, who was summoned to a different world in the hopes of saving the human race. His quest was fraught with dangers and pitfalls, and he finally prevailed. It was an epic feat.

For a number of reasons, the story drew us in. We learned a lot about the world of the Demi-Humans, and we also got a glimpse of the plight of our hero. This is not to mention his relationship with Shea, his companion and love interest. These characters share many similarities, including their lost mother's, but they are also a couple of capable adventurers with their own individual strengths.

As the series progressed, Ukei was forced to take on a more difficult role as the main protagonist. He was forced to fight his way to becoming the hero of the story. He did a good job, and even defeated the Demon Lord, but his life was short-lived. After the battle, he met a grisly end. Fortunately, he had a plan of action to ensure his revenge.

Aside from the aforementioned, the most exciting storyline is the quest for the Holy Grail. In the process, the aforementioned sexy harem girls find themselves at the center of a war between the forces of the Light and Dark. Although they are not the only ones who have a stake in the conflict, they are the most capable of defending their kingdom. With a bit of luck and a bit of foresight, the two of them can win the day.

If you're looking for a manga to read that will keep you glued to your screen, then you should give this one a go. While it's not as fast-paced as a high-brow anime like Bleach, you will certainly have a fun time reading it.

Taking revenge on the people she had once loved

It's no secret that we humans have a need to exact vengeance on the bad guys. The concept of revenge is one of the oldest documented in history. Nevertheless, the need to get even can be overwhelming. Revenge is often misused as a destructive response to anger.

While there is no such thing as a complete cure for revenge, there is a solution. Getting even with your victim(s) can be a painful process. However, if you are willing to put in the effort, you will find that the pain is well worth the reward. There are many ways to go about achieving a mutually agreeable resolution.

To determine the best way to achieve the desired results, you have to determine your motivations. Usually, revenge is an emotional reaction to an unfair situation. Getting even with your offender(s) may require a bit of self-reflection and forgiveness. In this regard, taking the time to retrace your steps and learn the reason behind your actions is a worthwhile endeavor. If the perpetrator(s) aren't the type to reciprocate your generosity, you might consider using your resources to locate the perpetrators and prevent them from doing harm to you and your family.

There is a downside to snatching the title of king of the castle from your enemy. Rather than enjoying your rout, the offender(s) might be tempted to wreak havoc on the hapless innocents. This is where a good attorney comes in handy. For example, if you aren't sure whether you're guilty, you might be able to use the defense of "guilt by association" to gain entry into the other person's home or office.

However, a court case is a much more expensive route to take. A better option might be to take out your own insurance policy.

Lucia's lies and slander

In the Nidome no Yuusha series, the main antagonist is Lucia. She is a woman who was once Minaris' friend. But she turned out to be a traitor and betrayer. The main reason for her betrayal was her love for Kirel.

Lucia is a kind-hearted person but is also a sociopath. She was a traitor to Minaris and her mother, Maryse. Besides, she has a sadistic smile when she bullies.

Lucia left the town of Melromarc to marry Tyran's Son. Their son was born with a genetic disorder. He was given expensive medicine and required help. Fohl gave him a farewell ceremony, but they were forced to become slaves to help pay for Atla's medical bills.

During her youth, Minaris was a very loving and devoted girl. However, her father disowned her, and her stepmother tried to drive her out. When Minaris found out about it, she set booby traps to catch those who harassed her. And then she started to use beasts that were under her control.

Lucia and Kirel's friends came to see their wedding. After Lucia betrayed Minaris, her mother died. Luckily, she was able to escape.

Lucia's betrayal drove Minaris to a life of villainy. Her hatred for her birth father was a strong one. Despite this, she still maintained her love for the people of Kikkito.

After 10 years, Minaris returned. She vowed to avenge herself on Lucia. While doing so, she had to overcome her grief, psychological enslavement, and physical pain. Thankfully, she had an ally in Kaito.

Shea and Minaris are very similar in that they both lost their mothers at a young age. They are both capable adventurers, and they are both lovers.

Leave the remains of her victims where they were

When you see a rabbit with a white and black hair and long ears you're likely to think that it's a cute and cuddly critter. However, Minaris is actually a female rabbit demi-human that is capable of using magic to her advantage. In fact, she is so apt at using her powers of perception that it's possible to be blinded by her.

As she was growing up she was the victim of her father's philandering ways and her mother's murder. At the age of ten she was sold into slavery. She had a rough time but eventually came out on the other side.

After a decade of torment, she was freed by Ukei Kaito. She and her sister, Shea, became traveling companions of the aforementioned pair. They have since left the settlement and departed for Shiura, where they are now residing. But their journey was far from over.

A lot has happened in the years since their arrival. One thing that is certain is that Minaris will never forget her mother and her father's deeds. She has since dedicated her life to serving her master.

The same can't be said for the unfortunate villagers who were slain by Minaris. Although they were not the first victims, their deaths were the final nail in the coffin. This is a particularly grim occurrence in a world where Demi-Humans/Beastmen are treated as monsters. Thankfully, most of the perpetrators have moved on to their own lives.

The best part about her tale is that the rest of the villagers are now a distant memory. And while she was a very nice person at one time, she's since become a tyrant.

Home Depot to change pay policy for hourly employees  2023

Home Depot to Change Pay Policy For Hourly Employees 2023

Home Depot is changing its pay policy for hourly employees as of January 2023. Among other things, the company will be paying workers to the nearest minute based on time punches and restricting overtime. It is unclear what other changes will be made to the pay policy.


Home Depot is changing their pay policy for hourly employees starting January 16, 2018. The company will pay their workers to the minute or nearest 15 minutes, based on time punches on timecards. This move follows several recent wage and hour lawsuits against the company. As of October, Home Depot had more than 500,000 employees.

Rounding time is legal, but employers should be aware of possible pitfalls of such pay-rounding policies. While federal laws allow rounding of time, California does not have a specific statutory authorization for such a practice. In fact, the California Supreme Court has rejected rounding of time in the context of meal periods. Instead, the court instructs employers to "capture the actual hours worked," and the employer is required to compensate employees for all the time they work.

For years, retailers and restaurants have used time sheets to round employees' pay up or down, but the Fair Labor Standards Act allows employers to round to the nearest quarter, tenth, or five-minute interval. However, it is still illegal for an employer to intentionally underpay an employee.

Home Depot has argued that it is legal to round time because it is a neutral, arithmetic procedure that does not result in systematic underpayment. It also argued that the rounding process produces clear and digestible wage statements. Nevertheless, the California Court of Appeal found that a genuine question of material fact exists.

In a class action lawsuit, former Home Depot employee John Utne alleged that the company underpaid him by over 36 seconds per shift. Ultimately, the district court agreed with Home Depot. But the Court of Appeal reversed the grant of summary judgment in the case, stating that Utne raised a triable issue of material fact.

The issue in the case was whether Home Depot's rounding policy was unenforceable under California law. Utne's expert opined that the rounding policy had a greater impact on employees who worked for longer shifts than those who were paid for shorter hours. At the same time, the expert testified that the majority of the shifts affected by the rounding were overpaid by at least one minute. Despite the fact that the rounding policy was neutral, Utne sought to certify a class of only the employees who were negatively affected.

In a recent decision, the California Court of Appeal held that the rounding policy at Home Depot was unenforceable. Nonetheless, the court invited the California Supreme Court to weigh in. Although this decision does not overturn See's Candy, it does end a long line of court decisions against Home Depot.

Until recently, the company's pay policy was to round the total of employees' shift times to the nearest quarter hour. Today, the company plans to change this practice to pay hourly employees to the minute.

Paying to the nearest minute based on time punches

Home Depot, one of the biggest retailers in the country, is moving away from rounding based pay plans and instead will pay its hourly employees on the exact time they punch in. The move comes as experts have advised retailers to stop paying workers based on a standardized pay schedule and instead to compensate them for all of their work. It also might be a good lesson for other retailers who are looking to reduce turnover.

The company has had its share of lawsuits over wages and hours. In one case, an employee claimed he was overpaid and another claimed he was underpaid for the same job. Another lawsuit claimed that his paycheck was rounded. While the lawsuit was settled, the company has been plagued by a number of other complaints about its supposedly transparent compensation policies.

Although the company hasn't yet said why it is making this change, it may be because of a recent class action suit filed by a group of hourly workers who were not properly compensated for their overtime work. This lawsuit is the latest in a long line of wage and hour disputes involving the retailer.

Home Depot will begin paying its hourly employees to the exact minute on January 16th. Aside from the standard payroll process, the retailer has also added some niceties. For example, it has expanded its Pro Xtra loyalty program and launched a new app that allows store associates to better prioritize tasks and earn points for doing so.

There is also a new ad campaign by the company that aims to highlight its new perks. Some of the highlights include a revamped membership program, an all new smartphone app and a new website. Additionally, the company has rolled out a new "Sidekick" app that allows store associates to prioritize tasks and earn a slew of points for doing so.

While the company has yet to reveal details about its new policy, its move to change its pay plan could serve as a cautionary tale for other retailers who are looking to reduce their turnover rates. It is no secret that the home improvement chain has a reputation for high turnover rates and the new pay plan will hopefully put an end to some of those rumor mills.

In the past, Home Depot has gotten into the legal hot water for its rounding-based practices. But if the company sticks to its new strategy, it should be able to avoid any potential penalties. If not, it might just be the first retailer to make it big on the merits of their new pay scheme. Until then, the company will continue to be a major player in the retail industry. To keep up with their competitors, they're going to have to get creative.

Restricting overtime

Home Depot is changing their pay policy for hourly employees. The company will start paying employees to the minute starting January 16. It will stop rounding shift times to the nearest 15 minutes and will start paying employees to the minute based on time punches on their time cards. This will come as experts have urged the company to move away from the practice.

Home Depot has been sued several times for their rounding practices. The company claimed that their rounding procedure was legal under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). However, the plaintiffs argued that the rounding was a ruse to avoid paying workers for hours that they didn't work.

The law allows employers to round their employee's hours to the nearest quarter, half, or tenth of the hour. The FLSA also requires industries to round their employees' time in order to ensure that they don't fail to compensate their workers for all the time they spend working. Some retailers and restaurants have been rounding their employees' time for years.

Home Depot recently faced a putative class action lawsuit. The company had over 500,000 employees as of October, and was accused of underpaying them for their time. After the suit was filed, the company filed a motion for summary judgment.

As part of its defense, Home Depot cited the See's Candy Shops, Inc. decision, which stated that rounding is permitted under the FLSA. The court ruled in favor of the retailer, deeming their rounding practice to be neutral. However, the trial court ruled that the rounding method was the "best practice" and that the rounding method was in compliance with the FLSA.

Home Depot is not the only big box retailer facing wage and hour suits. Target, Family Dollar, Lowes, and Big Lots have all settled lawsuits in the past. They have also been criticized for their overtime practices.

Many retailers argue that expanding overtime laws will increase their payroll costs. Moreover, overtime pay will limit their employees' opportunities for advancement into management positions. Additionally, many retail positions pay less than other jobs and therefore do not qualify for overtime protections.

Home Depot's current rounding practice is expected to be replaced by a more accurate timekeeping system, according to the company's spokesperson. In addition, the company has rolled out a new app that will prioritize tasks for its store associates. A central computer system will be used to record each task, and the executive team leaders will check off the tasks as they are completed.

Home Depot's change in pay policy comes as many experts are warning companies to stop rounding their employees' time. According to the National Retail Federation's chief lobbyist, retailers will be forced to adopt rational steps to comply with the new rule.

In the past, the Bush administration enacted a regulation that hurt many workers. This regulation was intended to increase their incomes and ensure that their jobs were not overstaffed. Unfortunately, it failed to account for inflation.

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