Despite a Heroic 46-Point Effort by Ashlee Talbot Yirsy Queliz De

Despite a Heroic 46-Point Effort by Ashlee Talbot Yirsy Queliz De


Despite a heroic 46point effort by Dracuts Ashlee Talbot Yirsy Queliz de

On Tuesday evening, St. Mary's Spartans came from behind to win 73-72 in a thrilling championship game of the Spartan Classic at Tony Conigliaro Gym in Lynn. Despite an incredible 46-point effort by Dracut's Ashlee Talbot, fourth-ranked St. Mary's emerged victorious despite an inspirational 46-point effort from Dracut's Ashlee Talbot.

After 27 lead changes and 16 ties, it was Northeastern University recruit Yirsy Queliz who put the Spartans ahead with a coast-to-coast layup with 7.6 seconds remaining for an emphatic victory.

St. Mary’s 73

On Tuesday night, St. Mary's (13-1) stunned Dracut with an incredible 46-point effort from Ashlee Talbot of Dracut to secure a thrilling 73-72 victory in their home finale of the Spartan Classic. With 7.6 seconds remaining, Yirsy Queliz hit a coast-to-coast layup to give St. Mary's (13-1) its first ever home championship win since 2007.

This was the Spartans' 13th victory in 16 games, as they have won 10 of their last 11 contests to move one game ahead of Gonzaga in the West Coast Conference standings.

Talbot and Queliz both hit clutch 3-point shots to seal a victory for the Spartans, who also received 14 points from senior captain Yirsy Queliz. Throughout the game, 27 lead changes and 16 ties occurred en route to that result; Talbot and Queliz had plenty of chances to make an important shot, while Dracut only scored six second-half points.

They were also able to capitalize on Dracut's mistakes and score when they did. Dracut went 3:45 without scoring in the final period, unable to find a consistent shot to build off its early lead.

The Gaels were unstoppable on both ends of the floor, scoring 15 points in the opening quarter to take a 48-18 halftime advantage. It proved too much for the Mountaineers who only managed to close within one point midway through the second half.

Concordia College had the better of the first half, holding Beavers to only eight points while using their forwards' jump shot options and strong rebounding to take a commanding 30-17 lead into halftime. Although the Mountaineers played much better in the second half, they never found their groove in front of an attentive audience at Hynes Center.

Les Torgerson was Concordia's leading scorer in the first half, hitting 4 of 5 shots from long range and helping the Bluejays take a commanding lead into halftime (13-6).

In the second half, however, the Cobbers battled back, holding St. Mary's to just nine points and capitalizing on their ability to force the ball inside for transition baskets after several turnovers by St. Mary's (11-6).

Both teams had their chances in the third quarter, but CC's defense proved too strong for any comeback attempt. It helped that they had two key offensive stops, including a layup by junior guard Daniss Jenkins with 3:45 remaining in regulation.

At 16.2 seconds left, Dracut's Brodie Gannon was fouled on a 3-point attempt and decided to take the shot.

As time ran out on her shot clock, Gannon attempted to drive the lane for a layup but the ball bounced off her hand. She turned the ball over and was called for a foul.

Dracut 72

Ashlee Talbot Yirsy Queliz de of Dracut put up an incredible 46 points, but the Middies could not overcome the Spartans' impressive performances. A towering senior guard and numerous wingmen combined for over 450 points in just the first half alone; Felker and Talbot fired threes throughout it all to take a commanding 46-28 lead at halftime. There was nothing quite like their furious second-half comeback that left visitors scratching their heads in disbelief as to where all of the action had gone.

As my grandmother would say, "It wasn't a win, but I loved every minute of it!" This win marks Dracut's first of the season; they now stand 15-6 and will return to action at St. Mary's gym Tuesday night at 5:45 p.m. for an important match against archrival Newburyport.

Final score

On Tuesday afternoon, Dracut's Ashlee Talbot put up an inspiring 46-point effort but Yirsy Queliz sunk a game-winning 3-pointer with 16.2 seconds remaining in the Spartan Classic final to give his team their first trophy as they defeated Newburyport 91-89 for the title - their first ever program victory!

The final score of 73-72 was determined by a series of ties and lead changes that continued into the fourth quarter and beyond. Both teams battled hard for their share of the lead throughout an exciting back-and-forth battle that saw multiple players have their moments on court.

After trailing 32-28 at halftime, Dracut took control of the game early in the third quarter and quickly built a 12-point advantage. Junior guard Emma Felker then made two baskets and Niya Morgen added three 3-pointers for an even 45-37 lead with just over one minute left in regulation. With eight minutes remaining in regulation time, Dracut had cut their lead to two but Talbot and Felker powered a 13-4 run that put them 66-50 ahead.

At 4:35 in the fourth quarter, St. Mary's senior forward Kellyn Preira made a crucial steal and turned it into a three-pointer from senior guard Bella Owumi for an early 66-60 advantage for the Spartans. That proved crucial as the Middies held off the Clippers to secure victory.

Dracut had taken the lead with Dracut leading 69-68 when the Middies turned the ball over on their next inbounds play, setting up St. Mary's senior Yirsy Queliz for a potential game-winner from just over one minute remaining. The Northeastern University recruit hit from the right corner for an easy layup and the Middies held on for the 73-72 triumph.

This type of sports story deserves to be told on the big screen, similar to Argentinian miniseries Maradona: Blessed Dream and ESPN 30 For 30 series The Two Escobars.

It's also a sports story that can be told in six-episode format, giving the story time to develop without becoming tedious or stagnant. Furthermore, viewers get to watch multiple viewpoints and characters-from Escobar himself to his manager Francisco Maturana to recognizable teammates Rene Higuita-develop without becoming jaded or bored.

Finally, The Final Score is an entertaining action thriller that offers a new take on the Andres Escobar story. It also serves as a reminder that soccer can be as much about emotions and heartbreak as it does about winning or losing. Sports fans who appreciate action movies should definitely check out The Final Score for themselves or with your family; it has been rated TV-MA and may contain real-world topics, themes and intense scenes not suitable for children under 17.

Jonas Brothers Reveal The One Artist Whos a Guest Feature on The Album

Jonas Brothers Reveal the One Artist Who's a Guest Feature on 'The Album'

Recently, The Jonas Brothers discussed their upcoming album and single "Wings" during a chat with Billboard News. But did you know one artist also featured as a guest on their latest release? Read on to find out! Plus, watch their full conversation with Billboard above! Thank you for reading!

What’s the song?

The Jonas Brothers are gearing up to release a brand-new album on May 5. Their sixth studio effort will be released as expected and features contributions from members of their fan club, The Jonas Bros.

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas made a major impact in the mid-2000s with appearances on Disney Channel shows like Camp Rock as well as numerous teen hits. Their 2006 debut album It's About Time saw them collaborate with New Jersey songwriting greats such as Fountains Of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger and Bon Jovi producer Desmond Child.

Their second album, A Little Bit Longer, continued their self-exploration journey with powerful power-pop tracks that explored themes of love and heartbreak. It also unpacked personal struggles through songs that focused on mental health issues such as the title track which opened up about living with diabetes.

On their album, the three brothers bring in an array of guest artists for various parts - from old friend DJ Khaled to Selena Gomez and Dr. Dre, their new collaborator.

Pop and hip-hop music often includes a guest artist on the album. This can be either an original composition or an altered version of another track from previous records, sometimes referred to as a Red Herring since its sound or style differs from that which the rest of the record offers.

This is an effective strategy if you want to introduce your fans to new material or push them outside their comfort zone. Plus, it makes for a fun surprise on the album's first listen.

However, you should try to steer clear of this approach for your next album as it can become repetitive and monotonous. Furthermore, it may distract from the main topic at stake in your collection.

Therefore, it's best to make your album as cohesive as possible by sticking with one main theme or topic rather than creating a collection of different topics. Doing this will give the album an overall cohesive feel and allow your audience to better comprehend what you're attempting to convey.

Who’s the guest artist?

Billboard News recently caught up with The Jonas Brothers to discuss their upcoming album, revealing that one artist is featured on it. While they have yet to release the tracklist for it, they are gearing up for a tour in support of it.

According to reports, this artist is a producer who worked on their forthcoming full-length album. Jon Bellion, known for his collaborations with artists like Playboi Carti and Ty Dolla Sign, was responsible for crafting the new record's soundscapes.

Due to the vast scope of The Album, it's no shock that The JoBros sought out assistance from various individuals to create it. Notable contributors include rappers Jay Electronica, The Lox and Swizz Beatz as well as numerous others who contributed to its creation.

Artists have often asked other musicians to be part of their album projects. Metallica once asked Marianne Faithfull to duet with them on a song from their 1997 album, for example.

Manowar also invited Orson Welles into the studio for narration on Dark Avenger. The famous director, best known for his work on Citizen Kane and a radio adaptation of War Of The Worlds, did an exemplary job.

Another musician to appear as a guest on an album is Donovan, who appeared as a special guest on Alice In Chains' Welcome To My Nightmare two years ago. While the idea of someone without musical ability singing on such an influential rock album might seem unusual at first glance, Donovan's voice proved perfect for the occasion.

On May 5, The Jonas Brothers are set to release their upcoming album The Album. Along with the single "Wings," they'll embark on a nationwide tour in support of the project that starts in August and runs until October.

The album’s tracklist

The Jonas Brothers are gearing up to release their next album, 'The Album'. In an interview with Billboard News over the weekend, the trio shared details about the upcoming project as well as that they plan on embarking on a tour of 60 to 70 dates this year in support of it.

In the past, the band has released several popular singles among their fans. One such song, 'Sucker', reached number two on Billboard Hot 100.

On May 5, 2020, The Jonas Brothers will release their fourth studio album. To mark this momentous occasion, they're teaseing it on social media throughout the week and will also be touring in support of it this summer.

They'll kick off their tour in Camden, New Jersey on June 10 and conclude it in Philadelphia on October 18. Their upcoming album boasts an array of songs sure to please fans everywhere!

On 'The Album,' fans are sure to be delighted by a unique blend of EDM, pop, and balladry. The record boasts multiple collaborations with prominent artists as well as several tracks that have already been highly praised by listeners!

Though the tracklist for 'The Album' is not yet finalized, it does include one artist that the Jonas Brothers have collaborated with: Kanye West. According to the band, West wrote the song 'Lavender Haze,' released earlier this week.

West's mother will be honored in this song which has been described as a "sweet ballad". Be prepared for some energetic dancing all night long! Additionally, West will add his trademark rapping style.

The Jonas Brothers have no problem working together on writing collaborations, having done so with numerous artists over the years. Previous works include "How You Like That," "Pretty Savage," and "Lovesick Girls." Hopefully we'll see more of them on their upcoming album!

The album’s release date

The Jonas Brothers are a pop band composed of three brothers. Since 2007, they have achieved tremendous success, releasing several albums and having their own TV show.

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas formed the trio "Nickjones." All three grew up together in Wyckoff, New Jersey and have a close bond.

They formed a band in 2006. Their first single, "Pom Poms," became an instant hit and catapulted them to fame. Their debut album Its About Time followed suit, becoming successful enough that Disney Channel gave them their own show!

Their second album was released in 2007 and became their biggest success, reaching number 5 on the Billboard Hot 200. It spawned two singles - "Hold On" and "S.O.S."

Following the success of their second album, they embarked on a world tour dubbed "Happiness Begins Tour." This tour, called the Happiness Begins Tour," lasted over one year and saw them perform around the globe.

On tour, The Jonas Brothers were featured on their own television show 'Jonas'. The band performed on this program until its finale in 2010.

They have released several more albums and boast an enormous fan base; in fact, they have sold over 12 million records worldwide to date.

The band has also featured in multiple movies and television shows. As one of the world's most beloved acts, their fans adore them dearly.

Fans of the band should join their fan club and be among the first to hear about any news or new music from them. Signing up for their fan club is simple - simply sign up here!

After signing with Hollywood Records in 2008, The Jonas Brothers released their third studio album A Little Bit Longer. This record rocketed to number one on Billboard Hot 100 and remains their best-selling release to date.

The album received widespread acclaim from critics, with its lead single, "How You Like That," being named one of the best songs of 2020 by both Billboard and Uproxx. Furthermore, it earned nominations for Album of the Year at both Melon Music Awards 2020 and Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020.

Affidavit released for NYPD captain who spied on female officers through a

An Affidavit Released For a NYPD Captain Who Spyd on Female Officers Through a Peephole

There's a well-known phrase about police: "There's a Blue Wall of Silence."

It is an accurate description of how the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and other police departments across America operate. It was made possible through a series of enabling actions taken by various governmental organizations, such as the NYC Law Department, Citizens Compensation Review Board (CCRB), District Attorneys, Comptroller's Office, plus numerous Mayors and Governors over time.

The Peephole

Peepholes are small windows made of glass through which someone on the inside can view into the exterior. They're also commonly used to peer inside a door without having to open it.

According to an officer who has accused former NYPD Captain Jeffrey Brienza of sexual harassment, the female officers in the locker room at Yankee Stadium had access to a peephole in his office that allowed him to observe everything that took place there. On February 17, 2021, then-Captain Brienza called now-retired Officer Gillian Roberts into his office at the stadium and informed her he was "seeing everything that took place in the female locker room," as per an affidavit filed February 17.

Spyholes differ from peepholes in that they feature an exterior-facing lens which projects an image onto a semi-opaque frosted or ground glass screen. The most popular design is a fisheye lens, which provides an expansive field of view from outside while keeping visibility minimal inside. Alternatively, some peephole systems employ both fisheye and digital lenses for enhanced clarity. Finally, some devices utilize a dual-view system in which the outside lens is coupled with an inside mirror. The most advantageous combination of all three may be found here. The ideal solution is a cleverly designed device that lets you see outside through an attractive hole while still protecting your privacy. Unfortunately, this high-end item comes at a hefty price point; the smallest version costs around $1,500.

The Evidence

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has a longstanding problem of corrupt officers, but its corruption has recently gained national attention. Officers have been accused of stealing from fellow officers and other forms of police misconduct has become the topic of conversation in the media.

On Tuesday, the city released an affidavit against NYPD Captain Jeffrey Brienza who allegedly spied on female officers through a peephole in his office. According to the document, Brienza - who headed up the Yankee Stadium security detail - installed a peephole in his office and used it for surveillance of his female assistants.

Gillian Roberts, one of his female assistants, testified that in 2021 he called her into his office and informed her he was watching the women's locker room at Yankee Stadium. She claimed he then sexually assaulted her while she worked security detail at the stadium.

Roberts' defense team has yet to comment on the case. Since October, however, he pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of violating Roberts' privacy rights.

Court documents indicate Brienza filmed female officers on his security detail and used his peephole to peer into their locker room. His voyeuristic tactics have been condemned by other officers who work security details.

According to an affidavit, the captain spied on his female assistants with an infrared camera and remote control. He also had access to their personal cell phones as well as social media accounts.

According to an affidavit, he also spied on his female officers while they were out patrol. This occurred both while they were in their patrol cars and while walking.

The affidavit states that the captain's surveillance methods violated New York Police Department ethical standards, and he wasn't properly supervised either. Furthermore, it notes his criminal background and previous suspension from the department, suggesting his behavior could have endangered colleagues' safety.

The Trial

Unfortunately, the NYPD trial room, which adjudicates all disciplinary cases against police officers, has long been complicit in corruption. For instance, they would routinely ignore state statutes that would require them to disclose publicly any CCRB reports finding a police officer had made false official statements during criminal investigations or disciplinary hearings.

The enabling statute in this case was SS 50-a, a 1940s state statute that allows courts to release an officer's disciplinary record if it serves the public interest. If applied, this would have required the New YorkPD to release PO Pantaleo's lie detector report in Garner case; however, due to an agreement it made with Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2001, SS 50-a did not apply.

Even with a CCRB agreement, however, the NYPD failed to disclose a report from the CCRB that found an officer had made false statements during criminal or civil rights investigations or proceedings. Though the CCRB agreed to be sole prosecutor for all complaints substantiated by it and recommended charges and specifications, NYPD insisted that it alone could discipline an officer who lied during either criminal investigations or CCRB disciplinary hearings.

That was an especially unfortunate use of SS 50-a, since the only entity with prosecutorial power over an officer who lies to the CCRB is itself: the CCRB itself! Furthermore, all of their prosecutors are highly experienced and many were former law enforcement personnel.

Furthermore, in any CCRB-substantiated matter, the board has the authority to release an officer's disciplinary record if it serves the public interest; and any CCRB employee found leakin that record should be fired immediately. This is far more efficient for preventing misconduct by police officers than keeping their disciplinary records secret.

Taxpayer money would be far better spent by transferring all disciplinary cases to the Mayor's independent Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH), which has a proven record of accepting and respecting panel member recommendations. Thus, abolishing NYPD's own trial room is an essential first step in breaking its corrupt hold over police misconduct.

The Final Words

My boss was not only one of the most engaging and educational workplaces I've ever had the pleasure to be in, but he was also an exemplary boss - supportive yet not too obnoxious! Turns out he's also quite knowledgeable. Throughout his tenure at the helm, I've served on multiple committees and panels to collect data to improve officer experiences across various departments. Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to receive several high-end gift baskets which truly touched me - for which I am deeply appreciative.

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