Cristiano Ronaldo Signs With Al Nassr FC

Cristiano Ronaldo Signs With Al Nassr FC


al nassr ronaldo jersey

After weeks of speculation, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has finally agreed to sign with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr. It's expected to net him an incredible PS173MILLION annually - making him the highest-paid sportsman in history.

His departure has already captivated the hearts of fans in the Arab club. Scores have flocked to the club store to purchase his jersey in celebration.

What is the Cristiano Ronaldo shirt number?

The number 7 is an iconic shirt number worn by some of football's greatest players. It has long been associated with luck and fortune across cultures. Being such a popular symbol for fans, it should come as no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo chose this jersey to wear during his World Cup victory celebrations.

The Portuguese star began his career with the number 28 at Sporting Lisbon but soon after transferred to Manchester United and earned himself the coveted number seven. It is this decision which he credits with helping him become the world's best player. Since then, he has won five Ballon d'Or awards and is Real Madrid's all-time leading goal scorer.

In his nine seasons with Real Madrid, he scored over 450 goals and broke Raul's record for most goals in a season with 452. Additionally, his help earned the club two La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League trophies, making him an iconic club legend and true superstar.

He even led Portugal to victory at the 2012 European Championships. Afterwards, Ronaldo moved to Italy and donned number seven for Juventus before returning to United last year in a remarkable comeback.

It's essential to note that once a jersey has been registered, it cannot be altered during the player's tenure with the club. In order to wear another shirt, the club must receive special dispensation from the Premier League.

Therefore, Manchester United have given Edinson Cavani the number 7 shirt for the remainder of this season - a move praised by former Red Devil star Rio Ferdinand.

The Uruguayan is the latest player to don the iconic number 7, having previously worn it at Barcelona and Juventus. Furthermore, he's the first Uruguayan national team player to don it since Luis Figo did so in 2003 - something sure to please fans across the country.

Where can I buy the Al Nassr Ronaldo shirt?

Since CR7 posted an image of himself wearing the Al Nassr home kit on Instagram, fans have been eager to acquire their own piece of Saudi Arabian football history. The home kit features a blue and yellow main body with bright yellow accent, while the away shirt is steel-blue with diagonal lines spanning across the top half.

Thankfully, the Saudi club has an online store where you can find all of their latest kits as well as a wide variety of other goods. Alternatively, you can visit one of two official outlets in Riyadh - Alyasmin on King Fahd Road or Al Olaya on Anas Ibn Malik Road - for in-person shopping.

The great news is, Al Nassr sells this Ronaldo jersey for only SAR 300 (approximately $300). For a truly personalized experience, Al Nassr shop has several bespoke options where you can add your own message to the front or even get engraving on the back of the shirt!

No matter your opinion on football, the Al Nassr Ronaldo jersey is unquestionably the best thing to come out of the Middle East in years. And that's not just because it has garnered more social media attention than any other item on their recent lineup.

How much does the Al Nassr Ronaldo shirt cost?

Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival as five-time Ballon d'Or winner has been an historic event not only in Saudi Arabia but around the world. When news broke that he had signed a two-and-a-half year deal with Al Nassr FC, fans across the globe celebrated with joy.

The Portuguese superstar has joined the Kingdom's top team in an eye-popping transfer deal that sees him earn over $200 million annually for two and a half years. His presence will have an immense effect on both the club, country and football itself for years to come.

As with any major signing, there remain unanswered questions surrounding the deal. Particularly, concerns remain regarding Ronaldo's English FA ban from December last year which resulted in him missing several games at Manchester United.

On Sunday, Al Nassr is expected to make his debut against Ettifaq and it is also believed that he will represent Saudi Arabia at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Ronaldo is expected to wear the home shirt, featuring blue sleeves and shoulders and a vibrant yellow main body. In contrast, Ronaldo's away jersey is darker steel blue with yellow highlights.

The home jersey can easily be bought online, but finding a replica of Ronaldo's away strip proves more challenging. Al Nassr's website only offers limited sizes and requires that Ronaldo's name and number be added at an extra cost.

Sportillo, an online store selling sportswear and football kits, lists the cost of a victory shirt featuring CR7's name as 149 Saudi riyals.

The Portuguese superstar's Al Nassr jersey has become a sought-after item among football enthusiasts in the region. These shirts can currently be found at the club's megastore in Riyadh and there is an increasing demand for them.

Although it's uncertain exactly how many Al Nassr shirts have been sold since Ronaldo's arrival, analysts anticipate them to sell in droves over the coming days as his new home grows in recognition and love for him.

Will Al Nassr Ronaldo wear the Al Nassr Ronaldo shirt?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a star in the football world for years, yet his move to Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr has caused some controversy. While some fans have applauded the decision, others have labeled it as an unwise business decision.

The soccer star has inked a contract with the Saudi side that will see him earn over $200 million annually, making him the highest paid player in football. This comes as an enormous change for him after previously earning more than 90 million dollars annually with Manchester United.

Many have speculated if Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the iconic Al Nassr Ronaldo shirt while representing Portugal in a match. The number 7 has become synonymous with him over his career, having worn it at Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus - as well as creating his own brand under the moniker "CR7".

Though Ronaldo has yet to make his debut for Al Nassr, the club has seen a tremendous uptick in followers on Instagram since Ronaldo's arrival. They now boast ten times as many followers than before the Portuguese global superstar's arrival.

Fans have been eager to purchase the Al Nassr Ronaldo jersey. To produce its home and away strips, the club has joined forces with Duneus - a well-known kit manufacturer in the Arab world.

The Al Nassr Ronaldo jersey is available in both blue and yellow color-ways. The blue version features a lighter shade of steel blue with yellow accents, while the yellow variant offers deeper saturation of that same hue.

In addition to the official Al Nassr Ronaldo jersey, replica versions made by Duneus are also available. These replica versions feature the same design as the authentic shirt but at a more budget-friendly price point.

For those searching to purchase Al Nassr Ronaldo shirts, one option is the official store on the club's website. Here you'll find both home and away strips in various sizes and colors, ensuring there's something suitable for everyone.

kevin durant kids

Kevin Durant Kids

Kevin Durant is a renowned American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets. His success serves as proof that hard work can yield rewards in sports.

He serves as a role model for children around the world and supports numerous charities. His book Star Stats: The Story of Kevin Durant provides readers with an insightful account of his life and career.


Kevin Durant has been an NBA icon for years, dominating the league with multiple awards and being named to the All-NBA First Team six times. Additionally, Kevin boasts numerous endorsements as well as a large social media following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Wanda Durant, Kevin's mother, is an inspirational speaker and philanthropist. She serves as a role model for many young people and inspires them to live their best lives. Additionally, Wanda advocates strongly for single mothers and those living in less-fortunate communities.

A mother of two has done an outstanding job raising her children. She has always been present for them and ensured they develop into successful and responsible adults.

She was born on September 23, 1967 in Cheverly, Maryland and is a proud mother who cherishes all the love that has been showered upon her by her family members.

Her life has been filled with hardship, and she has worked hard to make ends meet. She enjoys an enduring relationship with her sons and is very close to them. She instills the same values in them that she had when she was younger, serving as a great role model for them all along the way.

Despite her difficulties, she managed to provide for her family and keep them secure from danger. Furthermore, she provided them with the opportunities that enabled them to flourish in life.

She has been able to provide for her kids a better life than she could have ever imagined. She is deeply appreciative of their success and all they have given her.

She has always served as a role model for her sons, believing they can achieve anything they set their minds to as long as they put in effort and hard work. It is because of this that she always encourages them to dream big and pursue their aspirations.

She maintains an intensely close relationship with her children, keeping up to date on their activities. In fact, she's even shared pictures of her kids' smiles on social media platforms.


Kevin Durant is a two-time NBA finals MVP and two-time champion, as well as an accomplished basketball agent and business tycoon. Much of his success can be attributed to his mother Wanda Durant who raised him as a single parent; her ambition and perseverance earned her the Lifetime movie treatment in recognition.

Her efforts are the reason Durant earns millions of dollars each year and is worth more than most athletes on earth. Additionally, his father Wayne Pratt played a pivotal role in his son's success.

Pratt, a high school basketball coach and police officer, saw the potential in his future star and patiently waited for him to be drafted into the NBA. He gave Durant the nickname "Green Room" in reference to the lottery waiting room on draft day; later telling The Undefeated that he believed his son could be selected as early as 10th grade.

Durant has since made it abundantly clear that he and his father have an intense bond. Pratt always encourages Durant vocally from the stands, and continues to do so even now when his Warriors win in 2017's NBA finals. In fact, Durant once screamed with joy inside their visiting locker room after their victory!

Wanda Durant, the more public-facing of her parents, shares a close bond with her dad. As an ex-police officer, he has an understanding of his son's life and responsibilities that helps him relate to their young star.

When asked if he and his son still communicate, Pratt replied that "we haven't spoken since he started playing professionally." Nonetheless, they remain connected through social media and e-mail.

On Father's Day, He sent his son a letter featuring his favorite sports team logo. In it, he expressed his pride in him and that their relationship had grown closer in recent years, according to the publication.

No one knows for certain who Rhoades' baby daddy is yet, so speculation continues to abound. There's no telling if she will face backlash from fans who are upset with her decision to part with the child for an NBA star.


Anthony "Tony" Durant, Durant's brother, is one of the most well-known siblings. He maintains an active social media presence and has shared interviews where he discusses their childhood memories and close bond.

Tony is a college basketball player currently attending Towson University and will graduate as a senior in 2020. At 6 feet 7 inches tall and 245 pounds, Tony measures slightly shorter than his older brother.

Tony and his brother share the same interests and passion for sports despite their differences in height. Since childhood, they've had a close bond that transcends any physical difference. In 2020, Tony shared an endearing birthday tribute for his brother to show his affection and encouragement.

His older brother Kevin shares his passion for basketball and has been a part of the team since he was young. As four-time NBA Finals MVP and with an estimated career earnings of $35 million, Kevin has achieved great success in basketball.

Two brothers from Washington, D.C. were raised in a poor area where they had to work hard in order to achieve success in life. Their mother would take them regularly to the basketball court where they quickly developed an enthusiasm for the sport.

As siblings, they had their share of quarrels but still maintain a close bond with one another. ESPN reported one such instance where Kevin threw his boot across the living room at his brother who ducked and broke the glass light switch cover in response.

It's intriguing that Tony gave his brother money to fix the light switch, and Kevin later paid him back with a new car. This serves as proof that both are similar in that they make wise decisions and strive for excellence in life.

Tony may not be as well-known as his brother, but he is still an incredibly gifted basketballer who enjoys playing the game. Additionally, he's proud father to two sons Jadyn Harris and Deuce; with four years left until their fifth birthdays in 2022.

Wanda's youngest child, Brianna Pratt, has chosen to remain anonymous. She is not particularly active on social media platforms and her family members do not post her pictures. It could be that she has chosen to keep her privacy in order to safeguard her identity.


If you have been following basketball star Kevin Durant, then you are probably familiar with his younger brother Rayvonne Pratt. He is the only sibling of Durant who doesn't play professionally and leads a rather private life, rarely making headlines as much as Durant does.

He remains active on social media and boasts a large following, even if his net worth is not particularly high. Furthermore, he has an inclination for philanthropy; regularly donating money to various causes and charities.

His net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million. Additionally, he has made a substantial amount of money through endorsement deals with brands like Nike and Sprint.

He is a minority owner of the Philadelphia Union in Major League Soccer, an elite professional football team. Additionally, he signed a deal with 2K Sports and owns other businesses as well.

His career has seen him play for multiple teams in the NBA and win two championships. He is widely regarded as one of basketball's greatest and most famous stars.

His talent was quickly noticed by his parents, which eventually led to him being selected as the top pick in the 2007 NBA draft.

Wayne Pratt was absent from his family when he was growing up, so Wanda Durant took care of everything by herself. Her hard work and devotion saw her through many difficult situations.

He was a star student-athlete for an AAU team called Prince George Jaguars, where he won two national championships. Additionally, he excelled academically.

He was immensely proud of his dad and always supported him. He proudly donned the number 35 in memory of AAU coach Charles Craig, who passed away at 35 years old.

Rayvonne is quieter and more private than her older brother Tony, who has been well-documented in the media. She doesn't have as much social media presence as Kevin does.

Rayvonne has a quiet life, yet she is an inspiring philanthropist who helps those less fortunate. Every Thanksgiving she also provides free turkeys to residents of Seat Pleasant, Maryland with a meal.

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