Coinbase's Earnings Will Cap a Tough Year for Crypto Broker

Coinbase's Earnings Will Cap a Tough Year for Crypto Broker


Crypto markets have seen a recent upswing, yet Coinbase (ticker: COIN), one of the leading exchanges for buying and selling digital assets, remains unfazed.

The company has earned a reputation for strong security, regulatory adherence and user-friendliness. These features have cemented its place as the go-to platform for mainstream investors in the crypto market.

Earnings Expectations

Crypto broker Coinbase is expected to post a net loss of $585 million in its fourth quarter, with revenue likely down significantly from last year. Despite this difficult year, Coinbase shares have more than doubled in value since hitting all-time lows earlier this month.

Investors should remember the cryptocurrency markets are highly complex, with prices likely to fluctuate significantly. During times like these, a company's profitability will depend on how it manages its trading volume and costs.

Coinbase relies on fees for its revenue, and charges users a fee for every transaction they conduct. This rate is higher than most competitors, such as Binance, due to Coinbase's sliding scale that rewards it more from higher-volume trades than smaller ones.

Coinbase not only conducts exchanges, but it also offers retail investors a brokerage service to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies at mid-market prices. This is an integral part of Coinbase's business model as it provides liquidity to the wider market and helps it expand its customer base.

Though the company has diversified its revenue sources, it still relies primarily on transaction fees for most of its earnings. That is why we'll be paying close attention to how the business is handling the volatile crypto markets this year.

On the call, Armstrong stressed the importance of regulatory clarity for Coinbase and other companies in this space. He pledged that his company would fight any SEC actions that might classify certain types of tokens or services as securities.

Coinbase's earnings could be affected by the SEC's investigation into its staking service, which has come under scrutiny. Armstrong stated that if they found Coinbase to be selling securities through these activities, he would take them to court.

Coinbase also operates the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX), an order book exchange that enables more experienced traders to buy and sell cryptoassets. This is where most of its revenue comes from with transaction fees making up around 53%.

Net Loss

Coinbase faces an uncertain year ahead, with its earnings expected to mark its third straight quarter of losses. This will be caused by a drastic drop in trading volume which has diminished revenue significantly. Furthermore, Coinbase faces increased regulatory scrutiny which will negatively affect all three key businesses: custody, stablecoins and staking.

Coinbase's financial results may have been disappointing, but the company remains well-positioned to weather any potential downturn. It has several new income streams such as its subscription and services business that should help avoid a full-blown decline in trading volumes. Furthermore, Coinbase is implementing cost management measures, eliminating jobs and scaling back certain projects.

Though the company has prepared for a potential downturn, it must find a way to rebound and start making money again in 2023. To do this, it must strike an equilibrium between increasing its user base, adding new subscriptions, and increasing net revenue.

Coinbase experienced a challenging fourth quarter due to the so-called crypto winter, as its trading volume and user numbers declined. Monthly transacting users (MTUs) dropped to 8.3 million, below analyst expectations of 8.22 million; additionally, trading volume fell by 9%.

Coinbase experienced a drastic decline in retail trading activity, dropping 89% year-over-year. Furthermore, the company is having difficulty persuading users that their assets will remain secure on its platform; an issue common to any centralized exchange and one which Coinbase has been striving to resolve.

Its customer service team has done a commendable job, and the company recently launched new features to address customers' inquiries. Furthermore, its security team is working diligently on improving the platform's security and privacy controls.

Investors will be watching to see if Coinbase can deliver on its plans. Its earnings report will be released after US markets close on Tuesday, February 21.

The company is expected to report a loss of $2.41 per share in Q3 and an overall loss of $557 million for 2022; these figures will be down from its record profit of $840 million last year. Nonetheless, it has strong cash flow reserves and has already committed to keeping adjusted Ebitda losses below $500 million in 2022, meaning stock could experience significant appreciation if things turn around.


Coinbase's earnings will mark a bittersweet end to an already challenging year for the crypto broker, which experienced losses across multiple lines of business. Revenue from trading fees dropped precipitously as the crypto market collapsed by $1.5 trillion, and new regulatory requirements made operating Coinbase's coin custody and stablecoins businesses increasingly challenging.

It was further hard-hit by the collapse of FTX, which had been the world's third-largest exchange at the time. Withdrawals on FTX surged to $6 billion within 72 hours after heavy speculation about its financial health.

Coinbase has taken steps to position itself for possible downturns by downsizing its workforce by 20% and cutting back on projects, which should help reduce operating expenses.

The good news for Coinbase in the fourth quarter was a surge of 34% in subscription income. This suggests it generates almost as much income from its subscription service as it does from transaction services, providing investors with some reason for optimism regarding the company.

But subscriptions still only make up a fraction of Coinbase's overall revenue, prompting CEO Brian Armstrong to declare that at least half of their company's income should come from subscriptions. To reach that goal, Coinbase plans on continuing cutting operational expenses as the year progresses.

If subscriptions can pick up steam in 2023, we could potentially see a brighter future for Coinbase. But we won't know for certain until after Coinbase releases its results at the end of 2022.

Markets will be watching closely to see how Coinbase manages the challenges it faces. It should be able to overcome the drop in trading volume and adjusted Ebitda loss by increasing subscription revenue, helping it surpass Wall Street expectations.

We anticipate adjusted Ebitda losses to narrow to $500 million in 2022 from $455 million the prior year as Coinbase continues to reduce its cost base. We will closely watch how job cuts and other adjustments impact this quarter's results, as Coinbase is forecasting an annual net revenue drop of 57% to $3.2 billion.

Cash Flow

Coinbase's revenue and trading volume have taken a beating in the past year due to the declines in cryptocurrency prices. Despite these setbacks, the company remains upbeat about its business prospects.

Coinbase continues to offer a suite of tools and services to assist customers with their crypto portfolios. For instance, its Coinbase Analytics product helps financial institutions, government agencies, and crypto businesses monitor transactions in real-time and ensure regulatory adherence. Furthermore, customers can monitor risk exposure and guarantee compliant with regulations through these tools and services.

Coinbase has made 19 acquisitions since the start of 2018, all with the purpose of increasing crypto's adoption and positioning it as a new financial system, app platform, and investment vehicle.

Another acquisition is Zabo, an account aggregation startup that allows users to view their cryptocurrency balances and transaction histories across multiple exchanges. This helps investors make informed trade decisions and tax calculations with greater precision.

Coinbase's acquisition strategy remains a cornerstone, and these deals will likely continue to drive future earnings. Furthermore, the company continues to develop its ecosystem and introduce new product features like an enhanced retail app and Ethereum staking for institutional clients.

Coinbase also strives to enhance their customer experience by providing more features and removing obstacles for crypto adoption. This will include an improved user interface, strengthened security measures, and a new mobile wallet option.

Furthermore, the company is looking to expand its operations by hiring multiple roles. These include a chief policy officer (Emile Choi); president and COO Max Branzburg; as well as other key personnel.

Coinbase not only operates a primary crypto platform, but it also operates GDAX (Digital Asset Order Book Exchange) and a brokerage that serves both retail and institutional traders. These exchanges enable advanced investors to buy and sell cryptoassets at mid-market prices with a fee added on top of that - this could be an important source of income for Coinbase.

ChatGPT proves AI more dangerous than we think

ChatGPT Proves AI More Dangerous Than We Think

ChatGPT, the latest generative AI, has taken the tech world by surprise. Its widespread adoption and influence have sparked a new race in artificial intelligence that threatens to upend Big Tech.

Although it's an invaluable tool, the internet also poses risks to its future. Misinformation, phishing emails, sexist or racist attitudes - these can all be detrimental to users in some form or another.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot prototype created by OpenAI - the same company behind text-to-image generator tool DALL-E - that's currently available to everyone to test out at no cost.

Chatbots can type out essays, poetry, business taglines and code in response to prompts. They also answer questions in various ways such as lists or bullet points.

When you ask it a question, it draws upon its pre-trained knowledge to find the most accurate answer for you. This encompasses world knowledge and facts that can be applied to your particular query. Furthermore, it allows you to choose how it answers your queries; so your queries can be provided in any format desired.

Once you provide it with inputs and prompts, its neural net generates the response. This network is designed to search for grammatical patterns and connections that could help it comprehend your question.

ChatGPT is trained by showing it a large sample of human-created text from websites and books, discarding the original data in exchange for neural connections it has learned from it. This enables the neural network to analyze what it has seen and anticipate how it will respond when presented with new prompts.

ChatGPT stands out due to its unsupervised learning capabilities. This means it doesn't require explicit tagging in order to generate text; rather, it can learn directly from a sample of text provided and continue from there.

Training a neural network using ChatGPT may not be the most efficient approach, but it's much faster than using traditional algorithmic computation. While this allows us to do some things better than computers do, ChatGPT's computational power cannot quite match that of our own brains.

Companies that rely heavily on AI for customer support may face this problem. For instance, healthcare businesses that rely on chatbots to provide information and connect you with your doctor may struggle to double check the validity of what the bot has provided you. As a result, this text may often be incorrect or inappropriate - an issue ChatGPT cannot easily fix; however it makes for an unpleasant experience when interacting with the system.

How does ChatGPT work?

ChatGPT is an impressive AI-powered language model that can generate human-like responses to various questions and prompts. Although it has some drawbacks, its capabilities make it a significant addition to Natural Language Processing (NLP) research.

Chat GPT works through reinforcement learning, similar to how human teachers train their students on how to write essays. After being fed massive amounts of text data, the model learns various patterns and connections between words and phrases. Humans then provide feedback on whether these answers are suitable for a given question; this improves its capacity for generating human-like answers that can then be applied across more questions.

ChatGPT's success can be attributed to its training on an extensive database of text data, making it capable of responding to more questions and prompts than other models can. This makes it more likely to provide accurate and pertinent answers even when given new or unusual inputs.

Though the model's capabilities are impressive, it still faces major obstacles to overcome. These include reducing bias, updating information beyond 2021 and improving its capacity for dealing with complex or abstract topics.

Its primary issue is its inconsistency in reporting facts and giving out harmful instructions. According to conservatives on Twitter, its responses to requests for drag queen story hours or former President Joe Biden are particularly inflamatory.

OpenAI, funded by Microsoft, recently began to remove examples of ChatGPT responses that violated its rules. It also put warnings on some prompts like asking for a gory story or instructions on building a weapon capable of avoiding nuclear apocalypse.

OpenAI uses a technique in its model which asks people to rank different responses against criteria like factuality and truthfulness. This approach helps users make more accurate judgments about which answers are more reliable and less biased.

What is ChatGPT’s biases?

Experts are warning that as more and more people rely on chatbots, they could potentially mislead people. This is particularly true with large language models which are being trained using vast amounts of text data from news sources and human writers.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, acknowledges these prejudices and is working to address them. To prevent technology from veering too far in one direction or another, OpenAI has implemented safeguards and even created a chatbot that allows users to customize its responses in order to circumvent such prejudices.

Though still in its early stages, new technology is raising concerns that it could become an effective political weapon. This is not the first time a bot has shown bias and experts warn that as its popularity grows, so too will this trend only get worse.

In June, researchers demonstrated that a chatbot trained on the CLIP model classified Black men as criminals 10% more often than white men. It also classified Latino men as janitors and often classified women as homemakers.

Scientists are now using this data to better comprehend what happens when we train a bot to respond to certain inputs. According to The Daily Mail, they believe it will be possible to improve this system so it reduces both overt and subtle biases.

Users have previously observed the chatbot creating poems for Kamala Harris but not Donald Trump. Additionally, it said it would rather let millions die from a nuclear attack than use an offensive racial slur.

OpenAI has now announced that it will be updating its language models in order to reduce these biases. This includes altering how it responds to different inputs.

The company plans to make it simpler for people to customize their responses and add their own training data. This is an important step, as it helps reduce the chance for biases to creep into the system as it continues to be improved.

What is ChatGPT’s future?

In an increasingly robotic world, ChatGPT is one of the most exciting innovations in AI. This chatbot can answer questions across numerous fields and quickly compose essays of various genres.

Though not the first chatbot to accomplish this feat, it is the first with the capacity to write as well or better than a human writer. This implies that AI could have an immense effect on many industries.

Analysts, business planners, consultants, marketers, public relations specialists, salespeople and strategists may need to adjust to a new way of working. Furthermore, those with an interest in writing quality such as poets and journalists would also be affected by this shift.

Some critics are warning that this technology could eventually be employed for more sinister ends. Cybercriminals have already used voice cloning software to impersonate celebrities and pose as their relatives, while using chatbots to generate spam marketing material and functional malware.

Other experts are less certain about ChatGPT's future. In fact, many researchers are taking more measured approaches with generative AI tools like ChatGPT - using it for helping bots draft letters and responses while still understanding its limitations.

The primary disadvantage to using AI tools is their potential bias. They are trained on statistical patterns and correlations, meaning they lack an understanding of the data being worked with or its full context. This leaves them susceptible to prejudice, so it's essential to put safeguards in place to reduce this risk.

Another major concern is plagiarism. While there are methods to detect it, this issue remains complex and difficult to resolve.

Some educators are even banning ChatGPT from schools. It has the potential to rewrite student work without their consent or knowledge, as well as create completely false pieces of text that contain misinformation or errors.

How old is richard gere

Richard Gere - How Old is Richard Gere?

Richard Gere is an acclaimed actor who has starred in countless films. Additionally, he is an active humanitarian advocate.

At 73 years old, he still looks youthful despite his age. He enjoys spending time with his wife Alejandra Silva and has two children from previous relationships.

He began his acting career in the 1970s and quickly made a name for himself on both Broadway and off. In 1979, his performance as a gay Holocaust survivor in 'Bent' earned him a Theatre World Award.

He is 73 years old

Richard Gere is an acclaimed actor who has been in the entertainment industry for four decades. He has earned many awards nominations and won some of them, while boasting an estimated net worth of $120 million at 73 years old.

For four years now, The actor and Alejandra Silva have been married. Together they have two sons and reside in a luxurious apartment in Los Angeles.

At his younger age, Gere was an acclaimed and popular actor. He became a symbol of youth in the '80s, with millions around the world enjoying his films.

He is an acclaimed actor and musician. For his role as Chicago, he learned tap dancing and karate from instructor Bruce McGillicuddy.

Gere is an accomplished actor and humanitarian, having contributed to various organizations that aid indigenous peoples around the world. He authored a book entitled We Are One: A Celebration of Tribal Peoples which sold royalties which went towards Survival International. Furthermore, Gere advocates for environmental causes as well as AIDS awareness campaigns.

Richard Gere still looks handsome and relaxed on screen despite his age, having the same figure as in Pretty Woman. Fans are delighted with how he looks today.

Gere has a busy career, but he makes time for family and friends. He and his family have even traveled the world together - an accomplishment in itself!

While on vacation with his family, Gere fell ill and needed medical help. He suffered from a cough and pneumonia, but his condition improved once he returned home.

He and his wife appear to be contented in their union. In their free moments, the couple enjoys traveling and taking in nature's beauty.

When asked for his secret to staying young, Gere replied "Vegetarianism." Additionally, he is deeply religious and follows a spiritual lifestyle.

He is married to Alejandra Silva

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva have been married since April 2018, with the latter visiting his Treville hotel in Positano, Italy in 2014. As a Spanish publicist and activist, she met Gere four years prior while visiting Italy as part of his engagement.

Gere and Silva have managed to make their relationship work despite having two different ages, creating an incredible family life together. They are proud parents to two sons: Alexander and Homer.

According to Us Weekly, Gere and Silva enjoyed a "very loving, healthy marriage." Silva expressed that she believes the universe was on their side throughout their journey together.

Silva, an activist, reconnected with Gere in 2014 while on vacation in Positano and instantly felt their connection. The couple later tied the knot secretly in 2018.

Gere and Silva have enjoyed a close bond since they started dating, yet they still live apart when their children reside with their ex-wives. Gere, who has 22 year old Homer with ex-wife Carey Lowell, and Silva (mom to nine-year old Albert from another marriage) have always remained true to their beliefs and are passionate about their philanthropic work.

At the start of their long-distance romance, Silva shared with Hola! that she felt lucky that the universe was on their side and promised them they'd never go more than 20 days without seeing each other.

After their reunion, Gere and Silva moved in together to live in New York City. Currently, they reside on a 35-acre estate north of Manhattan called Northshire.

Recently, the couple celebrated their anniversary with an extravagant party at Gere's house in Pound Ridge, New York. Guests included chef Eric Ripert, composer Bette Sussman and actress Saundra Santiago.

Silva and Gere have managed to make their relationship work despite their age difference, creating an incredible love story together. Now parents of two sons, Silva and Gere will continue to nurture and develop their relationship together for years to come.

Recently, the couple shared an adorable family photo of their adorable son Alexander with stunning full head of fall-colored hair. Matching his older brother in blue Crocs shoes as they looked out to sea in their Crocs, the image was captioned 'Daddy, mommy and Alexander' with a single heart emoji.

He has two children

Richard Gere is an acclaimed American actor who has been active in the media for many years. He has starred in countless films and TV shows, while maintaining a busy personal life with multiple marriages and two children: Homer and Alexander.

The actor first married Cindy Crawford in 1991, but they divorced five years later in 1995. In 2002 he wed Carey Lowell and they welcomed their son Homer into the world.

When they divorced in 2016, they agreed on joint custody of their son. He has always been a proud dad and adores his kids immensely.

Gere has long been an advocate for native tribes around the world, serving as a founding member of Tibet House and working with non-profits that aid refugees.

He has been an outspoken supporter of Tibet's crisis and spoken out against China's occupation. In fact, he has visited numerous refugee camps to assist those affected by it with their lives.

Richard Gere has often spoken of his love for his sons and how they have taught him how to be a better person. He believes that it is his children who make him contented in life.

For the third time in his life, 72-year-old Carlos Alvarado is proud father to his second son with wife Alejandra Silva. According to Hola! magazine, they welcomed their second child in April 2020.

In their new family picture, the couple poses together on a lake, appearing to be enjoying a tranquil moment. They wore casual outfits - white tees and shorts.

They complemented their outfits with bright blue Crocs. The family rarely shares personal information on social media, but did post a photo of themselves at an Halloween party last month.

Gere is a devout Buddhist who has sought guidance from the Dalai Lama. To keep his mind youthful and refreshed, he practices meditation daily. Additionally, Gere has sought advice from this revered spiritual leader about his own mortality, and has felt comforted by what advice has been given him.

He is a vegetarian

Actor Richard Gere has been a vegetarian for more than three decades and an advocate of Buddhist vegetarianism at a holy Buddhist site in India.

Gere has long been an enthusiastic supporter of the Dalai Lama, an exiled spiritual leader for Tibet. He has visited Tibet multiple times and met with the Dalai Lama face-to-face. Furthermore, Gere spearheaded a campaign to establish a vegetarian zone at Bodh Gaya - where Buddha attained enlightenment - as part of their efforts towards making Bodh Gaya into a vegetarian zone.

He was raised as a vegetarian and has now converted to veganism. He believes that eating vegetables is essential for maintaining good health and nurturing positive emotions.

Furthermore, the actor states that meditation has transformed his mind and body. He practices an hour-long session of meditation daily, as well as yoga - believing exercise to be essential for staying healthy.

As a vegetarian, Gere consumes plenty of fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables along with whole grains and nuts. He avoids fried or processed foods which could add extra calories to his diet.

Many celebrities, such as actors and musicians, have chosen to become vegetarian for various reasons. For some it's a way of protecting their health; others become vegetarians out of ethical or environmental concerns.

One of the primary reasons some celebrities choose to be vegetarian is that they believe it to be an important part of their moral values. For others, however, it simply comes down to personal preference.

People choose vegetarianism for many reasons; one common thread being their belief in treating animals with compassion and respect. Vegetarians can range from vegans to pescetarians - those who exclude fish from their diet.

At first, Gere had to adjust his diet in order to fit his new lifestyle. He began by eliminating dairy and sugar from his meals, while increasing vegetable protein intake. Nowadays, for dinner he enjoys lentil soup, veggie sushi rolls and other satisfying dishes like lentil stew.

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