Chuck D Announces Bring The Noise App For Hip-Hop Fans 35+

Chuck D Announces Bring The Noise App For Hip-Hop Fans 35+


Chuck D, the emcee and founder of Public Enemy, recently announced the release of Bring The Noise - an app available on March 15. In an interview with NextStar Media's NewsNation show, Chuck explained how this app caters to Hip-Hop fans 35+.

This app is a response to the toxic culture that has permeated social media. It's an arts and culture platform with videos, interviews and RAPstation TV hosted by Chuck D.

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Exclusive: Chuck D Announces Bring The Noise App For Hip-Hop Fans 35+

In March, a mobile app called "Bring the Noise" will be available on iOS and Android stores. It boasts various features like videos, high definition interviews with top guests, RAPstation TV channel helmed by Public Enemy mastermind himself, as well as an amazing augmented reality component allowing users to connect with their favorite rappers in real time. Regardless of how you participate in this awesome experience - we hope to see you there!

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The legendary Public Enemy founder has announced the launch of his Bring The Noise app, available on March 15th to combat toxic issues on other social media platforms. However, it will initially be accessible only to a select group of users.

On Tuesday (March 14), Chuck announced on Chris Cuomo's show The Exchange with Chris Cuomo that his app, Urban Liferz, would be launching to target Hip-Hop fans 35+ and would be streaming videos and interviews via it. He explained that this would be a "soft launch," meaning people in his inner circle could test out the application prior to any public release.

Chuck D has always had an artistic eye, and as a hip-hop artist has never stopped creating. While in school, he entered New York's annual student art competition and while at Adelphi University he also became a political cartoonist.

He recently published a fine art book and released Fight The Power, a PBS/BBC documentary exploring hip-hop culture's impact. Now he wants to expand it even further through his latest app.

Chuck D is a polymath artist and true hip-hop pioneer, the man behind Public Enemy who have helped define their genre. Born in New York City to an academic family background, the New York MC has an insightful perspective on music that has seen him strive to improve it for good throughout his life.

Chuck D has always maintained a strong sense of integrity, advocating that Hip-Hop should have its own board where artists can discuss cultural happenings. That is why he spearheaded the Hip Hop Alliance in July 2022 alongside KRS-One, Kurtis Blow and Doug E.

The Hip Hop Alliance was created to address issues within the music industry, such as label disputes and intellectual property retrieval. Furthermore, they strive to promote and protect Hip-Hop culture and rights.

On March 15, Chuck D will launch 11 RAPstation channels on his app which are free in the App Store for everyone to enjoy. This is an ideal platform for hip-hop artists to come together, exchange stories and listen to classic hits alike.

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Exclusive: Chuck D Launches Bring The Noise App For Hip-Hop Fans 35+

Rap icon and leader of Public Enemy, Chuck D, has announced the launch of an app to help hip hop fans connect with their favorite artists. Titled Bring The Noise, the Bring The Noise app can be downloaded in the App Store and includes videos and interviews from Public Enemy as well as RAPstation TV all hosted by Chuck D.

This new app also gives users the unique chance to ask Chuck D questions directly through live chat. Simply post your query before 6pm Monday, December 12th and we'll do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Chuck D is one of the most iconic artists in rap music and an activist at heart. He co-founded Public Enemy and wrote two acclaimed books, as well as being a political activist, publisher, radio host, and producer. His expertise has been featured on over fifty documentaries on music technology politics race relations; he's also been interviewed for national campaigns such as Rock the Vote America for Arts Council; National Urban League; Partnership for Drug Free America - just to name a few!

His powerful lyrics have inspired generations of artists to speak out against injustice and violence. As a result, his work has been featured in some of the most significant music and film projects of the last four decades.

Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy, was one of the pioneers in challenging stereotypical perceptions surrounding rap music by highlighting its true reality for African Americans. Additionally, he penned an essay book entitled "Fight the Power: Rap, Race & Reality" which addressed racial profiling as well as other pressing issues facing this community in America.

Public Enemy maintained its stand-forthright politics and message throughout the 80s and 90s, releasing hit records that never compromised on quality. Their 1988 album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back sold more than 2m copies to become one of rap music's biggest-selling albums ever.

Chuck D's career has spanned decades, and his latest project Fight the Power is an extensive four-part docuseries that examines how hip hop politics shaped America and ultimately, the world. Together with production partner Lorrie Boula, Chuck D tells the tale of a generation of artists that made history and helped pave the way for current activists using art to demand change.

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The legendary MC stopped by NextStar Media's NewsNation to share news of his newest venture - an app that will leave music lovers in awe. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity! This app offers everything from videos and interviews to RAPstation TV - all hosted by the legendary MC. Downloading is free, and rollout will begin across the globe in the coming months. A new day has dawned for Hip-Hop lovers everywhere with this brand new music experience! It's a no brainer that you should keep listening on your device of choice. We hope to see you soon! Until then, happy listening - hopefully the most fun you've had in a while! Don't forget to share with your friends on Facebook; we love hearing from you! You can check your notifications below.

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