Boston College Beats Louisville Without Post in ACC Tournament 1st Round

Boston College Beats Louisville Without Post in ACC Tournament 1st Round


BC beats Louisville without Post in ACC Tournament 1st round

Boston College upset Louisville without leading scorer and rebounder Brian Post, who suffered an ankle injury last weekend. In the opening round of the ACC Tournament, BC prevailed 80-62 over Louisville.

Jade Zackery and Makai Ashton-Langford combined for 31 points to lead BC to victory. Their offense continues to improve even with Post out of the lineup.

TJ Bickerstaff

On Tuesday night in Greensboro, Boston College upset Louisville 80-62 to advance in the first round of the ACC Tournament. Despite missing leading scorer Quinten Post (ankle injury), the Eagles still managed to pull away from their rivals.

Boston College had four players in double figures to secure a win and advance to the 2nd round with an impressive 10-11 record and third consecutive top-10 finish. This victory gave BC an impressive 3-1 conference tournament record under coach Earl Grant.

The win came against a Louisville team that had lost four straight, including its 75-60 loss at No. 13 Virginia. Despite the setback, Louisville still boasts an impressive overall record and should be competitive in the ACC this season.

With Quinten Post out of the lineup, Louisville began to attack early and often down low in the paint. Hunter-Hatfield scored six points and Bickerstaff added another in just three minutes of play to give Louisville a commanding lead.

However, it wasn't long before the Eagles started to make a statement. Mason Madsen (6-4 transfer from Cincinnati) was the next to come off the floor and scored his first point with a 3-pointer. Devin McGlockton and Chas Kelly both 6-7 played significant minutes as well.

But the biggest difference was on the glass. While Louisville averaged 7.8 offensive rebounds per game, Boston College only managed 5.6 defensive rebounds per game - an issue for the Eagles.

Thankfully, they had TJ Bickerstaff to pick up the slack on the glass as well as James Karnik and Quinten Post. Together, these three were ranked 55th in the country for defensive rebounds per game.

Boston College will be seeded as the 10 seed and will face Louisville in the first round of the ACC Tournament. With their impressive home record, this could be a game that defines their future at Conte Forum. If they can secure victory here, it would be an immense boost for their program and could pave the way to 19+ wins this season.

Jaede Zackery

On Tuesday afternoon in the opening round of the ACC Tournament, Boston College easily defeated Louisville 80-62 despite missing leading scorer and rebounder Quinten Post. As a team that thrives off attacking the paint and making big plays down low, even without Post they were able to accomplish this feat.

Jaede Zackery had a major impact on the game, demonstrating his leadership ability on both ends of the floor. His contributions enabled BC to build an impressive double-digit lead in the second half and ultimately helped seal victory for them.

He made a crucial basket late in the second quarter, driving the lane and rebounding off a defender before slamming it home. This gave BC an impressive 40-37 lead at halftime; then Zackery hit another 3-pointer to extend their lead to 49-37 after Kihei Clark missed a layup.

Zackery hit two more clutch baskets in the fourth quarter to further boost BC's lead. His 12 points came on the glass alone, and it proved crucial to their victory.

Zackery's presence in the BC lineup this season has been a testament to his hard work and leadership; averaging 15.0 points and 5.8 rebounds per game. Furthermore, he's one of ACC's premier defensive players, ranking among the top five for blocked shots and steals per game this year.

He's an incredibly gifted shooter who can draw contact from both sides of the court, as well as playing point guard with ease. His play has been a major reason why the Eagles have gone from 13-20 last season to 16-16 this time around.

On Wednesday afternoon in the ACC Tournament second round, the Eagles take on North Carolina's Tar Heels with a win that could put them on course to advance to the quarterfinals and potentially meet Virginia. Although UNC won their only regular-season meeting this season, a loss on Wednesday would effectively knock UNC out of any NCAA tournament hopes.

Makai Ashton-Langford

Boston College has made significant strides this season, especially defensively. They have kept their last two opponents (Wyoming and Rhode Island) under 50 points each.

BC has been led by Makai Ashton-Langford, who is averaging nearly 12.4 points per game this season. He leads the Eagles with 2.6 assists per game and ranks among the top five ACC players for steals.

Ashton-Langford is not a particularly good shooter, but he does an impressive job of passing the ball and helping his teammates look better. His rebounding numbers have gone up by 0.5 per game and he has recorded three 20+ point performances in his last 13 games.

Ashton-Langford is a strong candidate to be named ACC Player of the Year, given his remarkable improvement this season. In ACC games, he's scoring nearly 3 more points per game than last year and improving on his shooting percentage from 38% to 47%. Furthermore, his points/rebound ratio has gone from 12.7 to 3.8.

On Tuesday, BC's defense came up big for the Eagles as they forced Louisville into early foul trouble and displayed aggressive play on offense. They out-rebounded Louisville by eight and outscored them in the second half to take a commanding lead that never wavered.

In the first half, Atlanta made it difficult for Louisville to score as they went on a 16-6 run to take an 11-point lead with 10:10 left in the period. But Louisville fought back, with El Ellis and JJ Traynor scoring 12 of their 14 first half points to give them 35-29 advantage at halftime.

Boston College came from behind to defeat Stanford, 76-64. While the Cardinals had been formidable throughout the regular season, Boston College's formidable defense and commanding offense proved too much for Stanford in the opening round of the ACC Tournament.

Senior guard Makai Ashton-Langford led the Eagles with 16 points, while freshman Jaeden Zackery added a career high eight assists. Prince Aligbe added 14 points and Devin McGlockton 11 for Boston University; they will next take on North Carolina in the ACC Tournament second round on Wednesday afternoon.

Devin McGlockton

Boston College defeated Louisville without its leading scorer and rebounder Quinten Post, vaulting them into a commanding lead in the first round of the ACC Tournament. Makai Ashton-Langford scored 16 points while Jaeden Zackery added 15 to lift BC to an 80-62 triumph at Greensboro, N.C. Prince Aligbe added 14 points while Devin McGlockton had 11 as Boston College advanced to face seventh-seeded North Carolina on Wednesday afternoon.

Louisville suffered a disappointing loss, trailing by as many as six points at halftime. But an ineffective second half allowed Philadelphia to capitalize on 15 offensive rebounds that the Cardinals allowed them to gather and turn those chances into 17 second-chance points.

At various points throughout the game, both teams were getting to the foul line a lot; however, Philadelphia did an outstanding job of forcing Louisville into foul trouble. Over the final nine minutes of the half, Philadelphia outscored Louisville 21-8 to take a commanding 43-38 lead at halftime.

In the opening stages of the second half, Philadelphia stretched their lead to as many as eight points after outscoring Louisville 18-6. Makai Ashton-Langford and Devin McGlockton each picked up two fouls during that span as Philadelphia's bench came alive with energy.

After suffering two losses to Miami and Wake Forest this week, BC rallied with an impressive performance in the ACC Tournament 1st round. Even without their top scorers - Demarr Langford, Makai Ashton-Langford, and TJ Bickerstaff - they managed a strong second half performance behind Jaede Zackery's big game and some clutch shooting from El Ellis.

With the win, Boston College moves to 10-6 in the ACC and advances to face No. 7 seed North Carolina in the second round of the ACC Tournament.

Thus, the Eagles will be in the thick of the conference title race by season's end. Their 5-2 record includes a thrilling 53-49 triumph over Rhode Island on Saturday.

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