Best Bluetooth Microphone For Zoom

Best Bluetooth Microphone For Zoom


best bluetooth microphone for zoom

If you use Zoom, then you understand the critical need for a microphone that can capture your voice clearly during meetings. We've compiled an overview of the best Bluetooth microphones specifically tailored for Zoom so that you can get the most out of each call.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is an XLR mic designed for video conferencing applications. It reduces background noise and focuses on the main sound source.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

If you need a quality Bluetooth microphone that can assist with Zoom recording, the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ is an ideal option. It's user friendly and comes equipped with various useful features such as LED lighting system and USB-C connector.

In addition to its impressive features, the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ offers excellent sound quality and low operating noise. Mics often pick up noise around them but with isolating technologies the AT2020 can reduce that background noise significantly.

This can be a huge advantage for those working in quiet places or environments with lots of air rustling, such as classrooms or meeting rooms. Furthermore, the AT2020 features a cardioid polar pattern which reduces picking up sounds from sides and back, so there's no unwanted noise when recording with it.

The audio quality is exceptional, boasting a clear and well-balanced sound with an even frequency response. It's not harsh or overly loud, making it suitable for vocal and acoustic guitar use alike.

This mic is ideal for vocals, as well as recording acoustic instruments and percussive sounds. You can use it with drums, guitars, banjos, violins, overheads and much more - the possibilities are endless!

The AT2020USB+ is an economical option for those wanting to record music or podcasts. It can be connected directly into a computer and used with various software packages such as Audacity, Reaper, iZotope Ozone, and more. Plus it features headphone output which enables zero latency monitoring of recordings - an essential feature if you plan on doing multi-track recording.

Samson Go

Podcasting requires excellent audio quality. A microphone that can handle high volumes and low frequencies sounds is essential, as well as one without latency issues. Thankfully, Bluetooth microphones now make all these things possible - plus more!

Samson's Go is one of the best options, being an affordable USB microphone suitable for voice and instrument recording. This makes it a great choice for those wanting to start a podcast without breaking the bank.

This microphone is incredibly portable, making it ideal for podcasting on-the-go. Plus, its noise cancellation technology helps eliminate background noise so your recordings sound clear and clean.

The sound quality is quite good, too. The highs are clear and the lows have a slight flare. While not the best sounding mic on this list, it's an adequate option for those with limited funds to spend.

Another outstanding feature of this microphone is its omnidirectional mode, allowing you to capture the entire room at once - ideal for group discussions.

You can use it to replace your laptop's built-in mic, which may be an issue when using video chat apps like Zoom and Facebook Messenger. Plus, setting up and using it is incredibly straightforward - you'll be up and running in no time!

You can use it as a microphone for video interviews. It works with most cameras and even attaches to the LCD screen of a camera so you can take pictures of your voice.

Audio-Technica AT2005USB

Audio-Technica's AT2005USB microphone is one of the most versatile on our list, making it perfect for podcasters and video content creators alike. It features both USB and XLR connections so you can record digitally or route analog sound to a mixer or PA system.

The AT2005USB's cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of unwanted sounds from the rear and sides, improving sound source isolation. This makes it perfect for podcasts, audio-visual recordings, voice-overs, and live stage performances.

Therefore, this device offers superior audio quality, picking up your voice with remarkable accuracy. Furthermore, it helps block out background noises so you can focus on what you're saying instead of any distractions.

Another impressive feature of this microphone is its dual headphone jack for monitoring and recessed dial to adjust volume. This makes it simple to customize sound while recording, ensuring you get the best results possible.

Unfortunately, customers have reported some shortcomings with the AT2005USB. The volume adjuster controlling headphone jack output is a rocker switch which may be difficult to use quickly.

Similarly, the frequency range is good but lacks bass frequencies. While not ideal for deep bass or acoustic guitar, this microphone will work perfectly well for vocals and other applications where less depth is desired.

The AT2005USB offers dual outputs to suit a variety of projects, from home studio recording to outside broadcasts or recording vocals or instruments. Compatible with most recording software packages, this device plugs into both stage sound systems and computers' USB ports for convenient storage and transfer between them.

Elgato Wave:3

The Elgato Wave:3 microphone is designed to be the go-to solution for streamers. As a Corsair-owned microphone made by studio mic specialist Lewitt, this model targets content creators, podcasters, Twitch streamers and online callers alike.

Unlike some other mics for streaming, the Wave:3 has a polar pattern that focuses on sound in front of its diaphragm rather than around it. This makes it perfect for vocals and commentary while still offering plenty of high-end clarity.

It also features a low-cut filter, which eliminates deeper tones and ambient room noises from audio recordings. This is useful for streamers who use their mic close range since it helps counter the proximity effect--where bass gets amplified when getting too close to the mic.

This microphone boasts a stylish black metal and plastic construction that feels well-built. It has one dial on the front that clicks in to adjust input levels, plus there's also a touch-sensitive mute sensor at the top for tap-to-mute functionality.

As is standard with most microphones, the Wave:3 also comes with a USB-C cable that plugs into your computer's ports. This thick cable extends up to 6.5 feet, making it simple to connect the microphone to either laptop or desktop computers.

Furthermore, the microphone comes complete with a shock mount and pop filter designed specifically for the Wave:3, making installation and takedown incredibly straightforward--no tools necessary!

Wave Link, the microphone software from Sony, also integrates with their Stream Deck line of live streaming devices so you can adjust the settings on the go. If you're streaming with multiple cameras or games, this feature comes in handy since it eliminates having to manually edit mic settings on your computer.

Fifine K669B

The Fifine K669B is an ideal option for gamers and streamers looking to enhance their audio. Crafted from durable metal, this device helps capture voice in crystal clear quality with its mute button and headphone jack monitoring your audio levels.

The K669B can be utilized for Zoom meetings and it's compatible with Mac and Windows computers. It's plug and play, meaning no software or drivers need to be installed - plus, it's USB-powered for convenient streaming or gaming activities.

It features a 3.5mm headphone jack and Micro B port. Plus, there's a mute switch as well as an LED indicator to let you know which mode you're currently in.

You have three modes to choose from: stereo, bi-directional and omnidirectional. Each picks up sound differently depending on where the microphone is pointed.

This makes the microphone versatile enough to be used in various contexts, like Zoom meetings. Furthermore, you can utilize it for recording or podcasting purposes as well.

The mic is on the small size, measuring 120 x 48 mm and weighing 158 grams. While that makes it convenient to pack away in a bag, its portability cannot quite compare to that of a Blue Yeti (which is slightly smaller and weighs less).

However, the Fifine K669B offers plenty of features at such an affordable price point. Its mute button and pop filter help reduce background noise, while a gain knob gives you more control than many budget microphones offer.

36 songs no apologies Morgan Wallen delivers more

Country Star Morgan Wallen Delivers 36 Songs No Apologies

Country superstar Morgan Wallen is one of the most beloved artists in his genre today, riding his Everyman persona and brooding whiskey-soaked country rock songs to tremendous success. However, he's also made headlines for his political activism.

On Tuesday (March 2), he surprised his high school alma mater Gibbs High School with an unexpected concert to commemorate his latest album. Featuring eight songs from One Thing at a Time (courtesy of Spotify), he performed for the 2023 senior class as well as faculty and other local guests.

1. “Dangerous”

Morgan Wallen of Big Loud/Republic Records has been hailed as "the fastest rising young star in country" (Variety). His new album, Dangerous: The Double Album, is an ambitious 30-track project that took nearly three years to complete. Written mainly by Wallen throughout this phase of his career, this expansive release cements Wallen as an artist with superstar potential.

On "Dangerous," Wallen delivers more of what made him famous. With a neo-classicist sound that bridges the gap between classic country and contemporary music, Wallen is less interested in being the next big thing than reinvigorating some of country music's staple tropes that have defined it over the past decade.

2. “One Thing at a Time”

Last year was a challenging one for Morgan Wallen, who received an industry-wide but temporary rebuke when video footage emerged of him using a racial slur. This sparked widespread discussions about country music's relationship with race, yet Wallen's regular-guy image and romanticism kept his fans streaming his music despite all of the controversy.

On his third album, One Thing at a Time, Wallen delivers more of what he does best. Each song on the record vying for recognition as an eventual No. 1, Wallen draws upon influences ranging from swaggering bro country sounds that wouldn't sound out of place in early 2000s Florida Georgia Line's era to nostalgic Allman Brothers 60s melodies.

3. “Outlook”

Morgan Wallen has created one of his most ambitious albums to date, One Thing at a Time, boasting 36 songs in total.

Wallen's album is truly remarkable, offering more than just great music. It focuses on what matters most to him - family and faith included.

He begins the record with an important moment in his life, a song that examines how he's changed since being caught on video using the N-word drunkenly. In essence, the country star has used this incident as motivation to examine his privilege and what it entails.

4. “Spin You Around”

Morgan Wallen was born in Sneedville, Tennessee to a hard-rocking preacher and contemporary-Christian teacher. As a child he took piano and violin lessons as well as playing baseball during college but ultimately chose music over sports.

One of country music's biggest stars, Wallen has achieved superstardom with 3.4 BILLION on-demand streams and multiple Platinum certifications for his debut record "Dangerous," which debuted at number one and since sold over 400,000 copies. His new single, "Natural", also achieved platinum certification.

His latest album, One Thing at a Time, captures both personal highs and lows with equal poignancy. The self-awareness on display here displays true maturity as evidenced by reflective ballads like "Thought You Should Know" and "Wine Into Water."

5. “Wasted on You”

Tom Wallen was born to pastor Tommy Wallen and Leslie Wallen, and grew up singing in church as well as learning piano and violin. Though he originally intended to play baseball in college, an injury to his elbow led him to pursue music instead.

Morgan Wallen has plenty of songs that capture his unique style, but none quite compare to "Wasted on You." This Southern country funk number makes you want to dance along in your car - it embodies Wallen's party songs while also showing him off as a deeply personal artist.

Wallen's mother is honored in this sweet tribute, and it serves as a reminder that there are still people out there who appreciate a good love song. This track is an example of his unique blend of traditional country music with other genres to create something fresh and captivating.

6. “Thought You Should Know”

Wallen is one of the biggest country stars this generation and he has an army of passionate fans that have stuck by him through all his ups and downs, including competing on NBC's The Voice.

Morgan Wallen began his music career as a contestant on the show, joining Usher's and later Adam Levine's teams. Although he was eliminated during the playoffs, Wallen quickly found collaboration in Sergio Sanchez of Atom Smash who helped him craft songs that suited his style and attitude.

Wallen's string of hits have cemented him as one of country music's most renowned voices. His sophomore album, Dangerous: The Double Album, debuted at #1 on Billboard 200 and became his biggest success to date; selling over 1 million copies and vaulting him into the Top 5 list for male artists for the first time ever.

7. “Wild as Her”

Morgan Wallen's Everyman persona and dark, whiskey-soaked country rock songs have catapulted him to the heights of modern country stardom. With each album, his two albums have set records and produced multiple hit singles - Wallen has truly become one of country music's biggest names.

Wallen's 36-song album One Thing at a Time promises an explosive dose of his signature sound, and it is safe to say he will continue to amaze us all with each new offering. His songs showcase a side of him that truly represents who he is; songs that reflect who he is at their core.

The album begins with a lyrical tribute to alcohol, which should come as no shock considering his previous two records frequently referenced it. If records had to carry an alcohol content warning, this one would easily register 180 proof.

8. “Don’t Think Jesus”

Born in Sneedville, Tennessee - home to bluegrass legend Jimmy Martin - to a hard-rockin' preacher and contemporary Christian teacher, Wallen has always had an affinity for music. Beginning to sing at church at age three and taking up violin at five, Wallen demonstrated early on his creative vision.

He honed that talent on the road, where his ability to sing about love and loss with a Southern accent never faltered. After appearing on season seven of NBC's The Voice, he moved back home to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

He followed with Dangerous, which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 in 2021. Additionally, the year saw him release a string of hits such as "Don't Think Jesus," which reached No. 1 on the country singles chart in April.

9. “Whiskey Glasses”

Morgan Wallen's "Whiskey Glasses," co-written with Ben Burgess and Kevin Kadish, has become one of the most beloved songs to hit country radio in a decade. The single, which reached #1 on multiple charts, cemented Wallen's place as an up-and-coming artist with only one single under his belt and 173 million digital streams to date - an impressive accomplishment for someone with only one single release and no label behind him.

Wallen has emerged from recent controversy to become one of the top Country stars to watch. He's currently embarking on a North American tour that will take him to all the big venues and small towns alike.

10. “Broadway Girls”

Few years back, Morgan Wallen was the biggest country star in the world. His brooding, whiskey-soaked country rock songs quickly rose to the top of the charts while sparking controversy along the way.

Due to scandals and the COVID-19 pandemic, singer/songwriter had little time for touring, leaving him with plenty of free time to create new music. In 2022, he unleashed singles such as "Don't Think Jesus," "Thought You Should Know" and "You Proof."

His third full-length album, One Thing at a Time, was released in March of 2023 and features collaborations with Eric Church, HARDY and ERNEST that blend country, alternative rock and hip-hop influences into songs that are more personal than ever before.

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