Below Deck Season 10 - What Happened to Captain Lee Rosbach?

Below Deck Season 10 - What Happened to Captain Lee Rosbach?


Season 10 of Below Deck was packed with surprises - including Captain Lee Rosbach's shocking announcement that he would be departing the yacht mid-season.

On Monday's episode, Rosbach revealed his nerve issues were getting worse and that he had no choice but to leave the mega yacht.

What Happened to Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck Season 10?

Captain Lee Rosbach, who had been aboard Below Deck since its premiere season of 2013, announced he would be departing due to health reasons. At 73 years old, Captain Rosbach suffered from nerve problems which rendered him in pain and unable to carry out his duties.

In episode four of Below Deck season 10, the yacht's captain took a surprising decision and left to seek replacement. This news came as a shock to everyone on board; their shock turned to disbelief when everyone on board saw what had become of them overnight.

People reported that Captain Lee had been suffering from nerve issues which had caused him to go numb in half of his body at once. Thankfully, the reality star was able to return to work after months of physical therapy and massage sessions with a clinician.

He credits Mary Anne with helping him through recovery and hopes to make a return on Below Deck season 10. While fans eagerly await what will happen next, the yacht captain keeps busy by appearing at recent events like BravoCon 2022 and Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.

Below Deck is a reality series that documents the lives of crewmembers on mega yachts as they strive to cater to their guests' needs while fulfilling their own duties. This time around, they're sailing around the Caribbean aboard the 197-foot St. David with chef Rachel Hargrove and chief stew Fraser Olender joined by bosun Ross McHarg and deckhands Katie Glaser, Luis Antonio "Tony" Duarte, Ben Willoughby and more.

This season, the crew is discovering that running a big boat presents its own set of difficulties. They must contend with weather events, storms and an abundance of stress.

But that was just a prelude to what's to come in episode five, which will pick up where Monday's show left off and explore the aftermath of Captain Lee's abrupt departure. It remains uncertain who will take his place behind the wheelhouse, but an earlier scene showed Rosbach calling an unnamed captain to inform them his time on board has come to an end.

Why did he leave the yacht?

On Monday, December 12, Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach unexpectedly informed his crew of his impending departure due to ongoing health issues. However, he also gave them hope that he would be back aboard soon.

Fans have already noticed that the 73-year-old's health has been an issue since the show's season 10 premiere in November. He suffers from nerve problems on the left side of his body, making it difficult for him to walk and perform his duties as captain.

Despite his struggles, he's never given up his passion for yachting and always puts the safety of his crew before himself. On Instagram, he shared details of his daily routine to emphasize that health comes first and he plans to return to sailing as soon as possible.

Recently, in an interview with PEOPLE magazine, he stated that he will not be retiring anytime soon. He stressed the importance of his health and will only leave when it is appropriate.

On the latest episode of Below Deck, Captain Lee announced his departure from the show and revealed he was stepping down due to ongoing nerve issues on his left leg. He has been walking with crutches all season long due to pain in that leg which makes it difficult for him to do his job effectively.

Fans of Below Deck have been worried about his health since he had to miss the first two episodes of season nine after undergoing surgery to repair severe spinal stenosis. While he's still recuperating, he recently told PEOPLE that he will return later this season.

Fans of Below Deck will recognize Lee Rosbach as a main character since its inception in 2013. Often referred to as "the Stud of the Sea," Lee is one of the most beloved characters on the show and an iconic figure.

He's earned a place of honor in the yachting industry as an experienced captain and has even written a book. In Running Against the Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea, he chronicles his remarkable journey from Michigan to the high seas. With extensive experience on various superyachts under his belt, he commands more than 12 vessels today.

What’s the latest on his health?

Fans of Below Deck may recall Captain Lee Rosbach leaving the yacht mid-season on Season 10 due to health concerns. He shocked his crew with the news and made an incredible confession on-screen about having to depart.

The 73-year-old known as "the Stud of the Sea" took to social media to answer health queries from fans. A photo of him lifting 175 pounds on a chest press showed that he looked fantastic!

Thankfully, his health issues appear to be improving and he's on the road to recovery. Recently, he visited Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to share that his condition is much improved from one year prior.

According to People magazine, Captain Lee suffered from spinal stenosis - a severe condition that causes back pain and weakness as well as numbness, tingling, and cramping in the legs and feet. Additionally, it may result in loss of bladder or bowel control.

On December 12th, 2021, Captain Lee underwent spinal surgery for lumbar decompression - a procedure designed to alleviate the pain associated with spinal stenosis. It's common for patients to experience some recovery period after this type of operation but it could take up to six weeks before they're back at their usual level of fitness.

Captain Lee is in reportedly the best shape of his life! TMZ caught Captain Lee working out earlier this year, and he was seen lifting heavy weights without any apparent difficulty.

He's been working with a team of experts to help him get back on track and has been hitting the gym daily in an effort to stay in shape. Last week, reports indicate he lifted some serious weights during a chest press - evidence that he may be on the mend!

Though it remains uncertain if he'll return for Season 11, he has assured fans that he is not yet ready to depart the show.

However, if show producers decide to alter its direction and replace Captain Lee with another captain, there will likely be widespread outrage among fans. That being said, it's encouraging to hear that he's doing well and has no regrets about leaving the boat!

Will he return?

Captain Lee Rosbach, a longtime fixture on Below Deck since it premiered in 2013, took a brief hiatus from the yacht last season due to ongoing health issues. But now the 73-year-old is back aboard St. David - and busting his crew into shape!

In addition to Captain Lee's return, Below Deck fans got a dose of new drama this week when controversial Stew Camille Lamb made her triumphant return. The former chief stew was dismissed during Rosbach's absence, and her return caused an uproar among her coworkers.

Camille seems to have the best of intentions and isn't afraid to use her power on board to get what she wants. She returns into the crew's cabin where she meets Ben Willoughby; they embrace each other while being surrounded by crew members.

Lee had been a staple on Below Deck in the past, but this season his mobility was severely restricted due to nerve damage in his leg. When not bedridden, Lee often needed assistance using crutches or canes for stability.

Mary Anne, his wife, is always by his side to offer support and comfort. She even helped him through the rehabilitation process to restore his health.

Meanwhile, Below Deck crew members are still feeling the effects of their recent change in captains - and it appears some tensions have not yet been addressed. Second Stew Alissa Humber seems less forgiving of her boss than before.

Captaining a yacht can be challenging, and it's no shock that this profession would bring with it some growing pains. With a new captain and fresh faces onboard, however, the team must learn how to work together and tackle the challenges that come with being onboard a vessel.

Captain Lee Rosbach may be a fan favorite, but Below Deck fans may have to wait another season or two before seeing him aboard the yacht again. The reality series films at the start of each year and we don't know whether show production wants him back for season 11 - so we'll just have to wait and see!

What Happened to Robin Roberts?

Robin Roberts, a beloved morning show anchor, has been absent from her show for several days. On December 15th 2022 she shared her final daily pre-show routine on her show and has not returned since then.

Roberts was born and raised in Mississippi, starting her career as a sportscaster for local stations before joining ESPN in 1990. She later transitioned into journalism and is an inspiring two-time cancer survivor; diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 followed by myelodysplastic syndrome five years later - an uncommon blood disorder.

What Happened to Robin Roberts?

Good Morning America has been a force in American mornings since 2002, and Robin Roberts is one of its most adored hosts. Her candid celebrity interviews, insightful news coverage and inspiring messages on Instagram make her a household name.

Despite her impressive career, she has endured devastating health issues over the years. The Mississippi native has battled breast cancer and Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a rare blood disorder. She credits her supporters for seeing her through these trials.

Her inspiring journey of triumph over illness was featured on GMA and 20/20 specials, serving as a testament to the strength of love, determination and bravery. Additionally, she wrote a book about her experience which became an acclaimed best-selling memoir.

She and her partner, Amber Laign, have been happily together for 17 years. Recently they announced their engagement to each other.

Roberts and Roberts began dating when she moved to New York City in 2005, though they discussed marriage briefly due to Roberts' health issues. Throughout their relationship, however, there were occasional arguments and arguments between them.

In June 2012, she was diagnosed with MDS and required a bone marrow transplant. To promote bone marrow donations through Be the Match, she returned to work following her recovery.

Now, Robin has a lot on her plate and she's taking time for herself. Additionally, she is prepping for her daughter's wedding and spending more quality time with her partner Amber.

She's a busy lady, managing to juggle it all while still fulfilling her duties as co-host of Good Morning America. Although she took some time away from the show recently, it appears she will return for the holidays.

Robin will be dedicating her time to caring for her partner's health during this hiatus, but she won't stop inspiring others with her inspirational messages on social media. Before each show she shares daily prayers and motivational tips with viewers and credits her family with supporting her through these difficult times.

The beloved Good Morning America anchor shared a video of herself and her partner dancing after completing radiation treatments for breast cancer. They posted the clip on their Instagram page, informing fans that they will be taking time off hosting to focus on their health.

Amber Laign’s Health

Robin Roberts has been in a long-term relationship with Amber Laign for 17 years. Throughout this period of time, they have experienced many ups and downs together.

Roberts and Laign manage to stay connected despite their hectic schedules, remaining supportive of one another throughout life's obstacles. For instance, Roberts revealed in February that Laign was currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and plans on taking a break from Good Morning America until she can fully devote herself to fighting this battle.

According to the news outlet, Laign is also fighting a rare blood disorder known as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), which requires a bone marrow transplant. Both celebrities have been open about their health struggles with their fans and followers, providing updates on how they are faring in their respective public battles.

On April 24, 61-year-old Laign shared an emotional update on her partner's health during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. As she battled back tears as she shared Laign's journey in fighting breast cancer with viewers, it was evident that Laign was struggling.

Roberts, a cancer survivor herself, understands the significance of having an effective support system during trying times. Her partner has served as both a "bit of a roadmap" and an inspiring role model as she navigates her own health challenges.

Roberts reported that her prognosis for Amber and herself is good, with both taking time to rest and spend quality time together. According to DeGeneres, Roberts has taken time off work in order to focus on themselves and Amber's wellbeing.

Amber and Robin, even though they appear on different shows, share a close bond. They met through blind date and have been together ever since.

Their affection for one another is evident on their Instagram accounts, where the couple posts videos and photos of their adorable pet, Lil' Man Lukas, to share with their followers.

Amber also owns Plant Juice Oils, where she promotes products made with CBD (cannabidiol), an ingredient which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for women going through menopause.

What Happened to Robin Roberts on GMA?

Robin Roberts has been an anchor on ABC's Good Morning America since 2005. Her extensive reporting and travel have taken her around the globe, from Iraq where she covered Hurricane Katrina; Africa where she interviewed South Africa's president; and Mexico where she climbed the Mayan Pyramids.

Despite her busy travel schedule and notable events, the 61-year-old still finds time for herself. In 2022, she announced her engagement to longtime partner Amber Laign.

Gabby Bernstein, a motivational author, revealed her plans to marry the love of her life during a conversation. She had been considering it for some time but was hesitant to announce them publicly.

She and Laign have been together for nearly two decades, sharing both good times and bad. Robin suffered from breast cancer in 2007 while Laign was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a rare blood disorder that produces abnormal cells in the bone marrow.

Thankfully, Laign has successfully completed her radiation treatments this year and the cancer has not returned. Nonetheless, Roberts will take some time away from the show to focus on taking care of her partner's wellbeing.

Roberts, a cancer survivor herself, has been an advocate for raising awareness about the significance of bone marrow donations. For over a decade on "GMA," she's celebrated the lives of people whose lives have been saved through transplants and encouraged others to register as potential donors.

At CURE(r)'s 12th Annual Extraordinary Healer(r) event, 61-year-old anchor Susannah Boyack shared her own inspiring journey and that of cancer survivors. Additionally, she encouraged viewers to sign up for Be The Match, a nonprofit which connects patients with donors whose bone marrow matches theirs.

In 2022, Roberts is a two-time cancer survivor who has dedicated her life to spreading awareness about the significance of bone marrow donation. Through her efforts, people who were either motivated to register as donors or found one through Roberts have expressed their gratitude.

What Happened to Robin Roberts in 2022?

Robin Roberts made a momentous 2022 announcement: she would be wed to her partner Amber Laign, marking an enormous milestone for the Good Morning America star. Additionally, she revealed that she had finished part of her cancer treatment.

Her journey wasn't always smooth, but that didn't stop her from following her dreams and making a name for herself in broadcasting. With the support of her family, she was able to overcome breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome - a rare blood disorder. Through it all she found strength through love for those close to her such as those on Good Morning America or on an exclusive primetime 20/20 episode.

In 2022, she began to experience improvements in her health. She started work on her Disney show Turning the Tables, which features interviews with women in the spotlight. Additionally, she took her first solo trip to New Zealand and visited Milford Sound - widely regarded as the eighth wonder of the world.

As she prepares to celebrate the holidays, she's taking some time off the show and spending quality time with her loved ones. In fact, she shared a picture of her holiday getaway to Key West that left fans feeling very pleased for her!

Over the weekend, Sheryl Crow changed up her style, wearing eye-catching glam and flip-flops. This ensemble wasn't usually seen on her show, so it was a surprise to see her in such an outfit.

Meanwhile, she had an exclusive conversation with Wendell Pierce about his Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman. They discussed their favorite actors who have portrayed the role, the importance of mentoring young actors, and more!

Robin is a television star, mother to three, and advocate for youth homelessness. She has been involved with Covenant House for several years and recently received their Beacon of Hope Award at their Night of Covenant House Stars Gala on May 23 in New York City.

what happened to jimmy garoppolo

What Happened to Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13 against Miami Dolphins, suffered a broken foot that will keep him out for the remainder of this season.

On the opening drive of the game, Jerome Baker and Jaelan Phillips sacked him, leading to an injury on his left foot which required testing in the medical tent. After landing awkwardly on his left foot, he tested it out on the sideline before entering the medical tent for evaluation.

He suffered a broken foot

What happened to Jimmy Garoppolo is the big question on everyone's mind after he suffered an injury during the opening quarter of San Francisco's game against Miami Dolphins. The 49ers quarterback was sacked by Miami linebackers Jaelan Phillips and Jerome Baker early in the contest, leading to him being carted off the field.

This injury is a huge blow for the 49ers, who had been on an upward trajectory after starting quarterback Trey Lance suffered an ankle injury in Week 1. Jimmy G has done an admirable job filling in for Lance and has now thrown for 2,437 yards with 16 touchdowns this season.

Though not a career-ending injury, the 49ers' playoff chances have taken an immediate hit. Given their formidable defensive unit and potent rushing attack, they could very well be in contention for a wildcard spot in the NFC.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan is open to bringing back Garoppolo for a late postseason comeback if their team makes the playoffs. He said they are undecided on whether they want another quarterback change before the NFC championship, but hasn't ruled out it in case they do win that game.

In Garoppolo's absence, rookie quarterback Brock Purdy has filled in for the Niners. Since replacing Garoppolo, Purdy has thrown for 210 yards and scored one touchdown while also rushing for 62 yards; his only interception came on a pass by Miami Dolphins that went incomplete.

After a lengthy rehabilitation stint during the offseason, Garoppolo has been gradually increasing his weight on his foot and is now considered "questionable" to play Sunday against Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Levi's Stadium. Reports indicate he's getting stronger but ultimately it comes down to how much pressure he can bear on it.

Garoppolo is likely to require surgery, giving him a seven-week timeline for his return. To ensure the 49ers continue winning games, they'll need their young quarterback at his best.

He will miss the rest of the season

If you've been following the San Francisco 49ers this season, then you might have noticed Jimmy Garoppolo has been an integral part of their winning streak. Unfortunately, he was unable to play in Sunday's victory over Miami Dolphins due to a broken foot which will keep him sidelined for the remainder of this season.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan reported that Garoppolo suffered an injury to his left foot during Sunday's 33-17 win against the Dolphins, necessitating surgery for season-ending repair. This setback will result in missing both the remainder of regular season play as well as the division round of playoffs.

For the remainder of this season, the 49ers are expected to have Brock Purdy at quarterback. However, Garoppolo remains a possible return option during the postseason. In fact, they could even trade him away to another team in order to keep him around for the playoffs.

As for the future, Garoppolo is expected to return as a starter and lead the 49ers back to Super Bowl glory. He already led them to their first 8-0 start since 1990 and boasts an impressive list of NFL starts throughout his career.

He has been an incredible leader for the 49ers and has done a remarkable job of keeping his team in games when they were down - something often lacking in the NFL. This has been one of the primary reasons why both seasons he started for San Francisco the 49ers have made it to the NFC Championship game.

Garoppolo has always been known for his confidence on the field. He enjoys an excellent relationship with his teammates and knows when to make the right move at the right time.

Additionally, his incredible work ethic and desire to compete have contributed greatly to his success on the field, and this will no doubt continue to help him develop as a quarterback in the future.

He will be re-signed

In an unexpected development, Jimmy Garoppolo has been re-signed by the San Francisco 49ers as Trey Lance's backup and will become their highest paid quarterback, according to Adam Schefter of NFL Media.

Garoppolo spent four seasons as Tom Brady's understudy on the New England Patriots and did well during his absence. Additionally, he earned himself a Super Bowl ring during his time with the team.

His meteoric rise was due to his ability to step in and lead when necessary, as well as his patience under duress. His professionalism and leadership serve as a model for any quarterback in the league.

He earned the Walter Payton Award during college, winning it for the 2013-14 Ohio Valley Conference season and earning FCS national quarterback of the year honors in 2013.

Garoppolo enjoyed a successful college career and was selected by the New England Patriots in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He signed a four-year, $3.4 million contract with them during that time.

Though he had his share of ups and downs, Brady led the Patriots to two Super Bowl victories and is one of only three quarterbacks to have earned a Super Bowl ring with both teams.

Garoppolo had a difficult year and lost his starting position to Trey Lance, yet he returned in 2022 on a restructured deal that made him the highest paid backup quarterback in the NFL. He played 50% of snaps both during regular season and playoffs and was an integral part of San Francisco's NFC Championship run last season.

Since the 49ers weren't able to add a quarterback this offseason, it made sense for them to bring him back at a reduced cost. He proved himself an ideal fit for the team and has already begun working with coach Kyle Shanahan.

Garoppolo's status as a 49ers starter will likely remain uncertain after next season. After investing heavily in Lance via the NFL draft, it seems unlikely they won't be searching for a long-term successor to him.

He will be a free agent

Jimmy Garoppolo will become a free agent this spring, giving him the chance to pursue his goal of playing in a Super Bowl. At present, he's one of the best quarterbacks in the game and could draw interest from other teams.

The New York Jets could potentially be the ideal landing spot for Garoppolo. Their roster is elite and they possess the financial means to sign him. If they do, he would be an incredible addition to their team and help them win their first Super Bowl in decades.

Another potential landing spot for him could be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His teammates have been very good to him, making him an ideal replacement for Derek Carr who likely will be traded away soon.

In his career, he has thrown 16 touchdown passes against four interceptions and completed 67% of his passes. Additionally, he earned a substantial amount of money through partnerships with Nike, Bose, and Levis.

If he is re-signed by the San Francisco 49ers in 2023, he will earn a salary of $35.5 million - an incredibly reasonable price for such an accomplished quarterback.

Though he does not have as many championship rings as some of his peers, he still boasts an impressive NFL record. Currently 40-17 as a starter, he has played well throughout his career - even when injured.

He may not be quite the same caliber of quarterback as Aaron Rodgers, but he can definitely help the Jets reach their objectives in the future. Additionally, his relationship with head coach Robert Saleh makes him an ideal pick for the Jets.

Atlanta Falcons could potentially be a potential destination for him. They boast an impressive roster, but need to upgrade their quarterback position. Expect them to draft a young quarterback this coming year and need someone as a bridge player to guide them towards the Super Bowl.

The Washington Commanders might be an option for him too, as they boast a quality offense and solid defense. Their ownership situation may concern him, but their offensive line and young quarterback Taylor Heinicke should make them an attractive option for the franchise.

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