Baby Tate Releases Official Dance Video For Her Virusal?Hey Mickey!? Track

Baby Tate Releases Official Dance Video For Her Virusal?Hey Mickey!? Track


Baby Tate releases official dance video for viral Hey Mickey track

Video Star: Baby Tate

Baby Tate, a Decatur-raised singer/rapper/all-around talent, has released the official dance video for her popular?Hey Mickey! track. Paying homage to the 1981 classic with choreography by Nicole Kirkland, the video features Baby Tate dressed in cheerleader uniforms as she spends most of the visual admiring her male lead before revealing a twist at the end.

Atlanta-born artist Dionne Farris is the offspring of soul singer Dionne Farris and musician/producer David Ryan Harris, but she has made her mark through a unique combination of musical gifts and talent. At three years old she began attending performing arts school where she studied music, dance and piano before beginning to produce her own beats at 13 years old.

Tate achieved international acclaim with the release of her 2015 EP ROYGBIV, which XXL described as a "sonic journey through a rainbow." She followed this up with an Xmas-themed EP YBTXMAS in 2016, followed by her bold Boys project in 2018.

On May 13, 1996 in Decatur, Georgia to soul singer Dionne Farris and musician/producer Dave Ryan Harris, Tate started making music when she was 13 years old - starting off by dancing, playing piano and creating beats to her mother's 1995 Top Ten hit "I Know". This early interest in music business would later manifest into her first single "I Know," featured on Dionne Farris' Top Ten hit of that same year which marked the beginning of Tate's journey into success in this industry.

In 2019, the versatile vocalist performed alongside British pop star Bree Runway, announced a partnership with Issa Rae's Raedio label and ignited an exciting Tik Tok movement with her "I Am" feature on fellow Alabama artist Flo Milli's album After The Rain (2020). Additionally, Honda invited her to perform in Billboard's exclusive "Yasss Queen" performance and finished the year by releasing her debut full-length GIRLS EP.

Video Producer: Nicole Kirkland

Baby Tate has released the official dance video for her hit track?Hey Mickey!, featuring a cheerleader theme. Choreographed by Nicole Kirkland, it features several celebrities.

Nicole Kirkland is a professional choreographer and dancer based in Los Angeles, California. With extensive experience in community and industry dance, Nicole's work has been featured on many renowned artists such as Prince, Iggy Azalea, Gwen Stefani, Daddy Yankee, Nicole Scherzinger Neyo Saweetie Masego Kehlani Hyolyn.

Kirkland has achieved great success despite not having a formal education. Her videos have amassed millions of views and followers across social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Kirkland has extensive experience as both a choreographer and teacher, having created content for numerous dance companies, conventions, and record labels.

Her dance videos have earned her more than 1.01 million subscribers on her own YouTube channel, as well as recognition and admiration on Instagram where she boasts over 578,000 followers.

This video is an eclectic fusion of contemporary dance styles. It includes ballet, twerking, and hip hop choreographies.

This playful video will make you smile as it showcases Baby Tate and her dancers having a good time with their friends. Plus, there's an unexpected twist at the end!

HeatwaveGlobal and Jake Hale created this video, featuring Baby Tate performing her latest single "Rainbow Cadillac". It's an upbeat tune that will get you in the mood to dance.

Video Editing: Nicole Kirkland

Nicole Kirkland is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor based in Los Angeles, California. Her versatility has earned her accolades across both community and industry dance scenes.

She has collaborated with artists such as Prince, Ceelo Green, K. Michelle, Kehlani, Paloma Ford, Tayla Parx, Liv Warfield, E40, 3rdEyeGirl, Iakopo and Judith Hill among many others. Additionally she travels nationally and internationally teaching classes and setting pieces for studios, workshops & dance teams.

Her videos have achieved immense popularity, with her YouTube channel boasting over 600k subscribers. Some of her most popular works include "BUTTONS" | Choreography by Nicole Kirkland | THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS EXPERIENCE", Rihanna - "Pour It Up", and Chris Brown - "Privacy".

Her work in the hip hop community has earned her a devoted following, but her training allows her to instruct students across various genres. Her approach is story-driven and she strives to encourage her pupils to express themselves creatively and with authenticity.

She believes in the transformative power of music and movement to tell stories, so she has used her talent to help students express their creativity. Her goal is to make every class an unforgettable experience.

Choreographer Michelle is constantly honing her craft, taking on new challenges and learning from others. She serves as an invaluable mentor to young dancers.

Nicole is an accomplished artist whose love of dance has enabled her to reach success. She has received tremendous support from her fans and followers alike, being open about her life and sharing pictures with them. Nicole has never shied away from expressing her sexuality, and is currently in a relationship with Instagram star Aryan Davenport.

Video Music: Baby Tate

Baby Tate loves to showcase her talents, which is evident in her new official dance video. In it, she and a group of dancers take an exhilarating tour through a warehouse where they're encouraged to twerk and perform unconventional moves. This unique music video serves as proof that the Decatur, Georgia rapper's meteoric rise continues unabated.

Yung Baby Tate's "Rainbow Cadillac," is an uptempo song about self-assurance. This track comes off her latest project, which marks her first collaboration with other songwriters and producers. Additionally, this marks a further development in her partnership with Issa Rae's label Raedio.

Choreographer Nicole Kirkland directed the inspiring video for Billboard and Honda last year, featuring Chelsie Tate and her cheerleading squad admiring a male lead before an unexpected twist comes at the end. Check it out below, and if you like what you see, be sure to listen to Tate's new track "Yasss Queen" above.

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