American Express Black Card Logo

American Express Black Card Logo


American Express is one of the world's premier credit card companies, offering a comprehensive range of cards for travel, cash back, business and general usage.

The Black Card is American Express' most sought-after charge card. Previously invitation only, it has since become accessible to all eligible members.

The history of the company’s logo

American Express, founded in 1850 in New York City, has a iconic logo that unites several areas of their business. This emblematic image embodies both simplicity and grace - an emblem synonymous with American Express today.

In 2018, American Express unveiled a brand refresh focused on their digital media channels. Branding agency Pentagram completed the redesign, eliminating the color gradient and simplifying letterforms for improved legibility on screens.

The redesign also featured a revised nameplate that redraws the letters for easier portability, as well as more refined glyphs. Before, they had no true negative space and didn't scale well when sized down for smaller screens; this caused them to buttup against each other and make it difficult for them to stand alone, which was essential in creating their strong brand identity today.

Another notable change is the use of a heavier sans-serif font on the nameplate, improving its visual presence and making it easier to read in low resolution images.

It also allows the brand to be easily recognizable across a range of applications and environments, such as social media, mobile, and print. The design demonstrates their dedication to trust and reliability while also offering an efficient business approach that helps customers maintain their accounts and comply with tax laws.

Since 1974, American Express' iconic Blue Box symbol has been used. This version features a square area painted bright blue with the letters "AMERICAN EXPRESS," separated by wide white lines. This version of the logo is most expressive and looks great at any scale.

The Blue Box symbol

For the first time since 1975, American Express has given their iconic Blue Box symbol a refresh. This was achieved through an extensive identity redesign by Pentagram that sought to "bring greater visual continuity" to the brand.

According to the consultancy, the project sought to "optimize" American Express brand performance across all digital and physical touchpoints worldwide. Furthermore, it wanted to convey a stronger sense of simplicity and rigor that would give the brand uniqueness simultaneously.

Working closely with Clayton F. Ruenensaal, senior vice president of global brand management and design at Pentagram, the logo was redrawn for improved legibility on different sizes and surfaces.

The updated Blue Box logo utilizes a non-outlined lettering style, designed for screens with minimal negative space such as smartphones and apps. Additionally, this makes the word "Amex" bolder and more easily recognizable.

American Express has joined a host of minimalist brands that have made the shift away from overstimulation and towards simplicity in today's digital age. The logo's straightforward message is perfect for the company, which wants to stand out in an overcrowded credit card market.

American Express not only offers credit cards, but a host of banking and travel services as well. Plus, the company has partnerships with companies like Uber and Airbnb which give its card holders exclusive benefits.

In 2011, American Express unveiled Amex Sync, an innovative technology that lets card members link their cards to social media accounts. This allowed them to take advantage of deals and promotions tailored specifically for them.

American Express has a longstanding practice of using cause marketing to market its products and services. In 1983, it launched a campaign that asked its members to donate one penny for each purchase they made with their cards - leading to over $1.7 million in contributions towards the restoration project at the Statue of Liberty.

The Centurion symbol

American Express Centurion card is an exclusive option available only to the wealthiest card holders. While it carries a high annual fee, its benefits outweigh this inconvenience.

The Centurions logo was inspired by the Vitis, a badge worn by centurions in the Roman army. This badge served as a sign of command and honor (summam rerum imperiumque), displayed on their chests during battle.

Centurions were appointed by the Senate or emperor to lead their men during military campaigns and maintain discipline within the ranks. They were expected to be brave and rally their troops when necessary.

Centurions were an integral part of the military and played a significant role in helping the emperor reach his objectives. As such, they became widely regarded as a status symbol.

To become a centurion in the Roman army, one had to be an enlisted man who had served 15 to 20 years and been promoted through the ranks. Ultimately, you became a company commander and then praetor.

These senior officers fought in the front lines and escorted prisoners during wartime. Additionally, they were responsible for procuring food and supplies for their troops.

There are a few ways to obtain a Centurion card, including having either an extensive business with large net worth or being an existing Amex platinum card member with excellent credit. You may apply online or call to request an invitation.

The Centurion offers an array of benefits, such as access to concierge service that will book tickets for events and reservations at popular restaurants. They will even call you on anniversaries or other special occasions so that you never forget those moments.

Other benefits for Centurion cardholders include gym access at Equinox Destination Access, Saks Fifth Avenue shopping credits and invitations to exclusive entertainment events. Plus, each year they're entitled to a complimentary night at a luxury hotel.

There are other cards offering similar perks, but the Centurion card stands as the most costly and exclusive. With a $10,000 initiation fee and exceptional credit requirements to qualify, it's no wonder why this card has become so sought-after.

The Gladiator symbol

American Express' logo features the iconic Gladiator, an emblematic nod to classical antiquity. This symbol appears on their Zync, Cobalt, Blue Business, Plum, Green, Gold, Platinum and Centurion cards.

The logo's figure and pose evoke classical antiquity. It appears on the company's money orders and traveler's checks as well.

A compelling gladiator logo communicates your brand message, makes people remember it and helps them determine if your product is suitable for them. Not only can this increase revenue opportunities for your company but it can also raise brand awareness and boost sales as well.

It also motivates customers to reach for their aspirations and gives them a feeling of exclusivity, making the American Express logo such an appealing option for shoppers.

In fact, the company's logo is an iconic icon associated with many cultures around the world. It stands as a sign of prosperity, wealth and success and can be found on numerous items such as jewelry, watches and even tattoos.

Another iconic symbol in the company logo is the centurion, which appears on money orders and traveler's checks. It symbolizes trust, integrity, security and quality - it also appears on their Centurion card.

The centurion is an iconic design element from the company's founding. Stamped onto each card, it provides protection for customer transactions while offering a comforting sense of assurance.

Some artists have even included the black card symbol in their work, referencing it on their albums. Singers such as Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Bow Wow have all mentioned it in their lyrics.

In addition to representing success, the Centurion also symbolizes peace and harmony. Furthermore, it has been associated with a concept called "world service," which refers to the company's efforts to unite members around the globe.

No matter its accuracy, the Centurion logo is an iconic representation of American Express that will never go out of style. It's also a favorite among designers as it can be used on various products and services as well as being integrated into various other types of design projects.

american express black card logo

American Express is one of the world's premier credit card companies, renowned for their exceptional customer service and rewarding rewards and perks.

The black card is the pinnacle of American Express cards. It's an invitation-only credit card that only the top 1% qualify for.

The Centurion

Centurions served as leaders of their men in battle. They had to be brave, rallying the troops to face danger that might otherwise have killed them. Furthermore, these experienced soldiers had fought previously and knew their equipment well; thus Caesar included centurions in his councils of war, trusting in their wisdom and experience.

A Centurion tank was built to take on even the toughest armored vehicles in history. Its powerful cannon gave it a distinct advantage in battle, easily disabling many German and Soviet tanks of similar weight. Furthermore, this fast vehicle could accelerate up to 34 kilometers per hour on top speed and move at 60 kilometers per hour on the road.

In addition to its gun, the Centurion featured a powerful turret that could fire HESH ammunition. This ammunition allowed it to penetrate even the thickest German and Soviet tank armor, making it an unbeatable adversary.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the Centurion was vulnerable to the same weaknesses as any other tank. It could sustain crew damage as well as module damage.

The Centurion was an effective design used in several wars, such as the Korean Conflict. Powered by a Rolls-Royce Meteor V12 engine and weighing over 50 tons, it proved its worth during battles across Europe and America alike.

Its 105mm L7 main gun was complemented by a heavy caliber anti-aircraft gun and coaxial anti-infantry weapon. Its armor was as thick as that of even the heaviest infantry tanks, giving it superior cross-country performance compared to early cruiser tanks. As such, many armed forces around the world chose it for their armor requirements.

A Centurion tank is a symbol of courage, strength and discipline. The precision 90% tungsten barrel shows its devotion to duty with dedication.

American Express' Centurion card is an exclusive credit card designed for high spenders. It grants access to hotel discounts and elite hotel status, along with having a generous spending limit. Though this high threshold may not be suitable for everyone, those who use their Amex cards frequently can benefit from some great perks that save time and money in the process.

The Soldier

Rupert Brooke wrote many poems during the First World War, but "The Soldier" is widely considered one of his best. Published early in the conflict, it captured the public's enthusiasm for participating in battle.

This poem presents a patriotic and idealistic perspective on war and nationhood that obscures much of the horror that often accompanied conflicts during this era. On the other hand, poets like Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) wrote directly about these atrocities while combatting sentimentalization of it.

In this poem, Brooke employs a variety of poetic devices to convey the love and devotion a soldier feels for their country. This includes alliteration, meter and rhyme scheme, as well as religion.

This lyrical technique helps the speaker express his intense and passionate feelings for England, made even more poignant when he imagines his death. The poem begins with an octet that rhymes after Shakespearean/Elizabethan (ABAB CDCD) sonnet form, followed by a sestet that follows Petrarchan/Italian (EFG EFG) sonnet form.

Lines 5-8 provide a prime example of alliteration in the poem, as they ring together with pleasing tones. These /h/ and /s/ sounds are particularly pleasing to listen to, further compounding the speaker's feelings of affection for England and her beauty.

The sestet's /e/ sound adds to the beauty of the poem, conjuring up feelings of pure joy and bliss. This sense of being caught up in a world at peace gives the speaker strength to endure all of life's inevitable hardships and tragedies that come with military service.

The poem concludes with the image of a soldier awakening in an English heaven, often seen as a metaphor for healing and remembering those lost during conflict. This powerful metaphor conveys the soldier's belief in religion as its capacity for comfort in dealing with both personal loss and his own death.

The Blue Box

The Blue Box is one of the iconic symbols of American Express. First used in 1974, it features two lines of "AMERICAN EXPRESS" lettering inside a blue square. Originally designed as gradient with letters separated by wide white lines, designers have since modernized it to fit digital media better.

The logo is a representation of the company's philosophy. It conveys reliability and professionalism in business. Furthermore, the design conveys an emphasis on simplicity and minimalism.

With its latest update, branding agency Pentagram has eliminated the color gradient and improved letterforms. Furthermore, they created a cropped version with an off-center "Amex" that is easier to read across various digital platforms.

Additionally, its smaller form allows for easier sizing on smaller screens. Furthermore, its clean look makes it more legible and consistent across all forms of digital media such as mobile apps and websites.

Pentagram was commissioned by American Express to create a global design system that could adapt and thrive in both digital and physical contexts. This project involved redrawing the brand's iconic elements so they are more digitally legible and flexible, as well as creating an unifying visual identity for the company as it expands internationally.

At its core, the redesign is about reinforcing Amex as a powerful and respected global brand. It highlights the brand's core elements while offering more consistency when communicating with Card Members, merchants, bank partners and their customers around the world.

The American Express brand is well known for its commitment to innovation. In 2005, it introduced contactless payments using wireless RFID technology - no PIN entry or card swipe needed!

Amex has long been a pioneer of cause marketing, which promotes social and environmental causes. For instance, in 1983 it offered a promotion whereby it would donate one penny towards the restoration of Lady Liberty for every purchase made with an Amex card. This campaign generated contributions of $1.7 million and saw card usage soar by 28 percent.

In 2019, American Express is one of the world's most valuable brands, serving more than 112 million card members, 18 million merchants and hundreds of acquiring banks connected through its Amex Network. Thanks to its reputation for integrity and service, Amex has been able to expand into global markets while expanding its product and service offering. As a major player in payment processing, Amex has been recognized for its contribution to global financial stability.

The White Border

American Express is renowned for its secure and speedy money transfers. Their logo consists of a blue square with two lines of text - the company name and "AMERICAN EXPRESS."

Many consumers are well-acquainted with this logo. It has appeared on virtually every marketing piece and advertising campaign produced by the company since its founding in the mid-1800s.

The company even offers its own app, enabling customers to monitor their balances and transfer funds between credit cards. They provide various rewards and discounts such as gift cards or merchandise coupons.

There's no denying the iconic Blue Box logo for Microsoft is one of its most recognizable and beloved symbols. In 2018, branding agency Pentagram updated the look with a fresh typeface and bolder graphics that could stand outside the confines of its iconic box.

In today's digitally enabled world of social media and mobile devices, the brand needed a modern update to stay competitive with its rivals. To that end, they sourced an award-winning responsive typography system from an established partner for creating an elegant brand that could hold its own against even the toughest opponents.

The most remarkable design feat is American Express' rebranding of its iconic Blue Box logo, reinforcing and expanding their reputation for innovation in financial services, technology and philanthropy. By taking cues from customers, the new American Express is more than just a banker; it is an integral part of everyday life for millions of Americans.

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