35000 west pacific coast highway  Malibu CA 90265

35000 west pacific coast highway  Malibu CA 90265


35000 west pacific coast highway  malibu ca 90265

35000 west pacific coast highway  Malibu CA 90265

Leo Carillo State Beach

Leo Carillo State Beach, often praised as one of Malibu's top beaches, offers 1.5 miles of rocky tide pools to attract swimmers and surfers alike. Hikers can explore back-country trails across coastal cliffs or through campgrounds shaded by giant sycamores for an engaging environment.

In April and May, the park is one of the premier whale watching spots in Los Angeles. Rangers lead walks at this time to observe mother gray whales with their calves as they migrate north along the coastline.

Leo Carrillo's beaches are popular spots for swimming and surfing, but be warned - some rocky sections can be hazardous if you're an inexperienced swimmer. It is advised that you consult a lifeguard about current conditions before entering the water.

Leo Carrillo State Beach offers a host of activities, from swimming and surfing to surf fishing and beachcombing. Along the 1.5 miles of sand, you'll also come across numerous coastal caves and reefs as well as tide pools for exploration.

Giant sycamores provide shade to the main campgrounds and hiking-and-biking campsites at this park, making camping an exciting adventure! Reservations for camp sites should usually be made six months in advance for maximum availability.

For those seeking a more natural setting, Leo Carillo State Park Campground offers 130 tent and RV campsites. Plus, it has hot showers, a camp store, and a campfire center to keep you cozy under the stars.

Zuma Beach's neighbor to the northwest, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, offers a peaceful retreat for travelers seeking peace and serenity. It's an ideal destination for those wanting to spend time in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Leo Carrillo State Beach is ideal for families with children. It features a large and linear day-use parking lot as well as dog-friendly beaches. In the park's Sequit Point region, there are some rocky outcrops with fun tide pools and caves to explore at low tide.

Malibu Pier

Malibu Pier is one of the most iconic landmarks in the area. Its twin Cape Cod-style buildings at its end have become world renowned since its construction in the 1940s, its storied past having been featured on many movies and TV shows, while its tranquil setting draws visitors for a meal, walk or unforgettable sunset views.

The Malibu Farm Pier Cafe, situated right at the end of the pier, serves some of the finest cuisine in town. Stop in for a bite before watching a breathtaking sunset or surfers come in for their set at this restaurant.

It's smaller and less crowded than some of California's other piers, making it an ideal spot to unwind. Plus, there are a number of restaurants on site so you'll never go hungry when dining here!

Surfrider Beach (23050 Pacific Coast Highway), another popular beach near Malibu Pier, is another excellent option. Here you can relax and take in the perfect waves while watching others catch their sets.

This beach is the perfect spot to take in nature's splendor, especially during winter. It's popular among families and groups of friends alike; however, be warned: it can get busy during peak hours.

A young college female sipses iced coffee from a blue-striped straw as the ocean horizon can be seen in the background. Her lips are pursed around the straw as she appears profile to the camera.

Malibu Beach is a beloved destination on California's Pacific Coast that draws millions of tourists each year. Renowned for its sandy shorelines and spectacular ocean waves, Malibu Beach makes for stunning photographs of the sea.

Malibu Lagoon

Malibu Lagoon is a long, sandy stretch of beach sand in California that boasts some of the best surfing in California. It's popular among surfers from around the globe as it provides consistent swells along the Pacific coastline.

The beach itself is quite picturesque and can be an excellent location to hone your nature photography skills. You may also spot some majestic birds like pelicans or egrets that make for stunning pictures.

While at the beach, take a walk along its edge to view tide pools and the mouth of the lagoon. These are home to sea creatures like gulls, sandpipers and other birds searching for food.

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D at the beach and savor some relaxation under the sun. This is an ideal way to spend a day in Malibu, and there are plenty of things to explore nearby if you want to explore more of the city.

At certain tides you may even be able to spot Malibu Creek draining into the ocean through some of the sandbars on the beach. This is an excellent spot for finding marine creatures like crabs, shrimp and other fish.

The beaches here offer some shady spots where you can escape the scorching California sun. Plus, don't forget to stop in at one of the cafes or restaurants for a bite to eat while you're here!

In addition to the main state park entrance, visitors can also explore Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum within the park. These museums house an intriguing collection of artifacts and documents that tell Malibu's story.

Malibu Golf Course

If you're in Malibu and looking to play some golf, this course is worth considering. It provides a tranquil setting and challenging play for all skill levels. The fairways and greens are beautifully kept, while the staff can provide tips and tricks on playing your best game.

Visitors to this course might be shocked to know it recently sold to an obscure Chinese company. Shinhan Golden Faith International Development, a relatively unknown investment firm, acquired the 650-acre property for $30.5 million in late August.

Malibu Associates had defaulted on a $47-million loan it obtained in 2006. As such, they placed the property into receivership before selling it to a Chinese company.

Once purchased by a developer, the site can be turned into an attractive business venture. As evidenced by the Malibu Golf Club case study, Chinese firms were able to secure entitlements from the city for both a golf institute and hotel rooms.

Even with their rundown appearance, golf course redevelopment is becoming more common as the industry booms and owners struggle to keep them running. The sale of Malibu Golf Club to a Chinese firm is particularly noteworthy as it was owned by former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld and was one of the largest properties in the area when it was purchased back in 2006.

Malibu Golf Club may have once looked hopeless, but its iconic status in Los Angeles could be restored thanks to a Chinese investment firm who purchased it this month in an all-cash deal. According to reports in the Los Angeles Times, Malibu Golf Club will once again become a destination golf course.

Malibu Botanical Gardens

If you're a garden enthusiast, one of California's botanical gardens is sure to delight. These protected havens offer tranquil retreats that provide an opportunity to unwind and recharge during your travels.

While some botanic gardens specialize in one plant species, others offer a wider selection. No matter your reason for visiting California, botanic gardens make perfect additions to your itinerary - whether you're looking for somewhere fun with kids or something relaxing while on vacation.

The Adamson House is home to Malibu's only public botanic garden, boasting a Japanese Garden, French Garden, English Rose Garden, Italian Garden and more. Additionally, you'll find cypress trees, olive and citrus trees as well as authentic Japanese pagodas throughout the grounds.

Though small, this botanical garden is one of the best in Los Angeles and makes for a great day trip from Malibu.

At this garden, visitors can admire a Japanese pagoda, fountains and grape arbor. It has become an increasingly popular wedding destination as well.

In addition to its stunning gardens, this site also has a Japanese teahouse. Furthermore, the grounds make an ideal destination for you and your pet to relax.

Escape the stress of everyday life at Malibu Botanical Gardens. Enjoy its serene atmosphere and bring a picnic to enjoy with family or friends; you can even rent a car! Don't forget to pack something delicious for yourself to indulge in at their restaurant! Additionally, there's an array of gifts in their gift shop.

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