Where is Rihanna's Album?

Where is Rihanna's Album?


where is rihannas album

As Rihanna prepares to return to the stage at Super Bowl 2023, fans eagerly anticipate her latest album release. After six years, fans have been waiting patiently for Rihanna's latest work since 'ANTI' six years ago.

Barbadian singer/songwriter is working on a new Pop, Reggae and R&B album - but when will it be released?


In 2005, Bajan singer Victoria Arjona released her debut album Music Of The Sun and quickly rose to become one of pop music's biggest stars. She followed that up with numerous chart-topping singles such as "Pon De Replay" and "SOS."

Rihanna then released A Girl Like Me, featuring more tropical rhythms than its predecessor. For her third full-length release, Good Girl Gone Bad, however, the superstar took a bold new path by teaming up with top producers to record an elegant set of R&B tracks that showcased her as a confident and independent woman.

Rihanna's most experimental album to date still contained some classic hits. 'Umbrella' featuring Jay-Z was one of the biggest summer hits in a decade and earned her her first Grammy Award.

Years later, she released her fifth album Loud, featuring several hit singles and collaborations with artists like Drake, Eminem and Nicki Minaj. However, while this was her most successful record to date, some fans felt it lacking in quality - there were some filler tracks which left some disappointed.

Rihanna's fourth album, Rated R, was released in 2009 and featured a darker sound than her previous releases. Rolling Stone magazine praised it as "one of the best pop records of the year," while many LGBTQ supporters considered it to be her career high point.

Rihanna's eighth studio album, Anti, saw her collaboration with some of the world's renowned producers such as Timbaland, Kanye West and DJ Khaled. While this collaboration didn't produce as many hits as past efforts, Anti was critically acclaimed and earned multiple awards.

This album is widely considered as the first to truly embody the 'quality over quantity' philosophy, featuring songs that were more subtle and complex than her previous efforts. Songs like 'Love On The Brain' showcased her vocal abilities at their peak while providing an incredible performance perfect for dancing or singing along to.

In February 2022, Rihanna revealed her next album was in development. However, she insisted on keeping the release date uncertain. As always, Rihanna has never shied away from sharing her creative process; therefore, fans can expect more music from the superstar in the coming months.

Release date

Rihanna is one of the most beloved and influential artists in modern pop music history. She's had an immense impact on her fans, who eagerly await new content from her.

She's released seven studio albums and two remix LPs since 2005, with her music continuing to sell millions of copies worldwide. As a household name, she has amassed fortunes through the sale of millions of copies worldwide through her Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty lines.

However, in the years since her last album ANTI, she hasn't released any solo songs. Instead, she's worked on various collaborations such as N.E.R.D's 'Lemon,' Kendrick Lamar's 'LOYALTY,' DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller's 'Wild Thoughts' and PARTYNEXTDOOR's 'Believe It.

Her fans eagerly await news of when or even if she will return to the studio. At present, she is busy prepping for her 2023 Super Bowl halftime show performance and creating a high fashion line for luxury retailer LVMH.

Are you curious when Rihanna's next album will be released? Look no further than her surprise single 'Lift Me Up' from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. This single marks her first new music release in six years and promises to be a treat for fans.

Lift Me Up' is the first single from the movie and it has certainly caught fans' attention. The song pays a beautiful ode to Chadwick Boseman - who plays iconic character Black Panther - and it appears it could become a huge hit for the star.

Rihanna wears an exquisite ivory corset gown in the video for 'Lift Me Up', walking along a beach in front of an illuminated backdrop featuring R with a date underneath it. She then turns away from the camera as Anti's 'Needed Me' plays.

This track has a strong Pharrell influence, yet there is no guarantee he'll be featured on her next record. He's been an ongoing collaborator of hers, producing tracks like 'Umbrella' and 'Talk That Talk' along with producing her 2009 single 'Run This Town'. We wouldn't be shocked if he features on her next record; however, other talented individuals could also join forces.


Rihanna fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of her eighth full-length, Anti, for some time now. Initially only available through Tidal - Jay Z's streaming music service that she co-owns - the album can now be streamed by everyone else as well.

Streaming is an invaluable resource for artists to grow their fan base and attract new music lovers. For instance, Luminate data indicates Rihanna has been one of the 50 most streamed artists year-to-date with 1.67 billion total streams.

Spotify is a multi-platform streaming service available on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Users can sign up for free accounts to listen to any song they desire - even if they don't own it - even without owning it themselves. This makes Spotify especially useful for travelers who need their music with them at all times.

Many artists rely on streaming as the only way to reach a larger audience than what traditional means can provide. Companies like Apple Music and Spotify often release exclusive versions of albums that can only be accessed on their platforms, giving fans a taste of what the artist has to offer while increasing revenue for the music company.

However, it's essential to remember that musicians who don't invest in exclusive releases on major streaming services may struggle to sell their music. This is particularly relevant given the current climate where music sales have been steadily decreasing for years.

Rihanna understands the importance of taking advantage of all available opportunities, even if they come at a cost. She released her album on major streaming services because her fan base loves hearing her songs and this is the best way to deliver them. Furthermore, it gave her the chance to build a larger platform and earn more money.


Fans have eagerly awaited the release of her latest album, R9, but there remain some unanswered questions regarding its production. She has been credited with working with an array of producers on this project, including Skrillex and Boi-1da.

Rihanna's voice has been criticized as too soft and husky, yet she is an accomplished singer. Her vocals can be heard in a variety of styles, from bass-heavy house hits to mumbled Caribbean dancehall mixes and tear-filled ballads.

Barbadian-born singer Sydelle has an iconic style, making her one of the most versatile artists of our era. She can deliver hits across any genre - pop, dancehall or R&B - and it's sure to become a worldwide sensation.

Rihanna's debut album, Music of the Sun, attempted to create an unifying aesthetic. While songs such as Pon de Replay and If It's Lovin' That You Want made an impact, her sound wasn't fully formed yet.

Music of the Sun is still an enjoyable album, despite its shortcomings. The tracks are catchy and enjoyable, while its production improves from what she previously offered up. Nonetheless, Music of the Sun remains an enjoyable listen regardless of its shortcomings.

Her albums showcase an eclectic range of genres and themes, making each new release an exciting journey for her music. Her most recent album Anti featured songs that span from hip hop and soul to psychedelic, country and trap. It is certain that she will continue to innovate in this area.

She's known for her eclectic collaborations, so it's no shock that she has enlisted some of music's biggest names to help create her latest record. These include SZA, Solana Rowe, Robert Shea Taylor and James Fauntleroy to name a few.

Rihanna has consistently produced some of the most innovative and captivating work of her career, especially her eighth studio album Anti which has been praised by both critics and fans alike for its variety. With such a talented team behind her, it's no surprise that this album has earned such praise from both sides of the fence.

when is rihanna releasing a new album 2021

When is Rihanna Releasing a New Album 2021?

Rihanna released her last album, ANTI, in 2016, leaving fans eagerly wondering when she would return to music. While she has been seen recording in a studio multiple times since then, there have been no new releases from the star since then.

Now, with her Super Bowl halftime show set for next year, it appears as if fans may finally get their wish - but will it come with an all-new album?

1. January 2021

Over two years have passed since Rihanna released her eighth studio album 'ANTI', leaving fans eagerly awaiting news of her next venture. Over that time she's released various collaborations, clothing lines and cosmetics but the one thing her followers have been waiting for - new music - still hasn't arrived yet.

For some time now, the pop star has been teasing her next project by saying it will be "completely different" from her past work. While that might sound a little strange, fans have begun to speculate that perhaps this new album might truly be something groundbreaking.

Multiple sources have reported that she is working on a dancehall reggae-inspired album and has even collaborated with Buju Banton on one of the songs. Furthermore, in 2017 she registered two new ASCAP songs entitled 'Phatty' and 'Only One Who Knows'.

There has been much speculation as to who she might collaborate with for her next album, including some of her biggest collaborators like Pharrell and Kendrick Lamar. Additionally, it's possible she might bring in some other frequent collaborators such as SZA, Future or Calvin Harris.

Rihanna fans should not expect a major collaboration from her; after all, she's already collaborated with some of music's biggest names like Jay-Z, Eminem and Kanye West. Most recently she joined Jay-Z on 'Lift Me Up' from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack - which became an instant hit among many.

Rihanna could potentially collaborate with some of her biggest fans to create some truly unforgettable music. After all, her latest single 'Fenty Skin' is an example of how she has taken inclusivity to new heights.

The pop star is renowned for her innovative style, which she's been exploring in recent years. Additionally, she launched high-profile fashion label Fenty Beauty with the goal of inspiring women around the world.

In 2021, she is expected to continue her focus on her brand and launch her own skincare range. This could free up more time for work on her upcoming album.

2. June 2021

Rihanna has been teasing new music for years, yet her fans have been left waiting since Anti was released six years ago. However, it seems that Rihanna may finally be ready to unveil a brand-new album!

After a lengthy absence from the music industry, Rihanna is finally set to release her ninth studio album in 2021 - but what will it be called?

At present, pop star Rihanna has been busy with her own beauty line Fenty and lingerie label Savage X Fenty. Rumors swirl that she may also be working on a new album.

Though no release date has been announced yet, Rihanna has hinted that she's in the studio recording her next record. In fact, she posted several photos that appear to be taken inside what many believe could be the beginning of her new album.

In September, she teased fans with a preview of what to expect from her next song. The title of the new tune, Lift Me Up, is taken from the soundtrack for her latest movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release date for her newest single, but they don't know when exactly it will be released. According to DeuxMoi's report, it is set for October 28th.

Rihanna has yet to announce what else is in the works for her next album, but she recently collaborated with PARTYNEXTDOOR on a song entitled "Believe It." This could be an important milestone on the path towards releasing her next studio album.

After her tantalizing of a new song, it's no shock that fans are eager to hear what else Rihanna has in the works. As of October 2022, there's still no word on what else she has planned but she seems determined to give fans an exciting new sound.

The "Diamonds" singer has been busy working on her new album alongside other projects. She's been seen in the studio multiple times, including when releasing a single that will be included on the soundtrack for her upcoming movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Additionally, she shared a video of herself recording one of the new songs.

3. August 2021

Six years have passed since Rihanna's last album, Anti. Fans have endured a long wait for her return, but finally she's here and ready to make us all happy again. Recently she released her first solo single in six years - a song which will feature on the soundtrack of her upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie.

Her next project is expected to be a reggae-influenced album called R9, inspired by her Jamaican roots. According to EW, "it won't be typical of what you know reggae to be," but that it will feature various sounds and elements.

The Barbadian star's new music will be a departure from her more popular tracks such as 'Work', but there are still plenty of songs left on her album. She already has a track with Pharrell, so it could be that another rapper joins her for this next album as well.

She's been seen working hard in the studio on numerous occasions, suggesting she's making progress with her upcoming album. Additionally, she's joined forces with luxury brand LVMH to launch Fenty Beauty - her own line of cosmetics.

Though she has yet to officially confirm it, it can be assumed that her fans are eagerly awaiting something special from her. Over the years, she's teased fans with various new songs - most recently "Lift Me Up."

However, it remains uncertain when she will release her next album. In the meantime, she's been busy launching her own fashion and lingerie lines called Savage X Fenty and Fenty Beauty.

The brand has seen incredible success, with many items selling out within minutes. Additionally, there have been collaborations with major artists like Kendrick Lamar and Calvin Harris.

Rihanna may collaborate with A$AP Rocky on a song for his upcoming album in 2021. Rumors have it that the rapper is an admirer of hers, as he's been seen walking the streets of NYC multiple times with Rihanna over the past few months.

4. September 2021

Rihanna hasn't released an album in six years, and fans are eager to hear new music from the superstar. She's been working on a project for some time now and recently confirmed she's ready to make another record.

Rihanna has been a force in music for over a decade, dominating charts and cementing her place as one of its most successful female artists. She's collaborated with some of music's biggest names, creating music that has become part of our culture.

Since her debut album in 2005, Rihanna has released seven more studio albums. Her most recent offering was Anti which debuted in 2016. It achieved platinum certification and instantly gained a following among critics and fans alike.

Rihanna has yet to announce an exact release date for her new album, though she did hint at a possible track earlier this year. Additionally, the Associated Press reported that Rihanna's music would sound "completely different" from previous works.

She is currently focusing on her Fenty cosmetics brand and a new baby, but she's not taking a break in the studio. Rumors indicate she will be renting out an Osea Island studio off the coast of Essex where she plans to record her next album.

Reports indicate Supa Dups has 500 songs on her wishlist and she's working with several producers to find the right ones. Some of the artists she has included on her list include Supa Dups, Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor and R. City.

Recently, she revealed to Rolling Stone her upcoming album is a blend of pop and reggae music. To create the tracks, she's collaborated with rapper Haiti Babii and Jamaican singer Koffee.

Although a release date for her next album has yet to be determined, it could come out in January 2023, the same month her last album Anti was released. Additionally, she's scheduled for an appearance at the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show, suggesting new music may be created specifically for that performance.

harry styles album cover

Harry Styles Album Cover Revealed

Harry Styles, one-fifth of One Direction, is set to release his highly-anticipated solo album this month. To tease fans, he recently shared both a trailer and album cover via social media channels.

Styles' album cover features an introspective shot of him standing atop the ceiling in an upside-down living room. It's an enchanting scene inspired by interior design vignettes featured on other albums.

Photographer: Hanna Moon

Harry Styles is a celebrated artist with millions of admirers worldwide. After several years of silence following the release of his debut solo album, Fine Line, the British singer-songwriter released Harry's House on May 20th after much anticipation.

Styles is a multi-talented artist, working as both a model and actor. His latest projects include playing Starfox in the 2021 Marvel movie Eternals and co-starring in Don't Worry Darling and My Policeman. Furthermore, in November last year he launched his own skincare, cosmetics, clothing brand called Pleasing which quickly gained global attention over social media platforms.

Styles' previous albums have already earned him widespread international recognition and praise, and his new work is sure to follow suit. Rolling Stone UK awarded 'Harry's House' four stars, noting that it "is an impressive and consistently impressive effort that will surely appeal to casual as well as diehard fans alike."

Hanna Moon, the photographer behind 'Harry's House,' sought to create an iconic image for Styles with her Asian team: make-up artists Hiromi Ueda and Shon Hyungsun Ju, hair stylist Chisato Yamamoto and wardrobe stylist Patience Harding.

Moon utilized an organic style throughout the shoot to capture her subjects' personalities. This organic approach has added a warm and humorous tone to the project.

Moon has a background in film studies and an affinity for visual storytelling, giving her valuable experience working with production teams, providing feedback and critical notes on original content. Her understanding of the creative process has resulted in various portfolios and projects that explore creative, political and mental health topics.

Moon's first book, Almost Something, was created as her final project for Central Saint Martins' in 2014. The photographs captured an intimate view of contemporary life in South Korea with an authenticity that stands out from other social media images. As such, these portraits will feel familiar to anyone who has ever visited the country.

Styles’ clothing: Molly Goddard

For 13 years, One Direction have been known for their daring fashion statements and daring style experiments. Harry Styles quickly made himself a fashion icon by challenging gender norms and expressing himself through fashion. If you've been following them closely at all, then you know his journey has been an inspiring one!

Molly Goddard is one of London's most sought-after fashion designers. Her label has become a mainstay within the British industry for several years, dressing celebrities such as Rihanna and Agyness Deyn, plus Villanelle (Jodie Comer) from Killing Eve.

Goddard, born and raised in London, studied at Central Saint Martins. Her passion lies in transparencies, fabric manipulation and construction; she uses both real people and places as inspiration for her designs.

Goddard's Spring/Summer 2022 collection draws inspiration from London's subcultural scene around Portobello Market, DIY rookery and post-punk bands in the 1990s. Additionally, she nods to cool Britannia as well as creating an aesthetic crossover between Marilyn Monroe and Mick Jones from Clash.

Goddard has achieved incredible success, yet she still takes time to consider her designs and the people who wear them. "My work is always based on the idea that clothing should be a reflection of who you are," she states.

She describes her collections as being 'inspired by the past' and strives to 'embody timelessness', an aim which is particularly pertinent in light of Harry Styles' album cover design. For this particular look, the designer chose to dress Styles in an ensemble that references a classic grandmacore look from her Spring/Summer 2022 Runway collection.

A flowing white shirred blouse features fine red embroidery and a Peter Pan collar, worn over wide-leg blue jeans. To finish the outfit off, Albie ballet pumps are featured. A contrasting cardigan completes this vintage-inspired grandmacore style look.

Styles has an impressive acting career in addition to his fashion endeavors. He currently stars in the dystopian thriller Don't Worry Darling alongside Oscar nominee Florence Pugh, though it won't be released until May; Styles has shared a brief clip from the movie on his Instagram page.

The furniture: Patience Harding and Molly Hawkins

The design world was abuzz when One Direction singer Harry Styles unveiled a teaser for his third solo album. The cover art features him in an upside-down room decorated with vintage Modernist pieces by set designers Patience Harding and Molly Hawkins; joining other interior design vignettes that have graced album artworks in the past.

According to Styles' social media accounts, the album will be entitled Harry's House and released May 20. Along with the album title, style, and release date announcement, fans were also treated to a brand-new single entitled "Sign of the Times", which received an overwhelming amount of positive response on its first day of streaming.

At times, Styles appears to be going through an internal struggle. In the center of the album artwork, he stands atop a ceiling in an upside-down living room and there's a hint of something red and apocalyptic in the background; on either side of him he holds two hands up in the air as if shielding their faces from some sort of watery mess.

Harry Styles' album cover is particularly striking due to a circular fisheye shot that stands out. Whether this shot serves as an allegory for the record's overall stylistic range or simply serves to showcase Harry's individual taste in style, it remains unclear.

The cover of Harry Styles' album has been the source of much speculation, with many debating whether it captures an important moment in his life. It's no secret that Styles has a passion for vintage looks and sounds, so there's no surprise there would be references to vintage aesthetics on both the album name and cover. Despite all the controversy, fans cannot wait to hear what this album has to offer them.

The artist’s name: Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a British singer-songwriter and actor best known for his role as Harry Styles in One Direction. As both an accomplished musician and actor, he has achieved multi-platinum sales and enjoyed several hit singles as a solo artist.

He is a renowned voice actor, having voiced roles in several films such as Dunkirk, Don't Worry Darling and My Policeman. Additionally, he has appeared in various commercials and television shows.

Styles developed an interest in music as a child and loved to sing. He also played guitar and piano, founding his own band called White Eskimo with three schoolmates. He had great admiration for artists such as Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley, among others.

Styles worked part-time as a baker to support himself during his childhood years. Later, he pursued music and began performing with a band.

In 2017, Harry Styles released his debut studio album, Harry Styles. This record was inspired by 1960s and 1970s music such as classic rock and singer-songwriter ballads, followed by the singles "Sign of the Times" and "Two Ghosts."

Styles released his sophomore album, Fine Line in 2019. It became the highest-selling British male solo artist and earned him several Grammy nominations and one win.

Since then, he has been in the spotlight as a singer-songwriter. He's released several singles and collaborated with other talented songwriters such as Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid and OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

On May 20th, Styles will release his third studio album, Harry's House. This will be his longest to date and features 13 tracks.

Styles is said to have created a brand-new sound with his new album. He previously stated that he intended for it to have more rock influences, as well as include songs about relationships and life in general on it.

Fans of Styles have been anticipating his upcoming album for some time, and it turns out the rumors were true: He's been secretly working on this record for over a year - even dropping clues and Easter eggs during concerts! Needless to say, Styles has high hopes for this record.

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