The Best Microphone Boom Arms For Podcasting, Broadcasting and Streaming

The Best Microphone Boom Arms For Podcasting, Broadcasting and Streaming


best microphone boom arms

DJs, content creators and streamers will find that having the best microphone boom arms is an invaluable asset. Not only do they enable easy mic adjustments on-the-spot but they also look great!

Boom arms come in a wide range of prices and features, so we've put together this list to make it easy to find the one that's just right for you!

1. K&M 23860

Podcasters and YouTubers who need microphone boom arms for support will find these arms to be easy to use and help capture audio accurately. Furthermore, these arms can be utilized in a variety of different environments.

The K&M 23860 is a professional-grade microphone boom arm suitable for many uses. Crafted from durable metal, it has an integrated microphone fastener and adjusts from 33 inches to 55 inches with 360 degree rotational adjustability.

This ergonomic desk lamp is ideal for studio or workstation setups, and it can be fixed onto flat surfaces, tubes and even table flanges. With its included XLR cable it is compatible with most standard microphones.

Another excellent feature is the adjustable height of the boom arm. This enables you to quickly alter the angle of your microphone without moving your desk.

This makes it perfect for live streaming and video production, where the microphone may need to move from one location to another during a broadcast. Additionally, musicians and other content creators who do vlogs or podcasts on YouTube or Twitch will find this tool invaluable.

These boom arms are not only versatile, but also very affordable and portable - perfect for taking with you when traveling. Furthermore, their light weight makes them easy to transport around.

No matter your needs and budget, this list has something for you. Try one of these models and see what works best for your situation!

2. Samson MBA38

The Samson MBA38 is an expert-quality microphone boom arm ideal for podcasting, broadcasting and streaming. This product boasts a silent rotating design with internal springs that permit quiet mic placement without adding noise into your recording environment. It comes with both C-clamp mounts that attach to tables or desks as well as flange mounts which can permanently fix surfaces.

This mic boom arm boasts a sturdy steel construction that supports microphones up to 5 pounds. Additionally, its standard 5/8''-27 mic clip threading makes integration of your microphones a breeze.

It has a host of features, such as a C-clamp mount that can attach to desks and tables up to 2 inches thick, a flange mount for permanently installation on any surface, and an rotating base that allows you to reposition your microphone during recording. It supports various microphone types - even heavier ones than what the K&M 23860 can support.

If you're searching for a quality microphone boom arm that is versatile and affordable, the Samson MBA38 is your ideal option. This model can support mics up to 5 pounds with four maximum reach options available.

For an optimal experience, make sure to purchase the best microphone boom arms tailored to your requirements and preferences. A quality boom arm will enable you to create a clutter-free, ergonomic, and professional setup in your studio.

The best microphone boom arms are constructed with top-tier materials and designed by experienced professionals. Although these products may be costly, their longevity makes them worth every penny spent. Before purchasing any product, set a budget and consider its features carefully.

3. Blue Yeti Compass Premium

For Blue Yeti owners looking to add a boom arm, the Blue Yeti Compass Premium is an ideal solution. This premium tube-style desktop boom arm features internal springs and hidden cable management, making it perfect for broadcast applications such as game streaming, podcasting, voiceover work and more.

The Blue Compass keeps your microphone secure with smooth, quiet operation and sophisticated on-camera looks. It can hold microphones weighing up to 2.4 pounds, has hand tightening springs, friction hinges, and 360-degree rotation for a professional look and feel.

It also features a robust C-clamp, providing a secure connection with your desktop. This makes mounting the Compass to your desk effortless and eliminates the need for an additional table mount.

In addition to keeping your mic in place, a good boom arm will free up workspace and reduce noise from keyboard typing. Furthermore, it allows you to position the microphone closer to your mouth - an ideal distance for most people.

The Compass is a top-of-the-line broadcast studio-grade design with enclosed aluminium construction, internal springs, and hidden-channel cable management. It has all friction hinges hand tightening for seamless on camera disappearance or full 360 degrees rotation so you can position the boom front and center with your microphone. Perfect for game streaming or podcasting setups, this boom arm will surely impress viewers. This investment in broadcast audio comes complete with the Yeti microphone and Radius III shockmount when purchased as part of our Yeticaster bundle!

4. Aokeo AK-35

If you need a microphone boom arm that's both durable and versatile, the Aokeo AK-35 is an excellent choice. Crafted from high quality steel with electrostatic powder spraying technology for increased corrosion resistance, this model also has super spring support which allows the arm to bend back and forth at its base without distorting or creating noise.

It's also fully adjustable in all directions, allowing you to position your mic wherever desired. With a weight capacity of up to 3.5 pounds, this microphone should be more than adequate for most needs.

The stand is equipped with a desk clamp that clips to any desktop up to 1.89''/4.8cm thick, while its sponge base helps protect your desk from scratches. Its pre-installation completed design makes setting up your mic stand a breeze and comes with an included screw adapter (3/8'' to 5/8'') so you can attach most microphones and shock mounts.

Furthermore, this microphone supports a range of microphones such as the Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti. It's ideal for podcasting, voiceover, YouTube video recording, radio broadcasting and much more - making it the ideal solution!

In addition to being highly durable and versatile, the AK-35 is also highly affordable. With a lifetime warranty and 60-day return policy, you can be confident in your purchase with this model.

This flexible boom arm provides impressive vertical and horizontal reach, perfect for streamers using dynamic mics. However, if you don't need that kind of reach, there are plenty of other options that will do just as well - you just have to do your research and determine which one works best for your requirements.

5. Rode PSA1

A boom arm is essential in any podcaster's setup. It makes it much simpler to move your microphone around your desk space, both before and during recording sessions.

By positioning your microphone at an appropriate distance away from an audio source, you can enhance how natural you sound and reduce any background noise that might come from sitting at a table.

The Rode PSA1 microphone boom arm is an ideal choice for anyone needing a reliable and sturdy boom arm. It features fully dampened internal springs and soft neoprene sleeves to absorb any external or internal vibration that might cause your mic to pick up unwanted sounds.

This feature is especially handy if you frequently move your mic while recording, and want to keep it as silent as possible. The PSA1 also comes equipped with three velcro cable wraps that can secure the mic's cable away from any potential noise sources.

In addition to its robust construction, the PSA1 is designed for ease of use. It includes a swiveling mount that rotates 360 degrees, enabling you to position your mic at just the right angle for you.

You can even adjust the height of your boom arm, ensuring your mic is placed at just the right distance from an audio source. All in all, the Rode PSA1 is an impressive microphone boom arm that promises to serve you well for years to come.

The Rode PSA1 microphone boom arm is ideal for radio, broadcast, studio and home use. Its parallelogram design keeps the mic direction constant when adjusted while internal springs ensure quiet operation. Available in two mounting options - a clamp that attaches to desks up to 55mm thick or an insert which requires drilling a hole in your desk - this product requires professional installation to fit.

best eq for airpods pro

How to Get the Best EQ For AirPods Pro

Optimizing the sound from your AirPods requires more than just tweaking the EQ settings; it also depends on what genres and songs you enjoy listening to.

The AirPods Pro's adaptive EQ works to optimize sound quality by tuning lower frequencies. Unfortunately, these subtle adjustments may cause warbling or fluttering noises if you listen while moving around.

1. Adaptive EQ

Apple's adaptive EQ feature allows you to customize the sound that comes through airpods pro according to your ear shape and fit. This technology uses computational audio analysis to analyze your ear shape and instantly alter low and mid frequencies accordingly.

Apple AirPods Pro users can enhance their listening experience with adaptive EQ, one of the greatest features available for their wireless headphones. Adaptive EQ utilizes an updated internal microphone that points toward your ear to tune sound based on how precisely those ears are shaped.

Spatial Audio, another feature of this product, allows it to track your head movement and adjust audio in real-time according to it. This helps create a more surround sound like listening experience.

Transparency Mode enables you to take in the environment around you without blocking out your music or podcasts. This works by reducing the volume of passing train announcements and other loud noises that may become annoying when wearing headphones.

Finally, you can try out the Smart EQ for audiophiles on Airpods Pro to enhance your listening experience even more. Unlike multiband compressor and dynamic EQ, this adaptive EQ does not rely on traditional electronic circuitry but rather an algorithm that "understands" what's going on.

With this EQ setting, you can achieve more bass and higher frequency peaks. While not as powerful as multiband compressor or dynamic EQ, it's definitely worth testing out to improve the sound quality with AirPods Pro.

2. Voice Booster

Voice booster is an app designed to assist those with age-related hearing loss by increasing volume and clarity of voice without straining the user's voice, or by reducing background noise. This enables those with mild hearing loss or tinnitus to hear clearly in noisy settings or when conversing with a group of people.

This app is ideal for people with hearing loss who rely on their voice to communicate in daily life. It helps them keep their voice at a consistent level during long conversations, as well as reduce or eliminate background sounds that may be present when speaking in an unfamiliar location.

The best voice booster for airpods pro offers a range of features to meet different hearing needs. It includes adaptive EQ, which takes into account the shape of your ears to optimize sound quality. Plus, it uses computational audio and an updated internal microphone pointed toward each person's ear to customize each person's experience with music.

You can adjust the volume of a speaker or phone call according to your preferences, as well as balance bass, mids and treble frequencies accordingly.

However, some may find this feature frustrating for those with hearing loss. Since your ears change over time, adaptive EQ must adjust repeatedly - which can be particularly irritating if you're chewing or cycling through lots of sounds rapidly.

If you need to access this feature, it can be found within the Headphone Accommodations menu in Settings app. Once enabled, there is a toggle that lets you turn it on or off as needed.

3. Bass Booster

Boosting bass is an excellent way to enjoy songs, particularly if you're into bass-heavy music. However, some users may find this annoying as it reduces other frequencies' clarity. To avoid this problem, use a quality equalizer and ensure your headphones or speakers can handle increased sound pressure levels.

Bass booster apps can be an invaluable aid for amplifying low-frequency sounds, especially if you're listening to songs with rhythmic beats like rap or EDM. With one in hand, these applications will become indispensable companions on your music journey!

This app offers a number of features to help you optimize your audio and enjoy favorite songs. For instance, it has an equalizer (EQ) which you can adjust the volume with, as well as an acoustic guitar mode for even greater enjoyment. Furthermore, there's even a 3D spatializer option to further enhance listening experiences.

One of the simplest ways to boost bass on AirPods Pro is through an Equalizer. These handy little devices can be found in Settings app on your Apple device and allow for personalized listening experiences.

When selecting an equalizer for your audio system, opt for one that specializes in mid-range and bass frequencies. You have several choices of presets or you can customize your own EQ by choosing individual frequency bands and changing them according to your taste.

It's wise to experiment with all available EQ options to find which one sounds best for you. Whether you're into rock music or electronic dance music (EDM), there should be an EQ that suits your preferences.

4. Deep

No matter if you're listening to classic rock albums or upbeat pop tracks, your airpods pro could benefit from some extra bass with a bass booster. This is because bass often gets lost when listening to music on an iPhone or Apple device.

To maximize the bass of your AirPods, utilize a quality equalizer. This can be done through various applications such as Spotify on both iPhone and Android phones.

First and foremost, make sure your AirPods are properly sealed inside of your ear canal to prevent leakage and ensure the bass does not get muffled or reduced. You may want to experiment with different earbud tips for improved seal and more accurate acoustics.

Another way to enhance the bass on your AirPods is by using their Adaptive EQ feature. This allows them to tune low and mid frequencies according to the shape of your ears, creating a rich, immersive audio experience for you.

It works especially well with the second-gen AirPods Pro, which boast an upgraded H2 chip and redesigned Digital Signal Processor. This combination makes your music sound clearer and more natural, with improved noise cancellation and dynamic head tracking capabilities.

However, adaptive EQ can sometimes malfunction and should always be used with caution. It may trigger your equalizer more often than desired, so it's wise to disable it temporarily for some songs or sessions and see if your headphones can adjust their EQ on their own.

5. Spoken Word

Spoken word is an expressive form of literature, where you share your ideas and emotions with an audience. This could include stories, poems, monologues, rap music or more. If you plan to perform, practice in front of a mirror until you feel confident enough to share your work with others.

Spoken word is an art form founded on the idea of community. This community is inclusive, meaning everyone from famous writers such as Andrea Gibson and Saul Williams to 15-year-old kids signing up for their first open mic can participate.

Writing spoken word requires an understanding of how to utilize literary devices and rhythm in your work. These elements will help you convey your ideas and emotions to readers in a more natural-sounding manner, so they should not be neglected when crafting spoken-word compositions.

To ensure your voice sounds great with airpods pro, we suggest setting the equalizer to Rock or Electronic. This will boost all frequencies without muffle any of them and keep midrange flat so you won't need to fiddle with settings every time you switch songs or listen to new ones. Moreover, you can enable Noise Cancellation so you can be completely immersed in content without any external distractions.

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