Shiloh Dynasty`

Shiloh Dynasty`


Shiloh Dynasty


A rapper known for his unique, spiderweb tattoos and tragic death has turned into a cult leader of sorts. Resulting in a long line outside his Florida home.

Shiloh's Vine account hosts only 13 video clips. Six seconds each, and hours could be spent looping those 13 clips, over and over and over. Discovering it was like experiencing Jandek—the legendary experimental recluse—for the first time. Albeit repurposed for the internet, much less prolific, and with objectively good music. It took Jandek decades to establish his cult-worthy mystery. Shiloh did it with one perfectly curated social media account, in just 78 seconds of content. Each clip shows a mostly obscured artist with an acoustic guitar. And a gently soulful voice performing concise, well-timed song snippets, seemingly designed for Vine’s six-second loops. Those songs existed nowhere else, so I learned after relentless digging online. (Source: www.complex.com)



After a decade of being part of the underground music circuit. Shiloh got a taste of the mainstream when she released her final album in 2016 before retiring, titled #Demons. Her new album, #Worry, came out in May of 2018.

Of all 11 songs on XXX's album 17, Shiloh Dynasty is featured on three of them. "Jocelyn Flores," "Carry On," and "Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares," all produced by Postu. None of the Shiloh features are new though; they are all samples from old Shiloh posts like this (used for "Jocelyn Flores"), this ("Everyone Dies in Their Nightmares"), and this ("Carry On.") Producer Potsu tweeted about his involvement, "X just gave me Shiloh samples he wanted beats on." (Source: www.complex.com)S

Instragram Singer

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An enigmatic singer and songwriter, Shiloh Dynasty has released languid, melancholics songs in fragments via social media. A spate of uploads from 2014 and 2015 has been sampled and interpolated innumerable times. Most prominently, the artist's material was used for three songs on XXXTentacion's 17 (2017), including the Top 20 multi-platinum hit "Jocelyn Flores." Shiloh Dynasty began to attract attention online in 2014 with six-second tapes uploaded to Vine. The videos, which showed Shiloh's face partially obscured, with eyes closed when viewable. Were eventually looped in the millions. Drawing a rapt following for their distinctively tuneful if downcast quality. A countless procession of fledgling producers began to sample the tapes for their own material, sometimes crediting Shiloh as a featured artist. Among the group was Swell, whose ... (Source: www.allmusic.com)




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