Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist Preshio Signs For Kruzz Records

Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist Preshio Signs For Kruzz Records


Nigerian hiphop artiste Preshio signs for Kruzz Records

Nigerian hip-hop artist Preshio has joined the South Africa-based music label Kruzz Records. According to Osamede Donald Omoregie, CEO of the label, they have an excellent working relationship with the 23-year-old rapper.

Zlatan Ibile is renowned for his distinct blend of Nigerian hip hop, modern trap music and Afrobeats. His hit singles "Apna Money," "Swaggu" and "Dey Your Dey" have amassed millions of views on social media platforms.

Odumodu Blvck

Tochukwu Ojogwu, better known as Odumodu Blvck, is one of Nigeria's most promising voices to emerge from the neo-renaissance in Abuja and Lagos. Born and raised in Lagos, his enigmatic style and presence is shaped by multiple cultural influences: his confidence draws inspiration from Abuja's vibrant creative community while his local dialect and Igbo-centric headgear showcase his Igbo identity.

As a member of Anti World Gangstars, Odumodu Blvck has earned himself a place among hip-hop legends Zlatan and Ecko Miles as one of Nigeria's most important voices in over two decades. His debut release on NATIVE Records, "Picanto," featuring Street Rap legends Zlatan and Ecko Miles, is an intense track that details the everyday struggles of young Nigerian hustlers today.

Odumodu Blvck has recently signed to NATIVE Records, a joint venture between Nigerian record label Native Records and US heavyweight Def Jam Records. His powerful debut single promises to revolutionize the landscape of music forevermore.


Nigerian hip-hop artist Preshio recently signed with South Africa-based label Kruzz Records. The 23 year old Ondo State native said he will start making music immediately, promising plenty of great material this year.

Oladapo's music is an eclectic mix of highlife sounds with modern elements delicately embellished with Yoruba, his mother tongue, and Nigerian pidgin. He strives to create music that emotes empathy and compassion; thus creating a true connection between himself, his music, and its listeners.

Oladapo's debut project, Blind, is an impressive 14-minute effort with an endless replay value. It serves as proof that Generation Z artists are revolutionizing Nigerian music into something completely new.

Oladapo's music explores themes of praise, admiration and love. On Alone, he sings about how much he desires his beloved, offering her material possessions in exchange for her affections.


Nigerian hip-hop artiste Preshio has joined South African music label Kruzz Records. Established in 2019 in Johannesburg and managed by Edo State-born Osamede Donald Omoregie, the label is managed by Preshio himself.

"I am extremely thankful to God for this chance," the 23-year-old Ondo State indigene said. "This will enable me to get started quickly and deliver tons of good music this year."

He cited Wizkid, Theweekend and Lagbaja as his role models, promising to work hard for a positive working relationship with label CEO Omoregie.

His voice is distinctive and his composition skills exceptional. Additionally, he incorporates word play into his songs for an extra special touch to his music.

YKB is a rising star in Africa's music industry and his talent is undeniable. He has amassed an devoted fan base due to his versatile style that blends Afrobeats, R&B and trap music with hip-hop to create an unique fusion of Afrofusion music.

YKB is on a path towards success, and he's doing it his way. With an increasingly unique sound, an ever-expanding catalogue of music, and the support of some of Nigeria's most exciting emerging companies in music production, he looks set to reach all his career objectives.


Preshio, a Nigerian hip-hop artist from Ondo State, has signed with South Africa-based music label Kruzz Records. Established in 2019 in Johannesburg by Edo born Osamede Donald Omoregie, the label promised Preshio an enjoyable working relationship.

Minz, also known by his stage name Minzkid, has released six singles and two albums since 2011. His goal is to release an album per year while continuing to create as much music as possible. His most popular track "Aunty Patricia" perfectly captures the themes and cadences that Wizkid has built his career around.

He has never stopped striving to master music, even when unsure of his career path. Growing up in Surulere-Ajah as a child, his passion has driven him ever since. While studying International Law and Diplomacy at Babcock University in Ogun, he pursued his interest in production by exploring Afrobeat waves alongside other genres like highlife and reggae music.


Recent news indicates a certain Nigerian hip-hop artist has signed with an esteemed music label. Kruzz Records, founded by South African native Osamede Donald Omoregie, is responsible for this move and they now boast several high-profile artists under their belt including Raebel, Majeed and Oladapo who joined as part of their rebranding initiative. With such great talent on board, who knows what kind of music will be released come 2019? It's promising for fans as competition in this rapidly growing rap industry can be fierce! Keeping up is no easy feat; staying ahead of it requires dedication and persistence to stay ahead of the competition!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, born October 3, 1981 in Malmo, Sweden, has achieved remarkable success despite growing up without much material possessions. He has represented clubs around the world including Sweden, England, the Netherlands and Italy - winning multiple league titles while scoring over 570 goals during his illustrious career.

Swedish footballer Emil Forsberg is a charismatic figure with an iconic style that transcends the game. He's one of soccer's most divisive figures, having released a bestselling autobiography in 2011.

Though his clothing line A-Z closed after two years due to a loss of $18 million, Zlatan remains one of the world's most beloved and influential footballers. His tattoos, which cover much of his body, tell a story about his life, passions and beliefs.

He has represented some of Europe's premier teams, such as Ajax, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Manchester United. Throughout his career he earned numerous awards and accolades and is highly-regarded among fans. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic supporter of youth development initiatives and education within his community.

Queens NY  An incubator for hiphop

Queens NY - An Incubator For Hip-Hop

Rap's birthplace in NYC, has made the city its global center and epicenter. Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens have all played an integral role in shaping this culture's development with legendary "battles" between local crews.

The new Fotografiska New York exhibition Hip Hop: Conscious, Unconscious celebrates the cultural impact of hip hop music on New York City. It also examines how African Americans, Latinos and Caribbean Americans have contributed to this enduring cultural phenomenon.

1. The Cage

Hip-hop has become a form of global communication, with artists using it to express their thoughts and address difficult topics. Unfortunately, hip-hop also serves as breeding ground for discrimination based on race or sexuality, sexism and misogyny which remain pervasive within the genre.

Rap music has long been seen as an affirming outlet for young black and Latino men, but women have joined the genre to offer their unique perspectives through rap music. From Queen Latifah's feminist anthems to MC Lyte's gritty street tales and Lauryn Hill's spiritual manifestos, women have used their own voices in hip-hop to challenge stereotypes and dehumanizing depictions that are prevalent within the genre.

Experience how these influences have shaped modern hip-hop culture at Brooklyn Museum of Art's Hip-Hop exhibition, which runs until September 1. This museum brings a visual history of this art form to light and shows how its music has changed the world.

Queens has had a profound effect on hip-hop culture. For instance, some of its most influential rappers include Capone and Noreaga who joined forces in 1995 and revolutionized East Coast gangsta rap with their seminal album The War Report.

Their lyrics are inspired by their personal experiences with drug and gang violence, giving them a distinct voice within the genre. They've collaborated with artists such as Smut Peddlers, Leak Bros and Nighthawks.

Due to its ethnic diversity, the borough of Philadelphia has developed an acclaimed hip-hop culture. Notable artists include Kool G Rap, Nas and Mobb Deep from this area.

Queens Public Library has long been a pioneer of hip-hop culture, and they are continuing to influence it today. To honor and promote its growth, they are collecting artifacts that demonstrate the borough's influence on this musical movement.

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the epicenter of New York City's hip-hop culture, and it remains vibrant today due to its longstanding legacy in music, fashion and culture. Brooklyn also hosts an inspiring community of artists and entrepreneurs making waves in various fields.

For an authentic New York experience, Hush Tours offers a 90-minute bus ride that must-do for fans of the genre. On this trip you'll visit iconic venues and meet legendary figures like Grandmaster Caz or Mighty Mike C.

Visit one of many museums, such as Queens Museum or American Museum of the Moving Image. Alternatively, enjoy a movie at one of two world-class theaters located within the borough.

Queens is known as the birthplace of jazz and you can experience its diverse music scene while exploring it. You'll find everything from rock and pop to punk rock and rap here; Queens truly has something for everyone!

Beyond music, you can explore some local art on a walk. The MoMA PS1 is an excellent destination to visit for contemporary works or workshops like Art Talks or The Work. Furthermore, many of the city's main theaters boast an active culture scene with productions that showcase the diversity of the borough.

Queens offers plenty of job prospects, particularly in healthcare, manufacturing and retail trade sectors. Furthermore, there are a number of tech companies located here such as JetBlue and Buzzer.

Navigating the borough is a breeze, with most streets offering access to buses and subway stations. Nearly half of households in the borough own their own cars, yet most commute daily using public transportation.

Though arts and culture in this borough aren't as plentiful as in other parts of NYC, it does boast its share of cultural institutions. MoMA PS1 boasts an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, while Queens Museum showcases works by both established and emerging artists alike. You can even join workshops at American Museum of the Moving Image or take in a movie at this cinematic haven!

3. Staten Island

Staten Island may not be well known, but it's home to some of the hottest hip-hop artists. Though often considered the stepchild of its bigger siblings, Staten Island offers plenty of attractions that make it worth adding to any NYC itinerary.

Staten Island offers many job prospects. There are positions in a variety of fields, such as construction, social assistance, leisure and hospitality, and health care. With its rapidly growing population in recent years, more job openings are expected to arise each year.

Staten Island offers an excellent way to explore this city: take a ferry ride around the island for an extensive tour or just spend your day strolling around and admiring the views.

Staten Island offers plenty of beautiful parks for nature and wildlife enthusiasts to discover. Seaside Wildlife Park, for instance, features a nautical theme as well as plenty of animals to observe. The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art also deserves your visit; it showcases scroll paintings, ritual artifacts, and musical instruments from the Himalayas.

The borough also boasts numerous public beaches, which offer a peaceful haven to relax and take pleasure in nature. Popular options include Midland Beach and South Beach, both featuring 2.5-mile wooden boardwalks along with clear waters for swimming.

Staten Island is known for its relaxed nightlife. Where Manhattan may boast endless clubs, Staten Island provides plenty of lounges and pubs to keep you occupied on the weekends.

The borough of Snug Harbor boasts a rich history that can be explored by visiting its many historic landmarks. Notable among these are Old City Hall and Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden.

4. Queens

Hip-hop's roots can be traced back to New York City, making its presence there no surprise. This inner city area served as a breeding ground for this cultural phenomenon that was mostly unknown outside its immediate surroundings in the late 70s and early 1980s. During that era, crime rates were high, garbage strikes frequent and blackouts common occurrences for residents of NYC.

The area's growing Black population, which more than doubled between 1960 and 1980, provided fertile ground for an art form that would eventually spread throughout the country and beyond. Long Island's pioneers included Roosevelt's Public Enemy who rejected party music ethos; EPMD from Brentwood who took sampling to new heights; and De La Soul from Amityville who proved his intelligence overcame machismo.

As the genre evolved in the 1980s, it began to focus on urban violence. Artists such as N.W.A and Ice-T explored stories of criminality; by the 1990s, rappers from Jay-Z to Eminem had completely redefined their musical identity.

At this time, Queensborough was at the epicenter of a rapidly thriving street art movement focused on graffiti writing. This creative outlet provided opportunities for city youth and eventually led to the establishment of a state-chartered museum dedicated solely to this form of expression.

In addition to the Universal Hip Hop Museum, Queens has several other noteworthy spots that celebrate hip-hop culture. Queens Public Library has taken an initiative to recognize and support this global movement by launching several programs designed to introduce its patrons to this global movement.

Another interesting destination is Queens Museum in Corona Park. Spend a cool afternoon taking a leisurely walk through its exhibits.

Finally, the area boasts several popular music venues that cater to rap fans. For instance, The Cage is one such venue, hosting both local and national acts.

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