Negotiating With a DJ Price Per Hour

Negotiating With a DJ Price Per Hour

Negotiating With a DJ Price Per Hour

dj prices per hour

When it comes to hiring a DJ, it can be difficult to know what to expect in terms of price. In general, prices are based on experience and equipment. Typically, most DJ services include custom playlists. Some also charge extra for specialized services such as lighting. In addition, some DJs do not post their prices on their website and instead ask for them over the phone. Some of these DJs may overcharge in affluent areas and undercharge in less-affluent areas.

Cost of a DJ

When hiring a DJ, it is important to understand exactly what you'll be paying for. Some DJs have their own equipment, while others need to rent it. Some may even charge more for equipment such as a fog machine or supplementary instruments. It's also important to know your preferences for music and make this clear up front.

Some DJs charge per hour, while others may offer a flat rate. For example, you may only pay $100 for a DJ to play for an evening at a private club, but it will still be more expensive than the same DJ performing at a party in your living room. DJs may also offer discounts for longer bookings.

If you're looking for the best DJ for a wedding, you should consider the cost of their services. This will vary depending on the length of your event, so don't be surprised if your DJ has to stay an extra hour or two. Many DJs charge around $1,000 to $2,500 for weddings. This amount is based on the length of their set, which is usually between three and six hours. A DJ may need to take breaks between sets.

You should also keep in mind that the date of your event will affect the cost of a DJ. Some will charge more if the event is held on a busy date. For instance, a wedding in Melbourne will have a higher fee than a wedding in a less popular city. A DJ will also be more expensive if the venue is difficult to access or has high parking fees.

The cost of a DJ per hour varies significantly, depending on the level of experience the DJ has. More experienced DJs have extensive music libraries and will be able to entertain a large crowd. This type of experience also adds professionalism to the event. Additionally, a DJ who uses high-quality equipment will likely be more expensive than someone who uses poor equipment.

Equipment needed by a DJ

A DJ needs a variety of equipment to perform live. This equipment can include a mixer, headphones, turntables, controllers, and speakers. It is important to consider the purpose of each piece of equipment before purchasing it. DJs can also use a laptop with DJ software to control all of their equipment.

The basic sound system of a DJ consists of a pair of speakers and a subwoofer. These are powered by one or more amplifiers. Professional DJs may use additional speakers and even patch into the club's PA system. DJs must also have proper headphones so they can preview and cue music tracks. In addition, they may address the crowd at various points of their performance.

For larger events, a DJ will need subwoofers. Over the years, subwoofers have become more affordable, and many of them have built-in class D amps for cleaner sound. If a DJ wants to save money, they can also purchase an entire DJ equipment package.

Another essential piece of equipment for a DJ is a mixer. A DJ mixer is a versatile piece of equipment that allows the DJ to control multiple sources at the same time. These mixers can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers, including Mackie, Yamaha, and Akai. Some mixers double as audio interfaces for computers. They can also accept turntables and other audio sources.

In addition to the above-mentioned DJ equipment, the DJ should invest in PA speakers. These speakers are essential for indoor parties. DJs should invest in good PA speakers as the quality of sound can make or break a DJ's performance. Poor sound is sure to get complaints and may even prevent you from getting paid. Without good sound, a DJ won't get paid or be hired again. A DJ can also hire speakers for his or her performance, which is often easier than purchasing and insuring their own speakers. Depending on the size of the party, a DJ may need several different sizes of speakers.

Custom playlists included in most DJ services

Many DJ services offer custom playlists for your special event. Let your DJ know what music you want and they'll create a custom playlist based on your preferences. Some DJs even have access to a virtually unlimited song database, making it possible for you to include your own customized list.

When choosing a DJ, make sure to review their customer reviews and look for one with a proven track record. It is also important to check their business licensing and liability insurance. Once you have found someone, discuss pricing and get a contract. The contract should spell out the hours the DJ will be on-site and outline what they will be playing and how they will be playing it. It should also include all the necessary equipment.

Experience level of a DJ

As a DJ, you will need to know how to use various equipment in order to play music at a party. In addition, you should be able to transport and set up the equipment. It is also important to learn how to fade songs and how to build programs. The more experience you have, the better.

The level of experience that a DJ has is crucial in this field, as the more experience they have, the higher their pay. Experience gained through volunteering at community radio stations, hospitals, and other places, will also help them land better paying contracts. Those with more experience may even get the chance to work abroad.

In order to get more experience and exposure, aspiring DJs should pursue other opportunities such as selling tickets. This will give them credibility and build their CVs. Additionally, they can gain valuable knowledge of the industry by working in top-rated clubs. In addition, these types of opportunities can help them overcome stage fright.

DJ resumes do not require grade point averages, but it is always best to have a professional CV. A DJ resume should showcase both hard and soft skills, and be tailored for each job description. A good way to create a resume is to use a resume builder, which will help you drag and drop bullet points to build a resume.

Negotiating with a DJ

Negotiating with a DJ price per hour can be a tricky process. You don't want to get ripped off, but there are a few tips that can help you negotiate a good rate. The first tip is to stay calm and respectful throughout the process. Avoid arrogance and frame the discussion in terms of benefits for both parties.

Before you negotiate, make sure you understand the price range for what you'll need. You can start by explaining to the DJ the number of hours that you'll need, the location, and any equipment needed. Once you've explained all of that, you can start negotiating.

Another important tip is to remember your value as a DJ. Don't lower your standards for gigs just because someone wants to save a few dollars. You're a professional, so you should never compromise your quality and integrity. Besides, if you can't perform certain skills at a specific venue, refer the client to another DJ with similar skills. Also, network with other DJs in your area and research their rates.

When negotiating with a DJ, remember that a good price doesn't mean you're getting a good deal. It's important to read your potential DJ's body language to find out what they want. Also, try to make the event manager feel comfortable with you. This will help you establish a relationship and a better communication.

As with any negotiation, professionalism and flexibility are key. While it may not work out, negotiation is an important part of building a relationship with a client. If the client is happy with the end product, they'll be likely to contact you again for future gigs and refer you to more opportunities.

Bilgin Yachts Turkey

bilgin yachts turkey

Bilgin Yachts Turkey has launched the first hull of the 80-metre Bilgin 263 series, the largest yacht ever built by a Turkish shipyard. The yacht will be delivered in spring/summer 2020 and is considered a milestone for the shipyard. The company is also planning to build a further 10 yachts of this size in the near future.

Bilgin 263

Bilgin Yachts has recently launched the first unit of their new 263 series, Tatiana, which is the biggest private yacht ever built in Turkey. This yacht has a luxurious master cabin, three VIP cabins, and four guest cabins. The vessel has twin powerful MTU diesel engines that will reach a top speed of 17 knots. The yacht is expected to have a range of up to 6,000 nautical miles.

The Bilgin 263 has a beam of 40 feet (12.2 meters) and is designed by Unique Yacht Design (UYD). Its sistership is already in the construction stage. She is expected to have a range of 5,000 nautical miles and 18 knots at half load. The boats are equipped with twin 2,625 hp MTU engines.

The Bilgin 263 yachts Turkey has signed a deal with a new owner. This 80-meter megayacht is expected to be delivered in November. The buyer was introduced to Bilgin by Bluewater Yachting. The Bilgin 263 yachts Turkey is the largest yacht ever built in Turkey.

Bilgin 263-II

Bilgin is set to build its next generation of luxury yachts in Turkey, a country that has a long history of yachting. This new 80-meter-long model will be the company's biggest superyacht and one of the largest yachts to ever sail in Turkey. Designed by Unique Yacht Design from Antalya, the yacht will be ready for delivery within the next few years.

The Bilgin 263 yacht series features three boats in the 80-metre range. The Bilgin 263 features an aft-deck Jacuzzi, a dining area on the bridge deck, and a beach club on the lower deck with a swimming pool, bar, and fold-out side sections. Concept images depict a Portuguese deck in front of the helm station, a forward Jacuzzi, and a spacious layout for unobstructed views. Two MTU 16V4000 M63 engines are installed on each boat and provide a top-speed of 17 knots.

Bilgin offers a variety of models to meet the needs of any client. They provide a custom option for their clients and focus on providing an exceptional experience. Bilgin yachts are known for their impressive craftsmanship and quick response time.

Bilgin 243

Bilgin Yachts is a family-run Turkish superyacht building company. They build yachts ranging in size from 50 meters to 120 meters. Their manufacturing facilities cover an area of over 60,000 square meters in various locations across Turkey. They have a state-of-the-art marine furniture factory and a state-of-the-art mechanic and upholstery workshop. They currently have five projects underway in the Yalova area, including two 85-120-meter yachts and three 50-65-meter yachts. Their Yalova yard is large enough to house major plumbing and major mechanical work for three to four yachts.

Bilgin Yachts has also built a seventy-four-meter luxury motor yacht called the Bilgin 243. She features an efficient hull and has six staterooms. She also has twin MTU engines. Bilgin Yachts offers its clients flexibility to design the interior of their yachts with the world's leading designers. This allows them to create a unique yacht interior.

The Bilgin 243 yacht has a spacious owner's suite on the upper deck, complete with a jacuzzi and private lounge. She also has four guest cabins on the main deck and four on the lower deck. She can travel up to 17 knots, and her fuel capacity is 169 thousand litres.

Bilgin 243 under construction

Bilgin Yachts has announced the technical launch of its new 74m project, known as Bilgin 243. The yacht will feature an aluminium superstructure and steel hull and is scheduled for delivery in 2024. Her exterior lines were designed by Unique Yacht Design, and she will feature several living areas and multiple decks.

The Bilgin 243 will have a general layout that is similar to the Bilgin 263. She will have an expansive main deck master suite, a 16-person dining area, and between five and nine staterooms. The company plans to outfit the yacht with seven staterooms and two VIP cabins. In addition, the owners' suite will include a private alfresco area and hot tub.

Bilgin 243 will have three decks. The bridge deck has a lounge, while the main deck will have a dining table for 16 people. It will also have a gym and sauna. Its interior will be modern and elegant. The yacht will have two 1,920-kW main engines and a fuel capacity of 169 thousand litres. It will be able to cruise for five thousand nautical miles at 12 knots.

Bilgin Yachts is an Istanbul-based shipyard that has been in business since the early 1900s. It began as a small local operation and has expanded into a world-class company. They believe in quality control and use sustainably grown timbers for construction. The company is also committed to environmentally friendly practices and focuses on delivering an exceptional experience for owners.

Bilgin 243 for sale

If you're looking for a luxury yacht for sale in Turkey, you may want to consider the 74-meter Bilgin 243. Built at the Yalova facility, the Bilgin 243 is currently undergoing outfitting and should be ready for delivery in 2024. This superyacht is sure to impress with its elegant lines and spacious interiors. It has six decks and is equipped with a private lounge and a 16-person dining table. Other amenities of this superyacht include a spa and sauna, a work space, and a jacuzzi.

Bilgin Yachts has begun construction of the 74-meter Bilgin 243, a project designed by Unique Yacht Design. The hull of the yacht is made from steel, while the superstructure is made of aluminium. The yacht has an exterior design created by Unique Yacht Design, and interior living spaces have been fitted with large vertical windows.

Bilgin Yachts launched the Bilgin 243 superyacht in Turkey in January 2019. The new 74-meter superyacht will undergo outfitting and delivery in 2024. The yard is based in Yalova, Turkey, and has a steel and aluminum construction facility.

Bilgin 243 for charter

Bilgin 243 is a luxury motor yacht that has been launched by Bilgin Yacht. She is a 74-metre superyacht with sleek exterior lines and naval architecture by Unique Yacht Design. She features spacious interior living areas and multiple decks. She is available for charter in Turkey, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean.

The Bilgin 243 for charter offers spacious accommodations and a luxurious ambiance, including an expansive main deck master suite, a 16-person dining area, and between five and nine staterooms. Bilgin Yachts plans to outfit the yacht with seven staterooms, including a VIP suite for two people on the main deck. The yacht will also include a large, private lounge and a Jacuzzi for the owners.

Bilgin Yachts is based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company's previous models include the 262-foot Tatiana and the 80-meter Tatiana. The Bilgin 243 is a 74-meter superyacht that will be ready for delivery in 2024.

Bilgin Yachts For Sale

bilgin yachts for sale

If you are looking for a luxury yacht to enjoy the waters in, consider Bilgin yachts for sale. This company offers a wide variety of models to choose from. The brand also offers customization options, so you can fully customize your yacht to suit your personal tastes. Bilgin focuses on delivering an extraordinary experience for its owners.

Bilgin Yachts

Bilgin Yachts are considered one of the best yachting companies in the world. They have a wide range of yacht models to choose from, and are completely customizable. The company focuses on delivering an extraordinary experience for their clients. Here are some examples of yachts currently for sale.

Bilgin Yachts are renowned for their craftsmanship. The company began as a small business in the local area but today, they are a worldwide company. They have over 100 years of experience in the yacht industry and will custom build your yacht to your specifications. They also have many different models, from the RL NOOR Bilgin 123 to the luxurious Bilgin Classic 160.

Bilgin Yachts has recently expanded its international market. Its first overseas project was a motor yacht called Lady Marina, sold to a Russian client. Before this, the company focused exclusively on the domestic market. However, a few smaller yacht construction projects for international principals arose from time to time. Export sales accounted for 50% of the company's overall business, though key accounts remain tipped towards the domestic market.

Bilgin Yachts for sale are among the finest yachts built in Turkey. The yard started building yachts in 1900 and has delivered more than 20 superyachts. Bilgin Yachts for sale range from 123 feet to over 155 feet, and offer a variety of different facilities and systems.

Bilgin Classic 160

If you are looking for a new superyacht, there are several options to choose from including the Bilgin Classic 160. Designed to combine classic style with modern engineering, this boat can accommodate 12 people in six staterooms. Bilgin also launched the 45-metre Elada in 2014, which features a unique reverse bow. More recently, Bilgin launched the 51.8-metre custom motor yacht Dusur. Today, Bilgin has established itself as one of the world's premier superyacht builders and design firms.

Bilgin is a family-owned company with a long tradition of building superyachts. Their unique construction style features cold-molded wood and epoxy laminated marine plywood. Their hulls are made from mahogany frames for additional strength. The exterior design of the boat is also classic, reminiscent of the golden age of yachting.

The Bilgin Classic 160 motor yacht is currently for sale in the West Istanbul Marina. It is based in Istanbul and is available for a comprehensive refit. The yacht's interior will be completely redone to match her new owner's vision. She was launched in May 2012 by Bilgin Yachts Shipyard. The sleek silhouette and classic white superstructure make her the perfect vessel for cruising.

The Bilgin Classic 160 series is a custom, retro-style yacht built by Bilgin Yachts. These yachts are fully equipped and offer elegant living areas. The interiors feature windows, a formal dining room, and exceptional wood detail. The upper deck has a top-lit bar and a cozy lounge area.

Bilgin Dusur

Bilgin ships are built to be comfortable and eco-friendly. Their production process combines the use of sustainable materials and cutting-edge technology. This gives their yachts a high-end aesthetic, but it also ensures that they are easy to handle. Moreover, Bilgin promotes sustainability by collaborating with MTU to integrate the SCR technology, which enhances the performance of their yachts.

Bilgin Yacht was once a small, boutique company that focused on building luxury motor yachts. Since then, they have grown into an internationally recognized superyacht builder. Their latest model, christened Dusur, is 164 feet long and has a displacement of 1,325 tons at full load. Bilgin yachts for sale range from 123 to 155 feet and are available with either inboard or diesel propulsion.

The Dusur is a luxury motor yacht that was launched in 2015. She has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure and is powered by twin Caterpillar 3512C engines. Her top speed is sixteen knots, and her cruising speed is 13 knots. She also has a generous fuel capacity of 108,000 liters. Her main deck features a large salon, bar, dining room, and owner's cabin. The salon is light and airy, featuring two plush sofas and a large curved screen television. Its wide windows bring in natural light and spectacular views.

A Bilgin Dusur yacht is a luxury motor yacht built in Turkey. Its interior design features a classic and modern style. The interior design was created by H2 Yacht Design, and features a cappuccino and chocolate brown color scheme. The luxury yacht also accommodates 13 crew.

Bilgin 263

The Bilgin 263 series of motor yachts is environmentally friendly and combines style with functionality. They are all IMO TIER III compliant and feature SCR systems connected to the main engines and generators. Besides, they are very comfortable to sail and can easily anchor in sheltered bays. They also feature sharp exterior lines and spacious interior spaces.

Bilgin Yachts has recently announced the sale of its third unit in its 80-metre 263 series, code-named Project Silence. The project follows the success of the first two units in the series, the Tatiana and the Xenia. The new units are more autonomous and comfortable, with 20 percent more volume than their predecessors.

The Bilgin 263 yachts are one of the biggest yachts ever built in Turkey. They are scheduled for delivery in 2020. The design is modern and sleek, with sharp exterior lines and sleek interior areas, complemented by plenty of marble. The Bilgin 263 series offers spacious accommodations for up to 16 guests.

Bilgin Yachts' flagship model, the 263ft/80m Tatiana, is part of a series of yachts focusing on eco-friendliness. These luxury yachts feature an exhaust system that offers 100% clean air emissions. In addition, they are built in compliance with the IMO Tier III certification for the best possible safety and efficiency.

The Silence features a spacious owner's deck above the main deck and two VIP cabins on the lower deck. Its top speed is 19 knots. Bilgin Yachts is planning to launch two 50 metre sisterships in the next few months.

Bilgin SNOW 5

The Bilgin SNOW 5 yacht for sale is a 48m luxury motor yacht. She was built by Bilgin Yachts in 2019. Designed by Bilgin and Unique Yacht Design, the luxury yacht has two Jacuzzis and has a range of over 3000 nautical miles. The yacht's interior is stylish and offers plenty of room for entertaining. It also features an outdoor Jacuzzi and several alfresco dining areas.

The Snow 5 has a price of EUR22,500,000. It is the sixth largest yacht built by Bilgin Yachts. This motor yacht is available to view online. You can read the latest news articles, see 26 photos, and get information on the yacht's owner. The superyacht was last refitted in 2021.

Bilgin produces yachts up to 85 meters in length. The company manufactures and fabricates most of the elements and materials needed for the yacht in-house. This means that the company can control the quality of their products. Bilgin is committed to making the dreams of their customers come true. The brand combines passion and quality craftsmanship into their yachts.

Bilgin Yachts is a family-owned shipyard in Turkey. It has been in business for five generations and has a rich culture and heritage. Its philosophy is based on an old world philosophy and is closely connected to the sea. It is dedicated to sustainability in every aspect of the process, from design and construction to delivery.

The Best Turkish Yacht Builders

best turkish yacht builders

When looking for a new yacht, Turkish builders can provide you with an array of options. This article focuses on Turquoise Yachts, Mengi Yay, Akasia Yachting, and Halic Shipyard, some of the most prominent of which are listed above. Each of these yards specializes in various types of luxury yachts, including superyachts.

Turquoise Yachts

Turquoise Yachts are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship, and have built yachts for some of the most prestigious owners in the world. The company has impressive delivery times and a 30-strong naval engineering team. They use state-of-the-art technologies and in-house design to deliver the best yachts possible. Their team also conducts CFD and FEA analyses, which is an integral part of the building process. They have the ability to perform a wide range of design modifications, including bow modifications, in a very short time.

The company is constantly expanding and upgrading its facilities. They currently have several superyachts in development and are committed to delivering first-class products. Turquoise has won numerous awards, including the Best Innovation Prize for yachts over 50m and the Best Yacht Construction Award.

The company was previously known as Proteksan Turquoise and now operates from two shipyards in Turkey. Their facilities have 50,000 square meters of space and can build up to eight yachts. They are also committed to sustainability and are willing to perform refit work at other shipyards.

The company has been in business for over 15 years, building custom power and sailing yachts. The company's impressive fleet includes the first world-class superyacht Double Trouble. The company's management structure has been undergoing several changes in recent years as part of an expansion and productivity plan. Mehmet Karabeyoglu is still involved as a member of the Board, while Patrik von Sydow has been appointed CEO. von Sydow has previously run engineering companies.

Mengi Yay

Mengi Yay is a shipbuilding company in Turkey that specializes in building custom motor and sailboats. The company's history dates back to 1964 and its products are sought after by some of the world's most demanding yachting enthusiasts. The craftsmanship and flawless engineering of each yacht make it perfect for ocean cruising.

The Mengi Yay shipyard is located near the Sea of Marmara in Yalova, Turkey. Its facility is 18,365 square meters and is capable of building up to two yachts a year. In recent years, the company has expanded its facilities and will continue to invest in upgrading their facilities to build luxury yachts for owners around the world.

Mengi Yay recently expanded its facility, adding an additional 18365 square meters to accommodate new equipment. The company also committed to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. It plans to introduce fully electric propulsion engines on all new yachts within five years. It is also planning to introduce software for measuring the performance of a yacht's power management system. This will help to reduce fuel consumption and protect the environment.

The company's first 40m luxury trawler was launched in 2010. It established a new standard for luxury trawler yachts. In 2012, the company expanded to a larger shipyard at Yalova. It now has two buildings and six sheds, and is designed to accommodate new construction and refits of luxury yachts up to 130 meters.

Akasia Yachting

Akasia Yachting is a family-owned company that produces motor yachts and sailboats. The company's production facility is in Gebze, Turkey. It has the capacity to build up to 50 luxury motor yachts per year. The company's expertise and experience in the field of luxury motor yachts have helped it become one of the best in the world. The company has a range of motor yachts that are designed to provide unmatched performance and comfort.

The gulet Akasia specializes in is a 28-metre vessel that was built in 2008. It has five cabins for up to 10 passengers and three crew members. The yacht also has air conditioning and a generator. Akasia Yachting also operates a fleet of luxury yachts for charter.

The gulet is one of the most popular types of yacht in the Mediterranean. Originally, they were used for freight transport up the Turkish coast, but their large internal volume and strong performance made them suitable for luxury charter yachts. Today, Turkey has become a leader in the production of modern superyachts. Some of the best known builders include Akasia Yachting, Bilgin Yachts, and Turquoise Yachts.

Turkish yacht charters typically start in Gocek and head to one or more islands. Turkish yacht charters are an excellent way to explore the coastline and culture of Turkey. You'll be able to explore ancient ruins, secluded bays, and charming towns. Your yacht charter broker will be able to help you plan the ideal itinerary.

Halic Shipyard

As one of the world's leading super luxury yacht building centers, the Antalya Free Zone is renowned for its excellence in yacht building. Turkey is the third most popular shipbuilding destination in the world, behind the Netherlands and Italy. This port city has a stable artisanal workforce and a long-standing manufacturing history. In addition, there's little risk of bankruptcy, which makes it a good investment choice.

Halic Shipyard started as Ursa Shipyard in 1983, but under its current President Sedat Ergun, it has grown into a true powerhouse. It completes new construction custom yachts up to 100 meters in length. In 2013, it launched an impressive 236-foot custom yacht called AXIOMA. It features a two-story salon atrium, infinity swimming pool, gym, spa, 3D cinema and more. It was recently listed by Denison for $80 million.

Halic Shipyard has three dry docks that were originally built in the Ottoman era. Dry Dock #3 was constructed between 1796 and 1799. Dry Dock #2 was built between 1821 and 1825. Today, the shipyard builds yachts according to the latest safety standards.

The Turkish shipbuilding industry has expanded over the past decade. Today, the country is the third largest producer of superyachts in the world. The country's maritime heritage is so rich that it's no surprise that yachting is a major part of Turkish culture.

Ada Yacht Works

Ada Yacht Works is one of Turkey's best-known yacht builders. The company's flagship motorsailer, All About U, can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins. The yacht has an open-plan beach club and a variety of water toys for guests' enjoyment. Its interior features brown, orange and grey accents. The yacht also includes a formal dining room.

Turkish yacht builders are a growing industry. Since 2007, the country's number of superyachts has been steadily rising. In 2010, it ranked third in the world, with 3,005 meters in superyachts ordered. By the end of 2016, the country had built 68 new superyachts, retaining its third-place position. The country's booming boat and yacht industry has made it an excellent location to manufacture superyachts.

Ada Yacht Works's 1.7-million-square-foot yard has a history of building luxurious yachts. Its flagship 88 is the company's largest model to date. She will be delivered to a Canadian owner in 2021, and another eight have already been sold to European owners. Many Turkish yards are now collaborating with established European designers to design their yachts. The Dream Symphony was designed by Ken Freivokh and Dykstra Naval Architects, while the Sirena 88's interior is by Cor D. Rover.

The Turkish yacht and boat industry has a long history, a skilled workforce, and a climate that suits boatbuilding. Turkey is also a thriving yachting destination with a wide variety of luxury motor and sail yacht rentals.


Numarine, located on a hill overlooking Tuzla, produces composite boats with infusion techniques. The company is backed by investors from Dubai and Patrik von Sydow, a Swedish industrial designer, took over as CEO last November. He has lived in the UK for 19 years and previously worked at Sealine and Sunseeker. He recently returned to Turkey to help run Numarine's Istanbul operation.

Founded in 2002, Numarine designs and builds semi-custom explorer yachts in sizes ranging from 22 to 45 meters. Using composite materials and a vacuum infusion process, the company builds light-weight, high-performance vessels. Each yacht is equipped with a long list of luxury features and is customizable.

The Numarine 78HT was built at the Gebze factory. This is a special industrial area for advanced plastic moulding, and the facility is also home to a German interior joinery specialist, Mila. This partnership enables Numarine to offer semi-custom fitouts, and the use of laminated honeycomb sandwich allows the company to save 1.5 metric tons of weight compared to conventional interiors.

Numarine also offers a XP explorer yacht, which is a displacement vessel with a long living space and outstanding seakeeping. There are five different models available, from 22 metres to 45 metres. The first 37-metre unit was delivered to the market last summer and there are other 37XP projects in the pipeline. The company has also sold out its order books for 2022 and 2023.

Turkey Yacht Builders

turkey yacht builders


The Turquoise Yachts company was founded in 1988 by Donald Starkey. The first yachts Turquoise delivered were the motor yachts M/Y Mosaique and M/S Anatolia, both of which were 50m in length. The company's style has evolved since then, moving from classic motoryachts to expedition yachts. Their next project is the ice-class explorer Blue II, which is due for launch in 2020. The company has also launched the 77m GO, a luxury motor yacht built by Turquoise.

Turquoise Yachts is a Turkish company that produces motor and sailing superyachts between forty and eighty meters in length. The company is based in Pendik, just outside of Istanbul, and employs a skilled workforce. Since its establishment, Turquoise has completed 20 luxury vessels, including the motor yacht Talisman. It also offers refit services for superyachts. It has collaborated with design firms like Philippe Briand, Nuvolari Lenard, and H2 Yacht Design. It also has a talented in-house design team, which can help clients achieve their dream yacht.

Turquoise Yachts has a diverse staff, including high-tech engineers, project managers, and craftsmen. They strive to offer customers a high-quality yacht with a long lifespan. Their team also specializes in innovative solutions for custom yachts. They offer soundproofing technology, 3D modeling, and detailed layout plans.


The lira has dropped significantly and Turkish boat builders are now much more attractive to foreign buyers. The low price of the Turkish currency makes it possible for foreign buyers to purchase a Turkish yacht. The construction period for a Numarine yacht is very long and the interior layout may differ from owner to owner. Turkish boat builders also have the advantage of being able to offer custom interior design to their customers.

Founded in 2002 by Omer Malazs, Numarine is a high-performance motor yacht builder based in Turkey. The company focuses on creating high-performance vessels with unmatched performance and comfort. The yachts are constructed from composites and vacuum infusion technology. They are also equipped with top-of-the-line amenities, and there are many custom options available.

Numarine's 32XP series was launched in August 2017. Since then, the Turkish company has delivered two more of these superyachts. It now has eight in its fleet and three more in the pipeline. The 32XP is described as an explorer-style yacht with a lowered draft and a master suite forward. It is available in two sizes - a 58-foot model and a 96-footer.

Numarine yachts have state-of-the-art facilities and employ some of the best designers, engineers and craftsmen in the industry. In addition, the company has forged partnerships with some of the industry's leading vendors. The company's flagships include the 62-105 foot Flybridge, 70-foot Hardtop and 102-foot Explorer.

RMK Marine

A Turkish shipyard has revealed a new line of design projects. Ranging in size from 57 to 75 meters, these new vessels have been developed in collaboration with a local designer. The RMK65 has been designed to look more sporty and contemporary, and has features that modern boat buyers are looking for.

The company specializes in the construction of motorboats and sailboats in steel and aluminium. It also offers full refit and restoration services to maintain the yacht. This shipyard is a part of the Koc Group, Turkey's largest private conglomerate. Its goal is to build the best yachts possible, and to deliver them on time and within budget.

The Aries superyacht will feature an aft deck with a large pool. The interior will feature multiple seating areas. It is expected to launch in 2024. The RMK Marine 65-metre ER65 superyacht is another project on the works. This boat is a collaboration between ER Yacht Design and RMK Marine. The RMK Marine 65 is designed by Ivan Erdevicki, and will feature an open aft deck. This deck can accommodate tenders and become a spacious social area for guests.

Located in Antalya, Turkey is the fourth largest yacht building nation. The country has an established yachting culture and labor costs are favourable. Moreover, the economy is growing steadily, and this is translating into more boat purchases. The country's cities have also been designated by the European Union as 2010 European Capitals of Culture.

Akasia Yachting

If you want to buy a luxury yacht but don't know where to start, Akasia Yachting is a Turkey yacht builder. The company's team will work with you to design and build your dream yacht from scratch, and even provide you with a reputable naval architect, if you would like to have one. The company uses marine grade steel, aluminum alloy, GRP, and composite materials to build quality yachts. Whether you want a sailing yacht or a motor sailer, Akasia Yachting is here to help.

Sailing Nour is a 37m gulet that was built in 2008. It can sleep up to 8 guests in four cabins, each with a private shower and toilet. It also has standard kitchen equipment and air conditioning. Guests will have the chance to enjoy the sea with five crew members aboard. You'll also have access to the company's extensive fleet of luxury yachts. The company provides a range of services for a luxurious yacht charter in Turkey, such as crewed yacht charters, maintenance, and repair.

Another popular Turkey yacht builder is Su Marine Yachts, which is located in Istanbul. Su Marine Yachts has been around for over 40 years and specializes in building both motor yachts and sailing yachts. This company was one of the first composite boat builders in Turkey, and they are well-known for building yachts as long as 50 metres long.

Perini Navi Group

The Perini Navi Group has been designing and building luxury yachts for more than 35 years. They have a history of excellence and are the leaders in the industry. The company is headquartered in Istanbul and has offices around the world. Its flagship Galileo G is an ice class vessel with a 9,000 nautical mile range and five staterooms. It also features a gymnasium that converts to a cabin. The Perini Navi Group also builds motor yachts, including the Picchiotti VitruviusIA series.

The Perini Navi Group has three locations where it produces luxury yachts. The Italian headquarters are in Viareggio, while the Turkish facility is located in Tuzla. It has also acquired a motor yacht division from Italy's Picchiotti shipyard, which is based in La Spezia. The Turkish facility has a skilled work force and is an excellent location for producing luxury yachts.

Earlier this year, Fabio Perini opened up his company's share capital to new investors. The Italian company Fenix Srl owns a majority of Perini Navi. This new ownership structure will bring all of the production under one brand name, Perini Navi.

Ferretti Group and Sanlorenzo have a joint venture with Perini Navi. Ferretti has expressed interest in the company, and the Italian firm purchased Wally Yachts in January 2019. Ferretti and Sanlorenzo's executive chairman Massimo Perotti has expressed an interest in acquiring Perini Navi. In fact, Sanlorenzo expressed interest in purchasing Perini Navi last year, when it went into receivership.

Classic Huckins Boats For Sale

classic huckins boats for sale

If you are looking for a classic boat, you should look into Huckins boats for sale. These boats are easy to handle and they are very popular for recreational boating. They are great with a Volvo and are highly appreciated. Huckins boats are well worth the money you'll spend on them.

Huckins boats are popular for recreational boating

Classic Huckins boats are known for their quality and performance, and they are perfect for recreational boating. They feature a wide beam and are available with inboard or outboard engines. Some models can be repowered with a diesel or gas engine, depending on the power source.

In addition to offering recreational boats of varying sizes, Huckins also manufactures large yachts. In 1996, Huckins Yachts built the largest yacht in the United States, the Sportsman 36. It used hybrid power and highly efficient pod drives to improve the efficiency of its engines. Huckins also pioneered fiberglass composite construction, a method that has become common in boat building. The result is a lighter boat with less drag and a higher top speed.

Huckins boats are known for their classic and antique styles. Their line includes Motor Yachts, Downeast and Sport Fishing models. They feature a wide beam and medium draft, making them ideal for both recreational and commercial boating. These boats start at $59,000 for the lower-priced models and go up to $1,200,000 for the most luxurious models.

Classic Huckins boats are built on the foundation of the revolutionary planing hull first invented by Huckins in 1936. Huckins' hull design is based on four cones that reduce wallowing and pounding. The hulls are also highly maneuverable, making them perfect for recreational boating.

Huckins also offers hybrid boats that feature twin Cummins QSB 6.7L diesel engines for propulsion. Some models also offer electric propulsion. The Sportsman 38 Hybrid, for example, combines a gas-electric hybrid system with twin electric motors. This hybrid boat has a built-in inverter for complete maneuverability.

They are easy to handle with Volvos

Volvos are a great choice for Huckins boats. They are easy to handle and offer high performance. The company's IPS technology is designed to provide superior performance with less fuel consumption and emissions. This technology has also improved boat handling. With the use of IPS, Huckins boats are more efficient, which means a longer range.

In fact, repowering a Huckins motor yacht with Volvo's IPS pod drives can be challenging, but it's possible to do it with ease. IPS pod drives provide a powerful and efficient planing hull drive. The IPS pod drive can handle more power than a conventional sterndrive, making Huckins boats easy to handle.

They are highly appreciated

Huckins boats are known for their lightweight design. The Linwood 56 weighs only 48,000 pounds and is powered by twin 660 hp Cummins diesels. This design is an advantage because it allows for a more fuel-efficient power configuration. The engine is carried aft under the cockpit, so less fuel is required to propel the boat. The engines are controlled by two V-drives that spin the props.

Huckins boats can be purchased for a variety of budgets. The low end models start at $75,000, while the highest end boats are priced at $599,000. The higher-end Huckins boats have motors with up to 1,534 horsepower. Smaller Huckins boats can be powered by 660-horsepower engines. Average Huckins boats have a power rating of 740 HP.

Huckins boats are widely available and can be purchased from boat brokers worldwide. It is best to work with a broker, as they will have access to private listings and can negotiate with sellers to get the best price. These boats are highly valued for their classic sophistication, fuel efficiency, and intricate design.

Classic Huckins boats have a strong following in the boating industry. They were among the first luxury yacht manufacturers to appear in the post-World War II boating boom, and their yachts were known for their sleek styling and high performance. Elco PT sailors were impressed with Huckins' performance and comfort. Huckins founder Frank P. Huckins built his first Fairform Flyer more than seventy years ago.

Huckins Yachts is one of the oldest boat builders in the U.S. They have been producing luxury motor yachts for 85 years. Their designs have always been world-class and innovative, and they have become a renowned name in the world of boat building. Huckins was one of the first powerboat builders to use fiberglass composite core construction. This type of construction makes Huckins yachts lighter and more fuel-efficient.

Turkish Yacht Builders

turkish yacht builders

Turkey is home to several world-class yacht builders. The country has become a world leader in the design and construction of purpose-built ships, cruise liners, commercial liners, luxury yachts, and steel yacht builders. Low labor costs in Turkey have also drawn shipbuilders to move their production to the country.

Turquoise Yachts

Turquoise Yachts is a Turkish shipyard that specializes in the construction of luxury motor yachts, superyachts, and mega yachts. These luxurious vessels offer unparalleled quality, with a focus on overnight and long-distance cruising. Founded in 2005, the shipyard employs an experienced workforce and is home to a 120m dock. Turquoise Yachts is committed to ensuring that their yachts meet the highest standards and are built to last.

The company has a long history of building luxury yachts. The name was inspired by the fact that the company was founded in Turkey and has an impressive history. Its designs are inspired by the architecture and design of Turkish cities, and their interiors are designed by prominent architects and designers. Turquoise Yachts have worked with many world-renowned yacht design firms, including H2 Yacht Design, Andrew Winch Designs, and Paolo Caliari.

The company has earned a reputation for excellence with a number of prestigious awards for design and performance. Its in-house naval engineering team is a huge asset, and the Turkish yard embraces the latest technology to make their boats as innovative as possible. The yard's advanced engineering capabilities include CFD and FEA, which are carried out by a 30-member team. Customization capabilities allow for rapid and easy hull modifications and upgrades.

A number of Turkish companies are producing quality yachts for the luxury market. Turquoise Yachts and Akyacht are two of the leading names in the Turkish yacht industry. The Turkish company has recently unveiled the Dream Symphony, a 462.7-foot schooner that is sure to eclipse the Dutch-built Black Pearl. Other yachts in the Turkish fleet include the 348-ft Maltese Falcon, the 263-foot Go, and the 236-foot Axioma.

Mavi Yachts

Turkish yacht builders, Mavi Yachts, have an extensive list of yacht models. They are known for building luxurious motor yachts with the highest levels of luxury and performance. The company's flagship model is the 32XP, with its impressive sundecks and beach club. It is 136 feet long, which makes it one of the largest yachts in its class.

In the past, the city of Istanbul has been an important player in the world of trade. As the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, Istanbul has a strategic location on the Bosporus and Golden Horn. Today, Turkish shipbuilding has earned a reputation as a world-class boat builder, thanks to its modern technology and highly experienced workforce.

Mavi Yachts are a Turkish yacht building company that was founded in 2001 by two marine engineers and a naval architect. The company specializes in building a variety of marine vehicles and has an integrated design office in Tuzla. In addition, the company offers a wide range of services to ensure the quality and safety of your boat.

Mavi Yachts' range of luxury charter yachts embodies Garroni Design, resulting in sleek, masculine exterior lines. Interiors are spacious and modern, flooded with natural light. They feature a full beam master cabin, twin bed cabin portside, and a large VIP cabin forward. Each cabin has an ensuite bathroom, making them perfect for entertaining guests or cruising the Mediterranean.

Mavi Yachts has built many luxury yachts in Istanbul, and they now offer a wide selection of custom yacht designs. The company employs over 400 experienced craftsmen and completes 90% of the manufacturing in-house. They also have an in-house marine stainless steel workshop and furniture design center, which helps save money on new builds. The Denison team had the opportunity to tour their 80-meter superyacht TATIANA. Among its amenities, the TATIANA is a two-level beach club with several bars and a cinema.

Akasia Yachting

One of the best ways to experience the luxury life on a boat is to charter one. These luxurious vessels offer a high standard of comfort onboard. They can cruise the world and anchor in protected bays. There are many options available for chartering a luxury yacht. The following are just a few of them.

Turkish yacht builders have an established history in the global yachting industry. Originally, Istanbul was a major trading hub and the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. The city is strategically located on the Bosporus, Golden Horn, and Marmara Sea. Today, Turkish shipbuilding has a worldwide reputation for producing technologically advanced boats. Its workforce is highly skilled and experienced.

The company operates four shipyards in Istanbul, and employs over 400 skilled craftsmen. Ninety percent of manufacturing takes place on-board, which cuts down on costs. It also maintains a marine stainless steel workshop and a furniture design center. This allows it to save significant amounts of money during new builds. In addition to custom-made superyachts, Akasia Yachting also builds luxury gulets for charter.

Akasia Yachting is the leading luxury yacht charter company in Turkey. It is based in the city of Fethiye and provides a variety of services to clients. It offers luxury yacht charters and motoryacht services to travelers throughout the world. The company offers all-inclusive guest yacht charters in Turkey, gulet and motoryacht construction, and crewed yacht charters.

Denison Yachts

Denison Yachts, founded by Bob Denison in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers a range of yachts ranging from small to large. All are designed with a contemporary aesthetic and are powered by powerful engines, including Kamewa water jets, Arneson surface drives, and conventional propellers. The company has four yachts currently on display at the Miami International Boat Show.

Every year, Denison's brokers embark on a shipyard tour to Europe, taking in the latest developments in the yachting industry. In the past, they have visited shipyards in Italy, Holland, Germany, and Turkey. This allows them to gain first-hand experience and knowledge of the latest products. This year, they visited five Turkish shipyards that are making waves in the industry.

The production facility at Numarine in Gebze, Turkey, is capable of building 50 motor yachts per year. The company has dedicated departments that focus on the production of luxury motor yachts. Numarine's Explorer series of motor yachts includes the 22XP, 26XP, and 37XP. It features one of the most comfortable cabins and sundecks of any motor yacht in its size category.

The company has also launched several custom yachts. The biggest, Soaring, is now up for sale in Turkey for EUR 98 million. It is the largest superyacht built in Turkey. Another luxury yacht is called Victorious, measuring 85 metres. It's designed by the same team behind the Maltese Falcon.

Bilgin Yachts

Bilgin Yachts is a Turkish family-owned company that constructs superyachts up to 120m. Its facilities span more than 60,000 square meters, including manufacturing areas, state-of-the-art marine furniture facilities, and a complete mechanic and upholstery workshop. The company has five projects currently underway in Yalova, Turkey. The company's facilities can accommodate two 85-120m yachts and three 50-65m yachts. They also have major plumbing facilities and are equipped to work on major systems.

Bilgin's latest project is an 80-metre yacht. The project is expected to be completed in 2022, and the second hull is due to be delivered in 2023. Its exterior lines feature angular shapes, while interiors are modern and chic. The project, dubbed "Project Silence", will cruise at 12 knots and have a fuel consumption of 280 l/h.

Bilgin has delivered 24 superyachts. It has five more in the pipeline. The company also has a speculative 67-meter build scheduled for 2022. Bilgin's goal is to build luxury superyachts with high-end features.

Bilgin Yachts is a shipyard in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in the early 1900s, the company now produces a range of luxury yachts. The fleet includes high-end superyachts, luxury motor vessels, and standard motor vessels. The company has an impressive portfolio, and it is one of the leading yacht building companies in Turkey. It has a reputation for producing luxury yachts and offers a variety of custom interior and exterior designs.

Bilgin Yachts is a renowned Turkish shipyard that produces some of the world's largest yachts. Its newest 80-metre M/Y Tatiana is the largest private yacht launched in Turkey. The yacht is built with IMO Tier III certification, and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly yacht of its size.

Bilgin Tatiana - Luxury Superyacht Built in Turkey

bilgin tatiana cost

80m superyacht

The Bilgin Tatiana 80m superyacht was built in Turkey and will be delivered in 2021. Its owner is an unconfirmed Indian billionaire. His father, Mistri Pallonji, was the former president of the Tata Group. It boasts a large spa and swimming pool. It also has a gym, cinema and elevator. Inside, you'll find luxurious materials like Macassar ebony and marble.

Bilgin Tatiana will be the first of three 80m superyachts from Bilgin Yachts. She has a 1,670-GT displacement and was designed by Unique Yacht Design. Her interiors, by H2, are sleek and stylish. It can accommodate up to 12 guests in eight cabins, with a separate owner's suite. She is also home to 20 crew members. Her price tag is $775,000 per week, or about $950k per day.

The Tatiana is a beautiful superyacht, with attention to detail throughout. Her interior design was created by H2 Yacht Design. The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests, with twenty-one crew members. Tatiana has a range of more than three thousand nautical miles. Her amenities include an elevator, movie theatre, gym, and beach club.

6 cabins

The Bilgin 147 - Tatiana was built in 2011 and refitted in 2017. It accommodates twelve people in 6 double cabins. It has 5 en-suite toilets, a jet-ski, flat screen television and audio system. She is operated by Charterworld and offers a wide range of services.

The Tatiana is designed with a relaxing piano that makes for an intimate atmosphere. She also features a movie theatre. Other amenities include a sauna and steam room that relieve the aches of a long day on the water. There is also a gym where guests can use the latest exercise equipment. Guests will also enjoy a jacuzzi on the deck.

The Tatiana is a 45-meter luxury motor yacht, which was built by Bilgin in 2011. She has an 8.5 m beam and 2.1 m draft and is powered by two MTU engines with a total output of 2,735 horsepower. The luxury yacht's hull and superstructure are constructed of a composite material. Its engines are fitted with Zero Speed and Trac stabilizers for the best comfort and safety.

Movie room

The movie room on board Bilgin Tatiana serves dual purposes. In addition to the traditional movie room, it also serves as a private office and gym. The portside lower deck includes a full gym and sauna. Up top, there is a private office and movie room that was inspired by a sports bar.

Movies are a great way to unwind at the Tatiana, where you can watch your favorite movies in the movie room. The movie room is complemented by a piano that lends a relaxing vibe. You can also work out in the gym, where you can use the latest equipment. There's also a sports bar and skylounge that is ideal for watching your favorite sporting event.

If you want a movie night on board your next cruise, you can always use the Movie room onboard Bilgin Tatiana. There is also an elevator on board and the luxury yacht has six staterooms. Each cabin has a king-size bed, but two have pullman berths for additional guests.


Bilgin Yachts' flagship superyacht, the Tatiana, was sold to a buyer introduced by Fraser Yachts' Alex Krykanyuk. The luxury yacht is set for delivery in 2021, and features a sleek design by Unique Yacht Design. Interior design by H2 Yacht Design is also on board. The yacht also includes a 30-foot freshwater swimming pool on the lower deck and a 1,200-square-foot beach club.

Bilgin Yachts' Tatiana cost depends on the number of people it can accommodate and its amenities. The boat can accommodate up to 12 passengers and a crew of 24. It has an aluminium hull and steel superstructure. It is powered by two MTU engines and has a range of more than 3000 nautical miles. Tatiana is fully air-conditioned and has a flat-screen television and audio system. Charterworld also operates the Tatiana.

The interior of Bilgin Tatiana is modern and offers lavish living areas. The yacht also offers a beach club and a large spa. The eight staterooms on Tatiana can accommodate up to 12 people. The interior design is based on a light color palette and has a contemporary feel.

Beach club

Bilgin Yachts has unveiled a new 26-meter superyacht, named Tatiana. The Tatiana has a sleek, elegant design by Unique Yacht Design. The yacht has a 30-foot freshwater swimming pool on the lower deck and a 1,200-square-foot beach club. The yacht is the largest built in Turkey and is the most environmentally-friendly of her class.

The first of the three Bilgin 263 superyachts, Tatiana is a 1,670-GT vessel. She was designed by Unique Yacht Design and features interiors by H2 Yacht Design. She was built to meet the latest IMO Tier III standards and is equipped with a special exhaust system that provides clean air emissions.

Tatiana is a luxury motor yacht that was delivered to her owner in 2021. It can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins. The owner's cabin is on the owner's deck, while the remaining four guest cabins are located on the main deck. There are also two crew cabins on the lower deck.

Tatiana is Bilgin Yachts' largest yacht. She is due to arrive on 14 August 2020, and it has already completed sea trials. The yacht is equipped with twin MTU engines for 20 knots of speed. It features expansive living areas and exceptional seaworthiness.

Built by Bilgin Yachts in Istanbul

The Bilgin Yachts group builds superyachts of up to 120 meters. This family-run company operates manufacturing facilities covering 60,000 square meters in several locations across Turkey. Its main headquarters is located at the West Istanbul Marina. Its facilities include a state-of-the-art marine furniture factory and a comprehensive mechanic and upholstery workshop. The company currently has five projects under construction in Yalova, Turkey. Its facilities can accommodate two 85-120-meter yachts and three 50-65m yachts. These facilities also provide for major plumbing.

Bilgin has many years of experience and a team of young designers. It is committed to quality control and efficiency and has worked in collaboration with Unique Yacht Design for many years. Bilgin's name comes from a Turkish word that means "wise." The team at Bilgin is dedicated to producing luxury yachts with outstanding craftsmanship and performance.

Bilgin Yachts' 80m Tatiana is the company's flagship and is set to launch in 2020. It is the largest private superyacht to be built in Turkey. Her interior design team includes H2 Yacht Design and Unique Yacht Design. She offers eight cabins and has a private deck for the owner.

Last sold in 2022

The housing market in the United States shifted into sellers' territory in 2018 as the price of homes surged. This was largely due to low mortgage rates and an increase in the number of young buyers looking to buy a home. As a result, the housing market is set to shift even more in 2022, favoring sellers and giving buyers better opportunities to find their dream homes.

Bilgin Motor Yachts

bilgin motor yacht

When you are looking for the perfect motor yacht, Bilgin is a company that has many different models and styles. They also offer complete customization of the yachts so that they can suit your specific needs. Bilgin is committed to providing its customers with an extraordinary experience while onboard their yachts.


The Tatiana is an 80.0-meter luxury motor yacht built by Bilgin Yachts in Turkey. She is the first of three Bilgin 263 models and has an impressive range of over 3000 nautical miles. She can accommodate 16 passengers in 8 cabins and has 21 crew members. The yacht has an indoor swimming pool and a beach club.

Tatiana features a beautiful exterior and interior design by Unique Yacht Design and H2 Yacht Design. It has eight staterooms, including an owner's suite on the owner's deck. There are four guest cabins on the main deck. The yacht also has three VIP cabins on the lower deck, where guests can enjoy a gym and movie theater.

The interior of the yacht features sleek lines that make it feel open and spacious. Its large windows provide excellent views and ample natural light. The interior is finished in light oak, beige and Bordeaux red leather and is complemented by splashes of onyx and granite. The spacious layout and luxurious amenities make the Tatiana an excellent choice for a family or a group of friends.

The Tatiana is Bilgin Yachts' largest yacht. She's scheduled to arrive at her new home on 14 August 2020. She has successfully undergone sea trials and achieved a top speed of 19 knots. Her spacious interiors are designed by Joachim Kinder and have a modern, sophisticated style. Her modern interiors are designed with plenty of natural light and a balanced colour scheme.

Bilgin 263

Bilgin Yachts has sold the third unit of its 80m 263 motor yacht series. The new unit, codenamed Project Silence, builds on the success of Tatiana and is due for global debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2021. It will offer 20% more volume than its predecessor while ensuring greater comfort and autonomy.

The interiors of Bilgin 263 motor yacht were designed by H2 Yacht Design, the same company behind 47 other superyachts. The yacht's exterior and interiors are constructed from Steel hull and Aluminium superstructure. Its maximum range is 6000.0 nm and she is capable of carrying 16 guests in eight staterooms. The motor yacht will be powered by twin MTU diesel engines. Its top speed will be 17.5 knots and its cruising speed will be 15 knots.

Bilgin Yachts recently debuted the Lilium superyacht at the Monaco Yacht Show, and it is now working on its biggest project to date - the Bilgin 263 series. The new yacht will be the largest yacht built in Turkey, and it will feature plenty of entertaining and outdoor living areas. The new project represents the yard's third repeat client order and will have a total length of 80m.

Bilgin 263 motor yacht will feature a large aft deck Jacuzzi, a dining area on the bridge deck, and a beach club on the upper deck complete with a swimming pool and bar. Its design allows for uninterrupted views, and it will be equipped with twin MTU 16V4000 M63 engines.

The Bilgin 263 is a full-service luxury yacht with 8 staterooms. Its luxurious master cabin will accommodate up to six people, while three VIP cabins will accommodate up to four guests. The vessel also has 23 crew, which will ensure a high level of service.

Bilgin 156-II

The Bilgin 156-II motor boat is a 47.5-metre luxury yacht that is designed to impress. The shipyard in Turkey has also launched a sister yacht, Lilium, and describes her interior as spacious, luminous, and refreshing. Its design highlights a luminous color scheme that creates a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

The Bilgin 156-II motor boat was launched in April 2019. The boat's name, Lilium, is a play on the beautiful white flower. The interior is also painted white with touches of gold and brass. The Bilgin Design Team designed light fixtures that are inspired by nature. The motor yacht reaches a top speed of 16 knots and has a range of 4,000 nautical miles. Bilgin Yachts plans to exhibit the yacht at upcoming boat shows in Monaco and Cannes.

The Bilgin 156-II has five cabins, including a master suite. There are also two double cabins and two twin cabins. The yacht can accommodate nine people in total. The Bilgin 156-II motor yacht is currently being designed by two of the most renowned naval architects in the world.

Bilgin is a family-owned shipyard with five generations of experience building luxury yachts. The company is rooted in the traditions and culture of Turkey and has developed a unique philosophy that is closely tied to yacht design. Bilgin's first value is family. The company is a family-owned shipyard and treats each employee with the same respect as family members.

Bilgin's 156-II motor yacht is a stylish and spacious yacht. The interior features many glass surfaces and windows. This allows the crew to maneuver around the boat easily. There is even a pantry in between the living room and galley. The yacht's spaciousness and the ambiance created by its many amenities and features will make you want to move aboard right away.

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