NBA Youngboy's Girlfriends

NBA Youngboy's Girlfriends


NBA Youngboy is a well-known rapper https://globalcannabismall.com known for his hit single "38 Baby."

He began creating music at a young age and quickly rose to fame. His dedication and work ethic were impressive, while his rap style is highly catchy and captivating.

The rapper is facing a critical legal situation. He was recently arrested and charged with multiple gun offenses.

Jania Bania

Jania Bania (real name Jania Meshell) has achieved global fame on social media for her daring and expressive photographs. Her fan base on both Instagram and YouTube is enormous; both sites boast thousands of followers each.

She is a popular influencer who has signed several modeling contracts. Additionally, she's an entrepreneur with her own beauty brand called Janiameshell, as well as collaborations with companies like Fashion Nova, Pretty Melanin, and Louis Vitton. With an estimated net worth between $200k-$300k dollars.

Her income primarily stems from her modeling and social media influencer career. Additionally, she has received a substantial number of endorsements from various brands.

Her fans describe her as having a unique personality. She's goofy and honest, never worrying what others think of her and living life to the fullest.

At 14, she began modeling for a local clothing store and quickly gained notoriety online with her daring and expressive photos. Over time, these posts have garnered her an avid following on Instagram - now considered one of America's top influencers.

Although she is a single woman, she has had numerous relationships. Most notably, her relationship with NBA Youngboy, an American rapper. Their breakup caused much social media chaos but they have since reunited and their bond remains strong.

She previously dated Devin Haney, a professional boxer. However, they split up due to his continued relationship with India Love. Subsequently, Dejounte Murray entered her life in 2019.

Her relationship with Youngboy gave her extra exposure on social media and helped boost her career in this area. Furthermore, Youngboy's support of her led to an impressive fan base growth as a result of their connection.

She owns her own beauty brand that offers cosmetics and personal care items. With over 3 million followers on Instagram, 660k subscribers on Twitter, and 2 million TikTok followers, she has amassed an adoring fan base.

Iyanna Arcola

NBA Youngboy has been in several relationships since January 2023. His current relationship is with Jazlyn Mychelle and they share a son together, Kamron. Additionally, he has children with eight other women including Iyanna Mayweather - daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather - and actress Drea Symone.

Arcola and NBA Youngboy first began dating during Love Is Blind season 2; they were seen together at an NBA game last year as well. Since then, fans have been curious as to where Arcola is now.

Iyanna has been employed at Golden Surrogacy since January 2020 as a project coordinator. Additionally, she has experience as a family support specialist, residential behavior counselor and youth intervention specialist.

Kodi Capri, born on Thanksgiving 2020 to Drea Symone and their daughter Armani with their mother Nisha, completes the family.

Iyanna and NBA Youngboy had a relationship that she frequently documented on Instagram. While she claimed that she was contented and in love with him, she was always honest about their struggles as well.

At the end of the day, it appears that Iyanna had a change of heart and no longer wanted to commit to her relationship with NBA Youngboy. This can be heard in her latest song, Dirty Iyanna.

On March 18th, a video clip from the song was released online and many expressed their dissatisfaction with it. Some believed it to be an offensive diss track while others wished that NBA Youngboy would take a different approach when it comes to his love life.

The rapper is said to be struggling with both a sexually transmitted infection and drug addiction, having been arrested in early 2019. His most recent legal issue involves his fiancee Iyanna Mayweather who is accused of stabbing her baby mama Lapattra Lashai Jacobs during a fight on April 4.

As the story develops, many are calling for NBA Youngboy to divorce his girlfriend. He had previously stated that he needed a wife, and Iyanna appeared to share that sentiment. Unfortunately, she was arrested for stabbing her baby mama and could face jail time.

Yaya Mayweather

Yaya Mayweather, daughter of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, has been an important part of rapper Drake's life since 2019. In fact, she even gave birth to one of his children! However, their relationship hasn't always been smooth sailing.

NBA YoungBoy and his girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle have never wavered in their support of each other during difficult times. He recently posted a picture of Kaylee DeSean Gaulden alongside him and Jazlyn Mychelle on social media platforms.

YoungBoy's other children include Starr Dejanee, Niya, Jania Bania and Kaylyn Marie Long. Additionally, he shares a child with his ex-girlfriend Drea Symone and is believed to be expecting another with Jazlyn Mychelle.

According to TMZ, the NBA youngboy girlfriend began dating the rapper in December 2018. They met while shooting a video together and have been together ever since. Though they've been seen out and about together, they have yet to confirm their relationship status.

She's been seen with YoungBoy in several of his music videos, including the recent song he released entitled "Dirty Iyanna", which some speculate is a diss track directed at her. She's been seen wearing various outfits alongside him and shared several photos featuring their son Kentrell Gaulden Jr.

In the past, she's expressed her support for YoungBoy's career as a rapper, hailing him as an ambitious young man striving for success. She's praised his music and even reposted Snoop Dogg's social media post featuring him to demonstrate that he isn't troublesome in any way.

On April 2020, Yaya Mayweather was arrested after she allegedly stabbed Lapattra Jacobs, mother of one of NBA YoungBoy's kids. During their altercation, Mayweather referred to herself as NBA YoungBoy's fiancee and attacked Jacobs with two knives.

At NBA YoungBoy's Houston home, Jacobs suffered non-life threatening injuries. She was transported to the hospital and underwent surgery.

After admitting her guilt to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, she was sentenced to six years probation and ordered to pay $2500 in restitution.

Jazlyn Mychelle

Jazlyn Mychelle is a social media influencer, model, vlogger and content creator from Houston, Texas. With 55,000 followers on Instagram and 73,000 subscribers on YouTube where she posts vlogs and hauls, as well as recently joining TikTok where she uploads dance clips sometimes with her boyfriend, lip-syncs and comedy videos.

She is 20 years old and bears the sign of Pisces. Born on February 23rd 2002 in Houston, Texas USA, she developed an interest in fashion from an early age and attended a local private school for her basic education before going on to study at both prestigious universities for higher learning as well as a nearby college to earn her bachelor's degree.

NBA YoungBoy and Jazlyn began dating each other in the summer of 2020 and began dating her the following year in 2021. They enjoyed a brief relationship until Jazlyn gave birth to their daughter Alice in mid-2021.

According to reports, the couple got engaged in 2022 when the rapper purchased a 30ct diamond engagement ring for her. The ring appeared to cradle her baby bump, suggesting that they are expecting another child.

On Sunday, January 8th, AriTeaTalk shared on social media the confirmation of their nuptials: A Utah marriage license dated January 7, 2023! Although neither party had officially announced the news, a Utah marriage license had been obtained on that same date.

Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes is listed as Spouse 1 and Kentrell Gaulden is listed as Spouse 2. The marriage license indicates the couple held their ceremony on Saturday, January 7th.

Though neither party has commented on the wedding, a marriage license indicates it took place in Salt Lake City, where YoungBoy moved after being released from prison in 2021. Although not mandatory by law in Utah, couples are encouraged to obtain one 10-14 days before their nuptials.

YoungBoy has eight children, four daughters with Nisha and Starr Dejanee, a son with Jania Bania (influencer), daughter with Drea Symone (wife) and granddaughter born to Yaya Mayweather.

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