Nandi Madida Enjoying AKA Posthumous Album 'Mass Country'

Nandi Madida Enjoying AKA Posthumous Album 'Mass Country'


Nandi Madida Enjoying AKA Posthumous Album Mass Country

Nandi Madida has been enjoying AKA's posthumous album 'Mass Country' ever since its release last week. She shared all the singles from the album with her fans and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Check out some of the tracks below! 'Skhanda Love', 'Say U Will', 'Je' and 'Me Vs You' can all be found on 'Mass Country' EP.

1. 'Skhanda Love'

South African singer-actress Nandi Madida is enjoying the posthumous album from late rapper AKA, 'Mass Country'. She shared on her social media that she is listening to it over and over again on her sound system.

Madida said she has enjoyed every track on the album, which features some of Mzansi's hottest rappers. Khuli Chana, Emtee and Blxckie collaborated with AKA on this project which was released last Friday. Madida took to Twitter to show her support for the rapper.

Nandi has been a fan of K.O. since her debut album 'Nandi'. Together they've collaborated on several songs which have become hits both in the charts and among fans alike.

After taking a brief hiatus from music, Nandi is back with an exciting new song she can't wait to share with her fans! Sharing it on social media platforms received an enthusiastic response from those who are eager to hear what Nandi has in store!

2. 'Say U Will'

Nandi Madida is one of South Africa's most beloved artists, and her songs frequently top the charts. After an extended absence from music release, Nandi took to her social media platforms and revealed that she has been working on new material which she couldn't wait to share with her fans. As expected, people were eagerly awaiting news of when Nandi would release it next.

Last year, K.O. and Nandi Madida collaborated on the hit track 'Say U Will'. This love song pairs classic rap verses with an Afro RnB chorus in a moving tribute that has everyone talking. Plus, its accompanying music video tells a storyline through intercut performance scenes of two main characters going through hardship before reconciliation--true to fairytales! Check it out above! Shot in Braamfontein, South Africa, this video makes an ideal addition to any summer playlist!

3. 'Je'

Nandi Madida has declared her love for late South African rapper AKA's posthumous album 'Mass Country'. The actress shared on her social media platforms that she is playing the music over and over again, joining many other hip-hop heads in sharing their appreciation of the tunes.

Nandi took to social media to announce she is working on a new song, which she couldn't wait to share with her fans. In these trying times, Nandi turned to music as an outlet to express herself and her thoughts. Her fans' response on her posts show she's eager to share what comes next! Stay up to date with Briefly News' Telegram channel for breaking news updates: sign up today!

4. 'Me Vs You'

South African singer and actress Nandi Madida has been listening to AKA's posthumous album 'Mass Country' on repeat. She joined scores of hip-hop heads in extolling the late rapper's work after his tragic assassination on Florida Road, Durban last week. People took to Nandi's comment section on microblogging app Tumblr to agree that Mass Country is great; they shared that they're bumping all tracks off the album.

Recently, award-winning singer and songwriter Mzansi stunned Mzansi with a provocative half-naked photo that got fans and followers salivating. While some users were critical of her choice of attire, others supported her choice saying that it's her right to wear whatever she pleases. Check out the photo below and let us know your opinion!

Brooklyn DAs Office celebrates hip hop for Black History Month

Brooklyn DA's Office Celebrates Hip Hop for Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office is paying homage to hip hop's influential legacy in music and culture. Cities across America have adopted its unique sound through this genre over time.

The District Attorney's Office will host a number of events to recognize these pioneers in hip hop and their impact on music industry. All events are free and open to the public.

Eric B.

Eric B. is remembered as one of the greatest MCs to emerge from New York's East Coast hip hop scene, teaming up with Rakim in the early 1980s and releasing their groundbreaking debut album, Paid In Full, in 1987. This groundbreaking work marked a turning point in East Coast rap as an art form and is considered by many to be among its greatest works.

Born in Queens, NY, Eric Barrier began as a trumpet player before switching to turntables during his high school years. He eventually got hired as a mobile DJ by an FM radio station where he met Rakim. Soon after they started working together on songs such as "Eric B. Is President", which they recorded at Marley Marl's home studio in 1985.

The single was a hit and earned them their first record deal with Russell Simmons' Def Jam Records. Their debut album "Paid in Full" would become an iconic classic, its legacy still felt today.

In the 1990s, they would release four more albums before parting ways in 1992 due to a business disagreement. After an extended hiatus, they reunited this year for live performances.

Today, they continue to inspire a new generation of hip hop artists and are seen as role models by many. Indeed, their name has become synonymous with all aspects of the genre.

Their stylish approach and use of James Brown samples propelled East Coast rap into a vibrant movement in the 1980s. Their flawless technique on both microphone and turntables revolutionized the genre, setting an example for progressive hip-hop that has since been emulated by other MCs.

Although they broke up in 1992, they have recently reunited for live shows and recording a new album. Their first studio album in ten years, Follow the Leader, is considered an iconic classic and has been certified gold.

As Black History Month continues, public radio stations across the country are celebrating hip hop and its influence on culture with special programs and events. Seattle's KEXP hosts a series of stories about its history; StoryCorps presents an online collection featuring interviews with people sharing their personal perspectives on hip hop music.

Alfonso Fleming Jr.

As it turns out, hip hop culture has been growing in the Twin Cities for some time now. Indeed, some notable pioneers helped pave the way for today's successful rappers.

The best part is they're still around and keeping the hip hop movement alive. What better way to celebrate Black History Month than with a photo shoot featuring some of Minnesota's biggest names? Besides DJ Stage One, guests were treated to a performance by Colorado Americana group Leftover Salmon. For those without tickets, here's your chance to catch this legendary musical ensemble at its virtual equivalent: a recording studio!

Travis Lee

On Black History Month, the District Attorney's Office celebrated hip hop by honoring a renowned attorney, beloved rapper, and an array of young hip hop artists. These events formed part of an overall initiative to increase public awareness about at-risk youths' plights and address how violent crime impacts their lives.

Attorney Bryan Stevenson, a founding member of the Equal Justice Initiative and leading advocate for criminal justice reform, received a proclamation from Brooklyn Mayor Bill de Blasio for his work to improve lives of at-risk youth. Additionally, Blue Bloods cast member Eric B. performed at the ceremony as part of its celebration.

Hip hop music, rapping and culture have played a crucial role in shaping America's national identity and defined our cultural heritage. Due to its universal appeal as well as its widespread social and economic impact on urban communities across America, hundreds of organizations have been formed with the mission of encouraging youth engagement, decreasing gang violence and combatting other forms of violence against minorities.

Beats Rhymes & Relief is one such organization, a 501(c)3 non-profit that uses hip hop music to combat global humanitarian crises and improve young lives worldwide. Their focus is particularly on those living in poverty or who are homeless.

Beats Rhymes & Relief works in collaboration with nonprofits and community organizations to develop creative solutions for youth-related problems. Their initiatives range from community building activities, gang violence prevention initiatives, to education programs.

The organization's mission is to "empower young people to build healthier futures and transform their communities." They have achieved this through partnerships with the New York Knicks, Goldman Sachs, Madison Square Garden, Shea Moisture/Unilever and others - as well as media attention.

In addition, the organization has created the Hip-Hop Community Fund to support 50 U.S. charities with missions of providing at-risk youth services, gang violence prevention, food security and criminal justice reform. This initiative represents one of the most significant contributions made towards combatting violence against communities of color in America.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum

The Universal Hip Hop Museum, situated in the Bronx, will be the only state-chartered educational museum dedicated to documenting and celebrating both local and global contributions to hip-hop music and culture. Set to open its doors in 2024 at Bronx Point, this iconic institution will serve as a permanent tribute to this influential genre.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs have announced $5.5 million in city capital support for the Universal Hip Hop Museum. These funds will be used to construct its core and shell, creating a space where audiences, artists, and technology can come together and create unparalleled educational and entertainment experiences.

Senators Gillibrand and Schumer secured an omnibus funding package in Fiscal Year 2023 that provided this money. These funds were made possible through collaboration between borough presidents and council members.

Omnibus funds are allocated to help the city meet its economic development objectives, with an emphasis on infrastructure building and repair. Furthermore, the money will support new housing initiatives for migrant workers as well as provide assistance to homeless families and individuals.

In addition to the omnibus funds, the District Attorney's Office recently announced it has been awarded a $5 million federal grant for construction of its museum. This grant will be used to expand and digitize existing permanent collection artifacts and memorabilia like concert posters, plaques, all-access passes, original cassette tapes, outfits and more - all displayed within an expansive outdoor area.

Last summer, the museum unveiled its inaugural pop-up exhibit at Bronx Terminal Market to commemorate the golden years of hip-hop music. The 2,400 square foot installation includes artifacts and an iconic JVC RC-M90 boombox from 1986 through 1990.

Inside, visitors can explore a 24-foot tunnel with light show set to music from the era and virtual graffiti artifacts. Additionally, visitors are treated to rare artifacts and memorabilia on display.

In addition to its physical exhibit, the museum is teaming up with Microsoft to build a metaverse using AI technology that will explore hip-hop history in an innovative way. This immersive journey through the genre's evolution from 1970s to present day will feature NFTs and live performance spaces within this metaverse.

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