John Legend - The Perfect Songwriter For Your Wedding

John Legend - The Perfect Songwriter For Your Wedding


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Legend has amassed an impressive list of wedding dance songs, making him the ideal person to soundtrack your special occasion. His piano playing ability and sophisticated approach make each song sound so inviting that you'll want to dance along in the aisles!

Legend's new project, Legend (Solo Piano Version), takes some of his 2022 hits and gives them a stripped-down piano treatment. You can check it out now via Republic Records!

All of Me

John Legend is one of the world's most beloved singers and has released numerous hit songs. His 2014 single All of Me was particularly successful, reaching number 1 in six countries and ranking amongst the best-selling songs of 2014.

"All of Me" is an R&B ballad written by John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for their wedding in Lake Como, Italy. It's a love song that celebrates the strength of a bond between two people who have fallen deeply in love with one another.

John Legend fans will appreciate this well-crafted song that is effortless to play and learn thanks to Hal Leonard's professional transcription. Plus, it includes some guitar chord frames as an added bonus! Published by a reliable company, it makes an ideal choice for John Legend fans everywhere.

This song is beloved amongst people of all ages and if you want to learn how to play it, this piano sheet music is essential. It has been transcribed by some of music's biggest names and it's easy to follow along with. Plus, at such an affordable price point that beginners won't break the bank, this sheet music helps support a great artist while giving back!

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Made to Love

John Legend's heartfelt songs have endured for decades, earning him a place of honor among contemporary singers. With an array of romantic tracks that would fit perfectly on any wedding playlist, John Legend is sure to leave everyone feeling satisfied.

If you're searching for a romantic ballad to play at your wedding, John Legend's "All of Me" is definitely worth consideration. This heartfelt tune captures Legend's devotion to his wife Chrissy Teigen.

Legend's soulful voice and poignant lyrics are showcased in "All of Me", a timeless classic with its sensual yet heartwarming melody that continues to capture listeners' hearts.

Legend's "Preach," a powerful ballad from his discography, is another great example of socially conscious music that urges individuals to take action. Its lyrics tackle issues of racism, immigration and gun violence with poignant vocal delivery from Legend that showcases his capacity for inspiring positive change.

Made to Love is an infectious soulful song that showcases John Legend's impeccable piano skills and signature smooth vocals. The uptempo rhythm and stirring chorus will get people moving while also encouraging them to reflect on their own relationship with one another.

At the climactic conclusion of this song, Legend proclaims his undying love for his significant other as stronger than anything in the world. It serves as a poignant reminder that no matter what life throws your way, never give up on those who bring you joy.

Your guests are sure to have a blast dancing along with this stunning ballad during your wedding ceremony. It makes an excellent choice for the bridal entrance song as well.

In addition to the romantic songs listed above, there are plenty more for you to choose from! From upbeat dance tracks to timeless romantic ballads, you'll find everything you need to make your wedding playlist the best it can be!

When selecting wedding ceremony music, it's essential to select a theme that reflects the mood and style of your special day. For a softer, more romantic vibe, select tracks suitable for waltzes or slow dances.

Ordinary People

If you've ever watched Grammy-winning musician and coach on 'The Voice' John Legend perform live, then you know his songs have the power to capture people's hearts. His raw emotion and impressive piano playing really set him apart, so we can't wait for him back on the instrument with this new solo piano album!

No matter your level of experience, John Legend offers a MasterClass that caters to everyone. This comprehensive course covers everything from creating song ideas and editing your final recording, with his years of expertise and personal insights along the way.

With this practical guide, you'll discover all of the fundamental building blocks of writing a song - from melody to vocal range and harmony - through practical demonstrations, helpful visuals and plenty of personal anecdotes. There's an especially helpful section on song structure which simplifies each part's complexity for easier comprehension.

In this section, you'll gain an understanding of the fundamentals of rhyme, lyrical conceit and motif with practical demonstrations on how to incorporate these elements into your songs. You are encouraged to take stock of your musical influences and explore how they can inform and shape the creative process so that you find a unique voice that resonates with listeners.

Once you've written your first song, it's time to polish it and make it sound its best. This section offers practical guidance on editing lyrics and vocals so that the finished product stands out from the rest. Plus, learn how to collaborate with other artists for enhancement of your songs as well as prepare for live performances.

John Legend's final section is an exhilarating one, where he provides tips for performing your own songs live. Drawing upon his experiences on 'The Voice', John shares how to adapt your style for different vocal ranges and instrumentations while offering valuable advice about perfecting your performance.

Green Light

Green light is a term commonly associated with lighting and electricity, but it also has other meanings such as environmental awareness or social justice. In this sense, the word implies someone's capacity for awareness of their environment and ability to act accordingly.

John Legend is an award-winning R&B singer/songwriter renowned for his smooth vocals and piano-based hip-hop instrumentation. His latest album Evolver showcases both intimate ballads and synth-driven dance pop, all executed with precision.

This song showcases a new musical style for the veteran crooner, one that incorporates electronic and dance music with traditional piano riffs. The clever lyrics make listening an enjoyable experience, and the production is top-notch.

Legend's song is a must-have in anyone's music library and makes for an excellent choice for parties or date nights. The driving beat perfectly complements Legend's soothing vocals and trademark piano-based riffs.

This song boasts an energetic horn section and will have both you and your date singing along. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills while getting the party started!

When celebrating your engagement or anniversary, John Legend's romantic songs will surely have you singing along in no time! His captivating piano riffs and clever lyrics will have everyone in the room singing along!

The cherry on top is that this song can be downloaded. Not only do you receive a high-quality MP3 of the track, but you can also access sheet music so you can play along at your leisure.

If you're searching for the most convenient way to purchase a song, this service is ideal. You'll receive an order confirmation with download link, and money is sent directly into your bank account. Furthermore, the song can be added to your playlist so that it's available for repeat listening enjoyment.

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John Legend's All of Me Album Review

American soul singer John Legend is renowned for his deep, delicate love ballads. His third single from the album Love in the Future, All of Me, serves as an ode to model Chrissy Teigen; featuring longing glances and passionate kisses between them in a video shot just days before their nuptials.

1. Size

In our age of mega Dance/Pop extravaganzas, it can be easy to forget that simple songs with honest lyrics still have power. John Legend's piano/vocal love ballad "All of Me" is one such example - it hit #1 on seven Billboard charts and amassed over one billion views on YouTube. While it may not be one of those hits that hits #1 immediately and fades away, its message resonates strongly within listeners around the world.

Before the release of Legend's fourth solo full-length album, Love in the Future, this song became a major hit and proved his ability to craft classic pop love ballads that appeal to mainstream audiences. Its sentimental lyrics were inspired by his recent marriage to famed model Chrissy Teigen; co-written with Toby Gad - producer of many of Legend's biggest hits. This tender yet playful track depicts Legend at his most vulnerable; it has earned rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Additionally, its live performance was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance during the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

2. Format

'All of Me' is an impressive album, boasting some impressive production values for 2014 and available across various formats such as vinyl or streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. While picking the best track from all these bad ones may be difficult, there are several that stand out above all else. The standout track with interesting production value is undoubtedly 'All of Me' but it's not the only song on this record to earn such accolades.

3. Quality

John Legend's music has long been associated with emotional highs, but he's more than an EGOT-style singer of tearjerkers. His albums often offer a wider selection of songs than what his television appearances suggest; on 2020's Love in the Future he moves away from funkier R&B to more sedate pop-funk tracks like "Guy Like Me" and "Strawberry Blush," both produced by Anderson.Paak; these tracks are better suited to his family-friendly sensibilities than more uptempo pop songs found on Get Lifted or 2020's Bigger Love albums.

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