Jay-Z's Nephew Suspended After Two Sexual Assault Allegations

Jay-Z's Nephew Suspended After Two Sexual Assault Allegations


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Jay-Z's nephew Nahziah Carter may not be the greatest rapper in the world, but he sure has some hustle. Recently, he played in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League and Jay-Z was an unexpected spectator.

His uncle is a legendary rapper and founder of Roc Nation Sports. As an up-and-coming young player, he's garnering interest from 14 colleges.

Jay-Z’s Nephew Nahziah Carter Suspended by University of Washington

Jay-Z's Nephew Nahziah Carter was suspended by the University of Washington following two sexual assault allegations made against him. A college spokesman stated that both cases stemmed from students, and that Carter violated both cases' provisions under their student code of conduct regarding sexual assault.

Carter faced allegations against him in January and March 2020, and was referred to the University of Washington Title IX office which handles gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment complaints.

A hearing officer found that Carter violated the student conduct code in both cases, and a no-contact order was issued in each instance.

Investigations reveal that Carter allegedly forced two women to perform oral sex on him while they were at his residence. Additionally, one of the complainants allegedly instructed Carter to book an appointment for sexual activity with him.

He was found guilty of violating the student conduct code and was banned from basketball activities for three quarters through summer 2021 and winter 2023. He appealed his suspension but failed to gain relief.

Nahziah stands out among his teammates due to his athleticism and strong work ethic. He has developed his talent at an exceptional rate and will continue to progress throughout his career.

His height is 6 feet and 6 inches and his weight is 205 pounds. With a muscular frame, he can perform short sprints as well as long-distance runs with ease.

He was an outstanding athlete during his high school years. As the starting point guard, he earned himself a reputation as a great leader among his peers. In junior year, he led his team to victory at the state championship.

After graduating high school, he received scholarship offers from both the University of Dayton and the University of Washington. However, he ultimately chose Washington because it best suited his future plans.

He participated in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (Nike EYBL) during his summer of 2017. He quickly rose to become a standout player within the competition, often scoring double figures.

Nahziah Carter is considered a three-star recruit by Rivals and had previously committed to Dayton before the change in management that saw head coach Archie Miller move to Indiana changed his mind. Now that his recruitment has reopened this spring, Carter has officially committed to the Huskies.

Jay-Z’s Nephew Nahziah Carter Accused of Sexual Assault

Nahziah Carter, the nephew of rapper Jay-Z, has been accused of sexual assault by two women. They claim he coerced them into performing oral sex on him, according to a new report.

In October, a 21-year-old college basketball player was suspended from the University of Washington after two students filed complaints to UW's Title IX office about him. An investigation determined he violated the school's policy against sexual assault and consequently served his suspension for winter and spring quarters.

Unfortunately, he was cleared of charges. Since then, he has left the Huskies to pursue a professional career.

Carter has an estimated net worth of $500k, which is relatively high for a college basketball player. Additionally, Carter enjoys close ties to his uncle Jay-Z, an American hip hop singer and rapper.

He enjoys music as an outlet to express himself. Additionally, he enjoys rapping alongside his teammates.

Nahziah Carter was raised in Rochester, New York and attended Bishop Kearney High School. He played basketball for the school's team and went on to enjoy an illustrious career in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (Nike EYBL).

At a young age, Jay-Z had an immense effect on Carter. He introduced him to the world of music and nurtured Carter's interest in rap music.

He began rapping after listening to Jay-Z's music and has developed his craft over time. Recently, he released a single called "Hashtag," which you can stream on YouTube.

Carter is an accomplished basketball player as well. As a junior, he averaged 15.1 points per game and 19.1 in his senior year of high school.

His well-built physique allows him to make quick sprints and runs. At 6 feet and 6 inches tall, 205 pounds, he boasts an impressive physique.

It appears he will pursue professional football, having previously been reported to Melbourne United, an Australian basketball team. If he makes the transition into professional basketball, his career could take off.

Jay-Z’s Nephew Nahziah Carter Commits to University of Washington

Jay-Z's nephew Nahziah Carter has announced his commitment to the University of Washington. This weekend, the Class of 2017 small forward shared an image on social media featuring himself wearing purple-and-gold Washington uniforms.

Hov's nephew is an impressive wing with a 40-inch vertical leap. He joins four-star shooting guard Jaylen Nowell in the Huskies' recruiting efforts for the Class of 2017.

Carter had an impressive high school career, averaging 15.1 points and 1.6 assists per game while playing for Bishop Kearney. Additionally, he participated in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League - a tournament featuring players under 18 years of age.

He played for the New York City Rocks on the Nike EYBL circuit this spring and consistently scored in double figures. On Memorial Day weekend in California, he scored back-to-back 20-point games while dribbling around Marvin Bagley - a top recruit in 2018.

After initially committing to Dayton last November, Carter reopened his recruitment this spring when Flyers coach Archie Miller left for Indiana. Although he considered reclassifying into the Class of 2018, his performance on the Nike EYBL circuit with Albany City Rocks this spring saw him improve significantly; averaging 12.7 points and 4.0 rebounds per game.

Carter, a fierce dunker, caused the internet to go wild this weekend with his poster-worthy dunk over Marvin Bagley and Bol Bol - two of the top high school recruits in the US. His shot over Bagley went viral and became the most shared video on Twitter this week.

Washington head coach Mike Hopkins believes he's an impressive offensive player with great potential. He will make an excellent addition to the team in the future and should get some playing time soon.

Carter is known for his impressive dunks over top recruits, as well as his big frame and impressive athleticism. He's a versatile playmaker that can defend multiple positions on the court.

Nahziah Carter has an avid interest in basketball and rap music. He's been making beats since he was young, starting his first band during middle school.

After earning his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Dayton, he moved to the University of Washington and is set to enroll next semester, promising to make a significant impact on their program.

Jay-Z’s Nephew Nahziah Carter Gets Offers From 14 Colleges

Nahziah Carter, the nephew of rap star Jay-Z, has received numerous offers from 14 colleges. A three-star wing who originally committed to Dayton but reopened his recruitment after Archie Miller left for Indiana, Carter is now being courted by Georgetown, Boston College, Indiana and Washington.

Carter is an exceptional athlete who has drawn considerable attention. With close ties to rap star Jay-Z and an influential uncle, Carter could potentially reach new heights in the NCAA.

His basketball career has taken him from high school to the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (Nike EYBL). After starting at Bishop Kearney High School, he earned scholarships from both the University of Dayton and University of Washington.

He's an impressive athlete with a lean and muscular physique. At 6 feet tall and 205 pounds, his years of training have given him the capacity to run both sprints and long-distance races with ease.

Carter displays remarkable athletic ability, yet maintains a humble demeanor. He expresses his gratitude for the opportunities that have been presented to him and is striving hard to reach his full potential.

His dedication to his game and family have earned him much praise in the college basketball world. Currently ranked as the sixth best small forward in New York State, he has received offers from 14 different colleges.

He has great potential in the NCAA, and his uncle Jay-Z has helped him blossom as a person. Additionally, he's nurtured an interest in rap music that he enjoys sharing with teammates when not on campus.

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